Update #30 – Leaker Chickens Come Home To Roost – George Zimmerman Case – Detective Chris Serino and ABC’s Matt Gutman BUSTED

Calling All Roosting Chickens – Please Return Home

BREAKING - TreeHouse Vindication.  On March 29th in the midst of the Media Frenzy we focused on one little aspect no-one was paying attention to.

March 29th Treehouse Post: – A police surveillance video obtained by ABC news shows George Zimmerman’s arrival at the police station following the Trayvon Martin shooting.  It is being used by people, and manipulated by the media in an apparent attempt to bolster their case that Trayvon did not attack Zimmerman.

Watching the video many Trayvon advocates, and those with a vested interest in selling the Trayvon family story, are saying the video is damning to Zimmerman because they cannot make out any significant injuries to his face or back of his head.

However, there is something more evident, and far more damning, in the video than most observers are focusing on. A BFD (I’ll explain after the video).

Go look at it again.   This footage is video of a video.  Meaning that surveillance camera used in the police station does not move.  Yet the video is moving and shadowing the police and Zimmerman.

This is footage taken on an i-phone by someone recording the screen at a Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) panel monitor and feed.   You can tell in a few segments of the video that show the exterior frame of the monitor being filmed.  

Again, CCTV surveillance video cameras like this do not move.  They’re stationary fixed recording cameras.    This is a video shot of a monitor showing the CCTV digital video playback.

Why does this matter.?

Well first this proves this video was not released by the official police department.  Nor was it leaked by the official police department or it would have been footage from the actual digital recording.  They would not release footage from recording a monitor showing the footage, they would just copy the recorded image on DVD and present.

This is stolen and intentionally leaked “unauthorized” video footage from someone recording it from a monitor inside the Police Department.  Either by an employee of the police dept., or by a journalist who convinced an employee within the police dept to film it.

So why steal, sneak, and release the video? and why via ABC ?   Who does this benefit?  That’s the bigger type of question those of us who have been following the media manipulation want to know.

So we contacted the Sanford Police Department, the Public Information Officer and the Police Chief, and we explained how they can use the secured CCTV system to identify who accessed the footage and recorded it on their cell phone.

Now we know that recording was done by Lead Detective Chris Serino who was also the source of numerous exclusive ABC leaks.

Chris Serino was obviously disciplined and given the opportunity to resign from his position and take another position as  “Night Patrol”, where he can wait til his retirement.

But the official response is here:

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Sanford police say the lead detective in the Trayvon Martin case has been reassigned to the patrol division at his request.

ABC’s Matt Gutman has exposed ABC to considerable litigation risk and has been reassigned to a foreign coorespondent role.   He was shipped out of the country by ABC and tweeted this morning from Tel Aviv.

Everything Matt has reported on this issue is now suspect.   Including the “exclusive” DeeDee recording interviews.

Matt Gutman ‏@mattgutmanABC
Bumped into @UncleRUSH in Tel Aviv airport – he’s bringing Imams and Rabbis together in the Middle East. A noble yet challenging endeavor
8:47 AM – 26 Jun 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry® · Embed this Tweet
4m Carolyn Carolyn ‏@cmae1


Treeper Cracker looks at Media Bull and says:

…..”How’d ya like us now”? 

ps.   Hey Julison  …..  You’re Next !  :D

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298 Responses to Update #30 – Leaker Chickens Come Home To Roost – George Zimmerman Case – Detective Chris Serino and ABC’s Matt Gutman BUSTED

  1. kinthenorthwest says:

    Wow the crap gets deeper and deeper and deeper….

    I am so glad I dont live in Stanford …for the crap is getting very stinky there…

  2. JEReading says:

    Just saw the snippet announcement on Serino on CBS 11 in Palm Beach. Oddly, they put the story of Serino requesting to be reassigned to patrol duty out there but with no given explanation????


    Lead detective in Trayvon Martin case reassigned
    June 26, 2012 20:20 GMT
    By KYLE HIGHTOWER Associated Press
    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Sanford police say the lead detective in the Trayvon Martin case has been reassigned to the patrol division at his request.
    Christopher Serino recommended after his initial investigation that George Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter in the unarmed teenager’s Feb. 26 shooting death. The 28-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer told police he feared for his life during the fight in which Martin slammed his head against the ground.
    Zimmerman cited Florida’s “stand your ground” law that gives wide latitude to people defending themselves. More than a month later after a nationwide outcry, Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder and has pleaded not guilty.
    The police statement says Serino made the reassignment decision “of his own volition.” He will begin his new assignment in July. He did not have a listed number.

  3. For two days I have wanted to answer sibilj about “where’s matt Gutman”? Now I can.

    Your spidey senses were 100% sibilj.

    But we ain’t done yet. The media will spin this as Serino did a poor investigative job. Put out the truth. Everything Serino touched was skewed against GZ. In addition ALL the exclusive reporting from Matt Gutman on the case is compromised. The grounds for GZ lawsuits just got way, way bigger.

    Serino to Gutman to Julison to Crump to Jackson……. There is THE GRAND SCHEME.

    EXPOSE IT !!

    • jasper420 says:

      and Serino had an axe to grind because of Zimmermans actions in favor of the homeless man or just because he doesnt believe Zimmerman?

      • Shari says:

        Can’t this be brought up to Judge Lester. Could criminal charges be filed against these people for their crimes. It is clear to me that GZ has been framed.

        • Shari says:

          Sorry, framed might be the wrong word. I mean Framed as in, DNA could have been wiped off TM hands, witness tampering and getting them to change their stories. Hell, anything that CS did or touched could be contaminated in one way or another. This whole Paypal thing still erks me, there is something strange about that press conference by GZ first attorney and then the arrest. The charges were leaked before Cory even announced them.

    • ArkansasMimi says:


    • sybilj says:

      Wise to have let it rest.

      Scheme Team is regrouping, readying a new spin as we speak. Awaiting orders from headquarters???

      Cover up is a beotch, but campaign adviser Sharpton dragged the entire AA politico and justice all in. Problem.

    • cajunkelly says:

      I was about to go to bed, with my humble prayer this morning still heavy on my heart.

      BINGO! It’s much more than a morsal of good news too!

      How’s it feel SD, to know you’re the instrument through which God answered a prayer?

      Thank you SD, and thank you God….my faith is restored and I’m going to bed in peace.


    • Kyozokuninja says:

      Just remembered reading this article at one point about disciplining the Crumpster:

      Should Attorney Benjamin Crump Be Disciplined for the Trayvon Martin Debacle?
      April 25, 2012

      In response to the Sanford City Council’s refusal to accept the resignation of much the much maligned Chief of Police, Benjamin Crump, one of the attorneys for the family of Trayvon Martin said, “If Chief Bill Lee recognized that his resignation would help start the healing process in Sanford, city leadership should have accepted it in an effort to move the city forward” What is utterly mind numbing about this statement is that it was Benjamin Crump who opened the festering wound in Sanford. Crump caused the damage, and now he wants Lee to resign so the healing process can go forward? That’s like asking a rape victim to get over it so the rapist can get on with his life.

      Benjamin Crump is a member of the Florida Bar. As a member, Crump has sworn an oath of professional conduct, which he has violated. Crump has a duty to observe the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct, which forbid attorneys from misrepresentation and fraudulent acts. Crump clearly crossed a professional line when he placed a call to Al Sharpton. That call, coupled with Crump’s attempted bullying of Sanford, Florida law enforcement is the actual and proximate cause of horrific violence against White people in retaliation for a race-based hate crime that never happened. If it weren’t for attorney Benjamin Crump, these people would not have been so visciously attacked, and the vitriolic hate coming from the militant Black community wouldn’t be so prevelant. Benjamin Crump failed to uphold his duty as an officer of the court. Don’t take my word for it. Check out RULE 4-5.3 RESPONSIBILITIES REGARDING NONLAWYER ASSISTANTS of the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Florida State Bar.

