About That “DeeDee” Thing….

This is just a post to address some of the avalanche of criticism I personally have received over the DeeDee narrative deconstruction.   Specifically on March 28th we revealed that DeeDee had refused to talk to authorities.  If I had a nickel for every time someone called me a manipulative fibber for this statement I could retire very wealthy.

Most of the attacks came from various persons and organizations who were still, at that time, continuing to sell the innocent childlike Trayvon Martin narrative.  The Global Grind, Huffington Post, Orlando Sentinel et al, and various denizens of their readers would not accept the factual reality that DeeDee was refusing to talk to authorities.  They specifically and intentionally hid this aspect from their readership, articles, and on-line editorials.

But it was then, as it remains now, the truth.

After much back and forth with CNN web-site controllers about their refusal to post a truthful transcript from a Piers Morgan interview with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, and a refusal to post site video of the actual interview, finally a partial transcript has been forced.   Why this is important follows below.

It was just sheer luck that Pam Bondi was scheduled to talk to Piers Morgan on the evening of March 27th.   The reason for her segment scheduling was to discuss the Obamacare Supreme Court Case which she is a direct party to, and which was being argued on this specific date in front of the court.

However, on this exact date, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin were in DC testifying at a congressional hearing and doing a full court media press, so Piers started his segment with asking Bondi about the Trayvon Martin case.

Here is the segment with Piers and Bondi discussing the Trayvon shooting (emphasis mine):  Aired March 27, 2012 – 21:00   ET

MORGAN:  Trayvon Martin’s mother speaking emotionally to Congress today.  And joining me now the woman in the center of the two biggest stories in the day.  The Trayvon Martin case and the Supreme Court debate over health care reform.  And she is Florida attorney general, Pam Bondi, the state’s official lead plaintiff in the health care case.

Welcome, Pam Bondi.  Let’s start with the Trayvon Martin case. You saw his mother there.  Obviously very emotional.  It’s been an appalling few weeks for her.  What do you make of the debate?  Not the issue of whether there was a racial element, but the issue of whether the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida has been exposed through this case as deeply flawed.

PAM BONDI, FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL:  Well, Piers, first let me tell you.  I’ve spoken to Trayvon’s parents.  They are amazing, sweet, kind people.  My heart goes out to them.  I’m actually friends with their attorneys Ben Crump and Daryl Parks.  They’re wonderful lawyers who are representing them.

What my — I have no legal role as attorney general in the state of Florida.  That authority is left to the state attorneys.  But what I did do was I discussed with the governor the appointment of Angela Corey, a special prosecutor in Jacksonville who’s well removed from the case.  She’s absolutely excellent.  And the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are now involved in the case.

The reason, Piers, I can’t comment on “Stand Your Ground,” whether that applies here because there are too many unanswered questions.  And, you know, that’s why the family is rightfully upset. When you have an innocent 17-year-old boy walking home with Skittles and an iced tea and he’s killed, you have to have answers, not questions.  And that’s what we need in our state.

MORGAN:  Yes, I mean, look, I am encouraged by what you’re saying.  It’s good that a senior lawmaker in Florida is saying all this, but in the end, you know, I remain like many people absolutely bemused that somebody can shoot somebody in cold blood, an unarmed young teenager.

And so, I mean, I just think with your legal training and your legal background on what appears to be a very empathetic attitude towards this case, it might be quite powerful for the attorney general of Florida to say publicly, you know what?  This guy should be arrested.  He should be interviewed under caution and he should, if necessary, face charges.  But he should be at stage one of the legal process of being under arrest.

BONDI:  Well, what we’ve done is appoint a special prosecutor. And that’s what she’s doing.  Conducting a thorough investigation because we need to get Trayvon’s girlfriend to cooperate which I don’t know if was happening previously.  And they may have had good reason for that.  But she’s cooperating now.  And again, a thorough investigation is being done to ensure that justice is sought for that family.

But you can’t make an arrest until you interview all the witnesses, Piers.  Nor do you want that to happen because a speedy trial could run.  And — then that’s — we don’t want that to happen. And all I can tell you is we have a great prosecutor on the case.  We have great law enforcement agencies.  The Department of Justice is looking at this.  And I firmly believe as you do that we need to have justice for the death of this innocent young man who was walking home to watch a basketball game with Skittles and an iced tea.

MORGAN:  Well said.  Let’s move on, Pam Bondi, to the second big story that involves you again today.  You seem to be the center of everything today.  And this is the whole issue of health care in the Supreme Court.  There’s a sense from the legal experts this is not going Barack Obama’s way.    (Full Transcript) 

Why is this important?   Well, for a couple of reasons.

  • Police Chief Bill Lee Said he had “no cause to arrest Zimmerman,” nor “any evidence to dispute Zimmerman’s accounts” on Tuesday March 13th.
  • The Scheme Team blackmailed the mayor and got the 911 tapes from Triplett on Friday night March 16th .
  • Benjamin Crump said he “found out about DeeDee” through Tracy Martin on Sunday “night” March 18th.
  • Subsequently, Crump telephonically *cough* interviewed DeeDee with ABC’s Matt Gutman on Monday night March 19th.   (The interview where the reported rules, from Gutman himself, were only Ben Crump was allowed to ask questions *cough* ‘plausible deniability’ *cough* risk avoidance *cough*).
  • Benjamin Crump held a press conference with all the media on Tuesday March 20th, where he introduced the devastated girlfriend DeeDee ear-witness.

A full week later on March 27th Florida Attorney Pam Bondi was stating clearly that “DeeDee” had refused interviews with authorities as noted in this, now released because it was forced to sunlight, transcript.

However, as previously reported by the former prosecuting State Attorney, Police Chief Bill Lee and the media, a Grand Jury was impaneled to seat on April 10th.   A grand jury was already scheduled for April 10th when on Thursday March 22nd Police Chief Bill Lee, was forced to, pressured to, voluntarily stepped down.

The following day on Friday March 23rd the media was reporting  the first stories of DeeDee now being subpoenaed to appear.

RadarOnline - The Florida State Attorney’s Office has prepared a subpoena for Trayvon Martin‘s girlfriend, who was on the phone with him in the moments before the unarmed African American teen was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, to appear in front a grand jury that will be impaneled on April 10, to determine if the neighborhood watch captain should be charged with murder, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.  [...]

Trayvon’s girlfriend has been told that the Florida State Attorney’s Office has prepared a subpoena for her to appear in front of the grand jury. She has hired a lawyer to advise her and make sure that her rights are protected.  Her attorney has told prosecutors that she is ready to appear and is looking forward to telling the grand jury what really happened on February 26,”  a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com

However, also on Friday March 23rd a new special prosecutor Angela Corey was assigned to the case replacing Norm Wolfinger:

FLORIDA – A conservative, hard-nosed state attorney, Angela Corey, has been appointed special prosecutor to take over the investigation of the Trayvon Martin slaying. Originally the case was in the hands of Brevard/Seminole County State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, who had convened a grand jury for April 10. But the growing national and now international attention given the shooting of the unarmed 17-year-old spurred Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi to turn the case over to Corey. It’s unclear whether the grand jury will now meet.

