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Black Death Resurfaces in Multiple Northern Arizona Counties…

The plague, also known as “the Black Death” killed somewhere between 75 and 200 million people as a result of international trade, commerce and transnational shipping. The disease was thought to be spread by fleas and parasites carried by rats.  … Continue reading

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Predictable Friday Leak: U.S. and North Korea Have Been Talking Via Back-channels For Months…

It must be weird for the ordinary person around the world to view U.S. politics through the prism of the American MSM lügenpresse.  We’re often left wondering if international observers realize how much deception and fraud exists in media broadcasts … Continue reading

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Follow Up: Israeli Government Officials Stand Up For HR McMaster…

By now most discerning political followers have identified the ideological source of the attacks against HR McMaster.  A widely diverse community of domestic America-Second interests that have come together, in common ideological purpose, to attack President Trump’s National Security Advisor. … Continue reading

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CNN’s Jim Acosta Embarrasses Himself – Complete Lack of Knowledge and History Surrounding The Statue of Liberty…

During a televised press conference White House Policy Advisor Stephen Miller was answering questions about the newly proposed RAISE Act.  A reporter from CNN named Jim Acosta, who always advocates for maximum camera time, thought he could engineer a narrative … Continue reading

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President Trump Honors Survivors of U.S.S. Arizona and Heroes of Pearl Harbor…

Earlier today President Trump met with survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the U.S.S. Arizona. [Transcript] 2:51 P.M. EDT – THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Today it’s my distinct privilege to welcome to the … Continue reading

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Media Continues Ignoring President Trump’s Economic Council Preparations…

White House Press Briefing – “We’ve received several inquiries on what the President — on his agenda for the past couple of days, so I’d like to read some of that out before I take your questions.” “He’s had multiple … Continue reading

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Why We Celebrate The 4th Of July

The colonies had been in conflict with England for over a year in June of 1776. A Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia on June 7 of that year. Richard Henry Lee from Virginia offered up a resolution with these now … Continue reading

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