      According the Florida Bar, Crump is directly responsible for the conduct of Al Sharpton, who Crump knew has defamed several innocent officials during the Tawana Brawley charade

      It is clear from reading Crump’s statements to media outlets that he intended to file a civil suit against the Sanford Police Department in the shooting of Martin, but when Crump realized he didn’t have a case, he called in Al Sharpton to manufacture outrage in the militant Black community. He stood by and offered tacit approval as Sharpton mis-stated the facts and whipped the mindless mob into a frenzy. Crump should’ve known that this sort of malicious race-baiting would cause militant Blacks to seek revenge on innocent people because of their race. Crump knew Zimmerman wasn’t White, but Hispanic. Crump knew Martin had a well-documented history of attacking people. But Crump didn’t let the facts get in the way of a potential huge settlement for his client and himself.

      It requires absolute credulity to think that a charlatan like Crump should demand the resignation of an exemplary public servant like Chief Lee. Contact the Florida Bar and demand that Benjamin Crump be disciplined. Phone: (850) 561-5600 or email Elizabeth Tarbert at eto@flabar.org

  4. Scoots Knuck says:


    Truth Has NO Agenda!

    Way to go WOLVERINES!

  5. Rich Branson says:

    That is so awesome. I knew Serino was a scumbag!! They should have fired his a$$!

  6. Remmer227 says:

    Good for them! And I love how ABC kept their logo right over George’s head….no, they’re not hiding anything…..

  7. JEReading says:

    The LA Times version is more detailed, but somehow worse! What LEAD HOMICIDE INVESTIGATOR requests “patrol duty” when it ISN’T a demotion.



    By Michael Muskal
    June 26, 2012, 2:58 p.m.
    The lead detective in the Trayvon Martin case has been reassigned to the Sanford, Fla., patrol division at his request, police announced Tuesday; he had recommended a manslaughter charge against George Zimmerman, who fatally shot the teen.

    Christopher Serino will begin his new assignment on July 7, Sanford police spokesman Sgt. David Morgenstern said in a telephone interview with the Los Angeles Times. The move is not a demotion and Serino will continue at his same pay grade, Morgenstern said.

    • ctdar says:

      Yeah what is the worse/dangerous position for a seasoned detective to be assigned er I mean asked for?
      Night patrol, all the freaks, drug addicts, rapists & killers come out.

    • howie says:

      Lets hope he is in jail by July 7 and Mr. Z is out.

    • minpin says:

      Morgenstern, the SPD spokesperson is still married to the spin machine. Serino was not demoted, and he is still collecting his pay as he did as a homicide detective. I guess it is a matter of what else could Morgenstern say. I suspect that the fact that Serino is still collecting his same pay as a beat walker is not going to go over really well. Weren’t there some reports that Chief Lee was fired so that the police department wouldn’t have to keep paying his salary? Serino is now the point man that will be the fall guy. Mark my words, he is now the reason for the fail of the state’s case.

      • Said the same in the other thread a couple of hours ago!
        Great minds think alike!
        They’ve found their fall-guy…
        “That evil Serino – here we went and got black folk all stirred up, brought murder-2 charges against an innocent man, all because Serino screwed everything up…”

    • Jello333 says:

      Not a demotion. Just keep repeating after me… this is not a demotion.

      “I know you were making $10 an hour sitting here answering the phone all day, but we’ve decided you’ll be better as a ditch-digger. It’s very hard physically, and you’ll be out in all kinds of nasty weather, but don’t worry…. we’re still gonna pay you your $10 an hour. So it’s not like it’s a demotion or anything.”

      • deep_enough says:

        When they say it was a “voluntary” transfer without exactly explaining the options he had…. I assume the alternatives were about the same as the ones Bonaparte offered Billy Lee when Lee “volunteered” to step aside….I’m guessing this is a temporary reassignment until SPD’s IA department completes an investigation, there are formalities involved in firing a Police Officer.

        I don’t believe this is the only thing he leaked. Does anyone? Don’t know how much of the rest IA will uncover. But I’ll bet he’s toast.

  8. Sandusky says:

    Ya know, Sundance, I don’t have many heroes in my life. But you are officially one of them. You have intelligence, persistence, integrity, and plain old guts. I salute you, sir!

    And aside from that, I’m just sitting here with a big fat ol’ cheesy grin on my face. My only regrets in this story at present are that (a) these jerks are still employed, (b) Serino keeps his pay rate in spite of the demotion, and (c) Gutman wasn’t transferred somewhere really, REALLY risky.

    OTOH, given the tools you had, you’ve done all that anyone could do in the cause of justice here, Sundance, and we can all take heart from the poem that Longfellow so fittingly entitled “Retribution”:

    Though the mills of God grind slowly;
    Yet they grind exceeding small;
    Though with patience He stands waiting,
    With exactness grinds He all.

    Who’s going to be next into the grinder? Crump? Julison? Natalie Jackson? Come on down, folks!

    • ytz4mee says:

      It’s not over yet. This is just the first return volley. We’ve been working on this for a while.
      And we haven’t forgotten about City Manager Napoleon Bonaparte either.
      Uncovering the truth is a marathon, not a sprint.

      • howie says:

        Yay! Sink Bonaparte!

        • Kyozokuninja says:

          Topeka no stroll in the park for Bonaparte
          Posted: April 8, 2011 – 11:12pm

          …The brouhaha stems from how Bonaparte dealt with the theft of scrap metal from a job site by city employees. Bonaparte handled it as a personnel matter and meted out punishment to the employees rather turn the case over to law enforcement authorities. He didn’t inform council members of the case or the details until they demanded information.

          Bonaparte assumed the duties of city manager in March 2006, and before that year was out Councilwoman Sylvia Ortiz had been quoted as saying she was willing to fire him.

          One commenter on this news story said:
          The root cause of Mr. Bonaparte’s problems is Mr. Bonaparte’s personality. I realize that in a position such as the city manager, you’re never going to have complete agreement. And I supported him early on, even when the first calls started coming in for him to be fired. I thought he needed time to “settle into the job”. However about that same time, I was at a civic group where he was the guest speaker. He is extraordinarily arrogant and condescending. I don’t even remember the specifics of some of the questions, but as with most issues there are two valid sides. The people asking questions at this meeting clearly either were on the other side of the issues involved or they just wanted more explanation. He basically refused to even acknowledge that there were two sides to the issues and basically told the questioners that he knew better than them what was good for the city. While that may or may not have been true, the condescending attitude lost him my support and the support of several others in the room. Over the ensuing years that attitude whether it is about fixing the potholes, or spending money on the helicoptor, or firing city employees who steal just snowballed.

      • Kyozokuninja says:

        • Norton Napoleon was Sanford’s second choice behind David Jones, the top administrator in Tazewell County, Ill., who opted to instead take a county manager’s job in Iowa.

        • Bonaparte, 58, was Topeka’s first city manager to hold that position on more than an interim basis, serving from March 2006 until he left July 1 under a severance agreement he reached in April with the city council amid a controversy regarding the theft of scrap metal by some city water division employees.

        • Allegedly immediately hired at least one, but some say two, $100,000/yr assistants that did all his work for him.


        Bonaparte still has his job
        Posted: March 29, 2011 – 6:32pm

        Topeka city manager Norton Bonaparte still had his job at the end of Tuesday night’s city council meeting after council members voted 6-3 not to take the first of two steps needed to fire him. Tuesday’s developments were expected to leave an air of uncertainty at City Hall, where Alcala since May 2009 has actively sought the votes from five council members needed to fire Bonaparte, who took office as Topeka’s first permanent city manager in March 2006. His contract doesn’t have an expiration. Alcala has been particularly critical in recent weeks of Bonaparte’s response to the theft of scrap metal from a work site by four city water division employees who then sold it for personal profit.

        One commenter on the Capitol-Journal site said:
        Coverups never happened, scrapgate never happened, police helicopters with riders from california never happened, out of control police officers never happened, one of the highest city tax in KS, potholes not a one. Pornchat never happened? City manager hired to run city and had to hire assisants never happened. Dream on. Oh & the big one, the pumping station that nobody wants to investigate. Theirs another few hundred grand. Give him a raise.

  9. minpin says:

    Go back to the Serino police reports that he didn’t actually show up on the scene until 8ish. Was GZ already taken back to the police station by that time? I believe he was. Serino was right there to witness his arrival at the police station. Go back and look at the reports when Serino arrived at the scene of the crime. That will speak volumes.

