RIP Charlie Daniels 1936 – 2020

A sad day for those who enjoyed a very unique American music legend, Charlie Daniels.

Official Statement – Nashville, Tenn. (July 6, 2020) — Country music and southern rock legend Charlie Daniels has passed. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry member died this morning at Summit Medical Center in Hermitage, Tennessee. Doctors determined the cause of death was a hemorrhagic stroke. He was 83.

Funeral arrangements will be announced in the coming days. (more)


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128 Responses to RIP Charlie Daniels 1936 – 2020

  1. freepetta says:

    The Devil is down in Georgia. Just look at the crimes last weekend:

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  2. ChuckE says:

    Saw Charlie at the Grand Ole Opry on 9-11 2018. What a Patriot. May he Rest In Peace and watch over us all.

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  3. freepetta says:

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  4. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    My parents took me to see CDB at the DuQuoin State Fair in 1979.

    These are 2 of my favorite songs:

    RIP Charlie!

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  5. trishinsouthernillinois says:

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  6. TexanInFL says:

    RIP you ferocious American! I’ve loved you my whole life!

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  7. kleen says:

    Tragic loss!
    Tragic loss for our country, for the conservative movement.
    Huge loss!
    Extremely sad and upsetting to me.

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  8. visage13 says:

    He was such a nice man. I spoke to him on Twitter once. Everyday he would Tweet and post on Instagram: Benghazi we will not forget. I never got to see him live, I wish I did.

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  9. I was very lucky to see Mr Daniels in the Ran Auditorium a few years back. May he Rest In Peace

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  10. Deserttrek says:

    Saw them twice in the 70’s
    Great shows

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  11. Magabear says:

    Lots of Charlie Daniels being played on the SiriusXM Deep Tracks channel for those who have it.

    One of my first concerts was seeing Charlie and his band at the old Philly Spectrum back in the early 80’s. Great artist, better person.

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  12. Wow. Sad day for traditional country/country rock music. Saw Charlie just before the panpanic on Huckabee. He looked and sounded great.

    May Charlie forever play great music in Heaven.

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  13. Yadent says:

    Had the privilege of see Mr Daniels twice many years ago. Absolutely great concerts. My wife was in love when he opened his concert with The Tennessee Waltz (she’s from Tennessee). I worked with a correctional officer who in his youth was a roadie for various groups. Once asked him who the best groups were to work with. Mentioned Pat Benatar as being great one of the nicest, but the best was Charlie Daniels. Mr. Daniels always made sure to have food available for the roadies and ALWAYS had a chest of a Jack Daniels for them after the work was done.

    Charlie will be missed…….

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  14. nerveman says:

    Thankfully I got to see Charlie Daniels years and years ago in Pittsburgh. He was a great performer. “You just go and lay your hand/On a Pittsburgh Steelers fan/And I think you’re gonna finally understand.”

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  15. cheryl says:

    So, America, in the next few months you’re going to have to make a choice, about how far you’ll be pushed, the priorities of your vote, the kind of world you want your children to grow up in and which side of this debacle you stand on.

    Stand tall or crawl, those are the choices.

    What do you think?

    Pray for our troops our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

    God Bless America

    Charlie Daniels 6/26/20

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  16. Lesser known but classic Charlie Danials.

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  17. Waymore says:

    In the early 80’s, at the Mississippi River Festival, I saw John Prine open for Charlie Daniels. Maybe their playin’ a concert now.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Saw him in Dayton during the “million miles reflection tour”.
      At the old Hara Arena, which was recently blew apart in
      the tornadoes last year.

      Jay Ferguson was the opening act. Phenomenal concert,
      with a scary twist. It was delayed because some kid crawled
      through the ceiling to see it for free. The lights went off for
      over an hour. Nobody acted up, just sat there in the dark.

      The next day, Daniels went to the hospital to see the kid.
      He had almost been electrocuted.

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  18. TradeBait says:

    RIP, Christian brother. Go do your thing for the Lord. He needs some real fiddle playing.

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  19. just another guy says:

    I received a backstage pass to Charlie Daniels and his band circa 1991 and sat there with him and the guys in the green room prior to them going on stage. I was so stage struck that I could not say anything. Their warmup performance was Alabama. What a night.

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  20. LizzieinTexas says:

    Thanks for the memories.

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  21. the phoenix says:

    In America
    by the Charlie Daniels Band

    V. Eternal rest grant unto Charlie Daniels, O Lord.
    R. And let the perpetual light shine upon him.
    And may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

    Quite a patriot we lost.

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  22. Dora says:

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  23. thesavvyinvester says:

    RIP Sir. Got to shake his hand in Nashville a couple if yrs back. One of my high school chums also into the Country Rock scene back in the day became a player in the music biz, & dropping his name was like old home week. Thanks for great music, great shows, your patriotism & faith. Well done Sir, well done…

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  24. I was hoping they would play “In America” at the 4th of July Mt. Rushmore celebration – and they did!
    “God Bless America again!”
    RIP Charlie

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  25. Kaco says:

    My husband just told me. I was so glad to see the last few years when he was on Twitter he was a big patriot. We will greatly miss his support for America and for this President! My brothers were teens when Southern Rock was in full swing and were huge fans of Charlie Daniels and the like, I was much younger but also a fan. Rest in Peace, Patriot.

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  26. labrat says:

    Two years ago my father died. Lucille was playing when he took his last breath..RIP Charlie you’re in good company.

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  27. I Hear You Now says:

    from this great article:

    “We would follow him into battle,” friend and Nashville musician Larry Gatlin shared Monday. “We would not follow him on stage. We couldn’t. No one else could either. ‘Nuff said.” 

