Update #11 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – Final Deconstruction of Benjamin Crumps Media Evidence

<— Continued from Update #10 (Part 2)

Yesterday we shared through discovery of DeeDee that Trayvon family attorney Benjamin Crump had specifically and intentionally created media evidence because he needed to contrive the conditions for an arrest.

See Update #9 and Update #10 (part 1) and Update #10 (part 2) and again we note in the interest of readership digestibility you cannot just read what is presented here in update #11 without the historical references and citations to lay the base work.

In update #10 (both parts) we specifically deconstructed 80% of the false media evidence contrived by Trayvon family attorney Benjamin Crump. We outlined the exact relationship with/between Trayvon’s girlfriend (Crumps definition) named DeeDee, and the specific falsehoods he purported to the media as evidenced facts.

As an outcome of a specific and intentional media strategy, when faced with the reality of there being no substantive evidence to dispute George Zimmerman’s framing of events, the case against Zimmerman did not warrant an arrest.

“The best evidence we have is the testimony of George Zimmerman, and he says the decedent was the primary aggressor in the whole event,”  – Sanford Detective Serino told the Sentinel March 16.

“Everything I have is adding up to what he says.””

Indeed, even to this day there is not one cintilla of evidence ever presented after March 5th from any of the investigative teams including: the Sanford Police Department, Seminole County sheriffs office, Sanford District Attorney’s office and investigation unit, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey and her 65 person investigative team, the Federal Department of Justice or the FBI, that adds one factual evidentiary item toward changing the position held by the investigators office March 16th.

Three weeks ago, on Monday April 2nd, during an exclusive interview with the Sentinel, Police Chief Lee disclosed certain details of the investigation and during that session, attended by Detective Serino and others, Serino said his investigation turned up no reliable evidence that cast doubt on Zimmerman’s account – that he had acted in self-defense.

Understand how important this is.  Not one factual investigative piece of evidence has been added to the prosecution case since March 5th.  Not one.   Yet Zimmerman is in jail today, and was not on March 6th.

The reason is “Media Evidence.”

Media Evidence is a strategic use of information presented by the legal team, in this case Parks and Crump, and used to specifically and intentionally sway public opinion.  If you can build the public opinion strong enough, it can change the action of the politically dependent class of prosecutors in your favor.

When factual evidence does not support your demand for an arrest.  A specific intentional strategy is to create media evidence.   Media evidence need not be real, it merely needs to appear to be real.   The goal is to change opinion, and subsequently force an action the opposing party would otherwise not have taken.

Such is the action of arresting George Zimmerman.

The media evidence was created by Trayvon Family Attorney Benjamin Crump.   He delivered the framing for the evidence during his strategic press conference on Tuesday March 20th.   Following the private 911 recorded screenings in Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett’s office on March 16th.

Where did he get the ideas?

….. From his mentor – Al Sharpton

The strategy was formulated, and the media evidence with accompanying narrative was constructed during the time period after that meeting in the Mayors office, and prior to the Press Conference where Crump would sell it.   (Created March 16, 17, 18, 19, and delivered to media March 20th.)

The media evidence which formulated their forward strategy consisted of:

      • Release of all the 911 call tapes from both George Zimmerman and the witnesses (including the scream tape).  From the mayor to the Trayvon Family Attorneys.
      • Creation of Sybrina Fulton claiming the screams on the call were from Trayvon.  Which directly contradicted Tracy Martin’s saying they were NOT Trayvon on Tuesday 2/28 at Sanford Police Dept with Detective Serino.
      • Discovery/Creation of Trayvon’s on-line T-Mobile phone records Sunday 3/18 by Tracy Martin.
      • Discovery/Creation of Trayvon’s girlfriend DeeDee and a series of phone calls leading up to his shooting evidenced within the phone records.
      • Discovery/Creation that DeeDee and Trayvon were on the phone for 6 hours and 40 minutes on 2/26 the date he was shot.  (400 minutes)
      • Discovery/Creation of DeeDee actually hearing the confrontation between Trayvon and Zimmerman on the phone.
      • Discovery/Creation of DeeDee actually being in the hospital so distraught with grief she could not attend funeral services on 3/2 and 3/3.
      • Discovery/Creation of Chad Green (Brandy’s 14-year-old son) being home with Trayvon waiting for his bag of Skittles from 7-11.
      • Discovery/Creation of Tracy Martin and Brandy Green returning home at 10:30pm on the night Trayvon was shot.
      • Creation that George Zimmerman was a 247 lb man of massive scale.
      • They later created media evidence that Zimmerman was not injured with the help of ABC News; And that George Zimmerman was not medically treated at the scene and the 2nd ambulance was cancelled by dispatch.
      • Press Conference Transcript HERE

These points to support their demand for arrest were strategically formulated.

We have methodically deconstructed each of these false premises and lies, yes lies, in the following posts:

Today we take out the remaining 20% of falsehoods surrounding DeeDee.  Specifically her ACTUAL knowledge from the phone calls on the night in question.

The final piece of the puzzle was dropped unexpectedly during Friday’s Bond Hearing with the absolute brilliance of defense attorney Mark O’Mara catching Team Skittles off guard.

How did he deconstruct the DeeDee narrative when you never even heard him use her name?   Brilliantly:

O’Mara called to the stand Dale Gilbreath, one of the lead investigators who had signed the affidavit for probable cause swearing to its content.  Mr. Gilbreath acknowledged that there was no evidence to indicate who started a fight that happened after Zimmerman got out of his car and, at one point, ran after Trayvon.

O’Mara -  “Do you know who started the fight?” 

Gilbreath – “Do I know? No”

O’Mara – “Do you have any evidence that supports who may have started the fight?”

Gilbreath – “No.”

O’Mara - “Do you have any evidence, any evidence at all, any witnesses, any statements, anything that would contradict Mr. Zimmerman’s assertion?

Gilbreath -  Err, no.  Well, do I know who punched first?  No.

That little bit of testimony destroys the remaining 20% DeeDee audio-witness narrative created and sold by Benjamin Crump to a willful media.   Remember the first few paragraphs of the Probable Cause Affidavit.

So there is no evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s account of “who punched first” or who “started” the fight within the sworn statements etc.

Well then, where does that leave this constructed evidence?

The DeeDee as an audio witness was a specific outcome from a conversation detailed above with ABC News (exclusive of course) and Benjamin Crump.   It was contrived evidence.   CONTRIVED MEDIA EVIDENCE.

Did DeeDee talk to Trayvon that night.   Yes.  What were the specifics of the conversation?  If you listen to the first part of the video before Matt Gutman cuts in the narration you can tell exactly what the totality of the real, substantive, and truthful, March 19th conversation was:

He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on“.  – DeeDee 3/19/12

That’s about it right there.   That’s the whole thing.   That’s all she knew.

Why so sure?   Well firstly, Gilbreath just confirmed it;  He said there’s nothing more specifically known evidence to establish how “the fight started” that would contradict George Zimmerman.

So lets look at the Probable Cause Affidavit for DeeDee’s part.