    • howie says:

      Hot Damn! Hot Damn! I want arrests. Arrest these criminals. And they are Criminals. Perp walk em! Do we have extradition with Israel? Keep an eye on the Crumpsters. There are big crimes here. Big crimes. A conspiracy. Arrest them now! Don’t let Julison get away. Take his passport. This is real big. Plus Ultra.

    • John Galt says:

      Serino lies about Z’s prior 911 calls, Serino BS about marginally sufficient injuries.

      Jail Serino now!

      • Jello333 says:

        The guy really COULD wind up in jail. I’d been hoping that quite a few individuals would get there, but up till now it wasn’t clear exactly what most of them could be charged with. But Serino… yep, this dude could be in some big trouble. The first domino?….

    • txantimedia says:

      Zimmerman was interviewed at the SPD at 12:05AM on the morning after the shooting. Serino. Investigator Singleton interviewed him before midnight but didn’t state the time on tape. Serino’s questions indicate that he had not yet been to the scene. Whether he was there when Zimmerman arrived is an open question.

    • jimrtex says:

      His report is certainly mixed up at that time.

      He says he interviewed Officer Ayala, who informed him of the lifesaving efforts of Officer T Smith. But T Smith had arrested Zimmerman, and Ayala had gone over to Martin when he arrived and began CPR.

      He might have interviewed T Smith by telephone. But he certainly would have told him he was at the police station and Zimmerman was still in his custody. He might have learned form Lieutenant Taylor that Zimmerman had been transported to the police station, but it is not likely that the information that T Smith was at the police station was a separate item.

  10. jasper420 says:

    So the SPD didnt know how to find out who accessed the footage?

    • The SPD were not immediately aware the footage was not from the digital system burned copy DVD from the CCTV itself. :D

      • howie says:

        They released a real copy on the quick. Within a day. They F’n knew. Bonaparte knew.

        • Shari says:

          If Bonaparte knew and was working with CSerino, then that would explain why he got to keep his position. If Bonaparte fires CS, then CS tells everyone about Bonaparte. Just a scenario in my mind, to much Matlock perhaps.

          • recoverydotgod says:

            Depending on how up front Bonaparte was with the firing of Chief Lee, and if commissioners knew that Serino was going to night patrol…that will play into next commission meeting, I would think. Triplett and Bonaparte probably have a whole month to wonder what the next public commissioners meeting will bring.

          • John Galt says:

            Remember Bonaparte’s prior position: Thieves and pornographers retain their jobs, Bonaparte eventually terminated.

            Cue Shirley Bassey: It’s all just a little bit of history repeating.

        • 2ntense says:

          So the real copy was the digitally enhanced version? Buncha sanctimonious…….


        • p3p3p3p3 says:

          oh ya,
          as Gary Allen would say
          None Dare Call It Conspiracy

      • Jello333 says:

        My wife and I live on less than $1K/month, and so I’ve hesitated making a donation to George up till now. But for some reason, this news hit me, and I decided it was time to give…. not much, $20, but it feels REAL good.

  11. rocker124 says:

    Wow, this is huge!!!! You will definitely be rewarded for you efforts, Sundance. It is very comforting to know there are people as good as you in the world. You went against an army of news people, an army of racial marauders and attorneys, and out did them all! I hope Jellison knows who brought this crooked cop down, and I hope he knows how relentless you are in the cause for right. BTW, I have never said it, but I really like the way the Lords Prayer is posted daily. thank you for that, too.

  12. BigMamaTEA says:

    I love you Cracker. Don’t post often, but have been reading for awhile. You and all of the Treepers. I love the comment threads. I use them to unwind after a hard day. I know who to contact when I need another researcher on my team!

  13. Lou da Jew says:

    I wonder how the MSM will report this.

  14. James F says:

    I can’t believe Gutman admitted it so easily. Someone should have asked him sooner!

    • howie says:

      I betcha he was already busted.

    • txantimedia says:

      Theory. Gutman knew that Serino had been busted to patrol and the jig was up. So he admitted it knowing the question would be asked and answered anyway.

      • Theory. Gutman knew the investigation was headed that way and figured Serino was FIRED. So he responded with nothing to lose….. Then “OH SH!T ” kicked in, and he realized nope, Chief Lee was fired and Serino given an opportunity to accept a lesser position. Oh noes….. now what to do?

        Yikes….. Walk-back, walk-back….. tired from flight, mistake, unintentional etc .etc….

        • John Galt says:

          “Gutman knew the investigation was headed that way”

          because SPD/FDLE contacted ABC/Gutman in the course of investigating Serino, motivating the trip to Israel?

        • minpin says:

          Didn’t Gutman come back with some tweet about not giving up his sources? He threw Serino under the bus, and you never know when Crump and/or Julison are going to find their next shakedown. Oooops Gutless.

  15. stephufla says:

    There are a lot of good hearted people in Sanford who want to get to the bottom of this. I have been linking this website wherever I can. The work you’ve done here is outstanding.

  16. Shari says:

    Great Job, You are GZ Guardian Angel. Now if we can get you an honorary Attorney General Position. We need more people like you in this world. Thank You.

  17. sybilj says:

    Fake right … and … punt …

    ABC News ‏@ABC

    Zimmerman Investigator Was Skeptical of Story http://abcn.ws/QeORFA
    Retweeted by Matt Gutman

    6:52 PM – 26 Jun 12 via twitterfeed · Details
    44m ECGuillet ECGuillet ‏@ECGuillet

    @mattgutmanABC Dig thru released evidence, sir. It’s public information now. Crump was wrong about SPD. Serino doing all he could 2 nail GZ

    36m Matt Gutman Matt Gutman ‏@mattgutmanABC

    @ECGuillet it certainly seems so. Crump was wrong about Serino, who has now been bumped to patrol — the midnight shift.

    6:47 PM – 26 Jun 12 via web · Details

    • Stay on them sibilj – I’ve got my hands full on other aspects.

      EXPOSE THE TRUTH !! We’ve got two days before this gets to a judge.

      • howie says:

        What can we do?

        • ytz4mee says:

          Get on Twitter and push. Demand @MattGutmanABC be fired. Challenge Napolean Bonaparte’s role in all of this. It was a coordianted effort to deny GZ any hope of a fair hearing.
          Push back, and push back hard. Tweet and retweet anything other like minded citizens are tweeting. Make it trend.

          • Kyozokuninja says:

            From the article entitled ‘Caught in the storm’ – Florida Courier
            Written by Fcadmin | 29 March 2012

            Many Black residents of Sanford are calling for the firing of the city’s Black city manager because he won’t fire the city’s White police chief who is caught up in the Trayvon Martin killing.
            Manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr., who learned Black residents wanted him fired at a city commission meeting held Monday, is in the middle of a tragedy that has garnered international attention for this city of less than 60,000 residents.

            (They spoke, he listened.)

        • start contacting bigs with the information about why Serino was taken off the case. Tell them about Matt Gutman’s admission and link them to every ABC/Gutman report you can find. Especially the DeeDee “exclusive”. Push the truth into the sunlight at every opportunity.

          • ytz4mee says:

            Agreed, don’t let the “DeeDee” part of the narrative and Capias “disappear”. Demand more info on “DeeDee” and when she is going to be deposed. DO NOT LET THEM BURY CRUMP”S INVENTION to create the narrative.

          • howie says:

            I don’t Tweet or any of that but by golly I will get on the SP Times and Tampa Tribune. And the local TV. This is the only internet I do.

          • howie says:

            OK gave tip to local cable news! Emailing Papers. They are asleep at this hour as usual.

          • Bill O’Reilly (Fox) is the one to contact. He has the cojones to follow through and report. Only problem is that he is bombarded with various tweets & emails about all sorts of things. Staff reads them & only bring certain ones to his attention. So it needs to be a well organized effort to constantly send the exact info over & over by many people to get their attention. Someone needs to word a good tweet for the rest of us to RT on a 10 minute interval until noticed.

      • sybilj says:

        I’ll be on it! Truth is thy beacon!!

        Anticipate some scrubbing … just sayin.

        (Helluva debut thread, sd. :))

    • sybilj says:

      LOL! Serino, Gutman, Julison, et al, played right into ‘blame whitey.’

      U gon b screwd whtevr fenc ur cracka az b on.

