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Memorial Day Closes…

A long-held musical tradition at military funerals, the music of Taps originated from a Civil War bugle call entitled, “Extinguish Lights”. A plaintive call, the sounding of Taps signals the end of the fallen serviceman’s duty and is the final … Continue reading

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President Trump Speech, Memorial Day Ceremony, Fort McHenry – Video and Transcript…

Following the solemn ceremony at Arlington the President and First Lady traveled to Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine in Maryland where President Trump delivered remarks honoring Memorial Day 2020.  [Video and Transcript Below] . [Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: … Continue reading

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Let’s Roll America – On The Road With John Spiropoulos…

Many CTH readers are probably aware of John Spiropoulos as he created some brilliant investigative reports and videos to highlight the FISA scandal, the Clinton email scandal and Spying on Team Trump.  John is planning another adventure to showcase how … Continue reading

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The Peasants Are Revolting – California Rebels Defy Comrade Gavin Newsom…

The Rebel Alliance is pushing back against the insufferable and silly rules of the little blue dictators hiding amid their governor mansions. Yes comrades, the pesky red subversives have taken to the street and realized ‘hey wait, there are more … Continue reading

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An Important Message, From a Special Messenger: “The Great Country of The United States Isn’t Broken”…

Sometimes a special message needs a special messenger.  Today, amid the anxiety and stress created by the coronavirus pandemic, a very special messenger named Michael visited the White House and delivered a very important message to everyone: …”At Bitty and … Continue reading

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Patriots Day, April 19th – Mr. Paul Revere Explains The Battle of Lexington and Concord in His Own Words….

Representative Doug Collins asked today: “How do you celebrate Patriots Day”? Which, perhaps, should spur me to share my own thoughts on this day of consequence. Many are familiar with the poem Paul Revere’s ride; however, far fewer know that … Continue reading

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NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses USA Economic Reopening…

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appears on Fox News to discuss states and counties using the White House three-phase plan to reopen the economy.

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