Tea and Skittles?

HatTip Sharon – “stretchin‘ out fo’ sum Tea and Skittles

“Tea” – A slang term used by Jack Kerouac and the Beats when refering to marijuana, seen in Kerouac’s novel On the Road.
…………. “Ask him if we can get any tea. Hey kid, you got ma-ree-wa-na?”

“Tea” – a much older term for marijuana, made popular dating back from the 1930′s. today it is considered obsolete and a great way to cover up what you’re REALLY talking about.
………….”man, if i had some tea, i’d be in herbal heaven.”

Skittles” – also known as beans, ecstasy, rolls, E, X, Adam, Stacy, Clarity
…………. “Hey dawg how much for 30 skittles”?

Skittles” – With Skittle bag, sometimes used to refer to miscellaneous heterogeneous mix of various narcotic pills, jumbled up in a bag (usually leftovers donated to the communal skittle bag). Often multicolored like a bag of skittles. Incredibly dangerous, as the actual contents are often unknown, and, thusly, the effects are often a surprise high.
…………….. “Yo, break open the bag o’ skittles and let’s do some lines”.

Skittles” – Skittles aka dxm, and somtimes known as ecstasy, Coricidin (DXM) abusers refer to the bright-red pills as “Skittles.”

Another odd dimension to this entire narrative of going to the 7-11 for “Tea and Skittles” is the distance from where he was to the nearest convienience store.  MarketTicker asks the question and does some simple research:   Trayvon Martin was allegedly out at night, on foot and in a rainstorm getting iced tea and skittles. Ok, here’s the address where the altercation took place from the police report:

2381 Retreat View Cir Sanford, FL 32771 – Now go to Google Maps and type in that address.  Next, find me a convenience store — you know, a place to buy skittles and an iced tea. Just type in “convenience store” in the “Search Nearby” box.   Where’s the closest one and how far is it on foot?

Click to enlarge

The purple DOT is his location.   The closest “convienience store” is a mile away.  In a rainstorm, for a bag of skittles and can of iced tea, both ways?  Possible?  Sure.  Plausible?  That story ought to be able to be checked, and rather easily — all convenience stores these days have video recorders.

So has anyone checked to see if indeed the deceased hiked the anywhere from 2-4 miles to and from one of the half-dozen convenience stores in the general area (none closer than about a mile on foot, incidentally, and all somewhat of a pain in the ass to get to due to what appears to be a limited access highway — 417 — between the location and the stores which would force you to walk quite a bit further than you could go “as the crow flies”.)

These are pretty basic questions.  In fact the closest convenience store is a Murphy USA; to reach the others north of the location (the ones south are a LOT further) you’d have to walk past it, so it’s highly likely that’s the store — if the story of going out for skittles and iced tea holds up.

Does it?  Has anyone checked?

There is a 7-11 closer than those identified in google map.  Apparently there is one about a mile from the house as seen in this highlighted map from the New York Times.

“If I had a son, he’d look just like Trayvon Martin”

- President Barack Obama

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67 Responses to Tea and Skittles?

  1. Wraith says:

    Often multicolored like a bag of skittles. Incredibly dangerous, as the actual contents are often unknown, and, thusly, the effects are often a surprise high.
    …………….. “Yo, break open the bag o’ skittles and let’s do some lines”.

    How do you “do a line” of pills? Just askin.’ :?

  2. ytz4mee says:

    Good catch on the Skittles/Tea connection as a supposition.
    The coroner did a tox eval, and Zimmerman’s call stated he felt Martin to be in an altered state.
    Guess the family wants those records sealed too, huh?

    • Solaratov says:

      Doesn’t it normally take a pretty good while before a tax screen is completed? Has it been long enough for that – or is it just not being released?

      • Solaratov says:

        I’m pretty sure I meant “TOX” screen. :-(

      • ytz4mee says:

        I don’t know. Others who have more experience in these matters would be able to comment. In past cases, we are lead to believe that the tox report can take some time.

