Crumped Up Charges….

Now we know the funeral director Richard Kurtz specifically and intentionally lied about injuries to Trayvon Martin. That’s right. “Lied”. It was not a mistake, it was not a lack of knowledge, it was a lie.  The lie was created to help the Crumped up Charges.  This is Richard Kurtz:

The autopsy confirms Trayvon’s hands were cut and bruised. The funeral director lied, period. But Benjamin Crump cannot let his false case slip through his fingers, so he spins.

Remember the Parks, Crump, Jackson, Martin, Fulton goal is a trial. That’s the key to their civil “wrongful death lawsuit“. Not a conviction, a trial. They manipulated their way to an arrest via public opinion pressure, now they are trying to manipulate their way to a trial; hiding their agenda behind the auspices of seeking justice.

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  1. Sharon says:

    “Crumped Up Charges”

    That is a perfect play on words.

  2. CuriousOne says:

    You should ‘Traymark’ that before Sybrina does…

  3. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    These lawyers’ goal is not a trial, they know they will lose if that happens.

    What these people do is extort settlements from the various defendants insurance companies, BEFORE the case sees the inside of a courtroom for jury trial.

    This case is a lawyers’ dream as far settlements are concerned because there’s a lot of prospective defendants, and the lawyers will only go after those people who have a deep-pocket carrier from whom they can extort money.

    Martin/Fulton can sue Sanford (police and city government), the State, the County, gun manufacturer, homeowner’s association, individuals within the area at The Retreat, and even Zimmerman. How can they go after Zimmerman if he is “penniless?”

    Well, if he owned a home at the Retreat, he has homeowners policy that cover his negligent acts. While Zimmerman’s intentional acts are not covered by insurance, Crump will allege that he was negligent that night, where he was providing “security” or protecting his property that night.

    While we know that is total BS, a carrier that provides $300,000 in general liability for Zimmerman’s negligence is not going to defend against that kind of lawsuit. they will simply tender the policy limits to Crump.

    Add to that the other individual homeowners, people who have renters insurance, and the HOA if they had insurance, you can see that just on those claims Crump can extort a few million from these innocent people (I really shouldn’t say this is extortion because this isn’t about money, it is about justice, right?)

    In order to extort the settlements Crump has to incite the public against the insurance carriers. When he submits demand letters he will tell the public (via press releases submitted to media by Julison, who will get a cut of the action) who the carriers are by name. He will then paint the identified carriers as evil because they are refusing to do the right thing, aka paying Martin/Fulton compensation as justice for Trayvon Martin’s death. (Most carriers don’t want the bad publicity, that can destroy an entire year of uplifting television advertising, for example, “you are in good hands.” So they settle rather then get Julison’s bad press.)

    This is a common lawyer trick. Get the media to paint the defendant’s insurance carrier as mean and evil, so that public pressure mounts against the carrier to pay a settlement.

    At the end of the day everyone makes millions for not having to do a lick of work in preparation for trial.

    Crump’s con is actually simplistic because all he does is play the race card to extort money. Unfortunate for Crump I am working on an angle that will put an end to his conduct. He thinks he is getting away with this, but he is not.

    And if I were Crump I would be real worried if Obama loses the election (I suspect he will) and Romney’s AG is directed to go after Crump, et al.

    Ambien time. If I made spelling or grammar errors, take the pain. Night.

    • Aussie says:

      the spelling police did not see any errors :)

      And Sharon I am having fun with this :)

    • cookbook says:

      A very large part of the scam is speed and the restriction and manipulation of information. Social media and the instant availability of facts has been turned on its head. Crump and his networks of gossip, social, professional, and political pals have had the edge in getting out the misinformation by spreading his poison via carefully tended methods. The press has been central to this scheme as well as the usual “word of mouth” amplified via facebook, twitter, and incendiary popular culture “new” media. These same methods were used in 2008 in the election of Obama and their dominance in the manipulation of “feelings” over facts got the empty suit elected without any kind of vetting.

      It worked in 2008 but it is not working in 2012. Republicans (and anyone who cared to look at 2008) saw what happened. When O’Mara carefully established a new media presence to bypass the criminal traditional media and allow infuriated citizens to assist by donation in the defense of Zimmerman, I knew he got it and had seen what was being done in the name of social justice. I hope O’Mara understands that this does not end when Zimmerman is exonerated. Civil lawsuits against the liars, manipulators and libelous press have to be pursued as well as a class action suit by anyone harmed in any way by racial hatred stirred up by this pack of frauds. Traditional media websites such as television stations, news networks and newspapers are already starting to curtail comments portions on articles regarding this case because the public is furious with what they have done and vociferously letting them know it. The reading and commenting public is sick of this stuff both legally and politically. We vote.

      • cookbook says:

        And any insurance company that pays out settlements to frauds should hear from the their policy holders and stockholders. They have fiduciary responsibilities to not hand out money to frauds. If they do they need to go because they are too lazy to fight for their owners money. There is not a policy for political correctness.

      • justice099 says:

        lol. I haven’t seen a single article of this case with commenting available on MSNBC in a looooooong time. They turned them all off. So, they get to lie and get away with it. But they have been much more careful to make sure those lies came from someone else first.

    • howie says:

      They are suing the witnesses…..The HOA? Brilliant.

    • Jaded says:

      Why would,Chump be allowed to sue other homeowners at the retreat?

      • tara says:

        Not really other homeowners but the HOA as a collective unit. For negligence allowing GZ to be a neighborhood watch captain. They could easily lose, but let me tell you HOA lawsuits are bad news for anyone in the complex trying to sell a unit or refinance a mortgage. These days lenders are very skittish, and there are new rules too prohibiting certain types of loans when a lawsuit is pending. Team Skittles is well aware of this. They’ll get their revenge any way possible.

        • CTDAR says:

          How bout going after Brandi/Condo resident for letting her guest, TM, a known criminal element & currently expelled from his school for bad behavior to roam freely with no supervision?
          In a Condo Association, Owners/Renters are responsible for their guests!

          • cookbook says:

            People have been evicted for less. Bringing in “undesirables” could be put in a lease.

            • CTDAR says:

              I know as a former condo owner, the boiler plate rental lease and most Associations’ rules do have language in them that owner/tenant is responsible for guests.

              • cookbook says:

                There ya go. Eviction notice.

              • tara says:

                CTDAR, I totally agree with you. I’m in a condo now and that’s exactly what our rules state. Unit owners are responsible for their tenants, and residents, whether they are owners or renters, are responsible for their guests.

              • minpin says:

                There you go CTDAR. My property insurance covers not only the possibility of slip and falls, but also if any of my guests destroy any property, or property values. Would anyone now buy a condo in the complex? The entire complex is under seige by the Crump Criminal Syndicate. The complex owner has every right to bring charges against everyone involved in the scam.

          • chopp says:

            You’re right. They should not have left him unsupervised and free to do whatever he wanted. The fact that they came home and did nothing and even assumed that he may have been arrested tells me that they knew of his propensity for breaking the law.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike says:

        As you can see from the length of my post, touching on the tips of these issues does not adequately answer important questions like yours.

        But that is what Crump is relying on. He makes false statements, knowing that on closer examination no one will later pay attention to the falsity of his words. Whoever is first with the soundbite wins, that’s what he learned in ̶c̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶r̶t̶i̶s̶t̶ law school.

        That’s why it is important for us to disseminate the truth here and anywhere else on the Net that you can.

        • knowthyenemy says:

          What gets me about Crump is the arrogance in the way he LIES. Such passion and conviction in his voice as it booms louder than his opponent. He intends to smother any chance of the truth coming out by verbally assaulting those who may be weak, or those unable to have a platform 2 use their voice like GZ (as he refers to him in EVERY media forum or impromptu press conference) not by his name, but in Brooklyn ebonics as “Tray-VOHN Mar-IHNS killa.”

          He is like a used car salesman tho. When he sees there is opportunity for money 2 be made or public opinion to be swayed in his favor 4 political purpose, he has an uncanny ability 2 rein it back in before his victim gets the chance 2 see who he REALLY is:
          a dishonest racist who exploits the death of others for profit #greed

          • scubachick75 says:

            The sound of his voice makes my skin crawl. All those years he spent in college and he still speaks like an uneducated black man from the hood.