      JMO ;)

      Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq
      @MarkNeJame U asked @AttorneyCrump did LE do a good job or not investigating #GZ? The answer is: some did (Serino) and some didn’t (Lee).
      7:06 PM – 26 Jun 12 via web ·

      • Shari says:

        I will start sending e-mails and links. Anyone know if the Zimmerman family read this site or Frank Taafe. They seem to have connections to major networks. Frank, will get it out there. He can go rounds with Jackson.

      • RiseFromBelow says:

        Yea, it’s actually the reverse. Lee did his job and Serino is evidently a corrupt PoS.

        • froggielegs says:

          When Serino had George listen to the portion of the 911 call where George says “F*cking Punks always get away” Serino is then heard saying, “He wasn’t a F*cking Punk”. That is when I knew Serino was a PoS! How did he know Trayvon wasn’t an effin punk the night he questioned George? If I’m not mistaken, that interview with George was that night, hours before Serino even know who Trayvon was! Trayvon was still listed as a John Doe!

          • Jay says:

            When did Serino let him listen to the tapes? I may be wrong but wasn’t F*cking Punks what everyone thought was a racial slur. Does that mean Serino knew the entire time that Zimm never said anything racial. If so everything that had happened since then would be Serino fault. Sharpton Jackson NBPP all of it.

  18. Ken says:

    WOLVERINES!!!!!!! SD, you are spot on!
    I had mentioned here last week that Serino made numerous calls to GZ during the time he was in hiding before the initial arrest. This was a time when the SPD investigation was over and during the FDLE investigation. Serino made them seem like caring and friendly calls but it seems that inquiries were likely much than they seemed. He was never told the exact location of GZ in these calls but seemed to be fishing for details nonetheless. His questioning was so suspect that GZ had conversations with the FDLE about Serino inquiring about why Serino might still be calling GZ even though his portion of the investigation was long over.
    It is a little unnerving that, had GZ given details of his whereabouts, would Serino have fed them to Gutman or worse?
    Wow, what a tangled web this has been.
    I would ask (ahem, Stuzman/Hernedez et al), why is the story that “Lead Investigator Gets Re-assigned” not “Lead Zimmerman Investigator Chris Serino found to be Dishonest for Breaking SPD Rules and Tainting Case” or “Investigator Serino GUILTY of Leaking Confidential SPD Documents and Information”. Isn’t this how it would have read if he wasn’t so against GZ?

    • Ken says:

      Sorry in advnace for the spells/grammar, but I am pissed

      • ytz4mee says:

        It’s okay to be pissed. Use the energy of your anger for something positive.

      • ytz4mee says:

        Team GZ needs to keep pushing on the manufactured “DeeDee” narrative. Demand the right to depose her, challenge her statements, media interviews, etc. Remember, Corey hung a big portion of her capias on the “DeeDee” ear witness testimony. Make it fall apart, and quickly.

      • minpin says:

        I’m actually wondering now if GZ wasn’t taken back to jail to protect him from Serino’s possible leak about his whereabouts. No question Serino knew where GZ was hiding.

        • ctdar says:

          I bet your right, thought it was odd with all the info OMara must’ve known at the time why would he allow GZ to stay in jail? Must’ve been for his safety.
          For the other side a dead GZ at this point would have been the best escape route for all the corrupted parties.

        • garnette says:

          I strongly suspected that at the time he went back to jail. It just wasn’t the judge and his attorney that knew where he was, someone or a group of someones in law enforcement knew as well. The article I read also made it sound like someone in the prosecutors office knew as well. With that many people having access to that information, I wondered how safe he would be in hiding.

          • GBishop says:

            That sounds like a nice theory you guys, but how safe is GZ in a jail where there is a mole? I don’t think O’Mara is that slick to pull off a lets make up a charge to arrest GZ again to keep him in jail for his own good.

            I know Lester was in conference for a week and wasn’t going to do hearings, and then I heard he wouldn’t be back for a bit, so SZ’s perjury charge too had to have been done before he went. That’s why GZ is in jail that long.

            I guess Lester, in his old southern style discipline thought, “you lie to me buddy, you’re grounded. you jis sit there for a month and think about your actions, young man, and I’ll listen to your apology when I am fit and ready to do so.”

        • Ken says:

          While I don’t think he knew where GZ was, I am sure he could have figured out the right “leak” to find out where.

    • John Galt says:

      “Investigator Serino GUILTY of Leaking Confidential SPD Documents and Information”

      This is criminal. Contact the governor and request a special prosecutor.

    • GBishop says:

      Hey Ken, do you have a link on this story please, about GZ talking with FDLE about Serino inquiries after the investigation was over. I wonder why GZ didn’t talk to O’Mara by then? Would you please repost the article or news feed on this, since I hadn’t seen your earlier posts on this. Thanks.

      • Ken says:

        Sorry no link. This one you’ll have to take my word on. MOM knows

      • John Galt says:

        There is an audio file of Serino talking to GZ on the phone on the night of March 25, which is after Corey was appointed on March 22. Serino is attempting to arrange a meeting between GZ and FDLE investigators.


        • Ken says:

          The interesting part of this is that GZ was in daily contact with one FDLE investigator that knew GZ’s whereabouts and was responsible for informing him of threats to his safety. There was no need for Serino to arrange any meeting at all. NONE

          • John Galt says:

            Serino failed to “stand down” LOL

            • howie says:

              Serino is up to his ears in it. Police investigative reports are not public records and should be held in confidence.

              • blubird says:

                Why weren’t all of Serino’s phone calls to GZ taped and released into evidence? Maybe Serino didn’t want anyone knowing about those other calls. Perhaps his calls should be monitored and recorded.

          • James Crawford says:

            You understand the implications. If FDLE is in frequent contact with GZ, the FDLE will not use Serino as a liaison. If Serino then contacts GZ frequently, apparently fishing for information about his whereabouts, then attempts to arrange a “meeting” allegedly with FDLE, there is reason to believe that the “meeting” was a set up either with media (Matt Guttman?) or the New Black Panthers. If the later is true, them Serino was involved in a criminal conspiracy to commit abduction or murder.

            • John Galt says:

              Serino was in criminal conspiracy to manufacture a case.

              • howie says:

                119.01 FL ST Clear as a bell.

                • 2ntense says:

                  FDLE and Corey’s Office had to know this. What is the point the drawn out freak show? Protection for GZ? More evidence against CS & Co? To appease the race-baiters and Team Skittles? Although charging Serino might save some face for Angie and Bernie. Or not.

                  • howie says:

                    I think this is the question. Why, and what is the motive? The Orange Blossom Special rolls on. There is certainly a conspiracy afoot. The question I have is this. Is the conspiracy criminal in nature? Normally the state attorney represents the people of the state. Here it appears they are representing a special interest. Is the press yelling fire in a crowded theater? Is the state seeking justice? WTF is going on around here?

                  • Jello333 says:

                    I wanna see Norm Wolfinger named as Special Prosecutor to investigate Special Prosecutor Angel Corey! :)

                  • recoverydotgod says:

                    No matter if politicians and agencies want to play games….the upside I see is that it has provided a longer time frame through participatory journalism through all the means available for “we the people” to continue to free the press…the truthful free press. There is a redemptive quality at work here for “we the people” who didn’t stay watchful that truth is necessary (we hold these truths to be self-evident) for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness through the endowment of our Creator.

                  • howie says:

                    Freedom of the press and their privilege is not absolute. They seem to forget this in their zeal. They can not participate in a conspiracy. They can only report it. They may have stepped across the line here.

                • John Galt says:

                  How is it going to look when Serino pleads the 5th at his deposition ?

                  • 2ntense says:

                    It would be easier if it were a single conspiacy they all seem to have independent agendas angela wants to be reelected at any cost ~ justice e damned team skittles sees pay day serino’s gianormous ego needs revenge bonaparte get fame w justice 7 naacp and matt is just a media wh*re. theyre not together but some things overlap gz was the perfect storm

                  • howie says:

                    I want to see it in court on the stand. And now presenting Coreys case in chief. Starring Cris Serino. Lead investigator SPD. Ups make that the night patrol flatfoot.

                  • Jamie O'Connor says:

                    Can he do that?

        • GBishop says:

          Thanks for sharing John. I really hope he gets his. Like Salman Rushdie once said, “if you wait by the riverbank long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by.”

