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More Nasty Antics in Idaho….

I’m going all in to highlight all the ideological lefty hate brought on by public employee unions.  So if you get sick of reading this stuff….  Sorry, but this going to spread throughout every state in the union, and it is the … Continue reading

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Class War is Here’: Video of Socialists Rallying in Wis. Supports Beck’s Theory

We are at a crucible point, a distinct moment in our national priority. The situation in Wisconsin is highlighting the importance of the ideological struggle. It is indeed Conservatism VS Liberalism. Right now. This Moment. This “Standoff In Wisconsin” strikes … Continue reading

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Tea Party Rallies to Support Governor Walker – Official Tea Party Statement

Statement About Wisconsin Official statement from Tea Party Patriot founders Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler “In the current situation in Wisconsin, we see Democratic politicians and their constituency standing against democracy. Instead of responding to the will of the … Continue reading

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Iranian Warships Heading into Suez Canal….**Update** Egypt OKs Iran warships through Suez Canal – Israel now says it prefers to “ignore”

CAIRO — Egypt has agreed to let two Iranian naval vessels transit the Suez Canal, a move that comes despite expressions of concern by Israeli officials, the Egyptian-government’s MENA news agency reported Friday. An Iranian diplomat has said the vessels … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Gov. Walker “We won’t be bullied or intimidated” Whoot!!

**Updated** Wisconsin Governor Walker deserves our full support as he takes the unions on.  This is exactly where the battle for our Republic will be fought over the next several years.  As the field of battle moves from state to state we need to … Continue reading

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Wall of Shame – Wisconsin Milk Carton Democrats

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The Leader so far….

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Democrat suggests ‘ObamaCare’ rhetoric should be banned from House floor – ‘Whaaaaa’

(The Hill) House Republicans and Democrats started Friday morning’s debate over whether to defund last year’s healthcare law, and as part of this debate sparred over whether members should be allowed to call that law “ObamaCare.” After two House Republicans … Continue reading

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MUST READ – Who’s Polarizing America?…. Our Republic is at Stake folks, RIGHT NOW!!

This is why we must engage right now in Wisconsin…. Ground Zero for AFSCME and Obama’s socialistic future. We Must support Governor Walker. (National Review OnLine – Stanley Kurtz) American politics just keeps getting more polarized. Be assured that Obama … Continue reading

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A glass of technocratic socialism coming right up!

h/t PatriotDreamer (WSJ) — Research spending and technology exports were some of the menu items Thursday evening when President Barack Obama sat down for dinner with corporate chieftains from Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. 

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