        • Jello333 says:

          Yeah, it’s hard to counter their lies with just a short soundbite. For instance, they say, “Zimmerman disregarded orders from the police to not follow Martin.” That is a LIE on so many levels — it was not “the police”, they had no authority, he did not “disregard” ANYTHING the dispatcher told him, he DID stop following when ADVISED to do so, he may have even thought the dispatcher WANTED him to follow, etc, etc, etc. But in order to properly counter their simple soundbite, we have to go into some detail…. actually several paragraphs long, with quotes and times from the tape, descriptions of the map of the neighborhood, etc.

  4. Jello333 says:

    Somebody’s gonna be filthy rich when this is all over with. But I have a feeling it ain’t gonna be the Martins/Fultons, and it ain’t gonna be Crump and his minions. George and his family might still have to hide out for the next few years… but at least they’ll get to do it in luxury. And they might not be the only ones. I don’t know for sure what it takes to have “standing” in this situation, but I’d think that maybe all the people who’ve been attacked by “Justice for Trayvon” gangs would also have cases against Crump, the media, etc.

    Oh, and did you hear? There might be another one. In Tampa just a couple days ago, a 23-yr-old soldier beaten by 4 black guys, who in the video seem to be wearing “hoodies”. Coincidence? Yeah, maybe. But I’m really starting to wonder about this stuff.

    • Tampa, Florida — Police want your help finding four men who teamed up to beat a young U.S. Army soldier in a South Tampa street.

      It was an awful welcome to Tampa Bay for a young soldier. Police say the victim of a violent beating caught on camera is 24 years old and has lived in Tampa for less than a month.

      He’s a U.S. Army soldier assigned to MacDill Air Force Base and lives not far from the base at Dale Mabry Hwy. and Interbay Blvd.

      Police say Sunday morning, at around 3 a.m., the soldier’s car broke down a few miles from home along Westshore Blvd.

      The attack came when he was walking home and using Iowa St. to get from Westshore to Dale Mabry. At the intersection of Iowa and Renellie Dr., the man came into the view of a neighbor’s motion-activated security camera.
      A group of three young men is seen walking ahead of the soldier. Police say one of the men in the group doubled back and asked to soldier to borrow a dollar. When the soldier reached for his wallet, the first punch flew.

      The first, tremendous sucker punch laid the victim onto the ground. The other two men joined in, punching and kicking the soldier.

      A fourth man comes sprinting into view from the left edge of the video. The new attacker — a man the soldier said he had walked past earlier — joined in the beating.

      Tampa Police officers say the crooks stole the soldier’s wallet and cell phone, then took off south on Renellie Dr. When he eventually got to his feet, the victim had to knock on doors to find someone to help him call 911.

      Video link:

      • scubachick75 says:

        I live in the Tampa area so it hits a little too close to home for me. I spent the afternoon at the shooting range yesterday learning to shoot my new and very pretty pink gun. They always attack in groups….how manly of them. I hope this guy and 10 of his fellow army soldiers run into these thugs again and teach them a lesson. I fear that this type of thing is going to get worse before it gets better. Chump & Co. has them all so worked up over his lies. I think the more the truth comes out, the angrier and more defensive they will become.

        • myopiafree says:

          I don’t carry – but I feel a lot better knowing my fellow citizens can and do “carry”. I think GZ is alive, and others will be in the future – because of the need to protect ourselves from the “culture of crime”.

      • minpin says:

        So the police are looking for 4 men who beat up a soldier. No descriptions of the assailants, no clothing descriptions, no age bracket, no nothing. So the police want help to find 4 men? Good luck with that. The political correctness in reporting is disgusting. Wanted 4 men for beating a soldier. Ducky. Wonder how many will be looking for those 4 men. Disgusting.

        • ItsMichaelNotMike says:

          I hope the victim/soldier does not say “they were black.”

          That’s all he needs is for Crump, Jackson(s), Sharpton, O’Donnell of MSNBC, Julison and others identifying him as a racist.

          Hmm…. I know how the police can find the guys. Ask Crump. I’m sure he has lined them up as clients to sue the soldier. Crump probably already has the form letter drafted to the FBI, asking it to investigate this guy, for denying the four ̶c̶r̶i̶m̶i̶n̶a̶l̶s̶ their civil rights.

    • cookbook says:

      Class action suits against cities who allow gangs to rove and pillage might be a good start especially those who claim there are no “hate crimes” going on and they cannot locate the perps. Then the media who don’t cover it. Then the instigators of malevolent racial prejudice and spiteful ill will.

  5. cookbook says:

    A nice lawyerly refutation of the entire case can be found here:
    She is a lefty defense lawyer and has to deal with the racialists in the comments. Some of them simply refuse to “get” it.

    • ejarra says:

      The link to talkleft is excellent! Reading her points and the posted comments is similar to this blog. I strongly recommend reading it.

    • Daisy says:

      Good response by the defense lawyer.

      • cookbook says:

        She is a criminal defense lawyer. While an extreme lefty she wants every criminal defendant treated fairly which George Zimmerman has not been. If she and Dershowitz can see what has been done without the lens of political and racial bias so can everyone else that does not have a dog in this fight. This case is warping our legal system and if we let them do it or get away with trying to do it with no penalty we are all losers.

    • tara says:

      Here’s the key:

      To be an aggressor, Zimmerman had to provoke the force used by Martin. Provoking a state of fear is not enough. Also, Zimmerman’s provocation had to be contemporaneous with Martin’s use of force against him. It can’t be the result of something that happened earlier.

      As we have all maintained, it wasn’t illegal or provocative for GZ (in his own community, no less!) to simply follow TM.

      • cookbook says:

        The Trayvon crowd keeps arguing that watching, following, or questioning is provocation for violence. It is not. Then they say Zimmerman was arguing (witnesses supposedly saw shadows and raised voices, oooh scary) and Trayvon the child was afraid and HAD to hit him. Bull! We are not allowed to attempt to cold cock someone with whom we are arguing. That is assault and a criminal offense. The rationalizations and attempts to show Trayvon as something other than a hostile, aggressive, hothead who was in the right to jump Zimmerman are downright bizarre. The window for settlements is closing and they are panicking.

        • scubachick75 says:

          I keep trying to wrap my head around their justification in attempt to try to understand that point of view but I just can’t do it. Aren’t we all taught as children “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

          • Sharon says:

            ” Aren’t we all taught as children ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ ”

            Apparently not. And therein lies (part of) the problem.

          • minpin says:

            Those still holding to the philosophy of sticks and stones are those that still refuse to believe that there really is evil in this world/country. It’s a very naive way to look at people IMO. How many believe that the radical islamists wouldn’t cut the heads off the world’s infidels if they don’t follow Muhammed? Political Correctness got us into this problem to begin with. Sticking one’s head in the sand doesn’t solve that problem, it exacerbates it.

            • scubachick75 says:

              I’m guilty of being naive at times but I wouldn’t say my head is stuck in the sand though. My eyes are open and I’m learning. Maybe I used that saying out of context. What I was trying to express is that words are just words. George following Trayvon or any thing he said to Trayvon that night, doesn’t justify beating his head into the ground the way Trayvon’s supporters says it does.

              • Speaking of getting stuck in the sand, I have a diving question for you, scubachick, if you don’t mind. Did you say you mostly dove in the Gulf? Any wreck diving? Just curious. I’m trying to line up some wreck diving at about 100ft this summer, and never done it before. Nothing below 50ft, anyway. Any advice?

                • WeeWeed says:

                  I’ve only got two from my late baby brother – 1) barracuda and 2)bends.

                  • Exactly! I’m not going to be in the Gulf, so hopefully I won’t have to deal with the ‘cudas much. Last year near Cozumel, I got stalked by an 8-footer that scared the bejeebers outta my boys and me. They got the evil eyes and the big teeth, that’s for sure.

                  • scubachick75 says:

                    Was in the Keys over Spring Break and I’ve never seen more Barracuda in my life!! They’re everywhere!!

