RIP Charlie Daniels 1936 – 2020

A sad day for those who enjoyed a very unique American music legend, Charlie Daniels.

Official Statement – Nashville, Tenn. (July 6, 2020) — Country music and southern rock legend Charlie Daniels has passed. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry member died this morning at Summit Medical Center in Hermitage, Tennessee. Doctors determined the cause of death was a hemorrhagic stroke. He was 83.

Funeral arrangements will be announced in the coming days. (more)


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128 Responses to RIP Charlie Daniels 1936 – 2020

  1. ropala says:

    That golden fiddle….

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  2. CorwinAmber says:

    add him to the upcoming “Garden of Heroes”…please

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    • CorwinAmber I second that emotion! I had the pleasure of seeing him last year in concert. He was the real deal. He always meant what he said, did what he said he was going to do. He loved God, his family and his country. I feel like I have lost a big brother!

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  3. Janeka says:

    My condolences to his family and all patriots that followed him. We’ve lost another American treasure

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  4. Donna in Oregon says:

    A nice man and a great talent. Style of his own. He played a few times at my job when I was in college, always a gentleman. RIP Mr. Daniels.

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  5. Sigh2016 says:

    God bless him and praying for his family and friends.

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  6. DeWalt says:

    I’m sad. It’s like loosing an old friend. Rest in peace old Volunteer.

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  7. Blue Moon says:

    Went to Tunica Mississippi to see him back about 4 years ago. He was fantastic. I still can’t believe I got to see him in concert. RIP. He was one hell of a Patriot.

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  8. DeWalt says:

    I’m sad. It’s like loosing an old friend. Rest in peace old Volunteer.

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  9. JCM800 says:

    RIP, Sir.

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  10. WeThePeople2016 says:

    So sad to hear of his passing. We went to see him years ago on our first date in Atlantic City. I just posted one of his last Tweets on July 4th. He was a good man.

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  11. jackalix says:

    He was a good man of the bible and a staunch conservative of freedom/rights/military and the Police his Soap Box was required reading for me weekly.

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  12. Beigun says:

    “Uneasy Rider” has arrived at the Gate of Heaven. RIP!

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  13. Coast says:

    A real American. God bless him.

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  14. DeWalt says:

    The South will never be the same.

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  15. 335blues says:

    Charlie Daniels was a great man.
    He loved America and was not silent
    about what he thought of those trying
    to destroy the greatest country in the
    history of mankind in favor of tyranny.
    He never took his freedom for granted
    and encouraged all to do the same.
    Charlie will be remembered.

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    • Remington says:

      This one really hurts. True patriot…you could always count on him to say things right. Soooo many great songs. Who can ever forget the truth telling of Simple Man.
      RIP Charlie….


  16. Jive Pawnbroker says:

    “I done told you once, you son of a *****, I’m the best there’s ever been”.

    Truer words have never been sung. Rest In Peace, Charlie.

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  17. Quartermaster says:

    I was delighted when he testified that he had become a Christian. The devil didn’t get his soul. See you later brother.

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  18. JCM800 says:

    “Uneasy Rider”
    Charlie Daniels Band

    I was takin a trip out to L.A.
    Toolin along in my cheverolet
    Tokin on a number and diggin on the radio

    Just as I crossed the Mississippi line
    I heard that highway start to whine
    And I knew that left rear tire was about to blow

    Well the spare was flat and I got uptight
    Cause there wasn’t a filling station in sight
    So I just limped on down the shoulder on the rim

    I went as far as I could and when I stopped the car
    It was right in front of this little bar
    Kind of a red-neck lookin joint called the Dew Drop Inn

    I stuffed my hair up under my hat
    And told the bartender that I had a flat
    And would he be kind enough to give me change for a one

    There was one thing I was sure proud to see
    There wasn’t a soul in the place except for him and me
    He just looked disgusted and pointed toward the telephone

    I called up the station down the road a ways
    He said he wasn’t very busy today
    And he could have someone out there in just about 10 minutes or so

    He said, “Now, you just stay right where yer at!”
    And I didn’t bother to tell the darn fool
    That I sure as hell didn’t have anyplace else to go

    I just ordered up a beer and sat down at the bar
    When some guy walked in and said, “Who owns this car
    With the peace sign, the mag wheels and the four on the floor?”