        However, it’s been over a month now. I have yet to hear the media even mention the tox report, except to complain that Trayvon’s corpse was screened as a part of a routine autopsy, by Zimmerman wasn’t (which I believe is untrue).

        The real question for me is why has no one in the MSM even asked about the results from the tox report? Thundering silence. It’s never mentioned that there is one. It’s like …..
        they don’t want us to know about it, let alone the potential results.


  3. James says:

    Kids have parties called “Skittle Parties.” Many of them will raid their parents (or grandparents) medicine cabinets and all contribute to a large bowl that is filled with medication at parties. Usually, the kids who know the good stuff (xanax, lortabs, vicodins, ect…) are safe because they know what they are taking, and how much. The kids who die are the ones who have no idea of the pill or the strength. Some of get screwed by drinking a lot, and taking the opiates and benzos.

  4. This is rather long, and over 4 years old, but I think time has shown how true this is… a post I wrote on March 19, 2008:

    Obama Nation:
    Using Racism In Order To Form A More Socialist Union

  5. history says:

    “If I had a son, he would be named Trayvon. True story.”

    Barack Hussein Obama

  6. Anon says:

    I had the same suspicions about the 7-11 location as well, but apparently there’s some sort of strange convenience-store-only version of a 7-11 located along Rinehart Road to the west, about .75 miles from the community. You can’t find it via Google search, but if you switch to Street View and scroll along the roadway you’ll see the 7-11 sign clearly in the shopping plaza just across the street from the car dealership.

    • Aoife says:

      It’s in the Sam’s parking lot…an outparcel that faces Rinehart.

    • Reader says:

      Is the store still there? Google doesn’t do well with updates. It may have been there on street view when the pictures were closed and now is gone.

      I don’t know either way, but I’ve had some experiences with Google and its map and view services ….

  7. Aussie says:

    Along the same lines…. was there a packet of Skittles (TM to Wrigleys) in his pocket? Have the police checked with the convenience store owners to see if he ever turned up?

    Now for the big one….. was there a convenience store along or near the route where Trayvon Martin was first seen acting suspiciously? In other words, was he even on a route to a convenience store?

    • Aoife says:

      There are no convenience stores near the clubhouse—they are all a good distance away. There was no reason at that time of night for St. Trayvon of the Photoshop to be around the clubhouse if he was returning from his long healthy hike. There are sidewalks that he can stroll all the way to his dad’s apartment. This blog has a follow up post with a better map.

  8. findalis says:

    TEA? How about some beer and skittles.

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  10. Aoife says:

    I have to add this. I know the area and there is one small mom & pop convenience store on Uppsala. BUT he would have had to go down to HE Thomas and then north on Uppsala to get to it as there are no direct roads. If he didn’t take the roads/sidewalks, he would have gone through some neighborhoods, swampy areas, etc. Highly unlikely. Which goes back to my question from the start…what was a kid doing out on a rainy night walking around in an area he probably wasn’t that familiar with when he should have been home in Miami or at least under his dad’s ‘house arrest’ since he was up here because of a school suspension? What parent just let’s their kid who is alreay in trouble go roaming around? That’s a part of this story that should be answered. I’m getting the impression there’s some guilt somewhere on the part of the parents and they initially had to lash out at someone or something else for their lax parenting which seems to have contributed to their son’s demise. St. Trayvon didn’t just take a wrong turn in February.

    • ytz4mee says:

      “St Trayvon didn’t just take a wrong turn in February”.


    • Reader says:

      I’ve thought that this might be why the family released the choir boy photo of little Trayvon. They were thinking, “This is our REAL son, not that drug selling, jewelry carrying, finger-giving, grill wearing, foul-mouthed, school suspended kid that he’s been the past few years.” I’m guessing here, don’t know the family, only trying to think of a reason other than deliberately misleading everyone on how Trayvon appeared.

      It was up to the media to search for more pictures as part of the fact-finding process. Of course, they didn’t — just ran with the juicy story of the AfAm choir boy and the sullen white (latino) man.