                • scubachick75 says:

                  Yes, I dive mostly in the warm, calm waters of the Gulf or in freshwater springs :) I’ve never done a wreck dive though…sorry. Well I have once but it was shallow and nothing special. The Atlantic scares me too! My dream is to do a cage dive with Great Whites some day. I love sharks!!

              • In particular, we’re going to be offshore in the Carolinas, where there are some killer civil war wrecks. Problem is, I’m used to more southern waters, and the Atlantic scares the crap outta me. I figure it’s gotta be murky as hell, fast, dark and cold, even in summer. Just looking for anyone with actual experience up there.

                • scubachick75 says:

                  Wow! Just like that (as long as I’m on the bottom of the cage). Is that real? I love it!!! Adventure Outfitters is planning a Great White Shark dive for September in Mexico. I’m trying to talk my son into doing it with me, Do you spearfish?

                  • Yes: real. No on the spearfishing. Don’t live close enough to water to do it regularly; just explore the reefs and (hopefully soon) wrecks. You don’t spear sharks in the Gulf, do you? And don’t you have trouble with the packs of bull sharks and barracudas cruising in and trying to take your speared fish away from you? As thick as they are there, I’d think that would be a problem. ;)

        • tara says:

          What’s most astounding about Trademark’s reaction is that he wasn’t even on his own turf! I won’t be surprised at all of the toxicology report shows he was high on something.

        • Aussie says:

          those witnesses are in the unreliable category. If they did not make the statement at the time of the shooting then whatever they say in hindsight should be taken with a grain of salt and classified as mushroom fodder.

          The reason that I say this is that you can have people who are open to suggestion. Take the woman who claims to have seen two shadows running. Really? I bet she was trying to search in the back of her mind as to whether or not she saw anything. She had heard that one or both had been running at some point… what if in fact what she saw was the same person… running one way, and then doubling back? In other words how good is her actual memory.

          Then there is that fool of a woman, Mary, Mary quite contrary. That woman’s story has changed at least 5 times or more. She gave the police one story. Then changed her story. On one occasion she claimed to have heard a child cry. Really? A young man of 17 does not sound like a child because by that age he has gone through puberty and his voice has deepened. So her facts are wrong just with that point. Then she claimed that she saw a boy with a cherub face or something like that. Really? Was that the photograph that was a photoshop job? Because it certainly was not of the young man who died from a gun wound. There have been other inconsistencies as she has variously tried to claim that it was GZ who attacked TM when in fact it was the other way around.

          As for DeeDee, I cannot accept anything regarding her account on the subject because to me it sounds like it was made up!!

  6. Donnie B. says:

    Does anyone know if GZ voice stress test were part of discovery?

  7. James Crawford says:

    So far, all of the evidence supports GZ.

    The coroner’s report is particularly important. Sometimes the victim of an attack can get “defensive wounds” on their hands trying to fend off punches, kicks or especially a knife. However; these defensive wounds are accompanied by other wounds to the body. There are none on TM except the gunshot. GZ was not attacking TM physically nor was he trying to apprehend or restrain hm for the police.

    One other big point is that the documented trauma to GZ and TM proves that there was a physical altercation at contact range. If GZ had intended to simply shoot TM, he never would have gotten so close.

    The opportunities for Lawsuits are interesting.

    Crump was so aggressive in dominating false information that he, Jellison and all of the media that ran with their stories are vulnerable to defamation suits. The victims of the documented mob attacks in retaliation for the TM also have standing to sue Crump the Chump and Jellison. Some of Crump’s statements about the need to make an arrest or there will be violence cross the line to incitement and extortion. This ass hole might even be charged as an accessory to murder.

  8. Donnie B. says:

    Natalie Jackson was on In Session TV and she said that the medical reports prove nothing because they have always known that there was some type of physical altercation.

    Really? I am almost certain that Crump has repeatedly said that TM was killed in cold blood.

    She also goes onto say that this would have never happened if Zimmerman never got out of his car with A 9MM GUN. She makes it sound like he got out of the car with his gun drawn.

    Hey Natalie, this also would have never happened if TM was not suspended from school for the 3rd time and shipped off to the Dads GF house.

    • tara says:

      Love the logic of the liars. First they claim GZ isn’t able to follow a suspicious person on his own property. Now they claim GZ isn’t supposed to exit his vehicle?

      They’ve lost. ALL of the evidence supports GZ’s account of the incident. They’ve lost. Now it’s up to Judge Lester to do the right thing, refuse to be extorted, and uphold the laws as written.

    • Sandusky says:

      It could never have happened if TM’s family had enforced the simple rule that suspended from school = grounded at home. But of course that would mean his dad couldn’t just leave him home alone while he took his new girlfriend out to dinner.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike says:

      Of course Jackson is going to poo poo anything that favors Zimmerman. This is the same lawyer who insisted to the worldwide media that two shots were fired and the 911 audio proved that. When she was proven wrong, she said “One shot or two, does not matter….”

      Then when the PD video came out and did not indicate patent injury, she broadcasted that this proved Zimmerman a liar that he was injured.

      And she also called George’s dad a liar, because he had gone on TV and told the interviewer that George had black eyes, a broken nose, and cuts on the back of his head. (All of MSNBC got on that train. I recorded every one of the MSNBC shows from that night (it was a Thursday and Friday night, where O’Donnell, Sharpton, and Schultz played the video on loop, froze frames and said “See, look at what a liar this Zimmerman is. No injury. The guy is a cold blooded killed.”

      IMO Jackson has lost all creditability and brings dishonor to the uniform she once wore. (And I’m starting to question why she left the service. Given her conduct on this case, I want those questions answered. Was she drummed out?)

      And that’s all I have to say about her, for now.

    • tara says:

      Thank you Alan Dershowitz for saying what needs to be said!!

      • knowthyenemy says:

        Omg hells yeah fire some Angela Corey. Excites me jus typing about it. One could only fantasize that as they strip her of her power (which she so blatantly abused) Gov. Rick Scott is on the other side of the courtroom holding hands and PRAYING with her sweet replacement #justice4Angela

      • Sandusky says:

        “Dershowitz was speaking as the sensational case took another new twist with the Orlando Sentinel reporting Friday that Zimmerman now claims that Martin “circled” his vehicle while he was phoning police. An unnamed source said that Zimmerman said he rolled up his window because he was unnerved by the teen’s behavior.”

        Is he CLAIMING it “now” or is that part of one of his original statements only being LEAKED “now”? (The article is dated May 4.)

        ‘The source also said police have doubts about Zimmerman’s story because of inconsistencies which include a claim that during a struggle Martin had his hand over the neighborhood watch captain’s mouth.

        “Authorities do not believe that happened,” the Sentinel quotes the source as saying. “On one 911 call, someone can be heard screaming for help. If it were Zimmerman, as he claims, his cries were not muffled.”’

        Gee, what’s that “source” saying now that we know the medical reports on Z show trauma to the lower part of his face? Wouldn’t such trauma be consistent with someone having a hand over his mouth?

        Oh, silly me, I forgot about “self-inflicted wounds”. Good thing Z thought to rough himself up in ALL the places that would be consistent with his story. Smart guy./sarc

        • tara says:

          All I can say is thank God there were eyewitnesses who saw what happened, perhaps not the moment of the shooting but immediately afterward. And they will be able to state unequivocally that GZ was not roughing himself up so that it would appear he’d been beaten. The best eyewitness is the one who said that GZ had cried out for help to him, and he responded by telling GZ that he’d call 911. That guy is absolute gold!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike says:

        What I like about this is regardless of how one feels about Dershowitz, the guy is one of the most famous legal scholars on the planet, a respected Harvard law professor, he has the ear of Washington, he is friends with SCOTUS justices, and he hob nobs with the biggest of legal community big shot.

        If Dershowitz took to the airwaves and called me an incompetent, moronic, mental slob and said I was the biggest elohssɐ in the legal universe, I would walk over to the Golden Gate Bridge and jump off it. Seriously.

        Update: I guess I could take lots of drugs and simply stay deluded, but that’s no solution, is it.