Summary: Crump “officially” introduces DeeDee on Tuesday March 20th.   An April 10th Grand Jury was already scheduled.  On Thursday March 22nd Wolfinger  subpoenaed  DeeDee for the Grand Jury.   On Friday March 23rd Wolfinger was replaced with Corey.  On Tuesday March 27th DeeDee was still refusing to be interviewed.  On Monday April 2nd she was interviewed by O’Steen and DeLaRionda.

On Monday April 9th the Grand Jury was cancelled, and on Tuesday April 10th the charges for arrest were processed for George Zimmerman.  On Wednesday April 11th George Zimmerman was arrested.

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180 Responses to About That “DeeDee” Thing….

  1. McBain says:

    DD’s job was to help Crump and Corey get an arrest. She can’t help them at a trial. It would be so ironic if she was called by the defense to help prove Trayvon went home and then came back towards GZ. Then the prosecution would have to try to discredit her.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi McBain – Question – can DeDe “change her story” – and REFUSE TO TESTIFY AT TRIAL? What happens to her if she does that? What happens to Corey’s case if she recants her previous statements – under oath? Anyone know?

      • See Tawana Brawley. Yes she can refuse, yes she can leave the state, and no they probably won’t do a damned thing about it.

        • myopiafree says:

          Excellent Sundance! DeDe has made all her goals. Her mother collected money for her, Crump gets Corey to charge 2nd Degree based on DeDe’s statements – and then JUST BEFORE TRIAL – she changes her story. Crump gets off scott FREE. He can’t be charged with coaching DeDe – because she will not testify. This is indeed the Nifong and Tawana Brawley case – ALL OVER AGAIN. The Tax Payers of Florida are out $2,000,000 to conduct this farce against the innocent George Zimmerman. What an incredible Justice System Florida has!!

          • mooserator says:

            Dee Dee is enjoying the limelight. She’s the Center of the Show. They got Money and Mo’ Money for their stories.

            I don’t know that Dee Dee can resist the big stage.

        • minpin says:

          SD, from my understanding, because DeeDee signed sworn statements, and is in essence the state’s star witness, she can be compelled to appear in court or face “contempt of court charges.” Of course that would depend on how big a pair the defense team are willing to grow.

          • Dee Dee is a minor, right?

          • myopiafree says:

            Hi MinPin – Of course they will do nothing. She is 1) Did not know what she was talking about 2) The Prosecutors “miss-heard” her. 3) She is “under-age” and will not be forced to testify (perhaps against herself) 4) All the “prosecution people” get a free-pass. They only wish to nail the “guilty” George Zimmerman – and family. My prediction – nothing will happen to DeDe – at all.

            • Jay says:

              As a general rule, minors can testify in a criminal (or other case). Juveniles are not protected from the criminal process solely because of their age; they can be subpoenaed like anyone else. Parental consent is not required.

              The general guidelines a judge uses to determine if a child should be allowed to testify are; the ability of the child to understand what truth is and the importance of the telling the truth and if the child is able to recall and relate events or thoughts clearly and specifically to the issue at hand.

              Therefore, it might not be possible to get relevant truthful testimony out of a four year old, but a ten year old may be a perfectly good witness. On the whole, most teenagers are considered legally capable of testifying. A child witness needs to be both competent to testify and able to provide material testimony.

              How old is Dee Dee? how old will she be when the trial starts. If she is the same age as TM she’s far from a child and should have to testify.

          • LetsHearAllTheFacts says:

            Wonder if DD’s bank balance has increased.

            • mooserator says:

              Radar On-line check(s)

              And the problem with that is – her, her Mother, or her lawyer, collecting checks for her stories — it’s give her incentive to make herself the Center of the Story. And that’s pretty much what she has done.


  2. docraoul says:

    FYI Omara on CNN right now.

    • DizzyMissL says:

      Darn, what did he say?

    • Was he on Piers? He must have been…. I damn near needed to file a lawsuit to get them to release that transcript. Piers Morgan is up to his eyeballs in this – I ain’t kidding. He is the financial risk to CNN regarding any lawsuit from Zimmerman once this is over.

      • docraoul says:

        Yes Piers. I only saw the final segment. They discussed the bullet proof vest comments/death threats and how George and Shellie are being brought closer together dealing with the adversity. They went into the Sandusky trial and O’Mara offered some lengthy legal analysis.

      • docraoul says:

        @PiersTonight: “Trauma brings you even closer together” O’Mara says #Zimmerman and wife Shellie’s marriage is solid.

        @PiersTonight: “There is not 1 phone call that evidences their intent to the deceive the judge” #Zimmerman atty Mark O’Mara on jailhouse phone calls w/wife

        @PiersTonight: #Zimmerman atty Mark O’Mara on the money: “The 1st time that I spoke to him about (it), he owned up to it right away” and transferred funds.

        @PiersTonight: “They did a great blow to their credibility..by being as frightened as they were….& not trusting the system” Mark O’Mara on #Zimmermans

      • minpin says:

        Piers will use his interviews with O’Mara to shake himself clean. Did O’Mara get his law degree from a Cracker Jax Box? I am totally disgusted with his pandering. I pray that the Zimmerman family will intercede on GZ’s behalf and fire his arse. Of course O’Mara’s firm now has complete control over GZ’s donations, and that now seems criminal to me.

        • Bro-cahontas says:

          I’m not a lawyer but I don’t really see what is wrong with his approach. He is trying to gain sympathy from people who are at least somewhat open to George’s side of the story. The way to gain people’s trust/sympathy is to acknowledge if you have screwed something up and work to correct it and offer some sort of reasonable explanation. Think of an employee/employer relationship. Do you want your employee to just flat out deny as angrily as possible any wrong doing when it is obvious they have lied? That tends to not win any sympathy and this is especially the case when there is no commitment by the CNN viewers towards George. I’m not totally sold on O Mara but I don’t really see where he has screwed up.

    • mooserator says:

      The Prosecution has some things to answer for. I’ve noticed some interesting things.

      4/2 at 7:05 pm in the evening, Bernie de la Rionda starts the tape rolling on interviewing Trayvon’s Trusty Girlfriend, Dee Dee. The tape of that interview runs for 22 minutes.

      4/3 – We have a media report that Trayvon’s Girlfriend was interviewed by Angela Corey’s Prosecutors (which would be Bernie de la Rionda) and that she “was very forthcoming and had pertinent information” to the investigation. “It was extremely emotional for her.” “She would be a “very compelling witness for the State of Florida” Remember, charges had not even been filed.

