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Gunmen Open Fire in Munich Germany – Several Deaths, Video of one Gunman Surfaces…

Attack began 5:15pm Local  ♦ At least one gunman has opened fire on citizens in Munich Germany. ♦ There are multiple locations involved. ♦ Multiple deaths and wounded victims.  ♦ Islamic Terrorism is suspected. ♦ At least nine people killed … Continue reading

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Ohio Police Officer Hospitalized After Eating Shards of Glass In Sandwich From Columbus Restaurant…

The cultural Marxists (PC Media) are burying this story and refusing to name the restaurant.  PC Local Media claim the “shards of glass” found in the police officer’s restaurant produced (ie. fresh made) sandwich might have just found their way … Continue reading

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Mom and Three Daughters Attacked, Stabbed, In Southern France Resort For Being “Too Lightly Dressed”…

Guess who did the attack? Yup. It appears the resorts in southern France are being monitored by Jihadists for Islamic apparel compliance. A Moroccan man brutally attacked a 46-year-old woman and her three daughters (aged 14, 12 and 8), with … Continue reading

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Stunning Press Conference – Baton Rouge Police Ambush: A “Meticulously Planned, Specific and Intentional Targeting of Police” – Video..

During a rather jaw-dropping press conference, full video below, the city, county and state law enforcement in Baton Rouge Louisiana outlined the exact details of how police shooter Gavin Long carried out his ambush attack against law enforcement. The key … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Monday Morning Interview – Discussing Baton Rouge Police Ambush…

Donald Trump called in to Fox and Friends this morning where he answered questions about the recent Baton Rouge attack against the police, and the ongoing attacks against law enforcement.

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Must Watch VIDEO – Sheriff David Clarke Had Enough With CNN’s Snarky Agitator/Racebaiter Don Lemon…

This confrontation has been a long time coming, and a longer time deserved. Sheriff David Clarke appears on set with Don Lemon who cuts off the feed and sends the show to commercial because he doesn’t like the pushback. When … Continue reading

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John Kerry Discusses Nice Jihad Attack: “ISIS is on the run”…

Secretary of State John Kerry joins Jake Tapper to discuss the current state of the fight against ISIS following the terror attack in Nice, France:

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