    • minpin says:

      Seems everyone on the GZ side wants to quote everything Dershowitz says. He is so very correct with respect to the Corey prosecution. Now, with that being said, does anyone realize that the liberal Harvard Professor is on the side of what he calls “reasonable gun control.” We can’t lose control of the argument because one liberal cites what most every other legal mind knows. Dershowitz is still on the side of gun control, and against the Fla. SYG laws. Can’t we find a better spokesperson for GZ? Can we find another source for the argument against Angela Corey? Yes, we have found that source. The site you are reading right now is the best source on the web, by far, and we are not for gun control. This site has far more credibility than Dershowitz ever had with respect to the Zimmerman case.

  9. hdfb007 says:

    Rush is commenting on this today. This is a good thing

  10. Bijou says:

    **Just tuned in to Rush.
    He’s talking about the TM case now.
    Just FYI.

  11. knowthyenemy says:

    Joe Madison Uncovers Racial Slur In Florida Shooting:

    “Sirius XM radio talk host Joe Madison today announced that he discovered audio of George Zimmerman referring to Trayvon Martin as a “f*kn c**n” under his breath moments before he shot the teenager to death.”
    “A listener reached out to me yesterday asking that I listen to the tape carefully,” Madison said. “This morning when we got in, I had our engineer clean up the tape and sure enough, there it was,”

    Yes, Joe Madison of “The Black Eagle” was the mastermind that “discovered” the controversial (now defunct) profanity laced insult that was the “smoking gun” of George Zimmerman’s true hatred for anything other than white-hispanics.
    The MSM already blinded by rage embraced the opportunity to crucify Zimmerman, going so far as to analyze then “loop the barely audible” 911 snippet to assure America the cold blooded “killa” of Trayvon Martin was everybit the racist vigilante Benjamin Crump needed him to be.

    Coincidentally, Joe Madison seems to have deep connections with AL Sharpton. The self professed “Black Eagle” of XM radio is also a dynamic platform speaker and media guest. He has captivated audiences from Capitol Hill to the Hollywood Hills. As Sharpton, Jesse, and Benjamin Crump took to the streets to rally/ invoke racial strife in the name of #justice4trayvon it was only natural that the guest speaker at the Nashville,TN >>Trayvon Martin Rally<< was none other than: you guessed it, Joe Madison. (at 1:47)

    “I AM Travyvon” hoodie shot:

    "JUST BECAUSE HE'S BLACK" (ode to Vote4Obama)!/Dr3w130/discvr/members

    • sybilj says:
      The Ed Show for Monday, March 19, 2012

      SHARTPON: Thursday, we`re joining the family and attorney Crump, who
      is on my show tonight with the father. We`re having a national rally and
      Michael Baisden, Joe Madison, many from national radio, are joining
      national civil rights groups to call for justice for this family.
      PoliticsNation, Tuesday, March 20, 2012

      SHARPTON: Well, Joe Madison, you have been very strong on your radio
      show about this and other parts of the tape saying that clearly this is not
      only a crime but you feel a hate crime.

      MADISON: Well, and that`s because we did something. We played the
      tapes related to Trayvon Martin. And in its entirety. And we had a very
      astute listener who emailed me and said, wait a minute, go back, there`s a
      very racial derogatory comment he makes under his breath. And today, we
      brought an engineer up to the studio, Reverend Al, and we played that tape
      and you can clearly hear this. Now, I don`t want to repeat it. But I`m
      saying, you can go to my Facebook, you can you go to It`s
      there. You can hear him. He is either running or getting out of the car.
      And this right here alone, those two words, will let you know clearly, and
      I think let the Justice Department know, exactly his racist attitude. And
      like I said.

      SHARPTON: Which is what they would need to go with a hate crime,
      Mara. You look in to this as well.

      MADISON: Yes, and it`s there. It`s there.
      PoliticsNation, Wednesday, March 21, 2012

      To learn more, let me bring in Jeff Weiner, reporter of “the Orlando Sentinel.” He is writing about George Zimmerman today, and Joe Madison , nationally syndicated host, “Mornings with Madison ” on Sirius XM radio. He will be rallying with us tomorrow night in Sanford, Florida.

      • sybilj says:
        PoliticsNation, Monday, April 2, 2012

        SHARPTON: Now, Joe, if you look at the fact that officer Timothy
        Smith wrote in the police report from the crime scene, quote, “Zimmerman
        was placed in the rear of my police vehicle and was given first aid by the
        Sanford Fire Department.” Zimmerman was cleared by the Sanford Fire
        Department. He was transported to the Sanford Police Department. Now,
        this is the officer that says he was treated in the back of his car. This
        is his report. His police report. Clearly, he`s not indicating that he
        was near unconscious or fighting for his life. This is his written report
        at the scene.

        JOE MADISON, HOST, “MORNINGS WITH MADISON”: Absolutely. And I don`t
        know what else to tell you. And look at again at the evidence. A broken
        nose. Where is the blood? You have a situation like you just reported.
        Cancelled EMS. The reality is that we are looking at a person who is
        telling his family one thing. He`s probably not telling them the truth.
        And they are repeating it and the right wing is buying it and then accusing
        us of not wanting us to believe our eyes and believe our ears. And that`s
        why this case is falling apart for George Zimmerman.

        • tara says:

          Nancy Grace also made a big deal about the second ambulance being cancelled, as if that meant anything. That’s when I stopped watching her show.

          Nancy: I’ll come back if you start investigating this case in an unbiased manner. First, you might want to ask Richard Kurtz to explain why he lied to you.

        • chinchilla says:

          If you play the 911 call backwards while on quaaludes, you can hear Jay-Z say ‘spatula.’ I have proof.

  12. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    Note: I would like to see this comment under a separate article that deals with the Stand Your Ground law and George Zimmerman’s anticipated motion to dismiss (that IMO he has a 90% likelihood of winning).

    No one in the media it talking about it, save for this CBS This Morning piece that just aired. In fact, CBS opened with this on the This Morning Show. I like that.

    Since my comment is way too long, I will break it down into separate posts.

    CBS This Morning and legal analyst Jack Ford have my interest and respect (tentative).

    Charlie Rose was covering this new evidence and he got everything right. He was especially refreshing after listening to Dan Abrams on ABC last night who is obviously biased AGAINST George Zimmerman.

    And Jack Ford echoed aspects of my analysis (he is not on my payroll nor are we friends ;) But he is the first “legal analyst” on TV to mention the correct “rule of law” and why all this is important. He exhibits far more competence than Dan Abrams (ABC’s “legal analyst”).

    I recorded the CBS story, and Ford’s statements. Here is the piece (keep in mind that the questions Rose and Hill asked Ford are usually prearranged, Ford giving them the questions to ask. This is always done, so don’t read anything into that, such as “Why would Hill ask a question like that, obviously she is on Trayvon Martin’s side.”:


    Erica Hill: CBS News has confirmed court papers have been filed showing the man accused of murdering a Florida teen was treated a day later for a broken nose and cuts to his head.

    Charlie Rose: CBS News legal analyst Jack Ford is here. So what do we make of this story, and what impact does it have?

    Jack Ford: It is important for the defense. Now it doesn’t end the case. It is not the magic bullet (unintended pun there Jack ;) that will make the prosecution ‘You know what, never mind, this case is over. Everybody go home.’

    But it is important to the defense here because the big question is ‘Who is the aggressor?’ We know what happened. We know that Trayvon Martin was shot. But George Zimmerman has been saying all along ‘Look, I was kinda there but he came after me, Trayvon Martin came after me.’

    Ford (cont.) This now allows the defense to show up into the courtroom, let George Zimmerman tell his story and bring in a medical expert that says black and blue under the eyes, broken nose, cuts on the back of the head, and the defense can argue that’s consistent with George Zimmerman being attacked by Trayvon Martin. And then the Stand Your Ground defense comes into play.”

    Erica Hill: So that’s consistent with being attacked, but is there any way to show who may have started it?

    Ford: That’s always going to be the big question in this. Who was the aggressor. This is what all of this case is about. Now here is what you are going to get at.

    I am sure the prosecution is going to say ‘You know what this shows, this shows that Trayvon Martin was fighting for his life. He was attacked by George Zimmerman here.’

    And the defense is going to say ‘That’s not so at all, and we got the medical testimony to show it.’

