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Second, Related, Terrorist Attack in Spain – Coastal Town of Cambrils 70 Miles From Barcelona, 4 Jihadists Killed…

Breaking and Ongoing – In a second related terrorist incident approximately 70 miles south of Barcelona, another terrorist cell -or additional members from the originating cell- in the coastal town of Cambrils Spain has been confronted by police. According to … Continue reading

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Snicker – POTUS Trump Tweets Support For Kelli Ward -vs- Senator Jeff Flake…

The ‘big ugly’ is inevitable. We all know it.  The only thing yet to be determined is the timing.  My spidey hunch tells me there are multiple possible detonation moments depending on sequencing. Today, President Trump violates Mitch McConnell and … Continue reading

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Former NSA Tech Director Bill Binney Outlines DNC Emails Were a Leak, Not a Russian Hack…

Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney outlines how the 2016 DNC emails were actually taken by a leaker using a portable storage device, and not taken by a computer hack initiated by the vast Russian enterprise. Mr. Binney’s outline on … Continue reading

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Sunday Talks: HR McMaster -vs- Chuck Todd

National Security Adviser HR McMaster appears on NBC ‘Meet the Press’ with Chuck Todd to discuss issues surrounding North Korea.   However, Todd predictably uses the first half of the interview to discuss the “Charlottesville Trump-is-racist narrative”, and then, rather sneakily, … Continue reading

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Defense Secretary James Mattis Delivers Statement on North Korea…

Speaking today in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany, Defense Secretary James Mattis gave a statement to the media before the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan at the George C. Marshall Center: “The United States and our allies have the … Continue reading

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President Trump Delivers “Fire and Fury” Statement on North Korea…

Responding to continued nuclear missile provocations from North Korea, and against the backdrop of a unanimous 15-0 Security Council U.N. resolution, today President Trump delivered the following strong remarks toward the DPRK and Kim Jong-Un.

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka Discusses North Korea and President Trump Administration…

Dr. Sebastian Gorka appears on Sean Hannity TV show to discuss the ongoing issues with North Korea and the latest developments with U.N. sanctions.

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