Yup, she’s just confirming Martin was scared and being followed.  Zimmerman has never disputed he followed Trayvon from day one.  He and his attorney admit it.  He followed Trayvon to keep an eye on him while police were in route.   That is not provoking, that is not confrontational, that is prudent.  That’s what good neighbors do, “watch.”

That’s it.

Done.   There.  That’s the final 20% of DeeDee’s prosecutorial value wiped out.   Every single false media construct from Benjamin Parks is now debunked.  All of them.

And while we are at it, lets just throw another one in for Good Measure.   Remember those “mysteriously appearing” cell phone records from Trayvon Martin that Dad Tracy found.  That kinda kicked off that whole “Trayvon was on the phone while being chased thing”, you know the kinda important thing for their entire, like, case.?

Benjamin Crump loaded a PDF file to share with the media (available here)

We hate to be all Captain Obvious and stuff but did anyone at ABC think to notice the timestamps on the call logs were in Pacific  Time Zones.?   One of our Treeper Peeps “Deborah Cutchins” sure did.

Benjamin Crump – Lead Attorney for Trayvon’s parents, and Natalie Jackson

Our work here is done.

Continue to Update #12 —>

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201 Responses to Update #11 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – Final Deconstruction of Benjamin Crumps Media Evidence

  1. Call log according to the call record all call times are pacific time.

    • Gotcha. Check out the update. :D Great catch :D Gave you citation in the thread. If you have a website we can link it for ya.

      Also, are we certain these are not military timed log printouts.? It’s odd we don’t have any from the afternoon to judge. Maybe we need to call T-Mobile and ask them. Or Maybe someone reading has a T-Mobile account and can clarify for us.

    • Not only are they pacific time zone, but they’ve got to be in military time format. 07:12 PST would be 11:12 PM eastern time zone if it wasn’t. Trayvon was DEAD at that time. How could he answer calls?


      That would mean the 07:12 would be in the morning Pacific time. Or 11:12am Eastern.

      ABC’s Matt Gutman and Benjamin Crump got some splainin’ to do ??????

      • The bill says 07:12 P.M. though so not military time.

      • Auntie Lib says:

        I don’t think military time – you don’t specify “a.m. or p.m.” when using a 24 hour clock – it’s either 0700 hours or 1900 hours. All three of the calls from the pdf clip above were apparently made after Trayvon died.

        I just looked at the linked pdf of the bill… It’s about 5 a.m. MDT now and my eyeballs are still fuzzy, so I may be completely off base here, but there are several things that don’t make sense to me: The pagination of the bill seems screwy – Notice the two calls listed on the first page of details – above the text messages – why aren’t they listed in sequence with the other (F)-type calls. Another question – is “North Dade, FL” the location where Trayvon was? Then on page 5 of the pdf it shows the billing cycle of 1/29/12 – 2/24/12 – so why are calls from 2/26/12 and 3/2/12 on that bill? And finally – are we even sure that these are the calls to Trayvon’s phone? I don’t see a number associated with these calls and it says on page 3 of the pdf that tracy martin has 4 lines on this account.

        Actually, the more I look at that “bill” – the less credible it becomes. Look at the formatting of the call details from page to page – very inconsistent in what information is presented and in what order. I don’t have T-Mobil service, so I can’t speak with authority about how their bills look, but I’m pretty sure every page is pretty much the same format – accounting computers generally aren’t that creative. IMHO, this purported evidence is crap. Total crap.

        I haven’t had any coffee yet, so if I’m all wet, please forgive.

        • My point exactly-the dates I believe are just where he cut the pages off when he got the call record. He has 4 lines and we can’t see the numbers. Not all of the pages are there so not all of the calls are there. It is the reason I kept looking at it. But the Pacific time thing is the only thing I had to say about it and my eyes must have slid over it ten times before I registered it. Same way I do a lot of bill things, you see the details but not that main thing because you think you know what it says. lol. I speed read the all call are and assumed time so skipped it. Then slowed down and was reading it line by line and word for word,

        • North dade fl would be where he made a call to.

        • That pagination is weird-especially the 2 calls above the text messages, because they are listed again on the last past in what would be proper sequence. Whole thing is weird

          • garnette says:

            I finally realized that what we are looking at are cut and paste screen prints of the TMobile website call record pages. The calls are out of order because they make up 4 different phone lines. So, there are are a bunch of calls on the 26th as well as other days, and without a clear indication or more information there is no telling which calls are connected to which phone line. I can’t even tell how they sort this information to present in on the webpages. (No, I don’t have a TMobile account.) I did find it interesting that if this is Trayvon’s call record that there were 0 picture messages.

        • kinthenorthwest says:

          I have T-Moile and they are always in sequence.
          I do not get a bil listing feb calls on my March bill…

          I do not tweet or text so that part might be different….

      • marie says:

        No, there’s a three hour time difference between PST and EST, not four.

    • John Galt says:

      I noticed that also (and nearly spilled my coffee). However, PSD/PDT apparently only pertains to data minutes. http://support.t-mobile.com/message/117416 Now I feel bad for not pointing that out when I posted the link to the call log. Sorry.

      • tara says:

        Good find. The text messages are PDT. So the last incoming text message at 04:08PM PDT is 08:08PM. That might have been Daisha trying to contact Travyon, she probably tried several times to call him when their last phone call cut off and he never answered, so she sent him a text message.

        • John Galt says:

          Or maybe the text message said “nigga need a plant” : )

          • tara says:

            Maybe it was an emergency text from Chad asking where his skittles be.

          • BTW where did you get the PDF?

          • Sharon says:

            Um.m.m……it’s one thing that Travon used that word to talk about himself, but another thing if used derogatorily by someone else. Maybe I’m misunderstanding your use of it….

            • Comes from the twitter account

            • John Galt says:

              That is the exact terminology, quoted verbatim, used by one of Trayvon’s apparent clients to request delivery of product. I repeat it here to point out that we should not assume that the content of Trayvon’s text messages are necessarily benign.

            • Brian says:

              Why would it be okay for anyone to use that word?

              • John Galt says:

                Why would it not be okay for anyone to use that word? How can someone claim to be offended by usage of the word “nigga” when they call themselves by the same term in numerous variants such as NO_LIMIT_NIGGA ? If a black person calls himself “nigga” and numerous of his black friends call him “nigga”, how can he possibly claim offensive if a white person calls him “nigga” ? That would be like saying that only people of a particular race can call you Brian.

                • stellap says:

                  We would prefer not to cloud the issue of what is true and what is not, and find ourselves open to a charge of racism. That is why we ask you not to use that terminology, except when quoting something that was said by Trayvon or one of his friends, as part of our discussion.

                • Passion says:

                  No Mr. Galt, you are totally incorrect. When a white person uses the word, it is normally out of context and not used in a friendly manner and I believe you know this! If your name IS Brian, then what ARE you to be called??? Don’t be ignorant! Let us STICK TO THE ISSUE at hand and not start with the name calling!