    He looked at me and I damn near died
    And I decided that I’d just wait outside
    So I laid a dollar on the bar and headed for the door

    Just when I thought I’d get outta there with my skin
    These 5 big dudes come strollin in
    With one old drunk chick and some fella with green teeth

    I was almost to the door when the biggest one
    Said, “You tip your hat to this lady, son!”
    And when I did, all that hair fell out from underneath

    Now the last thing I wanted was to get into a fight
    In Jackson Mississippi on a Saturday night
    Especially when there was three of them and only one of me

    They all started laughin and I felt kinda sick
    And I knew I better think of something pretty quick
    So I just reached out and kicked old green teeth right in the knee

    Now he let out a yell that’d curl yer hair
    But before he could move I grabbed me a chair
    And said “Now watch him Folks cause he’s a thoroughly dangerous man!”

    “You may not know it but this man is a spy.
    He’s a undercover agent for the FBI
    And he’s been sent down here to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan!”

    He was still bent over holdin on to his knee
    But everybody else was looking and listening to me
    And I laid it on thicker and heavier as I went

    I said, “Would you believe this man has gone as far
    As tearing Wallace stickers off the bumpers of cars.
    And he voted for George McGovern for President.”

    “Well, he’s a friend of them long haired, hippy-type, pinko fags!
    I betchya he’s even got a commie flag
    tacked up on the wall inside of his garage.”

    “He’s a snake in the grass, I tell ya guys.
    He may look dumb but that’s just a disguise,
    He’s a mastermind in the ways of espionage”

    They all started lookin real suspicious at him
    And he jumped up and said “Now just wait a minute Jim!
    You know he’s lying I been living here all of my life!”

    “I’m a faithful follower of Brother John Birch
    And I belong to the Antioch Baptist Church.
    And I ain’t even got a garage, you can call home and ask my wife!”

    Then he started saying somethin bout the way I was dressed
    But I didn’t wait around to hear the rest
    I was too busy moving and hoping I didn’t run outta luck

    When I hit the ground I was making tracks
    And they were just taking my car down off the jacks
    So I threw the man a twenty and jumped in and fired that mother up

    Mario Andretti wouldda sure been proud
    Of the way I was movin when I passed that crowd
    Coming out the door and headed toward me at a trot

    And I guess I should of gone ahead and run
    But somehow I just couldn’t resist the fun
    Of chasing them all just once around the parking lot

    Well they headed for their car, but i hit the gas
    And spun around and headed them off at the pass
    I was slinging gravel and putting a ton of dust in the air

    I had them all out there steppin and fetchin
    Like their heads was on fire and their asses was catchin
    then I figgered I had better go ahead and split before the cops got there

    When I hit the road I was really wheelin
    Had gravel flyin and rubber squeelin
    And I didn’t slow down till I was almost to Arkansas

    I think I’m gonna reroute my trip
    I wonder if anybody’d think I’d flipped
    If I went to L.A., via Omaha

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  19. MaineCoon says:

    Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the Lord Is the death of His godly ones.

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  20. Will says:

    A great musician and a true American Patriot. RIP, Charlie.

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  21. scrap1ron says:

    Your music will live on. Thank you for the wonderful memories, Mr. Daniels.

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  22. Niagara Frontier says:

    I saw him perform several times in northern and central Florida back in the 70’s and early 80’s. He never disappointed. He now sings with angels.

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  23. Must be something to that old saying: “The good die young”. Seems the evil ones live forever.
    I will miss you Charlie.

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    • P says:

      I think that’s because God is merciful and doesn’t want anyone to perish. He waits until that person has fully decided against accepting His gift of salvation thru His Son Jesus before He withholds their next breath. God loves us all so very much. I’ll bet Mr. Daniels is rejoicing BIGLY right now in the presence of The Lord. How blessed he is to have left all of this chaos behind. Soon and very soon…;AKJV

      Ecclesiastes 7:3
      3 A good name is better than a good ointment, and the day of death, than the day that one is born.

