Update #26 Part 2 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – A year of drug use culminates in predictable violence…

This update, like several before it, does not stand alone.  To truly understand the depth of the research and background it is important to have first read Update #26 Part 1.  This Part 2 builds on the previous presentation of Trayvon Martin’s lifestyle choices and drug use connections.

This update is a creation of Treeper “Dedicated Dad“, who deserves full credit for investing numerous hours researching, learning, understanding and fitting the disconnected puzzle pieces together.   What we outline here was right in front of our face the whole time.  Yet we looked past it because we were in a position of ignorance about what we were looking at.  We just didn’t know.     Now however, it all comes together:

Several weeks ago, as further information and discovery came to the surface the whole framing of the original media narrative began to crumble, I stumbled over a reference to “DXM” in Trayvon’s Facebook history.

It’s nagged at me since, at various times popping to the front of my mind when Trayvon’s drug use was mentioned, was quickly lost to other distractions.   A couple of evenings ago it again came to the forefront of consideration.   This time I decided to dig in, do a little research, and see if there might actually be something to it.

What I found was frankly, quite stunning.   So much so that it literally made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

After further reflection this drug use aspect may actually lead to the greatest understanding, and key, to the whole case.   Understanding exactly where the mindset was of both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, and what influences are now readily available and out in the public forum, a number of questions are now finding answers about that evening’s events, most importantly what precipitated and led to Trayvon Martin’s approach toward being questioned by George Zimmerman.

So I suppose I should start by answering the obvious: “what in the heck is Dedicated Dad talking about”, and how would research answer questions about “intent”?

The substance of research was prodded by with this graphic of unknown attribution, dealing with the possibility that Trayvon Martin was not only an illegal drug-user, but possibly a drug-dealer.   (Large file version here).  While the “graphic” itself is unattributed, the content within the graphic was easy, at the time, to confirm with a quick review of Trayvon’s Facebook page and extensive work already done by the TreeHouse and multiple websites including Wagist.

Go ahead and review the whole thing, because while it most certainly is “controversial” it is also a good substantive fact-based background in Trayvon’s own words.   But, again it is only background,  and more information is needed for the rest of this discussion.  We will highlight some sections of it, from Trayvon Martin’s own words, throughout this explanation because it speaks to a “directional sense” in the lifestyle of an evolving teenager.

As I use these Facebook discussions from Trayvon I’m going to correct the ebonics unless it seems necessary to reference directly to the source.  Otherwise  I’ll do my best to interpret it into something people unfamiliar with nuance within a “cultural language” can understand.

Let’s begin about mid-way down the page on the left-hand side, where Martin says:

unow a connect for codine” or

“do you know of a connection for codeine”?

Trayvon is seeking a source for the prescription drug Codeine. Eventually we learn that he’s not seeking the pill form, but rather a “liquid” form, which he says he’s “had…before.”

His friend responds that he doesn’t NEED codeine – that he can just mix Robitussin and soda to make…

“…some fire @$$ lean.”

Our first question then becomes “What exactly is “lean””?


According to Urban Dictionary, “Lean” is described as follows:

“…  6. Lean is a mixed drink originating in the Southern Rap culture. It is a mixture of Promethazine and Codeine cough syrup and a soft drink such as Sprite (usually). While other soft drinks may be used, Sprite was the original.

[And now also Arizona Watermelon for Watermelon Drank/Lean]

There are some variations of Lean. For example, Promethazine and Codeine syrup is usually Purple in color. But there are other colors of syrup that work the same way. There is a golden-colored syrup (hydrocodone based) and other colors as well.

Lean slows you down. It makes you feel good. It’s meant to be sipped on, and it taste damn good. One of the best feelings you will ever experience. Euphoria with a hint of sedation. …”

Lean is also the drug mixture that killed Pimp C.  nigga pimp c died on an overdose of lean  (urban dictionary descriptive)

OK, so now we know Trayvon is seeking a source for a powerful cough syrup, commonly used in the “drug culture or circle” to make an intoxicating drink called “Lean” – also known as the infamous “purple drank/Purple Lean/Lean/Sizzurp.”

Purple Lean, or Lean, is an intoxicating beverage also known by the names lean, sizzurp, and liquid codeine. It is commonly abused by southern rappers and wannabe suburban teenagers. It is a mixture of Promethazine/Codeine cough syrup and sprite, or other beverage [such as Arizona Watermelon]  with a few jolly ranchers and/or skittles thrown in.

There are your “DXM”  “Watermelon Lean” Ingredients

Arizona Watermelon Juice purchased from 7-11 included in the Crime Scene Photographs and incorrectly listed/discussed as “Tea” by Benjamin Crump, the media, and even police reporting authorities.

Promethazine with codeine, consumed in such large amounts as is popular with such southern rappers as lil wayne, slim thug, and Big Moe, produces an opiate-like high that is potentiated by the Promethazine.

Promethazine by itself will not produce a high. The beverage must be sipped slowly, and not guzzled, in order to avoid unconsciousness and/or life threatening overdose.

But what does this have to do with Robitussin or “DXM”? Trayvon clarifies in his next message:

“codine is a higher dose of dxm”

As the conversation continues, Trayvon indicates that he plans to quit smoking marijuana because he doesn’t want to risk being busted or “roped”, because it is discoverable in drug testing, and possession of Marijuana is illegal…..  (Obviously he never did actually quit)

….. and further believes he can obtain the same high by drinking “Lean” .  But that’s not nearly as important as the fact that he’s clearly under the impression that prescription Codine is a stronger form of the drug DXM found in various versions of cough suppressant or cough medications.

So, what then exactly is “DXM“?

DXM” is an abbreviation for the cough suppressant Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide — which is the active ingredient in the cough-syrup brand Robitussin.

According to numerous websites found with a search, DXM is increasingly being abused as a recreational drug.  One of the more scholarly and scientific sites found with in-depth analysis of DXM and its various uses is “Erowid.org“. According to its “FAQ”, Erowid is:

“…a small non-commercial organization that operates in the controversial and politically challenging niche of trying to provide accurate, specific, and responsible information about how psychoactives are used in the United States and around the world.    We are committed to protecting the privacy of contributors and reporting on the topic non-judgmentally. Although our primary focus is on the Erowid.org web site, we also provide research and data for other harm reduction, health, and educational organizations.”

In short, it’s a site filled with information on various forms of drug abuse, mostly to enable the abusers to do so with as little risk as possible.   It is not within the scope of this discussion to make any value judgements about this fact so we’ll continue our discussion – considering Erowid a valuable resource for our research and typical of the sort of information someone can easily locate on today’s Internet.

According to Erowid’s “DXM Home Page“:

DXM is a widely available over-the-counter cough suppressant. When taken far above its standard medical dosage, it is a strong dissociative used primarily by teens.

Their “DXM Basics” page further makes clear that it is:

a semisynthetic opiate derivative which is legally available over-the-counter in the United States. It is most commonly found in cough suppressants, especially those with “DM” or “Tuss” in their names. It is almost always used orally, although pure DXM powder is occasionally snorted

At this point you’re probably thinking – as I did at first – “how bad can this stuff be if it’s available over the counter!”   However, as we’ll see, it’s actually startlingly dangerous stuff!

Erowid begins to hint at DXM’s seriousness in their “DXM Basics” discussion:

“…High doses … are sometimes compared to the effects of other dissociatives such as PCP or ketamine…”

This stuff is compared to PCP ?   This is no exaggeration! DXM in higher doses is actually a very volatile and dangerous drug, and they are quite right when they compare DXM to PCP and Ketamine!

In fact, the drug has come to be known in some circles as “Poor-Man’s PCP!

Perhaps more importantly, unlike marijuana and many other drugs of abuse, DXM does not cause sedation, and in fact can produce profound agitation  hence the comparison to PCP.     In the  “DXM Basics – Problems” section, Erowid notes:

“…DXM causes physical and psychological effects that may be frightening or unpleasant… Psychological effects can include profound disorientation, depression, a feeling of personal disintegration, or a feeling of “unreality” and disconnection that may persist for days. Chronic use may cause depression, psychological dependency, and possibly brain damage. Large doses may be associated with psychotic breaks…”

It was at this point that I first noted the feeling of the hair standing up on the back of my neck – but this sensation would become much more common and pronounced as I continued reading and gaining understanding.

One of the best sources I’ve found for DXM info is Erowid.org’s “DXM Vault.” One article in particular was especially helpful – “The DXM FAQ by William E. White – Version 4“,  published at the previously linked site Erowid.org.

This document is, to be blunt, written for “recreational users” of DXM – those who will use it “to get high.” I will refer to “recreational use” by its proper term: Abuse.

In the document’s “Introduction”, the author notes that as the number of people abusing DXM has grown since he published the first version of his FAQ, so to the number of adverse effects and problems has also grown:

“… A few people, on the other hand, seem to be greatly susceptible to DXM addiction and some of these have suffered long-term health consequences. A very few may have suffered permanent brain damage from extremely heavy use of DXM (e.g., an 8oz bottle of Maximum Strength syrup every day). On the other hand, some people consume the same amount for years seemingly without consequence. And while some people can consume DXM regularly without psychological consequences, others suffer from severe depression and psychotic breaks, even leading to a few cases of suicide attempts…”

He goes on to note the growing indications that there is a possibility of a phenomenon called “NMDA Antagonist Neurotoxicity (NAN)” – microscopic holes in the brain called “Olney’s Lesions.”

Perhaps with the understanding that Trayvon used “Lean” to get high the Medical Examiners notes in the autopsy of Trayvon’s brain cultures now have a new light shed upon them.

For these reasons, the author points out, “as of the time of his writing  (coincidentally in 1995, the year Trayvon was born!) there just wasn’t any significant quantity of medical research into the long-term effects of DXM abuse, which he hopes (unsuccessfully, as it turns out) will be resolved in the following years, and notes “…Until then, my official recommendation is not to use DXM at all!

Of course he knows people will not stop using, so he goes on to express his “own personal belief that DXM is probably pretty safe when used occasionally (e.g., once or twice a month) at the lower plateaus, and rarely (e.g., once or twice a year) at the higher plateaus.”

Mr. White then gives hints at the otherwise unclear “data” he’s gathered by saying “I have yet to hear from anyone who used DXM with this or less frequency who has suffered any impairment, temporary or permanent.   Actually, to be technically correct, nobody using it once a week for less than six months has ever seemed to have problems, but it’s always best to keep a wide safety margin…”

Unfortunately, teenage boys, especially those from within Trayvon’s cultural demographic, are not known for their temperance, much less “keep[ing] a wide safety margin.

To the contrary, it’s likely that a young man like Trayvon would consider Robitussin an easily obtained standby for times when marijuana was unavailable.  In his own words he has already expressed his opinion that it gives him “the same vibe” – and he is in fact likely to PREFER the DXM as it’s less likely to get him “roped” (busted).

Subsequently a rational framing would be the odds of him limiting his use to “once a week for less than six months” is highly unlikely.   We know from his own words to his friends that Trayvon has used DXM as far back as June 2011.

Even more troubling, the author goes on to note:

“Another thing to keep in mind is that DXM in the upper plateaus is a considerably different experience than the lower plateaus, and may be better suited to spiritual or ritual use. Even at the lower plateaus, DXM is not really well suited as a frequent recreational drug

… In summary, I’m not nearly as convinced that DXM is a benevolent psychedelic as I used to be. It is in many ways considerably more powerful (and certainly more dangerous) than LSD or mushrooms. Like all psychedelics it can profoundly change you; unlike others, these changes are not necessarily under your control, especially if you are not very familiar with yourself.

I don’t think there are too many people less “familiar with themselves” than teenagers whose sense of “self” is still highly formative.  The concern from this discovery was growing quickly, but this next section really took the feeling of concern to entirely new heights:

DXM can be a great tool for spiritual rebirth, but it can also turn you into a paranoid, antisocial asshole… It is a unique and uniquely powerful mind-altering drug, and one which I think most people would do best to avoid. “

In short, the “drug-user world’s” foremost “expert” on DXM abuse is clearly advising against regular, chronic use for some very good reasons.   But if a teenager like Trayvon were even aware of such a recommendation what degree of confidence would there be that the would actually heed it?  Remember, this is a young man who thinks “codeine is a higher dose of DXM” and is actively seeking to find it.

Therefore, the odds of him accidentally and naively stumbling into enough of a habit to render himself “A paranoid, antisocial asshole“, in the words of Mr. White, are probably quite high.

But… Let’s read on!

Physiology of DXM / Lean Use

We know from Trayvon’s own words that he’s experienced “lean” – and since he knows what DXM is – but thinks the promethazine/codeine cocktail is “a higher dose” then he’s also experienced DXM, at least at a “lower plateau.”

In answer to the question “What’s the DXM Trip Like” the author says:

“Well, that depends on how much you take. There are four different kinds of experiences, based on the dosage; these are called plateaus.

The first plateau is a mild stimulant effect with a little bit of a buzz, and has been compared to MDA [a more psychedelic cousin of MDMA -aka-"Ecstasy"].

The second plateau is more intoxicating and has been compared to being drunk and stoned at the same time.

The third plateau is dissociative, like a lower dose of ketamine.

The fourth plateau is fully dissociative like a higher dose of ketamine.

You should not [emphasis original!] attempt higher plateau doses unless you have someone with you who can take care of you in case you get sick or freak out. It happens on DXM.

Many things can happen unexpectedly on upper plateaus, such as spontaneous memory recall, complex delusions, hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, and perceived contact with spiritual or alien entities. You need to be pretty stable and grounded before you can handle these things“.

“Stable and grounded” would not describe the behavioral or social pattern of Trayvon Martin who was moved from house to house, parent to parent, and surrounded by a litany of on-again, off-again, relationships from his parent’s partners.    Could a “complex delusion” or “hallucination” perhaps elicit a paranoia “tracked” by George Zimmerman?

One thing is sure – young Trayvon was CLEARLY ANYTHING BUT  “STABLE AND GROUNDED” in both his physical and emotional address.

In another section – Is DXM Dangerous” – the Author again makes note of the possibility of “bad trips…psychotic breaks…psychological addiction and depression and irreversible brain damage“.

To repeat the obvious, THIS IS VERY VOLATILE, DANGEROUS STUFF  especially in the hands of an impulsive, cognitively immature, and adolescent  minded individual like 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

One of the problems with DXM is that with long-term or regular use  “most of the pleasurable effects of DXM tend to go away … Tolerance can build rapidly, leaving one only with a general sensation of being high and stupid.

In young and impulsive individuals, this can lead the person to take higher doses, looking for the same “vibe“, and thus accidentally lead the individual to find themselves on a much higher “plateau” than they intended.

Lacking both the knowledge and experience to understand what is happening to them, and the skills or assistance needed to deal with the “surprise” effects,  an ungrounded teen can suddenly find themselves in a dangerous – even potentially fatal – situation!

The “FAQ” lists the following “Risks” (among others):

  • “Major Risks of Occasional Use:
    • Panic Attacks
    • Psychotic Breaks
    • Impaired Judgement in Critical Situations (!!)
  • “Risks of Regular Use and Binges:
    • Mania
    • Violent Ideations, Antisocial Behavior and Paranoia
    • Habituation and Psychological Addiction
    • Tolerance and Physical Addiction
    • Psychosis
    • Liver, Kidney and Pancreas Damage

At this point it is highly important to remember, or refer to, the coroners report about Trayvon’s Liver?  (a screen grab is below)

In addition to the risks of DXM itself, many DXM-containing products contain other active ingredients that can be dangerous. Common additives include acetaminophen (Tylenol), which can cause fatal liver-damage in large doses.   Products containing Chlorpheniramine Maleate such as Coricidin Cough and Cold should especially be avoided.   See DXM Health for more information.

When you take acetaminophen, [such as would be used in making Purple/Watermelon Lean]  your liver breaks it down into a substance called N-acetyl-p-benzoquinone imine, or NAPQI, which is toxic to your liver  [...]  Your liver contains an antioxidant called glutathione that can keep NAPQI from causing damage, but too much acetaminophen reduces glutathione and leaves your liver open to harm [...]  acetaminophen only causes liver damage if you take more than your body can handle.

These post-mortem symptoms of DXM use would also mask themselves as a variety of causes for ‘mild fatty metamorphosis of the liver’ if you were not specifically knowledgable of the subject’s history.   Obviously in this example neither Tracy Martin, nor Sybrina Fulton would be informing the Medical Examiner of prior drug use.

We can confirm from his Facebook and Twitter Accounts that Trayvon had essentially been “sippin sippin” (using Lean or DXM) for at least a year, perhaps longer.  It would appear from the Medical Examiners report Trayvon’s liver was showing the early indicators of excessive use consistent with such a timeframe.

Psychology of DXM Use

“…Be very careful in trying to restrain the tripper, since she or he may perceive this as a threat, and will probably be mostly immune to pain...the tripper, like a cornered animal, could beat the living shit out of you without thinking twice. (!!) …”

So, where does all of this lead?  At this point, after reviewing all the information, it appears quite probable that a pattern of drug cocktail use specifically led to the mindset, or psychological environment, between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin on the night of February 26th.

The tone or hostility of the encounter, and Trayvon’s response to being confronted, would more easily be understood against the backdrop of the discovery for his prior drug use; and more specifically the types of drugs being used.

It is quite possible that Trayvon Martin – experiencing the tolerance effects caused by chronic use of DXM – potentially took a larger dose of DXM than he’d had before,  or at the very least was recently indulging himself in an admitted actitity.   Maybe even suffered a “psychotic break”, but at least the behavioral paranoia and psychological stress consistent with the use of long-term DXM use might have to a physical and psychological reaction to questions by George Zimmerman, and ultimately to his aggressive response.

Trayvon would not necessarily have needed to be under the “immediate influence” of the “trip” at the time (Robotrippin’), he could just as easily have been preparing for his next “trip” while still holding the long-lasting effects from prior use.   The timing of prior use may contribute to his emotional state, or the cumulative effect could have been a contributing factor.  Both are just as potentially dangerous.

If however, Martin was in the midst of a stress induced “psychotic break”, or under duress exacerbated by George Zimmerman’s “eyeballing him“, well, then, there’s really nothing George Zimmerman could have done once the confrontation began.   Any confrontation at all could have led to the same outcome.

The FAQ advises a “Tripper’s” “Safety Person” to:

“…Instead of restraint, try talking him or her down. Be calm, soothing, and repeatedly remind the tripper that they have taken a drug which has critically impaired their perceptions. Remind them of who they are and how they got here, and that the experience will end…”

That sounds great, on paper, – except for the fact that George Zimmerman had no idea Trayvon Martin was potentially “Robo-tripping“, and it’s rather difficult to “be calm, soothing” and so on when the “tripper” has already snapped and is busy “beat[ing] the snot out of you without thinking twice!!

Common Sense

We know from Trayvon himself that last summer, between the school years, in or around June 2011, Trayvon was engaged in DXM/Lean and Marijuana use.   We also know there are multiple behavioral side effects from DSM/Lean use.   Those side effects and impacts on cognitive judgement increase with prolonged exposure.   The more you use, the worse the psychological affects are.

Now consider this in the developing physiology of a teen in the full hormone raging puberty phase of 15/16/17 years of age and you can magnify those psychological and physiological effects exponentially.

Hormones = Sex = Teenage boy normal.

Hormones + psychotic psychological addiction from DXM/Lean drug effects = Super Aggressive Sexual Thoughts, actions, expressions. Teenage boy NOT normal.

It would be intellectually dishonest to frame as coincidental or disconnected that he apparently started seriously engaging in the DXM/Lean/Pot culture in the summer break of 2011 ;  and then was suspended from school three times for behavioral issues in the very next school year.   A rapid downward progression would be an inevitable outcome from frequent use of DXM and Marijuana. 

Trayvon also subscribed to the U-Tube feeds  of drug use, drug culture, street violence and activities in this same Summer between school years.   Not accidentally in the same timeframe he gained significant interest in MMA style street fighting.   This is not at all just random coincidence.  As we have meticulously outlined aggressive anti-social behavior is a specific, frequent, and documented side effect from DXM/Lean use.

Trayvon was admittedly, according to his Facebook conversations, a user of DXM and Purple Drank/Lean since at least June 2011.   He was also an admitted smoker of Marijuana which was found in both his urine and blood tests.   His liver indicates the beginning stages of an unusual degrading known as “mild fatty metamorphasis”, and his brain tissue appeared compromised, both conditions symptomatic of DXM use.

In addition he was suspended from school three times in the past seven months  prior to the shooting for behavioral issues.  He was detached from adult supervision at the time in question, in a relatively unfamiliar place, and according to his father Tracy Martin, grounded.   His girlfriend describes their phone call as Trayvon being “paranoid”.

Trayvon makes a trip to the store and buys two of the specific three ingredients needed to blend a drug cocktail he was well versed in making (Lean).  And appeared slightly exagerrated, tenuous, and wobbly (swaying) when you objectively review his physical movements on the video of the store during the purchase.

He was a little more than a half a mile from home (Brandy’s house), yet he left the store at 6:24 and was first noted at the clubhouse at 7:09pm.   If he intended to go straight home from the store, and under normal cognitive capacity, he should have made the 1/2 mile trip in well under 30 minutes, well under.

The facts, and new understanding, as it now presents itself, would certainly lend weight to the strong possibility that Trayvon Martin was motor impaired, or at least influenced, by some altering condition.   At the very least this bears considerable merit for further inquiry, and a serious toxicological analysis for an understanding of exactly what metabolic influences may have been in place at the time of the encounter between George and Trayvon.

The toxicology review should specifically look for trace evidence and levels of DXM agents in his system.  Both to understand if he was robotrippin’ at the immediate time of encounter, as well as if longer term use created a cumulative effect, and was a contributing factor in his physiology or state of mind.   One such well known, and well documented side-effect is “anger”, or, “violent temperment”.

  • 7-11 Store Check out time 6:24pm  –  Shooting 7:17pm
  • 53 minutes from the time Trayvon left the store to when he was shot.
  • 53 minutes to travel .60/mile

Zimmerman: Hey we’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy, uh, [near] Retreat View Circle, um, the best address I can give you is 111 Retreat View Circle. This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

By Dedicated Dad  – Now knowing all of this information, take a closer look at the new discovery for what REALLY happened at the 7-11 on the night in Question.    This too, opens eyes to a FAR GREATER UNDERSTANDING.

CLICK HERE to continue…

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  1. chinchilla says:

    Interesting stuff. A bit nauseating as well; lean is some nasty-sounding crap.

    • BigZim says:

      I enjoy his photo’s of him putting his cash-stash in Yo face and if Yo don’t like that Trayvon has a nice double-bird for up Yo nose! Such a fine model young teenage male, rightly make any Mother and Father rightly PROUD having them just a beaming with PRIDE! Just Yo average regular All-American Boy next door, the kind every Father can only dream of having his Daughter bring home for supper for a MEET and GREET for sure!