      • Aoife says:

        Ya know, they wouldn’t be the last family to discover their kin wasn’t what they believed. Perhaps the dad really believed he was going out for Skittles and Tea…we older folks can be so unhip even if some of the slang has been around awhile, just not familiar to us. At the end of the day, you have two grieving families whose lives will never be the same–one group in hiding and another being used as political pawns by horrible race baiters.

      • Aussie says:

        Zimmerman is correctly identified as Hispanic rather than Latino. He is not really white, the photo tells me that… he has the same skin tone as my cousins.

    • Aussie says:

      Brilliant… and yes you are correct….mind I am in Australia… but I keep telling people… my cousins have the same or similar ethnic background to Zimmerman. I have cousins who have an Australian mother and a Mexican-American father who was a Marine during WWII

  11. Aoife says:

    O0ps…I was thinking of the Swedish name…here it’s Upsala. Apparently not enough coffee this am.

  12. Aoife says:

    Ya know….now that I look at the map and think…let’s say he did go east on Thomas and end up on the east side of 417…that’s a crappy crappy section of town. It becomes noticeably run down, old closed storefronts, some government-related crap, and those two convenience stores which I WILL NOT stop at because they are very dilapidated and just plain creepy. Lots of foot traffic over there at night too because I’ve attended some of the high school football games at SHS and that’s the way I go. Had friends that lived in nearby neighborhoods who moved because it was getting so rundown. It’s just a bad area.

    • Hi, thank you muchly for your perspective. You are right, something about the entire Trayvon family version doesn’t make sense.

      How did they know he went for “tea and skittles” in the first place?
      Why was he hanging around the clubhouse in the rain when spotted?
      Why won’t the family share with the police the same stuff they appear to be strategically placing in the media?
      Why ain’t the girlfriend “DeeDee” willing to talk to authorities, but she’ll make a sworn statement only for the family to use?

      Way, way, too much stuff does not add up…. and absolutely ZERO new bits of information align with the Tracy Martin/Sybrina Fuller (et al) version. While simutaneously, every bit of new information aligns perfectly with Zimmerman’s account.

      That cannot be mere coincidence. :(

  13. Was he on the way to get tea and skittles? Then why was he heading home? Did he have any skittles on his person? Where did all this come from?

    • Aoife says:

      From the family. The tea and Skittles story doesn’t even get mentioned in the police report. However, there is some information that St. Trayvon of the Photoshop did not have ID on him and it took 24 hours or so before they (police) were able to either make contact with the family or the family finally filed a report or called police…something along those lines. I’m thinking it was then that the tea and Skittles story appeared—once the lawyer got involved. I’d be interested to see if the police report even mentions tea or Skittles at the scene. Was anything there laying on the ground or if they did see it think it was trash ? It’ll be interesting to see how this fleshes out after the grand jury. I am glad to see more and more people starting to raise questions on these forums. At first it was frustrating because everyone, and I do mean that, was condemning the PD, the DA, the city, GZ, etc. Now…their story is the one that isn’t making sense so we’ll see.

      • interkludge says:

        So, no wallet, no ID, no cash on him as far as we know, and no receipt. Plus, now very strange that he would walk over a mile to buy tea and skittles, but not eat and drink his snack on the way back. I was just wondering about the toxicology report today. I wonder if he will test positive for tea and skittles?

    • Aussie says:

      it depends on the type of Skittles… was it a cat by the name of Skittles? Did he have a packet of candy named Skittles (TM WRIGLEYS)? Did he have something else that is known as skittles per the urban dictionary? Did he have a can of iced tea? Or did he have some pot?

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  15. snapsbacula says:

    You guys have it all wrong. There was a bag of Skittles & an Arizona Iced Tea found at the scene. A genie popped out of the Arizona bottle and told us that everyone working this case is a racist liar.

    Brought to you by Skittles & Arizona Iced Tea.

