Man Arrested in Ambush Shooting of Two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies….

The nation was shocked as surveillance video showed earlier this month as a person ambushed and shot two sheriff’s deputies while they sat in their patrol car in Compton. Both deputies were shot in the head and face; however, they were able to radio for help as they triaged their injuries. The entire event was horrific.

Today investigators arrested a suspect and District Attorney Jackie Lacy said attempted murder charges have been filed against 36-year-old Deonte Lee Murray.

Los Angeles – Investigators have arrested and charged a man in connection with the shooting of two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies earlier this month as they sat in a squad car, authorities said Wednesday.

Attempted murder charges were filed against Deonte Lee Murray, 36, District Attorney Jackie Lacey said in a press conference.

Murray was arrested two weeks ago in connection with a separate carjacking and he was expected to be arraigned later Wednesday. (more)

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171 Responses to Man Arrested in Ambush Shooting of Two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies….

  1. rpcoastie says:

    So, when does Deonte get his $12 million settlement from Los Angeles County for racial profiling and an appearance on Good Morning America with Kamala Harris?

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  2. Anonymoushorse says:

    Why no mug shot anywhere?

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  3. Deborah D says:

    Major sickness in our world right now. Please, God, help us. Keep our president safe, and help us know what to do to combat this insanity. Please keep our police officers safe. Amen.

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  4. Spooky says:

    Has anyone noticed that there are NO pictures of this miscreant Biden voter anywhere online. He is a convicted felon and known gang member which means the legal system has booking photos of him yet none are posted by the MSM. Judging from his name and behavior I would say there is a 99.9% probability that Deonte is black. Maybe that’s why his identity is being suppressed.

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  5. CNN_sucks says:

    No mug shot? DA protected a felon. The police union should never endorse anyone would let them hang to dry.

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    • nimrodman says:

      More and more, States and municipalities are deciding to NOT show mug shots

      There was an incident in New York State that the press article described the usual suspects. I emailed the State Police, who had made the arrests and were investigating the case.

      Got a reply that about a year ago the State legislature passed legislation outlawing mug shots in the press.

      The most notorious examples are when a big drug mass arrest goes down as a result of a police task force. There’d be full-page newspaper folios of all the arrestee. All being the usual suspects.

      Editors and legislators and apologists could not help but be struck in the face at how bad that looked for the Left’s pets.

      So mug shots are being outlawed

      Don’t expect to see them, they won’t be there

      Be assured it’s always the usual suspects, as can be deduced from their ludicrous names

      Just the facts, ma’am

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  6. DezKingston says:

    Nightshade on September 17, 2020 at 7:45 pm
    Barr needs to arrest Christopher Wray for lying under oath to congress today. Wray declared, without citing actual statistics, that white supremacy by far is the biggest source of ideological violence in the USA. Nightshade got me thinking that Chris Wray is setting the stage for when we protest the stolen election they can shoot us down like dogs in the streets.

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  7. Puzzled says:

    If the Dims changed their message to defund the FIB, they’d pickup support from conservatives. But for some reason they love the FIB but hate police. I wonder why.

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  8. Stephen says:

    I ask 1 question. WHY was he arrested?

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  9. secund2nun says:

    Just some more black on white violence that the libtards and fake news media ignore, but hey let’s focus on the much rarer white on black violence.

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  10. Justin Green says:

    Has Kamala posted his bail yet?

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  11. TradeBait says:

    Need any volunteers for the firing squad?

    Raising my hand…

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  12. The FBI must not have been in charge..

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  13. Walt says:

    I monitor radio traffic for various gov’t and civil agencies and I not long ago heard a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) from Ca to the surrounding states for a paroled murderer who committed 3 additional murders with a knife in Sacramento.

    They had his name and age but no physical description even though he was a parole.
    I searched his name online and found a photo in about 30 seconds.
    These broadcasts are supposed to be for officer safety but they censor the physical decriptors for politics.
    This is criminal.

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  14. Anyone have a link to his mugshot? It seems to be buried by search engines


  15. Patrick Evans says:

    I wonder why he was not in jail based on the link to the full article. Most of these crimes seem to be committed by people who should still be in jail for their previous crimes. We need better judges.

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  16. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Deonte’s best path is to have the FBI do the investigation and the DOJ to do the prosecution.


  17. lavender blue says:

    A major effort is underway to recall Nanny Piglosi’s fav nephew Gov Newscum… hundreds of thousands of signatures and counting.


  18. Gerry Shuller says:

    Thanks, WordPress, for putting an old post on the front page.


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