Rona Madness – Michigan’s Comrade Whitmer Declares COVID-19 Will Attack if Standing, But Not if Seated….

In the latest example of corona madness; and in the face of state supreme court rulings declaring her unilateral dictates unconstitutional; Comrade Gretchen Whitmer of the Michigan Directorate declares an even more bizarre state rule:

…”bars are now allowed to operate but they may only serve alcohol to people who are sitting down and 6 feet apart.” (link)

Apparently the moonbat-science is settled. If standing with beer, the COVID-19 virus will swoop down and attack; however, if you take a seat with beer your are protected. Thus continues the abject nuttery from the Michigan Directorate of COVID Compliance.

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  1. wondering999 says:

    LOL with the photo and interpreter stance

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    • FrankieZee says:

      The interpreter looks like she is saying ” WHAT THE F, is that lady crazy.”

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    • sundance says:

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      • suejeanne1 says:


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        • WhiteBoard says:

          Everything is picked for perfection! lol

          this overkill with our deaf community to me looks like witchcraft.

          my goal is to find some deaf people and ask them if they are for her, or if they purposefully do that because she is a btch

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      • jinmichigan says:

        Perfect picture. It is exactly how most of Michigan feels about this woman. My Governor is an idiot.

        Lets not forget this woman also refused to prosecute Nassar for his crimes at MSU when she was Ingham County Prosecutor.

        Three or four times a week I come up with colorful new language to describe her absurdity in a,9309,7-387-90498_90663—,00.html comment directed her way. Its cathartic if nothing else. Good way to vent without infuriating the wife.

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        • joebkonobi says:

          Why has she not been recalled? Does Michigan not have a recall process?

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          • SanJac says:

            How many people know the Secretary of State in Michigan worked for the NAACP legal fund and also worked for the Southern poverty law center ?

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            • Kay123 says:

              Southern Poverty Law is Sorass Group right?

              How do we get rid of him….. All the crimes. Like
              foreign money buying chaos in the USA.
              Bribes, money laundering…. organizing, buying, paying invasion armies….
              Why has he gotten away with this for years?…..Time to stop it.

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            • jinmichigan says:

              I did and I tried to tell people in 2018 this was so. But the knowledge of the hate spewing from those groups wasnt as well known as it is now. And the knowledge of the mass treason of our politicians hadnt reached farther than those like us in this room.

              The role recreational pot played in the election of the governor, AG and SoS can not be underestimated. In the previous three gubernatorial elections approximately 3 million votes were cast statewide. With pot on the ballot 4 million were cast and that is where you will find their margin.

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          • SanJac says:

            ALL states have a recall process but they all have guardians to protect from recalls.

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          • Greeneghis Khan says:

            Recall? Shouldn’t they just kidnap her?…oh wait

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          • jinmichigan says:

            So this is the story Ive gotten from a Republican event in Brighton and also from a business in Wixom that hosted the petition to repeal the 1945 law that the Supreme Court of Michigan just ruled unConstitutional and had also hoped to host the recall petition.

            The original petitioner pulled the petition to recall days before it was to go live for signatures. It is unclear why but the speculation, which is almost assuredly spot on, is that he was bullied and bribed by comrade Halfwhit into doing so.

            Another petitioner has picked it up but it has to again go through the process of having the language approved. I havent heard the status in about a month but suffice it to say it is too late to make the 2020 ballot.

            My Governor is an idiot. She is a self serving troglodyte. A thoroughly political animal that cares not a Whit 😉 for the people she was elected to serve. She will burn in Hell upon her Death (through natural means, of course) that cant come soon enough to save the people from her stupidity, duplicity and evil intent..

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          • Janus says:

            Actually, what we need is a little more professionalism among Michigan militias. C’mon guys (and gals), you gotta do a better job on your counter-intel and in-house security.

            Remember what Benjamin Franklin said; “Three can keep a secret if two are dead.”


      • Elizabeth Schneider says:


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      • Michael Fox says:

        Definitely a tough call, Sundance, but, I like the second picture more.

        It immediately reminded me of Ace Ventura Pet Detective when he tags someone as…

        LUH – HOO ZUH – HER

        Kinda makes me wonder if Democrats are in self-immolation mode, as if they’ve ALL watched WAY too many hours of MK Ultra mind manipulation training.