      Then we get a big hint at who the source of the story is:

      “From Trayvon’s girlfriend’s meeting with prosecutors she got the impression that she might not be called to testify before the grand jury because Zimmerman might be arrested and charged before then. If she is needed to testify in front of the grand jury though she absolutely will,” the insider says.”

      This is literally within hours of her testimony to Bernie de la Rionda. She, or her Mother, has sold the story. Remember, Dee Dee’s dreams were to become a celebrity from her Twitter and other Internet accounts.

      And there’s something else. Dee Dee, or her representative, says that she was interviewed for two and a half hours. That’s 150 minutes. The Tape we have is 22 minutes long. What happened for the other two hours plus?

      I think we may have some missing evidence.

      Further, Selling her stories would provide an incentive for Ms. Celebrity wanna-be to be the Center of the story.

      Another exclusive to Radar on-line is when Dee Dee was hospitalized. That story says her Mother had never seen her this bad off before, and provided details from the hospital.

      Hospital workers (or a medical source) wouldn’t have the information that was sold to Radar on-line about the 2 1/2 hour interview with Prosecutors and the fact that Zimmerman would most likely be charged and there would be no Grand Jury.

      Mom would. I don’t think it was Crump because Dee Dee told Crump and Crump has conveyed that Dee Dee was hospitalized because she was in Shock. She didn’t find out until the day after his wake (which she did not attend) that she was the last person to speak with Trayvon (odd, she couldn’t deduce anything from that harrowing phone conversation) and she was in Shock. Radar on-line was told that Dee Dee “was absolutely inconsolable and had trouble breathing” in their exclusive. Didn’t say a word about shock. Crump also has much bigger connections and has no trouble getting his stories out onto the Big Networks.

      So now, we have three different reasons why Dee Dee was hospitalized – (1) she was in Shock, (2) she had trouble breathing, and (3) she told the State that she had high blood pressure.

      How much you wanna bet that Radar on-line has been cutting checks to Dee Dee’s Mother (Dee Dee is a minor).

      And if you have any doubt, how ’bout this quote from Radar On-line in the hospitalization story:

      Trayvon’s girlfriend just wants justice, period. She was extremely fearful of the Sanford Police Department and was scared of retaliation for cooperating with the investigators,” the insider says. “Her mother is very protective of her and will make sure she is safe. It’s tragic that this teenager’s life has now been changed forever, and the innocence of her youth is essentially gone.”

      There are good green reasons why Dee Dee is at the center of this story.


      Please use bolding for occasional emphasis, not entire posts. –Admin

      • howie says:

        Lets see the medical report. High blood pressure is a problem with Black Teens in Urban Areas but only affects a few. If she showed up at the Emergency Room there will be medical records.

        • mooserator says:

          That would one explain one explanation – not the other two.

          And it doesn’t explain her Internet activity on the days in question. The Source said she was hospitalized due to being “completely inconsolable” and had trouble breathing. It’s clear that she is at the Hospital due to her reaction to Trayvon’s death and that reaction was delayed and magnified because she didn’t find out until the day after the Wake that she was the last person to speak to Trayvon.

          High Blood pressure alone isn’t going to ring those bells. The story is this is Trayvon induced.


        • John Galt says:

          Efforts to subpoena Dee Dee’s medical records will no doubt be met with a motion to quash pursuant to Florida Statute 456.057 and HIPPA. Dee Dee’s mystery attorney probably knows that.

          • howie says:

            Unless they become relevant.

          • mooserator says:

            She has made contradicory statements. I wonder if they will be given leeway in establishing her credibility due to these contradictory statements.


          • zane says:

            If the defense needs to, they can request hospital admission forms with all medical information redacted by the hospital. I am pretty sure that even under HIPPA laws, information, that does not provide any medical information, such as a redacted admission record, can be obtained with a court order.

      • garnette says:

        From reading her tweets on the day of the funeral and the day after she was not at the hospital, unless they were showing Bad Teacher in the ER mid afternoon on that day.

        Also, how could she know she was the last person to talk to him the day after the funeral, when Tracy didn’t contact her until he found her phone number on Trayvon’s phone records and contacted her and let Crump know that he had found her phone number? I believe this happened around March 19th. (I am going from memory on the exact date, but it was right when it became a national news story.

        • myopiafree says:

          That is what I recall. These are all “interlocking” Crump FIBS. Crump was desperate to get ON PERSON to be Corey’s lead witness. He succeeded.

        • mooserator says:


          March 18th, Father Tracy Martin looks through the phone records and finds out Dee Dee is the last person TM talked to – and that they spoke for 400 minutes.

          But there’s a Problem, the Story was Sold to Radar On-line that Dee Dee was so distraught and having problems breathing on March 4th (the day after the Wake), because she just found out she was the last person to speak with Trayvon.

          It’s clear Radar On-line’s is getting personal inside info from Dee Dee’s life, from inside hosptial rooms, from inside the Interview with the State’s attorneys, to her impressions, and her Mother’s feelings.

          Was this more of the Dee Dee $Bonus Testimony to get more Money for the Story – I was hospitalized after finding out that I was the last one to speak to Trayvon.

          Please use bolding for occasional emphasis, not entire posts. –Admin

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Moose – nice review. The answer – they will all ESCAPE. There will be no charges.

      • minpin says:

        I thought I read somewhere that DeeDee also talked with the feds.

      • John Galt says:

        “She didn’t find out until the day after his wake (which she did not attend) that she was the last person to speak with Trayvon”

        How very interesting.

        “”The DAY AFTER HIS WAKE, Trayvon’s family attorney, Benjamin Crump, who had been conducting his own extensive investigation because cops had determined the shooting was in self defense, told Trayvon’s girlfriend she was the last person to talk to him,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com. “George had reviewed Trayvon’s cell phone bill and it was revealed that she was on the phone with him in the moments before Trayvan was shot.”


        Anybody see a problem here?


        • John Galt says:

          Nobody? OK, here’s a little help from Sundance from Update 10 Part 2:

          “So accordingly on Sunday night MARCH 18th Tracy Martin decided to investigate his son Trayvon’s cell phone use. As reported by Benjamin Crump it was on this night that Tracy discovered Trayvon had been on the phone with a girlfriend. THE GIRLFRIEND WAS PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN to them, did not attend the funeral services, and yet apparently was on the phone with Trayvon for 400 minutes on the day he was shot.”

          • mooserator says:

            Yes, I didn’t see you had already posted.

            What if Radar on-line has a Tape of the story they were sold, and we willing to come clean, at some point?

            Dee Dee tells the same story, essentially, to Bernie De La Rionda – but he doesn’t want to hear it. She says I got Guilt, lots of Guilt. BDLR tries to shuck past it – and she says:
            “I AIN’T KNOW ABOUT IT,” and he just ignores it.

            So, she’s telling essentially the same story $SOLD to Radar-On-line – the source of her pain and anguish is that she didn’t know she was the last one to speak to him.