      • Actually it doesn’t some have downloaded theirs for me and told me the results. It is a glitch sometimes it will do psd and sometimes not-but NONE of them looked like the PDF posted.

      • 3 out of 4 of those that did it came back with either the bill or the call log with pst for call times also.

    • So true…. I have TMobile & my niece has a line on my account…. We thought she had taken the phone to school based on a time she used the phone… I called TMobile to check it out & yes all text & calls are on PST…

      Woot Woot GREAT catch….

  2. Solar says:

    Its not 24 hour time… note the suffix PM.

    If the log is in pacific time, then I am more interested in the outgoing call placed at 4:28PM pacific or 7:28PM eastern with a 41 minute duration to North Dade, perhaps related to the text message 20 minutes prior to that.

  3. Aussie says:

    SD if it was military time it would be in 24 hours. In other words it would be 1900 hours if it was 7.00 pm in military time….. the other ex-military types can correct me if I am wrong.

  4. I jusyt called the T mobile company and one of the representatives told me that if the bill states it is PST then regardless if the call is made in another time zone it will be recorded as PST time.

  5. Aussie says:

    There is another piece of inconsistency. There is an incoming call listed for 6.54 pm… its duration states 18 minutes, but the next call is listed for 7.04 pm. Methinks that there might be a slight problem unless someone else tried to call. There is an inconsistency of something like 10 minutes.

  6. Okay I just called again and got someone who spoke English very clearly and I specifically asked that if I got T mobile if my call record would show as PST and she double checked before answering and she said yes it would be PST. Someone is busted. Talked to Kimberly in customer service.

  7. sybilj says:


    COOPER: Well, tonight we have many potential clues in this tape.

    Joining me now by phone is ABC News correspondent, Matt Gutman, who was — who got hold of the tape.

    Matt, you also talked to the woman — the young woman who spoke to Trayvon Martin apparently on the phone moments before the shooting. What’s — what do you think the most important thing that she told you were?

    MATT GUTMAN, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT (via phone): She seems to tell a very different version, Anderson, of what we’ve heard from Mr. Zimmerman’s written statement that he gave to police. She was on the phone with him, 7:12 p.m., and he was trying to run away from George Zimmerman. He talks about this crazy looking guy behind him, this white dude, chasing him.

    See also:

    • tara says:

      Daisha’s information does NOT contradict Zimmerman’s account! Why do these sloppy reporters and news readers say this? Their accounts are actually in agreement, although in Daisha’s brief statements she does embellish a bit, or Trayvon did. Example, Trayvon or Daisha claimed that Zimmerman was following Trayvon “throughout” the complex, when in fact Zimmerman only followed Trayvon down the path toward the back entrance, where Trayvon was running.

      Dang the media has really mucked this up so badly. And people who don’t have time to research who are getting their info solely from media reports are getting so much erroneous information! I wish that O’Mara could bring this matter up in front of the judge.

    • marie says:

      Oh, come on DeeDee–no way, no way anyone in America using only one’s eyes describes brown George Zimmerman as “white.”

    • Aussie says:

      gotcha: this white dude!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aussie says:

    I can access our normal phone bill right now to check usage and phone numbers but that is for our landline…. I rarely use my mobile phone.

    Our current bill lists the date and the telephone number as well as the duration.

    I checked some of that detail that is present in the pdf and I have already noted one of the inconsistencies that needs to be explained because there is something like a 10 minute overlap for incoming calls. One call was supposed to be 18 minutes duration. Now it could be that there were two calls….but if this is PST then something is wrong. Very wrong.

  9. COinMO says:

    T-Mobile’s own support page states that calls are recorded as “local” time, but data (i.e. text messages) are recorded as Pacific time.


    I think the phone call times are Eastern.

  10. Don’t know how to correct an earlier post lol. To state it more plainly and coherently I just called and talked to a Kimberly at T Mobile customer service. She replied to my question, “If I live in the Central time zone will my call records record and show on my bill as Pacific time? Answer: “Yes, we record all calls on Pacific time regardless of where you live”. Professed phone call from DEEDEE is a total fake.

    • tara says:

      I think that T-Mobile rep is wrong. I’ve seen several sources online which state that the voice calls are your local zone but text messages are PDT. And the times really are consistent. I feel confident Daisha’s phone call isn’t fake. Her twitter usage actually coincides very well with that timeframe, during her calls to Travon she was not issuing any tweets, and when her last call to Trayvon was cut off she was absent from twitter completely until just before 8pm. Plus the phone records do have her phone number on them, it was just blotted out for this publicly released file.

      • I called TMobile also just now… All calls are in PST… So are text messages….

        • tara says:

          That’s not what they say online. There are several entries on the T-Mobile support site which state that voice calls are local time and text messages are PDT. I think T-Mobile needs to train it’s representatives!

          • I have called TMobile twice about this… Once was like a yr ago… I was told all calls & text are PST…. Then I call today just to see if maybe something had changed.. The girl put me on hold and came back with the answer PST….

            • tara says:

              I’m laughing because they’re probably getting harmmered with calls now. :)

              • Im going to call after the hockey game and ask about prepaid calls…. LOL!!! So Tracy said he could not get into Trayvons account to check his usage… It was password protected… I don’t think you call do that on a regular tmobile account… Not for each line…. If you can I dont know anything about it… I know you can look at all lines for the account and it password protected, but I don’t believe each line can be password protected…
                So maybe they were prepaid accounts…

                • garnette says:

                  I’ve always thought it meant that his phone was password protected. For a while I wondered how they could help him unlock the phone without having to reset it. But, in looking online, it seems like because people forget passwords, it is a bit easier to unlock a phone and keep current information than I would have thought.

                • Bob Green says:

                  I have had both Post Paid and Prepaid T-mobile. Post paid accounts give detail about calls but prepay accounts only let you know how much time you have used and how much data you have used.

  11. bill says:

    nice work deborah but after checking my tmobile bill etc, I find those are eastern times. That said who knows who said what on those calls. Deedee is listed as some sort of ear witness for the prosecution. That said I think its wrong to railroad George Zimmerman who has broken no laws.

  12. James Crawford says:

    I reiterate my point that while our blogger’s modesty is commendable, he has an absolute moral obligation to bring this information to the attention of Zimmerman’s defense attorney.

    Since these T-mobile bills are routinely time stamped in PST, then these alleged calls with Treyvon’s alleged girl friend were occurring three hours after Treyvon was shot. Since this obviously didn’t happen, the only conclusion is that the Martin family lawyers either created the record of these alleged calls to Dee Dee or modified the records to change the times when calls occurred.

    • John Galt says:

      “bring this information to the attention of Zimmerman’s defense attorney.”

      I wouldn’t lose any sleep worrying about that in view of some of the comments at wagist.com

  13. Andy Stephenson says:

    I think what you need to remember is that this bill looks to be a printout from a web browser after visiting T-mobile’s and not a mailed T-mobile bill of any sort. Someone with a T-mobile account should log in through the T-mobile website and compare their own online bill to this one to see how they are similar and compare their local time zone calls with what the T-mobile online records display them as.

