Trayvon Martin was apparently a 17 year old undisciplined punk thug, drug dealing, thief and wannabe gangsta…

Warning: If you fear controversy – skip this post.

What a difference a day makes.

Today many new facts surrounding Trayvon Martin have been discovered thanks to the New Media doing the work the Institutional Lame Stream Legacy Media refuses to do.

In short. This is perhaps the biggest national racial event since Rodney King. It is also shaping up to be the biggest media driven false public story since Richard Jewell. It’s in the process of becoming a watershed event; And it’s almost entirely fake. It’s a tempest in a tea-cup.

The whole thing is an institutionally media-generated racialist/communist psychopolitical agitator’s dream come true.

We will outline and contrast below the false narrative sold by the Legacy media types, TV, Print and Radio including: ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, PBS, Associated Press, Reuters Media, USA Today, New York Times and other like-minded affiliates.

For the sake of this post we are going to focus entirely on Trayvon Martin and not the infinite various nuances and side stories spinning out of the false narrative.

SUMMARY of Content: In summary we now know that Trayvon Martin was not the innocent 17-year-old (junior year) High School kid portrayed by the media as: a football player, a volunteer mentor, a math loving student, and loving respectful child, who was serving a five day ten day suspension for tardiness. This was, and is, a complete fabrication. The truth is divergent in the extreme.

But that picture of an innocent child was exactly what the media wanted to sell, because it fit their chosen narrative.

The media even doctored photographs to make Trayvon look more child like. 

It is also what the professional race-baiting Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, New Black Panther party wanted to portray; and it should be mentioned at the time of this writing they are still bitterly clinging to it. But losing grip rapidly.

             Real photo                           Doctored By Media Photo

When the truth is being presented, one does not have to work so hard to control, portray obfuscate and spin.  The media have been working very hard because the media has not been presenting ‘the truth’.

But now, against the shere weight of the truthtelling, research, and presentation of facts by the New Media,  the Legacy media is beginning to backtrack.  Their false construction is crumbling around them.

However, we are not going to let them just skulk back into the shadows. They, the media, created this mess -  and make no mistake, this is a huge mistake – and now they are going to be forced to own it.  All of it.

We will not allow the media to turn George Zimmerman into Richard Jewell.  Not this time.  This time we push back.  Truth is on our side.

False - The media initially reported that Trayvon was suspended from school for five days because he was tardy. That narrative soon changed to the more truthful ten days. However, they missed the reasoning and a little research revealed much more.

Truth - Trayvon Martin was first suspended from school in October 2011 for an incident in which he was found in possession of stolen women’s jewelry and a screwdriver that a schools security staffer described as a “burglary tool,” The Miami Herald has learned.

According to the report, on Oct. 21 staffers monitoring a security camera at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School spotted Trayvon and two other students writing “W.T.F.,” an acronym for “What the f—,” on a hallway locker, according to schools police. The security employee, who knew Trayvon, confronted the teen and looked through his bag for the graffiti marker.

Trayvon’s backpack contained 12 pieces of jewelry, in addition to a watch and a large flathead screwdriver, according to the report, which described the screwdriver as a burglary tool.

“Martin was suspended, warned and dismissed for the graffiti,” according to the report prepared by Miami-Dade Schools Police.

Then in February 2012 that initial suspension was followed four months later by another one, in which Trayvon was caught with an empty plastic bag with traces of marijuana in it AND a pipe. A schools police report obtained by The Miami Herald specifies two items: a bag with marijuana residue and a “marijuana pipe.”Trayvon was again suspended. This time for ten days.

You can read much more about Trayvon’s drug involvement at Wagist. Click HERE

False – Trayvon was a respectful peer and role model mentor.

Truth - Trayvon left a trail of communication from his twitter account that is retrievable via google cache. His screen name was “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” and his words speak for themselves. You can read 152 pages of his twitter communication at DAILY CALLER.

However – Warning, explicit language.

Tattoo on back of Trayvon Martin's neck from Twitter Account. His mom's name is Sybrina

Another picture of Trayvon’s right arm tattoo:

Trayvon Martin's parents. Tracy Martin (Dad) left and Sabrina Fulton (Mom) center. Attorney Benjamin Crump (background)

Financial Opportunism

Trayvons mother also applied for Trademarks on his name last week.

Sabrina Fulton (Trayvon’s Mom) is seeking Trademarks for the phrases “I Am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon,” according to filings made last week with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

In both instances, Fulton is seeking the trademarks for use on “Digital materials, namely, CDs and DVDs featuring Trayvon Martin,” and other products.

The March 21 USPTO applications, each of which cost $325, were filed by an Orlando, Florida law firm representing Fulton.

Odd no?   How many “grieving parents do you know that would be concerned with “Trademarking” their dead child’s name?  And why?

But then again,  the Trayvon “Brand” would be more marketable and valuable if the constructed image of the innocent child victim could continue.

Alas, now it becomes clear, why all of those people who stand to profit from the death of Trayvon, consider any fact based, or truthful, information too risky to the Trayvon brand.

This also explains why Sabrina Fulton (Mom) and Tracy Martin (Dad) hired an attorney named Benjamin Crump.  The very first action that Crump took upon retention was to file an injunction to “seal” Trayvon’s school and criminal records.  Thereby trying to hide the troubling background. 

Benjamin Crump - Attorney for Trayvon's parents

Discovery of Trayvon’s background presented a risk.  Not just a risk of character assassination toward their son per se, but a risk to the “brand image” being created.  A financial risk.


Now some facts to deconstruct the left-wing media bias.

On Feb. 26, when Zimmerman first spotted Trayvon, he called police and reported a suspicious person. He called the non-emergency phone number not 911. He described Trayvon as a black male, acting strangely and perhaps on drugs. Zimmerman was fulfilling his shift on the neighborhood watch patrol. In this gated community there were eight burglaries, nine thefts, and a shooting just in the past year.

In fact, the local homeowners’ association reports that George Zimmerman actually caught one thief and aided in the apprehension of other criminals. The Miami Herald wrote about this on March 17th. None of the thousands of articles and cable news segments that came after, thought this was important.

In fact the Miami Herald goes on to interview neighbor, Ibrahim Rashada, who is black. Rashada confirms that there has been a lot of crime in the neighborhood and indicates to the reporter that the perpetrators are usually black.

