August 14th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1303

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,182 Responses to August 14th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1303

  1. sunnyflower5 says:

    Not working on the election schedule but the are aware of it says AG Barr.
    But— it’s clear these monsters interfered in 2016 election, 2018 election, and the ENTIRE time the duly elected president has been in office.

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  2. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Just say’n… 😉

    Would she like ketchup
    with her words Nov 3rd?
    Yum Yum and then some.

    Remember Nov 2016?
    Lots of words eaten. 😉

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  3. joseywalesandtenbearsbarandgrill says:

    Barney Fife could have nailed Clinesmith…..Bring the Hammer Sundance….Start the Fire

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  4. John says:

    Grassroots Dad
    August 3 at 9:20 AM ·

    I never cared…

    I never cared if you were “gay” or whatever acronym you chose to call yourself, until you started shoving it down my throat

    I never cared what color you were, if you were a good human, until you started blaming me for your problems.

    I never cared about your political affiliation until you started to condemn me for mine.

    I never cared where you were from in this great Republic until you began condemning people based on where they were born and the history that makes them who they are.

    I have never cared if you were well off or poor because I’ve been both. Until you started calling me names for working hard and bettering myself.

    I’ve never cared if your beliefs are different than mine. Until you said my beliefs are wrong.

    I’ve never cared if you don’t like guns until you tried to take my guns away.

    Now. I care. I’ve given all the tolerance I have to give. This is no longer my problem. It’s your problem. You can still fix it. It’s not too late. But it will be. Soon.

    I’m a very patient person at times. But I’m out of patience. There are literally Millions of people just like me that are sick of your Anti American crap!

    We have had enough! America is the greatest country on earth and if you don’t like America then you can leave. We are done caring about your misguided feelings.

    You don’t have the right to enjoy American freedoms if you are trying to take that right way from other Americans.

    Please pass on ..if you CARE!

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  5. Bubby says:

    FTA “”Clinesmith’s name first made national news after his anti-Trump text messages to another FBI attorney, Sally Moyer, surfaced following a separate OIG investigation of anti-Trump bias from top FBI attorneys and investigators….“I’m just devastated,” Clinesmith texted to Moyer shortly after Trump won the presidential election in November of 2016. “Plus, my god damned name is all over the legal documents investigating his staff,” Clinesmith wrote….“Is it making you rethink your commitment to the Trump administration?” Moyer later asked Clinesmith, ostensibly referring to Clinesmith’s plan to remain at the FBI after Trump’s inauguration.

    “Hell no,” Clinesmith responded. “Viva le resistance.””

    My question is Clinesmith going to get the DOJ Wolf sentencing treatment? “Viva le resistance” arrogant SOB! This was a coup d’etat and the punishment even for those cooperating needs to be severe!

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    • mr.piddles says:

      He may end up with six months or whatever in the hoosegow.

      But the obvious question is: is this guilty plea part of a deal?

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      • Robert Smith says:

        His lawyers argued he provided the unchanged email to Crossfire Hurricane agents…


      • WhiteBoard says:

        I dont think the boy had to plead guilty, if he could say it was a mistake.

        the evidence must show proof of knowledge and COMMUNICATION with his upper management to Strzok.

        Strzok is next.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      This is a good thing people. Remember Barr said this wasn’t earth-shaking. A positive step. More and bigger to come.

      Yes, I know… but when?


    • L4grasshopper says:

      If this “plea deal” isn’t resulting in major info about other corrupt players in all of this, then the Republic is toast.

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    • warrprin1 says:

      In Clinesmith’s own effort to go all savoir-faire, he got the expression incorrect.

      Allow me…
      “Vive la résistance!” (français) OR. “!Viva la resistencia! (español). S
      The kid is clearly a victim of sloppy education practices.

      Clinesmith was going for the first version, but not unlike the email he doctored, he screwed up with a smart-mouth attempt with this as well.

      Once a self-delusional screw-up creep, always a self-delusional screw-up creep.

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  6. Nigella says:

    Sorry if this sounds dumb, but is this what Sundance was threatening to release today if Barr didn’t?