            Absolutely no is claiming she didn’t know about his death. And the Internet activity would dispel that notion quickly. It was the biggest story in Florida and the Prime topic in School.

            • DizzyMissL says:

              I wonder if the info that Radar Online has can be subpoenaed?

              • howie says:

                This is why I worry about the size of the staff at Z team. It is not that large of a staff to handle all of this.

              • John Galt says:

                Depending on where Radar Online is located. There can be journalist shield laws.
                Florida has one, but there are exceptions. Radar Online might cough it up w/o subpoena so they could blow the lid off with an “exclusive.” Remember how ABC/ Gutman darn near pee their pants with excitement every time they get to say “exclusive.”

            • John Galt says:

              What if Dee Dee and her mother have telephone records that get subpoenaed and evidence early contacts with Team Skittles, well prior to her alleged March 18 deus ex machina discovery? Could we infer that they avoided producing Dee Dee until after Crump obtained access to sufficient evidence from Sandford PD to craft her story?

              • howie says:

                I wonder about the cousins Tweet about going to Orlando. I think on the 14th to “make some moves.” Could that have been a meeting re: the scheme team?

              • John Galt says:

                Another thought: T-Mobile might maintain logs (date, time, IP address, actions taken, duration of session) of online access to Martin cell phone account.

                • howie says:

                  All the things we think of to investigate. I do not see how the Omara staff can do it. How many people work in that firm?

                  • John Galt says:

                    I dunno, but I assume that both O’Mara and West have working relationships with private investigators.

              • mooserator says:

                That very well could be the case, too.

                Radar On-line has some credibility in that they reported literally within hours of DeeDee’s Interview that there interview occured, particpants involved, and that DeeDee was led to believe Zimmerman would be indicted without a Grand Jury.

                The possibility exists that Crump called her the day after the funeral concerned that she wasn’t playing the part of the grieving girlfriend. She goes to the Hospital to check off the boxes. Of course, this would mean the story from the Father and Crump about how they found out about little Miss Muffet is just one more in a long, long string of lies.

      • Jason says:

        Fearful of Sanford PD but she lives 4 hours from there.

  3. myopiafree says:

    Thanks SunDance – good review. DeDe should have been part of the Grand Jury trial – with Norm Wolfinger. It is almost certain the G. J., with the S. P. pictures, would have judged that George was attacked and acted to save himself from severe bodily harm. But the other issue is the discussion of “SYG”. SO FAR – IT HAS NOT BE INVOKED – BY ANY PARTY TO THIS GZ/TM ISSUE. This trial reeks with political bias – and a desire to crucify George Zimmerman in any way that Corey can “dream up”.

  4. PatriotUSA says:

    Liberals, those who will die to uphold the perversions of political correctness, ensure that the plantation lifestyle lives one, diversity and multiculturalism are allergic to and have an aversion to the truth, SC. You and others here have proven that time after time yet they continue to have their heads up their collective asses.

    If she is called to testify look for her to fight it, Arizona Iced tea and skittles all the way.

  5. howie says:

    Those stinking Skunks Scott and Bondi. I want my vote back. I hate myself for voting for them. Varmints they are. Bondi was in on the Anderson Scam too. AAAACCCKK! I am partly responsible for this. Never again. Impeach Scott and Bondi. The fix is in.

  6. John Galt says:


    Since this is on the topic of Dee Dee, and perhaps a useful place for a summary, I will further note:

    1. The Crump – Dee interview turned over to the State is UNDATED and Dee Dee’s statements on the first approx 5 minutes are unintelligible. http://trayvon.axiomamnesia.com/people/witnesses/witness-8-files-trayvon-martin-george-zimmerman-case/

    2. Crump apparently played a tape on March 20 that was also partially unintelligible.
    “Much of the recording was inaudible when played Tuesday at a press conference in Florida,”

    3. Matt Gutman appears to me to have a different recording from the undated recording turned over to the State. Or perhaps portions of the recording have been enhanced and perhaps spliced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jhes6BlFf8

    4. The BDLR – Dee Dee interview has been called into question by a former police investigator.

    5. There appear to be substantial differences between Dee Dee’s statements on the BDLR interview, the Crump interview, and the Gutman interview.

  7. Sentenza says:

    Trayvon’s girlfriend just wants justice, period. She was extremely fearful of the Sanford Police Department and was scared of retaliation for cooperating with the investigators

    Like, say, if she committed perjury?

    The wicked flee when no one pursues.

  8. ArkansasMimi says:

    A few friends and I were talking. And because of the fact you can vote in the General Election you can vote either R or D, only in the Primary do you have to vote your registered R or D. We feel too this is all political.
    Our take just in talking is Gov got involved to calm the situation. Whats next, one friend explained her thoughts this way : I am saying that there will be no trial until the election bec it is toooooo risky for Gov Scott. he needs to bring in the state for Romney……….. and if there is a trial, he rusns the risk of having all that hullabaloo start again and it is right smack dab in the I4 corridor section. He def does not want that, so I am thinking there will be delays, etc. and that any trial will be after the election. This makes me wonder if the bond being revoked, is part of that plan… the delays…just a thought

    • howie says:

      He is a stinking Skunk. A Varmint. I am so mad I voted for that Bum. And his sidekick Bondi too. And I was warned by a Bleeding Heart Liberal friend and did not listen.

    • howie says:

      Look at the box the democrats in Floriduh are in. Champing to go after Scott for anything they can. This falls out of the sky for them. But Oh No! They can’t. It would be Politically Correct. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • minpin says:

      As long as GZ is released on Bond again on June 29, I am all for delaying everything as long as possible. He will never ever get a fair trial, or even treatment, until the O and the lying assed Atty Gen are gone from Washington. When is the Fla. Gov., and state Atty Gen. up for re-election? Hopefully soon.

  9. Note that Pam Bondi specifically states they do not want a “speedy trial to run”. They were looking for time, because all of the investigation from February 26th up to March 27th was confirming EVERYTHING Zimmerman had stated. Let me emphasize again “EVERYTHING”.

    The “ONLY” factor that contradicted a scintilla of Zimmerman’s statement was the DeeDee narrative. THINK ABOUT THAT. Nothing, not.one.thing. From 2/26 through 4/2 presented to the legal authorities, and their legal investigation (not crumpspeak) was evidence against Zimmerman.



    Reread what I just said please.

    The only hope they had for a conviction, or even for an arrest, was either a ‘new witness’ (enter DeeDee) or changed statements (enter pressured witnesses). Substantively, this fact based statement is still valid. I feel like I’m pounding my head on a wall on this, but nothing from an investigative, prosecutorial process changed the substantive facts. And damn did they want them to….. hence the FBI fleets into town, hence the FDLE outsiders into town, hence the ridiculous perjury….. tens of thousands of hours, millions upon millions of dollars……

    For what?

    It is all smoke and mirrors. ALL.OF.IT.