George Zimmerman would not know Trayvon Martin because Trayvon was visiting, staying with his Dad’s girlfriend in the Orlando sub-division. Both the Dad and the girlfriend were not supervising Trayvon at the time. Neither adult were home.

Much controversy has been “created” by the media about the fact Zimmerman was “following” Trayvon, as if that represented some form of unusual behavior.

 Zimmerman was on Neighborhood watch patrol, of course he’s gonna follow the suspicious person. That’s what patrols do. See something suspicious – Say something to police – and Keep watch. DUH?

This point is not in contention by either Zimmerman or his attorney. It is a manufactured talking point of the race-baitersAND it is being promoted by an agenda driven biased media.

While on the phone with police George Zimmerman stopped the car and got out of his SUV to follow Trayvon on foot.

When a dispatch employee asked Zimmerman if he was following the 17-year-old, Zimmerman said yes. The dispatcher told Zimmerman he did not need to do that. Zimmerman replied “OK”, and immediately turned back toward his SUV.

Much false controversy has been made about the police dispatcher instructing Zimmerman not to follow the person (Trayvon), but it really is a moot point.   It is standard protocol for all operators to say “do not engage” because they are told to do so by police departments fearful of being sued.  As soon as the police dispatcher told him not to follow, he stopped, turned around and attempted to walk back to his vehicle.

There is about a one-minute gap during which police say they’re not sure what happened next.

According to the police report George Zimmerman told them he lost sight of Trayvon and was walking back to his SUV when Trayvon approached him from the left rear, and they exchanged words.

Trayvon asked Zimmerman if he had a problem. Zimmerman said no and reached for his cell phone, he told police. Trayvon then said, “Well, you do now” or something similar and punched Zimmerman in the nose, according to the account he gave police. His nose was broken and bleeding when police arrived.

Zimmerman fell to the ground and Trayvon got on top of him and began slamming his head into the sidewalk, he told police.

An independent witness from the next house gave the same descriptive to police of Trayvon on top of Zimmerman punching him and pulling his head up and down slamming it into the sidewalk.

Zimmerman began yelling for help.

Several witnesses heard those cries, and there has been a dispute about whether they came from Zimmerman or Trayvon. Lawyers for Trayvon’s family say it was Trayvon, but police say their evidence indicates it was actually Zimmerman requesting help.

One witness, who has since talked to local television news reporters, told police he saw Zimmerman on the ground with Trayvon on top, “pounding him” — and was unequivocal that it was Zimmerman who was crying for help. He described with specificity what both people were wearing and their exact body positioning.

During the scuffle on the ground Zimmerman began trying to get his handgun out of his belt. Trayvon attempted to get the gun away from Zimmerman.   Zimmerman then shot Trayvon once in the chest at very close range, according to authorities. 

The impact of the shot thrust Trayvon upward, backward, and partially spun him around to land on his stomach.

The handgun was a Kel-Tec PF9 semiautomatic 9mm pistol. The police took immediate custody of the weapon when they arrived on scene. The gun was recovered with a full magazine and only the chambered round had been fired.

This is a condition associated with something preventing the gun from cycling a fresh round from the magazine into the chamber after the shot was discharged. One thing that can cause this condition is another man’s hand wrapped around the pistol, retarding its slide mechanism.

This would indicate, as the coroner’s office affirmed, that specific gunshot residue patterns and cuts were present in certain places on Trayvon Martin’s hand(s), and that a struggle for a gun was taking place when the fatal shot was fired.

When police arrived less than two minutes later, Zimmerman was bleeding from the broken nose, had a swollen lip and had bloody lacerations on the back of his head.

Zimmerman was processed as a potential criminal suspect and placed handcuffed in the rear of the second arriving patrol car. Paramedics gave him first aid in the vehicle upon arrival but he said he did not need to go to the hospital.  He got medical care the next day.

He was held in the vehicle while preliminary investigation took place and the crime scene was initially processed. The police retained custody of the handgun.

George Zimmerman was transported to the police department where he was questioned, recorded, and processed. He had a full toxicology analysis completed, blood tests, breathalyzer and the police took residue and swab samples of his hands, arms and body.

In addition the police took custody of his clothing for further evidence processing.

George Zimmerman was fully cooperative with investigators both on the scene and at the police department. He was noticeably shaken and distressed, but fully cooperated with all questions and gave both written and recorded statements.

Zimmerman’s statements were compared against witness statements, and against the recorded phone calls including a timeline analysis. In addition, his statements were compared against the physical evidence at the scene.

After intensive questioning, George Zimmerman was released from custody pending further investigation. The police retained custody of the handgun and clothing of Mr. Zimmerman.  

Zimmerman sought medical treatment the following day for his nose, head, face and anxiety.

Trayvon’s body was evaluated, autopsied, and crime scene processed by the coroner’s office.

Who was Trayvon Martin? For the police this became a question difficult to answer.  Unfortunately Trayvon was unknown to anyone at the scene, surrounding residences, investigators, police, or any person available for contact within the community.

Completly understandable when you consider Trayvon lived in North Miami, and no-one within the gated Orlando community was familiar with him or where he was from.

It is important to remember that neither Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin, nor his father’s girlfriend were home within the community at the time of the shooting.

Hence the delay in police figuring out who this John Doe actually was.

The shooting happened at approximately 7:15pm on 2/26. Trayvon’s parents were tracked down and notified on 2/28. Between those times, no-one in the Mitchell family has described making any effort to locate Trayvon. Nor had they filed a missing person report.


There is one odd Point of contention from the Mitchell family about a “supposed” phone call Trayvon made during the time Zimmerman was following him.

The call was reportedly to Trayvon’s girlfriend in Miami, who has, according to the Mitchell’s completed an affidavit stating that Trayvon told her on the phone he was being followed.

Both Trayvon’s parents, and their attorney Benjamin Crump think this phone call is an important aspect because it shows George Zimmerman was “following” Trayvon Martin.  

The family thinks it is so important they had the girlfriend swear an affidavit to that affect. 

I’m not sure why this is a point of contention.

Again, neither the police, nor Zimmerman dispute the fact Trayvon was being followed by Zimmerman.  If anything it leads further credibility to Zimmerman’s explanation of events. 

However, it should be noted that while there is a reported sworn affidavit from the girlfriend, there has not been any reports of her being interviewed by the police.