    Absent some witness out there who says, who will be able to say ‘ I saw how this happened, I saw who started it’ you know it is going to be a tough decision for the jury to make.

    But remember, the prosecution has the burden of proving it. So if the defense has something on their side that is going to help to support it, if you are a defense attorney you are always going to be pleased about something like this. (doctor’s report, pictures).

    Charlie Rose: And then there’s always the question of whether it (the beating) justifies shooting somebody like this.

    Ford: But their statute down there is if HE REASONABLY BELIEVED, now again, it is HIS REASONABLE BELIEF UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES , EVEN IF IT TURNS OUT HE WAS WRONG, but if it was reasonable under the circumstances.

    And here the defense is going to say ‘Reasonable? Broken nose, cut on the back of his head, black eyes, that should suggest to you folks that his fear was REASONABLE.’ (emphasis mine). That is the argument we are going to see.

    Rose: It is in his mind as to whether his fear…

    Ford: His mind but it still has to be a reasonable fear in HIS mind.

    Rose: Thank you very much.


    Finally, someone in the media has started to talk about what really matters, and that is the Stand Your Ground law and what George Zimmerman has to prove. (I duly note that Ford blurred Stand Your Ground analysis with a jury trial. In fact, the Stand Your Ground analysis comes into play at the motion to dismiss NOT at trial. This is an important distinction because the Judge decides the motion to dismiss (Stand Your Ground hearing), at trial the jury decides the validity and application of traditional self-defense theories.

    One way to understand this distinction: At a Stand Your Ground hearing, retreat, the duty to retreat, etc. are IRRELEVANT because under the Stand Your Ground law Zimmerman did NOT have a duty to retreat or flee from Trayvon. (That’s why it is moronic when people comment that George will be “fried” because he did not flee from Trayvon, assuming Trayvon was the aggressor).

    That’s what makes the Stand Your Ground law so controversial. It makes wherever one is standing his castle. Just as in your home you have no duty to retreat when a burglar breaks into the house, under SYG, where George was standing, it was as if he was inside his house or “castle.”

    In contrast, at trial Zimmerman would defend himself under traditional self-defense theories. At trial the prosecutor would tell the jury Zimmerman had a duty to retreat BEFORE using deadly force. Zimmerman would defend against that by submitting evidence that he was prevented by Trayvon from retreating and/or there was nowhere to retreat to. (By the way, Zimmerman had a legal right to ask Trayvon Martin what he was doing. And Trayvon Martin had the legal right to ignore the question and keep walking or even stop and have words with Zimmerman. Those events are irrelevant, albeit the words exchanged may indicate one’s intent or intentions.)


  13. Something Madeupforthenet says:

    Matt Gutman is on trying to cover himself for liability in this case on Twitter. He claims “We’ve reported everything we had gotten our mitts on without an agenda” @mattgutmanABC

    • He’s a big fibber.

      • Sharon says:

        Gotta say, Sundance, you’ve about ruined the word “fibber” for me! ;)

        “Fibbing” was the word used by our mother when we were very little and she was gently informing us that she knew we were not telling the truth. I do not use the word “fibbing” to describe a full-grown man who is repeatedly lying, with malice, as a career enhancer/sustainer in a way that has already endangered the lives of others. ADD: (I got interrupted earlier—and took awhile to get back—has do with porkchops, hot stove, clean up on kitchen floor-. In high school, I was selected as the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, and I’ve got the pin to prove it. As I always remind DH–it’s TOMORROW—the BCH of Tommorow. It’s all good.)

    • tara says:

      HAHAHAHA!!! Oh man that’s funny! If you look back through Gutman’s tweets you’ll see one after another propagating Team Skittles’ fable. I stared including them here but there are so many this post would be 5 pages long! Here are a choice few:

      Mar 21: “Sanford PD did in fact tell @ABC that they missed Zimmerman’s possible racial slur. Like the rest of us…

      Mar 23 (re-tweet): “The SKIN of #Trayvon Martin got him killed, NOT the hoodie.

      Mar 27: “@ABC confirms State Attorney rejected police recommendation to arrest Zimmerman” (debunked, but Gutman never tweeted a correction)

      Mar 28: “we just got the first exclusive interview with #Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend Deedee. Her story contradicts Zimmerman’s version” (wrong!)

      Mar 28: “[treated] for bloody nose and head apparently. But no stitches. Did he look badly beaten to you?

      Mar 28: “Does he look like he has a broken nose?

      Mar 28 (re-tweet): “The New Racism is Denying Racism

      Mar 29: “Kudos to @piersmorgan for getting George Zimmerman’s brother on his show. FINALLY a family member speaks. What took so long??” (Uh, maybe a little thing called DEATH THREATS?)

      Mar 29: “[O'Mara] says only ‘he sought med attention,’ but then backtracked

      Mar 29, in response to someone claiming that video shows GZ “stalking” TM from the 7-11: “i KNOW! BUT ITS POLICE EVIDENCE.

      Mar 29: “our exclusive video showing Zimmerman for 1st time — no visible injuries

      Apr 2: “always said the police vid shows no sign of blood or trauma on GZ

  14. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    As I keep saying, the reason all this is important is because if George Zimmerman wins under the Stand Your Ground law (via a motion to dismiss), that IMMUNIZES him not only from further criminal prosecution, BUT ALSO FROM CIVIL SUIT BY CRUMP. And legally if Zimmerman is immune from civil suit, anyone “inferior” to him can’t be sued either, at least not based on the actions of George Zimmerman that night.

    The ultimate effect of Zimmerman winning the SYG motion is that Crump’s con and attempts to extort money from the insurance companies is OVER. The gig is up because civil liability is one of the distinctive BENEFITS to winning a Stand Your Ground motion. Crump would have to come up with new theories and reasons to go after others.

    Maybe he can sue the residents for not coming to the aid of Trayvon Martin after he was shot. He can say they should have brought out their first aid kits. (Of course he would not prevail on that theory since Florida does not have a mandatory Good Samaritan law.) Or he could have Martin/Fulton sue each other for being bad parent, Fulton could sue Tracy for negligent supervision, and maybe even wrongful death. (DOH! Crump should have told the parents to get separate counsel, because that conflict of interest.)

    Back to the SYG law:

    Think about the SYG law logically. The whole point of the SYG law is that it actually PROTECTS the George Zimmermans out there. What good is the SYG law if winning only gets you out of criminal jeopardy! If you are still exposed to civil suit (recall OJ Simpson being found civilly liable for the deaths of Nicole and Ron) where’s the beef in terms of the SYG law protecting people in Zimmerman’s situation. Logically, simply getting the criminal case dismissed would make the law not much different than traditional self-defense theories a defendant advances at trial.

    In law we say the statute is meaningless, appears unnecessary, has no legal effect, is “useless,” “surplus,” or a “nullity.” In other words, what is the point of the SYG law if George Zimmerman’s defenses are the same as what he would advance at trial.

    There has to be some “meat” or benefit of the Stand Your Ground law for it to mean something. And there is: on winning George (and by logical extension, everyone else) is IMMUNE from civil liability (aka Crump’s con game).

    It bugs me how everyone keeps talking about the jury and traditional self-defense theories, and for nefarious reasons the lawyers have fueled the rule of law in this case is “Zimmerman is guilty until he proves himself innocent.”

    No one is talking about the Stand Your Ground hearing. No one is mentioning the significantly small amount of evidence that Zimmerman must produce at trial to win. No one is talking about the low burden of proof George Zimmerman has at the SYG hearing (motion to dismiss).

    Remember, his proof level is “by a preponderance,” or “51% of the weight” of the admitted evidence has to be in his favor. IMO the actual evidence is best summed up as: George has 80-90% of the evidence favoring his SYG defense, the State has NOTHING.

    Prosecutor Corey has INADMISSIBLE speculation, conjecture, and possibly some witnesses willing to lie (DeDe). But even if she puts on those witnesses they are easily proven unreliable or liars. Besides, most of what they say, if not excluded on hearsay grounds, won’t be sufficient to outweigh the physical evidence in the case.

    Speaking of Corey, if Corey knows, or should have known, as a seasoned prosecutor that “DeDe” is a liar, and Corey nevertheless, in unlawful conspiracy with Crump, puts DeDe on the stand, well that’s how prosecutors in up in prison and disbarred.