        OR, is it possible that Donald Trump is using the most masterful Jedi mind control our galaxy has ever experienced?

        “We Patriots need to move along. There are the Democrats you’re looking for. Make them expose themselves.”

        “Yes, you Patriots move along. Those are the Democrats we’re looking for. TROOPERS, make those Democrats expose themselves!

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      • trevieze says:

        My Governor is an idiot and pure moron says the sign.

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      • KAG says:

        Neither were the requisite safe distance away from El Comandante per the politburo mandate either….. or did they fall into the exception category “signer special provisions”??


      • R DeF says:

        The first time I’ve ever seen Sing Language for “This is a Looney Tune”!


    • ujijin says:

      Def LOL on the interpreter…this one has to be the gold standard for ASL show-stealers.

      We need a new reality show (contest) for ASL interpreters.

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    • Patrick Healy says:

      Yes a brilliant photo. As the old saying goes “a picture says a thousand words”
      But – if you Yanks want to monopolize stupid I have a couple of British items for your top twenty.
      Yesterday my beloved and I went to a local establishment. We had to give our details on entering but made sure we did not give them our mobile/ cell phone number or e-mail, as our government are selling those details to Bill Gates and his pals. Big Brother has long passed – we now have his sons and daughters running the show.
      We were not allowed to buy alcohol unless we sat (not stand) outside by the pavement on a Scottish Winter day.
      Parents have been told that when schools reopen after their October break children should wear extra clothing as school windows will be kept open all winter – to “fight” this Wuhan Communist flu.
      The stupidity does not end there, as British Rail tells us all windows on commuter trains will be kept open for the same reason this winter.
      Can we claim any prizes?

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    • That sign language interpreter should be a comic actress. Her facial expressions are priceless.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Yep! That’s why folks go to bars… so they can sit six feet from their friends. That darned virus is really clever. I saw a (masked) guy fiercely pedalling his bike to escape an (unmasked) cyclist following him… hope he made it.

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  2. patriciaweir says:

    The Star Wars bar scene governor.

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  3. Please tell me the photo screen shot was on purpose!!!!!! That’s freaking epic!!! Totally captures how stupid this sounds. So, if you pass each other in the stores you’re in danger of catching it, but if you walk past someone traveling in the same direction you’re ok. If you stand 6’ apart in a bar with a beer you’ll catch it, but if you sit 6’ apart you’re fine. If you stand 6’ apart you don’t need a mask, but if you do wear a mask you still have to keep 6’ away from others.

    Dr. Seuss made more sense in his books than these idiots are.

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  4. Dutchman says:

    Strange virus, avoids large accumulations of canned goods (hence shopping for groceries is ‘safe’) but it’s is attracted like a magnet, to hair salons, etc.

    And now it is a magnet to people standing, but people sitting are safe.

    What’s next, if we “duck and cover” under our little plywood desks, we will be safe from a nuclear blast?

    Sure am glad I don’t live in Michigan,…

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    • hoghead2 says:

      Strange virus alright, it attacks Republican President and his staff, as well as some senators but somehow manages to avoid communists. All of those R’s pla flu positive/0 commies affected. They’re sneaky.

      And I remember “duck and cover” well. Even at seven or eight, I thought it was a futile exercise. Hunch down low under the desk, and when the ‘flash’ is seen, tuck your head between your knees [and kiss your a** good-bye]…

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    • chefabay says:

      I was just in MI for a week & it was brutal. Everyone wearing masks everywhere and lots of mask shaming . I got yelled at for not putting sanitizer on my hands at the entrance to a bar!

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      • liberty, not license says:

        We’re in Florida for a medical visit and have been getting some of the same hostility, chef. It was really oppressing, although now we have been finding some work-arounds. Still, it makes me more enthusiastic to vote for my governor (I was going to anyway) who has resisted state wide mask mandates.

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        • allhail2 says:

          Where in FL? I live in Sanford, work all over the Orlando area, used to wear a neck gaitor, never pulled it up but it looked like I was trying. Now, I don’t even pretend anymore. I just flat don’t wear one anywhere and nobody says anything. Actually, more and more people aren’t wearing masks as each day goes by.

          If others want to wear masks, then great. My son caught it, then I caught it, but my wife and daughter never did. We didn’t quarantine ourselves from each other or anything, even maintained marital relations.