More alarmingly, this aspect does bring up a general common sense question:

“If” this phone call was actually taking place during part of the time Zimmerman was following Trayvon, and if Trayvon told his girlfriend that someone was following him, then why wasn’t anyone worried or looking for him when he didn’t show up or come home.?

If anything this bit of information makes it even more odd that Mom, Dad, or Trayvon’s girlfriend were not worried even more about where he was.

Their are two obvious really tragic aspects to his death. One is the shooting, and a life cut so short.

But with a full measure of brutal honestly, another is the culpability of his non-engaged parents in creating a morally undisciplined teenager.

Their visible outrage now showcased in the media is understandable given their grief.  But perhaps a dose of guilt is intertwined.

It should be.

 More discoveries within THE UPDATES FOR THIS THREAD HERE

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136 Responses to Trayvon Martin was apparently a 17 year old undisciplined punk thug, drug dealing, thief and wannabe gangsta…

  1. cjmartel says:

    Get that pos out of the white house, you know the idiot that helped inflame the racist diatribe.

  2. Avram says:

    Which makes POTUS and his henchmen a racist demagogue. But we knew that already, didn’t we? More people need to start connecting the dots.

    • Brooklyn says:

      The real sad part FDR, is that – THIS is just the beginning. When the Lame Stream Media goes to the extent of photoshopping the image (above) they have no choice but to defend that image and storyline. Imus discussed part of this narrative this morning, but then made a joke of it and/or past it off as absurd. CD mentioned Rodney King… Yeah, this is just gettin’ started…

      • zauber says:

        More to this story than the press is putting out nationally. The officer in question stopped the car for traffic reasons while on a private security detail for a neighborhood. Citizens are allowed topool money and hire off-duty police to patrol their neighborhoods. At 530 AM the officer stopped the car with two black males (brothers). A records check showed the driver (Earl Sipps – 23) was driving on a suspended licence and had a warrant. At that time the officer radios for backup and two on-duty officers radio as responding. A few minutes later the responding officers arrive and the passenger ( Justin Sipp – 20) pulls a .380 pistol and fires 14 shots at the three officer. The two responding officers were hit, both seriously wounded, retuirned fire killing Justin and wounding Earl. Earl says he was handcuffed and standing up against one of the cars when police shot him and that he didn’t knowhis bro was carrying a gun. Both have been arrested seperately for armed robbery in recent years but the cases were dropped by the DA – frequently done because the witnesses refuse to testfy. Justin had pled guilty in April 2010 to unauthorized use of an access (credit) card and was issued a five-year suspended sentence, along with probation, records show. The local Usual Suspect Apologists are claiming it was a ‘driving while black’ stop followed by a police murder with planted evidence (the cops shot themselves/each other?). One officer has liver damage and a severe bowel injury but both are expected to make a full recovery.

  3. Gino says:

    What a surprise it is that Sharpton, Jackson and alike would be cheerleaders of a cause that is premised on innundo and fear mongoring.Their perpetuating of narrative that are not fact based or affirmed has become their modus operandi.Of course, in doing so they intentionally try to instill amongst the black community a fear of white people.Obviously, in doing so they treat their own race as fools and have but one agenda and that is to promote and gratify their own narcasist egos and interests.Today, we extend our thanks to Sundancecracker in providing a narrative that reputes the biased meduia.

  4. martin2 says:

    Job well done!!
    His Parents are responsible for their sons death

    • andy skeels says:

      I agree. How can anyone call MS fulton travon’s mother. his real mother is in miami and refuses to get involved with the crap the martin’s are pulling.

    • Rick says:

      TOTALLY TOTALLY AGREE! Why isn’t the media asking why that punk wasn’t grounded for being suspended for pot? This is all just another excuse to go out and loot and rob and riot over some THUG? Give me break, I am so sick of tiptoeing around blacks in fear of them losing their minds and destroying the world….

  5. As Dan Linehan, a blogger at, pointed out, correspondence with Martin on Twitter before he died alludes to an incident with a bus driver. “Yu ain’t tell me you swung on a bus driver,” Martin’s cousin wrote to him on Feb. 21.

      • freedom1781 says:

        I’m so pissed off that the media continues to use the 2005 orange jumpsuit photo instead of using this photo. Optics. All about optics. *shakes head*

        • WeeWeed says:

          Well, on the good side, those ignorant dumbass black panthers will be looking for somebody that doesn’t look anything like Zimmerman does now. Stupid is as stupid does.

        • Dwight Mann says:

          Interesting enough Zimmerman doesn’t even look like his leaked workplace photo anymore. (oh yeah it was just leaked, that’s why the MSM couldn’t show it, they never had it.) REVIEW THE NEWLY RELEASE POLICE STATION VIDEO.

  6. Donna Evans says:

    Trayvon Martin was only trying to walk back home from the store. He shouldn’t be dead by the hands or should I say the bullet of an out of touch wannabee toy cop who was told not to approach or follow Trayvon. I did not read that Zimmerman called the police and said that Trayvon Martin was robbing, stealing, or breaking into any houses on his route home. If Zimmerman had left Trayvon alone, this young man whose life has been taken away would still be alive. Zimmerman was like a stranger to this teenager whom Im sure wasn’t looking for any trouble. Every young man whether black or white cannot pay with their lives for the people who are committng or have committed a crime in the past. I would advise you to look up the definition of the words”WATCH” and “HUNT”

    • What do “Neighborhood Watch’s” do? and Why do you think that Neighborhood Watch programs are fully supported by law enforcement?

      Did you actually read the post above? Or is it more important to you to express your pre-formed conclusions.

    • solaratov says:

      Sometimes, people make a mistake and attack the wrong person.
      It would seem that Trayvon made that mistake when he attacked Zimmermann. Unfortunately for or him, it proved to be his last mistake on this Earth. Had Trayvon not tried to play the thug – or ‘gansta’ – he wouldn’t be dead. It’s that simple.

      Sometimes, thug tough just ain’t tough enough.

    • ytz4mee says:

      Trayvon wasn’t “innocently walking home”. According to eye witness reports, which correlates with the evidence the police found at the scene, Trayvon ATTACKED Zimmerman and was putting his life in mortal danger. Zimmerman is lucky to be alive.