    • tara says:

      IMO the actual evidence is best summed up as: George has 80-90% of the evidence favoring his SYG defense, the State has NOTHING.

      I think GZ has 100% of the evidence. But I don’t want to obscure your main point: GZ only needs to establish “preponderance” which is, as you state, 51%, to be granted immunity.

      Judge Lester, please uphold the laws of Florida and don’t allow yourself to be extorted.

    • scubachick75 says:

      I love reading your posts because they are always full of interesting information. However, you’re so intelligent that I have trouble following you sometimes. So, let me see if I’m understanding this correctly. If Zimmerman’s case is dismissed under SYG, Crump or anyone else for that matter, will NOT be allowed to sue Zim or anyone else involved in civil court. And this is what has Crump squirming the most because without a civil suit, he won’t make his money. Right?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike says:

        Yes, if Zimmerman’s case is dismissed at the Stand Your Ground hearing, that spells d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r for Crump.

        Think of it like the development of some aspects of wrongful termination law in California.

        Before the California Supreme Court declared that all employment, unless you have a written contract, is at-will, fired employees used to be able to sue the employer for “breach of an implied contract of employment,” meaning that unless you really screwed up, the presumption was that you always had a job, the employer could not fire you.

        Once the Supreme Court did away with that concept, in the Guz case, employment lawyers were looking for other ways to get something for the fired employee.

        Some creative lawyers started suing employers for fraud, saying that the employer’s reason given for termination was a lie. In reliance on the lie, the employee simply went away without further inquiry into the propriety of the termination.

        Eventually the Supreme Court said “You can’t sue the employer for fraud because it lied to you as to the reason it was letting you go. For one thing, half the employers lie to employees when they get fired. It is irrelevant why they lie, but they do.

        Second, and this is what’s important to understanding the effect of Zimmerman getting the case kicked out at the SYG hearing, the Supreme Court said “If the employment relationship is at will, meaning either the employer or employee can end the relationship for no reason, good reason, or ridiculous reason, it makes no sense that the fired employee can sue the employer for lying about the reason for firing the employee.

        If the employer could escape liability by giving no reason for termination, for example simply saying ‘you’re fired,’ the law can’t impose liability because the reason for termination was allegedly fraudulent.'”

        IMO the same logic applies to Zimmerman’s case. If the Stand Your Ground statute provides Zimmerman immunity from civil suit for HIS conduct that night, how can Crump sue others for their conduct that Crump says was somehow related to Zimmerman’s acts. IMO public policy and statutory interpretation compels that Zimmerman’s immunity extends to others. If the shooter can’t be sued, how can someone else be sued for “lesser included conduct,” so to speak.

        Also, I would argue the Stand Your Ground immunity provisions would be meaningless if the only one who escapes such is Zimmerman, and all the lawyers have to do is go after others.

        Now that’s not to say that Crump won’t come up with other theories of liability against third parties, perhaps suing Retreat homeowners under some type of negligence theory, but again, I think a Judge would toss out those claims because if the shooter is immune from civil suit, in a sense that’s like saying the events of February 26 never happened. So there is nothing for Crump to sue over.

        (That’s why I said that if Zimmerman wins the SYG hearing, Crump might represent one of the parents, to sue the other for being a lousy parent and causing Trayvon to get killed. I could see that lawsuit happening, Fulton turning on Tracy and accusing him of wrongful death.)

        Here is the relevant immunity provision (my edits in parentheses):

        776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.—

        (1) A person who uses force as permitted in (under the Stand Your Ground law) is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force…

        (2) A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used was unlawful.

        (3) The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff (aka Crump) if the (civil) court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection (1).

        HOPE THIS MAKES SENSE, I know what I’m thinking, but sometimes I fail at explaining things to “lay people.” (That’s YOU :)

        • scubachick75 says:

          Good example…I think I understand it now. Thank you for taking the time to explain it. I could totally see Tracy and Sybrina turning on each other when things start to fall apart and the funds stop flowing.

  15. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    I have to leave here for a spell. I will later post evidence that shows Crump is worried about the SYG hearing and his propensity to lie to achieve his false narrative.

    • tara says:

      Is this why they went on the Team Skittles tour to London? And Sybrina made that mother’s day video? Shiny things to detract attention away from the actual legal matters?

    • Jello333 says:

      If George’s “traditional self-defense” claim is as strong as we all believe, then isn’t the Stand Your Ground ruling almost a foregone conclusion? Assuming, of course, the judge agrees with the strength of the self-defense evidence. I mean, Stand Your Ground is a LOWER hurdle to clear than is traditional self-defense, right? And therefore if he’s solid on a traditional self-defense argument, SYG should be a slam dunk. Or am I missing something?

  16. Angel says:

    A answer to this question can potentially blow this case open: Where was Tracy Martin, Brandy and Chad the night of the shooting?

    • Angel says:

      Not the whereabouts given in the media narrative but where were they really? The stories changed to much for me to give any credence to where they were. There is no reason to lie about where you were, where Trayvon was or should have been unless one is covering something. and this something I believe is a key to the puzzle here.

      • A very good point, and one that unfortunately I doubt we will ever discover. I was initially hopeful to hear from Brandy Green once it became obvious that Tracy and Sybrina were going to stay together on the tour and beyond.

        But she must be heavily controlled, and perhaps well rewarded for her silence. Then again, has a reporter ever actually knocked on her door and asked her.?

        • Angel says:

          My mind is spinning thinking it has got to be a way to find out. How????

          • tara says:

            On the witness list there are several people who did not make 911 calls and were not interviewed by police the eve of the shooting. I have little doubt that Brandy and Chad are among them. If they are on the witness list, does that mean they’ll be called to testify?

          • minpin says:

            It was reported that Tracy and Brandy went to a restaurant in Orlando that night. Would anyone at the restaurant, waitress/waiter/bar tender say they saw them? Did the restaurant have any video cameras. Did Tracy pay with a credit card? Does the restaurant have the receipt for their dinner? Was it just the two of them? What time were they there?

            I doubt anyone has investigated that angle. I believe that it was Crump that stated where Tracy and Brandy were that night, but who knows.

        • tara says:

          I looked at the witness list again and I see that Brandy is explicitly named. :) If the prosecution plans to use her statements in the trial, she’ll need to take the stand I think. So we might eventually hear from her. Not sure what she can offer though, considering that she and Tracy were in Orlando when the shooting occurred.

      • tara says:

        Tracy Martin’s story has always bugged me. Why would he not care that Trayvon was absent the evening of Feb 26, but care so much the next morning that he called the police? I’ve always thought that he and Brandy didn’t even go back to Sanford until the morning of the 27th, and then they found out that someone had been shot, and Trayvon wasn’t home, and they put the pieces together. I would love to see Tracy’s phone records from the eve of Feb 26. He says he called Trayvon and Trayvon’s cousin, but neither one answered. I would love to know if those calls initiated in Sanford or Orlando. I’ll bet money it was Orlando.

        But then I remind myself it doesn’t matter. Tracy’s parenting is immaterial. All that matters – to both sides – is whether or not GZ acted in self-defense. And really it all boils down whether or not GZ keeping an eye on and/or following TM for some period of time constitutes provocation. Any reasonable person would say “it does not”, otherwise we’d have license to punch people in their faces whenever we’re the recipient of unwanted attention!

  17. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    I guess we could spend 24/7 on this stuff, but I have to leave.

    E.g., Apparently protecting intellectual property (with trademarks and copyright) runs in the Martin family. Must be a gene thing.

    Exhibit 1 – Martin/Fulton trademarked and copyrighted all kinds of stuff.

    Exhibit 2 – Remember this pics that I edited (enlarge and adjusted brightness), pics from Trayvon’s MySpace page.

    So who put that copyright symbol on the pics, dad, mom or the little gangsta?

    And I don’t know about you, but this has got to be the most surreal and ironic pic on the planet.

    Let’s look at the narrative: Fulton/Martin trademarked and copyrighted all kinds of stuff, really for one purpose, to make money.

    Well take a look at this pic. There’s the copyright mark on the pic.