      • ZurichMike says:

        “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” — Barack Obama

        • Donnie B. says:

          Not that some evidence has been released, he is now saying that he looks more like a distant cousin.

        • howie says:

          That statement alone is why the ODM (Obama Defense Media) shut it down when the truth about Treyvon began to emerge. Orders. Images of the real Trayvon surfaced. Images can not be twisted and turned to suit their narrative.

        • joseph says:

          and a president is suppose to be smart? damn he is not

          • Jess says:

            That is a myth advanced by people that like to hear him talk and are mesmerized by his stilted jilted voice patterns. Barry probably WAS Trayvon at one point.

            • Glenn says:

              Obama’s intellect is a myth for sure, no one who attended Columbia University when he did remembers him, even a notable Professor of Political Science who’s courses he should have taken. The Obama’s have spent close to 2 million keeping his records sealed.
              He’s the biggest fraud we have ever elected to lead the nation.

        • Stagger X says:

          And then the liberal coroner was hiding all the evidence. Typical liberal coroners.

          • Dubious says:

            I don’t know about his politics, but did you see that guy testify? Wow. There are not words to describe it.
            I can’t believe he’s ever been in a courtroom, or that he ever will be again. He may be a brilliant doctor, but there’s no way you could ever know.

        • schlang says:

          I guess he was a chip off of the old block since Obama is a known drug user.

      • Sadly, he’s a product of his environment.

        Broken home, more “half-siblings” than limbs, and parents who were clearly too busy living their own lives to pay attention and keep him out of trouble.

        It’s easy to dislike him under the circumstances, but I’m sure we’d all feel differently were it not for the nauseating exploitation being perpetrated by The Scheme Team.

        That none of them had time for him when he was alive but now have apparently limitless time for suckering the rubes to fill trash-cans with money is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen, and to have to dig in to find the truth they’re working so hard to hide is no pleasant duty.

        It’s sad that they couldn’t just be honest – but the payday wouldn’t be so easy or so lucrative …

        • Robert Baker says:

          “Broken home, more “half-siblings” than limbs, and parents who were clearly too busy living their own lives to pay attention and keep him out of trouble.”

          I’m sorry, but after reading and viewing an absolute plethora of black on white attacks and numerous other crimes, I’m just about all out of compassion and, certainly, excuses for why these black thugs act as they do.

          There are literally THOUSANDS of other youth in other racial groups in similar situations, but they don’t degenerate to the level we have seen among blacks.

        • Just getting to this…but amazing read. I agree with you, he was a jacked up kid and when he was killed for being a fool, he did not ask people to post old photos and portray him as an angel…that was the family and the media. As a father I look at this and feel comfort that I pay as much attention to my children as I do. I will be sharing this story with them…it is often the lack of parental interaction that lead kids down this road.

          My gut told me when this story broke that Zimmerman was getting a raw deal, and this just solidified that feeling.

    • Ash says:

      This is the government web site page on DXM.

      It doesn’t have a lot more info other than what DD has skillfully put together, but this might explain some school problems though if he was using DXM for the last year.

      “Little is known about the long-term effects of DXM abuse; however, anecdotal reporting and limited clinical research suggest that extensive and prolonged abuse may cause learning and memory impairment.”

      Might explain why many teens are not learning these days if it’s being used as drug of choice because it’s legal to purchase.

      Gee, and to think back in my childhood we were scared out of our wits when we were told the dangers of swallowing gum and to not eat school paste.

    • Justice says:

      For full disclosure I am a Democrat, from day one of this case I believed George Zimmerman would be found not guilty because TM probably was high on Feb. 26th and was a drug dealer or drug user. It seems like TM was going to make some lean. I am from the South, Black profesional male who has family members who use lean.

      • Aussie says:

        I believe that this is an issue that should cross party lines. Good for you on being one who believes in justice.

      • Welcome Justice!

        It takes courage to stand for truth and justice when so many of your peers are so blind – and to ….

        “For full disclosure I am a Democrat…”

        Hey — Nobody’s perfect — Right?!


        Good-natured ribbing aside, the sad fact is that we no longer have a two party system, we have ONE party (“The Government Party”) with two branches that are little more than two wings on the same bird of prey…

        Naturally, decent, intelligent people can respectfully disagree, and perhaps even help each other see something they’d previously missed… I hope that you’ll accept what I say here in that light!

        I’ll be blunt: I’ll NEVER understand how intelligent Black folk can belong to the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the Klan, and most of all *DEPENDENCE* — and reject the party of Lincoln, Abolition and MLK! Don’t get me wrong – today’s RP isn’t *MUCH* better than the Dems, but for me it’s a matter of “lesser of two evils” – or more accurately “choosing stupid over evil”

        Further – given how the Communo-Socialists (AKA “Progressives”) have taken over the DP (Thus “The Evil Party”), it seems clear to me that it’s going to be easier to put the GOP (AKA “The Stupid Party”) back on the right path.

        Please do yourself and our Republic a favor, and check out Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel. – http://www.pjtv.com/?cmd=page&page-id=162 and http://www.youtube.com/user/machosauceproduction — I think he’s one of the best voices around for explaining why nobody — ESPECIALLY NOBODY BLACK — should support the Commucrat party.

        Regardless, Welcome! — I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we’d really appreciate any knowledge you may have to help us understand this or any other aspect of this sick, sad mess!!

        • I meant to add the fact that I too was once a registered Dem – until I figured things out…
          In any case – again – Welcome!

          • Jamie Scott says:

            I’ve always been an Independent that leaned to the left…Until I bought a computer a couple years ago and found out how hypocritical, hate filled, racist and feeling of entitlement the Left wing Liberals really are.
            And this case is blowing holes in that “Liberals are more critical thinkers” theory they have.

      • Sharon says:

        Welcome, Justice! (And that provides a lovely pun… :) ) So you sort of “knew in your bones” early on that the trail would eventually lead to drug-related issues…. it feels a little weird, frankly, to begin to see at this late date “how obvious it is.” D-Dad and Sundance have put together a remarkable trail of crumbs here which is affirmed by anecdotal reports from readers who, unfortunately, had knowledge about this poison from family experiences. Again–welcome. Hope you find a branch to your liking!

      • Sandusky says:

        I’ll add my welcome too, Justice. As Aussie says, this is an issue that should cross party lines. Besides, let’s not forget that GZ is a registered Democrat – or at least, he was. He may well be re-thinking that, while he’s in hiding for the “crime” of getting out of his vehicle (how depraved can you get!) and thus exposing himself to attack.

        I’m curious, tho. Would you mind sharing with us what made you suspect right from the beginning that TM was a dealer or user? And did you suspect lean from the beginning?

    • chinchilla says:

      Maybe my browser’s just bugged, but I didn’t post that video…

    • Angel says:

      There is something that I have been curious about since reading the scenario’s of Trayvon either going to get skittles and tea for Chad or going to the movies and Tracy Martin concluding he Trayvon had met up with his cousin and gone to the movies since he (Trayvon) was not home when he got back at 10:15p. Tracy Martin said he wasn’t concerned and he turned off his phone. If he was really going to the store for Chad and returning then Chad had to be there to let him back in the house if he didn’t have a key. On the other hand, if he had gone to the movies with this cousin and Tracy felt he (Trayvon) would return and he felt comfortable turning off his phone (why do that unless you knew Trayon had a key to get in?). Tracy himself said, when he awoke the next morning and Trayon was still not home, that is when he became concerned and called the police. I don’t recollect keys being found on Trayvon at the scene.

      • ejarra says:

        “I don’t recollect keys being found on Trayvon at the scene.”

        Nice catch Angel! Hmm… No keys. So did TM go back to Brandy’s and not be able to get in? Was Chad there? Did this heighten TM’s aggrevation?

        Does anyone know if Chad was questioned? I haven’t seen an interview anywhere.

        • Angel says:

          I think this leads to reasoning that Chad, especially Chad, and the cousin should be potential witnesses for someone. The going to the store to get skittles and tea for Chad means Chad would have been at the home to let TM back in the home so no need for key in this scenario. But hanging out with cousin to the point that you could be coming in at any time of the night as Tracy implies, means Trayvon could have been doing something else at the time and it has nothing to do with Chad and returning to the house with no one being home so again, why doesn’t he have a key? Sounds like he could have been locked out and not expected to be there. for all we know, Trayvon could have been out and about the whole weekend and perhaps returning to Brandy’s house after picking up skittles and tea, not leaving the house to get them. Doesn’t this make more sense, he would be picking up the skittles and tea before returning to Brandy’s house that rainy, night? That is why Chad would be a crucial witness here. If the story is a fact that Trayvon left the house, he could give evidence as to when Trayvon left the house and that would point to a need for no keys to have to reenter.

          • Angel says:

            This would explain why he didn’t just go into the house after having ample time to do so. He had no key to get in and Chad wasn’t home to let him in

            • minpin says:

              TM didn’t go home because he had no key to get into the condo ranks right up there with the bloody wounds on GZ were because he fell on the wet grass, twice no less, once on the back of his head, and then on his face. It also ranks right up there with this never would have happened if GZ had just stayed in his vehicle. I believe they are arguments you are familiar with.

        • John Galt says:

          “Does anyone know if Chad was questioned? I haven’t seen an interview anywhere.”


          • ejarra says:

            Thanx JG for the link.

            What a horribly slanted interview! I realize it took place on Apr. 2nd, but that interviewer, if supposedly is a reporter, should be FIRED! The pictures were bad enough, but those leading questions followed by calling GZ vicious and that he was calling 911 for children playing in the streets! Brandy living there for 4 years and NEVER hearing of any break-ins and thefts, I say bovine fodder!

            He never asked if TM came back, was the door locked, did he hear any noises?

            That, although was an interview, was close to not being an interview. Worthless!!

          • hallo says:

            I love how the mother says she has never heard of a crime ever happening around there or anything.. Shows either she’s lying or she’s totally oblivious to the real world.

      • Lulu says:

        At some point Tracy was quoted as saying that they all went to Chad’s ball game in Orlando (or somewhere) that day, the he gave $75 to TM and told him and cousin (Stephen?) to go and have dinner and a movie. Tracy’s stories are myriad…

    • Bob says:

      I really wondered why blacks seem to love this purple drink so much, now I know.

    • Bill Daily says:

      The president is NOT a smart person. He was probably a “C” student at best while in college. His transcripts are sealed for that very reason. Contrary to popular belief, he is hardly the smartest person in the room at any given time.

  2. myopiafree says:

    Excellent Report. If just the beat nose and “Ketchup head” had gone to the Grand Jury, the “case” would have ended at that point. That “no bill” would have left “open” the question as to WHY TM lay in wait (or walked back from Brandi’s Condo) to argue with GZ (when the need for “Watch” was clearly posted). I think TM was 1) a little “high”, 2) a little “paranoid” 3) agressive 4) Skilled with his fists. 5) Punched GZ in the nose 6) Jumped on top of GZ and was beating his head into the cement. The media loves to say “un-armed” – but you can kill a man with you hands. It is tragic that people in a “culture” waste themselves and their minds – but you can’t blame a man for acting in fear of his life.

    • BigZim says:

      Everyone knew that she bypassed did not want to go to a Grand Jury for nothing in the world! Because she Angela Corey knew that there was NO way in HELL that any Grand Jury would give her an indictment! I just laughed when she came out and proclaimed that I don’t need NO Grand Jury I am just going to do this my way period! She didn’t have not one soul fooled with that there poppycock not one bit!

      • myopiafree says:

        Angela Corey did not have to LISTEN to the Grand Jury. Even if they filed, “Justifiable Homicide Self-Defense” she could have ignored that judgment – and still filed for 2nd degree if she judged that GZ behaved in “Depraved Indifference to Human Life”. THERE WAS NO REASON AT ALL TO STOP THE G.J. DELIBERATIONS. (Except for a love-fest with Grumpy Crump. )

        • BigZim says:

          Have Yo seen that Chump Crump? What a JOKE! I have seen him several times on TV and my gawd the guy can barely talk communicate properly! I know I would let that clown handle a simple parking-meter-violation for me let alone let him go hunting for Super-Jackpot-Lotto Powerball or Mega-Millions up on my behalf! FOR REAL!!!

          • I’ll admit I find it hard to listen to him speak, but it can be a mistake to equate inarticulateness with stupidity. Remember all the “villiage idiot” cracks about Bush – yet this was a man who flew an F111 (IIRC) — and thus simply CAN NOT be stupid!

            It’s possible that Crump’s tendency toward ebono-babble is part upbringing and part “schtick” designed to ingratiate himself with his target “client-base” and (perhaps more importantly) sucker his opponents into underestimating him by masking his true intelligence.

            I have an Uncle who affects a “educated hillbilly” act for the same reason, and a good friend who is well known in our area and widely thought – by those who don’t know him well – to be a “dumb redneck.” In reality he’s a Mensa-member with a Masters in mechanical Engineering and an MBA!

            Bottom line: you never know!

            • Jarhead says:

              The “Bush is an idiot” narrative falls to pieces under looking at the actual aircraft he was proficient at flying, the F102 “Delta Dagger” by Convair. Convair specialized in aircraft that were superb for their day, but on the bleeding edge of pilots being able to control them in flight. The B58 Hustler, B36 Peacemaker, B24 Liberator,F102 Delta Dart, F106 Delta Dagger, and later General Dynamics used ideas pioneered by Convair to field the F16 Falcon and FB111 Aardvark. In the Air Defense Command profile that Mr Bush flew the F102, the primary weaponry was a pair of nuclear tipped air to air missiles designed with the purpose in mind of downing incoming strategic bombers (there was some testing for missiles as well, but the fruit on that tree did not come ripe until recently on different platforms). You simply do not put someone you evaluate as an idiot in a single seat unstable supersonic flight platform with his finger on the trigger of a couple of mini nukes.

          • Fifiread says:

            You cannot write a simple sentence properly. Are you the pot calling the kettle black?

    • “…The media loves to say “un-armed” – but you can kill a man with you hands. …”
      There are also fates worse than death.

      I’ve seen whole facilities full of people with head-injuries — some from beatings — who’ll spend the rest of their lives drooling and wearing diapers – or worse left with a fully-functioning mind and no way to communicate.

      I’d rather die slowly in a fire than live a week in that condition!

  3. Enough says:

    Incredible report. Well done!

  4. Enough says:

    Also…In his one tweet, he is talking to someone with a screen name of x_highlyfavored. Makes me think he was a “sippin'” buddy of TM’s.

  5. Aussie says:

    this is excellent. Now for something that you missed and I did not highlight. Go back and look again at the autopsy report. This time check out the comments about the brain. If I remember this correctly, there was sign of brain damage. Again this supports the use of “lean” to excessive levels.

    • CTDAR says:

      Page 5 “severe global edema” does not sound normal

      • chopp says:

        I suspect the edema is a side effect of his diminished blood flow to the brain after being shot.

        • Kyozokuninja says:

          There was also moderate congestion of the leptomeninges in TM’s autopsy report.

          From what I understand, the leptomeninges acts as part of the blood-brain barrier. Dextromethorphan can reduce the amount of oxygen the brain receives. Still reading…

        • Aussie says:

          the edema was not the abnormality in the brain. It is the part that Kyozojuninja has picked up.

          That shows some kind of other abnormality that was developing… the wasting of brain cells and at the age of 17

        • minpin says:

          From reading autopsy reports, the brain does not swell after death. Edema happens because of excessive fluid going to the site of an injury. If he did instantly from the gunshot, and there is no question that he did, the brain had no time to swell before he died. The only swelling that happens in a corpse is certain parts of the body, and the brain is not one of them, swell because of the gases that build up due to decomposition. For example the breasts swell due to the gas build up.

      • Brahms says:

        I pretty sure some brain swelling is normal after death – definitely will happen at some point after death. If I’m wrong, we may be hearing about it from the media any day now because strangulation and head trauma are also causes – discussion happening already it seems.


  6. Now we know why NO_LIMIT_NIGGA posted a Twitter pic of SCOOBY DOO FRUIT SNACKS!

  7. minpin says:

    I wonder if we will ever see the full tox report.

    I would also love to see his sealed school records. The ladies jewelry and screw driver were found in his bookbag, when a school detective went through it looking for the marking pen. The school detectives apparently went through his bookbag again before the last suspension, and found the baggie with pot residue and a pot pipe. Apparently TM was being watched by the school detective for a reason. I wonder if TM stole his mother’s jewelry to sell for drug money. Of course she wouldn’t press charges against her son, and that would have been dropped. No wonder Sybrina made a point of saying that he had never been arrested. She was protecting the hoodlum thug. She sent him off to Sanford after the last suspension, so his father could deal with him. Too bad Tracy didn’t give a dang.

    • Chuck says:

      Don’t forget, Tracey Martin’s girlfriend/fiance worked as a juvenile detention officer according to what I read. That might’ve had something to do with the police not being called about the suspected traces of marijuana in the baggie, and the jewelry found in his backpack.

      I wonder if the school still has possession of the jewelry and wedding bands that were confiscated? Most wedding bands have some type of inscription in them which might make identification of the owners possible.

      • scubachick75 says:

        You can be a convicted felon and still work as a detention officer?

      • Somuchtolearn says:

        I thought I read in the orlando paper or an earlier update here, that he was holding it it for someone else that had taken it. I will go back later and find the source once i figure the laptop thing out lol.

        • Bob says:

          Would that not be called, Possession of stolen property?

          • Somuchtolearn says:

            Yes, not arguing.g the legality, just giving atgiement the scheme team will point out during the court case. you know just saying what they’re going to say to keep is angelic reputation. you know he wasn’t that heI waant a thiefpreacher he was just holding on to something for a buddy just a poor naive young boy. like anyone with a half a brain would believe that

            • Somuchtolearn says:

              yikes phone microphone not picking up to will tonight. when I get my laptop back I will clarify the words they’re obviously jacked up. sorry chuck, I hope you can understand around the Ebonics like words

  8. zmalfoy says:

    Dedicated Dad– fantastic work!!! That’s more than I ever wanted to know about drug use, but it really brings a lot of details together. . .

  9. Mike says:

    Excellent work. Sounds like some pretty dangerous stuff. Definitely got an education there as well. It’s all starting to make sense now. Thank you

  10. Ash says:

    Dedicated Dad you did as good a job as any PI I have ever seen on all of this information. WOW!

    How do these kids find this stuff and how do parents not see these changes in their children caused from these drugs?

    I guess if you are not involved in your children’s lives it’s pretty easy to miss.:(

    I wonder if GZ’s legal team will follow up on this? It seems this information alone if really investigated and proven should cause them to drop the charges against George. Save him and the state a lot of time and money.

    If this is as well known to teens especially in that area they had to know what Tray was up to when found with these items, yet no one says a thing and carries on with the “hunted down like a rabid dog” scenario. That in itself says a lot about state of this country these days.

    There are going to be a lot of media, politicians, community leaders, ministers, and yes, even Trayvon’s parents who are going need to do some serious apologizing if this is proven to be the cause of his death.

    I would think the media would need to lay on this story as much and as hard as they did the racism one. Maybe more because it could be one of those “teachable moments” they keep talking about where they educate the public about these drugs and also about not rushing to scream racism until it is proven to be the case.

    Thanks, Dedicated Dad and Tree House members for educating us all and for bringing out the truth about this dangerous drug combo.

    • howie says:

      Sounds like he was a “Rabid Dog” only the Dog was doing the hunting.

    • Too many are just too self-absorbed.
      Some also see “smoking a little weed” as something normal “that’s what kids do…”
      It’s by no means limited to places like “Miami Gardens” — it still shocks me when I think about those scumbags in columbine making pipe-bombs in their upper-middle-class-suburban garage, making so much noise the neighbors were complaining yet the parents STILL didn’t notice a thing??


  11. CTDAR says:

    Great job DDad

  12. O’Mara and his defense team scour this website for information on a daily basis, right?

    • Huggy says:

      Yes, I confirmed that they do by sending a FB message to the authentic “George Zimmerman Legal Case” page. He confirmed that they are keeping a close eye on the discoveries found on this blog.

  13. Ash says:

    Checking out the links, found this on the cannabis .com site. It is ironic that it should be on one of the comments relating to this matter.

    “Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most,
    that has made it possible for evil to triumph. -Haile Selassie I

    I have to say all of you doing this work are making it very hard for evil to triumph. Truth will win thanks to you all.

    • Sharon says:

      That’s a fine quote from Haile Selassi I. Thanks for that.

      The Treehouse welcomes folks who simply “stand up in place” where they are. Folks stop in, look around, join the conversation, pick themselves a suitable branch, discover that their insights are welcomed in the conversation. Americans who stand up in place and begin to speak their mind and sharpen their communication of strongly held convictions are really something! Welcome to the tree, Ash…hope you found a good branch and will hang around.

      Today is, as Weed? ‘Tilda? (I can never keep the Antics-Specialists straight as to who does what)…anyway, someone(s) has designated Thursday as “Friday Eve.” And so it is. Enjoy the day. The cooler gets broken out tomorrow, usually early in the day, because, as they say, it’s 5pm somewhere. :)

      • Ash says:

        Thanks Sharon. It’s always hard to come into an established group and try to fit in without stepping on toes.

        I appreciate the offer of the branch! :) What I appreciate more are people willing to put themselves on the line for truth. I battle everyday in so many ways to bring the light forward and when I find others willing to do the same it is refreshing because I know all too well the price that people pay for standing up for what is right instead of what is easy.

        By the way, is there any way to reach the mods with tips without putting it on the board? TheLastRefudge@Reagan.com when clicked looks like it is a fake address. Just checking.

        • a.paul says:

          That’s because you spelled it wrong there. There’s no ‘d’ in ‘refuge’.

          And it works.

          • Ash says:

            Thanks, I caught that after posting. My brain is on drugs right now. Just got out of the hospital last weekend and I’m not up to par yet. Will check my comments more thoroughly next time for errors.
            Thanks Sharon and stellap for the nice welcome too.

        • Sharon says:

          TheLastRefuge@reagan.com here ya go! And you’re welcome. We appreciate the good company of folks who step up to find their place in the “established group.” We know it’s tricky. ;) We welcome all the good peeps and want to make it easy for them to find a branch in the Tree and a rock by the campfire.

        • stellap says:

          If you click on the link above – TheLastRefuge@Reagan.com – and you get an error message, simply open an email in the software platform that you use, and put the address there manually. It is the right email address.

    • This is what it’s about to me.

      Like Jorge himself, I’d be defending him regardless of his color.

      It’s about JUSTICE.

      If it turns out that evidence proves him to be a racist psycho who murdered a kid — even if that kid had all the unsavory characteristics we’re learning of Trayvon — I’ll join those calling for his head on a pike!

      But everything I have seen so far makes it clear that he’s really a stand-up guy!
      That he’s not what we’d consider an “alpha male” makes his courage all the more impressive IMHO.