    • Heres mine… The top is calls and the bottom text messages…..


      • tara says:

        I don’t use T-Mobile but I was looking at their web site, and their info is consistent with your image, Debra. So I’m wondering why the call logs that Crump posted looks the way it does. Does anyone here use T-Mobile and recognize the format in Crump’s scan?

        Hey Debra, I see that you were texting on Feb 26! What do you know about Trayvon???? :) Just kidding.

        • Yea it looks nothing like the PDF file…. The image above is a print out… Guess what it list all calls and text messages for all 5 lines.. Yes I have 5 lines.. I have nieces and a disabled mother…. Now I call go to each line and print out a summary but it still nothing like the PDF file…

          I have TMobile & do not recognize the format…. Unless the lines are prepaid… Maybe they will be different…..

          Heres what each line looks like….

        • Sorry forgot to reply to the bottom.. Hehehe!! Wasnt me… One of my nieces….

  14. minpin says:

    If I have this straight, the story was that Tracy was looking over his T-Mobile account records, and discovered a phone call to Trayvon close to the time of the incident. He called the person who had made that last call to Trayvon, and discovered DeeDee. He called Crump late that evening to tell him of his doscovery. How did Tracy get the number of the person who had called Trayvon? Do the account records show the phone numbers for all incoming calls? I’m not fanilar with how T-Mobil account records look, but, with the pages that Crump put out to the press, they don’t show any signs of redacting any information.

    • tara says:

      The actual record does show the phone number. Crump must have blotted out all of the phone numbers before he released the phone log to the public. ABC’s photo of a page of the log clearly shows the blotting of the phone numbers. And for good reason, Daisha deserves to have her phone number protected, as do Trayvon’s other callers.

  15. ytz4mee says:

    DeeDee must NOT be allowed to hide. Crump injected her into this narrative, now she must present herself and be desposed and/or cross-examined. A man’s very life and freedom is at stake, as is the very principle of equity and justice. “Organized Blackness” needs to be exposed, and everyone who was an enabler in this travesty needs to be held to account.

    Those who jumped on board the Duke Lacrosse/Crystal Magnum debacle didn’t reap the rewards they sought. The same needs to happen with Martin/Zimmerman. “Organized Blackness” needs to understand in no uncertain terms that they will be held to account.

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  17. minpin says:

    Thinking back to the bond hearing, and the brilliant performance by Mark O’Mara, I had a funny thought. O’Mara had already gleaned from Gilbreth who the major players were in putting the PCA together. Gilbreth had said it was O’Steen, himself and De La Riondo.

    I wonder if O’Mara didn’t have a little seed planted in the back of his mind when he asked Gilbreth what word he thought of when he said peanut butter, Gilbreth said jelly. He said Larry, Moe and, Gilbreth said Curly. There you have it. The three stooges of the prosecution.

    I also thought it was rather odd that Angela Corey was sitting at a big long table all by herself, right behind the prosecutor’s table. Why wasn’t she sitting at the same table as De La Riondo? Aren’t they all supposed to be working together as a team? I don’t remember her name coming up at all in the Friday hearing. Had she already embarrassed them enough with her press conference where she showed total bias in the case right from the get go?

    • John Galt says:

      “I wonder if O’Mara didn’t have a little seed planted in the back of his mind when he asked Gilbreth what word he thought of when he said peanut butter, Gilbreth said jelly. He said Larry, Moe and, Gilbreth said Curly. There you have it. The three stooges of the prosecution.”

      Thanks, you made me laugh. I think O’Mara was going after peanut butter is to jelly as racial is to profiling, to stress that the affidavit lacks any evidence of improper animus associated with the alleged profiling. My guess is that Gilbreth got “profiling” from Curly, er, I mean De La Riondo. I was wondering if it could ultimately be traced back to Crump.

      • tara says:

        It would be very interesting to trace back and find out who used “profiling” first. My money is on Crump.

      • CuriousOne says:

        The ‘profiling’ was likely seeded in the PC at the behest of the DOJ so they can try to make a federal case at some point, or advance some legislation at a minimum.

        • tara says:

          I just did a Google news search. I chose a custom date range from 02/26 to 03/15. The oldest result for “trayvon profiled” is from Mar 8. http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/21006895622168/answers-sought-in-death-of-teen-in-fla-suburb/

          Martin’s father, Tracy, said Thursday that family members were upset that no arrest had been made. He described the neighborhood as mixed race but his attorneys said they believed Trayvon Martin was being profiled at the time of the encounter because he was a young black man. Zimmerman is white. The attorneys also questioned why a neighborhood watch leader would carry a gun. “He was stereotyped for some reason,” attorney Ben Crump said of the victim. “Why was Trayvon suspicious? There are hundreds of children in that community.

          I’m SO sick of these f*ckers who claim that GZ thought TM was suspicious because TM was black. No. TM was suspicious because of the way TM was acting, not because of the color of his skin. I live in downtown Chicago. I routinely encounter shady people of all colors, men and women, young and old. It’s how they ACT that causes me to be careful around them.

      • Aussie says:

        sounds like Vegemite and cheese sandwiches :) A bit like the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that you love so much.

      • Aussie says:

        Crump = Curly

  18. Mattie says:

    Very good data here; Attorney O’Mara, I assume, is checking it all out, as well. He seems very knowledgeable and bright, so I’m sure he and his team will be all over the inconsistencies and zeroing in where the Martins’ lawyer and his team are distorting or manipulating the facts to their advantage. (Not to even mention the media, Rev. Al Sharpton, the Dept. of Justice, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther party, and everyone else slanting the case to support their particular political and other agendas.) I am almost certain that even if George Zimmerman is aquitted, Eric Holder and his DOJ are going to turn this into a racial case, putting every dollar of taxpayer money and all the manpower they have into finding something-anything-to point a racial profiling or related finger at Mr. Zimmerman. For this reason, George Zimmerman needs all the help he can get just to keep the case on a fair and objective basis. With this in mind, I do hope all the info about the calls, etc. on this website is brought to Atty. O’Mara’s attention. He can always filter out what might be duplicates of data his team may already have, or use the website’s info to dig deeper into supporting what they have or perhaps even unlocking new information that supports Mr. Zimmerman’s statements to the police and the reality of what transpired that evening.

  19. tara says:

    I was always under the impression, because of Crump’s statements at his press conference, that Tracy Martin didn’t have access to Trayvon’s phone and that it wasn’t until Sunday March 18 that he was able to access the phone and/or the account. But I see now that Trayvon’s phone info was always accessible to Tracy because it’s on Tracy’s bill, along with 3 other phones.

    Then I ask … why didn’t anyone think to tell Tracy to check the phone account before March 18? If your son was killed, wouldn’t you check his phone account? Even if a bill wasn’t yet produced for the period, the phone calls would still be visible.

    Also, who made the call to 911 on 03/02? I was under the impression that this call was from Trayvon’s phone and I thought perhaps it was Tracy attempting to use the phone even though it was password-protected. Now I can’t tell if the 911 call on 03/02 was from Trayvon’s phone or Tracy’s phone, or either of the other 2 phones Tracy is paying for.