    • Aoife says:

      LOL at this point a genie makes the most sense coming from the St. Trayvon crowd. Still…there is a death and it must be investigated, t’s dotted and i’s crossed or something. However, last night a black teen was shot in Sanford but there will be no outrage because the perps were black too. No money to be made there…

    • nivico says:

      …as many times as I’ve heard the media work Arizona Tea and Skittles in their broadcasting of this story over the last few days, I’m seriously starting to wonder if this really is some new form of product placement.

      Coming up at 11:00, breaking story… bag of ranch flavored Doritos and case of PepsiCo’s new 10 calorie Pepsi Max found in trunk of stolen 53 mpg 2012 Toyota Prius used in local bank robbery. Full story right after these messages from our sponsors (Pepsi, Frito Lay, and Toyota).

  16. Agam says:

    I’d been looking at this area through Google Earth the day the 911 tapes were released. Really helps to look at the area while listening to those. The fight happened between the backyards of houses, not on the street.

    The south west gate into Twin Trees I think GZ refers to as “the back way” or something like that. Trayvon came in the north gate at Oregon Ave. Turn west it’s a perfectly straight line to Rinehart Road, and another quarter mile to the 7-11. Plug this coord: 28.7925,-81.342 into Google Earth or Maps (GE has street view). The 7-11 is at the far end of that strip mall, almost exactly 2/3 mile from the Twin Trees north gate.

    I heard somewhere along the line that there had been no record of Trayvon on a store’s security camera, but I wonder if they checked the right store. I had thought that report referred to this particular 7-11, seems like the closest convenience store. Maybe there’s another mom&pop store around somewhere.

  17. Homer Thompson says:

    Ok, this is my first post on any site but I’ve been reading a ton of them. Sorry some of this doesn’t pertain to the above article.

    I agree with so many of you that the Martin’s story doesn’t mesh. I read that Trayvon’s dad said that Trayvon had to “beg” to be allowed to go to the store. Then I read that he wasn’t alarmed that Trayvon wasn’t home when he got back because he figured Trayvon and his 20 year old nephew (who was a responsible individual) went to the movies. Weird, because if your son was begging you to be allowed to go to the store you’d figure he’d be home already, right? The news originally stated the he went to get those items for his younger brother/nephew (can’t remember which). The article also said that Trayvon and the nephew went to the movies the evening before. Weird for being on punishment. Did his father even come home that night? Were the cops gone from the neighborhood already? I would think that even if the cops had completed their business there the neighborhood would be buzzing with people talking and freaking out still. Just my opinion but if my child wasn’t home when I got back and I only gave him permission (because he begged and pleaded) to go to the store I’d be initially pissed, then when I realized something wasn’t right (as a parent you’d know) I’d be all over the phones trying to find him. Also, don’t forget that Tracy Martin initially said that wasn’t his son screaming when the 911 call was played for him, now that he feels he doesn’t need to drive that truck anymore for a living he changed his story.

    Next, the girlfriends account. I read that during her phone conversation that Trayvon said someone was following him so he put up his hoodie and ran. Well it was raining that night and his football coach said that anyone who knows Trayvon knows he always has his hoodie up and is listening to music. So why just put your hood on then? Once again, doesn’t mesh. This doesn’t prove innocence of guilt, but credibility of the source. Crump is pushing THIS conversation as the “smoking gun” that breaks this case wide open.

    Third, what about the 13 year old kid who said he saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman who suddenly changed his story? His mom is saying that the police coerced him into saying that. Ok, he’s a “real” kid and face it, kids are kids, but his initial response was that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman. He was probably scared to death after what he experienced and told the cops exactly what he saw.

    Finally, this site’s account about the Skittles and Tea. Everyone here made an excellent point. Why wasn’t the store clerk interviewed or the surveillance tapes reviewed? Even if he stole the damn candy he’d would have been on camera in the store, right? Also, (assuming he paid) he was found with $22 bucks on him. Who the hell has ever went to 7-11 and come out with $22 EVEN? Nothing purchased in the US ever comes out even. Regardless if he paid or not you’d want to interview the last person short of Zimmerman who saw him alive wouldn’t you?