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  24. T2020 says:

    He was an exceptional patriot as well as musician. “…to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.” – 2 Cor 5:8

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  25. More Bore says:

    Not evne sort of a country music fan… but RIP to a talented musician and a good man.

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  26. tiredofallthis says:

    I saw Charlie Daniels at the Volunteer Jam in Nashville in January, 1979, and I believe it was the first time he ever played The Devil Went Down To Georgia in public. RIP Charlie Daniels.

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  27. Joebkonobi says:

    A great American, human being, artist and patriot. RIP Charlie.

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  28. daystarmin says:


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  29. rebel53blog says:

    I will miss my friend.
    RIP Charlie Daniels

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  30. freepetta says:

    Going to miss you Charlie Daniels!! A giant of a man in every way!!

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  31. waicool says:

    Rest In Peace my brother!

    Charlie Daniels Band – Reflections

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  32. Og Oggilby says:

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  33. WSB says:

    An inspiration to us all, Charlie. A life well served! SO glad I was able to meet you years ago at my first concert ever!

    Rest in peace with the Lord.

    And please give a hearty ‘Hello’ to Andrew!

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  34. billrla says:

    His music is a treasured reminder of good times and good places. Fortunately, his music and the spirit it conveys is still with his. RIP.

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  35. Dora says:

    My brother and I saw him perform at Westbury. He really had the audience jumping.

    Merle Haggard and Roy Clark were also great fiddlers, to give them their due.

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  36. The “Long Haired Country Boy” has gone home. RIP
    Saw him 40+ years ago and saw him last year, a great man and a great entertainer.

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  37. RyderLee says:

    🇺🇸 Fair Winds and Following Seas for Charlie , an Awesome Patriot 🇺🇸

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  38. J says:

    I saw Charlie Daniels with Skynyrd two summers ago at DTE/Pine Knob in Clarkston MI. What a show. RIP Charlie.

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  39. Deborah Geyer says:

    Mr. Charlie Daniels was ‘One of a kind’. He put so much heart/emotion into his music. Of coursr, he sang ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ like he was just born to sing it! Rest easy Mr. Daniels…

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  40. numbersixdance says:

    Saw him in Dallas in the early 90″s…American institution. RIP good buddy.

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  41. JustScott says:

    I met him briefly a few time, a very nice gentleman. Not sure why, but he used to play at the Palatine Illinois Summer Festival for free, in the late 90s. He will be greatly missed. Amazing artist.

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  42. alliwantissometruth says:

    RIP Charlie

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  43. Ken B says:

    The man and his music became much to me as the years went by, but he became a giant to me in 7th grade with the first record I ever personally bought (45 rpm of “Devil Went down…” – two sides, and with “the bad word” version!) and the first rock t-shirt I ever owned (“On the eighth day, God created the Charlie Daniels Band”). God Bless and thank you for everything Charlie Daniels.

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  44. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Hope he got to see them play one of his songs during the Fireworks Show at Mt. Rushmore last Friday. Rest in peace fellow patriot.

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  45. Maquis says:

    He had a good run.

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  46. Abster says:

    Boy, could he sing and play that fiddle! Great memories of fun, carefree times! What a wonderful entertainer and patriot. RIP

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    • diogenes says:

      I always loved his music . It brought me and my family so many hours of pleasure.

      The Devil may habe come down to Georgia, but Angels sure went to Tennessee.

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  47. cheryl says:

    A lot of “celebrities” come and go but, man, this one hit me like a ton of bricks. A good man and a patriot who loved God and country. You can’t ask for more than that.

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  48. borndwebb says:

    And another link closes.

    With memories and reflections of the many Times I was able to watch him live.
    Bought his LPs and just smiled and grinned listening to him.

    Adios Charlie,

    You lived it your way, like a real man.

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  49. Craig Allen says:

    The Devil will never beat him now, not in Georgia or anywhere.. God rest his soul.

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