      Unlike the nutty lesbian neighbor, when he saw injustice happen to Sherman Ware, he didn’t cry and sob “why doesn’t someone do something!!” — he put on his big-boy drawers AND DID SOMETHING!

      THEN he signed up to mentor two little black boys in Orlando, trying to help the next generation avoid the mistakes of their parents.

      When crime came to his quiet, gated neighborhood, he didn’t shriek for the police or the management to “do something!!” — he put on his big-boy drawers AND DID SOMETHING!

      MOST impressive to me, despite his obvious fear, when the 911 operator requested him to “let me know if he does anything else” then asked “which way is he running”, he conquered his dear and exited the presumed safety of his truck to go comply – to once again DO SOMETHING about the criminals plaguing his neighborhood.


      They run from cops, they run from fear of being CAUGHT doing something wrong, but they DO NOT think “this man’s going to kidnap and rape me – I’d better run!” — and those who think they do should go attempt to prove their theory at the nearest “projects.”

      Should you decide to attempt this endeavor, be sure to use an auto-streaming service so your video goes straight to the web — that way when the local predators steal your smart-phone from your rapidly cooling corpse they won’t also ruin the footage you gave your life to produce.

      Most don’t understand that courage is not the absence of fear, it is the conquering of it. Jorge conquered his fear, got out of his truck and tried to keep an eye on the suspicious person because he thought that’s what the police needed him to do.

      It just boggles my mind that anyone can believe what they do about this situation — they’ve either not seen what we have or are just suffering from such a case of cranial-rectosis that they can’t see ANYTHING beyond their own prejudices.

      Though imperfect like all humans, Jorge seems to me to be the sort of man we all ought to try to emulate – and I won’t sit Idly by and watch him be railroaded while it’s within my power to do SOMETHING about it!

      • Sandusky says:

        I think you’ve just summed up the whole case there, Dedicated Dad. Forcefully but fairly stated. Thank you – and thank you for all the work you’ve put into getting these facts together. It’s certainly been an education for me!

  14. Herb Martin says:

    Fascinating — one argument on the Internet is what, if anything, the THC in the blood meant — one ‘side’ argues ‘trace’, stays in your blood for days/weeks, makes you mellow etc. The other side argues against most of this.

    BTW: Free blood from the chest (where they got this sample) CANNOT be used to QUANTIFY — so only the Toxicology report will give amounts and likely recency of use.

    Not everyone is mellow on THC, but ignoring that one thing that seems almost more likely is THC WITHDRAWAL, which also makes people agitated, aggressive, even psychotic etc.

    Mix THC withdrawal with RoboTrippin on DXM and who knows what you have?

    I wonder if they did a tox scan on the remnants of the Arizone tea can?

    • Brahms says:

      THC in urine is detectable for weeks. A positive blood test usually means you smoked in the last 12 hours but if you’re a heavy user, it could be positive for a couple of days. So it can’t pin down a time frame – of course, they’d have to label Trayvon a heavy pot smoker if they want to claim he didn’t smoke that day.

      • sirsurfer says:

        My read is that the metabolic byproducts of THC last for weeks, but THC, the psychoactive component is metabolized quickly – within hours. That’s logical since the high dissipates.

    • Chuck says:

      I’d say the toxicology report is being suppressed for a reason. It probably show other metabolites in his system that they’d rather not be made public. On the other-hand, it may mean nothing as well. Just speculating, conjecturing, etc. I guess we just have to wait and see.

    • THC is quickly metabolized into theother substance (the name escapes me ATM).
      His blood showed him to be a chronic smoker, and to have smoked up within at least the last 24 hours or so-it’s impossible AFAIK to pin it down any tighter than that.

    • The AZ tea can was unopened.

  15. Ribs says:

    If I remember correctly from reading the police report, there was a plastic wal-mart bag found at the scene too. Question: on his way to/from 7-11, did Trayvon happen to stop at Wal-Mart and buy the Robitussin? Has to be video of it if he did and if he did, case closed.

    • Donnie B. says:

      I noticed the bag too. But there was no Robitussin or anything new that was purchased at Walmart.

      • Donnie B. says:

        near TM body or documented in the report.

        • justice099 says:

          One of the officers trying to revive Trayvon, asked someone for a plastic bag to seal the chest wound so he could do CPR. That bag was probably the one given to him.

          • chopp says:

            Actually, they have dressings specifically made to cover chest sucking wounds. A plastic bag sounds too dirty. Then again, if you have nothing else, you use what you got.

          • a.paul says:

            Was there blood on the bag? I don’t remember any from the pictures, and if there was blood, wouldn’t they have had to document it?

            • justice099 says:

              According to the police reports, yes. And it is also from the police report that I read about him asking for a plastic bag and vaseline to seal the wound. An asian man brought him the items, according to the report.

              The police did this before the EMTs arrived

          • Your lungs expand by your diaphragm pulling down – which creates a vacuum and pulls air into your lungs. If you have a hole in your chest, then air will flow in and out of it instead of your lungs.

            Chest-seal dressings such as “chopp” notes below, have an adhesive on 3 sides so they’ll act as a valve – letting air out, but when the person inhales the plastic will seal against their skin, allowing them to breathe somewhat normally.

            If you don’t have a chest-seal, in an emergency you can use a piece of plastic wrap (“saran” wrap) as an expedient.

            If that’s not available, almost any plastic will do, including a plastic bag. No-not very sanitary, but then…

            If a person needs a chest-seal,they’re just minutes from death. Use the bag and infection MIGHT kill them someday – don’t use the bag and they WILL die *NOW!*

            I’ve done the same with a plastic sandwich – bag in an emergency, and it turned out fine!

            There was a bag – obtained from a neighbor – and it was used and had blood on it…

    • boricuafudd says:

      There is a Wal-mart SuperCenter about .8 a mile further up the street from 7-eleven. Might account for the length of time it took TM to return?

    • howie says:

      Ugghh! Could you imagine chugging a bottle of that crap?

    • Chevymisty says:

      I don’t know about other Walmart’s but ones here you need an ID to buy it because of this such mix and people like I used to hang around who would steal the Codine and DMX. Of course they kept it locked up because my friends were stealing so it may be different elsewhere.

  16. Bro-cahontas says:

    Wow, amazing research! Will have to see the full toxicology report. Another troubling “high” that seems like it may be increasing is datura use. It grows wildly all over the US and can be easily fatal. If the subject interests you Erowid can be an excellent resource of information and the frankness and curiosity in many of the reports is impressive. Unfortunately, I don’t think your average person has the level of maturity required to safely explore in this area.

    • Jello333 says:

      That’s actually a really good site, and they’re about as “responsible” as is possible for a non-medical site dealing with such issues. Their main purpose is to help people who are already using a given drug to do so as safely as possible. Think of it almost as a text-based needle exchange program. If people are gonna do a drug, at least try to help them do it without killing themselves. Of course that doesn’t prevent newbies who just want to experiment from coming to the site and using it as a “learning tool”. But all the info that site contains can also be found many other places on the Web, and many of those other sites really couldn’t care less whether their visitors are hurt. So taken as a whole, Erowid has, I think, a net positive impact.

    • According to http://www.justice.gov/ndic/pubs11/11563/index.htm:

      “…!! “…Commonly used drug toxicology screens and field tests do not accurately detect the presence of DXM. Therefore, more thorough laboratory testing must be performed. DEA recommends the gas chromatography/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) test, as other laboratory tests may produce false positives.…”!!

      And…Yeah – Mr. O’Mara’s office has been made aware of this info…

  17. Bill says:

    Yep I really liked this article. Dedicated Dad did a good job. I’d be interested in the duration of the high from this watermelon slang. It might have been a combo of this and pot. trayvon had a 7-11 lighter on him but must have run out of smokes. Kinda sad that this case is more about drug use.

    I remember about 4 weeks ago someone mentioned that skittles and tea was some sort of drug reference and I thought it was kind a stretch but no more.

    • According to Erowid’s “DXM Basics”:

      Onset #
      DXM takes 20 minutes to 1 hour to take effect, with higher doses generally taking longer. Peak effects of recreational doses begin 1 1/2 to 3 hours after onset.

      [DD's note: The reason for this is that the "high" isn't actually caused by DXM, but by the substance that your liver turns DXM INTO...Ergo larger doses require more time to metabolize into the buzz-making-stuff...]

      Duration #
      Effects of low doses generally last 4-6 hours, with large doses lasting 6 hours or more.

      Its half-life in the body is about 4 hours — meaning you excrete about half of it (in this case mostly from your kidneys) — in 4 hours.

      In another 4, half of what remained will be gone, and so on and so on…

  18. Matt Cabe says:

    Excellent work. Hit the nail on the head.

  19. ejarra says:

    DD, GREAT STUFF! Looking back, Team Skittles were probably hoping for a quick plea so that they could start their suits. Also, I don’t think they knew how bad TM was in terms of his role with drugs, the fight club, etc. Many parents have blinders on when this stuff happens to their children. Sad. Of course many are not blind by checking their kids phones, e-mails, knowing who their children hang with, etc. Tracy and Sybrina I believe were clueless as far as TM was concerned and show a complete lack of love and caring for TM. It’s obvious by their post death interviews and parading around not just this country, but England, too. What grieving parent does that? Seriously!

    This should be brought out by the media, if not to show how drugs may have been part of what occured that night; but, to enlighten parents as to what their kids may be into today. As a parent, I’m glad to learn of these street drugs. I remember when licking toads and sniffing glue were the drugs of the day. I’ve learned SO MUCH from this blog and I want to thank all the posters here many times over.

    • howie says:

      Crump and the Cops and Corey all knew. When they found out about the Watermelon Drink and Skittles they knew. This makes their actions even worse.

      • Lee says:

        Howie – you are 100% correct.

      • John Gault says:

        Of course they knew. As soon as they disclosed watermelon juice cocktail everybody knew, which is why they continue to insist on calling it tea. I think I read that TM’s phone was placed into evidence. I also read that the cops could not access the phone because it was pin protected. Why did TM pin protect his phone? What sort of text messages was TM sending and receiving?

        • Aussie says:

          why did Tracy Martin state that he had to check with his lawyer before giving the police the pin?

          • Kyozokuninja says:

            For the same reason the prosecution has asked that St Skittles cell phone records be kept out of the public eye, My Dear Aussie.

            • Aussie says:

              :)… yes, exactly. What was on that phone that Traydedad did not want the police to see? There was something… like perhaps it showed that he was a pot dealer.

              • minpin says:

                It seems that Tracy never did give the PIN to the police. Wasn’t there a Crump story about Tracy getting the phone back from the police, and trying to figure out the PIN himself, but couldn’t? Then he decided to check the phone records on the computer, and that’s when he found the DeeDee phone call?

                It would seem to me that if Tracy was the owner of the account, with all 4 phones on it, that he would be given any info. he needed by TMobile, including all the PINS. I think Tracy and Crump wanted to listen to any voice mail messages, and then delete them if they were harmful. Didn’t DeeDee say she called TM back and got his voice mail? Wonder what her message would have been. I can’t believe that the police didn’t get a search warrant, or whatever was required in order to access the phone before giving it to Tracy.

        • minpin says:

          Didn’t Crump beeitch because one of the first people involved was a narcotics detective? I don’t know if he was at the scene or not. I do agree that they knew Watermelon juice and Skittles were a part of a drug cocktail.

          • ejarra says:

            Nice catch! Knowing what we know now, having a narc on the scene turned out to be a really good thing (for GZ, not good for team Skittles).

          • jimrtex says:

            Actually Crump was complaining that the initial interview of Zimmerman was by a narcotics investigator. Serino was at the shooting scene and called back to the police station to order the investigator to remove Zimmerman’s restraints before interviewing him.

            • Splat! says:

              and does that factor in to why GZ was reportedly not tested? It seems that a narcotics investigator could easily recognize signs of being under the influence, and if GZ wasn’t exhibiting any, there was no probable cause for a test.

              • jimrtex says:

                I think the implication by the Crump was that it was not a trained homicide investigator doing the interview. Serino likely interviewed Zimmerman that night (in his narrative, he talked to the investigator from the medical examiner around 9:30 – ME report says 9:44; there are then 34 lines of blacked-out text. And then a paragraph that at 11:45 he apprised the Assistant State Attorney of the circumstances surrounding the case.)

                • minpin says:

                  I am aware of Crump complaining that a narcotics investigator interviewed GZ. That does not mean that the narcotics investigator was not at the scene at all. Even if he wasn’t at the scene, I’m quite sure that the police/investigators would have clued him in on the fact that a can of Arizona Watermelon juice, and Skittles were found that belonged to the deceased. The point is that a narcotics investigator would, or should be well aware of the drug cocktails that are being used by some. Crump would have a problem with that in that he likely knew about the drug cocktail as well, and didn’t want that info being released about TM, now known to me as Transcendental Medication. That is why the need to keep referring to Arizona Iced Tea, rather than watermellon juice.

      • myopiafree says:

        Howie – You are correct. Most of us posting here are ignorant of these details. But Crump and the cops know about this “under-culture” of drugs and “weed”. I am not certain – but I think the police and the original prosecutor sat down with team-Crump and Tracy – and described exactly WHAT HAPPENED. I think at that point Crump began thinking about how he could “spin” these items into a “poor Saint Trayvon” narrative. Crump is indeed (in an un-ethical way) incredibly successful with the “Media”, not to mention the NAACP.

        • CTDAR says:

          All the more for FL ethics to look into case and pull crumps licence for perpetuating a hoax especially with thr results that occurred.

      • ejarra says:

        The reason why I believed that they were clueless about the drug was because they promoted the whole “Skittles” and ” Ice-Tea” combo. If they knew that “Skittles” was popular in making “lean”, I believe that they would have said “candy” and not be so brand specific. Also, since she (Sybrina) didn’t even know about the button, it showed she knew NOTHING about what TM was ding or was actually about.

        However, you could be 100% right and I would be 100% wrong. Bottom line, in either case, it’s obvious she was one crappy mother.

      • Aussie says:

        excellent point Howie. They must have known. Why else do the mummy and daddy Traydemarks have an account called a “Defense Fund”? What was there to defend?

        • howie says:

          Police are trained in Gang Awareness and drug activity. We did not know but every Black on the street knows. Maybe Tray was trying to make a mark before he turned 18 for Gang Cred. I wonder which Gang he was running with?

    • Sharon says:

      It is being brought out by the media! The new media. :)

    • Sharon says:

      I don’t think it ever occurred to them that there would ever be any detailed examination of what they were saying. Their only hope was a rush to judgment. Thank God they didn’t get it. This conversation is good for America for a dozen different reasons.

  20. Aoife says:

    Since this case is going to ultimately hinge on who started the confrontation, I certainly hope O’Mara has some medical experts looking at this because if they can make the correlation between what the autopsy found and its indications of substance abuse and what that long term substance abuse does to a person’s psyche, then it pretty much makes the case that St. Skittles was the aggressor due to that abuse. If if goes to trial, which I think by now most of us agree it shouldn’t, then expert witnesses on this particular drug use can draw a line between chronic abuse, the effects on mental abilities/judgement, and the propensity for abusers to be paranoid and aggressive gives GZ even more for an affirmative defense. Good job all!

    • Aussie says:

      I am not in the medical field… but due to my involvement with a group of people who had been recovering from mental illness, I do know that drug abuse can and does cause psychosis. I think that this is a very good angle to check with regard to users of lean.

  21. Tommy says:

    If you’re wondering what kind of culture these kids are chasing by drinking/sippin’ “sizzurp”, purple drank, or “that lean” then check out this music vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsANbNz0W_c

    I grew up in Houston (where this trend began) and it was a commonly accepted “thang” in my old neighbrhood. In fact, it was so common that on Friday night (our local rap station 97.9) played “Screwed” music. Screwed music is any rap song that is remixed to play in slow motion to match the accompanying slow high that is caused by drinking the cough syrup/ juice mix. This musical trend was started by the aptly named DJ Screw (Swisha House Records http://www.theswishahouse.com/ ). To further illustrate what I mean, here’s an example of a Screwed Up/ Chopped up “song”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQcwXFJv9y0
    I can tell you from experience that dealing with someone who’s partaken off this drug/juice combo makes for a highly volatile situation. It’s very unlikely that someone would drink “purple drank” without doing other drugs in tandem, e.g. Marijuana, any variety of pills, and eventually cocaine to offset the effects of the codeine/ promethazine.

    • Tommy says:

      I forgot to mention that the “music” links above contain lewd lyrics… Caution!

      • Lee says:

        Too late, my ears are embarrassed. But, that reminds me of something – the twitter that was posted in this article – under sexual content – has a lyrical ryhme by Trayvon that is similiar to a youtube someone posted a day or two ago. Someone posted a video of three foul mouth individuals mixing one of these drinks. The young woman made a sexual rhyme and remark. Does anyone remember that? Or is it a lyric in a rap song? There’s something familiar what he line. Don’t make me repeat it – it’s the one about what you do to a B*****.

      • John Gault says:

        Look at TM’s youtube play lists. He liked lil Wayne.

      • Sharon says:

        Thanks for this note…we don’t “live to be offended” here at the Tree, but appreciate the heads-up when there’s Ugly Incoming so folks can make a choice. ;)

    • sirsurfer says:

      One other observation about the physiology involved with the drug use is the remarkable transformation in the face of Martin. The last pictures of him show a very different facial composition from his earlier photos.

      • MRM says:

        wonder if it makes yer lips purple…

        • WeeWeed says:

          Izzat raaaaaaaaaaaaayciiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss???

          • MRM says:

            Uhhhh, I was referring specifically to a certain ‘resident, whose lips seem to lean toward a purple-ish tint at times….. ;) (if you really think it comes across as raaaaaaycisssss tho, please delete!)

            • WeeWeed says:

              Joo know I’m messin’ with ya!! :D I really thought yas referring to the sizzurp, which in a certain area I know about, involves grape flavoring. :D

              • MRM says:

                I was! and to the lethargy and anger issues….. just sayin’ … :D

              • cajunkelly says:

                I was just reading and letting my thoughts stream and something “hit”. Remember the young lady who was attacked at the McD’s drive through a few days ago? Included in that attack was a male who threw something at her and said something about “white b***h” and “here’s a grape soda”. Now, did he *really* say “soda”? Or did he say “drank”?

                Could there be a connection? (shrug)

            • minpin says:

              There were many media “opportunities” where I thought the o’s lips looked to have a bluish tint. I thought that that was just the DNC promoting the Democrat blue donkey color. No?

              • MRM says:

                huh…. I never thought about the Dem blue before… and, I haven’t noticed that purple-ish tint in a while now. but for the first year or two, he always seemed to have purple lips…. so odd! And, I’m kidding (kind of..) but since zippy himself made the hypothetical family connection, I just thought perhaps they shared some interests as well…..

            • Aussie says:

              ooh yo is bad for those thoughts…. ROFLMAO…. yes… exactly…. a good point to make.

              Normally, or at least in white people, if the area above the lips is purple it might be a good idea to go look for heart problems.

              This happened with one of my nieces when at around the age of 2 it was discovered that not only she had a hole in the heart but also transposition of the veins in her heart, which is quite deadly. To cut a long story short… it was the health centre sister who had noticed something abnormal about her lips. The blue around her lips were the only sign of a problem.

              With the “resident” I feel sure that the purple lips could indeed be a sign of a user, probably of cocaine.

      • Tommy says:

        It’s hard to say for sure what all Trayvon did to his mind and body “extra-chemically” but there was definitely a growth spurt or two between the photos the media used initially, and his most recent photos.

    • Matt Cabe says:

      OMG! Does anybody remember that Trayvon had a song that he had posted to his YouTube account that had slowed down ‘screwed’ music? The puzzle pieces coming together now, eh.

    • With the policy of this site being to avoid blatant profanity where possible, I’ll say only this:

      Curse you, Sir — CURSE YOU ROUNDLY AND SOUNDLY — for having subjected my overworked mind to that MONSTROUS BLOODY EARWORM!!**

      My college-age daughter and her Frat-Prez boyfriend have been looking at me awfully funny since they heard me mumble-singing under my breath:

      “Sip-sip-sip-Sippin’ on some Sizzurp… Sip-sip-sip-…”


      Would someone PLEASE pass the brain-bleach??!!

      No – I think I’ll DRINK IT, IF NOBODY MINDS!!


      **no, not serious – not about the curses, anyway…

        • Tommy says:

          Well at least you didn’t get the 60 sec “intro” lodged into you musical memory… I think one could easily end up in jail if they were to walk around and mummer that in public. :)

      • Wesley L says:

        LOL, in all my 30+ years of DJing, I have nEvEr heard anyone describe an Earworm with such colorful abhorrence and loathsome eloquence as you have here! Thank You for re-igniting my waning flame of creative vernacular!! :D

  22. howie says:

    Omara is going to make Mincemeat out of Crump and Corey. Zimmerman was SYG against a drug crazed Gangster. The Little Monster is a product of his Liberal Environment. Just like millions of other Little Monsters the “Great Society” has loosed upon us.

    • Spot on, Howie. The RAP/HIP HOP/GANGSTA culture has effectively destroyed Americans born between 1985 and 2000. This once proud nation can expect further moral degradation and and societal disintegration for decades to come … perhaps until God decides to pull the plug on our mortal existence. Shame on Traymama and Traydaddy for allowing their spawn to evolve into Beelzebub. Hopefully, he’s roastin’ down below with a pitchfork in his thug hand.

      • howie says:

        I was just reading a report on Drudge. It says the Reverend Mr. Al Sharpton is involved with a 10k transaction with a drug dealer on trial. The guy is a Hip Hopper I think.

      • barnslayer says:

        Don’t give up on all of them. My daughter and her friends all born ~ 1986. Favorite musician… Weird Al.

      • I came of age in the late ’70s/early ’80s – when “hair metal bands” were the shiznit…

        I look at those old album covers today – guys with big girl-hair, shaved chest, tight spandex, etc and they’re just a step or 2 from female-impersonator territory… and…

        While the music still stirs some nostalgia, I’m more than a little embarrassed by some of the clothes I thought wers so cool and so on…

        I look at these KIDS today and can only hope that they too will someday think “man – how did we ever think these ghetto-criminals were so cool”… Otherwise, it must be a sign of the coming apocalypse…

        I like the “hope” option, personally — but that’s just me…

    • laura says:

      Blame the 60s for normalizing DRUG use.
      Blame the marketing of drug and violence on many including Hip Hop.
      Blame the poor state of youth development on the PARENT GAP.
      Blame society for failing to shame youth for engaging in HIGH Risk behaviors.

      Thanks DD for doing such an excellent job of laying out the details and evidence of drug abuse. No surprising to any aware parent raising kids today. It is happening everywhere, not just in ghettos or in urban centers.

      It is nauseating and extremely distressing.