    • howie says:

      So where are we with the defense team now? Are they playing the game or what? I am confused. Are reinforcements needed? That is a small staff to deal with all of this.

      • O’Mara made an honest mistake from: #1 being to short time wise on the case, he was playing catchup. #2 he used his prior legal experience to guide his decision.

        Neither of these are his fault, he was/is doing the best he knows with what he had. It was prudent to wait for the drip of discovery to understand what the case was against his client. And in all other cases a longer time delivers a more deliberate and accurate defense. And he wanted the temperature to diminish. All Noble reasons.

        However, in hindsight, the waving of the “speedy trial” was exactly what the Scheme Team wanted. They wanted time to build a “faux-case”. In this rare of all rare examples the speed was on the side of the accused not the prosecution.

        As soon as I heard Bondi talk about her “relationship” with this prosecutorial team, and her “friendship” with the Scheme Team, and then mention the concern of a speedy trial, a lightbulb went off in my head.

        This is a really wierd case, really wierd, in that the fabrication is coming from the prosecution not the defense. Historically and factually, those who benefit from fabrication are those who desire delay.

        • howie says:

          I agree with honest mistakes. I wonder if his staff is up to the task before them. I wonder if the Judicial Branch will play ball with the current Executive Branch in Florida. And for that matter in DC. It is my opinion that contrary to my prior opinions that it is the Judicial Branch of Government that is the Last Refuge. The Executive and Legislative are so corrupt that there is no salvation there. If the Judiciary goes….Head for the hills.

        • Aussie says:

          only a lightbulb went off? It felt more like a very large explosion when I read that!!

          They are all in on the big sting. It is truly disgusting.

        • Sandy says:

          I couldn’t agree more. I seem to have a little more faith in O’Mara than some. I think his first priority right now is getting a new bond for GZ and he sure dosen’t want to say anything in the media that would diminish that possibility. I see from the defense witness list for that hearing that there are only two witnesses, both bail bondsmen. O’Mara will probably agree that GZ used poor judgement and the bondsmen will testify that they are more than willing to give him a new bond. I think (and hope) that after Judge Lester does a little dressing down, he will set a new bond amount. Then it’s time to move to the next phase.

        • laura says:

          medieval, the rulers ignore the rule of law.

    • mooserator says:

      It is clearly irresponsible to form a Prosecution case around Dee Dee.

      Bonus Testimony Dee Dee. With each pasing month, she remembers more of her $Bonus Testimony at the end of the call.

      I agree wholeheartedly.

    • myopiafree says:

      Sundance – I SUSPECTED you were correct – before I started reading “TreeHouse”. Now you are absolutely correct. Thanks!

    • zane says:

      Sundancecracker, please, refresh my memory. In one of the statements made by SPD officers, it was remarked on that the SPD had contacted the mobile phone service to access TM’s cell phone records, only to be told that the SPD would have to have the password. The statement also said the SPD had contacted Tracy Martin for the password, and he refused to give it to the SPD until he had discussed the matter with his attorney (Crump).

      Now, two things pop out for me: first, that the chances are that Trayvon Martin’s cell phone was probably in his mother’s name, since she was his primary care giver and the person he lived with, and not in his father’s name since he didn’t live with his father. Secondly, there seems to be some length of time between when the SPD requested the password from Tracy Martin, and when Crump claims that Tracy Martin provided him with Dee Dee’s phone number. Was it because Tracy had to get that number from Sybrina who was the cell phone account holder?

      How many parents, who are not concerned enough about a child that has just been given a pretty stiff suspension (two weeks is an unusually long time to suspend a high school student for a simple infraction) that they leave to go to dinner and leave that troubled teen to his own means, would know the pass word to the kid’s cell phone.

      My guess is that the truth would be closer to this; Tracy Martin didn’t know the cell phone pass word, and neither did Sybrina Fulton, so they had to wait until the bill for that time period was generated by the carrier, or Sybrina Fulton had to contact the carrier and request a billing that showed February 26th on it. Then Sybrina Fulton had to mail it to Tracy, since she never went to Sanford.

      StatelyMcDanielManor has done yoeman’s work, from a career police officer/lead detective/head of a SWAT team on the Dee Dee deposition. I suggest everyone should read it. BLDR is obviously coaching Dee Dee during the deposition, and at one point, Dee Dee indicates that her testimony has been previously discussed, either with BLDR or Crump. I suspect she discussed the deposition with both of them.

      Now, the beauty part of her deposition is that BLDR took it, giving the defense the ability to call BLDR to the stand to be questioned about the deposition he took from Dee Dee. Unfortunately, due to O’Mara’s recent statements, I am beginning to lose hope that he is the criminal defense attorney qualified to get George Zimmerman set free/found innocent and having acted in self defense. Getting blindsided by the prosecution is one thing; having been blindsided TWICE by the defense is simply unacceptable and inept.

      • mooserator says:

        We have a 22 minute taped interview when Dee Dee’s Camp says the Interview was 2.5 hours.

        2 hours and 8 minutes are not accounted for.


      • howie says:

        Trying to avoid that conclusion myself. Trying to………

        • 2ntense says:

          That was 2 hours and 8 minutes of run-throughs and editing. SHe still needed a better acting coach than she had.

      • deep_enough says:

        [1] The T-Mobile account printout that Crump initially released as evidence of DeeDee,
        says (bottom of page 3) “Welcome tracy” … “Lines on your account: 4″
        Trayvon’s phone evidently is one of those four. Another is no doubt Tracy’s. I’ve seen nothing about the other two.

        [2] My understanding was that SPD wanted to get into the phone but it was password protected. So they called T-Mobile for help and were told that if SPD could get the account (not phone) password, T-Mobile could then use it to bypass the phone password. And so SPD then called Tracy to get the account password and he gave them the line about talking to Crump first. That’s my understanding anyway

        [3] As for Crump’s BS about the Tracy looking at the phone records on the 18th, I don’t believe that for a minute. My guess is Tracy called Crump about 5 seconds after he refused to give password to SPD. As far as I know, SPD never got the password. But I have no doubt Crump got it right then and there and discovered all the DeeDee calls immediately. I would bet money that some Crumpster immediately met with DeeDee and told her NOT to talk to SPD under any circumstances — and that the Crumpsters would of course protect her, etc., etc… In order to construct DeeDee’s story for her, Crump first had to force the SPD to hand over all the other witness phone calls (Zimmy’s and the 911 calls). Which took some ferocious political arm-twisting but he got them.

        [4] And within a day of hearing those tapes in the Sanford Mayor’s office (and getting copies) Tracy just decided to check his T-Mobile records and discovered the DeeDee calls and promptly told Crump about them. Uh huh. Sure. That’s what happened. And a day or so later Crump announces Tracy’s discovery of DeeDee to the world and we’re off and running.