    • Gino says:

      Of course, the young man was an outstanding citizen the media Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have all told us so; so, it must be true.However, the media is also asking us to believe that the police officers on the scene are all prejudice, the investigating officers are all prejudice, the district attorneys office is prejudiced, the police chief is prejudice, the coroner and the coroners investigators are all prejudice and lastly Mr. Zimmerman a Hispanic American is prejudice.
      The eye witness accounts of good citizen Trayvon bashing Mr. Zimmermans head of the cement certainly exemplify his status.Obviously, as you have stated no one white or black should be punished because of a criminal and I do agree. However, can you provide us with a distinction of whom is the criminal and whom is not.Wherefore, when we happen on a party in our gated communities that are uknown to us we simply could forgo following the person and eliminate any questioning based onthe premises you provide.

      • lynn says:

        Zimmerman was not an outstanding citizen. Why did you not mention that Zimmerman had been arrested on three different occasions so if you are claiming Martin was a troublemaker then what would you call Zimmerman ?

    • barnslayer says:

      Look up the words “suspended from school” and “6′ 3″ 17 yr. old gansta”.

      • lynn says:

        Look up the words arrested three times for Zimmerman!!

        • stellap says:

          Lynn, do you know the difference between the words “arrest” and “charge” and “conviction”? Look them up, because they matter here.

    • Donna this article might be of interest to you. It appears Mr. Zimmerman was elected to his position by the HOA of the community.

    • goodkathie says:

      This “teenager” was a stranger in Zimmerman’s neighborhood. Not the other way around as you put it. Oh and you’re “sure” Trayvon wasn’t looking for any trouble. Really? Seriously? How do you “know”????

      • Joey Defalco says:

        So you think that Trayvon deserved to die because he MIGHT have been looking for trouble? By that logic everyone deserves to die, because we all MIGHT start trouble. And i don’t blame the kid. If there was a stranger following me, I’d want to strike the first decisive blow to minimize harm to myself. Its like cornering an animal, it’s going to attack you if you do.

    • WeeWeed says:

      And what part of patrolled, gated community escapes definition in your universe?

    • Aussie says:

      oh wow you have all of the facts incorrect.

      He was behaving suspiciously. He confronted Zimmerman who is the captain of his neighbourhood watch. He punched Zimmerman in the face and then pounded his head into the ground.

      He had gunpowder on his fingers according to the coroner’s report.

      The eye witnesses, not that silly female claiming to be his girlfriend, have corroborated the story.

    • stephanie says:

      Your naive comments went far to prove the point these people are making. Did you even read the article???

    • If he was still alive and robbed you in a few years – you would have a different opinion.

    • Rick says:

      Typical bleeding heart response from a “media sucker”! You believe the BS the media shoves down your throat don’t you? All I can say is if some punk is walking around my neighborhood acting like a thug I am going to DEFINITELY keep an eye on him. The problem in this country is we, as white people, are supposed to continue to watch the decline of this country and keep our mouths shut meanwhile we see these thugs destroying the youth of the world with their derogatory views of women and drugs and overall disregard for authority. Look at his “tweets” he is a disgusting PIG, at 17 I would have never made disgusting remarks like that about women and he lives his life LOVING being an absolute piece of trash.
      HE made the decision to step up to someone on the street and got his ass shot for acting like a “gangsta”. Guess what, the next step we all have to do in this country is to dispel the rumor that “pimps” and “gangstas” and “NOLIMITNIGGAS” are tough. They aren’t, they die on the streets every day like the scumbags they are, white and black and asian and hispanic! All races have thugs, some we call wiggers, niggas, white trash, all are the same. They want to live like trash and they almost always die like trash and wind up being the “victims”. This country is headed for disaster and unless we all fight these scumbags and their meth, and crack, we are doomed! Trayvons “parents” have a lot to learn about being a “parent” when your kid is a thug and gets suspended for drugs a little discipline goes a long way! Absent parents equal dead kids….

      • James says:

        I’m a lefty and I agree with almost everything Rick said. Also, even though every race has it’s “thugs,” there are WAY MORE black thugs than ALL other races combined. I have to work in the public school system in California, and pretend to be sensitive to the needs of African Americans, when I seriously just want to puke at the disrespect these little shits show EVERYONE each day, especially white people. Black people are professional complainers and have learned from their parents from a very young age how to complain and be loud about racism if they want something unjustly. And they know white guilt will give in. Hell, here is a lesson in sociology and human behavior. Approach ANY white person who is anti-Zimmerman and ask them about how the media has TOTALLY biasedly reported on the Martin case, give 100% undeniable examples, and they will inevitably say “Zimmerman should be in prison,” even if your argument has NOTHING to do with whether or not Zimmerman is innocent or guilty. I am so fed up with blacks and their serious bullshit. When are white people going to start calling B.S. and stand up to this garbage?

        • stellap says:

          Good question, that last one. White people don’t get rewarded for speaking out, so most won’t. They think it, but don’t say it out loud.

          • James says:

            Even more so Stellap, white people get labeled as being racist even if they say ANYTHING against black people, especially in a situation like this. It’s the way it’s been set up so blacks can keep on keeping on with their B.S. Hell, almost everyone with a voice in the media is very afraid of saying anything negative about Trayvon because he/she knows there’s a 100% chance that blacks will complain, they will be called racist or insensitive, they will have to apologize from something they truly feel (and probably correct about), and risk losing their job. And when those 4 things happen in order, blacks laugh at the amount of power they have by yelling “racism.” It’s truly disgusting.

            • dudesavatar says:

              It’s true. I know you have a good heart at the base of your lefty stance. But being in the battle field, you have experienced the truth. You have seen how things work. The leftist utopia is just an idea. To make things right, you have to set some boundaries. Sometimes you have to break, and then reset bones for them to heal right. It seems counter-intuitive to the bleeding heart, but sometimes it is hard to make things right and do the right thing when it causes hardship. Love is about what people need, not about what they want. If we want to love the people that screw stuff up, we have to have the conviction to deal with them in a way that corrects their behavior and makes them better people. That will definitely cause complaints and discomfort, but like a parent, we can’t give-in to the tantrums if we want to make a true change in them.

  7. Dwight Mann says:

    “….and immediately turned back toward his SUV.”….hmmm….hearsay wouldn’t you say??…if you really believe what you’re saying….at this point you would take your own advice…let the NOW ALERTED JUSTICE SYSTEM, thoroughly sort it ALL OUT…nothing but the FACTS!….