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          • liberty, not license says:

            all hail, St. Augustine. My favorite grocery store (Publix) was packed, everyone wearing masks in accordance with the sign posted at the entrance that it was “illegal (!)” to enter without one (eventually saw one man and one family also not masked) . I was surprised because I thought De Santis had abrogated the mask mandate statewide. After that, I found an active Facebook page to ask for grocery and restaurant recommendations that didn’t require masks (my home county doesn’t) and wow! people still love their masks and lecturing about mask wearing. 😦 However, some folks were helpful, and we have been patronizing establishments that allow mask choice. We needed to preserve our very limited mask supply for the day of medical treatment where we knew there would be no choice.

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            • liberty, not license says:

              Oh, and some restaurants on St. George street were actually requiring not only masks but temperature checks for admission! In almost ninety degree heat!!! I flunked a temperature check in April in the Midwest at my first salon appointment during COVID just from driving. My temperature registered 100 then! I was shocked and definitely not sick. My stylist wasn’t concerned, saying it was happening alot, and we just waited outside until it went down.But how are people passing temperature checks walking in almost 90 degree heat?

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              • That happened to my daughter last week. She was wearing a sweatshirt, it was a bit warm, and the salon got nervous because her temperature was 99. Canceled her appointment.


                • liberty, not license says:

                  Wow, Jeff.My stylist said she had an elderly lady who was always cold and had driven to the salon with her car heater blasting (I actually think it was in May, not April). The elderly lady’s temperature registered like 102 degrees! My styist said she joked with her client about getting that temperature taken care of, and they just waited outside a few minutes for the ambient temperature to allow the client’s temperature to reflect reality. Sorry about your daughter’s inconvenience!!!! What crazy times these are!

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          • sturmudgeon says:

            ” even maintained marital relations” Congrats…. that IS handy if you are married. lol


    • donna kovacevic says:

      Dutchman, thanks for your comment, I laughed so hard out loud, hubby came in from the next room asking me if I was OK. This is insanity what she is saying, makes one wonder what is in the air.


  5. Judith says:

    Talk about “abject nuttery,” what the heck is with these sign language interpreters? I mean really..

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  6. fanbeav says:

    Time for the business owners to storm her and her health official’s office and demand they provide proof of their “scientific” findings!

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  7. Elizabeth Schneider says:

    ..such ‘ ridicolous fakery, hoax, scammy, lying B.S.’ that we read EVERYDAY!!!..its almost laughable!!!!! they really think we believe this covid scam?!!! SMDFH?!!!!!!

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  8. comgri says:

    Better tell those 10 people standing in Biden bullseyes…Biden endagering 10s

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  9. Mike in a Truck says:

    Not much scares me these days- but that sign language interpreter only needs a chainsaw to complete the ensemble.

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    • Michael Fox says:

      For sure, Mike. This entire covid thing is like a way beyond really bad “Chainsaw Massacre” movie.

      The interpreter also looks like she’s saying…

      “I’ll give you a karate chop LIKE THIS you crazy b**ch!”


  10. Puzzled says:

    There is a major inevitable battle to reach the people who would vote Whitmer as governor.

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  11. Linda K. says:

    She is really crazy.

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  12. freepetta says:

    Is that woman out of her birdbrain mind? What an imbecile?
    Anyone want to join me sitting for a beer? We will then be China Virus free 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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  13. Pa Hermit says:

    Strange how all the “club bar stools have been removed here in Pa. Yet the chairs at tables now are a must if one is to socialize. A few have a sign that says: no standing at the bar while drinking! These Marxist/globalists/communists gotta get “woke!” No better way to woke these pinheads than voting straight R! Then we can really see where they’re coming from, unmasked!!!

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  14. adam says:

    When will we stop taking this sitting down?

    sorry … had to do it. 😉

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  15. Meems says:

    You do know the Supreme Court of Michigan has stripped her of her wanna-be dictator powers. But Michigan Health and Human Services immediately reinstated her orders, at least until October 30!
    Witchmer is currently enjoying her new “victim” status and making the media rounds over the “kidnap” plot by a group of anti-police, anti-law and order, anti-Trump antifa anarchists. Who would want her!!!!!🙄

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    • joan says:

      Seriously, if the Supreme Court found her dictates unconstitutional, how can she continue on with this? Can’t the citizens just refuse to comply?