    Then there’s Trayvon, HOLDING A WAD OF CASH!

    AND he pointing to the camera.

    This pic was foretelling (hey folks, YOU are gonna make some cash off of me) or well… it is just friggin bizarre, it is like Trayvon is speaking from the beyond.

  18. justice099 says:

    Kurt used VERY ambiguous language. He said he did not see any injuries to Trayvon’s knuckles. He did not directly say that there was none. You can’t prove that he didn’t “see” them. Trust me, his statements and responses were very carefully crafted.

    And besides, nobody is going to go after him, although they definitely should.

  19. tara says:

    I was looking at the witness list.

    W18 is interesting. This person made a 911 call and submitted a written statement on Feb 26. Then on Mar 16 the person was interviewed by and provided a written statement to private investigator John Wright. He published a commentary on Apr 12 clearly demonstrating that he’s on the side of Team Skittles.

    Who is this guy? According to this timeline, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton hired Ben Crump on or before Mar 7. So Martin/Fulton surely didn’t hire him.

    • minpin says:

      I’m thinking that witness W18 may be Mary and/or Selma. The police spoke to them on the night of the incident, and Mary wrote a sworn statement for Selma. The police said that originally Mary said she didn’t want to get involved. According to Sgt. Morgenstern of SPD, they have a sworn statement from Mary that shows her media statements were inconsistent. It was right around March 16 that Mary and Selma started doing media interviews.

  20. knowthyenemy says:

    IMO i think that Brandy Green and her son have been paid off. And she knows no matter WHAT she can’t let the media get to him. I noticed from the very beginning when they interviewed him and his momma…they askd a question about Trayvon not coming home, and he started talking about what a loving brother he was like he was scripted and said it out of order. Now im not tryna be disrespectful because no matter what…they lost their son. But its the “they” that i wonder about. Like the 2nd wife Alicia who was still married 2 Tracy while he was with BRANDY….she acts like she is all heartbroken because she said she raised(helped) Trayvon for 15 years. She called him her son 2 and looked sincerely hurt by not only loss….and it makes me wonder how much time Sybrina really spent wit Trayvon. I would HOPE that she wouldn’t be traveling around living the rockstar life and holding out her garbage can to collect her cash, if deep down she knew she wasn’t a good momma 2 him. The guilt alone for me would be unbearable. Mustless to keep rehashing her loss (and having to speak about it EVERY other day) because she knows she has 2 strike while the iron is hot. I just could not imagine being on “tour” like a celebrity and my son was just buried in the ground. Everybody is different but damn i love my kids more than i love myself so i guess its not for me to understand. Myself…i would go into a dark corner somewhere and die of a broken heart. F a bunch of solicitng. (sorry didn’t meant 2 vent)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike says:

      I’d like to see video coverage of the Trayvon wake and funeral. That should tell us who was there, what the pecking order was (who sat in the front, first few rows), and if there was friction between all these people.

      Are there any pics or video of the service, on the Net?

    • scubachick75 says:

      I don’t think Sybrina is capable of feeling or expressing emotions. She always has the same stupid blank look on her face. My guess is Traydemark was passed back and forth between them. Judging by his comments on twitter, he sure didn’t have much respect for women. Which may stem from the way he feels about his mom. I go back and forth with feeling empathy for Trayvon because he was a victim of his parents. They failed him big time but on the other hand, he’s old enough to know right from wrong.

      • knowthyenemy says:

        So so sad that things happen the way they do…once they are gone, u can’t bring em back and do tha right thing. Maybe that guilt is why they are always so distraught looking.

        • Kyozokuninja says:

          Exactly. It’s the ‘what if’s’ that haunt the soul.

          • Jello333 says:

            It bugs me, and it’s kinda sad, that in every picture (at least the ones I’ve seen) of Trayvon from the past couple years, he looks angry and/or sad and/or out-of-it. His life was not going so well. Maybe it was his own fault, maybe his parents… who knows. Just my opinion, but I think there’s a real good chance that even had he not met up with George that night, it was only a matter of time before SOMETHING bad happened.

            • Sharon says:

              Yes. Where Trayvon was the day he died was not “Step 1.” Where he was (and where his parents were not) is a result of a long series of bad things. It’s a result of something DH and I have seen time and again since the ’70’s when we were raising our sons in California (and now it’s all over the country) and that is this:

              It is not a result of bad parenting. It’s a result of utter lack of (any) parenting. We have up to two generations now, working on the third, of individuals who never were parented, good, bad or otherwise. There is no way that can turn out good, and very, very few young people come out of that kind of abusive neglect with anything like normal experiences or normal expectations of everyday life.

              It is almost impossible to change direction because of the destructive new “truths.”

              Destructive New Truth #1:”There is nothing that is specifically true.

              Destructive New Truth #2: There is nothing that is specifically your responsibility.

              Destructive New Truth #3: There is nothing that is specifically my responsibility.

              Destructive New Truth #4: Everybody gets a sticker.

              Destructive New Truth #5: Everybody passes GO.

              Destructive New Truth #6: Nobody should ever suffer consequences for anything.

              Destructive New Truth #7: There’s a big pile of money out there that belongs to you and they’re trying to keep you from getting your fair share.”

              The universities and colleges churning out public education staff (there’s no way they should be called “teachers”) are filled from top to bottom with professors who believe these things deeply. Even this current mess is not primarily a racial issue. It’s primarily an issue of lies vs. truth. Lies are winning.

      • Well said. Ditto on the whole back and forth thing too. But I keep returning to the decisions immediately after death. Perhaps it is unfair to project my own sense of what I would do into their circumstance, but I cannot think of a single thing that would have stopped me from driving my ass to Orlando or Sanford as soon as I found out my son was shot and killed there. Period.

        How Sybrina stayed in Fort Lauderdale for two weeks before going to Sanford is beyond my comprehension. I know I should not judge, but it just seems beyond ridiculous behavior. Sorry :( Done with that now.

        • Kyozokuninja says:

          Dead or alive, I will be with my children. Period.

        • stellap says:

          I’d be in that car as fast as I could find my keys. Period.

          • Kyozokuninja says:

            I can’t see her soul in her eyes.

          • scubachick75 says:

            Sybrina’s actions and lack of action speak so much louder than her words. I’d run there if I had to. Even if my child was dead, I would still need to be with him…even if just to hold him. It’s not even a matter of wanting to go….it’s a matter of needing to. I think that’s what makes me dislike her the most. She didn’t mind traveling to London in his name but couldn’t be bothered to drive a couple hours to hold her dead child. She doesn’t deserve children.

        • knowthyenemy says:

          ~its incomprehensible to me 2 so ur not alone. Ugh,

      • Aussie says:

        he was not a victim of his parents. Other children go through the same thing and do not end up as a member of a criminal gang.

  21. Potential Payday just got a whole lot bigger for Benjamin Crump with the introduction of “Adderall” made by Teva USA, and “Temazepam” made by Actavis Elizabeth LLC, being introduced into the narrative.

    Watch for Parks and Crump to push for exploration of “side affects” to support their continuing list of potential litigants for their wrongful death civil lawsuit. They will exhaustively work the angle of medical records now on Zimmerman with massive pharmacutical companies now included in the potential.

    • knowthyenemy says:

      I have adhd and have to take adderall everyday or i’d shoot somebody myself (HA)
      but seriously tho, if anything that helped him be CALM. When you really have adhd, amphetamines doesn’t make u speed up. It brings u back down 2 normal. Believe me…my sis was on Ritalyn at 4 years old hers was so severe. And my son has it BAD too …so i guess i feel like an expert witness when its comes 2 tha meds.

      • Jello333 says:

        And I think there’s evidence right there on the tape that shows George was in a perfectly reasonable emotional state under the circumstances. Most of the time he sounds calm and lucid. For a few seconds, presumably when the “circling” is going on, he sounds a bit worried/concerned, even slightly scared. But nothing at all extreme. And even when he says “they always get away”, and later “he’s running”, it’s only a moderate level of frustration. Maybe you can say “anger”…. but only slightly. And once the dispatcher asks him to stop following, and he says “Ok”, and then stops, he sounds perfectly normal. Even when he says about giving his address, “I don’t wanna give all that out, I don’t know where this kid is”, there’s only a very reasonable about of tension in his voice.