      Taken together with the fact that much of the violence committed by young black males is the result of payback for disrespect. This is true of minor verbal assault on the sidewalk to drive by shootings. A misplaced sense of disrespect drives plenty of the violence perpetrated in the underclass and thug culture, it is excused, rationalized and inculturated and acculturated. A deranged form of logic that is just as troubling as using DMX to get high.

      Jerry Springer is all about violence for being disrespected.

      This “addiction to violence” is an American problem. Jazz critic and social commentary writer Stanley Crouch wrote about years ago. This is not a left versus right, great society versus pull your self up with your boostraps problem. This is a public health problem, that is threatening the moral fiber of our country.

      Stanley Crouch, Addicted to Violence, 2000

      Crouch’s essay will challenge anyone who still believes blacks adhere to groupthink.
      He has challenged riot ideology and the Black Panthers violence for decades.
      Not sure, but he is probably a Democrat, definitely an intellectual and his jazz reviews are wonderful.

      • howie says:

        Deranged is a good word for it. Their heros and role models are criminal prisoners seen on the prison shows on TV. They roam the streets like packs of Hyenas. A real crackdown should be imposed on them. Like the Cocaine Cowboys in Miami were. They are today.

        • Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

          The Cocaine Cowboys at least (indirectly) led to a lot of building and growth. Modern Miami would not exist but for the mountains of cash that the cowboys brought in.

          • stellap says:

            Back in the eighties, a Miami acquaintance hosted a dinner for a couple of us at an exclusive restaurant in Miami. He pointed out another table near to us, and said that they were a Columbian drug family. Our host was a wealthy Norwegian ex-pat from Venezuela. He had been involved in the oil business, and had been thrown out of Venezuela.

      • cajunkelly says:

        I disagree with all that “blaming”. It can all be compressed into ONE fact:

        Total lack of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

        • laura says:

          Far too simplistic.
          Children are shaped by their environments, opportunities, social and cultural norms and expectations. How resilient they are is largely determined by family structure. And when the teen years come, parents need the time and motivation to challenge forces that can seriously damage a child raised with the best intention and dedicated parents.

          Drug use can alter brain chemistry and function. This is a public health matter, society has a role in reducing drug access and availability to kids.

          • I lean toward personal responsibility myself too…

            Yes, environment is a factor, BUT…

            Good families have bad kids. Our problem-child FINALLY – MOSTLY – came around, but it was a long, LONG time and still thanks only to the Grace of G*d that she didn’t end up in prison or dead…

            OTOH, I’m just one of countless proofs that good people can come from even the worst of families – *IF* they have a sense of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!

  23. Lee says:

    Excellent reporting. I apparently live too secluded of a lifestyle – I had never heard of this drink. Now, I hear it has been around for years. With the internet – you know most of all of the kids have probably heard of it – if not already tried it. Somebody in Martin’s camp, had to have put two and two together – and thought of the cocktail mixer. They threw Chad in as the “Skittles” wanting “brother” to throw off the combining of the two. We all know Trayvon LOVED TO EAT, and EAT and Eat – “eat everything”! It’s dinner time, his father and soon to be new mother, go out for a four hour meal, leaving two growing boys alone, without food, to watch a basketball game. If he had $40 dollars in his pocket and was willing to walk nearly two miles (round trip)in the dark, cold, and rain for a snack – he would have loaded up. 7-Eleven majors in snack food – he buys no slim jims, no chips, no dips, no burritos, no chicken, no hotdogs, no fries, no donuts, no pastries, no little debbie’s, no peanuts, no popcorn, no powerbars, no candybars – buys one watermelon soda and one skittles – not plausible. If O’Mears does read these post – please start back at the beginning with Chad.

    • howie says:

      Is there a drug store near the 7-11?

    • chopp says:

      Maybe, he just wanted a pack of smokes. Didn’t he try to buy some?

      • Aussie says:

        that is an unproven assumption. He requested something, but it might not have been smokes. Perhaps it was Robitussen.

        • jimrtex says:

          The version with audio starts after when the clerk points over his shoulder. Was it redacted?

          • Aussie says:

            not sure if it was redacted. Basically, I do not think we can surmise that it was smokes. If 7-11 actually sells Robitussen then he probably asked for it.

    • Jello333 says:

      That’s one of the first things I thought too. Who walks nearly 2 miles round-trip, on a rainy, cold (for Florida) night just to buy a little bag of candy and a can of tea? And while I HAD heard of the slang term “skittles” as a kind of drug, I knew nothing about the watermelon connection. In fact, the other day when they first showed it was watermelon instead of tea, I didn’t think anything of it beyond the goofy racial component that I knew some people would make of it (on other sites, not here).

    • YES!


      That is **NOT** NORMAL!!

      The *ONLY* way that makes sense is if his appetite were suppressed — like happens with DXM abuse!

      The more I think, the more I believe “chad” was expecting to be “in” on the “Sippin’…”

  24. concerned mom says:

    I’ve followed your blog for some time, have never commented, but felt I needed to on this post. My 18 year old son is going to inpatient rehab for drug/alcohol use and mental health issues. What does that have to do with this? He started his drug use with Robitussin/DXM and ended up using much stronger stuff after a few years. He says he used DXM almost daily when he couldn’t afford anything else. It’s really nasty stuff, it’s made him violent at times and he doesn’t remember his actions the next day. Sure hope Zimmerman has this info.

    • Lee says:

      God bless you and your son! I wish you both well – stay strong. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sharon says:

      Oh, cm. (( )) Thank you for sharing, and also affirming DD’s points from personal knowledge.

    • Aussie says:

      thanks for posting this information. I think it may need some follow up. I hope to offer up something from my experiences with people who had mental illness due to their drug use. I do not think any of them took DXM but most of them used MJ

    • MRM says:

      @concerned mom – I hope and pray that your son’s rehab goes smoothly and that you and your family are able to recover from this. God bless you.

    • No Longer Puzzled! says:

      Your son will not suffer the same fate as Trayvon because you are a concerned mom, unlike Fulton. I too, place the blame on the negligent parents. Their son was secondary to them. Caring parents place their own children as first priority. Sabryna could not be bothered with flying out to check on her son after she heard of what happened. There was no apparent sincere love, the type a mother shows for a son. It’s a reflection of how she did not go to much effort for him when he was still alive. If the best you can say of your child is that he loved to eat, that’s sad. Tracy Martin wasn’t concerned that the police activity a few yards from him may have involved a son who was expelled from school? If a teen had been grounded that night, and he was nowhere to be seen, that parent should have been chasing him down as soon as they noticed to enforce the punishment. He could not be “bothered” it seems. Tracy and Sabryna Fulton who seem to enjoy media exposure and monetary gain at the risk of revealing their teen age son’s private ordeals should be held up in the same media as examples of BAD PARENTING.

    • My heart goes out to you…

      If it makes you feel any better, I once had a pretty serious freebase-cocaine habit.

      I woke up one day, didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and decided to do something about it.

      Almost 25 years later I’m about as successful as I could realistically expect to be. I’ve got a beautiful home, a beautiful wife, and some amazing kids… Life is GOOD!

      With enough will-power anyone can do it — there *IS* life after addiction!!

      • Aussie says:

        On this front, I have news of a girl that I knew to be an heroin addict. She appears to be clean right now, has married, and has just given birth to a little girl. Her other child, a son, went through withdrawal after his birth. The whole thing was very traumatic for the adoptive parents/grandparents.

  25. recoverydotgod says:

    Really great work. Good information for parents and youth.

    The very beginning of the phone call to the non-emergency line will hopefully get the focus it needs, before being asked ethnicity and clothing questions by the dispatcher.

    Zimmerman: Hey we’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy, uh, [near] Retreat View Circle, um, the best address I can give you is 111 Retreat View Circle. This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

    Prosecutor Corey’s word “profiled” deservedly hardest hit.

  26. knowthyenemy says:

    First of all i want to say u did an INCREDIBLE job pulling all of that 2gether. My mouth was literally open when i started reading it. Makes so much sense in hindsight #props4dedication

    >>>>> I come across this info and thought ya’ll might wanna see it:

    Cσurtníє! ♥

    RIP Grandma — November 27 2011 .. & Trayvon — February 26 2012 3 .. i’ll never forget you , i promise♥

    Crossroads of my Mind . · http://cocolashawn.tumblr.com/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/_YOURhiqhness



    Instagram: _yourhiqhness

    >>>>> Trayvon tweeted three months ago:
    @T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3: RT @_YOURhiqhness You will always be my baby <3

  27. krddurham says:

    “… 6. Lean is a mixed drink originating in the Southern Rap culture. It is a mixture of Promethazine and Codeine cough syrup and a soft drink such as Sprite (usually). While other soft drinks may be used, Sprite was the original. And now also Arizona Watermelon for Watermelon Drank/Lean

    Did you add the last part? I did not see that sentence in your link to Urban Dictionary.

    • Yes, to click on that delivers you to the Cannibus website where Purple Drank/Lean being replaced with “arazona watermelon” their spelling is discussed ad infinum.

      • krddurham says:

        Thanks for the clarification. It was quoted in DD’s post as if it was from the Urban Dictionary. I followed the link when I was reading the post. Those posters on the Cannabis.com message board do not seem to be talking about making “Watermelon Drank/Lean” with Arizona Watermelon juice. They seem to be just talking about different watermelon flavored drinks.

        • John Galt says:

          Right, nobody ever thought about watermelon flavored codeine drank. That’s why there is a song titled “watermelon sizzurp”.

        • Several people on that site are specifically talking about Purple Drank aka “lean” turned into Watermelon Drank with the use of Arizona Watermelon Drink. Don’t know why you selectively choose not to see that.

          • krddurham says:

            Several? Can you name one poster that is “specifically talking about Purple Drank aka “lean” turned into Watermelon Drank with the use of Arizona Watermelon Drink”? They are not discussing that in the link that was provided, IMO.

  28. a.paul says:

    I was under the impression the watermelon beverage can hadn’t been opened. Are you saying he was under the influence at the time?

    • Aussie says:

      this is an aspect that people need to consider. Due to the addiction and usage of this lean, I would suggest that TM’s head was already at the point of being f’d up, and that he did not need to be under the influence at the time.

      • Kyozokuninja says:

        Apparently they also soak joints in lean. He could have allegedly met up with someone on his walk to partake of the same.

    • Personally, I think he was. Ithink perhaps hefound a bottle of “robo” in the cabinet, chugged half of it and decided

      “This tastes like $#!+ – I’m going to the STORE!” – planning to come home and relax, watch the game and finish it off in time to go to bed before the parents got home or maybe get online with friends or whatever…

      Maybe it hit him harder than before – maybe drinking it straight helped – I don’t know – but
      *THE ORIGINAL* vids – not the ones posted above, but the first ones we saw – made him look WASTED. Someone – I believe Sharon – timed it, and he took a full 1:23 just to fish two coins out of his pocket!!

      These vids have been sped up so he looks pretty normal — NOT AT ALL normal in the originals!!

      • jimrtex says:

        The 7-11 film were bunches of single frames, either made with motion-sensing camera, or motion-sensing recorder. If two frames are about the same, the second doesn’t get saved. If you look at the Miami Herald version, they’ve put a time stamp down in the lower corner. Sometimes it is HH:MM:SS and other times it is HH:MM:SS FF where the frame number is sequencing. And then other times it simply skips multiple seconds.

        The networks did some editing to make it into a video. So if there is only one frame for a second they would duplicate it, or perhaps even doing some fades. The ABC version has a cursor flying around the right side, so whoever was producing their version was careless with a mouse. CNN has the store clerk vanish into the ether and re-appear. When Martin is looking for the skittles he goes off camera, this is as the clerk is crossing from the back of the store to behind the counter. CNN eliminates the frames that don’t show Martin, but would continue to look toward the back of the store. So when Martin comes back into view, the clerk suddenly pops up behind the counter looking toward the cash register.

        Most of the networks edited the part about where Martin heads to the back of the store. One has him paying and walking towards the door.

        Another has him turning around and walking to the back of the store, as if that is the exit. The first time you see him walking towards the back it doesn’t look so odd, it is just when he turns around the second time and walks to the front. I can’t see anything he picks up on the floor when he leans over. And it seems if he lost something he would be doing some more looking, instead of just walking right to a location, which was before he was at the counter, and before he got the skittles.

        When he picks up the skittles from the counter, there is an odd motion. He either reaches for the skittles and misses; or he puts the pennies in the clerks hand, and takes another coin and places it on the counter, and the takes the skittles.

        Also the video with audio starts after the clerk points over his shoulder, and it appears to be shaking his head in a negative fashion. If Martin is asking for cough medicine, and 7-11 cards, that would have been when it happened. There was legislation proposed that would control DXM sales to minors in the Florida legislature this last session but it did not pass, but there could well be individual store practices.

  29. Susiejoe says:

    Excellent research. Martin did not have to necessarily purchase Robitussin. He could have had it and just gone to the store to get the juice and Skittles.

  30. 2ntense says:

    Excellent work! Thank you.

  31. Cesar BBiano says:

    That boy was lookin’ for a fix on my birthday (June 27)?! :U
    Interesting article btw! Very informative.
    I chuckle at the idea of Trayvon supporters waving around ingredients to a drug concoction. lol

  32. CTDAR says:

    Anyone MD? Be interested to learn exactly why the liver description in the autopsy report was as is? Figured in someone so young all the vital organs would be in great shape? Was description due to heredity, diet or drugs/alcohol?

    • Brahms says:

      I am. He’s calling it mild fatty metamorphosis which is usually from alcohol.


      • CTDAR says:

        Thank you Brahms; anything you can determine by the liver discoloration, is that reflection of alcohol also?

        • Brahms says:

          The discoloration is describing the fatty metamorphosis – the liver otherwise looks normal. In chronic alcoholics, the entire liver will be yellowish. In this case, its a little bit of early damage from alcohol, reversible I think. So he’s a drinker, pot smoker, and Purple Drank drinker – that we know of.

          • a.paul says:

            I’m not saying he wasn’t a drinker, but the DXM (and the other syrup ingredients) would damage his liver, so liver damage doesn’t mean he was a drinker. Tylenol is more hepatotoxic than almost anything, and if he bought the Robitussin “for aches and pains”–there you go.

          • CTDAR says:

            Thank you

      • Aussie says:

        I am not a medical person, but that was my first thought on the subject that it was usually due to alcohol. This is probably due to knowing some details about a former co-worker and his issues.

    • I’m NOT – but anecdotally we’ve heard “chugging ONE BOTTLE of robitussin does as much damage to your liver as being a full-blown alcoholic FOR A YEAR!”

      *IF* he was dumb enough to be using cold-meds that include acetaminophen, then it would be even worse…

  33. Lorac says:

    Excellent job DD. I just wanted to point out something that was in TM autopsy. It shows 400 ml or approx 13.5 oz of gastric fluid with food particles. I checked online for several other PDF file autopsies. I was unable to find any with that large of a gastric fluid content. Now with that being said we do not know when TM last ate or drank. The autopsy doesn’t describe the breakdown of food it says gastric fluid and food particles. I’m no expert but when it says fluid, it leads me to believe that TM recently drank something. I wonder if they tested his stomach content for drugs. One would think they would have since it is listed as a homicide. Just a thought.

    • Lorac says:

      Another thing in the autopsy summary the ME states that shortly after the phone call GZ made to 911 he confronted TM. How the heck does he know who confronted who. Was he there? I thought an autopsy was to report actual findings not to give a personal opinion!

      • chopp says:

        Where does it actually state this? I’m looking at the autopsy report and can’t find it. Nor can I find an “autopsy summary” section. Regardless, he can not testify to a subject outside his expertise.

        • CTDAR says:

          pp 12-13

          • Lorac says:

            http://estaticos.elmundo.es/documentos/2012/05/18/trayvon_martin.pdf On page 5 of the PDF under gastrointestinal it state he has 400 ml of gastric fluid with food particles. on page 10 of the PDF it says what was sent for exam. Blood and urine was sent but gastric and liver were not. If he had ingested drugs they would be detoxed through the liver and would still be in the stomach contents. It does say they were retained. Hopefully that means both are still available for examination. As for what is written about GZ confronting TM on pg 13 it is part of the ME case report so that leads me to believe the ME wrote it.

        • jimrtex says:

          Chris Serino arrived at crime scene at 8:00. At 8:20 he called medical examiner. Medical examiner investigator arrived at 9:44. Seminole County contracts with Volusia County for medical examiner services. I think they are based in Daytona Beach (Martin’s body left the shooting location a little after 10, and took an 1H 20M to get to the medical examiner’s office, where the autopsy was done the next day.

          The first part of the medical examiner report says the point of contact was Chris Serino is was the lead investigator on the case for the Sanford Police. The paragraph is prefaced by “he stated: ”

          That is, it is what Serino told the medical examiner after he had been on the scene 20 minutes. Zimmerman had been taken away real quick. He was taken to the back of a squad car out on the street, where he administered first aid by the EMT, who at least cleaned up the blood, and must have at least done some cursory testing for concussion. Martin was at the jail by 7:52. And the arresting officer reported that he only overheard Zimmerman tell the EMT that he had been calling for help. No one interviewed him at the scene (perhaps a name). But some of the officers knew him form neighborhood watch (either presentations or when they had responded). There were neighbors around – one had to be told to leave the area. So Serino says that Zimmerman was on neighborhood walking patrol, but places everything between the two buildings, He says there was some fighting, a shot, and Martin fell down, and that he had a wound to the chest. Other than the part that he could observe (Martin had a chest wound), most wasn’t really accurate.

          Serino could have been deliberately vague. You want the medical examiner to make his own conclusions about distance and trajectory, and whether there were injuries from fighting, etc.

          Serino did interview a few witnesses before the ME investigator arrived at 9:44. But I think it is what Serino told her at 8:20. While Serino was on the scene, he called over to the police department and told the investigator to take all restraints off Zimmerman before interviewing him. That is is, there was a strong possibility of self-defense.

          But it appears that part of that vary cursory, preliminary report found it into the affidavit of probable cause “Zimmerman didn’t believe Martin belonged in the gated neighborhood”. While it might be a correct inference that Zimmerman didn’t believe that suspicious characters walking around looking like they are on drugs don’t belong in the neighborhood, it is still a conclusion drawn by Serino.

      • CTDAR says:

        POC /person of contact (at scene) was Sanford Investigator Serino who wrote the report describing incident which was included in autopsy report, not ME.

    • chopp says:

      Goggling around, the description of the liver is not uncommon, i.e., 20% of adults and 5% of children have fatty deposits due to a number of reasons.

    • Wonder if it’s full of “Robo”…

  34. chopp says:

    Someone asked if the can had been opened. Judging by the way it is weighing down the tarp, it appears to be unopened.

    • Bill says:

      yeah they never specifically mentioned if the can of tea or skittles were open in the police report but probably not open becuz they initially found the can in trayvon’s hoodie pocket under his body. Then they placed it on the blanket. its all in the report if you want to wade through 180 pages.

      • a.paul says:

        Yes, it is in the report. I have waded through it. That’s why I asked if DD was saying The Sainted Young Mister Martin was under the influence at the time or not–since the can wasn’t opened. Then I figured I’d just missed something, so I asked.

        • Sandusky says:

          I agree that you make a good point. However, assuming that the can wasn’t opened (and given what we know now, thanks to the amazing Dedicated Dad), I believe it can easily be argued from the evidence that he *had* been indulging in Lean and had run out of some or all of the ingredients so went out to buy more, or (b) he’d been indulging in some other form of drug use and now wanted some Lean as well. The tox screen and autopsy should provide the answer if someone has the skills necessary to interpret the results (if and when the full results are made available). And I see from further up this thread that we have one MD who’s a reader – perhaps there are some other well-qualified readers as well.

          • howie says:

            I do not know. I never heard about it til I read it here. But the Glove fits. I wonder how much Drank a thug can drink in a day? How many drinks of drank it takes to get drunk. Drinking Drank can be harmful to one’s health. Maybe a warning notice on the Watermelon Juice would help. Also on Skittles.

  35. Ms.Tee says:

    Wow! What an exhaustive compilation.

    Slighltly OT: This is one of the reasons why, in some states, such as FL, you have to present an ID at the pharmacist just to a get a bottle of cold medicine. SMH.

    • Susie says:

      NJ too.

    • BigZim says:

      Trayvon knew all about those Pharmacy Restrictions down there in his State of Florida! Now Yo tell me how many 17-year old young men in Yo neighborhood are so well versed and researched in State Rules & Regulations concerning Pharmacy dispensing of these Opiates???

      • Sharon says:

        …I hope the state legislators figure out that that kids who want stuff they shouldn’t have do have access to false or stolen ids. That kind of control measure only works until criminal minds adapt.

    • marie says:

      Such meds are behind the counter and one has to show ID to prove one is 18 in my state of CA.

    • Sharon says:

      MN, too. Those regulations stop abuse of this kind to the same degree that protection orders stop spousal violence.

    • minpin says:

      In the 711 tape, the clerk turns, and throws up his hands as if he is telling TM that he doesn’t have any of that. If cough medicine with codine is sold from behind the counter, I wonder if TM was asking the clerk if he had any cough medicine.

      • ejarra says:

        I was about to say the same thing. When I first say the tape I though he was asking for papers (rolling) then after learning about this “special drink” I thought he may have asked about cough syrup. On the right side of the screen, behind the counter, it looks like rows of cough syrup. Now I curious as to what he said which prompted the clerk to point to the wall.

      • a.paul says:

        They don’t sell cough syrup with codeine at 7-11. I’m not even sure they have Robitussin.

        Codeine is an opiate. Prescription only. That’s why it was hard for The Sainted Young Mister Martin to get it.

        • Aussie says:

          same sort of, over here. Panadeine Forte I think is now via prescription. It has the codeine in it.

          What surprises me is that any of these medicine products would be available at a 7-11. I can understand at Walmart because they have the Chemist or Pharmacy section.

          I checked a local supermarket today and the OTC Robitussen does not have the DMX formula. It has something else, but I do think that it should not be available in the supermarket because they could still use it to make other drugs.

          • IF I understood what I’ve read correctly, DXM is prescription-only everywhere but the US.

            We have life-saving meds held up for YEARS by our FDA but this poison is available to any kid that wants it except where interdictiion is ATTEMPTED by state law!!

            God Bless America~~!!

            • Aussie says:

              Robitussin has never been prescription only over here.

              This is as bad as Ibuprofen being freely available without the necessary warnings regarding the fact that you must not use it until after food.

          • Bob says:

            A grocery store would also handle such cough meds too. So St Skittles could have gotten them there too.

  36. Pingback: Trayvon Martin killed by "neighborhood watch" in Miami by mZep - Page 124 - TribalWar Forums

  37. AA says:

    Zimmerman was taking Adderal and Temazepam together. That cocktail can produce paradoxical effects. Z is the one who was tripping. One of the known symptoms is uninhibited aggression.

    • howie says:

      Thanks I needed a good laugh!