    • stellap says:

      “According to the police report George Zimmerman told them he lost sight of Trayvon and was walking back to his SUV when Trayvon approached him from the left rear, and they exchanged words.”

    • Why would you say this is “hearsay”?

      It is right there written in the police report, substanciated by police timeline, and corroborated by three eye witness accounts. If this is how you define hearsay you must be a Black Panther.

      • Dwight Mann says:

        That’s apparent the shooter’s words, only according to the police report, is it not?? Are we that trusting of GOVERNMENT officials now?? So that is not a FACT. Unless you are saying you believe everything written in a GOVERNMENT report. Again, this write up is following the script of everyone else, put your own spin and narrative on it. SMH.

        • Gino says:

          I will give you that we should not believe everything that is presented by our government.Alternatively, I can also tell you that you cannot believe everything that major media outlets report.What I can tell you is that your premise that the police doctored their reports is incorrect. Wherefore, much of the information contained in the report were generated by eye witness accounts and recordings generated at the scene.Furthermore to quell any counter that you may present on biased I must add that the reporting parties were African American.

          • Dwight Mann says:

            LOL!…so the fact that they are African Americans means what exactly??…ALL PEOPLE are not truthful, all the time. So again, back to my main point…the author of this write up is accusing others of putting their own spin on this story, particularly MSM…is he not doing the same thing?? Very hypocritical! Like it has been stated, the case is now in the proper authorities hands, let’s await the investigation and cease all the innuendo, hearsay, and spin.

            • Gino says:

              First of all the intent in stating African American is to demonstrate that there was not racial imbalance in perpetuating a false accusation.Accordingly, it is interesting
              that you can now come to the point of letting an investigation determine all the facts.Would that not be a government body that would be conducting that investigation and would that not be the same body you originally demonstrated contempt for? Per your statement “Are we that trusting of GOVERNMENT officials now”??Furthermore, I will add if you go back several days on this site you will find that most of the parties herein commenting were of your opinion let the officials do their investigation.Alternatively, we have seen so many false narratives perpetuated by Sharpton and alike that we know that one must be the devils advocate in questioning their motivation and the facts as each case is presented for major media outlets do not.

              • Dwight Mann says:

                As we have ALL STATED, a HIGHER “hopefully NEUTRAL” GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY, that all parties seem to be okay with, is leading the investigation. Which can be agreed, in this case, the better option. So to continue to ADD to the FALSE/PERCEIVED narrative, only furthers the thing which one has requested to stop. SMH…

                • Gino says:

                  Dwight, the rules of law will apply in this case and certainly this matter could ultimately go before a grand jury.Subsequently, said grand jury would determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to advance prosecution of Mr. Zimmerman. Alternative said grand jury could also determine that there is not sufficient evidence to proceed with any prosecution in which case the matter will be dropped.

                  What needs to be understood here is that in any case in which death occurs and or an accusation of manslaughter is presented there is exhaustive research, analysis and investigation of all facts pertinent to the case which are then presented to the states district attorneys office.The district attorneys office subsequently evaluates all information presented and determines if there is sufficient evidence to present to an impaneled grand jury

                  The seated grand jury is not arbitrarily selected but instead those persons seated on the grand jury have been questioned and qualified to determine that they can be impartial in hearing the facts presented. In other words they are not already biased by the case and are representative of a jury of our peers.

                  If the grand jury decides that there is sufficient evidence to advance this matter the case would enter the next round which would be a jury trial.

                  • Dwight Mann says:

                    We’ll as a former public defender, I appreciate your “teachable” moment. smh

                  • WeeWeed says:

                    Dwight, what is your opinion of the media bullsh!t storm going on? The black panther asswipes’ bounty on Zimmerman? Spike Lee’s terrorizing of an elderly couple? The president of these United States weighing in on a criminal matter?? As a former public defender.

                  • stellap says:

                    I would never have guessed, based on your comments here, that you had attended law school.

                  • Rick says:

                    Great info, thanks for all of that! My fear at this point is that due to all this “media” mess I doubt that even a video showing that Zimmerman acted in self defense won’t be sufficient to stop the potential mess that is looming over our heads. If OJ would’ve been convicted its been proven that there would riots in the streets. I think this could pale in comparison to what happened in LA years ago. Some people are looking for an excuse and sadly its the black race thats putting this out there. The “Black Panthers” and Spike Lee and Roseanne(what a waste of flesh) are, in my opinion in-sighting violence and they have the potential to cause the deaths innocent people with their irresponsible behavior.
                    Zimmerman almost HAS to be convicted just to keep the peace and thats a sad situation! We will probably wind up convicting someone for defending themselves just to keep a few million of people from going out and burning down cities and getting some nice new flatscreen TVs! Its about time though, those old CRT’s are probably just about out of warranty!

                  • James says:

                    There can be a video of Trayvon stomping on baby seals and lacing girl scout cookies with crack, and black people would STILL scream about what a wonderful and perfect angel he was. I am so deathly sick of Jessie, Al, and blacks as a whole. White people need to get a grip and push back against this B.S. Because it’s only going to get worse until EVERYONE gets fed up as a whole.

                  • It is a cancer that has been growing unchecked for quite some time and it will have to be “cut out” and they had better get it all or it will come back two-fold and stronger.

        • Aussie says:

          how about the gunpowder that was found on Travyon Martin’s hands?

          • Johnny B. Good says:

            How in the hell do you know that? How do any of you know what happened? Were you there? If someone followed me through a neighborhood at night I’d be scared, if I saw they had a gun when they were stalking me, I’d be even more scared. Maybe Zimmerman thought he was doing the right thing, maybe he thought he was some sort of hero, it doesn’t matter. He killed a kid. I read the tweets, the kid was a typical teenager. He said stupid things, that hardly makes him a criminal. None of you ever said or did stupid things when you were a teen? Please. The real tragedy here is that so many people have appointed themselves the moral police on both sides. You know it is possible that they were both decent people who did really stupid things. Why is it so easy for some many of us to look at a teen (white or black) and label them ‘thug’ and ‘gangsta’ He was a kid who made mistakes, before you cast all these stones you better think a bit about how you would fare if your life was placed under a microscope like both of these two guys lives have been.

            • Aussie says:

              read what has been written here including the information relating to the coroner’s report.

              The thug that attacked Zimmerman died as a result of a struggle for the gun.