    Anyways, this is going to get uglier than it already is. Sorry for dragging on but everything about this thing smells of $h!t.

    • stellap says:

      Welcome, Homer! I hope you stick around and get to know us. You picked a good place to make your first post, IMO.

    • Juan Motie says:

      Homer – One more thing which makes no sense is the Zimmerman 911 call when he tells the dispacher “… he’s running …”. If Martin thought Zimmerman was a threat why didn’t he keep running to his dad’s girlfriend condo and report the incident to the police himself? From the maps of the complex Martin could only have been between 100 to 70 yards away from safety in the girlfriend’s condo. Too many questions without valid (and unemotional) answers.

  18. Karen Scharps says:

    i don’t know what happened but I have been stating facts, like correct weight and height for both, to the, dare I say racists, on Hunt Post and taking a beating for anything positive I say.Even asking for reasonable doubt gets me 5-10 negative remarks back. I was delighted today to tell them that NBC doctored the tape and that ABC had retracted part of the info about the video. I just want the truth and was furious about Nancy Grace saying she KNEW he made a racist remark. Please let me know any truth to help defuse this situation

  19. Sharon says:

    Reading all the thinking and posts on this threads really makes me realize how the leftists have to hate both the innertubes and Google earth. It’s getting to where their lies are exposed and start collapsing fairly quickly with the combined common sense of a few normal Americans who smell a rat.

  20. Goofey says:

    Nice to finally read some intelligent and well thought out comments.

    In doing my research on this tragic event I have read several hundred blogs, articles, and comments in which 99% are based on personal feelings not fact. So it’s nice to find the 1% that take careful thought before they comment. I have gone over most of the evidence available and it appears to collaborate that Zimmerman acted in self-defense and is not a murderer, and Sadly that Martin was not as Innocent, as portrayed by the Media, Politicians, Celebrities, Martin’s Family and Friends.

    Tea and skittles …..did not know that one….. must be getting old…

  21. Jason says:

    You are all insane!

    no cash, no wallet, no receipt? Please. Arizona can $1, bag of Skittles ~60 cents. Receipt – garbage.
    “Hey kid don’t forget teh reciept, you’ll need proof of purchase after you are killed.”

    Skittles = MDMA or DXM? Tea = Marijuana?
    Nobody calls marijuana tea anymore. Plus this is all nonsense because he had the stuff on him. Where do you guys get off accusing him of getting drugs? I really must have missed something.

    Anyway if that’s all it takes, lets go down to a Phil Lesh concert and start shooting all the hoodies that walk out.

    Zimmerman overacted and killed someone. Where I am from we are worried people like Zimmerman are putting the gun control nuts into rampage mode. If this was self defense I’ll eat my hat, and Zimmerman is a spineless scaredy-cat – that’s his best case scenario.

    • stellap says:

      “Zimmerman overacted and killed someone.” You state this as a fact. How do you know that? Were you there? I think there may have been reason for Zimmerman to shoot in self-defense, but I wasn’t there either.

    • I never said any of the above and again, someone is accused who may be innocent. Please read my post before condemning. We are all insane? Where did you get your psych degree from, Assumptions are U.? You make a lot of them about others.

    • tara says:

      Jason, you said that Martin had the Skittles and tea on him at the scene of his death. How do you know this? I can’t find any evidence of it, just people repeating the claim. Please post your evidence.

      • Tara is right. There is no-one at the end of the rainbow story about Skittles etc. Indeed it appears quite made up. There is not one single source of the story from origination. Many people say it was included in the police report. BS. I’ve read that report over a dozen times and mention of Tea and Skittles is not included….

        The son of Brandy Green, Chad, did tell Craig Rivera that he asked Trayvon to get him “Skittles” candy that night, but that is the only FACTUAL source of the story. Their is NO evidence to suggest he had tea and skittles on him, around him, or within his vicinity when the body was recovered by police.

