Bill Barr Interview With Sean Hannity….

Bill Barr calls into Sean Hannity for an interview.

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1,170 Responses to Bill Barr Interview With Sean Hannity….

  1. KT Prayer Warrior says:

    Well a small victory today. A relative is visiting. He is a Dem and very put off by “Trump’s character”.

    He doesn’t put much effort into following any news.

    I was talking about this development and raging about how it was characterized as “a mistake”. The man caught on! He showed some outrage. I made significant headway.

    Not a big deal though, overall, he is in a true red state. His vote is pretty meaningless. It might, however, provide an insight for how we can talk with others…the concept was NOT lost on a guy who lives and breathes golf, not politics!

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    • laurie5106 says:

      I have a few relatives who can’t see the big picture and can’t get past their emotional personality clash with Trump. They are exceptionally good people in every other way but I’m stunned by how blind they are to what is going on. They can’t understand how I could believe Trump is such an awesome president. I sometimes make some headway when explain the difference between globalism and nationalism and how the middle class and individual rights and freedom are under attack and in serious danger of being lost. It’s so strange how they can agree with Trump’s policies (as long as you don’t attach his name to them) but reject him, especially when the alternate is so morally depraved and the opposite of what they believe in.

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      • SurroundedbyBlue says:

        There are folks whose TDS is incurable. To them, Trump is responsible for every ill in the world now, in the past and in the future. Orange Man Bad outweighs all else.

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  2. phillipk78 says:

    So curious about the picture Sundance posted. Looks like foothills of my home (Colorado)

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  3. logboom says:

    It’s just a mask……must watch!

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  4. Mark W says:

    About TIME! “Trump on guilty plea from Durham probe: ‘Just the beginning, I would imagine’”


  5. sturmudgeon says:

    I noticed that AG BARR mentioned that there “will be charges”. That doesn’t sound exactly ‘hard line’ to me. I know he seems to be very careful with words, but something like “I imagine there will be some of those involved with this, will be serving some jail sentences,” would be more encouraging. We all know there was Treason and other ‘high crimes’… when will the citizens get some straight talk on this?


    • RyderLee says:

      Excepting for Right Here at the Treehouse
      I’d say it’s been a Very Long Time since
      The Citizens have Heard ANY Straight Talk
      from the government !

      🇺🇲 Excepting Our President Trump Also 🇺🇲

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    • davidsstones says:

      Each word disceted by Congress, the press, historians; interpreting, analyzing, “mind reading” , summarizing, with the power to cancel Barr’s intent; finding fault, looking for an obscure law he could have, may have, they think he did, violate. A minor rule they could contrive a guilty intent around. Barr is likely being wise in his speech.

      Barr also upholds; Innocent until proven guilty.
      So, I think; the announcement of an indictment connected to a name, the optic of enforcement physically removing the man from his home, is Barr’s brilliant way of messaging Congress, the FBI, CIA, etc., that Barr will be arresting and releasing names BEFORE NOV 3rd., election day. No curtsies offered, none received.

      The guilty are the nuts and bolts of the scam; the attempt to impeach, the unnecessary and expensive “investigations” and the experienced core of a Biden cabinet. But Biden doesn’t win. Trump wins.

      You and I and millions want Justice. It’s up to the people; here’s how:
      Isaiah 58:1-2

      If correct, and Barr damages the nuts and bolts of their “machine”, imagine who a Biden presidency could tap, who is left on the inside that is trusted and would risk exposure and jail? Because of Barr’s quiet bold move(s) we’re preparing for chaos and mayhem.

      Certainly city governments closed, highways blocked, access to hospitals, busses, libraries, schools, banks, neighborhoods, blocked by mobs too great in size to fight. Power grid stations shut down as a control -perhaps. I am unshakeable; they’ve only be practicing. A Dry Run. A pressure test. Dirty fighters. They terrify strangers and at the slightest push back they run. They’re saving every man for the bigger events.

      There is a 50 day Siege of the White House planned for 50 days Sept. 17 – Nov 5th. Longer if they don’t get the government to do what they demand. They’ve taken a vow.

      Stock up. You can use what you didn’t need.
      If you wait to see, by the time you see, it’s too late.
      Pray and ask for God’s Justice, prepare for the worst.


      • Dan Patterson says:

        I appreciate your points and commentary. My scarred and weary psyche cannot manage much more “wait and see”, “soon”, and “let the process work” and especially so when the elite skate without a hair out of place.
        When I hear the lying liars lie and do so with nary a wrinkled brow from the propaganda outlets, my patience for “cold anger” is diminished; the power of the ballot box is diluted with every Obama holdover, every strategy meeting, every judicial activist, and every deep swamp state operator pulling the nation’s strings. Is a revolt necessary to clear the board?


  6. lee says:

    Unions are a luxury turd world sheitholes cannot afford. sorry, teachers

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