  19. jasper420 says:

    So how will this help GZ get these charges dropped? Is this really gonna matter to jurors who was giving Gutless his info?

    • blubird says:

      Ken, do you know if Massad is on board?

        • Jello333 says:

          ;) I just love reading your short, matter-of-fact little comments.

          So here’s another question for you: How ’bout Dershowitz. Or no, you don’t have to answer that, I’ll just give my opinion. I hope that Team GZ is willing to accept Alan’s help if he offers it. If not to develop the defense case itself, at least to put together all the info for the lawsuits and ethics (maybe even criminal?) complaints to follow.

        • blubird says:

          I am so glad and thankful. We have been reading his articles, watching his videos, taking his advice for years. The Gun World respects him to say the least and I don’t think he would take the case unless he was on the winning team. If we can tell the gun groups Massad Ayoob is on the case, I think they would contribute to the Defense Fund to help pay his fee.

  20. Cupcake85 says:

    My first post ever: WOW….fantastic work!! I’ve been “lurking” for quite a while……..after work I love to unwind with a glass of wine reading the postings and comments here! Amazed at what you guys have been able to uncover about this case!

    This is quite the bomb. Does O’Mara know??

    • Mike says:

      Im pretty sure the Mark O’Mara Is very much aware of the Treehouse. If I were him I would be paying for close attention of the goings on here.

  21. rouga says:

    My first reply as well. And I’m with the others drinking the wine and reading all your comments! I am ASTOUNDED watching all your work unfold, Sundancer. You are the BEST investigative reporter I have ever seen. Seriously. And all the commenters are GRADE A! I only wish YOU were GZ’s attorney. IMO, O’Mara is weak as all hell. It’s very disappointing. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong in the long run, but thus far, he leaves alot to be desired.

    • Cupcake85 says:

      Yep! Wish there was a “like” button here!

    • RiseFromBelow says:

      I think O’Mara is really smart and is playing his own game. I think he’s on GZ’s side.

      • ArkansasMimi says:

        I personally do too. I also think Mr. West most likely has a few tricks up his sleeve knowing his dealings with the Feds. JMO Gonna be an all nighter for a bunch of MSM folks and I can almost hear abunch of ugly words being thrown around! :)

    • Jamie O'Connor says:

      rouga says:
      June 26, 2012 at 9:07 pm
      IMO, O’Mara is weak as all hell. It’s very disappointing. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong in the long run, but thus far, he leaves alot to be desired.

      I couldn’t agree with you more! And, at this point, if you really think about it, GZ is kind of stuck with him. Ouch.

  22. Walther PPK says:

    In the picture of Lee and Serino at the top of the thread, if we had cloud boxes showing what the two men are thinking …..
    Serino is praying….. “Dear Lord, I hope nobody figures out what a stinking rat I really am”
    And Lee is thinking ….”I just might be a regular rat terrier because I sure do smell a stinking rat, so maybe I’ll write that on a note and pass it over to you Serino”

  23. Can someone begin Googling (or other search engines) the following phrases “matt Gutman”-“ABC”-“exclusive”-“Trayvon”-“Zimmerman” and begin compiling a complete list of his (Gutman’s) exclusives in this case. They are all suspect now and need a 2nd look.

  24. pet says:

    Sundance: “DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED!!!!!!!”

    Serino and Gutman in Unison: “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT WE DID!!!! D’OH!! Oh wait…”


    • Sharon says:

      Excellent. All of you tonight—but this summarizes! Excellently! (new word) :) You guys are amazing! Sometimes I think that Americans are now cutting their teeth on “how to fight back effectively” and when this situation begins to become “in the past” we will move on to other things that desperately need attention. Wolverines indeed. All of you. I’m a “contributor” of sorts….but you commenters and readers who are doing this work, along with Sundance and the others, are the normal Americans that this Treehouse was constructed for. God bless you all. Sleep well tonight.

  25. Jay says:

    I know someone posted Dee Dee new twitter but I can’t remember which thread. If somone remembers can they post a link.

    • John Galt says:

      I posted it for purposes of allowing observation of what Dee Dee has chosen to share about herself with the World Wide Web.

      I caution against electronic communications with Dee Dee as she is apparently easily emotionally distressed to the point of hospitalization.

      “Cyberstalk” means to engage in a course of conduct to communicate, or to cause to be communicated, words, images, or language by or through the use of electronic mail or electronic communication, directed at a specific person, causing substantial emotional distress to that person and serving no legitimate purpose.”

  26. sybilj says:


    Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq
    Det. Serino =”good man” of this quote: “All that is necessary 4 the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” #trayvon @attorneycrump
    8:33 PM – 26 Jun 12 via web · Details


    ‘sybilj @NatJackEsq’
    In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.
    Albert Einstein

    • howie says:

      She is spinning like the Spider she is. A Black Widow.

    • Shari says:

      That first quote, GZ posted that on his Facebook account didn’t he.

    • John Galt says:

      Det. Serino = good man ?

      Pass the blunt and the drank, I’m not understanding that one just yet.

    • howie says:

      She forgot the part about 2+2=5, and some people are more the same as others.

    • I BELIEVE she’s trying to say evil will triumph because Serino did nothing?

      So… She’s throwing him under the bus too?

      What he DID was help your boy Julison sell your false “The Passion of Saint Skittles” narrative and rile up every ghetto-hornets’-nest in our Republic.

      That ain’t “nothing”, Natty-Jack@$$…

      BTW – MSNBS-boy STILL swears that the cop-shop-vid shows NOTHING – NO MARKS on JZs head… AMAZING how some folk – once they see what fits their conclusions – never see anything else that comes after…..

  27. LOL — Jeff Weiner sends this video to TreeHouse

  28. it'sjustcommonsense says:

    To misquote Steve Martin (no relation), in “The Jerk”: “Things are going to start happening…NOW!”

  29. p3p3p3p3 says:

    I wonder what Allen Dershowitz thinks about this? could be on Fox News in the morning

  30. RiseFromBelow says:

    Where’s Anonymous when they might actually be useful? Some leaked emails could be very informative.

    • anonymousgearhead says:

      I wish I could help personally on this, because I would really enjoy going wikileaks on “DeeDee”, Serino and others. Unfortunately, I can’t take the risk right now, the risk of getting caught. I can only hope someone will take that challenge…And it wouldn’t be hard to get his twitter history either.

  31. RiseFromBelow says:

    Matt Gutman is denying his tweet now.

  32. Gutman retracts as we figured!
    Matt Gutman ‏@mattgutmanABC
    @YancyFaith #TrayvonMartin #Zimmerman to be clear: I’d never reveal a source. The response earlier was 2 another tweeter abt something else!

    • RiseFromBelow says:

      It doesn’t seem likely it was a mistake. Still, possible. I’d think that every ABC competitor is going to be looking into it very closely now. It’s kind of big news. It’s bound to be investigated.



      Just a bit late, matty-boy!

      Like your OTHER weiner-boy, you just can’t put your tweet back in the camera! – or keyboard, in this case, but still…

      He’ll be blaming SD for “hacking” his twitter next!!

    • James F says:

      Why did he erase the original conversation with YancyFaith instead of just adding his lame ass excuse to it? Why did he not clarify which tweet he was responding to if not YancyFaith’s?

      Methinks thou dost protest too much, Gutlessman!

    • Anyone know how he made his original tweet disappear from his twitter history?
      It’s *GONE*! but other stuff before and since is still there…


  33. RiseFromBelow says:

    BTW, might want to correct this page:


    It’s a different account I think. You want @mattgutmanABC

  34. froggielegs says:

    Of course he is bullshitting because if you click on view conversation under his tweet that says….

    Matt Gutman ‏@mattgutmanABC
    @YancyFaith yes he was.

    It shows that the reply was to YancyFaith asking him…

    YancyFaith ‏@YancyFaith
    Was #Serino the leaker?! #TrayvonMartin #Zimmerman @mattgutmanABC ?

    If he was answering another question, he would of clicked on reply under that question and in turn when you click on view conversation it would show that other question and not the one of YancyFaith asking about the leak.

    How stupid does he really think people are?

    • Further, if he “accidentally” replied to the wrong “tweet”, which other – PREVIOUS – question would the answer fit?!