        • been there, done that, bought tshirt says:

          That is correct. SPD asked Tracy for access to the records. He flat out refused. (Impeding an ongoing police investigation, perhaps). SPD had to prepare a court order for them to be released which is standard operating procedure. This is why it was an “ongoing” investigation. However, Crump figured he continue his BS and shame the SPD by waving a phone around and saying, “…that this is some of the most shoddy police work I have ever seen. They did not even bother to check his phone, but we did and found this brave young lady who was talking with him just moments before he was shot…”

          Pure manipulation, pure BS. And now the Chief, Lee, is under a falling ax that needs to be stopped. The word is that Bonaparte is looking to fire him because 2 commissioners and possibly the mayor still think he blew it by not arresting Z. Yet, Pam Bondi herself said he should NOT have been arrested without talking to ALL the witnesses first. Yet sleezeball Crump and Martin orchestrated the whole DD side show to keep her from the SPD. Bonaparte is probably worried that if he keeps Lee, the same 3 above would turn on him. One of them, McCarty, already has his orders from the local rabble rousers to “take it to the next level” if he has too. In other words, get Bonaparte.

    • myopiafree says:

      This is exactly the entire story of the mis-carriage of justice for George Zimmerman!
      No one could have said it as well as you did!!

    • Jay says:

      I read something that there is 21 witnesses. Where did they come up with 21

  10. Sharon says:

    The triangulation of the media, the Perpetually Offended Racialists and the Martin family/their lawyers [their need to protect the gravy train] are sort of noticeable!

  11. Chuck says:

    They’ll probably cut her the same deal Tawana Brawley got after perjuring herself.. Witness relocation, a new identity, a place to live, a college education (courtesy of Bill Cosby), and a government stipend to live on.

  12. chopp says:

    I’m going to puke. Far away from the case, my ass. Bondi as a state AG was out of line for making those comments. Zimmerman really can’t get a fair trial. Sheesh!

  13. John Galt says:

    “She has hired a lawyer to advise her and make sure that her rights are protected. Her attorney has told prosecutors that she is ready to appear and is looking forward to telling the grand jury what really happened on February 26,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com”


    The only attorney identified in the BDLR interview is Crump. If she had hired a lawyer, I assume that he would have been present at the interview to “make sure that her rights are protected.”

    “BDLR: OK, OK. Alright. Now you previously, you were called by Mr. Crump, Mr. Benjamin Crump that was here earlier, and some attorneys called you up, right?”

  14. minpin says:

    SD, if you could also bring forth the Fox interview Bondo did with Meghan Kelley back when, Bondi also gushed over how great Angela Corey was, and said that she wouldn’t be where she was (Bondi) if it wasn’t for Corey’s help. Corey worked for Scott’s campaign, and was a part of his transition team. Meghan Kelley asked Bondi about the Black Panther Party’s bounty on GZ, and Bondi, on the phone, sounded dumbstruck. She told Meghan that she could not talk about that, as though she was hiding something. She, nor Gov. Scott have ever made the very first statements about the hatred of the entire Zimmerman family, or the death threats they have faced, promoted by Bondi’s friends Crup and Parks.

    Bondi’s role in this whole debacle is legion. That will in fact come out at some point. With her referring to the Martin parents as those “sweet people” almost makes one wonder if she didn’t write Corey’s press statement.

    I am sickened by the level of corruption in the Fla. legal system, and it has been carried out by so-called republicans. How do you go hard and heavy against the corrupt Marxists when some republicans seem to have sold their souls to the same devil, and obviously for the same reason, power.

    • I’ll look into the Bondi/Kelly interview that should be easier because for some reason Fox is more forthcoming than CNN or any of the alphabets.

      Regarding Republican V. Democrats – Yes, please, you are spot on. It is all various shades of marxist and fascist politics. Absolutely right. That is why I describe it as “Cultural Marxism”. We used to call it the politics of self-interest, and Sarah Palin calls it the entrenched political class, but it is all the same “us vs. them”.

      If you ever worked, or visited, a farm you’ll note the feed trough is placed in the middle of the pig pen and is attacked by both the left and the right when filled. When you approach the trough with the buckets the damn pigs will just about crush you trying to get leverage for the best morsels. Pig Self Interest. Same applies in Politics. And this case is not legal, it is political (see rose garden)

      Politicians are self-interested parasites and, like pigs, they don’t really care what side of the trough they end up so long as their physical location in relation to the trough provides them the best opportunity to gorge the most.

      Take all those Congress Critters and Senators in the House chamber just before the State of The Union address and walk up to the center aisle in front of the podium and make the following proclamation: Set a BIG RED button on the floor and tell them all that the deficits will be balanced, wars will be ended, homeless will be housed, and the hungry will be fed if one person comes forth and pushes this button.

      However, the person who pushes the button will lose everything. They will lose every dime in their estate, they will be pennyless, their wealth will be wiped out, they will immediately lose their position in politics, they will lose every leverage and convienience of power afforded to them, and they will be delegated to forever live a life of invisibility. Their only comfort will be the knowlege that their sacrifice will have solved all the nations problems, but no-one will ever know they did it. For as a consequence for pushing the button memories of that moment will be erased, and the action will be lost to historical reference for eternity.

      Who will step forth?

      • “Who will step forth?”

        I truly believe – in my heart and soul – Ron Paul would.

        But he’s ABSOLUTELY the only one.

        • DD, I don’t want to get off on a tangent here but Ron Paul ain’t the solution. Ron Paul’s belief in freedom is good, but freedom/liberty itself does not exist in a vacumn. It has to be based on some structural foundation or liberty becomes anarchy.

          The founders chose “faith” – hope – and charity as central tenants of the constitution and regularly warned of the danger in accepting the document itself without consideration for the underlying principles. So they wrote them on every building, carved them into every memorial and governmental office, and displayed them in every single branch of government. Look upon the walls of the House and Senate floor itself.

          This is where Ron Paul supporters become dangerous. As the picture above outlines the Paul constituency regard freedom as esoteric. It never was. Freedom is based on inalienable rights granted by our creator. Advocating for Freedom and Liberty just for the sake of freedom and liberty lends nothing more valuable than valueless anarchy.


          These sign carriers are just as dangerous as Marxists, for it is entirely possible to follow the freedom continuium far enough around to end up circling back on the place of despotism.

  15. RUDY says:

    Why does everyone refer to DeeDee as his girlfriend? That was another lie made up by the scheme team to create a narrative for the media.

    • myopiafree says:

      Rudy – you are correct. But TM talked to her all day. For Crump’s narrative, she is the “girl friend”. (Actually she had little interest in TM – but that is beside the point.)

    • Aussie says:

      +2 – I agree with myopiafree, that you are correct. She was not his girlfriend. She has another boyfriend and seems to go through them on a weekly basis.

    • Jay says:

      Let everyone keep saying it especially let Corey say it. It will blow up in their faces. Even a dummy could destroy Dee Dee easy.