              He was a thief and a thug… get over it.

    • Aussie says:

      eye witnesses to the incident means that it is not hearsay…. those are the FACTS!!

  8. Cashey says:

    The media should be ashamed for deliberately misleading the public from day one of this story. The two race pimps(Jackson & Sharpton), Trayvons family, the media, and Obama have used this story to promote their own agendas, Obama pandering to the blacks for their vote in Nov….outrageous! Trayvon was no angel as is being portrayed by our media. I dont understand why so many sheeple buy the media propaganda. These people need to get out of the matrix and open their minds. Our gov lies and our media lies. Trust none of them

    • Cashey, yes exactly. Everyone’s outrage should be placed squarely at the feet of the media. Period.

      I don’t even blame Spike Lee, 2-J’s, Rev. Al, and NBP to the extent that I blame the media. Without the media manipulation NONE of the subsequent activities would be taking place. The root of the issue is the media, and to a lesser extent those who “use” the media *looking at you Mr. President*…..

      • solaratov says:

        This is a MONTH-OLD STORY! The only reason that it became as prominent as it did (in the past week) is because lil barry’s cabal thought they had all the bases covered and were going to make a cause celebre out of it. They didn’t count on the new media getting on top of the story and digging up the truth. (That’s a mistake they may not make the next time; and there WILL be a next time)

        As I said before, lil barry thought that he was going to ride Trayvon’s cold, dead body all the way to re-election — even if it meant that the country would be torn apart by riots and racial strife. Of course, barry doesn’t care if every black person in America is killed by raving white supremists – as long as he can use them to stay in power. Barry’s worst nightmare is an absence of racism and a healing of the wounds inflicted on both sides. Peace profits him and his regime nothing.

  9. Mattie White says:

    What the mainstream media is doing with this story is so wrong; they are helping to fuel the flames of racism and promoting one side of the story. It is very unfortunate that a young man lost his life but to shape public opinion one way without facts and assist in the development of a national lynch mob mentality is nothing short of senssationalism and subjective journalism. I also can’t believe President Obama said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon-a comment that could be perceived with racial influences and I can’t believe that the Black Panther Party is being interviewed and allowed to do what they are doing so freely–distributing posters to capture Zimmerman DEAD OR ALIVE and pumping their fists and calling for an eye for an ey….This kind of activity in our country only discredits the media and fuels the racial tensions of decades ago.

    • Do not forget who stood with the Panthers and their leader Malik Shabazz. The New Black Panthers are supported by: Nation of Islam leader Louis Farakkahan, Trinity Union Church of Christ Pastor Jeremiah Wright, United States President Barack Obama, Rainbow Coalition President Reverend Jesse Jackson, MSNBC’s Reverend Al Sharpton, and United States Attorney Eric Holder (not coincidently Eric Holder is the brother-in-law of Vivian Malone Jones, famous for her part in the Stand in the Schoolhouse Door which led to integration at the University of Alabama).



  10. Dwight Mann says:

    Some folks are such tools. Highlighting the statements and actions of the so-called New Black Panther Party as some legitimate group, is ridiculous. I guess we need to hear and address the “champions of Christianity”, Westboro Baptist Church, opinion on this matter too.

    • tnwahm says:

      Show me where the Westboro Baptist Church has inserted themselves into this story. The New Black Panther Party has so they are very relevant.

      • Dwight Mann says:

        So many people have inserted themselves into this story…chasing and following up on them gives them credence that they otherwise wouldn’t have. JUST LIKE every time Westboro decides to say where they are going to be, at some military funeral, etc. Anytime they are mentioned, we only fuel their transition from IRRELEVANCES to relevancy.

        • tnwahm says:

          The New Black Panther Party has offered a Million dollar reward for the “capture” of Zimmerman. Show me where the Westboro idiots have offered a bounty for any of their “targets”. The Media is who is giving the New Black Panther Party relevance. We are just pointing out their real agenda.

          • Dwight Mann says:

            So anybody that levy a bounty that they have NO FUNDS to fulfill generates a news story to you???….these guys are clowns at best! I guess we need to stay abreast of all the militia running around preparing for the “race” war also??…STOP PLAYING INTO THEIR HANDS.

            • stellap says:

              According to them, they have raised 1M dollars. Don’t know if it’s true.

              • If someone were to kidnap Zimmerman because of the NBP’s offer, then the NBP’s should be held responsible even if the NBP ‘s didn’t have the $1million.

            • stellap says:

              What “militia” would you be talking about? Do you have ANY links to “information” that you offer in your various posts here?

            • The NBP actually solicited the kidnapping of Zimmerman. That is a felony, and it should be treated seriously.

              If militias go around committing crimes, then they should be treated seriously, too. If they just run around in the woods preparing for something that may or may not happen, then that is not a crime.

              • WeeWeed says:

                Yes. But we have Eric Holdup, and his justice for “his people.” How many days is it now, and not a word out of the ivory tower?

              • stellap says:

                Dwight must know this, PD. I wonder why he works so hard to deflect attention from them. Curious.

                • Dwight Mann says:

                  I’m not working hard at all. I thought this group just wanted to focus on TRUTH and FACTS that are pertinent to this case. These sideshow attractions are the least of my concerns. If the group wants to chase rabbits, by all means knock yourselves out.

                  • stellap says:

                    That was my opinion, Dwight, just so you know, since you can’t seem to to distinguish an opinion from a fact. And you have pooh poohed the NBP as an unimportant group not worthy of attention. Just wondering, that’s all.

            • Gino says:

              Whether or not they have the money is irrelevant.What is relevant is that they have come before major media outlets to distribute their propaganda with the intent of actually forwarding a murder for hire and/or with the intent of intimidating the general public and in either case it is vile conduct.Do not underestimate their ability to insight and inflame racial relations in this country they have decades of experience and know how to manipulate the media.

            • GracieD says:

              Public Defender, huh Dwight? Well, your “Law School” should refund your tuition, as you appear to have learned nothing in the way of arguing your case. I would hate to be an indigent defendant whom you “represented”. I know many public defenders personally, and they leave you in the dust every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Bless your heart.

            • John D says:

              Solicitation to commit murder is a felony.

        • Aussie says:

          I hope that you realise that the members of Westboro Baptist church are Democrats.

    • George W Bush never gave speeches nor supported the Westboro Baptist Church.