    • tara says:

      And another thing…. Tracy Martin claimed that he called Trayvon and Trayvon’s cousin after he and Brandy had returned to Brandy’s apartment, because Trayvon wasn’t home. This was, according to them, somewhere around 10:30pm on Feb 26. Where are those calls? I still don’t think Tracy and Brandy went home that night, I still think they were in Orlando and they didn’t return home until the morning of Feb 27, and that’s why they didn’t know anything about what happened in the complex, didn’t see the police cars, investigators, lights, and probably complex residents standing around talking to each other. And I’m also thinking that Chad was with Tracy and Brandy and that Trayvon was alone the evening of Feb 26. That’s why nobody was alarmed that he was missing … because they didn’t know he was missing. But that’s just my theory right now.

      • pbunting says:

        Tracy Martin claimed to arrive back at Brandy Green’s home around 11PM on 2/26/12. The investigators were 70 yards from the rear of Brandy Green’s home until 3AM. How did he or she not notice all of the commotion? (i.e, flashing lights, investigators and residents walk about.) That neighborhood must have been electrified that night. Who could sleep? Everyone’s porch light must have been turned on that evening. His son was not home and he never noticed that there was something unusual going on around him? You know why he didn’t notice? Because he was likely never there to notice. He probably never came home that night. Just my theory…

        • tara says:

          It’s also interesting that Tracy called the police the next morning. He stated that he called Trayvon’s phone, but Trayvon didn’t answer. He then called Trayvon’s cousin in another suburb, but the cousin said that Trayvon wasn’t there. Tracy didn’t drive around looking for Trayvon, didn’t go tot he 7-11 Chad surely told him that Trayvon went to, he just called the police.

          I have no evidence to justify this, but here’s what I think happened: Tracy, Brandy, and Chad all went to Orlando the evening of Feb 26. They didn’t return until the morning of Feb 27. Trayvon wasn’t home. Tracy found out that the police had been in the community the night before possibly by watching TV news or talking to neighbors. That’s why he called the police, because he feared Trayvon had something to do with the incident.

          • Blam says:

            Initially, one report that I read said that when Tracy called/dialed the cousin’s #, he did not get any answer and ASSUMED they had gone to the movies. This made no sense to me at the time, bec I felt it was a contradiction to a statement that Brandy had made that Trayvon didn’t know anyone in the area. Now, we are hearing that there was a cousin in close enough proximity that they could go to the movies? And this when he was on suspension?

      • marie says:

        “Tracy Martin claimed that he called Trayvon and Trayvon’s cousin after he and Brandy had returned to Brandy’s apartment, because Trayvon wasn’t home. This was, according to them, somewhere around 10:30pm on Feb 26. Where are those calls? ”

        The calls could have been made from a land line or from someone else’s phone, Brandy’s maybe. Something to check out, though.

        • tara says:

          If Tracy called Trayvon’s phone and the call went to voice mail, as he claims, would it show up on the call log as an incoming? Or would it not show up because it’s a missed call?

  20. John Galt says:

    “Also, who made the call to 911 on 03/02?”

    Dunno, maybe the cops had the phone, it was password protected, so they dialed 911 (which you can do on a locked phone) to caller ID the number of the phone.

    • chopp says:

      Yes, the police called 911.

    • tnwahm says:

      That’s my question about the phone. Who had it then and who has it now? If it was on Trayvon that night, wouldn’t the police have it? And why would they wait until 3/2 to dial 911 to caller ID the number of the phone? The night of the incident, Trayvon was a John Doe, but by the next day he had been identified so they would have known on 3/2 whose phone it was and what the phone number was.

  21. cookbook says:

    The more I look at the fragmented, half assed, patch job that the special prosecutor mashed together, the more I think it was constructed for “plausible deniability”. The special prosecutor took over from the Sanford PD and DA and obtained zero new evidence, with the DOJ and media passing info from Parks and Crump. It appears constructed to try to make Z plead out, and if it all blew up they could all pass the buck and avoid professional and legal liability. No one is allowed to know everything firsthand so they can deny and point the finger.

  22. tara says:

    I do believe that these records are valid. I do have questions though, like why it took Tracy Martin so long (3 weeks?) to look at his phone bill. He was paying for Trayvon’s phone, so even if the phone was password protected or even if Sanford police still had the phone, nothing would have stopped Tracy from logging on to check his account.

    But in the end, it doesn’t matter. Remember, George admitted that he was following Trayvon, so it doesn’t matter that Daisha said it too. And Daisha said that Trayvon approached George, and that Trayvon said “Why are you following me?”, and when George asked Trayvon something to the effect of “What are you doing here?”, instead of replying in a noraml way Trayvon was defensive and said again “Why are you following me?”. And then they started physically fighting, Daisha provides zero reliable info here, no court will allow her opinion. Witnesses have already stated that they saw Trayvon on top of George. The funeral director has already stated that Trayvon didn’t have any injuries, and we know George had several injuries. ALL of this is consistent with George being the victim of the fight, not the instigator.

    • tara says:

      I want to add that I really want to see TRACY’s phone calls. He claimed he called Trayvon and Trayvon’s cousin after he supposedly returned to Sanford at 10:30pm. I want to see his location at the time he made those calls, IF he made them. I can’t believe that he returned to Sanford and didn’t see the police presence there, and he wasn’t worried that Trayvon wasn’t home that night.

    • minpin says:

      Tara- It doesn’t matter worth a hill of beans what the funeral director says about what he saw on Trayvon’s body when he got it. The only report that matters is the coroner’s report, and until this day, that has been sealed by the request of Crump.

  23. marj hansen says:

    On Page 1 of the phone log, there is a 103 minute call logged between a 2 minute call at 2:45 pm and a 3 minute call at 2:20 pm. a 25 minute interval. Perhaps this log does in fact contain all 4 phones.

  24. marie says:

    “Err, no. Well, do I know who punched first? No.”

    This statement leads me to believe the prosecution will be trying to establish that while they don’t know “who started the fight” (emphasis on “fight”–”fight” meaning physical conflict between the two), while they don’t know “who punched first,” they will claim that GZ drew his weapon on Trayvon, provoking the physical confrontation as Trayvon lurched at the man who pointed a gun at him,Trayvon acting in self-defense.

    Evidence of that? I see no way they can have evidence of that unless there is a witness who will testify to hearing or seeing such a confrontation. However, it IS the meme that the activists have put out there–that GZ “hunted down” Trayvon.

    A black female anchor on Fox (sorry, forgot her name) said on Friday, in reporting on the hearing, “today we heard from the man who gunned down Trayvon Martin.”

    Ah, where has journalism gone? “Gunned down” is a loaded phrase, full of negative connotations, suggesting the person doing the act did so purposefully and with malice, by hunting. The word she should have used was “shot” as we do know, both from GZ himself and all other evidence, that GZ did shoot the deceased.