        So basically what I’m getting at is this: If the prosecution is gonna try to use that tape to show that George had anything wrong with his mental state that night, I think they’re out of luck.

        • knowthyenemy says:

          I agree witya 100% I feel so bad 4 GZ (not that i dont feel bad 4 trayvon, he had his whole life ahead of him)but honestly when they show him in his eyes he literally looks scared 2 death. And his doctor said he was nauseated after it happend. I know 1st hand what adhd does 2 ur nerves/anxiety and when u can’t escape ur mind its like a prison. Any normal human wit walking around sense knows he didn’t mean or want 4 that 2 happen. He wantd 2 be tha good guy and miserable ass Benjamin Crump and Al Sharpton are just milking and exploiting this death of teenager to make millions of dollars by leaching off tha system and waiving the TIRED ass race card as an answer for their behavior. Sorry if im ranting…jus watchd Crump on O’Reilly and he makes my blood boil. He jus tries 2 talk over people 2 prove he is right. I wish he would get DISBARRED for fraud #BULLY

          • Jello333 says:

            I really hate these people who are trying to destroy George (including some, like the NBPP, who are quite literally doing that). And coming from me, that’s saying something. Because I hate racism with a passion, and when I first heard about this case I thought Trayvon was an innocent little, helpless kid, Zimmerman was an evil KKK type, and the cops were his Mississippi Burning type buddies. But now that I know the truth, I am VERY angry. George is not just innocent…. he is, from all accounts, a REALLY GOOD GUY. I’d be proud to have him as a friend.

            And I don’t want this whole thing to just end with George being found not-guilty (or the case getting thrown out earlier). NO! I want some people to PAY for what they’ve done… not just to GZ, but to dozens of other innocent people around this country. Or more than that. What they’ve indirectly done to EVERYONE in this country.

            • knowthyenemy says:

              U wanna kno something? I swear the first few times i heard about Trayvon and the way they presented it…it literally broke my heart. I cried when it come on cnn.. I have a teenage son and it jus really hit home. And i was like how could another human being (jus for meanness )take this kids life and future away from him 4 the color of his skin. It jus got me 2 my core. My son even has a picture wit tha same red hollister shirt on his dresser. Me and my family are white but my children have been raised to respect others for what they are…and that is human beings. We aint gotta be jus alike 2 exist. We can agree 2 disagree without all this horsesh*t that Sharpton and Crump think is necessary 2 prove their point.
              When i started reading about this case and figured out that we had been manipulated from day one…as they exploit death for profit i was literally so pissed for being duped. There is nothing ethical about what they are doing. I believe that good wins over evil so hopefully this case will collapse like dominoes and #justice REALLY will be served.

    • Jello333 says:

      You know what… I hope YOU have a good lawyer. Because if all his other schemes fall through, Crump may just decide to come after this site and YOU! And maybe even every commenter here. Why’d I ever get myself drawn into all this? :)

    • Aussie says:

      the adderall, which is pure amphetamine will not help one iota. For people with ADHD it calms them down. It acts on the brain in a different way than speed does on what was a normal brain.

      The Temazepan is in fact a muscle relaxant and helps with sleep disorders. I have had Temaze prescribed to help me with sleep issues.

  22. cookbook says:

    NYT is now trying to smear the Sanford PD with anonymous sources.
    They are still trying to sue the city. Or salvage their case with the help of the press.

    • Aussie says:

      that is going to end up as a big fail… the Sanford police did a good job. It is Corey’s team that has done the missteps.

      • cookbook says:

        I agree but they are not giving up on this “theme”. This was the line Crump took from the very beginning. His costs have been significant and he is not going to give up. Since the judge has warned about his making certain types of inflammatory statements he is going anonymous and probably using third party with the media that is still willing to print their libel.

  23. Jasper says:

    What I dont understand is that all the people like Crump keep saying dispatch told him not to follow or he got out of his suv. As if Zimmermann lost his right to defend himself once he got out of his suv and walk through his neighborhood. Also if the dispatchers words are so absolute and always to be followed to a point that you lose your right to defend if you dont abide by them then how come Crump always leaves out the dispatchers quote” let me know if this guy does anything else”?? And nobody will call him out on it not even Oreilly tonight!

    • Jello333 says:

      Even though he wasn’t legally required to do anything the dispatcher suggested, there is proof right there on the tape that he DID try to do whatever he was asked. He thought that he was being asked to keep Martin in sight (“Let me know if this guy does anything else” and “Which way is he running?”). And when he was told “We don’t need you to do that” (continue to follow), George STOPPED. He did NOTHING wrong as far as what he was being advised to do/not do by the dispatcher.

  24. Jasper says:

    exactly so if this all they are going to claim is that him getting out of the car to follow makes him guilty then how can they possibly win?

    • Jello333 says:

      They’re grasping. They’re just flailing around hoping something, ANYTHING will be taken seriously. What I was hoping was that as the truth started to come out, more and more people would come to their senses. Well, that’s happening with some people, and that’s great. But with many others?… just the opposite. The more the case crumbles around them, the more ANGRY they get. I really think when the case is dismissed at the SYG hearing, or when George is acquitted at trial… either way, we’re gonna be in for some BAD stuff in this country. It’ll make the fall-out from the Rodney King verdict look like a picnic.

  25. atex says:

    I believe this was posted here a while back but I’m not sure. It looks good but there is still the missing minute or two.

    “911 call shows Zimmerman stopped following Martin after dispatcher’s request, corroborates story”

    Read more:

  26. Jello333 says:

    I’ve listened to that whole (unredacted) tape many times, second by second. And as far as I’m concerned, it PROVES that Zimmerman did everything he was asked (not ordered) to do by the dispatcher. But the timeline in that link you posted leaves out one thing. It says this:

    At 2:07, Zimmerman tells the dispatcher, “He’s running.”

    At 2:09, you can hear a car door open and an alarm begins that is undoubtedly the “door open, keys in ignition” warning on Zimmerman’s truck.

    What it leaves out is that between those two events, the dispatcher asks, “He’s running? Which way is he running?” In other words, the dispatcher is, admittedly unintentionally, ASKING George to follow. Same can be said for a minute earlier when he said, “Alright, just tell me if this guy does anything else.” Both of those could EASILY have been interpreted by George to mean “Try to keep this guy in sight if you can.” And once Martin starts to go around the buildings, the only way GZ can do that is to GET OUT OF THE TRUCK AND FOLLOW. But once George starts breathing hard, the dispatcher realizes what’s going on, and asks him to stop…. AND HE DOES.

  27. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    Here is a news flash, a pic of Zimmerman’s broken nose.

    Remember the police dept. video, the one that MSNBC, etc. evidenced that Zimmerman was a liar. Well took about an hour going through that video and making some stills.

    TAKE A LOOK AT THIS, IMO this hows Zimmerman’s nose is broken. In this capture that I took, and edited it so that it could be as clear as possible.

    Maybe I am seeing things because I put so much work into this.

    But IMO this is the only pic showing Zimmerman’s broken nose.

    Comments? (Don’t be concerned about hurting my feelings. If I am simply seeing things, tell me so. :)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike says:

      Ah, an Ambien typo, I meant “this shows.”

      Sidenote: I assume there has to be some pics of the front of Zimmerman’s face. I would think eyewitness “John” took some pics that night of the front of Zimmerman’s face. And did the police book Zimmerman that night? If they did, then there’s some mug shots. (I don’t know PD policy there, do they take mug shots of anyone in custody? I would think on a homicide they would, regardless if it is an arrest or not.

      If there’s not any pics then O’Mara should subpoena the ABC enhanced video and make some video stills showing the front of Zimmerman’s face, including the frame that I shot here.

      Moreover, I think Zimmerman is developing black eyes in this shot. (It takes hours for shiners to develop into the black and blue marks we are used to seeing, just as any bruises.)

      Over and out.

  28. bufordt says:

    “Crumpted” as an adjective is genius. Credit to whomever thought it up….now, should it not be copyrighted?

    I will buy the first T-shirt saying “Zimmerman Was Crumpted”

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