    • a.paul says:

      Strictly speaking…you’re wrong. But then you knew that.
      Why would he take a sleeping pill just before he drove off to target? Common sense…to paraphrase Simon and Garfunkel, ‘where have you gone, common sense, our nation turns their lonely eyes to you….’.

      • Nicole says:

        To keep the facts straight, It was actually proven in the tox report that GZ had temezepam in his system.

        • a.paul says:

          Kindly provide a link to the toxicology report performed on George Zimmerman, thank you.

          To the best of my knowledge there was no such test performed. And as recently as a few days ago Crump was still hollering and whining that no such test was performed, so if you have knowledge of such a test, you should probably clue him in.


        • minpin says:

          There was no toxicology test done on GZ. His medical report from his doctor listed that it was prescribed for GZ. No one knows if he took the medication. Let’s keep the facts straight.

        • krddurham says:

          Really? The medical report, done by GZ’s family physician, indicates that prior to the shooting GZ had been prescribed Adderall and Temazepam, but I doesn’t appear that a toxicology test was administered to GZ after killing TM. Which, again, is unusual.

          • ejarra says:

            OR, maybe there was one and GZ’s came up clean. Crump would have this report. I would think that if there was ANYTHING in it of substance, Crump and Corey would be all over it. That’s a bet I would make.

            • a.paul says:

              There wasn’t one. There was no need of one and one couldn’t legally (I’m pretty sure) have been performed (although George was so damn cooperative he probably would’ve given them samples if they wanted).

              • ejarra says:

                He agreed to a voice stress test, which makes me think he would have agreed to a breathalyzer and blood toxology test. Again I’ll bet it came up with nada.

                • a.paul says:

                  If he had it would have leaked by now, and Crump wouldn’t be saying it hadn’t been done. If it showed nothing he’d ignore the issue.

          • John Gault says:

            Why do you persist in lying after multiple people have already called BS on your blatant lies? Do you work for Crump?

            • Sharon says:

              The.last.five.words.of.your.comment, John Gault. Precisely the issue.

            • krddurham says:

              What did I lie about? Are you saying that GZ wasn’t prescribed Adderall and Temazepam prior to the shooting? According to the evidence, you would be wrong. Also, there was no tox test done on GZ. That’s true, too.

              So, WTF is your problem?

        • Aussie says:

          speaking garbage again Nicole? According to the Traydemarkites GZ was not given a toxicology test.

      • AA says:

        What part of what I said was wrong? Benzo is well known for paradoxical effects. Parents beat their own kids to death while on that drug. Its why they are not recommended for extended periods of time.

        People take them for recreational purposes too.

        I can only imagine what the effects would be from a couple of benzo downers and a couple of meth amphetamines together would do to someone who already has ADHD and The Barney Fife Syndrome.

        • a.paul says:

          I think–considering the sheer number of prescriptions filled for these various ADD/ADHD meds–that line isn’t really a can of worms you people want to open.

          Furthermore, you’re not offering any sort of proof. You’re simply inventing a narrative, and then, Goebbels like, running with it.

          • AA says:

            Thats kind of like the article above. There is no proof that TM was using cough syrup. It didn’t show up in the toxicology report. A narrative was created and ran with, Goebbels like.
            There is proof that GZ was prescribed and likely taking a powerful cocktail of speed and downers.

            • a.paul says:

              Ahhh–but here’s the difference. You stated

              “Zimmerman was taking Adderal and Temazepam together. That cocktail can produce paradoxical effects. Z is the one who was tripping. One of the known symptoms is uninhibited aggression.”

              And DD just offered a theory based on the evidence. I know–it’s a little complicated and you seem a little simple…but I’m sure if you think about it long enough you’ll be able to work through it. After all–Pinocchio was able to become a real live boy by wishing hard enough!

              And…just a little gently correction for you–we don’t know if it showed up on the tox screen or not. We don’t even know if it was tested for, so you can’t really hang your hat on that.

              There is proof George was prescribed medication, good job, you got one half right. Half right because there’s no proof he took them, and because Adderall doesn’t react with an ADD brain the same as a non-ADD brain.


              • Lorac says:

                Great come back. Here is the difference. GZ was ordered PRESCRIPTION meds by a MD. The THC in TM tox report is illegal cause Skittle lived in Florida were pot is illegal!! Hopefully they have retained the gastric content so it can be screened for drugs too. Along with his liver..

              • “…I know–it’s a little complicated and you seem a little simple…but I’m sure if you think about it long enough you’ll be able to work through it. After all–Pinocchio was able to become a real live boy by wishing hard enough!…”

                I LLOLed.

                I think I love you!**

                *IF* JZ were actually taking these meds, he ABSOLUTELY WAS NOT taking them together, ergo the term “cocktail” is deliberately inflammatory and inaccurate.

                Irealize it’s hard to grasp, but one person taking medicine as prescribed by and under the supervision of a licensed physician is not the same as another person using different drugs – at doses far above their therapeutic levels, for recreational purposes.

                I personally take enough narcotics in a day to literally KILL an average person – but because I’m handicapped by severe pain that would otherwise be unbearable, I drive, walk, talk and otherwise handle my business and life in such a way that those who do not know me well would never know I was taking anything at all.

                The same applies to Jorge – but then you knew that already, didn’t you…

                **(in only the most hetero-normative way a married guy who would rather self-immolate than break a solemn vow can possibly love a fellow treeper of as-yet-undetermined gender…
                Void where prohibited. Your mileage may vary. Batteries not included. Some assembly required. )

            • laura says:

              The critical distinctions are
              1. age and brain development affecting judgment
              2. abuse versus medical treatment

            • minpin says:

              The full TM toxicology report was not released. The only portion that was released was the section showing pot.

              It’s a good thing that you added “likely” to your statement about the drugs that GZ may have taken, because that means you have no clue.

              The only Goebbels like narrative that has flooded the airwaves was the one concocted by Crump/Julison scheme team, and I see you are doing your best to keep it alive.

            • minpin says:

              Hey AA- Are you also known as JR?

            • Aussie says:

              we have not seen the full toxicology report so you are just full of the old mushroom fodder

        • howie says:

          More! More! I love comedy.

        • Aussie says:

          the problem is that you are making a blanket statement about a class of drugs that are legally prescribed to people, and that have different effects per the different types within those drugs.

          Temazepam is prescribed for sleep disorders. It works in a different way than valium and low-dose valium, since this is prescribed mostly to be a muscle relaxant. It is advised that one does not drive after taking Temazepam.

          There are other drugs in that category, including Xanax which is prescribed for anxiety disorders. One of the side effects of taking speed, (not the prescribed adderall which is for people with high levels of brain activity) is that it can cause anxiety and some other nasty things, on top of the aggressive behaviour.

          Where these drugs are taken illegally, yes there will be unexpected side effects as a result of taking them. However, when taken legally for medical reasons, then you will not necessarily get those same side effects.

          There is no evidence that GZ acted aggressively. To the contrary, the police tape tells us a lot about GZ that night… and it indicates that TM was indeed the aggressor.

          • minpin says:

            Was there any indication as to the date that GZ was prescribed the medications in his doctor’s medical report? If Temazepam is a muscle relaxant, it could have been prescribed after the incident. Didn’t the doctor note that GZ had a minor back injury? Muscle relaxants are prescribed for back pain. Also, if it was prescribed as a sleep aid, wouldn’t everyone agree that GZ would have a hard time getting to sleep after the incident? I’m curious on what dates the medications were first prescribed.

            • Lee says:

              Also, Zimmerman family members had said George was spending nights in the hospital with his Grandmother And at the same time helping his father who had taken ill. The medications may have been recommended because of the new sleep patterns.

            • Aussie says:

              Temazepam is not a muscle relaxant…. that is half-strength Valium. Temazepam is prescribed for sleep disorders

        • Jello333 says:

          I assume you haven’t listened to Zimmerman’s call to the police dispatcher. Because if you had, I think you’d agree that he sounded perfectly normal on that tape. Maybe a little concerned/fearful when Martin was right near the car for awhile. Maybe a little frustrated when he said “they always get away”. But other than that, even after he had “chased” Martin for a few seconds, he sounded perfectly calm, lucid…. normal. Of course this doesn’t prove how he acted during the eventual confrontation, but there seems to be NOTHING on that phone call that shows GZ was having any side-effects from any drug.

        • Somuchtolearn says:

          I know I am a newbiee . However, I am also an outspoken person that is bi- polar.Notice I did not say suffer from being bi- polar.I take clonapine ( a downer, as u say) and tri-leptil. I am not drugged out nor overly aggressive. The only “crazy” people, are those that refuse, for fear of being labeled, to admit they need help. persons whose brain works differently isnt affected the same way a drug addict is. Sorry, You want to keep Trayvons thug life, Tupac worshipping, Rampage Jackson, interest out of the spotlight then you need to stop bringing up half truth history about a man you know little about! Trayvon bragged about his thug life to anyone who would listen. Zimmerman just tried to help the black and white and hispanic community he loved. The same one that had numerous break ins over the last few months. He didn’t advertise anything negative on his facebook or twitter about the people he thought were doing it. When you speak about legal prescribed drugs, you know little about, you are also speaking about the lives of those that must take them.

    • krddurham says:

      It’s very unusual that GZ wasn’t given a toxicology test after killing someone.

      • a.paul says:

        And you’re so certain of this because…?

      • John Gault says:

        Are you intentionally lying or are you just ignorant? The pertinent statutes precluded testing of GZ in the absence of probable cause that he was under the influence. Might want to brush up on the 4th Amendment.

      • minpin says:

        GZ was not arrested, therefore no tox tests were required or allowed.

        • howie says:

          He was detained. Same as arrested. He was not charged though. I wonder about Miranda?

          • a.paul says:

            You know, it’s funny–a few years ago one of my neighbors accused one of my dogs of biting her, so a few days after it happened a local cop brought over a summons for me–you know, a summons. Like a traffic ticket. The same exact form.

            Imagine my shock when we got to court and the prosecutor described me as having been arrested. No miranda, no “okay, when you take this ticket from my hand you’ll be considered arrested” warning, nothing.

            Cops can be sneaky critters. You have to watch them.

            • howie says:

              That is why my Rx for thugs is 101 Dobermans. One free bite each. Unless your Dog had a rap sheet you will be OK. Even Corey could not persecute you.

              • a.paul says:

                You’d be shocked.

                It cost me a lot of time and grief and about 5 grand in lost work (self employed, and had to run back to court I think 4 times) and paying her “medical bills” even though all she had–and she testified to it–was a scratch.

                Never trust the justice system.

                Heck…the judge and I even had a bit of a yelling match about something he was wrong on. I don’t believe in that “Yes your honor whatever you say your honor” garbage. He was wrong and I told him so. A friend of mine was there working as a bailiff. Should’ve seen his face.

                At one point the prosecutor told a flat out lie and I called him on it too. I should’ve just gotten a lawyer from the beginning.

          • minpin says:

            GZ was taken to the police station for questioning. He was not arrested. There was no capias request issued that night, even though Det. Chris Serino wanted to charge him with Manslaughter. His request was denied as there was no probable cause established. GZ claimed self-defense.

            GZ could not have been drug tested that night without a probable cause affidavit, and a search warrant. If a drug test was done on him, without probable cause, the results would have been thrown out and not admitted as evidence in court.

            • Susiejoe says:

              news report I read said that George tested for Adderall.

              • Aussie says:

                If a news report said that then it is fabricated.

                There was no toxicology test. His doctor provided the information about the prescribed dose of Adderall.

              • minpin says:

                GZ was not drug tested. Any “report” saying he tested positive for anything is false. This is how rumors get spread around.

            • a.paul says:

              First of all–being arrested is a funny thing. Sometimes you wouldn’t think you are–but they think you are, and that’s why you need a lawyer ASAP any time you deal with the police.
              Secondly, he certainly could’ve had a drug test done that night. For gosh sakes, the man spent hours there with them, and went back over the next couple of days to answer questions, chat, do a re-enactment and the voice stress analysis…if they’d said “hey George, we wanna help you here, to do that we need to make sure you’re not drunk or anything”–he’d have done it, judging from his level of cooperation.

              And, had he consented or even “offered”–I highly doubt it would’ve been thrown out.

              Don’t confuse how the law and the criminal justice system is supposed to work with how it actually works.

              • minpin says:

                GZ was not drug tested, period. Why do you think Al Sharpton screamed that a dead kid was drug tested, but the shooter was not. Crump has been screaming about GZ not having been drug tested. When Serino spilled his tongue to Tracy the next day, he would have told him if GZ had been drug tested. Serino was looking hard for GZ lies, and any way he could to find negative info on GZ.

                According to the 4th Amend., Search and Seizure, GZ could not be drug tested without the establishment of probable cause. Police cannot drug test you, if you are stopped in your vehicle, unless they have reason to believe that you are intoxicated. Why do you think they do there little tests like making you walk a straight line, or counting backwards. If you fail those sobriety tests, then they have established probable cause, and then can take you in and do drug testing.

                Why do you think Serino called into the police station that night and asked that GZ’s handcuffs be removed? He claimed self-defense, and the early witness statements from that night pointed to self-defense. Serino could not provide probable cause that GZ committed a crime. That’s why his request to charge GZ with Manslaughter was overridden. There was no probable cause established. I’m sure that GZ would have submitted to drug testing, but the police knew it was against the law to do that. GZ didn’t have a lawyer present. If any drug test was done, it would have been thrown out, and would have been inadmissible as evidence no matter what the results were. The police made some mistakes, but they were smart enough not to make that one.

          • Not even cLOSE.

            Detention and Arrest ARE NOT REMOTELY THE SAME THING.

            It’s not my job to educate you, but I will say “research the difference between a ‘terry stop’ — which amounts to an involuntary detention – and an arrest.

            Handcuffs *ARE NOT* the distinguishing factor!

        • krddurham says:

          That could be the case. In Charlotte, NC, drug testing is a routine part of a homicide investigation. Must be different in Florida.

          • a.paul says:

            And you know this how?

            • krddurham says:

              During a homicide investigation, when the assailant is still on the scene, we ask them to take a drug test. It’s voluntary, not mandatory. It usually helps the defendant.

          • Juanj says:

            Florida statutes 790.153 and 790.155 make clear that he can not be tested without probable cause indicating he was under the influence. And the officers on the scene and those that later interviewed him apparently found no such probable cause.

      • Lulu says:

        The Sanford PD went down that road weeks ago. They cannot order a toxicology report unless they have probable cause. They did not have any reason to arrest and detain GZ, ergo no reason to order a tox report.

        • Lulu says:

          The tox report on TM was a standard part of the autopsy done on a person who is a victim of a homicide. It showed no discrimination on anyone’s part.

      • Susiejoe says:

        It was a pretty obvious situation of self defense. If George’s behavior had been out there, I’m sure they would have tested him. I’m not so sure that they did not. I read in a newspaper article that he had tested for Adderall and that was all. Its hard to know what to believe in this mess with so many false rumors floating around.

    • Sandusky says:

      Right. And that “uninhibited aggression” is so severe that even shooting someone at close range isn’t enough to to satisfy the tripper – he doesn’t calm down until he’s broken his own nose, bruised the lower part of his face, and smashed the back of his head repeatedly against the pavement. Wow, good thing he got it all out of his system before the cops arrived – the evil Mr. Hyde persona only had a couple of minutes in which to be transformed back into the quiet, helpful Dr. Jekyll type, so he was cutting it pretty close.

    • Aussie says:

      Really? You know nothing on the subject.

      Let me advise you that when a person has ADHD, the Adderall slows down the brain activity and has a calming effect. The Temazepan is for sleeping disorders. GZ would not have taken Temazepan and then driven his car!!!!!

      • Kyozokuninja says:

        Well said, Aussie. Also, according to studies, aggression is a rarely seen symptom. Rather like the commercials where they list every known symptom (many times including death) in order to keep back liability claims. Pharmaceutical companies cover their butts very, very well to keep away from litigation from the people who use their drugs.

        • Aussie says:

          you make an excellent point. Correct. The drug companies would not want to be sued.

        • g8rmom7 says:

          Good point…I wonder what the lawyers for Robitussin or the pharma company that makes it are doing to protect their interests since their drug is being used improperly and doing harm. It’s only a matter of time before someone sues them (of course not saying it’s their fault if someone is using it improperly) over it.

          • Kyozokuninja says:

            The url that is at the bottom of this comment comes from the Physician’s Desk Reference Concise Monograph regarding dextromethophan, etc. When prescribed, this information is included in the box and also given in short form by the pharmacist. In the Robi DM boxes I have gotten to cure cough, it is also in the box.

            Promethazine DM
            ( dextromethorphan hbr, promethazine hcl ) – Various


            • barnslayer says:

              Maybe I’m missing something on the link. It sounds like all the scenarios the PDR is detailing are decreased functions. Of course they may be limiting their list to reasonable possible combinations, not criminal or bizarre ones (ie. “don’t take with Chlorox”)

              • Kyozokuninja says:

                It’s rather like a ‘waiver’. They’re telling you everything that *could* go wrong.

                • barnslayer says:

                  I get that. (I have a DEA license #). I’m saying the PDR list of possibles wouldn’t make someone an aggressor. It doesn’t cover the “creative” dopers combinations which could have quite different results.

              • Aussie says:

                ack who would take it with Chlorox!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????

            • Robo doesn’t contain promethazine – it’s a prescription ingredient…

      • AA says:

        I wasn’t talking about the Speed. I was talking about the Benzo.

        Lots of people take Temazepam and drive. If he had taken this drug, or both drugs, he could have had a reaction.

        That’s why he chased the kid behind the apartments. This act of running after TM shows disinhibation. He could very well have been experiencing Paradoxical effects from drug abuse.

        • Aussie says:

          then those lots of people are not people who were prescribed Temazepan.

          The purpose of Temaze (the name under which I have a bottle) is for sleeping. It is not a muscle relaxant.

          One can take the half-strength valium and drive but not the Temazepan.


        • Aussie says:

          BTW your knowledge of the various types of Benzos really sucks, and you know nothing about Temazepan based upon the crap that you wrote.

          On the other hand, I have used Temaze due to sleeping problems caused by pain. It has not had any such effect, and it was strictly take before going to bed at night.

          There are other benzos such as Xanax that are taken at different times. I have not ever used that particular item.

          Then there is valium and half-strength valium. In the past I have been prescribed both. The half-strength valium is for muscle spasm. It can in fact make a person feel sleepy and it is best not to drive if it can be avoided. The valium was prescribed for a similar reason but at the time it was never explained about why it was prescribed when I was in hospital. It must have had something to do with my injury!!

          • Susiejoe says:

            Hold up a minute. I’m not a pharmacist but from my experience and knowledge – BOTH the cough syrup and the Adderall can cause serotonin syndrome which I think is the problem that can lead to suicidal/homicidal or violent behavior. With such a problem, the person is not necessarily mediated so the drug tests are meaningless. But the catch – such a state would not be something that occurred once at a brief event. The person would have been exhibiting behavioral and/or physical problems before and after. Martin was the one removed from school. Am I correct that his school records are still sealed? To my knowledge, absolutely nothing abnormal or remarkable for George before or after.


          TM RAN “TOWARD THE REAR GATE – toward Brandy Greene’s house – then cut between the buildings.

          On the operator’s request to “Let me know if he does anything else” then asking “which way is he running”, JZ believed he was asked to keep an eye on Martin. He started across the “T” so he could look down between the rows before the operator said “we don’t need you to do that” and he stopped by the dog-waste station.

          How do we know this?

          1) If JZ had really FOLLOWED TM, the altercation would have occurred at the opposite end of the rows of buildings.
          2) In the 911 tape we repeatedly hear him tapping something – I believe his flashlight or maybe his car-remote – on what sounds like a metal pole. The only thing in the vicinity fitting this description is the dog-waste station.
          3) It’s the only logical stopping place he could have reached in the time allotted by the tape.
          4) Zimmerman’s statements indicate this, and that after finishing the call, he went on to the next street to get the number for the building, then was retracing his steps in returning to his car when martin assaulted him out of the darkness.

          Nice try, though!

          • ejarra says:

            I agree with everything you said except for the last part. He did end up at the dog-waste station and I believe it was his wedding band he was unconsciously tapping on the the stand.

            This is where I differ from your version of events. I believe he stayed there at the station. He followed the advice of no longer pursuing but stayed with the idea of trying to see where TM went. From that vantage point he could see down the path as well as see his car and watch for when the police would arrive. I would have done EXACTLY that!

            My guess is that TM was hiding and saw that GZ wasn’t moving from that spot; he may have even heard him talk to the dispatcher. Seeing that there was no escape, I believe that was when and why TM confronted GZ.

            I’m still curious if the SPD tried to call GZ.

        • Be Ge says:

          a 5′ 7″ with the BMI of 31.3 running after a 17y.o. 6′ 158lbs athlete with a BMI of 23 would be an interesting thing to watch, really.

    • cajunkelly says:

      This is the second time I’ve seen this claim. I’ll repeat my response to the first one;

      Yeah, Adderal is *so* dangerous it’s prescribed to MINORS for ADHD, right?

      (magnanimous eyeroll)

      • Disgusted With Julison says:

        I have been on ritilin/adderall/metadate. They are stimulants that effectively and commonly are used for ADHD…for adults as well as minors. Who knows how long GZ was on the drug, however, I can say the first week I started on a stimulant the dose was a little much and I definitely was at a heightened state of irritable (this went away as soon as the stimulant left my system). Modified the dose with my doctor and all is good. Some cannot handle stimulants and instead are prescribed Strattera or other non-stimulants. Anyhow, I use ritilin now and take one every three or four hours when I feel like it. Adderall and Metadate are ritilin essentially, but prescribed in a time release fashion — so you take one in the morning and a dose is released, another dose releases several hours later that covers your afternoon. Think of it as a strong cup of coffee when it comes to attentiveness without the jitters. The stimulant leaves your system quickly….just like caffeine. Had GZ been screened that night I would highly doubt that ANY trace of Adderal/stimulant would have been found in his system.

        The other drug that GZ used was a sleep aid taken before bed – Temazepam. This would not have been in his system and the side effects only would have taken place when he was dosed overnight with the drug. This is an as needed drug….when you have insomnia, you take it before hitting the hay.

        I was very irritated (not drug related irritation, mind you) when the Crumpster was quoted on Huffington Post as saying that GZ was taking both “uppers” and “downers” and implying that it might play in. I would bet one of those garbage cans of money that a blood test of the Zimmerman after the shooting would have shown no trace of either. This was done to try to divert with ‘shiney objects’ from what TM was doing…..

        From Huff Post
        The leaked report said Zimmerman was taking the prescription drugs Adderall, which is prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy, and Temazepam, an insomnia medication, said Crump.

        “He was on uppers and downers at the same time,” the attorney said. “These are medications that can cause side effects such as agitation, delusions and mood swings. That’s what he was on prior to the shooting. The question becomes, did those drugs have an effect on George Zimmerman the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin?”