      • John Galt says:

        And why did his twitter history close and then reopen (after he thought up the BS excuse)?

        • froggielegs says:

          I do not think you can “close” older tweets from the viewing public with out actually deleting them. There is actually nothing in your Twitter settings for anything regarding older tweets or hiding them. I hate to even say this cause I don’t want to appear to be defending him cause I’m not but, Twitter has a habit of acting strange when lots of people are tweeting at once. I have got that message a few times with other people only to refresh or come back a little later and all the tweets appear.

      • froggielegs says:

        I didn’t see any previous question to him that would be answered with “yes he was”. He is back peddling and it’s not working.

    • Did you get a screen-snap?
      If not, PLEASE DO!!!

      • froggielegs says:

        I took a screen cap of his entire Twitter page. I clicked on show conversation on his Tweet to YancyFaith so you can see what he was replying to.


        Keep a copy of this because he deleted the entire tweet just recently! Look at this screen shot of his page and compare it to what is on there now. He must of saw my post here telling people to click on veiw conversation to see what his tweet was in reply to!

  35. Michell says:

    I’ve sent this link to all my friends and family and have told them to contact SunDancer on here if I’m ever railroaded.
    You have done a great job from the beginning.

  36. sirbentley1485 says:

    As for the firing, why is Geraldo Rivera still with FOX. Did he not edit a taped 911 call last night on his show. He was discussing the comment the dispatcher had told GZ “Are you following the person” and George said “yes” and the dispatcher stated that he did not need to do that. George answered back “ok” and his breathing changed. Geraldo played the tape and left out the “OK” and skiped to Georges next statement. What with the numerouse comments about George pursueing Trayvon made by Crump,( sort of like a late night commercial, repeat, repeat, repeat.) it was very very clear that George was a scumbag, take it from Geraldo. What is the motivation for the media to cover this up and find George guilty

    • “…What is the motivation for the media to cover this up and find George guilty”

      Where to start?
      (1) their boy Barry is in it up to his testicles – “If I had a son…”
      (2) Eric “My People” Holder sent fibbies to help in the railroading, but missed the terroristic threats sent nationwide by the nutty-black-pamper-pu$$!3s…
      (3) When JZ walks, they’ll all have to admit they were wrong all along!
      (4) don’t want to have to admit carrying crump’s water via Julison
      (5) BIGGEST motivator: their boy Barry NEEDS the riots before November, so they’re doing their best to make them happen! Think of the stories they’ll have to cover THEN!!

      I could go on, that should be enough!

      • John Galt says:

        The cover up typically works out worse than what is being covered. The final result is invariably perjury and/or obstruction of justice charges.

      • Sharon says:

        ….and they’ve never had to deal with normal people with firm ideas of right and wrong who choose to disbelieve the deception, and stand there and ask questions….and ACT on their own behalf. This is flat amazing.

  37. JEReading says:

    Comments on Global Grind (rag) regarding Serino’s transfer indicate people “don’t understand,” and, for whatever reason, believe he’s the only honest one on the case….


    • RiseFromBelow says:

      Obviously it’s going to be spun to mean that the evil racists are punishing him for seeking justice. The revenge motivation will be downplayed and ignored if possible. All you have to do is listen to Serino’s interview with Zimmerman to see he has it out for GZ.

      • I’m still not at all convinced of that.
        Look into some police-procedures, or talk to some cops…

        This was/is common practice – it’s called “good cop/bad-cop”…

        That was like the 5th interrogation of JZ. He’d done a voice-stress-test, a videotaped reenactment, and everything they had said “self-defense!” as we all know!!


        Now it’s time to send in the “bad cop.” His job is to get in JZs face, and try to “crack” him. Tell him how he ended the life of such a promising young man, how this whole thing can blow up… He’s got to spin it to make it all JZs falt, else he’s not being the “bad cop”…

        It certainly smells a bit off in light of this revelation, BUT remember that was the day after the shooting, long before Team chump and so-on….

  38. John Galt says:

    Send it to Rush Limbaugh

  39. stephufla says:

    I know a state attorney who was tangentially involved with the case. He is highly ethical and would never talk to me about the case. In the Sanford office, not Corey’s office. I am thinking I should send him the link to this site.

  40. chopp says:

    The story about Serino getting demoted for misconduct is being buried by Serino says GZ inconsistent storeis. The MSM is trying to down play the misconduct as much as possible.

  41. Sundance~

    Congratulations on being #justablogger.

  42. mjdzfun says:

    Congratulations on being #justablogger!

  43. Icestation2 says:

    If Matt Gutman was responding to an earlier different question, then Matt needs to say which earlier tweeted question. The next earlier tweet to Matt was as follows:

    Daralene Jones ‏@DaraleneJones
    Serino: “#GeorgeZimmerman was apparently yelling for help as he was beign battered by #TrayvonMartin”
    Retweeted by Matt Gutman

    (this tweet was sent 4 hours earlier than the infamous Matt reply to @YancyFaith )

    So does Matt Gutman want to go on record and say he believes GZ was yelling for help because TM was violently assaulting him?

    • John Galt says:

      It is not even a question. It is a quote of a statement which Gutman retweeted. Does not require an answer.

      Also does not explain why his twitter history was closed and then reopened.

      • RiseFromBelow says:

        Was it closed and reopened? I didn’t notice it close at all. Not the @mattgutmanABC account which is the one he tweeted from. Now there seems to be an old @mattgutman account that hasn’t seen much use. I think tweeting to that account in subsequent @ was a mistake.

      • Icestation2 says:

        Well I agree. Matt Gutman is saying he replied to an earlier tweet so he can’t just say that without explaining which tweet he was replying to. The tweet I mentioned was the most likely tweet he supposedly was replying to so either (a) he did say that Serino was the leaker AND is now lying (this I believe) or (b) he was effectively saying – by supposedly replying to the earlier tweet that he believes GZ was violently assaulted by TM. He can’t have it both ways. Both options are bad for team TM.

        • hugh stone says:

          The tweet says @yancyfaith so he had to have hit the “reply” button.

        • the “4 hours ago” thing he’d already responded by retweeting.

          Why would he go back 4 hours later and “yes he was” accidentally hitting the other “reply” instead of that one?

          • Icestation2 says:

            I agree it sounds illogical but if he continues to try to con anyone into believing he was replying to a different tweet then the only tweet he can possibly be referring to is the one I mentioned which means he was replying ‘yes he was’ to the comment made by another tweeter about GZ being violently attacked by TM. Gutman at least has to explain which tweet he was responding to. Unfortunately, for him there really is not much choice.

    • There is no tweet that his response would be appropriate for prior to 11:48am when he responded to YancyFaith.

      He has been off Twitter since June 11th and send his first tweet from Tel Aviv airport at 11:47am.

    • Icestation2 says:

      Interesting to see that the tweet by ‏@DaraleneJones which Matt Gutman retweeted has been deleted. There seems to be a lot of clearing up going on here!

  44. zane says:

    Just called a friend who is a detective with a large city in Texas. Asked him what happens when a detective leaks information contained in an ongoing investigation. He explained that the detective would be investigated by I.A. (Internal Affairs) and would be on non-paid suspension. I asked if that detective would have the option of taking a beat job, especially on the grave yard shift. He said, without reservation, “NO”, the cop (detective) would not have the option of going to being a simple beat cop. If IA found him guilty of leaking information from an ongoing investigation, he could be arrested, just as John Galt pointed out about another officer who did the same thing, only to another cop, not the media, the bottom feeding lawyers or to a PR firm. Serino should be in the same jail as Zimmerman.

    . I noticed that this information about his being the leaker came out yesterday. That means that the SPD has known about it for some time. Now we are being told that Serino will go on beat patrol on July 7th, almost two weeks from now, and two weeks from when he was outed.

    Here’s my best guess: the SPD is covering for Serino, probably with the backing of the mayor and new acting Chief. They are hoping that in two weeks, this story will die down and at that point we will learn that Serino has resigned or has taken an early retirement. If Serino were to actually be arrested for what he did, it would taint this whole case to the point that Corey would have nothing to go after GZ on. NOTHING.

    The SPD must be FORCED to bring charges against Serino.