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      • jinmichigan says:

        Ive always refused to comply.

        Ive had few mask encounters but when I have I simply state I refuse to participate in their lies and fantasies and continue on my way. Nobody has stopped me yet.

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      • Yes they can just not comply but they are sheep and cowards. Then they bluster about the second amendment…right…people who are afraid to rebel against a mask mandate are going to fight a revolution?

        I was in SC a couple of weeks ago decided to do some shopping..walked into a TJ Maxx, person at door said welcome. I then noticed that everyone in the store had a mask on…finally I found one man who had his mask below his chin. I asked him why everyone was wearing a mask; I thought SC was more liberated than NC which is why I went there.

        So he proceeded to say well you have to wear one to get in then you can take it off..I said, well I just walked in the the greeter said welcome…he just looked shocked..just because there is a sign on the door doesn’t mean it is being enforced.

        In NC, there is no enforcement. I have read comments here from people who say they have to wear a mask in Walmart..excuse me…weeks ago Walmart said they would not enforce mask mandates…???? Along with Target, CVS and others…why so afraid? Show some courage folks…

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      • dilonsfo says:

        She was ordered by Supreme Court today to withdrawn all of her unconstitutional order immediately…no one can be punished for being in violation of her orders.

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    • wondering999 says:

      “Who would want her!!!!”

      supposedly the same “white supremacist Antifa” (FBI confidential informant?) crew that wanted the Virginia governor?

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    • Elizabeth Schneider says:

      You think that this ‘kidnap plot’ was a ‘false flag’?..or it was the real deal?!


      • dilonsfo says:

        If it was a false flag they would have used “Trump supporters” rather than Antifa pukes. At least in my opinion.

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        • Elizabeth Schneider says:

          You have a point! Yes!


        • Dee Paul Deje says:

          Like Caesar Psyop.


        • David M Kitting says:

          ‘Antifa pukes’? Did you listen to the local Sheriff’s [who personally knows ‘of’ them] opinion on the ‘matter’? He matter of factly states that the ‘plot’ may have been a lawful plan to arrest Gov Witless. The public can make felony arrests under MI law. The Gov is not exempt. How about the MI State House not being informed of such a sinister plot? The FBI notified the State police though. Shirley the FBI wouldn’t knowingly create a false narrative…..Again….


        • john says:

          They DID in a backhanded way, at least initially. They referred to them as “militia” guys which is clearly code for Conservatives, crazy Rightwing dudes, etc. Subtle but intentional use of words.


  16. H.R. says:

    Ran into a grocery store Saturday for one item. The entrance/exit is about 15′ wide. They had put a divider in and marked one side as ‘Enter’ and the other side as ‘Exit.’

    That’s one way to outsmart that sneaky virus. It’ll gitcha! if you’re going the wrong way.

    I’m just glad* The Guv has sufficient staff to sit around plotting ways to outsmart that pesky virus.

    *No I’m not.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Here in one city in the Panhandle of Florida, Publix has removed all those ignorable directional stickers. They still have the mask mandate up but have never attempted to enforce it. Staples, OTOH, just started enforcing their requirement in the past two weeks. LOL.


  17. stormyeyes says:

    Lost a Dear Friend. Obituary
    Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend by the name of Common Sense who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

    He will be remembered as having cultivated such valued lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm and that life isn’t always fair.

    Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies {don’t spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting strategies (adults, not kids, are in charge).
    His health began to rapidly deteriorate when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate, teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch, and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student only worsened his condition! It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer aspirin to a student but could not inform the parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

    Finally, Common Sense lost the will to live as the Ten Commandments became contraband, & churches became businesses and when criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense finally gave up the ghost after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot, spilled it in her lap, and was awarded a huge settlement.

    Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust, his wife, Discretion; his daughter, Responsibility; and his son, Reason. He is survived by two stepbrothers: My Rights and Ima Whiner. Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone. If you still know him, pass this on. If not, you can give him a second death.

    This Obit was from 2003. Please feel free to change any of the pronouns from him or her to him/her/it/LQBTQ/Pan/Non-Binary/AISIFE or any other new pronoun that has been invented since Common Sense died. Many folks on this site knew Common Sense well and still remember him. Some folks know him and have totally forgotten. Some never knew him at all. I wonder what Common Sense would think today………………………..