        Slimey Mr. Crump….very slimey.

        • John Galt says:

          Note to people at the Florida Bar: Please add another paragraph to the ethics complaint.

        • Aussie says:

          Easy to go after Crump on that lie.

          The effects of that nature are common in people who do not have ADHD!! In other words their brain waves are normal… and the amphetamines affect them accordingly.

          Temazepam is not something that is taken every evening. It really is something that is taken as required… like in a very long time to help people get to sleep.

      • Aussie says:

        ditto with the very cheap Temazepan…. It is not dangerous when taken for proper reasons.

    • jimrtex says:

      Zimmerman’s father had been in the hospital for some type of heart condition; and his grandmother (the Afro-Peruvian one who had lived with his family his entire life) had an infection. Zimmerman had been spending a lot of time at the hospital earlier in February. It is possible that the prescriptions were related.

      • Lee says:

        I was checking the updates this morning and posted a reply to minpin – I repeated some of what you said – I’m sorry – I hadn’t read your post, yet. I agree with your thinking, it is a possibility that he was taking these medications to help with sleep – between a full time job, college classes, and family illness – sleep may have been difficult. I cannot find fault with an adult taking a prescribed medication. I feel for Mr. Zimmerman, this situation would be hard on anyone – compiled that with all the false media and the death threats – and his family being threatened and having to live from motel to motel(His Dad said he, his wife (George’s Mother) and his mother-n-law (George’s grandmother) move from motel to motel paying cash (their own money) because of threats – and especially, his Grandmother who he showed on his myspace account as being his hero. How mean could a grown man be – that list his G-ma as his hero. People that call this man demeaning names and threatened his life – need to take a step back and realize the pain they are perpetuating.

      • Aussie says:

        only for Temazepam, not adderal

  38. myopiafree says:

    Was it “Saint Trayvon” or “Stoned Trayvon”? Was future airline pilot “flying high” – with no airplane? Was “A” Student Trayvon a future chemist making up his own cocktails of DXM?
    According to Erowid’s ”DXM Home Page“:
    DXM is a widely available over-the-counter cough suppressant. When taken far above its standard medical dosage, it is a strong dissociative used primarily by teens.
    Otis> Perhaps that is why Trayvon needed “Watermellon Juce” and skittles. You mean that Chad never asked for Skittles? (Sarcasm.)

  39. Sharon says:

    DedicatedDad, if we could hit for a “repeat like” there’d be a flock of meadowlarks up above, quite contrary to nature’s habit. Excellent job, making a pile of unfamiliar bits of knowledge understandable, in a narrative that is easy to follow–and highly corroborated with Trayvon’s own documentation as well as other sources.

    I wonder if this generation is ever going to figure out that social networks leave a virtual paper-trail. They think they are so clever.

    • Ash says:

      Sharon, the problem is they don’t think. If they did he would not have been suspended so many times and we would be discussing something else today.

  40. marie says:

    Ah, yes, Purple Drank. Those of you who follow NFL football might know the sad tale of the talented qb of the famed LSU Tigers, Jamarcus Russell. He was drafted the overall #1 pick of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders, my Raiders. Al Davis never could resist choosing the big and strong, and Russell’s ability to thrown a ball 60+ yards sitting down was something he couldn’t resist in a prospect, even if there existed no other reason to suspect he could transfer his big arm and sandlot style of play to the NFL. Everyone, including his coaches, said about Russell, “Good kid, stays out of trouble, is easy to work with, no enemies.” What they never said was that he lacked ambition to push himself to get better.

    Whether he was already indulging his preference for the Drank (it was big, really big in Southern states in college), I don’t know, but Raider fans and coaches knew something was wrong with Russell as his performance not only on the field, but also in team meetings where he fell asleep, got worse and worse. Those in the know around Oakland, including the sports’ scribes, knew, but never printed anything but vague references to his lethargy.

    Since his departure, an unceremonious cut from the team (and an inability to be picked up by any other team), and arrest back in his hometown after a party and a passed out Russell on the bed and a glass of the Purple Drank on his nightstand, we learned what others already knew–Purple Drank and his inability to resist indulging, stripped Russell of his ambition and his dreams.

    I never read Trayvon’s twitter and fb comments much. If I had, maybe I could have spotted this.

    Good work!!!

    • a.paul says:

      Well, yes, but Russell was actually using the codeine syrup, not the cough syrup. I don’t really know which is worse–being addicted to an opiate, or using the DXM garbage. And of course The Sainted Young Mister Martin wanted to use the opiate–apparently not realizing there was a difference (so much for being an honor roll student or whatever the heck they tried to claim).

      And…your Raiders? I’m sorry.

      • You mean, the same codeine syrup that Trayvon was looking for a source to get it from?. The same codeine syrup he says he has used before? That Codine Syrup?

        • a.paul says:

          Yeah, that codeine syrup, the very same. The same stuff he was apparently too stupid to realize wasn’t the same as the DXM.

          You know…like I said in my comment. :)

      • marie says:

        Thanks. However, look for us to be back in the running in the future. We have a real GM now (not that I don’t miss Al and all his eccentricities).

    • g8rmom7 says:

      I always wondered what happened to that guy. He was going expected to be all-PRO NFL star. And yet people still doubt Tim Tebow will ever “make-it” in the NFL…whatever.

  41. Brahms says:

    Anybody have insight into the porch comment make by Tracy’s girlfriend?

    I’ve been wondering about the porch comment ever since I saw the My Fox Orlando video – Feb 26th I believe. Why would she say that? Why porch and not living room? Did Trayvon drop off some illegal substances before returning for a redemption of his dissed ego?

    Anybody have the video? – its seems to have vanished; I hope O’mara has John in some kind of protection.

    • myopiafree says:

      Most of the Florida Condos have a sliding glass door – or the equivalent. Most have “locks” of some sort top prevent entry. I agree that 1) TM saw GZ 2)Got Paranoid 3) Went the condo to “ditch” anything he had, and talked to DeDe at that point. 4) Went back to ‘argue’ with TZ, then got pissed and threw the first punch. THEN 5) When Tracy or Brandi GOT HOME the “ditched” the contraband. They did not want that “found”. Given the fibs about Chad being home “wanting” Ice Tea, I don’t doubt that they know how to fib with skill.

    • Aussie says:

      the comment made by Brandi and the porch continues to make no sense unless Trayvon reached the apartment and then returned to where the fracas took place…

      In my mind the only conclusion is that Traydemark doubled back, was confrontational and aggressive, leading in the end to the shooting.

      George Zimmerman should never have been charged with second degree murder…. and Traydemark should be charged with grievous bodily harm. (yeah I know he is dead)

    • I think she was still in shock – they wouldn’t have known for more than a couple of hours at best and had just walked up on the scene.

      Pure, raw emotion expressed in stream-of-consciousness speech.

      “How can he be dead – last time I saw him [as I was leaving for my hot-date with Daddy instead of demanding he be the parent to his clearly troubled child] he was sitting on my porch!”

  42. Essential Elements says:

    Interesting juxtaposition to the Treehouse: http://www.justicequest.net/

    They are on Update #51 ~ As of today Zimmerman still is a cold-hearted killer and Trayvon still is an innocent teen.

  43. James Crawford says:

    I don’t recall TM having Robitusin or other cough syrup on him? Also, were the Skittles and the can of watermelon drink opened or still closed when TM was shot? I can imagine a scenario where TM runs to Brandy Green’s apartment to ditch his cough syrup and pot before doubling back to attack GZ.

    • Bro-cahontas says:

      True, but I think the point is that he may have taken it earlier or had suffered cumulative effects of past usage(which includes a predisposition towards violence?).

      • Aussie says:

        bingo!! We have a winner. The cumulative effects of past usage.

        • Susiejoe says:

          We need someone with more knowledge on DM. So DM is a hallucinogen worse than PCP or LSD, I know when PCP was really popular, it could make a person do the opposite of what a rational person would do. Cops might pull a person over for a driving violation and the guy on PCP might just get out of the car and attack the cop. I know when LSD was popular, users would talk about relapses, hallucinations that would occur long after they used. In fact, memory tells me that the hallucinations on LSD start after it no longer exists but has been broken down in other products by the body.

          • Aussie says:

            yes people who took LSD had relapses into hallucinations.

            A lot of those drugs cause hallucinations. The mental hospitals are full of patients who have experimented with drugs who end up with hallucinations.

          • a.paul says:

            Go to erowid dot com. There’s more information there than you’d believe.

            But I don’t know as anyone said it was worse than either of them.

          • Somuchtolearn says:

            Just a useless piece of history, but many say Rasputin was hyped up on a form of old time pcp. That is how he survived so many “deathys” in one night. Being poisened with asenic laced wine and ckes, shot, stabbed, beat, strangled, and drowned even though he was actually found outside the ice cold lake. Sorry, useless historical knowledge is my specialty. :-)

  44. krddurham says:

    Did “Dedicated Dad” add the sentence, “And now also Arizona Watermelon for Watermelon Drank/Lean”. I can’t find that sentence in the Urban Dictionary link.

    From the post by “Dedicated Dad”:
    “… 6. Lean is a mixed drink originating in the Southern Rap culture. It is a mixture of Promethazine and Codeine cough syrup and a soft drink such as Sprite (usually). While other soft drinks may be used, Sprite was the original. And now also Arizona Watermelon for Watermelon Drank/Lean

  45. Jacob says:

    Amazing research-just Wow .
    This shames Angela Corey Nifong and the national media.
    Shouldn’t the Governor who appointed Corey be getting nervous that he’s going to be tainted by the railroading of Zimmerman ?
    I wonder if Governor Scott can fire Corey as Nixon ordered the special prosecutor fired ?
    Last Friday, Kerry Sanders of NBC/MSNBC reported from Florida on the latest information .
    His report quickly panned over the photo of the Watermelon Juice can on it’s side where only partial lettering was visible.
    To the untrained eye and average viewer, it looked like ice tea , especially since Kerry Sanders continued to refer to the beverage as ” ice tea ” when he had to know better.
    The NBC / MSNBC report showed the video from the 7/11 where TM looked very large and yet, still used the baby faced picture of TM as their logo on the lower part of the screen throughout the entire report.

  46. ejarra says:

    Does anyone know if the SPD tried to contact GZ? They were supposed to call upon entering the grounds. Timewise it would have been almost exactly when the attack by TM started. Did GZ phone going off trigger the beat down? Why didn’t DeeDee hear GZ’s phone? Did he have it on viabrate only? Why would GZ initiate a fight when he was awaitning a call from the SPD?

    Remember this conversation?

    7:12:43: Dispatcher: Alright George, I’ll let them know to meet you around there okay?

    Zimmerman: Actually could you have them call me and I’ll tell them where I’m at?

    7:12:49: Dispatcher: Okay, yeah that’s no problem.

    Zimmerman: Should I give you my number or you got it?

    Dispatcher: Yeah I got it [redacted]

    Zimmerman: Yeah you got it.

    Dispatcher: Okay no problem, I’ll let them know to call you when you’re in the area.

    7:13:02 Zimmerman: Thanks.

    Dispatcher: You’re welcome. – Call Ends 7:13:07

    • howie says:

      Good point. Zim said he was reaching for his phone when Trade Von Drank Martin Belted him in the nose. Maybe the Cops were calling.

      • CTDAR says:

        Cops would have been all over them if they were already on complex property once shot rang out.

        • ejarra says:

          The police WERE THERE. They appeared 20 seconds after the shot. They must have heard it. This is why I believe they called about one minute before; which would be about the time the beat down started.

      • ejarra says:

        Where did it say that he was reaching for his phone? I believe that that was what happened, that it was the phone ringing/buzzing that set off the conflict.

    • Jello333 says:

      Yeah, really good point. I had forgotten about the call-back he was waiting for. And yeah, they probably would have been trying to call him a couple minutes before the shot.

    • jimrtex says:

      First police officer arrived 7:17:11, but this was on the street. This was 15 seconds after shooting, but 1 minute after first 911 call. It took about 20 seconds to get an address in the 911 call. In his report, he says he was redirected after the 911 calls.

      From the front gate to the address (900 feet) is 25 seconds at 25 MPH. This is on residential streets with some cars parked on the street, rain, a right angle turn, running a stop sign, and getting through the gate. So he must have been very close to the gate at about around 7:16:46 (35 seconds into the 911 call and 25 seconds from when he arrived assuming).

      This is about 1 minute too late to call Zimmerman before the confrontation started.

  47. Susiejoe says:

    You guys may already know this but if not, some might find it interesting. Natalie Jackson was Sherman Ware’s personal injury attorney.


    • Ken says:

      Yes, and she refers to GZ’s involvement in the Ware case as “blatant lies”. The proof is on its way that she knew long ago

      • scubachick75 says:

        Natalie Jackson is the most unprofessional lawyer I’ve ever seen. The things she posts on twitter sound like they come from a overly dramatic teenage girl. She’s very petty. The funny thing is she thinks she’s so clever & witty. How do these people make it through law school???

        • Sharon says:

          Affirmative action brings these gems into the practice of law. It’s a wonderful thing. Really. It is. /sarc

    • Ash says:

      Another Ryan Julison connection too from the above cited Sanford Herald article.

      “Collison already had compensated Ware for all past and future medical bills, as well as additional money for pain and suffering.

      Weighing into his decision to agree to a settlement was the victim’s own problems with substance abuse and the law, said Ryan Julison, a spokesman for Ware.”

    • Donnie B. says:

      Somebody sent her this on twitter. It’s awesome:

      “Just curious, Hows come U didn’t fight for jail time for Sherman Ware’s attacker? Why cheat him out of JUSTICE with $$”.

      “So, what about Sherman Ware – still deny GZ could have had anything whatsoever to do with rallying support for him?”

      Her reply:

      “You should at least know what u are talking about before you INCORRECTLY attack my character. Gnight and God bless.”

      • Sharon says:

        You see how that works? Asking questions constitutes attacking her character. Even if she didn’t like the implications of the first question, she had the opportunity to clarify. But no. She counter-attacks. How Alinsky of her.

        • scubachick75 says:

          She always ends things like this with “god bless”. As if that negates the evil she spreads every time she opens her mouth.

          • Kyozokuninja says:

            Here in the Mid-South (I’ll explain one day), when we say ‘God Bless Her/Him’ it means ‘_________ (fill in the blank) Her/Him’. Just thought I’d mention that. ;)

  48. Donnie B. says:

    WOW, thats awesome!

  49. Susie says:

    According to two witnesses who spoke directly to me by phone today told me that FDLE investigators used strong armed tactics to get witnesses to change testimony.

    It’s a investigator tactic. During my time it these kinds of tactics occurred a lot. In the vernacular it’s called “guidance”. Witnesses told me that investigators used such guidance and in one case actually threatened the witness with charges for “obstruction” if they didn’t “cooperate fully” with the investigation.

    “I really felt that no matter what I told them I saw and heard, they had a story in mind that they wanted me to articulate, not what I witnessed”


    • howie says:

      That sucks. Governor Scott and Bondi are going to pay at the polls for this if true.

    • howie says:

      But then again that should make them great defense witnesses. In addition to the fact that Crump wants to sue their HOA. The FDLE was also all mixed up in the Anderson fiasco.


    • minpin says:

      That is huge news Susie. The two witnesses he spoke with wanted to remain anonymous, but hopefully he would have convinced them to call Mark O’Mara. O’Mara surely has the witness names and info, and by the changes described, he can determine who they are. As the guy said, it is not so odd for a witness to change their mind, but when a group of them do it, and in this case it’s 4, it is a clear indication of witness tampering.

      Hopefully they will be willing to act as witnesses for O’Mara on a witness tampering case.

      • howie says:

        The statements are recorded.

        • Sure – but likely not the “guidance”…

          I agree this is witness tampering – but then THAT has been going on since chump’s “investigator” first accosted these people.

          Imagine you’re the guy who says TM’s doing a “ground -n- pound” (HIS WORDS!) on JZ, and JZ is the one screaming for help.

          You see the Nutty-Black-Pamper-P***ies on TV threatening the lives of everyone on JZ’s side.

          THEN some beefy ex-cop shows up at your house and says “I work for the kid’s family. Are you SURE you wouldn’t like to change your story??!!”

          Tell me how that differs from the classic “Nice place you got here – sure would be a shame if something was to happen to it!!”

          IF I were a judge, that ALONE would be enough for me to dismiss all charges WITH PREJUDICE” (which means they can never be re-charged) citing witness-tampering as having made the entire case impossible to prosecute without risking a miscarriage of justice.

    • Lulu says:

      One of the handwritten witness statements that are part of the Discovery package was by the person (sounds like a woman) who was all broken up because she believed that the person whose cries for help she heard was the person who was shot. “Detective Chris” (Serino) hastened to reassure her that no, the person crying for help was not the person who was shot. That was on February 26, the night of the incident.

      On March 16 state investigator Wright questioned the same witness again, and noted his questions and her responses on her original witness statement, continuing to additional pages (13 pp in all). Near the end he asked something like “do you have anything to add, or change, etc” and she said Yes. She added to the “Detective Chris” reassurance about the person who was yelling not being the person who was shot something like “you should have seen HIM – he was really beat up”. (Paraphrased from memory. It’s in the Discovery package.)

      Investigator Wright only succeeded in getting her to embellish her recollection in favor of GZ.

      • Apparently you’ve misunderstood the point, here.

        She’s claiming “Detective Chris” attempted to influence her statement by
        — after the statement was complete —
        attempting to comfort her by telling her the screamer wasn’t the dead guy.

        Now she’s further embellishing that claim by claiming “Detective Chris” embellished HIS claim… if you’re confused, you’re probably not alone.

        Let’s try again… I’ll pretend I’m her…

        “D.c. even tried to influence my statement!
        After he was done taking my statement and turned off his recorder, I was all upset because I felt like if I had done something to help that poor guy who was screaming, maybe he’d still be alive.
        D.c. told me ‘…the one screaming isn’t theone who died…’ – I don’t think he should have said that!”

        Now she’s saying “…D.c. told me ‘…the one screaming isn’t theone who died, YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HIM [the screamer] – he was really beat up!…’ – I don’t think he should…[etc]

        Whether it was appropriate for him to say whatever he said is debatable here – but Dept. Policy and etc is what will really matter… One thing is sure: for a man to try to comfort a hysterical woman is just human nature – I can easily see my self doing the same…

        It’s absolutely not evidence of some attempt to help JZ cover up a murder!

        Oh – one more thing: You REALLY gotta love this bit from “witness 12″

        “…Six days later, however, she was sure: It was Zimmerman on top, she told trial prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda during a 21/2-minute recorded session.

        “I know after seeing the TV of what’s happening, comparing their sizes, I think Zimmerman was definitely on top because of his size,” she said…”

        AFTER SEEING THE TV – and all the pics of doe-eyed 12-year-old Trayvon and an obese, photoshopped Zimmerman in what looks like a prison jumpsuit!!

        No – we’re SURE the Julison-media-hype had *NOTHING* to do with their changing stories — it just helped them remember the truth! You know – that Zimmerman’s a racist giant who stalked and murdered an innocent little boy buying skittles for his brother because he hates black people!

      • jimrtex says:

        The 13-page witness statement was taken by a private investigator (John Wright). His office is in a small building (perhaps a converted house) a block from the police station.

        In her 911 call, at the very end she reports that she had seen a man in white t-shirt on top. The operator asks “on top of what” and she doesn’t seem to be very certain that is a person. The call is of interest since it is one of two with anything before the shot, and she claims she held the phone up to the window.

        In her interview with the PI, she describes a “broad built man” with a short sleeve shirt that might have a collar. She knew the shirt wasn’t black. She couldn’t tell what the “young boy” was wearing even after the shooting. The “broad built man” was not Black, and possibly Hispanic with facial hair. She claims that the the 911 operator told her that another caller had reported a suspicious man, and the police were on the way,

        She claims that the yells were from a “little boy”. When she called, the 911 operator asked her age – and it is obvious why the 911 operator asked.

  50. knowthyenemy says:

    Urban Dictionary: coricidin
    The most commonly used/abused product of the Coricidin chain is Cough and Cold, often referred to as skittles, candy, red devils, ccc, triple c’s, dxm, robo-fry, …

    Urban Dictionary: coricidin cold and cough medicine
    Triple C”, sometimes also known on the street as “skittles” (due to the fact that they typically come in the form of a small red pill, similiar in … … also known as triple c’s used to get high … we needa pick up some coricidin cough & cold for tonight.

  51. Huggy says:

    Hello everyone! Like most of you, I stumbled across this website because I felt I wasn’t getting all the information about the TM case. Boy am I glad I did! I found this website more than a month ago, and have been following it ever since. I read all of the updates about this case and was completely shocked at the false narratives being shared via the media. I found the authentic Georgie Zimmerman Legal Case Facebook page a while back, and finally decided to send them a message about this website. The reply I received a short time later thanked me and stated “we are watching this website very closely”. This made me feel much better because I saw where alot of you were concerned about whether or not O’Mara knew about this blog. Rest assured, he does and they are keeping an eye on it! Keep up the good work folks! :-)

    • Sharon says:

      Welcome to the Tree! Find yourself a good branch, fix it up to yer liking and settle in. :)

      • CTDAR says:

        Uhm Sharon is it ok if I set up a hammock? I likey it here :)

        • Sharon says:

          Find a branch that can handle a hammock and go for it. Might want to plan to be a few feet off the ground at least.

          We can’t make no guarantees about conditions near the ground after sunset on Friday several hours after the jukebox and the cooler have launched. There are occasional raccoon issues. Random things. Sometimes the Island Purchasing And Planning Committee meets. And they never start the meeting until near midnight. You’ll see. Like I said–climb a bit. You’ll be glad you did.

          • I’m thoroughly offended by that, Sharon. We’re under the new civility rules now. Be nice! Besides, the Treehouse Island Purchasing and Strategic Yahoos (TIPSY) don’t get together every night, and when we do, we hardly ever drink and make a ruckus. :roll:

        • Oooohhh…a hammock! I hadn’t thought of that. Now I want one too!

          • Sharon says:

            You know what, ’tilda–I actually had a conscious thought to give CTDAR a heads up to watch out for some of your special contributions to the jukebox scene….and I didn’t. I just thought to myself, “Self. Don’t go there.” And I didn’t. ’tilda–you’re in charge of the hammock contingent. Why do I think it’s going to get rowdy in your part of the Tree?

  52. Jay says:

    I don’t know how FL works but here you ned ID to purchase robitussin. I’m on the fence about the marijuana I see nothing wrong with it. I do have a problem with children doing it. I know lean makes you violent and Marijuana makes you paranoid mix them and anything is possible. Someone on another post commented on the button TM was wearing that night. I think the button was for a friend of his who died. Seems over the past year about 5 of his friends died. I looked into Miami Gardens and they say it’s the worst zip code for kids. TM was a product of his environment.