    • GBishop says:

      Hey zane, good info, but Texas is far stricter for one thing. Second, Seminole County is notorious for keeping everybody calm until they can think it over, investigate it, have all the info and then do what needs to be done. Their pace is slower than the rest of the south, but they like to think about what they are doing. They don’t like being rushed, so if they can lie to keep everyone calm, they do that.

      I knew earlier this year, that’s what they were doing, in the case of the “Senator” tree fire at Big Tree park. Everyone knew it was arson, and people were mad as hell that someone could burn down a 3500 yr old tree, the biggest cypress tree in FL. The tree was called the Senator and meant a lot to generations who grew up there. The forestry guy said it was arson, and everyone cried we want justice, we want whoever did it hanged by their toes. So the department brought in the agriculture guy? What does he know about trees? But they tell him to make up something to calm everyone down until they can investigate it properly. So Mr. Agriculture tells us a nice fibber that the tree was smoldering from a lightning several weeks before, and then on Jan 16th, God decided to take it up in flames. We all calmed down thinking, okay, its an act of God. But the police continued looking into it. They found a nude model who kept bragging on social media about how she burned down a tree older than Jesus, and they arrested her on Feb 28th and brought her to the same Sanford jail. She was doing meth inside the tree and lit the fire to see what she was doing. They let her out on $50K bail, though she sells and does drugs, and burnt a living thing 3500 yrs old, but I digress.

      The point is that the Seminole County folks are notorious for lying and covering up to calm everyone down until they can think things through and investigate things properly. They are on Seminole Standard Time down there.

      So, lets keep on them, and keep them thinking and investigating this. Serino nees to be arrested and charged for sure. But I have a feeling they’re just making sure they’ve dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s before they do something definite.

    • Michell says:

      That kind of depends on the police force, the police chief, mayor, city council, etc. Many police forces hate IA along with wanting to protect their buddy. So I could see how especially in this high profile case where they have already received so much criticism from Team Crump that they’d want to try and keep this under wraps and say he requested the demotion. They were probably trying to avoid team Crump saying they punished him because he was the only cop trying to do the right thing. So that would be the police motive. Then with Bonaparte being in Team Crump’s corner or so it seems probably would not have allowed him to be fired anyway along with wanted this kept covered up as to not hurt the prosecutor’s case. Then Gutman kind of screwed it all up for them.

      • zane says:

        The only problem, Michael, is that Serino was Crump’s boy. He was Crump’s go-to cop for all things negative about Zimmerman. What was Crump going to say? That he was duped by a white cop? I don’t think so.

        There are not enough cats in the litter box to cover this up. It will come out at trial, just like it did with Mark Furman during the O.J. trial. Furman’s racist statements were just enough to put doubt into the minds of the jurors that the case was tainted by the cops.

        The citizens of Sanford deserve better. Anytime a PD panders to public opinion that is created by a PR firm they cheat the communityn they serve. And why not let the public see how certain demographics conduct themselves when they are demanding “justice.”

        I am taken back to the case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome. Two young whites who were car jacked, abducted and brutally raped and murdered. All five of the rapists and murderers were black. Did you see hordes of white people marching the streets of Knoxville demanding police firings, or ever the firing of the prosecuting attorney who refused to apply hate crime charges against the five blacks, based on not being able to interview Christian and Newsome to assertain that racial slurs were spoken? No. Did you see Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton in Knoxville demanding justice for those two white young adults? No.

        The process of blacks demanding justice for anyone whose skin tone is the same as theirs, no matter how guilty they may be, has got to end.

        • sirbentley1485 says:

          The bad thing about the above case in Knoxville is that the Judge was found to be under the influence of drugs and the KILLERS are up for a new trial. Why in the heck spend the money for a new trial. Put them in plastic bags and put them in a large plastic trash can and let them suffocate after you pour bleach down there throats and then all over them like they did to Channon Christian.

  45. Juan says:

    It’s time for Bonaparte to put up or shut up. After all he said in March …. “We do not condone these unauthorized leaks of information,” Bonaparte said. “Acting Chief [Darren] Scott will be doing an internal investigation within the Sanford Police Department as this type of action compromises the integrity of the law enforcement agency which has pledged to uphold the law.”

    Bonaparte said the person responsible for the leak could face disciplinary action, including possible termination.

    The police department is also investigating leaks made to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, which included Zimmerman’s detailed account of what led to Martin’s death. Zimmerman shot the teen once in the chest, killing him.


    • ejarra says:

      IMHO, if on Friday Lester throws out the case, there would no longer be a reason not to arrest Serino. I feel that the demotion is there to save some face for Corey, BDLR, and of coarse Scott and Bondi. If it gets thrown out and part of the reason goes to him, you can bet he’ll be arrested.

  46. 2ntense says:

    It’s gonna be a busy busy news day tomorrow… all the people who only pay attention to this while they are at work will be SURPRISED!

    I cannot adequately express what an incredible group of people are here. God bless you all for seeking the truth no matter what!

  47. *I* know why Serino’s leaks call the whole thing into question, but those just coming on board really won’t get it!

    “so he slipped some stuff to the media – without it they’d still be speculating, at least THIS way they knew the TRUTH!!”

    Except, everything he “leaked” was used to support “THe Passion of Saint Skittles” meme!

    Even the leaked vid – with a carefully-placed and otherwise unused background graphic – became part of the “see no marks on his head!! he lied!!” meme that folks like my BSNBS boy STILL THINK IS TRUE!!!

    • Sorry – My point is this: Might want to elaborate on the post a bit…

      Perhaps explain exactly how Serino’s leaking straight to Gutless (or – HOLY CRAP!!! – to Julison and THENCE to gutless?!!) and the three-way incestuous mess with him, Julison and Gutless tying right back to chump – taints everything any of them touched.

      Julison spends the day with Gutless, per his own tweet, then Gutless begins spinning the Passion of Saint Skittles with the aid of “exclusive” leaks from Serino – who also just HAPPENS to be the only one (cop or DA) involved to say “Screw the evidence AND the witnesses – let’s hang this little jew-bean anyway!? We’re supposed to believe this was a **COINCIDENCE**??!!


      Revenge? How tight was he with the fired former chief from the Sherman Ware case?
      This little bastard likes throwing racism charges around, and riling up the ghetto? Let’s see how he likes it when they’re screaming for *HIS* head on a pike!!

      Money? Wonder how much chump paid him? Maybe a promise of a future percentage? Would he even NEED money given the history between his friends and JZ?

      If the state’s whole case is DeeDeeDEE, well….

      What if Serino leaked inside info to Chump-co to help form and coach HER “narrative” – to give her much more info (and thus appearance of legitimacy) than she had before?

      We already KNOW she’s in bed with chump, and that puts her in with Ma&Pa Skittles as well, and it really isn’t much of a reach for them to have coached her to be sure her “statement” would be enough to get them the arrest they needed to open up the cash-spigot for ALL of them!

      DeeDeeDEE STANK before, but with Serino BLATANTLY on their side?

      Seems to me that *ANY* chance they may have had is now D-E-A-D–DEAD!

      She simply CANNOT be allowed to testify, and if she IS then Lester will get his ARSE handed to him on appeal!


      Offer Serino a plea-deal to stay out of prison if he rolls on Chump-Co!

      Let’s lock ‘em *ALL* up!!

      • Jay says:

        Hmm is this an election year for the mayor. The entire thing could be political support for the mayor and in return mayor gives Serino a nice cushy promotion.

  48. Josie says:

    HELL YEAH!!!

  49. pet says:

    sent to a certain dude that is retired but still WAY highly connected in law enforcement and prosecution in the state of FL. This will make it’s way everywhere. trust me.

  50. Jello333 says:

    Ok, I’m just getting to this thread. Starting to read through it now. But this is confirmed?! I mean, that Serino has been leaking stuff, and Gutman and he (and others) have been conspiring? I mean…. I know people on this site have suspected that all along, but now it’s confirmed? Is word of this gonna hit the MSM now? Like I said, I haven’t read the comments yet, so I’m just rambling. But if this is what it looks like, this is EXCITING, IMPORTANT stuff!

    And I wanna make this clear: I am SO happy to have found this site, and I’m proud of what tiny bit I may be contributing. I’ve only been here since early May (around the time of Update #8 or so I think), so I missed a lot of the early stuff. I just wanna say you all are amazing.