  16. pat lewis says:

    Dear Sundancer
    I am so thankful that when I hear Shep Smith say, re: Zimmerman, “the murderer”, I know that I am smarter than he is re: this case, and I give all the credit to you and the treepers. Thank you, very, very, much. I love honesty.
    sincerely pat

    • myopiafree says:

      Pat – George is innocent until proven guilty in a trial. He can not be called a “murderer”. If anyone does that – they can be sued for slander and libel. This was to prevent bias in the press. To avoid that charge of libel – the newspapers would call Zimmerman the ALLEGED murderer. How the Media gets away with this libel – is beyond me. G.Z. admitted to justified homicide. That is not murder. When will these pin-heads learn the difference??

      • Sandusky says:

        “When will these pin-heads learn the difference??” When it costs them money, my friend, only when it costs them money. It’s the only language they speak.

  17. mooserator says:

    Does the Witness List show a Dee Dee Whisperer?

    They are going to need one.


  18. sybilj says:

    Pam Bondi Agenda

    Bondi: “I have been asked to be on Gov Romney’s task force, I am going to be part of his health care policy team when he is President.”

    • howie says:

      That dope. She will probably lose in SCOTUS. They will slap her down. What an argument. States rights…sheesh on this one thing out of thousands of sleazy deals the state makes ceeding sovereignty for money. What a loser.

    • Sibilj, ….. well,…. um, ….. just, thank you for being a Treeper.

    • minpin says:

      I guess she is looking to replace Kathleen Seibelius. The problem with that is that she was perfectly happy with Romneycare, because it was a state’s issue, and no no, Romney would never do that on a federal level, despite the fact that he has refused to denounce the plan that was the blueprint for Obamacare. Government run Socialized healthcare is wrong on every level, including forcing those in your state to buy broccoli, just because you said so.

  19. Michell says:

    It would be nice if we had more non-politicians running for office, other than that the only thing I know to do if they don’t vote at least majority conservative then vote them out of office.

    My personal opinion is there is a lot of back scratching and politicking going on in this case. Who cares who gets hurt in the process if you get to move up the ladder and rub shoulders with the big boys?
    We live in a screwed up world and sadly the future looks only darker.

    • You need to attend a local Tea Party type rally. The future looks brighter when you visit with those peeps. Support the freshman class, and rail against the decepticons.

      Send your congresscritter an e-mail describing your beliefs. Not when there is something controversial being debated or voted, but when nothing distracting is incoming to them. Tell them your expectations, and remind them that you plan to hold them accountable.


      The rest is easy.

      • Ad rem says:

        E-mail check needed….

      • Michell says:

        It’s not just the political world, although I believe government is a big reason our society is in trouble. But it’s society in general. Take NY City for example, although the majority disagree with the soda police, over 40% agree.
        The number of people in this country who believe they are owed something, lack of morals, etc.
        The world is upside down and I honestly don’t know if their is a fix.

        Then we have the economy that is so screwed up, that I can only see it getting worse instead of better, although Obama’s world is going to totally destroy it sooner imho.

        I wouldn’t call myself a survivalist, but I will say I’ve became more determined to raise more of my own food, buy two boxes of ammo at a time instead of one. So if it does come crashing down on our heads, I’ll at least be able to feed my family.

      • minpin says:

        Ha, that’s funny SD. My rep unfortunately is Eric Cantor, one of the very worst sitting his arse in Washington. Sadly he will leave the Congress the same way Robert Byrd did, and at about the same age if he lives that long.

      • jordan2222 says:

        That is excellent advice, particularly about the timing of messages to them.

  20. recoverydotgod says:

    Time for Marco Rubio to step up to the plate, or else be shown the door.

  21. mooserator says:

    The problem is that you have these officials running because of what they see as public opinion because they are watching MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC. etc.

    The way to deal with that problem is to get the Facts out there. Put mouthpieces on these shows, be aggressive. Rebut Shepherd Smith, smack down some of these fools.

    If the Media loses the narrative most of these Politicians change their tune, and quick.


  22. James Crawford says:

    I am absolutely disgusted with Gov Scott, AG Bondi and Percutor Corey. It is amazing that they are considerred rising stars in the Republican Party. Certainly validates my decision to change from Republican to Independant after McCain had a hissy fit over a conservative talk show host referring to Barack “no not that Hussien” Obama.

    I was particularly disturbed by Bondi stating as facts assertions that have now been disproven. She also needs to provide an explanation for the failure to prosecute the New Black Panthers Party. It is this dereliction of duty and blatant bias that makes the Zimmerman’s evasive answers regarding their finances perfectly justifiable.

  23. myopiafree says:

    People – There are people of “darker skin” – who have the courage to speak the truth. Here is one of them.

    There insult to “blacks” who speak the truth – if “bias” against whites – is to call them “Uncle Toms”. There is indeed truth here – despite Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

    • RUDY says:

      I am African American and I have been called an “Uncle Tom” or “Porch Negro” quite often since I have began talking openly about this case. Ironically, for years AA were lynched without the rights to a fair trial and now many are seeking to lynch this man without even seeking the truth. Like everyone else I don’t know what happen that night but I do know that I believe firmly that everyone deserves to have a fair trial. I am just two years younger than GZ and I am just starting to put my life together after completing graduate school. From what I have gathered about GZ he was attending college, had just gotten married, attempted to start a business, and worked in the insurance industry. As young adults I think we were in a similar life position which is why it is important to me that people don’t take lightly stripping him of his future when he seemed to be on a good path. If GZ was acting in self defense and in fear of his life than I see no reason two young lives should be lost. As often is the case in tragedies like this both parties likely share responsibility.

      • Aussie says:

        Amen to that Rudy. Very wise words.

      • DizzyMissL says:

        Glad to hear that Rudy. Keep talking about it–some people do listen.

      • howie says:

        I think it ironic that here the big defenders of AA end up hurting the very ones who suffer the most from wrongful conviction. The young AA.

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Rudy – Through my study, I read the book by Richard Wright – called, “Black Boy” – as I was growing up. Yes it was from 1930s – and all of us are aware of the terrible treatment “minorities” have received in this country. I simply don’t think of “race” anymore because I worked around Washington DC and in Maryland. The entire area was “mixed race” – and there were no problems with social interactions. But a small minority of AA, want to keep “racism” alive – which is profoundly tragic when it leads to injustice for George Zimmerman. I thank you for your support and your commentary.

  24. John Galt beat me to the posting of the link to the “McDaniel Manor” fisking of the BLDR DeeDee Interview. It’s WELL worth the time to read!

    We all KNOW why BLDR spent 3 hours with DeeDee and only recorded 22 minutes – because it took him that long to coach this borderline-retarded child into being ready to grunt her responses to his leads and prompts so he could get the “statement” he needed.