    • totustuus11 says:

      Died? Natural causes?

      • Susiejoe says:

        First let me say I am so thrilled I found this site. It is so relieving to see sane intelligent people are still out there. I mean I know there are but this shows the numbers are even greater.

        Five of his friends died? It frustrates me what is going on with our youth today. It even more frustrates me that no one ever talks about it. When my kids were young and entered public school, I was outraged at how racial issues were addressed – everyone categorized, everyone to get their special “history month”. I mean I thought we were teaching differences, division, and alienation from each other – the corner stones of racism. I put my kids in private Christian school that taught that all people were equal, skin color meant nothing. I haven’t regretted it. And now? Gangs. Drugs. Violence.

        • Sharon says:

          Susiejoe, welcome to the Tree! Hope you’ve found an accomodating branch for your setuup that’s all comfy.

          One of things we are experiencing is that normal Americans who have just kept their nose to the grindstone–some for decades–keeping their mouth shut, and carrying on their own quiet, normal lives have decided they’re just not going to take it any more. Considering all the events washing across the nation in recent years, so many of them have decided–quiet no more. We are going to speak.

          And keep in mind, the Tree is not defined by Trayvon. The Tree is not about Trayvon. Truth has no agenda, and that truth will be applied wherever deception is.

        • Aussie says:

          I am surprised that they claim it is only 5. The number is a lot higher. The problem is that they might not be local to his area.

    • Chevymisty says:

      I should have finished reading the comments. I made the same comment about needing an ID to get Robitussin here too.

  53. Donnie B. says:

    Zimmerman wants evidence private in Martin case

    ORLANDO, Fla. – Attorneys in the Trayvon Martin case want some evidence kept out of the public realm until trial.

    Prosecutors and George Zimmerman’s attorneys filed motions Thursday asking a judge to keep statements Zimmerman gave detectives and the names and addresses of witnesses from being publicly released. Both items normally would be part of the public record under Florida law.

    Zimmerman’s attorney also wants to keep private text messages, emails and journal entries Zimmerman made, at least until he can review them. Prosecutors asked that Martin’s cell phone records not be released publicly.


    • Kyozokuninja says:

      Oh. My. St Skittles cell phone records kept secret for now? No, I’m not suspicious at all as to why they wouldn’t want the public to see them. I’m sure they are all about Rainbows and Puppies and Starlight…

    • minpin says:

      During the bail hearing, DeLaRindo asked GZ, when he was on the stand, if he ever said anything about a particular Reverend, or Tracy Martin. GZ said no. That is a little bothersome to me, even though thousands or millions have said things about a particular Reverend, and probably the money grubbing Tracy also.

      • jimrtex says:

        Zimmerman looked confused by use of the word “reverend”. Maybe he made a comment about Al Sharpton.

    • This cracks me up. From what I heard it’s the PROSEcUTION that wants Z’s confessions kept quiet — get this — “because they don’t think it’s appropriate to try this case in the media”!!

      I LLOLed…


      Now that they know there’s an army OF INTELLIGENT PEOPLE out here picking apart every detail to help JZ’s defense, *NOW* they want to take it private?

      I wish I were O’Mara – my response would read:

      Aw, HELL NAW!!


      Seriously – 3 words!

  54. WeeWeed says:

    Amazing work, Dad – thank you for an awesome post!! :D

  55. Lee says:

    Has anybody read this article? It has many errors; but, it also has a quote from Martin that he had last talk to his son between 2 and 3 pm. Big gap from having seen him when he left for dinner at 5:30 to talking to him at 2. I would be curious of phone records. Was any parent with Chad and Trayvon that weekend or did Tracy only return that Monday morning to pick him up and go back home and to work? Liars can never keep their stories straight.

    • jimrtex says:

      If the phone records are accurate, then Trayvon Martin was on the phone continuously from 2:38; except for a 7 minute gap between 4:21 and 4:28. I had figured that 7 minute gap was when Brandy had prepared a wholesome meal for the family.

      The phone records don’t show the morning, but “DeeDee” said that she had talked to Martin all day and in the morning as well.

      Tracy Martin might have told Trayvon that they were leaving, and since he was on the phone, likely with his hoodie on, he might have looked in the direction. Tracy wouldn’t have counted that as talking.

  56. Aussie says:

    There is yet another angle to explore on this subject. One person mentioned this angle: the cumulative effects of using these drugs.

    I had never heard of lean. None of the young people that I have talked with had ever mentioned the use of cough syrup involved in their drug addiction. Therefore, I can only address the subject from what I have known about the cumulative effects of drugs taken by young people from around Sydney.

    First, a number of those people with mental illness, or they think they were getting over mental illness, had a history with pot use. For some of them, I would suggest that the use of pot sent them over the edge. I had noticed this in one other person in Canberra when I was there the first time. That person somehow went over the edge and he suffered paranoia….. maybe he was having more than the pot… I do not know.

    What I am addressing is in fact the cumulative effects of drug taking… because even when these people are not taking those drugs they exhibit certain behaviours, especially the aggression that was displayed by TM on the night he was killed. There is a very real possibility that he had been coming down from some kind of a high that night and there is a real probability that he was intending to have some lean that night. He purchased the ingredients and that is a real clue.

    Most of the young people that I had meant had ended up having a spell in a mental institution to deal with their illness. Few of them admitted to their actual drug use but there were some who mentioned the connection. Pot and speed seemed to be the common thread, and the other was alcohol. They really abused alcohol at the time.

    It seems to me that there is a definite cumulative effect from the taking of these drugs. This brings me back to TM’s autopsy. I do think that Dedicated Dad has hit the nail on the head. This is extremely well done. He mentioned the impact on the brain and the liver, and in both instances there was evidence of some lack of abnormality for Traydemark. His liver had been affected by something, causing early signs of fatty liver. His brain had also been affected. It is possible that the cumulative effect upon his brain from drinking lean is in fact aggression when he comes down from the high. He was using the lean to get away from the pot. The pot would have some effect upon his brain as well. It seems that he had used pot that day because he blood test from the chest cavity pointed to THC, which indicates that he did smoke pot very recently.

  57. Burnt Toast says:

    If Martin (IF) was high on weed he wasn’t just high, he was tripping too because there is no way that watermelon aid and skittles could have survived15 minutes of a stoner’s munchies. Tripping on Robitussin will suppress the munchies.

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  59. Cornhusker says:

    My disgust with the media grows every day I come here and perch for a bit. I did enjoy the two “Crumpets” that decided to post their “truth”. Little did they know they would be walking into proverbial rip saw 10 seconds after they hit POST COMMENT.

  60. John Galt says:

    Sippin on some sizzurp:

    • Tommy says:

      There is definitely something special about that can of watermelon drink. This reminds me of a video where some rebellious kids were circled around a roast beef sandwich, each touting the fact that it had a high protein content.

    • Jack says:

      Nice find. ‘Sizzurp’ is a synonym for ‘lean’ and this is the exact can that Trayvon purchased at the 711. It’s clear that this was a particular favourite amongst lean sippers. There are references to watermelon flavoured lean all over the Internet. It seems you can also flavour it with watermelon jolly ranchers.

  61. Donnie B. says:

    Trayvon’s killer said to make self-incriminating statements

    Reuters) – Neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman made statements to police that help establish his guilt in the second-degree murder case against him for killing unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, prosecutors said in a court filing on Thursday.


    • John Galt says:

      Yeah, and they want to keep those statements secret to avoid prejudice to GZ, which is why they made those allegations in an unsealed motion. Such ethical prosecutors.

    • 2ntense says:

      Defendant (Zimmerman) has provided law enforcement with numerous statements, some of which are contradictory, and are inconsistent with the physical evidence and statements of witnesses,” the prosecutors said in their court filing.

      Which set of statements does it contradict? The first, second, appearance on Oprah or fourth?

    • chinchilla says:

      If ‘he was trying to kill me, so I shot him’ is considered incriminating in Bizarroflorida, then I guess they’re right.

  62. Rum says:

    The SP already said just this during the bail hearing. This is a non-story except to the extent it creates doubt in the publics mind. Mike Nifong kept hinting that he had some meaningful evidence all thru the Duke case.
    Anyone who takes a prolonged and potentially life-threatening beating before shooting a gun he had had with him all along is not exhibiting a depraved indifference to killing. More like the opposite.
    They are bluffing.

    • Aussie says:

      Corey is Nifong 2012… and she deserves to have the same result.

    • This should be O’Mara’s opening and closing statement (if this ever makes it to trial in the first place…

      Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, Please ignore the State’s Attorney’s attempt to bamboozle you, and THINK:

      Anyone who takes a prolonged and potentially life-threatening beating before shooting a gun he had had with him all along is not exhibiting a depraved indifference to killing. More like the opposite. This case is a FARcE. You know what you need to do. Thank you.
      That’s all that needs to be said!!

  63. txantimedia says:

    You may be interested in the conclusions I’ve drawn from the girl friend’s interview with the state’s attorney and your post about DXM. http://wp.me/p1ZcQH-49

  64. Rum says:

    What worries me though is that GZ gives off a vibe of being way to idealistic about human nature and might have said and written stuff that a less trusting soul would not. Like expressing guilty feelings or “what ifs.”
    In the end, it should not matter much but it will seem like it might for a while.

    • John Galt says:

      Way, way too trusting. Never talk to the cops before you talk to your lawyer. Never, Never, Never. The really shocking thing to me is that his father, a magistrate judge, apparently told him to talk to the cops without a lawyer. Corey would not even be able to hint at “secret” contradictory statements if GZ had followed this simple rule.

      • BINGO.
        This vid should be required viewing for all citizens.

        Seriously people – watch, learn, know, LIVE THIS!

  65. Jb says:

    On Wed it was mentioned a shocking discovery (or something like that) was made with the 7-11 video and we’d be updated on it. Were the postings of the video in this post what was being talked about yesterday? Just curious if I am missing something…

    • Sandusky says:

      I think you’re referring to the closing words of Update #26 Part 1: “Go back and look at the 7-11 video’s again. And Stay Tuned for an explosive Part 2.” Now that I’ve read Part 2 (which is indeed explosive), I think that the reference to the 7-11 video was intended to make us look at the video again so that we’d observe how “stoned” TM appears – which, of course, the information in part 2 provides an explanation for. Incidentally, I’m sure you remember that several people commented (in another thread) on how wary the attendant was, trying to keep TM in his vision all the time w/o making it obvious. Given the information we have in this thread, I think it’s likely that the attendant was extra vigilant b/c he was reading warning signs that the video doesn’t show too well – slurred speech, maybe, or difficulty focusing the eyes, as well as the somewhat spaced-out walk.and the swaying body.

  66. Splat! says:

    Do you ever get the feeling that the whole Global Grind/Crumpet Crowd is just sitting back laughing at us poor uninformed folk?

    • myopiafree says:

      It takes a hell of a lot of work to get into the “drug culture” language. But to truly understand “Stupor Trayvon”, there is no choice. We all thank Dedicated Dad for his expose of the probably “mental state” of Trayvon and why he attacked GZ.

  67. Splat! says:

    this is from way back in 2006: Lean- A New Hip High
    “It’s more than a drug; it’s a culture. It’s what’s known on the street as “Lean,” a highly addictive cocktail of cough syrup, cold medicine, alcohol and candy — so potent it makes you “lean” over when high.”

  68. crossthread says:

    Another thought came to mind here…
    is there a possibility that He was smoking *SPICE*? It’s simular to THC chemicaly…. AND available at convient stores….

  69. Is it possible that St. Tray was smoking *SPICE*? In other words *Bath Salts* as it’s known, synthic THC? It’s know to “freak” you out and Do things you normally wouldn’t Do…
    As for the LEAN, I’ve known about that since the Early 80’s, We called it “Robo-Trippin” as Camp Lejune Marines used it instead of smoking Herb…

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  71. MRM says:

    I am so thankful that I have never heard of any of this stuff before. And at the same time, I’m so incredibly saddened by the knowledge that there are so many people for whom this is every day life.

    • txantimedia says:

      Many years ago I was involved in a Christian ministry doing drug counseling for troubled teens. I’ll never forget when I learned about “window panes”. They would put a drop of LDS on a small square piece of plastic and insert it in their eye like a contact lens. The drug would travel through the optic nerve to the brain and give an almost instantaneous high. That’s when I knew there was no end to the ways that abusers would find to feed their addiction.

      I’d never heard of DXM until this article, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Almost nothing surprises me after my experience. I knew people who had snorted cocaine so much that their nasal septum was like swiss cheese. For some of them, there is almost no hope, and their only “relief” will be death.

  72. Somuchtolearn says:

    I’m sorry I’m new here. I just have a few questions. I’ve been reading the site for a few weeks now. so if I have missed something or repeat something that’s already been covered I do apologize. why does zimmerman have a family lawyer instead of a criminal lawyer. I know alan dershowitz would be fantastic and has added a lot of input lately. Could he possibly want to help? And why is no 1 trying to go after the black panther party for their inflammatory statements?

    • Aussie says:

      O’Mara is a criminal defense lawyer.

    • Sharon says:

      Alan Dershowitz is helping by virtue of saying what is so. If he did “want to help” it would be up to him to make that known to Mr. Zimmerman’s family. There is nothing he would be making known to us along those lines.

      “….why is no 1 trying to go after the black panther party…..” First of all, the Department of Justice of the United States of America is the group that should be going after the black panther party, under their responsibilities regarding civil rights. Eric Holder has made it plain that he has no interest in carrying out his responsibilities with regard to the Black Panthers.

      Secondly, there is no reason to assume that “no one” is “going after them.” That is such a broad question that it’s almost impossible to answer. The Heritage Foundation very likely has some things in the works that we would have no way of knowing about. The American Center for Law and Justice may be working on possible cases. There are several high profile groups with skilled staff who are doing amazing things, only a very few of which we would be aware.

    • Somuchtolearn says:

      Sorry I thought someone made reference to him being a family lawyer. I probably read it wrong, I only get to get on in really read at night after the baby has gone to bed, that and a 12 and 10 year old makes for 1 tired mama lol.

      • jimrtex says:

        Mark O’Mara is board certified in both Criminal Law and Family Law. I think when he was hired, some other lawyer mentioned he the only (or one of few) lawyer in Florida certified in both, and was said to be good at both. He was a criminal prosecutor at one time (he has been in solo practice since 1985).


        The website shows one associate, who was next to him at the bail hearing.

        • Somuchtolearn says:

          Thanks for the back up. I knew I had saw it somewhere. LOL, I just went back and read my text, well actually questions. I guess y’all could have thought I was robo tripping. I do all my surfing on my Droid AND use the mic text to do that. I just noticed that my “and” shows up up as “in” and a few other errors. Then, I actually get to use the laptop or PC and it doesn’t “autocorrect” my typing errors. Wow, switching machines confuses the mind. Oh well, I could always blame it on being a Bama girl, but I am way to proud of being Southern for that. Again, thanks for refreshing my memory and the info on what might be being investigated on the panthers.

  73. dmoseylou says:

    Dedicated_Dad: What a truly awesome Dad you must be__To work so long, so diligently to pull all of this together as you did is a testament to not only your character, but also your devotion for seeking and learning the truth. It speaks volumes as to your dedication and seeker of not only truth, but also of justice. Your efforts recalled to my mind the words of the late, great Robert Kennedy, “Every time you stand up for an ideal, you send forth a tiny ripple of hope.” [...] “If we all stand up together against evil, that ‘tiny ripple of hope’ becomes a tidal wave of overwhelming hope for a better life, a better world and a better future.” (Linda Chambers, Esq.)

    I sincerely thank each and every Treeper who has given so much of themselves to give overwhelming hope for a better life, a better world, and a better future to George Zimmerman and those he loves and those who love him. May God Bless you all.

  74. Jello333 says:

    Although I’ve posted a few comments in this thread, I just realized I forgot to do something I should have done right up front. That being this:

    BRILLIANT job, Dedicated Dad! This is some seriously high-level research, WAY better that what we’re getting from the so-called “professionals” in the MSM. I have a feeling Mark O’Mara is gonna be checking this out too (along with lots of other stuff on this site).

  75. Aussie says:

    I just checked the Facebook link and it has been taken down. I do hope that someone has a cache copy.

    They are running scared because of what has been discovered. They have known the truth from the git go, and they are willing to see an innocent man, the victim of a vicious assault go to jail because of the grieveance industry.

    They all belong in prison over this.

    • John Galt says:

      “I just checked the Facebook link and it has been taken down.”

      I was actually surprised to find the youtube account still up this AM. The cleaner is slipping. They need to call Harvey Keitel. {Pulp Fiction, Point of No Return}

  76. I’m sorry for not getting back here before now – a bit of history is in order that Sundance is too much a Gentleman to spell out…

    The DXM thing “clicked” with me late Saturday night, I did some perfunctory digging and found the “…like a cornered animal, could beat the living $#!+ out of you without thinking twice!” quote and knew I was on to something… I e-mailed SD and he offered me the opportunity to write it up for posting here.

    I’d forgotten that my daughter had a scholarship awards banquet event on Tuesday evening – SIX HOURS WORTH! – and thus I was unable to finish as I’d planned. The next day I got most of the way through, but ran out of steam – and SD had already posted his “teaser”…

    Then yesterday I had to take my Mother a couple of hours one-way to downtown “Big-City for a series of tests and doctors’ appointments, and didn’t get back home until late last night… Knowing it would be imprudent to put this off any longer, he (with my obvious approval and gratitude) took my mostly-complete rough-draft and finished fleshing it out and cleaning it up, added the images/vids and published.

    I feel badly that he was forced to do so on such short notice because I made a commitment I was unable to honor – and if anyone needed another example of Sundance’s dedication and commitment to the cause of *TRUTH AND JUSTICE* – there it is!

    While I’m grateful for all the kind words, and most (but not nearly all) of the research was mine, the writing should rightly be credited to SD as well! In fact, though I didn’t do a word count or anything, my sense is that if one was to pull out all the quotes, it would be impossible to say who wrote “the most” – but the fact is that when it was “crunch time” SD came through again! — and it was no simple task that I unwittingly dumped in his lap at the last minute!

    Yesterday I was able to pull the site up on my phone, but the obvious limitations made it impossible for me to check it over in any real detail – not that I was worried as I trust SD completely. That said, he was left with no time or opportunity to validate my quotes and conclusions, so if there should prove to be any inaccuracies or mistakes, it’s a safe bet that THEY are MINE!

    I wish I’d been able to respond to comments while this was still an active discussion, but it just was not to be… In reading through this morning, there are a number of questions and comments I’d like to address – given the limitations of the SPAM filter I’ll respond to the posts one at a time via “reply”…

    To recap, thanks again for all the kind words, but Sundance is really more entitled to them as I am!

    • myopiafree says:

      I know how hard it is to prepare documents, or to write a book on a subject. Both you and Sundance have done and incredible job. I suspected it was not “Saint Trayvon” but rather “Stoner Trayvon”. Quite frankly, until you obtain that “piece of the puzzle” – you don’t know anything. In the GZ/TM case, all GZ has to show is this Stoned Paranoid had punched him in the face (assult and battery – busted nose), and the jumped on top of GZ, and pounded his head into the cement (attempted murder – fear of great bodily harm). I a trial that is ALL YOU HAVE TO DEMONSTRATE. These facts were available from DAY 1. But WHY TM did this, must be found in his “drug culture”. I would bet you two guys are going to wrtie a book about this case. I would be a terrific story to publish during the GZ/Corey trial.

    • jar says:

      Why can’t this article be started over at the top of the page. I’m sure people are not finished commenting on it. Some are new to the site or new to the info. I find it all fascinating and would love to see more input.

    • jar says:

      Why can’t DDs/SDs article be reposted to the top of the site and a new thread for discussions started over. I love reading all the comments.

  77. justice099 says:

    This article makes this: http://dcist.com/2012/05/dc_public_school_holds_trayvon_mart.php
    even more funny.

    • myopiafree says:

      Yes, perhaps, to get in the mood that TM was in they should hand out FREE DXM and Codine. Getting high and STUPID for TM. Yes, DXM will do it. (Sorry for my sarcasm – I have seen to much of this “Saint Trayvon” bullshit.)

    • sirsurfer says:

      They’re still stuck on the Arizona Ice Tea meme.

  78. MooseMan says:

    Kudos to Dedicated Dad (and Sundance) for a fascinating piece of detective work in pulling together all the pieces and putting them together. I remember a time when that type of legwork (and brainwork) was done by the MSM. The torch has been passed, apparently, to dedicated bloggers who are the new “truthseekers” interested in justice for all.

  79. Lulu says:

    An interesting excerpt from a new book tells us how different things can be for a privileged kid, with an absent father and a mostly absent, disinterested mother, who is hooked on marijuana . Quite a different outcome:


  80. Donnie B. says:

    Trayvon Martin Day declared at D.C. elementary school

    In an effort to better educate students and their parents about race relations and social injustice, a D.C. elementary school has declared Friday “Trayvon Martin Day.”

    Coleman said that every adult who attended the seminar would receive an Arizona Iced Tea and each student would get a bag of Skittles.


    A trial has not taken place yet and everyone is acting as if Zimmerman is guilty. It has not been determined who the agressor was. For all we know, Zimmerman could have asked Martin a question and then was attacked.

    All these people will look stupid if Zimmerman is found innocent.

  81. Lee says:

    Has anyone seen the clubhouse video?

  82. Bill says:

    The only thing I know about the clubhouse video is that I don’t know. There’s a good article on discovery at the miami herald.com website under george zimmerman posted 5/24/12

  83. sybilj says:

    When trademarking TM, why didn’t the Scheme Team shake down Wrigley/(Mars) and Arizona Beverage for a share of profits?

    (Imagine how that would have backfired if learned the Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail were purchased for purpose of making lean/drank.)


    For Skittles, Death Brings Both Profit and Risk

    …For its part, Wrigley has chosen to make only a subdued statement about its product, saying the company is deeply saddened, respects the family’s privacy and feels “it inappropriate to get involved or comment further as we would never wish for our actions to be perceived as an attempt of commercial gain following this tragedy.”

    …Weldon McWilliams, a professor of African-American studies at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, said Wrigley should invest in communities where “murder based on stereotypes is a reoccurring theme.”
    If they do not, African-Americans should not be promoting the product, Dr. McWilliams said. “I completely understand the symbolism, but let’s re-examine what we’re doing,” he said. “Will Wrigley’s reinvest that rise in profit that they see? I’m highly skeptical of that.”

    Skittles joins food brands at center of tragedy

  84. Donnie B. says:

    Here is a interactive map of the 911 calls and map of the Condos.

    Timeline of events: Seven deadly minutes

    • 2ntense says:

      Did TM come in the front gate or did he use the shortcut?