    • tara says:

      I think Daisha’s statements will actually help GZ. Her account of the communications between TM and GZ prior to the physical fight are crucial. TM said “Why are you following me?”, GZ said something like “What are you doing here?”, and TM again said “Why are you following me?”. Notice that TM did not make the kind of statement one would likely make if confronted by someone holding or pointing a gun, like “WHOA!” or “Don’t shoot me” or anything similar. Daisha clearly had zero knowledge that there would be any sort of dangerous situation going on, that’s why after 8pm she resumed her tweets as if nothing had happened. From this we can reasonably conclude that Trayvon didn’t know that GZ had a gun, and he didn’t know it because GZ’s gun was tucked away where a person in Florida could legally carry it.

      • Jay says:

        It would also prove that TM was the type to get into fights a lot. If a strange white dude was following him she hears a scuffle then nothing that tells me it may have happened before and was no big deal to her.

        • tara says:

          Good point! And Trayvon apparently had a habit of staying out all night, that’s why Tracy didn’t make much of an effort to locate him that night.

          • Aussie says:

            and on top of that when Tracey Martine contracted the police and they told him that they were coming to see him, he expected to see his son in the back seat of a squad car… what does that tell you?

      • Aussie says:

        don’t you mean her coached statement?

      • Blam says:

        I agree that this point of conversation is crucial to this tragedy. It is here that an individual who is innocently walking home from 7/11 would be so quickly adversarial in his comments/questions. It is this conversaton, that is overlooked by those trying to create the narrative, that, to me, tells much of the real story. This goes to the frame of mind of T. IMHO, and there is no reason why he was so defensive and so ill prepared to answer the question of what are you doing here.

        • Jay says:

          Like I said one other time before TM had no idea if Zimmerman was an under cover cop. Fact is if you have nothing to hide there is no reason to run. Another thing Zimmerman says on the 911 tapes that TM has his hands in his waistband and he approaching him. If Zimmerman was a cop that would be considered a threatening move on TM part.

          • Blam says:

            I totally agree, and I not only live in Miami, but my sons went to Krop. Even if T thought that there was a possibility that Z was an undercover cop, if he had nothing to hide, he should not be defensive. When my sons were in the 9th grade, and yes that was about 10 years ago, a teacher, who didn’t want it known, told me tha the acronym the students had for Krop was : Kids rely on Pot.

    • John Galt says:

      “Ah, where has journalism gone?”

      It’s right here!

      • tara says:

        I’m remembering this early article from the Miami Herald which I found while doing a search. It was so filled with errors I had to laugh out loud when I was reading it. I can’t imagine how a reporter could have gotten so many details so wrong. It said that Martin was shot at the store. I’m going to look for the article, it’s such a great example of how the public was misinformed by the media.

        • tara says:

          Here is a very similar story: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/03/02/2672446/miami-teen-shot-dead-while-visiting.html#storylink=misearch

          “A Miami teenager visiting family in Central Florida is coming home in a casket. Trayvon Martin, 17, was visiting family members in Sanford when he was shot to death by a man at a convenience store on Monday night. The teen walked into the store to buy ice cream and Skittles. He had $22 in his pocket. About 100 feet from the building, Martin was confronted by an armed man who shot him dead, said his uncle Ronald Fulton, who lived with the teen. There were no witnesses. Sanford police identified the suspect as George Zimmerman, 25. He has been questioned, but no charges have been filed nor an arrest made. Martin’s viewing was Friday night in South Florida.“

        • stellap says:

          Tara, every time I have read a story in the newspaper, and I have personal knowledge of the details of what really happened, I am always amazed at all of the errors.

          • tara says:

            And they still make them! Oh my god how many times have I yelled at my TV because some dope says something that I know is totally false. My husband won’t even watch or read about it any more, he’s so frustrated.

          • Blam says:

            Totally agree!

    • minpin says:

      Marie- I believe the name you are looking for at Fox is Harris Faulkner. I think I spelled her name correctly.

    • Aussie says:

      if they try that one they will lose and it will be the coroner’s report that will sink them.
      The weapon was not drawn until the struggle on the ground.

  25. marie says:

    “Ah, where has journalism gone?”

    “It’s right here.”
    Soooo true, soooo good! I am sure the MSM realizes that because they have been given free reign for so long and have performed so poorly, in such a biased manner, on issues that dramatically affect the country, they have dug their own graves. The internet, bloggers, are putting them in their coffins.

  26. marie says:

    Long live Breitbart and citizen journalists!!! I thank all of you for your diligence at getting at the truth.

  27. Jay says:

    I’m confused with the calls on 3/2/12 there is 3 of them 2 incoming one out going all within 2 minutes of each other. The out going is the 911 but what about the incoming. The 911 call is 1245pm as is one of the incoming then the next is 1247pm.

    • tara says:

      I was interpreting that as someone (Tracy?) made an outgoing call to 911 but hung up, and then 911 called back. But others think that the police had the phone and they made the 911 call, possibly just to test the phone.

    • minpin says:

      I’m thinking that the other calls were from people that didn’t know Trayvon was dead.

  28. Adrianne says:

    Aggression began when an armed neighborhood watch volunteer pursued someone they’d selected as a target. GZ was told not to carry a gun on watch. He was told this MULTIPLE times, yet continued to do so. Neighborhood watch volunteers are to serve as the eyes of the police. They are not to take up pursuit themselves. Aggression did NOT start when TM fought back after being confronted by an armed stranger.


    Adrianne – ZIMMERMAN WAS NOT ON NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH – He was going to “Target” grocery shopping !! … /SD

    • WeeWeed says:

      You’ve not done your homework. GZ was not on watch. Read the actual posts and back-up, please.

    • tara says:

      Adrianne …. Zimmerman was told to not carry a gun? By whom? Please back up your claim with a link to reliable info. Concealed carry is legal in Florida if you have the proper permit, and Zimmerman has that permit, So please explain your statement.

    • John Galt says:

      Aggression started when Trayvon punched Zimmerman in the nose as Zimmerman was returning peacefully to his vehicle. Investigator Dale Gilbreath testified under oath that he has no evidence to the contrary. A pretty good summary of the evidence starts at about 28 minutes in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7jkxf-TKYw

    • Aussie says:

      wow Adrianne you sure know how to make up stuff…. there is no truth in anything that you wrote.

      Like SD said, GZ was not on neighbourhood watch, he was on his way to Target when he spotted someone behaving in a suspicious manner, and he called the police to come investigate.

    • Jay says:

      Armed neighborhood watch huh? try armed citizen just like thousands of others. 900k in FL I believe. Aggression started when st skittles decided Zimmerman was gonna die that night. Aggression started when st skittle assumed Zimmerman was white and had something to prove. Who has the right to tell an US citizen he can’t carry a gun NOBODY. Since your whole story is built on the neighborhood watch issue we have proven you wrong. You may leave now I doubt you will be missed.

    • Also was not told multiple times not to follow. Why do you continue to come in here YELLING things? You are obviously not informed or refuse to learn the FACTS.