    • Sharon says:

      They are, aren’t they, Jello333? Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase American Serendipity. :) And your participation has been important, sir.

    • GBishop says:

      Hey, good question Jello333, I was also thinking about whether or not this is confirmed. I posted above regarding Seminole County’s ability to cover up and keep things on the down low until they think the public can handle it, or rather that they can handle the public. So, I am not sure if they’re going to keep this Serino thing under wraps for a bit.

      But, I hadn’t heard about Gutman being the recipient until this thread. Until today, I thought we suspected Jeff Weiner to be in contact with the mole.

      Also, another thing that bothers me, is how safe is GZ in a jail where there is a mole leaking information? Someone said earlier that Serino had figured out where GZ was hiding out and that’s why they decide to arresh GZ, for his own safety. Gosh I hope GZ will be safe the whole while and get out quickly. I am not comfortable with this whole thing.

  51. Walther PPK says:

    This is probably the Florida law which Serino evidently has violated and it is a five year felony
    This probably taints the criminal investigation to a point that the charges against GZ will be dropped

    • ejarra says:

      Two things will occur by the 4th of July. Corn will be knee high and Serino will wave bye-bye.

    • RUDY says:

      “It is unlawful for a public servant, with intent to obstruct, impede, or prevent a criminal investigation or a criminal prosecution, to disclose active criminal investigative or intelligence information as defined in chapter 119 or to disclose or use information regarding either the efforts to secure or the issuance of a warrant, subpoena, or other court process or court order relating to a criminal investigation or criminal prosecution when such information is not available to the general public and is gained by reason of the public servant’s official position. Any person who violates this section commits a felony of the third degree”

      I’m not sure that they will say his intention was to “obstruct, impede, or prevent a criminal investigation” as it seemed more to empower the angry mob to force the state to take action. I don’t think that they can get him on that charge. What do you think??

      • ejarra says:

        I think they may go with this part: “to disclose active criminal investigative or intelligence information as defined in chapter 119″.

        He was NOT supposed to do what he did, period. If it was legal, why did he hide that fact that he did it. Simple logic. Arrest yes, conviction may be a plea bargin.

      • Walther PPK says:

        The part I think would burn Serino is the second part which says: “or to disclose or use information regarding either the efforts to secure or the issuance of a warrant, subpoena, or other court process or court order relating to a criminal investigation or criminal prosecution when such information is not available to the general public and is gained by reason of the public servant’s official position. Any person who violates this section commits a felony of the third degree”

        Staion house surveillance tapes of the “suspect” being brought into the police station are documentary information regarding the efforts to secure a warrant on the person whose images is being published, before any actual arrest when mugshots would have made the image available. And in this case where threats against the suspect and family were being openly made and the case had become a legitimate security concern not even the mugshots should have been released. If it was lawful to release the surveillance footage then Serino would have simply burned a copy to disk or saved the video file to a thumb drive or copied it to a laptop instead of using an iphone to pirate the video for his reporter friend Gutman, who probably paid Serino a nice piece of change for this and other confidential information. Honestly, Gutman could be charged criminally also. Freedom of the press goes only so far and this is over the line. GZ should sue the bejeezus out of ABC and the City of Sanford. And they should settle too, it will be cheaper in the long run.

    • John Galt says:

      Definitions referenced in 838.21 are here in 119.011:

      “active criminal investigative or intelligence information”


  52. ejarra says:

    One thing I haven’t seen mention before is the money trail. No way would Serino risk this without a sizable payout; which puts ABC News on the line. Gee, I wonder why Gutless is in Isreal? Is this where the FBI no needs to get involved as this would cross state lines? FCC?

    The plot just thickened….

  53. John Galt says:

    Is there any reference in any of the police reports to the clubhouse videos?
    Like who collected them, how they were authenticated, what they showed or anything like that?

    • Now that you mention it, I’ve seen nothing – and we SHOULD see that, as without it there’s no “chain of custody”!!

      That should settle the question as to whether cops saw TM outside in the 7-11 vids…

      I maintain they had to, else the vid would have ended when TM left the store, like all the others did.

      That only one camera went on for so long, and just happened to be the one that showed TM outside, tells me the cops **HAD** TO HAVE KNOWN HE WAS THERE!

      I can believe they missed him palming the same bills “curly” used to buy his first blunt – they don’t have the manpower we do to investigate every little detail, I’m not surprised we find some stuff they missed, but it makes NO SENSE for that vid to be as long as it is unless they knew TM was out there!

      • John Galt says:

        Right, they should have documented collection of the 7-11 video as well. Who they contacted at the 7-11 to get the video, how the copy was made, when it was made, etc. The clubhouse video is not time stamped, so they should have a report on the times on the video timers vs. real time.


        • howie says:

          Sanford is the home of the Sanford Zoo. It looks like the Monkeys on Monkey Island should be released and the players involved in this case should replace them in the cage. It would be a great tourist attraction and defray some of the cost of Mr. Z’s lawsuits. It would be great to see them in their natural habitat.

      • Jay says:

        I worked for 7-11 and they have lots of cameras. Is the only video of inside the store? I know the 7-11 I worked at had a camera outside wide angle type so you get part of the parking lot and the entire front door.

        • jimrtex says:

          The door is in the corner of the store. So you have one angle down the counter and towards the front of the store. Someone walking across the front of the store is visible (going east to west), then disappear from view, you can hear the door chime when they enter, and suddenly they appear perhaps 10 feet from the counter about 12 seconds later. The cameras have motion detectors – or perhaps frames that don’t change aren’t recorded, so once a person goes out of view new frames aren’t recorded.

          There is another camera towards the back of the store including the coolers. And there are two cameras shooting generally downward on the counter, one behind the customer, and one behind the clerk.

          There is sidewalk on the west side of the store, that doesn’t go anywhere, because there is the driveway to Sam’s right behind. It is covered, so if someone wanted to loiter outside the 7-11 this would be the place to do it.

          So there is no camera coverage released (so far) of the front door, an area immediately inside the front entrance where someone could have a gun pointed at the clerk, or could be rushing to jump the counter, of the sidewalk outside on the side of the store, the nearest parking spot to the door, and some parts of the store.

          If there is no camera on this view, it is gross incompetence by whoever set up the coverage; the camera was not operational or recording; or that angle has not been released.

          • 2ntense says:

            That seems pointless verging on irresponsible. My vote is not released yet because it shows something Angie doesn’t want anyone to know. But everyone here knows. :-)

  54. Edmundruffinsghost says:

    Very good job, Sundance. You are most impressive. God bless you and all the others helping you here.

  55. ArkansasMimi says:

    April 25, 2012
    Should Attorney Benjamin Crump Be Disciplined for the Trayvon Martin Debacle?

    • GBishop says:

      Thanks ArkansasMimi. A good suggestion from the reporter:

      It requires absolute credulity to think that a charlatan like Crump should demand the resignation of an exemplary public servant like Chief Lee. Contact the Florida Bar and demand that Benjamin Crump be disciplined. Phone: (850) 561-5600 or email Elizabeth Tarbert at eto@flabar.org

    • howie says:

      He probably deserves disbarment.

  56. backattack says:

    Somebody please tell me the shiit is going to hit the fan and not be swept under the rug?

  57. James Crawford says:

    I knew that Serino was the leaker.

    Now to establish why he leaked. To do that, the SPD needs to start probing his finances. How much you bet that matt Guttman and his network paid Serino good money for the leaks? Probably Crump as well.

    This utterrly guts the prosecution case against GZ. Everything that CS touched is now tainted because it can be argued that the desire to make the case more newsworthy and lucrative for him affected the investigation. What clues did CS ignore or not document that would help establish GZ’s innocence? Did CS find TM’s pot or perhaps even a stashed gun? There will be legitimate questions asked about what info CS passed to Crump to help Crump construct the alleged phone conversation with Double-Dee-Dee. (can I still get away with this joke? ). CS needs to be interrogated about the purpose of all of the calls that he made to GZ fishing for info about where he was hiding. This can be legitimately viewed as aiding and abetting a potential assault or homicide.

  58. Lou da Jew says:

    now we must ask what happened to the red 7/11 brand lighter.

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