    • magamung says:

      No, this is just a small thread in the sweater, but that is how things unravel. While I know all of the Eeyores are upset that “this is all”, but keep in mind that until now the response to the allegations were that this was all a conspiracy theory. Well now, we have proof that something happened don’t we. I expect Sundance is going to be using this as the catalyst to explain the rest of the thread to those that don’t already understand what happened.

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    • garavaglia1 says:

      I doubt it. But..maybe we will find out by tomorrow?


  7. VP Pence will be calling in to Rush today.

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  8. sunnyflower5 says:

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  9. sunnyflower5 says:


  10. sunnyflower5 says:

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  11. sunnyflower5 says:

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  12. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    Thank you AG Barr that was a heavy lift. But you rooted it right out. So glad that whole messy business is over.


    That ain’t enough. We want it all. Every one of those dirty rotten SOBS. Not some 2 bit low life. We want big scalps take those who believe they know better will in the future KNOW BETTER.

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  13. mr.piddles says:

    Clinesmith charging document, in case you missed the link (or maybe I wasn’t paying attention… which has been known to happen):


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    • Padric says:

      Well, the court docs certainly verify that Barr brought Durham in under the Special Counsel rules in the Federal Code. Under a section listed as “Alternatives available to the Attorney General”, Option 2 is to appoint someone to conduct an investigation to “better inform their decision”. That’s why we’re hearing about a “report”. Under Special Counsel rules, he MUST file one. Durham signed the indictment under the title “Special Attorney to the Attorney General”, not “Special Counsel” which is how Mueller signed all his.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        Interesting. Thanks for pointing that out.

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        • gda53 says:

          So the Special Attorney then appointed a Special Counsel.

          Which is why Sundance says there is no Durham investigation.
          Which is why PDJT has spoken several times (but only VERY recently) about a Special Counsel having been appointed.
          Which leads me to believe Sundance clued in PDJT to the existence of the SC (and is the reason everyone keeps harping on about a “Report”.
          Which is why this thing may be far wider than I (at least) thought.
          Which is why PDJT seems annoyed (“it’s treason!”) because he knows that everything will not come out before the election.

          But maybe it will not be so easy to “disappear” all this in the unlikely event that PDJT loses


    • dawg says:

      So before the FBI filed the very first FISA warrant on Carter Page, the CIA had already told them that Page had worked for them in the past. But between the time of the 3rd and 4th warrant app, Page came out publicly and said he had worked for the govt. Then the FIB reached out to the CIA on the matter. The CIA said “yes Page was a source”, but Clinesmith changed the email to say “no he wasnt”.

      Here’s the thing. The FBI already knew Page was a CIA source. They didnt really need the CIA tell them that. Actually, they didnt want the CIA to tell them that. As a matter of fact, thats the last thing the FBI wanted the CIA to tell them. So then why did they ask?

      Its almost as if they needed the CIA to respond on a direct question, so that they could then alter their response in order to CYA.

      “Pre-meditated”, “intent”, “conspiracy”, “forgery”, lots of words coming to mind.

      The one that kinda jumps out is “conspiracy”.

      Hard to believe that Clinesmith would alter the content of an email from the CIA without instruction/approval/clearance.

      Heres to hoping he ratted out someone above him!

      The other thing thats interesting is that the two highest federal law enforcement agencies are trying to throw each other under the bus. Get your popcorn ready!

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      • deeperinfo says:

        Yes, the Clinesmith email alteration was a cover up of the lies in the Aproved FISA application for the initial FISA.

        Wonder what was in the prior rejected FISA application.


      • mr.piddles says:

        “Its almost as if they needed the CIA to respond on a direct question, so that they could then alter their response in order to CYA.”

        Ha! Yeah, that would make sense.

        “I’m sorry, Mr. Jones… can you say your name again into this salt shaker? Loud and clear, now. Thanks.”

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Good points, dawg.


    • Deplore Able says:

      A single count of filing a False Statement, 18 USC 1001(a)(3). Sounds like a Wolfe deal, which was 18 USC 1001(a)(1). Looks like a 5 year max sentence.

