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Nigel Farage at Trump Rally: “America, You’d Better Get Your Walking Boots On” (video)…

Speaking to a boisterous crowd of over 10,000 supporters in Jackson Mississippi, candidate Donald Trump introduced Nigel Farage the leader of the U.K. Independence party – who led a campaign culminating a successful exit of Great Britain from the corruptocrats … Continue reading

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Cultural Marxism Running Amok – EEOC Considers Banning Gadsden Flag As Racist Symbol…

Revolutionary “treading” turns into President Obama and Tom Perez “stomping”… (Via The Daily Mail) The United States workplace discrimination watchdog is considering if employees wearing clothing with a Gadsden flag logo are racial harassing African Americans. The Equal Employment Opportunity … Continue reading

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CONsistently CONvenient CONservatives

2012 Quote Source: “Conservatives will stand united in November. The stakes are too high,” Cruz said. “The Tea Party will show up en masse to support Mitt Romney.” Cruz addressed the GOP convention Tuesday night — one of a handful … Continue reading

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Report: As President, Trump Would Purge Government of Obama Appointees…

The significant roadblock to this effort would be UniParty leader and Obama facilitator/funder, House Speaker Paul Ryan.  The legislation required to make the changes needed would be almost impossible to achieve with Ryan acting as a roadblock to protect the … Continue reading

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Tripwire Alert – Senator Marco Rubio Announces Long-Shot Reelection Bid – Refuses Commitment To Full 6-Year Term…

Ask yourself why anyone would vote for a candidate who announces his/her U.S. Senate reelection bid and in the same breath refuses to say they intend to fulfill the 6-year term such a reelection requires. Then ask yourself why would … Continue reading

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Rat Fink Ryan Pushes Passage of Puerto Rico (Bain Capital Bond Seller) “Rescue” Through House…

Remember who: ….passed Trade Promotion Authority ….funded DAPA ….passed the Iran Deal. ….passed the Corker/Cardin amendment ….didn’t bother with a budget ….passed a $2+ trillion Omnibus spending package Rat Fink Paul ‘Omnibus’ Ryan quickly scampers out of view after strategically … Continue reading

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Globalists, Corporatists, and Cultural Marxists Like Hugh Hewitt Hold Financial Motivations…

Dear Friends, it doesn’t matter whether the Anti-Trumpist of the day emanates from Washington DC (congress), from media (punditry), or from the special interest groups doing the bidding of Wall Street (US CoC), the ultimate thread which connects them all … Continue reading

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