      I think President Obama delivering as such for the New Black Panthers might be have lended some legitimacy to them, no?

  11. Dwight Mann says:

    Wow!..this is explosive…
    ‎”Trayvon Martin made a 911 call shortly before his death, and the FBI is attempting to determine if that recording, which captured Zimmerman’s voice in the background, can be audio enhance to more clearly hear what was said, and that may very well be the key to what happens next.”~~Paul Meincke Reporting for ABC 7 Chicago!

    • Gino says:

      Don.t believe everything the media reports our left wing media outlets in Boston everyday come up with some new supposition that no other media outlets in the country are reporting on. The point being that the media is perpetuating false narratives and let us suppose that we will have a clean investigation of the facts in this case laying all innuendo to rest.

    • Aussie says:

      that is BS. In fact it is impossible that such a call was made. If it was true then someone is lying… Dee Dee claimed that she was on the phone to the little thug at the time.

      It is not possible for the thug to have called 911 and be on the phone to Dee Dee at the same time.

      In other words this is just more mushroom fodder.

  12. Dwight Mann says:

    “The point being that the media is perpetuating false narratives and let us suppose that we will have a clean investigation of the facts in this case laying all innuendo to rest.”….THAT’S MY POINT EXACTLY!!…the author of this FALSE NARRATIVE write up is being just as GUILTY as the MSM! That’s very hypocritical.

  13. James says:

    I would like to preface this by stating that I am more lefty than I am righty. With that being said, it is definitely not just Right Wing Conservatives that are fed up with African Americans, and their youth more specifically. I work in a school district in California as a therapist, and the kids who are the absolute most disrepsctful and fear-driven are BLACKS. They love the gangster life style (not all, but many), and look up to gangsters. Robbing, stealing, mobbing, fighting, dealing, and murdering are revered. There are definite reasons why people are afraid and extremely suspicious of black youth. It is also my experience that the parenting (if there actually is any) is terrible in the African American community. When African American youth begin being held accountable for their behavior (like I was when I was a kid), only then are things going to start changing, but it won’t be overnight. I think what you are seeing is an increase of African American youth specifically being judged on the content of their character, and it’s not looking good, AT ALL. Trayvon Martin wanted to live like a “gangsta,” and ultimately, he died like a “gangsta.” I am not crying at his grave, and neither should you.

    • Dwight Mann says:

      …geez…more personal opinion narratives…hypocrite

      • stellap says:

        First, look up the definition of hypocrite. Obviously, you don’t know what it is. Personal opinion narratives sound a lot like you. Dwight, meet mirror.

      • James says:

        Hypocrite? What are you talking about? You can disagree with me, but choose words that you know the meaning of. You sound very stupid. But, I am not surprised.

        • Dwight Mann says:

          …for those that have consistently cried, that the MSM need to let the authorities sort this thing out and cease with the innuendo and guess work, and biased reporting, BUT you are consistently commenting with innuendo and guess work…you must be a hypocrite…

          • stellap says:

            I don’t believe James has commented here before and, in any case, he is clearly expressing an opinion, based upon his personal experiences. There is nothing hypocritical about it.

            • James says:

              Thank you Stellap, I have given one definite opinion on how I feel about African American youth who want to be gangsters, and how almost everyone else perceives them. I have stuck by that and haven’t swayed from it. I am probably the last thing from a hypocrite. I suppose he needed an English lesson, sort of like MANY of the black youth do in our fine Country.

              • Megan Tunsell says:

                Some African American youth are in college with outstanding GPAs. It’s not fair to put blacks in the same category (“MANY”). That would be like me saying 90% of the Caucasians on this website are confederate white trash and I don’t believe that.

                • James says:

                  Megan, I am going by my life’s experiences. I am an MFT in Northern California. In the last 5 years or so, I have worked with many African American families. They are actually, probably half my caseload. Just so you know, out of the 2-3 dozen families I have worked with, maybe 3 of those had really decent parents (if they even had parents). Out of the 30 A.A. kids that I have worked with, maybe 2 of those kids had great heads on their shoulders, and wanted to make something of themselves. Working with these families has really opened my eyes. Almost ALL of these kids are totally illiterate, defiant, and overall just sad. Almost ALL of these families are useless (which is why the kids ended up this way). Almost ALL of these kids will be in the “system” forever. They can pull themselves out of it. Lord knows they are given ALL the tools they could need to work with through the state. However, they don’t, why? Because they don’t want to. They will (almost all, more than 90%) end up dead, end up dealing drugs, or end up in jail/prison. NOW, I can tell you about the many Caucasion kids, Hispanic kids, and Asian kids that I have worked with, including their families, and my optimism for their prognosis is MUCH greater compared to the African American community. So, when I speak about this subject, I do speak from experience, and definitely not out of my ass. I do not like feeling the way I do about blacks, but I have had just too much experience with this population.

                  • howie says:

                    In America for a Black to be responsible and try to make something out of themselves is looked down on by their peers. They are ostracized for acting too white.

          • James says:

            Okay Dwight, I didn’t think I would have to spell it out and define it for you, but I guess I have to. You called me a hypocrite= a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements. You also stated that I am one of “those” who cries to “let authorities sort this thing out and cease with the inneundo and guess work,” where did I EVER say that? Show me? NOW, tell me how I am a hypocrite, or shut up. It’s that simple. I don’t want to keep making you look foolish, but you are giving me no choice.

            • Aussie says:

              well stated James, and it is good to hear from a left-wing person regarding the real situation….

              I am here in Australia and we also have our problems with Aboriginal youth. I can tell a story of one young teen who died when he was spiked by a fence. To cut a long story short the cops were chasing him, or so he thought, and he ended up coming off his bicycle and was spiked by a fence. This incident also caused a riot here in Sydney.

              • James says:

                Hey Aussie,

                I can only guess the black teen did something terrible, and the police were chasing him down because of it, and he was killed in the process…HIS FAULT. African Americans in this country love saying how they hate the police, but when the shit is going down, who are called in to help? The police…..

                • Aussie says:

                  James, the kid thought that the cops were chasing him… it was not true… it was his own stupid fault…. and there was a riot because the you know what crowd went beserk….