      How about deprivation of civil rights under color of law? Conspiracy to defraud the FISA Court? There must have been more counts to charge Clinesmith.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      age 2 paragrah a.

      • shows he worked National Security Division to provide support for the FISA and submission to FISC for authority.

      • NSD is Yates — She cant hide.

      page 2 paragraph b.

      • Talks of the FBI crossfire group being informed in August 17, 2016 that Carter Page was an “operational contact from 2008 to 2013.

      • They were informed prior to the first Fisa that this is BS.

      • Is this when they went to the Papdopolous frame to make the FISA juicier by saying a Friendly Foreign Government informed them they were working with russia on emails.

      Page 3

      • Implied that somewhere aroudn the 4th fisa renewal the SSA wanted to know if Cater was CIA.

      • Did Clinesmith get a differrent SSA at this time? This was June 19, 2017. Comey was fired. Strozok still operating? Mccabe?

      Page 4 and 5

      • show Clinesmith trying ot repsond to his SSA – saying yes its all good – no issue here, ill forward correspondence to show im not a liar (paraphrase)

      • This is when Clinesmith Edits the FOLLOW UP communication for the 4th FISA renewal to MATCH what Clinesmith lied about PRIOR TO THE FIRST FISA with the Agust 17, 2016 memo


  14. CMDCMRET says:

    Clinesmith the first. I called it. Tick. Tock.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      actually Senate Official was first to fall…

      the key to this plea is that everything they touched from Page FISA is “poison fruit” but let’s see if appeals courts respect precedent…

      Manafort Papadoupoulous Stone Cohen Flynn cases should all be removed/overturned from court proceedings

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      • CMDCMRET says:

        That is the right answer…to the wrong question. I could have been more clear, you could have asked questions. Clinesmith was the first.


  15. sunnyflower5 says:

    Unschedule Press Conference with President Trump 1:00ET

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    • Troublemaker10 says:

      Same thing is happening in Chicago. A couple businesses are indicating they may relocate due to mayor”s inaction to protect their property.


  16. magatrump says:

    Clinesmith will be the first of many. Justice is coming. Thank you SD. Thank you.

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  17. Sentient says:

    Here’s an idea: the president could announce that he’ll be holding rallies in areas once they’ve hit herd immunity. NYC would be a possibility now, although since it’s enemy territory, there’s not too much point (although he could do Staten Island). In another month he could do Phoenix, Houston, Miami. Not only would the rallies provide some much needed excitement, but this would get the conversation going about likely herd immunity based not only on covid antibodies but on T and B cell innate immunity. Once people realize we’re 60% of the way to herd immunity, the claim that the response was “botched” will ring hollow. Meanwhile Biden wants everybody wearing masks outside – even walking on a country road or sitting in boat fishing. That’s going to annoy more people as time goes on.

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  18. magatrump says:

    Cllinesmith the first of many! Justice is comming. Thank you SD. Thank you.

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  19. WOW…
    What We all have Suspected ?
    Conspiracy or not?
    Whistleblower: New Epstein Tapes Show Top Supreme Court Justice Being Blackmailed

    “One of the SCOTUS [justices] is in the Epstein tapes that were recovered yesterday. I’m sure you can guess which one.

    “The shocking part is the canary is telling the feds a certain nation state has been blackmailing this gentleman since prior to his nomination to SCOTUS.

    “What does this mean? This justice was hand picked at the highest levels specifically because he was being controlled via blackmail. A sheep in wolf’s clothing appearing to be which he is not.

    “Cat is out of the bag… or I should say almost.”
    (read more)

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    • Publius2016 says:

      interesting if true…removing Globalist Chief Justice Roberts would definitely set the nation up for stalemate…would Republican Senate remove and replace before election? Mitt Susan and Lisa would decide our Nation’s Supreme Court fate…

      Remember, Roberts is not the only person on tape if released…how many sitting Senators Generals Mayors CEOs have to step down???

      think more likely to be Weinered

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      • Remington says:

        If true, this is significant. ‘Would explain the insane decisions/comments from …the Generals…and Roberts, in particular. Don’t know this publication, but if true, we’re talking straws and camels back (no, the other camel – not joe’s partner))

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      • doyouseemyvision says:

        Believe Trump just said the other day if a SC vacancy appeared, he would fill it now. Does Trump know something?