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    • Joan says:

      Fantastic post!

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    • R F Burns says:

      RIP Common Sense. Far too many did not know you well enough.

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    • evergreen says:

      He didn’t croak; he’s just cut back severely on his public appearances.

      He’s living under a new name as Sporadic Sense. You can still find him if you look. Usually you know you’ve encountered him when his eyes meet yours in public, as he walks head upright, and he likes to slightly nod his head or lift his finger from the steering wheel when passing by.


    • Squirrel Doc says:

      “Good sense is the most easily distributed commodity in the world. For everyone thinks he has just the right amount, and even those people which are the most difficult to please in all other matters never want more than they already have.”
      Rene Descartes (1596-1650)

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  18. Leon Brozyna says:

    Power intoxication most insidious … not the smallest detail of daily life is safe from the likes of Comrade Whitmer.

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  19. Debra says:

    She’s gladly heaping more negative attention on herself to distract from the narrative falling apart wrt the kidnapping plot — what a tool . . .

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  20. Landslide says:

    Mask Hell Must End!

    Am in San Antonio, Tx. I’d say that 99% of people are wearing masks. Governor Abbott mandated. Dem Mayor mandated. Businesses fined if not complying. Went without one in Dillard’s today. No one within 20 ft., much less the dreaded 6 ft. As I came around a corner, a lady coming toward me literally moved over and stood still. 😏 Brainwashed masses that have done zero research and must have zero common sense!!!!!😡

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    • Dekester says:

      Landslide, earlier this week at approx 0705 I was standing alone in the main isle of a local grocery store. ( masks are not mandatory) talking on my phone to a friend about all things PDJT.

      An overweight masked male about my age 60 ish. Walked by me and said putting your f**king mask on, I was puzzled, and at first thought it was someone I knew taking the pi**.

      When I realized it wasn’t, I replied “ your joking, right” he replied “ you will make me sick” and took an aggressive stance.

      Well I quickly assessed the situation and said f**k it, and said looking at you, you fat tub of sh*t makes me sick.

      He was stunned..I thought, I am all in here, and further berated the self righteous slug about his obesity and extra chins. He backed off quickly.

      For all he knew I may have been getting bad news on the phone. These virtue signallers need more of this.

      Spiritual, kind, loving. No!

      Felt good though.

      God bless PDJT

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    • LizzieinTexas says:

      Same in North Harris County (Houston). More in large grocery stores/Wal-Mart, not so much at small hair/nail salons, liquor stores, convience stores.


      • liberty, not license says:

        We got kicked out of an Arby’s lobby by the manager(!) who yelled across the lobby that she had to keep her team safe, and apparently our being mask-less was a death sentence for the 20 people waiting in the long lines at the counter. Worse, the eyes above all the masked mouths looked terrified at us. It was so sad and yes, embarrassing.

        And yes, I definitely feel vindicated by the CDC’s new release of data that showed 80% of those who contracted COVID in the study always or almost always wore masks!!! Only 3.9% never wore a mask in the prior 14 days. So, do masks cause COVID? Hmmm…

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        • annieoakley says:

          I was outside, in sunshine walking my dog by a pond with really fat spotted goldfish swimming around. Two little boys one maybe had a mask but took it off and the other was maybe 31/2 so he didn’t have one. Dad did but he was just mumbling something as I was talking to the boys about the huge fish and they fed the fish grasshoppers. He made the kids follow him and they moved several yards away behind a fence! I walked down the path with my dog and then came back by them still standing there behind the fence. The kids were cheerful and still talking but Old Dad was mad and ready to report me for not wearing the mask.
          These silly parents will never be normal again and their children will learn to fear everything.

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  21. Magabear says:

    Hmmm, I don’t think the courts ruling against Comrade Whitmer’s lunacy gave her discretion to modify peoples drinking positions. This gives you an idea of how power crazed these demonrats are.

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  22. Same crap here in Killer Cuomo’s Covid Compliant. We are watching this state, especially NYC being slowly strangled to death by the insane regulations.

    Came a cross this quote and it reminds me why I refuse to wear the mask of submission:

    “To assent to obvious lies is to cooperate with evil and in some small way to become evil oneself.”

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    • littlequilterkitty says:

      Love the qoute Seneca the Elder. Do you have an author?

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    • WSB says:

      Excellent, Seneca!