        How and why this story got started is anyone’s guess. But most likely it came from the family from one of their media interviews and then just spread without source, or evidence. It fit the chosen narrative, so it was used.. However, it appears make-believe.

    • Aussie says:

      goes to show you have not read one single thing about the truth in this story….

      Martin had gunpowder on his hands. He was shot at close range during a struggle. He was not shot in the back as if someone had come after him.

      The little thug got what he deserved.

  22. liz says:

    Skittles story still a big one, Piers Morgan last night practically crying over spilt Skittles. One theory is that Martin doubled-back after going further towrards house, confronting Zimmerman. Another is that he was hiding behind house that was obscured from where Zimmerman parked car and began walking path around house where shooting occurred behind the truck. Don’t know but these are possible and fit Zimmerman’s story. From time of Martin running and disappearing, he had tons time to get home if he wanted. Now that the prosecutor is praying with the family, I expect a new star and the Magi to appear in Sanford. Intelligent discussion above.

  23. willow says:

    Maybe neither one of these guys was an angel, who is? Both “sides” are spinning things and trying to deceive us. Looking at the maps it seems to me that if Mr. Martin walked to the store indicated and back home, and Mr. Zimmerman was going home, their paths would have never crossed at all. What would people think if it comes out that Mr. Martin was doing something nefarious, and Mr. Zimmerman really did say ‘coon’ and did stalk him down? What if the truth is that both of these guys was wrong, wrong, wrong.

  24. willowrivers says:

    does anyone know where george zimmerman’s vehicle was? without that information, how can anyone say that he wasn’t on his way there? when you listen to the 911 call zimmerman made, he talked to the 911 operator for a couple of minutes after he said that trayvon was running and zimmerman didn’t sound like he was running during that time. is the prosecution saying that a healthy young man was running that whole time and didn’t make it to his dad’s girlfriend’s house? i find it utterly incredible that zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder, when everything seems to indicate his innocence. what are we missing here?

  25. topekatroll says:

    What gets me is that this all happened roughly 100 yds from the House he was staying at, and that neither tracy or his GF checked to see what the commotion was about. If my kid was missing, I would be looking. last time I checked, the cops were not good at being covert while doing a murder scene investigation. There would have been lights, flashing lights, sirens, and a heck of a lot of activity. Were they bind and deaf? Or fearful of something they had to hide? maybe they weren’t home? My BS meter pegged a while back on this. It may be broke as it appears to be permanently stuck on the mind numbing garbage setting.

  26. Kenneth says:

    I have been trying to find out where the Skittles and tea were found, because I think it’s important evidence. If he had them on him when the fight started it would support Dee Dee’s version that he was bieng followed by Z. If, however, they were found set neatly down somewhere nearby, that would indicate that he had emptied his hands for some reason. If the hoody had pockets, they might have been in them. I can’t find anything on this. Has it not occurred to anyone else that this could be important?

  27. palebunny says:

    People who touch their ear and outline their mouth like Obama is doing, are being ‘deceptive’. In other words, it means they’re lying.
    Also, even if he had real candy skittles on him, it doesn’t mean his ‘gf’ either is telling the truth; or that trayVON wasn’t just being a paranoid black anyway.
    Oh yes the first thing Trayvon’s father asked when police called or came by is “was he arrested?”
    because THATs what he was expecting. And Topekatroll is right; if my son went to the store and didn’t come back, he’d be MISSING, I’d be out driving around looking for him; this dude did NOTHING and that more or less means he was used to trayvon disappearing.

  28. Anna says:

    And who believed Trevon and his friends go over to the neighborhood to ride bikes and play games? What 17 -19 year old do you know who rides a bike and plays a game. If they text thousands of messages a day, who can be riding a bike? Did Trevon even own a bike? HOw about his girlfriend? Does she look like she rides a bike?

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