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    • MomsForTrump says:

      I clicked on the link and went to the site. It’s full of crazy, conspiracy type stuff. Sadly, looks like it’s too good to be true.

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      • Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

        If true we will never know. If true he will have to resign for health reasons. Thats already being set up. If true they none of they can afford every one of his flips having to be reexamine.


    • Beau Geste says:

      hard (and devastating) to believe. Even if the flight records are not fake, lots of people are named john roberts. isn’t there a ‘newsman’ named “John Roberts”?

      But I can believe lots of congresscritters are amoral creeps.

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      • boogywstew says:

        Let us not forget that that the name “Michael Cohen” is extremely common in the NYC Metropolitan area and that didn’t stop the the Left from claiming President Trump’s attorney was in Prague when he was in California at the time.


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Interesting, if true. However, have we all forgotten Roberts’ problematic adoption of his (I believe two) children? Correct me, please, if I am wrong, but for the Epstein thing, you could just not accept the nomination or resign without comment, but something involving your children is actually far more profound.

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  20. sunnyflower5 says:

    Can Biden explain why liberal gov would empty their jails due to China Virus instead of MANDATING the inmates to wear masks?
    If one is arrested for not wearing masks are they forced to wear masks in jail? 🧐🤔

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  21. joebkonobi says:

    Guilty plea good. Probably means a plea for singing on others. Took too long but guess later better than never. Hopefully the Clinesmith domino will set off a chain reaction all the way to the top.

    Can’t wait for the pressitutes to ask Biden his thoughts. . . oops, forgot, he doesn’t take questions.


    • Lady in Red says:

      Let’s hope “singing” was a pre-requisite and it’s not just a one-and-done guilty plea (a bone to try to silence Sundance for the time being?)

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  22. kaste says:

    Lance Wallnau has always Kamala would be.VP. This is approx 6 minutes and very good. Lance is a man of great faith and has been a POTUS supporter.

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  23. CopperTop says:

    Quick reminder 1001 a sent Martha to jail.


  24. Magabear says:

    How have the “Children’s Lives Matter” protests gone today? What, there weren’t any? I mean, a 5 year old was executed in front of his sisters! Sports teams surely took a knee over this and have slogans on their uniforms in support of innocent children, right?! No?

    Yes, folks, welcome to “morality”, 2020 style.

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  25. Bubby says:

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  26. steph_gray says:

    I will be checking in as much as possible over a busy weekend, but won’t be able to listen to any video. So here’s my little tribute to Sundance’s endeavor. I’ll be doing an online music event, and I picked this tune to sing, because I think its lyrics are evocative for sundance, Durham, even for Barr, in what we all hope/expect will go down in one form or another…

    Note: I do intend to slightly edit two lines of the lyrics as follows – I don’t expect any of the listening moonbats to catch my changes, so it will be for my own private amusement…

    If your memory serves you well
    I was gonna confiscate all your tapes (instead of “lace”)
    And wrap ’em up in a sailor’s knot
    And use (instead of “hide”) ’em in your case

    May the wheel be on fire indeed…

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  27. sunnydaze says:

    Takes @ 40 people to set up the light beams. Too dangerous, accd’ng to De Blasio.

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  28. sunnyflower5 says:

    Absentee/ mail-in ballots 👉👉requires a request from the voter
    unlike Universal mail-in where the state gov sends it everyone and anyone in their records. 🧐

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  29. Mr. Mick says:

    🚨🚨 Breaking: Police arrest Infowars Reporter @Millie__Weaver claiming a "grand jury has indicted her." "I was literally about to break huge breaking news right now," Millie says.— Adan Salazar (@AdanSalazarWins) August 14, 2020

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  30. destashjan says:

    In other news…National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week there is “no reason” Americans can’t vote in person for the 2020 presidential election, so long as voters follow proper social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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    • dawg says:

      I think hes just trying to stay in the Pres’ good graces. He knows his words cant force the way states hold their elections. He knows the Dem Governors will go all in for mail-in voting no matter what he says. But by saying this, he can try to stay in PTs “circle of trust”.