    • The Italian Job says:

      Seneca, ditto here in Charlie “Parker’s” Blue Rino Covid Dictatorship of Massachusetts. Forget even sitting in a bar, let alone stand, bars without food service will not be “allowed” to open until there is a vaccine (the possibility of there not being one or of a viable one not being available for quite some time is not addressed).

      Also, bars must take care to not “masquerade” as restaurants – Big Brother is watching and will take appropriate action – God forbid one should try to earn a living. Guess you’ll just have to convert your business model or simply go out of business – oh well, sucks to be you.

      Only in the past couple of weeks have we been granted permission to actually sit at a bar as long as one does so to consume food with one’s alcoholic beverage. Alcohol service is not allowed anywhere unless accompanied with food and bar seating is plexiglass partitioned, the better for everyone to keep to his or her own safe space. After all, everyone is, gasp! mask-less!

      In the state that fired the shot heard round the world, there’s still much too many people driving, walking, biking, sitting/standing outside alone while masked, or practically falling off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic to avoid a mask-less person passing by.

      I’ll say this for NY, I was in upstate in July for a few days (around the 4th) and at that point during this virus saga, upstate at least was way ahead of MA – I actually sat at an inside bar without partitions and strictly to have drinks and I was able to try on clothes in the dressing rooms at the stores.

      NYC I realize is a whole other level of dictatorial maliciousness.

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      • Italian- thanks for a really great post. I guess “misery loves company” is true.

        The scariest part is that there is virtually no resistance to the masks of submission.

        I have a gift shop on Main St. in a beautiful Hudson River town and all summer long, no matter what the temp, 99.9% of the Mask-holes were in full muzzles up to their eyeballs. This trend has continued in the fall and no doubt, once winter comes it will be the perfect excuse for even heavier muzzles.

        Since March when the lockdowns began in earnest and our disgusting legislators turned over all their power to the thug criminal Killer Cuomo, I have been saying that NY is only going to get worse until something is done about Cuomo.
        As long as we have criminal sociopaths running our states, there is no hope that we will survive.

        In fact, the Stalinist Dems who run this state are going to put the final nail in the coffin with their plans to “tax the rich.”

        I assure anyone who thinks this is a good idea to consider that “the rich” still can’t be forced to reside in this miserable state. They can use their money to move elsewhere to friendlier territory. Just like our President Trump and Rush.

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  23. Dekester says:

    Crazy world.

    No sane person would vote for this tyrant. Yet millions will, stunning.

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  24. sunnydaze says:

    Guess she’s figured out it’s easier to control people who are sitting rather than people who are standing….and she’d be RIGHT about that!


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  25. Gunner says:

    Maybe the ‘esteemed’ senator from hawaii should ask whitmer the same question she asked Judge Barrett today.

    Good grief…I have no hope for anyone on the left. They have gone way past the deep end. I pray they don’t take our Republic with them.

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  26. Joel Snider says:

    Gretchen Antoinette

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  27. oldjunkfixer says:

    She isn’t the only one pushing their luck
    our Goofytoothed Gov. in N.J. has a 150 people limit at sporting events
    but still keeps churches closed!
    its so obvious people are really starting to get fed up now
    some of the hardest core liberals that I know are in serious conflict
    what they have known and worshipped for their whole lives is blowing up in front in their faces
    and the reckoning is destroying them mentally.

    its fun and easy beating them on the head with reality
    one was moaning how they haven’t been away on Vacation in a long time
    my reply is if Joe wins kiss that dream and more goodbye as you will never be able to travel by air again with the fossil fuel ban they want to put in place..
    no reply but
    the look on their face said it all…

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  28. sarsfield says:

    the theory is that bars who serve standing patrons loosely hanging out at the bar have greater lack of social distancing vs bars that have actual stools that r already distanced. Any bar i want to go to around here is already open since they serve enough food. And…the bar has 50% of the stools they used to have, all separated. So..u can still hang out at the bar, BS w/the bartender and swill your favorite.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    When i was able to open my bar on May 1st here in North Dakota we had the same rules and our governor is supposed to be a republican …. mean while you could stand 2 ft directly across from your Walmart check out person with out a mask or gloves who stood before 100’s of people daily

    Liked by 1 person

  30. GB Bari says:

    Someone will have to lead a group of at least 100, preferably 1,000, to stand up and refuse to comply. Loudly.