  29. tara says:

    White 19 year old was brutalized by two blacks in Chicago because the blacks were upset by Zimmerman’s “low” bail:. http://www.myfoxchicago.com/dpp/news/crime/alton-hayes-trayvon-martin-white-man-attacked-black-racist-racism-maywood-chicago-suburb-20120420

    Hey President Obama, this white kid could be your son too (if you’d married a white woman)…

  30. bill says:

    This is just a comment on something thats been bothering me. I’m hearing all this stuff about Zimmerman profiling this (alledged) mugger. What about alot of the public (me included) that initially profiled George Zimmerman because he had a gun and was a neighborhood watchman. Oh and he was wearing that awful orange suit. And also there was alot of profiling going on about the whole ‘inept’ Sanford police force I guess because of an incident concerning a black homeless man awhile back. It’s getting hard to profile the good guys from the bad here.

    • WeeWeed says:

      Do your homework. Read all the previous posts. The “public” didn’t profile GZ, the media did.

    • Aussie says:

      what was your point?

      You do know that TM k’od Zimmerman? You do realise that there are witnesses who saw Zimmerman with his broken nose? You have seen the photograph of the back of Zimmerman’s head.

      The issue of profiling is a Crump construct. It is worthless. The profiling did not happen as claimed by the race-baiters.

      • marie says:

        According to DeeDee, Trayvon saw a “white man” following him. Guess Trayvon was profiling a non-black and assuming he was white.

        Personally, I think DeeDee made that up for anyone who saw GZ’s face would not have called him white.

        • tara says:

          But remember, in this bizarro world, it’s OK for blacks to profile non-blacks, and it’s OK for blacks to kill non-blacks, and it’s OK for blacks to kill other blacks.

        • Aussie says:

          didn’t the police also identify him as “white”? Except that he is not white.

          He is darker than my cousins!!

        • pbunting says:

          But the “eyewitness” stated that the “hispanic” man was walking after the gun went off. How was she able to identify his race? This is the earwitness (older woman/school teacher) who assumed the one crying for help was the one who got shot. She assumed the larger figure with the dominant voice was the man and he was on top.

    • garnette says:

      Actually it was a red collared shirt that looked orange in the picture.

      • Jay says:

        Didn’t people say it was a jail jump suit, I have been arrested and jail jump suits don’t have a collar atleast mine didn’t.

        • garnette says:

          I took the picture out to a very simple graphic program and changed the brightness of the picture by about 12% to make it a bit darker. When I did that I was able to see more features on GZ and I was able to see more detail on the shirt, including the color of it. For the longest time, I thought the whiteness on GZ and the shirt and the background was from a flash, but after changing the brightness, it made me kind of wonder if the brightness was changed.

          Because it was a picture from Florida, at one point I thought the orange may have been because of the gators. People just saw the orange and assumed it was a jail jump suit. Interesting that when he appeared in court the first time he had on a gray jumpsuit.

  31. John Galt says:

    “According to DeeDee, Trayvon saw a “white man” following him.”

    What a remarkable coincidence, that matches Crump’s race-baiting narrative precisely.
    “Since Trayvon, a high school junior who wanted to be a pilot, was black and Zimmerman is white, Crump said race is “the 600 pound elephant in the room.”

    • kinthenorthwest says:

      From what I am seeing currently Zimmerman looks more Hispanic than white…But that only my opinion

      • Aussie says:

        exactly. He looks Hispanic.
        I keep pointing out that I have American cousins who are the product of the marriage between a white Australian woman (of Irish and English descent, without the Scots and German)and a Mexican-American Marine who served during the second world war. You can tell by their name that they are Hispanic. They have the same olive skin as George, and they are probably whiter than George. He has olive skin.

        • Jay says:

          Well I see it like this say the cops put out an APB on a white male late 20′s about 170to 180lbs bet a million dollars Zimmerman wouldn’t be stopped. I would bet any amount of money he gets dark when out in the sun. To me he’s hispanic.

      • Sharon says:

        Yup, that’s why news reports identified him as “white Hispanic”….so they could get the benefit of producing “white guilt”….take the time to read the first 10 posts in this series. It’s a lot to wade through, but all the details are there, all the false innuendos are exposed.

        This series that Sundance has done is, specifically, NOT “time-dated”–as though reading them all would be useful only “last week” or the “week before.” He has produced a fact-based narrative documenting actual events. (The press used to do this. Sundance is Breitbart now…as we all strive to be) Anyhoo, welcome to the Tree. Find a branch and curl up with the first ten chapters!

    • Jay says:

      Well then a white male doesn’t match Zimmermans description at least not to me.

      • Aussie says:

        I agree with you Jay. White male does not match his description. I just looked at the video at Breitbart and George is not white.

        • John Galt says:

          IMHO, Martin would not have described Zimmerman to Dee Dee as a “white man” for two reasons: (1) Zimmerman looks Hispanic, not white and (2) “white man” seems to me to be terminology that Martin would be unlikely to use in the circumstances. Think about it. Zimmerman, who has had criminal justice education, nonetheless uses the terms “punks” and “assholes” in the recorded call to police. Martin, in his captured tweets, exhibits a preference for thug terminology and profanity, even in casual conversation (“Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!”).

          • Jay says:

            So it’s safe to assume he said some cracka or honkey.

          • Jay says:

            Did you notice Dee Dee tweet where she says what up blood. That is how bloods say hi to each other. I grew up around bloods crips and Latin Kings I know their lingo well.

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  33. Txmom says:

    I have a little problem with the amount of minutes Tvon and Dee Dee “supposedly” spoke that day. Our two teenage boys don’t “talk” to anyone, they TEXT, as do most of their friends. Moot Point, but thought I would share.

  34. bill says:

    If you check the pdf file concerning tracy martin phone bill some of the calls both text and otherwise are listed along with some times. But my t-mobile phone bill online from t mobile is nothing like that but i’m out of Chicago. Also if this bill included multiple phones I’m not sure that each phone would be so neatly itemized. But I guess by the probable cause affidavitt, there was some sort of communication between deedee and trayvon that day.

  35. bill says:

    There’s one other thing and its probably been covered . The Tracy Martin phone bill includes four lines or phones on bill and of course the pdf file lists no specific phone numbers . In other words if I were a suspicious person, the incoming and outgoing calls listed could have been placed any of the four phones

    • garnette says:

      Yep. But, how many people are going to just see the image for the two calls that look like they were at the time and assume that they are proof that TM and DeeDee were talking? How many people that even look at the long pdf list of phone calls are going to realize there are 4 lines that could be on the pages? How many are going to realize that they are in no order whatsoever and probably are a couple of pages of information as well so there really is nothing there to be able to show what calls were made or received by TM? How many are even going to question why there is a call to 911 listed with the other two calls that was made several days later?

      It is all about presenting something so that the average person will be able to say that were released show they were on the phone at that time. With the average person never even taking the time to look at the phone records, but will repeat what they have been told are on the phone records.