    My question is this: What could this poor child – whose boyfriend was just murdered before her “ears” – have to fear from the law? What “rights” does she have that she fears need to be “protected”?!

    I’d bet my house that if the truth were ever really known, it is that SHE PUSHED TM INTO HIS ATTACK ON JZ!

    If not for her prompting, TM would still be alive.

    I’ve written a blog post covering my reasons for saying this – just click my name (above) and it will take you there!

    Note that I don’t have any ads on the blog, and get nothing out of sending “hits” there, but the post is much too long for a comment here so…

    I apologize in advance that some of the post is covering other facts that WE all know but others may not.

    Any and all constructive criticism is earnestly solicited and deeply appreciated!

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi D_Dad,
      You are correct. The fact that she did NOTHING – indicates that she did “egg” him on. She was under no threat from anyone, and certainly not the Sanford Police. This was Crump’s way of making a dramatic story – and to prevent anyone from finding out who she was. It is almost certain that – before the trial – she will withdraw. This will leave Corey “high and dry”. But by that time – Corey will have “moved on” and her replacement will have to figure out what to do with these false 2nd degree murder charges against George Zimmerman. This is indeed a Nefong case – all over again at a cost of $2,000,000 – and the destroyed lives of the Zimmermans.

      • John Galt says:

        “The fact that she did NOTHING”

        I too, have been guilty of taking that allegation as fact. The source for that “fact” is Benjamin Crump, who stated that she wasn’t discovered until March 18. Radar Online reports otherwise. Are we sure that Dee Dee didn’t contact the Martin family on or shortly after Feb. 26 ?

        Nothing in this case should be taken as a “fact” unless vetted, researched and documented with solid evidence.

        • myopiafree says:

          John – I would tend to agree with you – EXCEPT that – you would expect her, hearing her boy friend was ABOUT TO BE KILLED – WOULD DO SOMETHING. I think she did call back, and when the call failed – she quit. If it were your girl friend – would you do that? If it were me – I would be calling 1) The Police 2) 911 3) My mother 4) My friends at school 5) Everyone 6) TM’s mother. Did she “do nothing”? Where are all the calls you would think a normal person would and should make?

          • Jay says:

            I agree but she’s a teenager and calling isn’t really their thing. But twitter was and there was nothing on her Twitter. I mean they would tweet if they were going to take a dump and no tweet about not hearing back from No Limmit Nigga after a fight.

        • Jay says:

          Everything I have seen says March 18 which was a sunday night. Also read that she was unknown to them. Odd to me is the fact TM mother didn’t listen to that 911 call for almost 2 weeks. Tracy heard it I believe Feb 27th. I also read that the police were trying to get phone records for TM cell on March 5. I would say March 18 is fact.

  25. Can anyone point me to a copy of “DeeDee’s” tweets from that period? I saved them in .pdf but the LT I was using is dead and I really don’t want to go through the mess of trying to salvage that file from the other LT’s HD…

    Also, SUNDANCE – if you haven’t seen my message to from Monday evening in re: the jailhouse phone tapes, please find and read it ASAP!

  26. froggielegs says:

    Does anyone find it odd that Trayvon’s headstone says



    Job well done?

  27. froggielegs says:

    Ohh that’s Jalen Martin’s FB Timeline Cover

  28. froggielegs says:

    “Sybrina MsCandy Fulton
    May 11.
    I am in London, England now and I’m amazed that they are experiencing some of the same problems here such as profiling and cultural diversity, but luckily I have met Doreen Lawrence, whose son, Stephen, was killed at the hands of senseless violence. There is hope to possibly make a difference in the world. Be blessed but most importantly, thank God for all he has done.”

    Wow she’s a world traveler now too huh? Must of made some nice cash off those trademarks!

  29. mooserator says:

    Attention Moderator

    Please Post this Picture for the Folks! Thanks.


  30. ArkansasMimi says:

    Hmm Traydad posted this on his fb Dec 2011
    Tracy Martin liked a link.
    December 27, 2011.
    How to Cure a Racist

  31. Mark Orgel says:

    Hello, everyone. I have been following this case since it first hit the national news. It hooked me, because, like the Duke LAX hoax, this case highlights how our constitutional rights are being eroded by pathological political correctness, the sorry state of the MSM, who seem more interested in perpetuating the myth that all the problems of black Americans are the fault of white people than getting their facts right, and how the race baiters are only interested in perpetuating racial discord because if it went away, they’d be out of a job.

    I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t even play one on TV, but doesn’t anything used against a defendant at trial need to be subject to cross-examination? As I understand it, Dee-Dee’s interviews would be be inadmissible unless the defense had a chance to cross-examine her. Also, by using information from these “interviews” as a basis for the second-degree murder charge, I would think that the defense could (and absolutely should!) be able to call her as a witness.

    To my reading, Dee-Dee’s statement indicates that TM had eluded GZ, gone back to the condo, and then encountered him later. This absolutely supports GZ’s account of what happened. The elements of her story that support the narrative would be easy to demolish on cross-examination. You thought TM was scared? You heard a creepy white guy accost him and then a “bump”? You tried to call him back and never reached him? You didn’t tell anyone? What did Mr. Crump tell you about what happened?

    I would go so far as to say that if Dee-Dee does not testify, that MOM should move to drop the charges, as without her their basis for the second-degree murder charges vaporizes.

    • Jason says:

      If she is on the witness list then the defense should get that chance. If she on the list but isn’t call by the prosecution then the defense can call her. Without her testimony the prosecution doesn’t have anything at that point it’s Zimms word against TM who id dead. I don’t think Crump thought it would get this far Corey is in trouble if Dee Dee has to testify.

  32. Jason says:

    I had a thought last night in regards to Dee Dee and TM, we have all seen from her tweets that TM wasn’t her boy friend but maybe he wanted to be. I have looked over many tweets from her and have come to the conclusion she likes the bad boys. But maybe TM wasn’t bad enough. Maybe the night TM was killed was all Dee Dee fault and deep down inside she knew it. Maybe TM saw Zimm as an opportunity to show Dee Dee he can be that thug she is looking for. I find it odd she said nothing acted as if nothing happen. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough but I haven’t seen anything from TM class mates in any school speak about him. I saw Dee Dee tweet where she says what up blood to another tweeter that’s how bloods communicate with each other.

    • howie says:

      Whoa! Can you post it!

      • Jay says:

        I will have to see if I can locate it. I’m looking through her tweets now I was just noticing that she watched the NBA allstar game which didn’t start till after TM died. From her tweets I can tell she was watching the beginning of the game which had a 7:37pm tip off then during the game she goes to Mc Donalds with her mom. Then she makes a comment about LeBron then she says how the hell east lost. The game ended at 10:22PM at what point did she give a crap about what happen to TM.

    • docraoul says:

      Well during the interview with BDLR she says 5 times roughly she’s “got guilt” then “He would never fight, thats’s the problem” and “he would never fight.”

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