    Until they mount a rebellion against her unconstitutional rules, the tyranny will continue.

    Liked by 6 people

  31. T2020 says:

    She needs to be impeached. Immediately.

    Liked by 3 people

  32. somebodysgramma says:

    She’s just acting out her Soros’ marching orders. Keep the virus scare alive at all costs throughout the election and to the end of the year or as long as it takes to wreck Trump’s economy. Make sure Republicans don’t vote at the polls because she’ll make rules that make it impossible to cast a ballot. Tell Democrats to do absentee ballots and then send millions upon millions of ballots all over the country where they will get picked up and used by the fraudsters. She’s just acting her part in the enormous ongoing conspiracy/coup against the President and Us Guys.

    If voting legitimately doesn’t work guys, we have a choice: fight to save the Republic or bow to the insurgents. I will fight.

    Liked by 4 people

  33. SHV says:

    If she continues to try to play games with the State SC ruling, what is the next step for the court? What judicial/law enforcement power do they have over the gov.? Or is it another “How many divisions does the Pope have”?


  34. kelley says:

    Honest to God, all these Dems are so repulsive. How in the world does anyone support them? So stunning the evil they spew.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Pale rider says:

      Look around, those morons in masks agree with her.
      We all lost our sense of humor with this PC bull. We used to laugh at insanity now we just follow. So, wHo is the more insane?

      Liked by 1 person

  35. Sentient says:

    In a tangentially-related situation, the 8th Circuit court of appeals MUST take up and overturn the recent partisan decision by Obama judge Wilhelmina Wright contravening MN black-letter law that requires delaying until February the MN CD2 race because of the recent death of a “major party” (by MN legal criteria) candidate within 79 days of the election.

    The partisan makeup of the MN congressional delegation hangs in the balance, and that could matter in the event of a 269-269 electoral vote tie OR if neither major presidential candidate has 270 EV’s (due to democrat voter fraud and/or legal chicanery).


    • Sentient says:

      This gives background on the story:

      As usual, Republicans are getting out-lawyered, just like when democrat lawyers kept Kanye West off the ballot in WI because his petition was delivered 15 seconds too late. We need to support Republican Tyler Kistner’s appeal of this Obama judge travesty. The 8th Circuit must overturn ASAP.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Is the Legal Marijuana Now party a “major party?” Fringe wingnut parties like that generally get less than 1% of the vote. I take it the Republican challenger expects the Legal Marijuana Now party to pull votes from the Democrat incumbent?


      • Sentient says:

        The Legal Marijuana Now Party got 5% of the vote in the last election. Under MN law, that makes it a major party. If a major party candidate dies within 79 days of an election, that election has to be postponed. It’s a MN law that the legislature created after the death of Paul Wellstone. Even Soros-funded Democrat Secretary of State Steve Simon has said that the MN CD2 election has to be delayed until February.

        The Republican challenger probably has a better chance of defeating incumbent Dem Angie Craig in February, but there’s a bigger potential issue regarding the presidential race: MN’s congressional delegation is currently 5-3 in favor of the Dems, but republican Michelle Fischbach is going to oust longtime Dem Collin Peterson in CD7. That would make it 4-4, but if the MN CD2 race is unresolved until February, then MInnesota’s congressional delegation would be 4-3 in favor of Republicans if the presidential election goes to the House.

        It takes the votes of 26 states for the House to name the president. California gets one vote. Wyoming gets one vote. There are currently about 26-27 state delegations with GOP majorities, but it is the next House (as constituted by the 2020 election) that would vote. We need every state we can get. A 269-269 electoral vote tie would throw it to the House, but it would also go to the House is neither Trump nor Biden had 270 EV’s. Like if PA and MI results were tied up in the courts and their democrat legislatures refused to select electors.

        I suspect that Pelosi is watching carefully the MN races in CD2 and CD7 – and not just because of the balance of power in the House. She’s war-gaming a “contingent election” – which is why Angie Craig’s lawsuit (to force the CD2 election to be held in November) made its way to Obama judge Wilhelmina Wright.

        Liked by 1 person

  36. Raptors2020 says:

    With the mania for masks, I’m surprised there aren’t widespread superstitions about the color, the size, the fabric etc. of the masks worn.

    Try to start an urban legend that people in MAGA masks don’t get sick.