  36. Lorac says:

    I looked up how to read your bill on the T mobile site. http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-1102 As you can see you can look up the call list from each phone in the plan. I don’t have T moblile but with Verizon you can look at the call log and text log for each number on your plan. The bill that is on here doesn’t even look like a T mobile according to their web site. Another thing TM walked right past GZ……GZ never says that TM look like he is talking during that time so was he even on the phone then? I suppose that he could have been listening to Dee Dee and not talking. The pics on line of TM show him with bright blue ear buds. Did he have them on and could GZ see them? Great site by the way.

  37. bill says:

    I suppose deedee(i think thats her name) could have been texting tm. But probably the sanford police don’t consider these calls even evidence, though the special prosecutor lady mentions them. I thought I read that deedee was interviewed twice but maybe that was just a rumor.

    • Aussie says:

      she was allegedly interviewed by the FBI but that was only a few days before Corey did the pre-arranged indictment for 2nd degree murder… you know what was arranged during that discussion with team Skittles.

  38. M Simon says:

    From the comments at:


    It would seem to me that this controversy has another side that no one has addressed with any vigor. If we assume that the cell phone records produced by the Martin family attorney are correct and that the times shown are actually EDT then only one question remains.

    Why have the cell records from DeeDee’s phone not been made public to verify that she was indeed on the phone with Trayvon?

    • In Update #9 under the segment about the interview with Pam Bondi this is addressed. Pam Bondi specifically stated the DeeDee phone records were requested by prosecutors once they were notified by Crump of the call.

      The request was denied by Benjamin Crump along with the refusal to name DeeDee or present her for questioning or an affidavit to local or state officials.

      His explanation was that he would only allow her to talk to federal officials.

      Yup, and he media NEVER pushed the issue. NOT ONCE.

      • Aussie says:

        In other words the phone records for DeeDee have not been produced. How interesting is that!!

      • Howie says:

        Omara can get them now.

        • pbunting says:

          Phone records not directly received and certified by the phone companies are subject to tampering. I would not trust anything produced by Crump, the Martins or DeeDee/Daisha Brianne.

      • M Simon says:

        So DD will not even be part of the local case. Her only purpose was to add to the frenzy of the mob – Skittles Martin was taking to his sweetheart and then Darth Zimmerman gunned him down in cold blood like a dog (well perhaps that last reference was unfortunate). ;-)

        I have been following the case fairly carefully so far. Evidently I missed a few points. I will go back and read the summaries.

        Thanks Sundance!

  39. John Galt says:

    “Why have the cell records from DeeDee’s phone not been made public to verify that she was indeed on the phone with Trayvon?”

    Interesting question. I assume that Corey isn’t crazy enough to just accept a stack of paper from Crump and run with it without getting the records directly from the phone company, but I guess you never know.

  40. When was DeeDee interviewed by the feds? I can’t remember.

    • stellap says:

      I don’t know that she was interviewed by the feds or, if she was, that it was made public.

    • Aussie says:

      it was allegedly a few days before Corey made her announcement… that is if it is true that she was interviewed. I do not trust anything that has come from Team Chump

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  42. That rally for GZ by his friends and Frank Taffe was told they they will not be allowed to show support for George by the powers that be in Sanford. So they will allow thousands of outsiders to come in and preach their hatred and racism but they will not allow a few friends of George who are local to have apeaceful rally. Makes you go hmmmm.

    • Sharon says:

      My response is, “I’m all shocked and stuff.” Not.

      Reality is what it is, and we had better start believing our lying eyes and ears. It’ll save us some time that might just barely be the amount needed to survive what is happening right now.

      Welcome to the Tree, Deborah! Hope you’ve found a comfy branch with some purty leaves.

    • minpin says:

      Deborah- The damage has already been done in Sanford when Sharpton was allowed to appear there and call for all kinds of rallies etc. Over Easter weekend he said they were going to occupy Sanford with tents and everything else. I am unaware if Sharpton or any of his goons have been back to Sanford for more rallies. I don’t know where Crump is holding his pressers. I am wondering if someone in Sanford is against any rallying, done by anyone, as it is destroying the town and their peaceful existence. The town has not been made famous for any good reason. I am guessing that they don’t want to fan more flames. I’m sure most in Sanford just want this whole thing to go away.

      Frank did say that the Sunday rally was supposed to be a SYG rally also. He said on TV that it is time for people to get off their couch and get out there and fight the good fight to protect their rights. Another part of the Martin/Zimmerman debacle has been calling for anti-gun laws. Scott has appointed a panel to review SYG and other gun laws on the books in Fla. It would be very upsetting to the state leeches, squishes and worms if people started standing up for their rights.

      I have believed ever since the appearance of SP Corey when she entered stage right, that this is all an attempt to quell any major rioting, burning, and looting in the state. What Gov. wants that on their record as a sitting Gov? The problem with that thinking though is that even without the Martin/Zimmerman case, the state will still feel the heat of a very very hot summer, and I’m not referring to the temperature of the air.

  43. You are absolutely right. @ Sundancer-can you look into the Head injury shot of Zimmerman-there seem to be some inconsistencies to it. Had the link and lost it, but it had to do with his jacket color, the time stamp and him not in handcuffs, and something against his right ear.

  44. M Simon says:

    The links Deb is talking about are here:


    Sorry ’bout that. But it gives you some insight to what they are thinking.

  45. Eagle says:

    Pure conjecture here… If TM was involved in distribution of drugs, and Tracy knew about it. Was Tracy trying to crack the phone to erase information?

  46. Dan says:

    You are claiming the call didn’t exist between Trayvon and Deedee at the time of the incident because of a Pacific Time Zone glitch that doesn’t appear to be credible? I am on the GZ side, but you lose significant credibility by doing this. This should be corrected to regain credibility. Immediately.

    **Get a grip Dan, there is far more wrong with those fabricated transcripts than the time zone. Regain credibility? Thanks, but I think all is just fine without your patronistic advice. You are welcome to visit, or even stay here, but walking in the door and taking a shit on the rug ain’t the best start** ….. / Sundance

    One area I hope this blog discusses are the multiple witnesses (3 by my account), not including Trayvon’s mother, that are publicly claiming that they believe it was the “boy” screaming. Do they have any idea the shitstorm they are perpetuating because they think they know the difference between how a 17 year old and 28 year old they have never met screams?

    It makes my blood boil.

    • Dan says:

      Yes, I understand there is far more wrong with Dee Dee than the time zone. That happens to be my exact point. Keep up the good work challenging what is wrong with it.

    • Just because the earwitnesses “believe” it was the “boy” screaming doesn’t make it true. Yep it is a “shitstorm” they have kicked up.

  47. bill says:

    All this talk about ear witnesses would carry very little weight against an eye witness. I was incensed by these so called voice experts who ran their tests and concluded that George Zimmerman was not screaming on the tape. You read all about their expertise and then you finally find out its all a bunch of nonsense. The real evidence are the autopsy and toxicology tests and these have never been leaked. Though I have my opinion on the toxicology results, if they come out like I suspect, it just shows the danger (in the internet age) of trying this case in public. Thanks for this site. It was very informative

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