      It seems kind of odd that GZ lived where he did and ended up parked where he did unless he saw TM between the short cut and the mail boxes loitering. Also DeeDee said that TM said someone was in a car on the phone watching him. As a stand alone statement that doesn’t make alot of sense either, b/c GZ could have been parked waiting for someone to come out of their home. What was TM doing to make him think someone was watching him? Other than purple drank.

      What happened first or rather where did it happen? Why didn’t TM go on the outside street, Retreat View to avoid GZ parked on Twin Trees?

      • jimrtex says:

        Investigator Serino’s narrative (page 42 of the 183 evidence PDF) says:”Zimmerman reported a suspicious person, Trayvon Martin, whom he observed entering the gated community of The Reserve at Twin Lakes on foot, walking between residences from the northwest.”

        Serino is adding to what Zimmerman actually reported in the phone call. Zimmerman did not know that the person was Martin. And he did not report on the phone call that he came between residences from the northwest. Technically, the gate is between residences and that could be considered from the northwest. But there are surveillance cameras on the gates, and if Martin were shown entering the gate, you wouldn’t report so obliquely. Also recreations by TV with help from a neighbor of Zimmerman, showed shots of kids running across the shortcut from Oregon at the northwest corner. That recreation also had Zimmerman’s truck at the same place it is in the next day shots of the area, released by the prosecutor.

        So I assume that Zimmerman told police that is where he saw Martin, and there is some corroboration from the clubhouse surveillance. An early Crump-version made it sound like Martin had been looking for shelter in many places, and possibly even in the apartments next door. That may have been part of establishing a plausible timeline for traveling 7/10 mile in 45 minutes.

        If you can come in from the short cut, you can continue east on Retreat View Circle, or you can continue on towards the detention pond and then head eastward toward the clubhouse. There are a number of different routes. It appears that there is a covered area between the pool and the clubhouse (under the roofline of the clubhouse but outside the walls. Unless there is remodeling or some gates, the walkway under the mailboxes goes on to this area between the pool and the clubhouse.

        If Martin continues from the shortcut that way, he would be behind houses. There is a big gap between the clubhouse and the building to the west (about 80 feet) so it would be possible for Zimmerman to see from Retreat View Circle, and then go ahead to Twin Trees and turn around and park.

        • CTDAR says:

          Ya think Serino had it on for GZ at the start coz a few years prior He had made a complaint against a Sanford Lt (wht) for covering up a supposed beating of a homeless man (blk) by his son?
          The bias Serino had against GZ from the gitgo was overwhelming and continued after hr wrote the report to his leading of witness in interviewing them.

  85. Susiejoe says:

    Oh gosh. This guy needs a pat on the back.

    Fire captain demoted for Trayvon Martin Facebook post


  86. David says:

    This report was superb. Wonder if any of the folks at MSNBC would be interested?

  87. Jb says:

    This is the ultimate scam, basically. Crump said he was getting the snack and tea for his brother. But it takes no time at all to go back. How does Trayvon still have the tea and candy after 40 or so minutes? He obviously didn’t take his brother too seriously. Either the Brother wasn’t that hungry or interested in it or Trayvon was on drugs/doing something else entirely.

    If you play out multiple scenarios, it’s almost impossible to conclude Chad needed/wanted this ‘snack’ (where is the food from the Parents, getting a snack at 6+ pm on a rainy night a near mile away?) and Trayvon busted his hide to give it to him. The only narrative that would fit that was that Trayvon was impeded from getting home. The 711 tape destroys that possibility.

    This is the greatest show on Earth. Snow job of the highest order. Whether he did drugs or not completely overlooks the fact that this family was 100% dysfunctional and we are rewarding them for it.

    • John Galt says:

      +1 Nearly perfect. I would only add that the “brother” story is also BS as Chad was not Trayvon’s brother, but rather his father’s girlfriend’s son, which means that Trayvon was “busting his hide” for a non-relative.

  88. Donnie B. says:

    I posted the following in another thread, but I think the post belongs in here. Sorry for the repost :)

    I found something interesting regarding what DeeDee heard at the time of the physical altercation. She claims she heard “get off” 3 times by Trayvon before the call dropped. IMO, there is NO WAY she could have heard anything. IF she did, there is no way that she could have made out what was being said based on the info below.

    It looks like Trayvon answered a call at the 7-11 using the headphones. From my understanding, Trayvons headphones were found in his pockets at the time of his death. This tells me that IF he was on the phone with DeeDee at the time of the altercation, he was not using the headphones.

    Trayvons phone appears to be a T-Mobile ‘Comet’ phone (see below). Based on the the picture taken of the phone at the scene, how is it even possible that she heard anything since the microphone on the phone is facing towards the grass?

    Picture of Trayvon’s phone found at scene (face down):

    Front View of Phone:

    Rear View of Phone:

    T-Mobile Comet Phone Page:
    Page: http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-phone/T-Mobile-Comet-Black-Prepaid-Refurbished


    • Yup.

      I’m just stunned that kid had a smart-phone!

      Three suspensions in one year, and he’s got an Android smart-phone – which requires a full-blown data plan as well?! I make a darn good living and STILL didn’t have that until less than a year ago!!

      When my kids got in *MINOR* trouble, the FIRST thing to go was their phone!

      Which brings me to something important…


      My daughters HATED me for not giving them a phone until high-school, and no “text” until at least 10th grade. Many others had them by 6th grade!

      Thing is, I KNEW that EVEN GOOD KIDS will get into trouble if given too much un-monitored, un-limited communication with their friends!

      I told them to watch and see if the girls with full cell & text in 6th grade didn’t end up having problems in HS. Guess what!!

      Youngest just had her last day of HS today – and begrudgingly agreed: every one of them was considered “a hoochie” by her peers before her HS career was out – and those in the top 5% like my daughter **ALL** had what they consider “psyco, over-protective parents.”


      *WE* have the benefit of a lifetime’s experience that they don’t have – it’s our job to use that knowledge to protect them from their own naivete!

      Mine have heard this phrase so many times it inevitably makes them roll their eyes like Pavlov’s bell made his dogs slobber:

      “Hate me now, Love me later! I’m really OK with that!!”

      It’s a damn shame Trayvon never heard those words!!

      • John Galt says:

        “I’m just stunned that kid had a smart-phone!”

        The nice thing about smart phones and computers is that they can run parental monitoring software. That would of course also require concerned, responsible parents.

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  90. Aussie says:

    I checked a pharmacy today to see exactly what kind of Robitussin was available. I do suspect that what you know as DM is available over the counter in Australia. From trying to read the label, I am almost certain that is the case. In the pharmacy there are at least 3 types available. The difference is that it is not labelled as DM.

    If this is the case, maybe it might be time to get some agitation going to have the product withdrawn and made only available on prescription, or at least kept behind the counter.

  91. Can anyone doCument the bit about Wayne being TM’s favorite rapper?

    Warning: Language alert!

    “Me & My Drank”

    Lil wayne-My life (syrup)

    Video Lil Wayne Puts The Cup Down! “for a minute” – but smoking a blunt as he babbles about it…

    Lil Wayne – Syrup

  92. nooffensebut says:

    UpToDate lists the significant adverse reactions of DXM as “confusion, excitement, irritability, nervousness, serotonin syndrome.” The major contraindication is MAO inhibitors. Being black or smoking tobacco also inhibits MAO. Black people are 2 times more likely to have MAOA-3R than whites and 10 times more likely to have MAOA-2R than whites. MAOA-3R is the “warrior gene” and MAOA-2R is twice as bad as MAOA-3R. Those alleles are like taking an MAO inhibitor, especially MAOA-2R. Less MAO activity leads to higher brain neurotransmitter levels and greater risk of violent behavior, as demonstrated by Brunner syndrome.


  93. Somuchtolearn says:

    Wow, I’m a smoker and had no idea that it could have that it could make me for violent. Like I said earlier I am bipolar, I think I need to quit as soon as possible. I don’t want anything that could make my agitation levels rise.

  94. LoudCitizen says:

    I am totally blown away by this Skittles/DXM thing… Never saw it coming, and certainly 99.44% of al Americans — even those closely following the case — never saw it coming either.

    This is some over-the-top, amazing kickass work, and Sundance and Dad really deserve a ton of credit. Way to go!

    By the way, if you Google ‘Trayvon Martin DXM’, you will get about 27,000 results.

    But if you narrow that search to the ‘News’ category (lefthand sidebar), you get ZERO results.

    This has not reached the media yet, not even the alternative or conservative media.

    • JE_Reading says:

      About 57,200,000 results (0.49 seconds) on Google as of Noon Tuesday, 29 May 2012. Zero on the news end.

  95. Einstein says:

    Two more casualties of the War on Drugs. Just makes you feel good inside, don’t it? Don’t forget to wipe the blood off your shoes on your way to church. And tomorrow remember to celebrate all that hard-won Freedom™ with an ice cold twelve-pack. You will hardly notice the irony as it flies overhead, 4000′ AGL, alongside an unmanned aerial surveillance drone.

  96. Steve says:

    Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:
    Awesome job. Man the hits just keep coming. Steve

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  98. Lars says:

    I thank you for this painstaking research into this. The stories of the Martin Family keep changing. I remember first report I heard is that Trayvon has just gone to the store during basketball game halftime to get his little brother a treat of tea and skittles when the white devil stalked and murdered him for no reason but the color of his skin.

    I thought it odd that Little Brother didn’t tell Daddy and Daddy Fiancee when they got back from BB Game that Trayvon went to store for treats and never returned. So – initial story about Little Brother wanting Skittles was a lie?

    Especially in the light of the video, which to my eyes makes him appear impaired – slowed down – something also that Zimmerman reported on the call to police initially reporting his presence – you have to wonder. If I was found with a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of sugar – chances are I was planning to make a pound cake with the milk I had at home. Mixing up “drank” makes a lot of the incongruous details fit together.

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  100. Great Investigative research ! World Class good job. If the Orlando Slantinel (eventually steals and publishes any of your work — sue them. And (personal knowledge with verified proof) prosecutorial misconduct (Ms. Corey — I am a Minister of Justice (vomit ! ) ) is the NORM in Florida, not the Exception. Did you know PM got SO BAD that Attorney Sandy D’Alemberte (former President of the American Bar Assoc. & also of FSU) demanded 2years ago that Fla form an Innocence Commission. This was due to a Tsunami of “innocents” who went to prison, being exonerated by Barry Schiffs legal team. The Fla. Prosecutors Assoc. FOUGHT the creation of an Innocence Commission

  101. ben says:

    Apparently this article is so dangerous, Facebook has suspended my ability to post anything after I linked to this page…

  102. JE_Reading says:

    I’m not sure about the correlations between Martin';s potential Lean usage and the autopsy findings. Fatty liver points to many things. Leptomeningeal congestion seems to be aligned more with disease or blunt force trauma to the skull than anything else. Basing this on several google search results. I could find no direct correlation between moderately (or less) congested Leptomeninges and drug usage or toxin exposure.

    From a behavioral perspective, this DMX usage implication potential puts one heck of a spin on things. Do you believe this will be explored from a legal perspective?

  103. Shayla says:

    I must say that this is a great report. However, TM is not here to tell his version of the story and no matter how hard people work on destroying his character on that night he wasn’t doing anything wrong. I have been in the line with crack head buying food. Did I know they were high yes, but that did not give me a right to kill them. Now to be fair I would like you to do a detailed report on Adderall and Tempezapam. To bad you can’t compare it to GZ drug screen test because one was not done. Make sure to mention GZ past arrest record. I am sure someone will bring up TM school record and for those who try I will ask you, which one will be more detrimental to you if TM or GZ was trying to enlist in the Army? Listen that night someone died, how could this situation had been avoided? Since GZ was the adult in the situation his decisions should be held to a higher standard.

    • John Galt says:

      “no matter how hard people work on destroying his character”

      TM destroyed his own character with parental assistance and/or neglect. Posts on this site merely point out that which was announced by TM himself via social media on the net.

      “GZ was the adult in the situation his decisions should be held to a higher standard.”

      GZ held himself to a very high standard. He endured a protracted beating and called extensively for help prior to finally shooting TM in defense of his own life.

    • ctdar says:

      sorry, no, GZ was clearly attacked by TM; follow the evidence.
      Age doesn’t matter when comes to self defense.
      Oh and ps;
      GZ had every right to get out of his truck just as TM had every right to walk to the store.

    • Aussie says:

      TM destroyed his own character on his Facebook page, as well as by his own actions. He committed felony assault upon the person of George Zimmerman.

    • Aussie says:

      I have to add here that Adderal is not as you describe. It is a legally prescribed medication.

      Also, I once again stress that GZ would not have taken Temazepam prior to driving to the shops because it is a drug that is for sleeping disorder, and the strict instructions for this medication is to take only at night prior to going to bed.

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  105. MaddMedic says:

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    Skittles, Iced Tea and Robitussin…ewwww…

  106. bvc says:

    DXM is best ingested from the Robitussin CoughGels gelcaps. 15mg pure DXM/cap. no tylenol or sedative mixed in. 20 caps per bottle for about $4 @ Walmart – way cheaper and purer than sugary syrup which is also usually 10% alcohol too. 2-3 caps a day is a great appetite suppressant for dieting. 6 will get you high like LSD/XTC.

  107. JE_Reading says:

    Were Trayvon Martin Witnesses Coached to Change Their Stories? Bennett L. GershmanProfessor of Law, Pace


    • howie says:

      Looks like the only possible chance Corey has is to use Zimmerman against Zimmerman. We have not seen his statements. Nothing else meets the needed threshold for charging him. It will be interesting to see if Omara tries to have them suppressed.

      • John Gault says:

        He reportedly passed the voice stress test. I doubt that they have much, or Wolfinger would have charged him and Crump would be running his mouth.

    • John Gault says:

      Professor Gershman should review Dee Dee’s interview with respect to improper witness coaching.

      • Bill says:

        Yeah thanks for posting that. That was mighty interesting. I wonder if they could run a stress test on that to see if she was telling the truth. I thought those questions at the end about trayvon bike and such would be used to compare her prior testimony.

        • John Gault says:

          “I wonder if they could run a stress test on that to see if she was telling the truth.”

          LMAO, she admits lying in the interview. “You want that, too?” (translation: I have lied before and I am ready to lie again, if you want.) “I guess you could say that.” Dee Dee will say anything that you want her to say, and she makes that obvious to the attorney, who nonetheless blatantly leads her throughout the interview. “get off, get off” is also total BS which contradicts her prior “the phone cut off” testimony.

          Listen for the CYA “I want the truth” announcements from the attorney. Those are the points that Dee Dee is so completely stupid that she blatantly admits to lying and the attorney is attempting to preserve his license to practice law. Another interesting point is at the end where the attorney could not get her to state that she told Crump the truth, so he settles for having her admit that she talked to Crump.

          • Bill says:

            Hey I don’t believe parts of her testimony but if you’re so sure then you know why GZ is up on Second degree murder charges. I’d sure like to know that.

            • John Gault says:

              As noted by Dershowitz and others, there is no evidence released thus far or referenced in the probable cause affidavit that supports Second Degree Murder charges. So it appears to be a Nifong-style politics based prosecution.

            • Aussie says:

              Mike Nifong and Corey 2012

          • howie says:

            Black Gang Molls are not known for their high IQ.

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  109. kolembo says:

    Very interesting stuff…you’re obviously VERY interested in the case.
    You may be right, however, Zimmerman needn’t have pushed the confrontation.

    He had reported the mated, he should have stepped away.

    The kid is dead for no reason whatsoever except that he was suspicious to ‘someone’.
    That’s the only reason there is for his death.

    It’s not good enough.

    • Sandusky says:

      Can you show me any actual EVIDENCE that GZ “pushed the confrontation”? As Jello333 says below: George did what he thought the dispatcher was asking him to do. THAT is what he did. “Let me know if this guy does anything else.” And, “Which way is he running?” George thought the dispatcher wanted him to keep Trayvon in sight, so he tried to do just that…. by getting out of the truck and following. Then, when the dispatcher advised him to stop… he STOPPED.

      That’s hardly pushing a confrontation.

      And “the only reason there is for his death” is NOT that “he was suspicious to someone” (although if you’ve read all the evidence on this site, you should be able to concede that TM’s behavior that night gave reasonable grounds for suspicion). The reason TM is dead is because he CHOSE to ATTACK someone (the autopsy report on TM, the medical reports on GZ, and the witnesses all make it clear who was delivering the beating and who was receiving it) who was legally carrying a concealed weapon and that person, having repeatedly called in vain for help, reached the point at which any reasonable person would have feared for their life and shot TM to save his own life.

      If you really want to blame TM’s death on someone other than himself, though, you might consider blaming the thieves whose behavior over the previous months had driven the residents to set up a neighborhood watch system in the first place.

      • kolembo says:

        So you think the kid just decided, on his way home, to beat up Zimmerman? Eh? Just saw Zimmerman and decided to beat him up? Eh?

        Be serious.

        • ctdar says:

          Yeah, sounds like that’s exactly what happened to the bus driver that TM beat up as well.
          Can’t pick & choose kolembo, especially not here.

          • kolembo says:

            If that’s what you’re bringing, it’s going to be a very short case.

            • ctdar says:

              You got something right, it will be a short case coz Judge Lester will dismiss for lack of evidence toward 2nd degree before a jury is paneled.

              • kolembo says:

                The judge will ask three questions.

                What made you suspicious of the young man?
                Did you know you were carrying a gun?
                What reasonable outcome were you expecting?

                • John Galt says:

                  “The judge will ask three questions.”

                  Fail. The judge examine witnesses. The prosecutor or the defense attorney asks the questions.

                • Jello333 says:

                  You really don’t understand the legal question here. There are gonna be a ton of issues, big and small. But in the end, it’s gonna come down to one thing: Was this self-defense? And how that will be determined is this:

                  Was Trayvon beating on George at the time of, or an instant before the shooting? The evidence says yes. Was George being injured? The evidence says yes. Did he believe he was in danger of death or grave bodily injury? The evidence (the screaming) says yes. Was it “reasonable” under the circumstances that he believed that? You tell me… I, and I think most people, would say ABSOLUTELY. Could he “escape”? The evidence says he was on the bottom trying to get up…. so the answer is no.

                  And that’s pretty much it. It doesn’t even matter if George “started it”, except he would then be required to TRY to escape. This is an easy call. Self-defense all the way. Nothing else really matters much.

                  • kolembo says:

                    Self defense relies on the circumstance of the event. To establish self-defense you have to start somewhere.

                    Self -defense is a smoke screen toward which everyone is being herded.

                    It will be too late to counter when the prosecution rests it’s case.

        • ejarra says:

          For approxiamately 3 minutes TM was out of sight of GZ. A minute and a half was after he got off the phone with dispatch. During that time, TM should have been back at Brandy’s.

          Why did TM attack GZ? Maybe paranoia, maybe he thought GZ saw him doing something illegal, maybe it had to do something with the drugs he MAY have had, maybe he just felt like beating up a smaller, fat, white/hispanic, older dude. Maybe he didn’t like GZ (it’s posible he knew him or of him via Chad).

          Does it really matter? GZ had every right get out of his car, to follow him, and even walk right up to his face (I’m not saying he did that). Every citizen that lives in that community has that exact right. There’s no difference between that gated communinty and a castle. TM had NO RIGHT to attack and try to kill GZ!! GZ had the right to defend himself, including using deadly force.

          • kolembo says:

            You see, what TM should and should not have been doing is not in question here.

            He could does not need to have been going home (although he clearly was), he could have chosen to turn back and head to the store again.

            You’re right about suspicion, and this actually is what I’m trying to point out because the case will hinge on that.

            Who’s definition of suspicion are we talking about?
            Is it reasonable suspicion?
            If yes, what reasonable response did Zimmerman expect.
            If no, why did he follow.

            On all accounts it is ‘suspicion’ that is being worked out here.

            Then beyond that, for murder, that is, the intent to kill.

            I think Zimmerman will be caught on ‘reasonable’ suspicion.

            If his defence are clever, they will steer his case away from this because he is being baited.

            The reason I think he fails is because in his mind, he thinks he has ‘reasonable; suspicion.

            The law will not.

        • John Galt says:

          “So you think the kid just decided, on his way home, to beat up Zimmerman?”

          Yes, TM profiled GZ as a law abiding cracker, noted that he was on the phone, approached, circled (stalked), and realized that GZ was reporting him to the cops. Having just obtained a blunt from the 3 stooges at 7-11, TM was likely holding weed. Based on his prior bust and school suspension for weed, TM became scared of being busted once again, and ran, ditching his contraband. Having ditched the contraband, and noting that GZ had left his vehicle, TM attacked, consistent with his violent nature previously indicated by swinging on the bus driver and fight club events and perhaps caused by brain damage from long term consumption of Purple Drank/ DXM.

          Note that Dee Dee states in the BDLR interview that TM had reached home (Brandy’s house), yet the confrontation occurred “a couple of minutes later” (according to Dee Dee) approximately 70 yards to the North, at the T in the sidewalk. So either GZ captured TM at Brandy’s house and carried him 70 yards to the North to the scene of the fight, or else TM voluntarily went North from Brandy’s house and attacked GZ, consistent with GZ’s statement. If TM had not made the unfortunate decision to travel North from home, confront and attack GZ, then he might still be sippin’ on sizzurp, burnin’ blunts, and stealing jewelry to this very day.

        • Aussie says:

          TM was not a kid. He was an adult. 17 is an age when we call young people YOUTH.

      • kolembo says:

        Eh? Don’t be silly. Blame some ‘other’ people?

        Consider this. Whatever ‘state’ Trayvon was in, he was going home having bought a soda and sweets.

        That’s all.

        How the rest of it occurs is solely up to Zimmerman.

        You take Zimmerman out of the equation, there is no public nuisance, there is no espionage, there are no problems.

        Just a kid out for soda and sweets.

        • howie says:

          Are you enjoying your Purple Drank today? A little early isn’t it?

        • ejarra says:

          Since he DID NOT go back to Brandy’s. At least not IN her place, can you PROVE that he was NOT trying to break in someone’s home? I bet you can’t PROVE it. You have NO IDEA what TM was doing that night nor why it took over a half an hour for a 15 minute walk.

          Can you PROVE that he was NOT checking out houses looking for unlocked doors? He had do be doing SOMETHING during for those extra unaccounted for minutes.

          Can you PROVE that GZ do NOT prevent another burlary?

          I’m not saying that TM did or was doing anything wrong, but neither did GZ.

          • kolembo says:

            I’m just trying to give you something to think about in terms of the case is before the court.

            Firstly, the burden of proof is not Trayvons. What he was doing is not in question. Proving that he was NOT suspicious won’t even be attempted.

            Then, arguing that GZ could have prevented a burglary (and he may well have) has no baring on the case.

            And lastly, GZ is being accused of doing wrong from the very beginning, and that the totality of his wrong actions led directly to Trayvons death.

            What was his intention when he called the cops?

            Infact, what was his intention when he left his house that evening?

            Just something to think about.