    Liked by 2 people

    • RedBallExpress says:

      Mania – – – Superstitions
      Those word describe the entire world of over obsessed – ritualistic – fear factor – handiwipe – my way is going to be your way or I will crack up nut jobs that are running loose among us.

      Liked by 2 people

  37. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    If sitting vs standing can control the spread of the virus then why not have the bars put up cots. Lying down must be better than sitting, if sitting is better than standing right?

    Liked by 3 people

  38. regitiger says:

    where are the conjoined alcoholic twins when you need them?

    Liked by 1 person

  39. RedWhiteandBlueBlood says:

    The stupid is strong with this one… She is truly a Jedi of stupidity.


  40. john says:

    Love the photo choice. At least the sign language gal sees that DimWhit is nuts.


  41. David R. Graham says:

    Was the “kidnap plot against Whitmer” an FBI false flag op? Comey/Wray FBI does not target Antifa/BLM, claim they do not exist. Why would they announce these “plotters” as “white supremacists?”


    • namberak says:

      Actually I’m not sure they did that. I thought the ‘white supremacist’ angle was Obergruppenführer von Witmer’s invention. Those bozos have already been memory holed, though, since video of them attacking PDJT has surfaced.


  42. Liberty ONE says:

    The face on the Sign Language Translator says it all..”This moonbat is TOTALLY insane”….PRICELESS!

    Liked by 1 person

  43. COVID got politicized early, not only in a partisan way but also on general principles: It’s a Major Public Health Crisis, the government must Do Something, and no politician wants to be accused of doing too little or acting too late.

    So the game of one-upping began. One governor shuts down schools; another sees that, and raises movie theaters and indoor entertainment venues; then bars and restaurants; then EVERYTHING.

    At this point there’s a lot going on with Whitmer. On the one hand there’s the partisan angle, inflict maximum pain on Michigan in hopes the people will blame it all on President Trump. On the other, there’s the messiah complex where only she, the fearless leader, can save her people from the evil COVID. And then there’s just plain old pig-headedness, the courts and legislature tell her she can’t so she WILL just to spite them. An emotionally unstable and unfit chief executive for her state.


  44. Cowz says:

    Shouldn’t she be sitting on the floor giving her speech?

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Carol in STL says:

    The sign language interpreter’s facial expression says it all.


  46. Killer Cuomo’s latest order for the residents of the Gulag:

    Sections 12 and 206 of the Public Health Law, to the extent necessary to, notwithstanding any other provision of this Executive Order, provide that any individual who encourages, promotes or organizes a non-essential gathering as set forth in Department of Health regulation, shall be liable for a civil penalty not to exceed $15,000 per day;


  47. valleyj says:

    If cheating doesn’t happen Michigan is going to our President.


  48. minnesotamike55 says:

    MN Madness also. Since our Governor implemented the mask mandate July 24th, the average deaths per day, the average hospitalizations per day, and average cases per day has steadily gone up! I asked the MN Dept of Health about this and they had no answer. I asked if they were aware of it, and they could not answer. I asked why they were still saying masks work when the data clearly shows masks have NOT slowed the spread, and they could not answer.

    On their webpage about modeling it shows that they have not updated any of the modeling info since May. I asked if they could comment or explain why not, and they could not answer. I called the governors office and spoke about this to an assistant and she immediately went into trying to explain that masks work. I gave her the numbers from MDH and asked her if she was aware of the increases and she said no. I then asked how she can say masks work when the data clearly shows increases since the mask mandates went into effect. She could not answer.

    I also suggested to MDH and the govs office that we need to go back to mask policy of only the sick and at risk should be wearing masks. What that does is alert mask wearers to stay away from non wearers and it also identifies the symptomatic so that the rest of us can stay the hell away. They had no comment on my ideas.


    • sturmudgeon says:

      minnesotamike55.. Of course they do not have answers to your various questions.. government offices do not, as a rule, hire people who ‘think’ and ‘reason’.. do they? There is no evidence (for example) of that in the so-called “hearings” being enacted (should say, “acted”) presently.


  49. John Bartram says:

    Maybe if one closes their eyes they are safe from Covid even if standing.


  50. tfields says:

    Those militia members really screwed up when they got caught by the stupid stooges that are the FBI. Trump needs to pardon them and let them go and make sure they do a better job next time.


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