                  • James says:

                    Hey Aussie, when blacks riot in this country, there is inevitably many (not a “few”) who will take advantage of it, loot, flash mob, and asssault white people. It’s become an opportunity for blacks to behave like thugs. Not that anyone expected anything different from them. A “peaceful” black protest does not exist. You can read countless stories of the protests for Trayvon where blacks inevitably committ some kind of haneous crime during or after the protest. And it rarely gets passed one news story, because blacks will complain about that.

                  • Aussie says:

                    yes, that happens here as well.

                    However, the big riot…known as the Cronulla riots was a case of everyone else against the Lebanese… Moose Limbs….

                    We had Tongans, Vietnamese, Indians and a lot of other races who had been terrorised in the past by that mob… descending on Cronulla. There were cars smashed etc etc…

                    …. and who got arrested? A white boy… who then lost his job because he was supposed to be a Nazi sympathizer…..

  14. WeeWeed says:

    Watching the news – who’s this crazy, rayciss black bitch in a pink cowboy hat??!! Peeps are supposed to take her rantings seriously?? Who’s she??

  15. Dwight Mann says:

    Does George look like he’s been fighting for his life?

    • stellap says:

      Well! A link, finally. No, he doesn’t but then nobody, as far as I know, has said he was seriously injured in the scuffle – broken nose and cuts and abrasions. You can clearly see that he doesn’t weight 240 pounds in this video, and I think he looks like the updated picture posted here (employee i.d.??), though the video isn’t very clear.

    • James says:

      So, does this video prove that his life wasn’t in danger? I didn’t think so.

  16. stellap says:

    “Rumors in Trayvon Martin case abound, but here are facts”

  17. Yuli says:

    George Zimmerman is innocent. Travon Martin was a theif, pot head and wanna be thug. His parents are disgusting. What kind of people rush out and get a patent on their dead son’s name? Oh, gosh is the public this ignorant? Have they lost their critical thinking skills? Travon Martin didn’t deserve to die, it’s sad he did, however, he caused his own death by the way he acted. George Zimmerman had no alternative than to defend himself. First, Trevon had a history of BURGARLY. Second, he was a mouthy defiant punk. Third, the didn’t follow rules.

    • Dude says:

      For the most part, you are correct. Sounds like you are thinking for your self. That’s the important part. Check out more of the articles on this site. As far as rules go, I can take em or leave em, just do what’s right.

    • James says:

      AMEN, Yuli.

    • Aussie says:

      yes Yuli, we agree. He was a thief and a thug… and he was a druggie who was up to no good when he was spotted by Zimmerman… the Hispanic.

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  19. Jerald Santoro says:

    Crayon Martin caused his own death. He was a gansta nigga wannabe whose mother sent him to live with his father because he was acting out. Martin had previously thrown a punch at a bus driver, been found with jewelry not belonging to him, was found carrying a deadly weapon on school property (screwdriver), and was tossed from school three times. The kid was on his way to trouble FAST. Crayon Martin COULD’VE CALLED THE COPS to report Zimmerman was following him. But Crayon Martin CHOOSE TO NOT CALL THE COPS. Zimmerman, on the othe had, DID CALL THE COPS on Martin…..because Zimmerman WANTED TO COPS TO COME INVESTIGATE WHAT HE THOUGHT WAS SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR. Zimmerman had a LEGAL right to FOLLOW ANYBODY IN ANY NEIGHBORHOOD. Crayon Martin also had a legal right to FOLLOW ANY PERSON IN ANY NEIGHBORHOOD. Zimmerman had a legal right to carry a firearm. Zimmerman told the police dispatcher that he’d lost sight of Martin. At that moment Martin came up behind Zimmerman, ANGRILY CONFRONTED ZIMMERMAN….AND THEN PUNCHED ZIMMERMAN IN THE FACE AND KNOCKED ZIMMERMAN DOWN…..CRAYON MARTIN THEN JUMPED ON ZIMMERMAN AND PROCEEDED TO SMASH ZIMMERMANS HEAD INTO THE CONCRETE. Florida law is very clear and says deadly force can be legally used when a person reasonably believes his life is in danger. Zimmerman claims he was in fear for his life when he shot the man who was violently smashing his head onto the road. NOT A PROSECUTOR IN THE WORLD CAN DISPROVE THAT ZIMMERMAN WAS AFRAID FOR HIS LIFE. THAT’S WHY THERE WILL BE NO ARREST….AND IF THERE *IS* AND ARREST THERE WILL BE NO CONVICTION….AND ZIMMERMAN WILL THEN SUE FOR WRONGFUL ARREST. Crayon Martin killed himself.

  20. blackyb says:

    Had that young man got a hold of zimmerman’s gun, Jesse and Al would have had to find them another cause. They sure would not jump up and down for the truth.

  21. blackyb says:

    I do not get the “crayon” part on Gerald Santoros comment. Is that Spanish for something?

    • JACKSON E-5 says:

      The CRAYON, Harold and his CRAYON is a children’s book and like Trayvon, Harold wrote graffiti on the book lockers at school and on everything.

  22. blackyb says:

    The pictures and the 911 call were altered. Whoever is responsible should be jailed for stirring up a bunch of stuff and defaming Zimmerman putting him in harm’s way. If I was Zimmerman I would sue their pants off. That one hood picture was obviously photoshopped. They blurred out injuries on Zimmerman as well. I depise liars and the problems that they cause. These greasy liars should not be allowed access to cover any news in any media ever again. They knew better than that. They were getting paid as professionals who are supposed to have some honor and credibility. Now they have caused even more lies and hate. They have put a burden on an already burdened man who was doing his job as community watch which resulted in a death. These people are lower than that pink slime the President is trying to feed people. I cannot stand this lying bunch of community seditionist organizers either.

    • barnslayer says:

      The media doesn’t care about truth. They lie outright, by omission and by innuendo. they certainly don’t care about Zimmerman’s life. Sadly out pResident is eating all this up. It keeps us from focusing on him and it may give him what he wants… to declare martial law and suspend the elections. I’m guessing the “crayon” comment is a racial one. Crayon… colored. We don’t like racists here. The TEA Party welcomes all who share our values.

  23. JACKSON E-5 says:

    I really enjoy this website. I have referred to myself as a misfit for a few years. Let me stand up and sound off. When we have a roll call, I’ll be counted among the free and the courageous. Long live our republic!

  24. connie says:

    Trayvon got justice. Political correctness is out of control: when the truth/facts are irrelevant

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