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  31. sync says:

    Get out of your house…give us your home


  32. nimblenavigator says:

    Trump live in 2 mins…

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  33. lapilgrim says:

    I need a little help to defend the Administration.

    Friends on FB are up in arms over President Trump’s “actions against the postal service”.

    I don’t know what they are talking about. Is it true that sorting machines are being removed? If so, why?


    P.S. Here is a typical comment on my FB feed:
    “ Ohhkay, Trump stans: Defend the current administration’s acts of slowing down mail processing, removing mail sorting machinery from post offices across the nation, and literally yanking mailboxes right off the streets.

    Go ahead. I’m waiting.”


    • lackawaxen123 says:

      don’t try defend it … no matter what you say it won’t change their view … you are wasting your time …

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Just tell them the basics, since they don’t know them:

      1) Dems are sending out ballots to everybody, wether they request them or not wether they’re registered to vote or not.. ie. They’ll flood the Postal System

      2) Absentee Ballots are REQUESTED by individuals who are registered to vote.

      No reason to flood the postal sys. w/ ballots to cats , dogs, and imaginary people.
      Then disengage and drop it.

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      • lapilgrim says:

        Yes, I do know about the whole mail-in vote for all scam that the Democrats are promoting. Heck the three voters in my household have already received two identical notices each re the coming mail-in vote in California. Talk about waste!

        What I’m unsure about though are the specifics they are complaining about. I guess I have to read the Politico, the Yahoo and the Rawstory (who?) articles that was posted. Ugh. I can’t bother with that now. Maybe later…. There is so much other, more critical news to focus on now. President Trump mentioned so many important happenings

        Thanks for the replies, all!


    • Greg1 says:

      (Checks mailbox…….yep, still there.)

      “If you lied about one thing you’ll lie about everything.”


      Just send them that if you choose. It’ll tick them off because they can’t refute you busted a lie.

      But lackawaxen123 is correct.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Postal service runs itself. Ask them to first prove that machines are being taken and that you actually have the mail volume of letters these days anyway.

      I mailed one letter in 3 months.


  34. sync says:

    Biden And Harris Refuse To Take Questions From The Press: ‘We’ll Talk About That Later’
    and why
    will never debate Trump …..

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  35. burnett044 says:


    time will tell…………….hope we have a plan B and a plan C….

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  36. sync says:

    Portland State University announced Thursday that campus safety officers will no longer carry guns during patrol.

    The move comes as Portland nears 80 days of continuous protests against police violence and systemic racism.

    ( should do wonders for enrollments ),police%20violence%20and%20systemic%20racism.


  37. FPCHmom says:

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    • CopperTop says:

      Page was questioned by Congress about how many passports he held. That was the tip off he was CIA on a ‘fake’ Diplo passport at one time. Sources and methods yada yada stopped any further questions

      EVERYBODY KNEW and they all hid in Sources and Methods.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      who was clinesmith’s SSA in June 2017? and was it different then previously.

      a new hire?


  38. FPCHmom says:

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  39. burnett044 says:


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  40. Nick the Deplorable says:

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  41. FPCHmom says:

    Moving up the food chain –

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  42. sync says:


    • fred5678 says:

      The people PUSHING a door closed on police officers is INTERFERING with police and possibly assault and battery.

      Arrest the clowns!!

      Cops have turned into pansies to avoid starting riots. Can you imagine what would happen in Moscow if civilians did this to police??? A few cracked skulls.

      These clowns are SO LUCKY they live in our glorious Republic.


  43. Bubby says:


  44. WeThePeople2016 says:

    SD said Durham is a head fake. This is a crumb drop. Release the kraken SD. I don’t trust any of them!!!!!

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