    Charlie Daniels, of ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’ fame, dies at 83

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    • TwoLaine says:

      This song reminds me that he recently gave a fiddle to Gen. Flynn.


        • TwoLaine says:

          Thank you Guffman. I posted the tweet on it the night that it happened, but couldn’t find it again last night. I was going to look again this AM. I knew it was after the 1st big win for him, when the DOJ threw the case out and said they were done.


          • Guffman says:

            I wish Charlie had stayed with us long enough to see Gen Flynn completely exonerated and freed from this BS he and his family have been subjected to by a rotten and corrupt political administration, at the absolute highest levels no less.

            Hopefully Charlie’s having a conversation now with the guy upstairs on how to right this world where evil seems to permeated itself, and is smothering all the good out of so many parts of society. We need divine intervention.

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  28. Drogers says:

    I was working out of the Great Falls Int. Airport years ago when he and his group came through.

    They were, as expected jeans, cowboy hats, jokes and laughs, and common people well met.

    RIP Charlie.

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  29. Michael says:

    What this World needs is a few more Rednecks

    What this world needs is a few more rednecks
    Some people ain’t afraid to take a stand
    What this world needs is a little more respect
    For the Lord and the law and the working man
    We could use a little peace and satisfaction
    Some good people up front to take the lead
    A little less talk and a little more action
    And a few more rednecks is what we need

    [Verse 1]
    I was raised on beans and cornbread
    And I like my chicken fried
    Yes, I drive a pick-up truck
    And I’m full of American pride
    I keep a Bible on my table
    I got a flag out on my lawn
    And I don’t believe in minding
    No one’s business but my own
    And I love them Rambo movies
    I think they make a lot of sense
    And it’s a shame old John Wayne
    Didn’t live to run for president
    And I don’t care what nobody says
    I don’t trust old Gorbachev
    And I don’t know who turned him on
    But it’s time to turn him off

    What this world needs is a few more rednecks
    Some people ain’t afraid to take a stand
    What this world needs is a little more respect
    For the Lord and the law and the working man
    We could use a little peace and satisfaction
    Some good people up front to take the lead
    A little less talk and a little more action
    And a few more rednecks is what we need

    [Verse 2]
    Now they’re trying to take my guns away
    And that would be just fine
    If you take them away from the criminals first
    I’ll gladly give you mine
    And I don’t mind paying taxes
    But it makes my temper itch
    When my hard earned money goes
    To make some politician rich
    What most people call a redneck
    Ain’t nothing but a working man
    And he makes his living
    By the sweat of his brow
    And the calluses on his hands
    Now you intellectuals may not like it
    But there ain’t nothing that you can do
    Cause there’s a whole lot more of us common-folks
    Then there ever will be of you

    What this world needs is a few more rednecks
    Some people ain’t afraid to take a stand
    What this world needs is a little more respect
    For the Lord and the law and the working man
    We could use a little peace and satisfaction
    Some good people up front to take the lead
    A little less talk and a little more action
    And a few more rednecks is what we need

    That’s what we need
    And a few more rednecks is what we need

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  30. JAS says:

    R.I.P. Charley. Your music will live forever. Mission accomplished!


  31. valuethetruth says:

    I interviewed Mr. Daniels for radio during the late 1990’s. It was like catching up with a longtime friend. We’ve lost a fellow fighter for the truth. RIP Charlie Daniels.

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  32. Blind no Longer says:

    Charlie Daniels…a great American, and a TRUE country music artist, back when country music was really country music. I’m so lucky I got to see him in Atlanta on New Years Eve many, many years ago. RIP you great man!


  33. icthematrix says:

    A great man and musician. Please read his memoir “Never Look At The Empty Seats”. It explains how, many years after his glory days, the Charlie Daniels Band came to play for the July 4th festival in a small Missouri town where I lived. There was no massive stage…just a corner area of the midway where a few hundred people max might be able to watch. We stood there nearly in front and witnessed an amazing, inspired performance, He never cared how many came…he always gave everything he had in every show, Charlie did that in life, in his devotion to our nation, and in his faith. Rest brother in the precious arms of our Savior.

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  34. SanJac says:

    Charlie Daniels band should have been inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame years ago.

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  35. Saw him in a small park in Encinitas,CA w/Canned Heat and others on July 4,1984.Again in Pompano Beach,FL w/The Marshall Tucker Band in 2016.Always awesome…RIP Charlie!!!


  36. Brutalus says:

    God Bless Charlie Daniels.. a true Patriot…the Devil Went Down to Georgia is a great song…although i have to admit, I always thought the Devil got jobbed


  37. Monadnock says:

    Love this guy – look forward to meeting him when my last day is done.

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  38. Beverly says:

    Charlie, thanks for the great music, and thanks for being a staunch patriot! Hope we’ll see you later in the sweet bye ‘n bye!

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  39. trishinsouthernillinois says:


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  40. maxxheadroom777 says:

    by Charlie Daniels

    When they crucified my Jesus they drove nails into His hands \ The sky grew gray and stormy and darkness filled the land \ Then those Roman soldiers gambled for the robe that He had worn \ An earthquake shook Jerusalem and the temple veil was torn \ They went up to The Cross and drove a spear into His side \ And when they knew for certain that that man had surely died \ They took Him down from off The Cross and laid Him in His grave \ And rolled a mighty stone across the entrance to the cave

    It was early in the morning just about the break of day \ They went out to the tomb and saw the stone had rolled away \ Then they came upon a young man who looked at them and said \ Why you searching for a living man here among the dead? \ They were scared and they were doubtful crying in despair \ When all of sudden they turned around and saw Jesus standing there! \ He said Go find my disciples and tell’em something for Me \ The Son of man is risen I’m gonna meet’em in Galilee

    And there was joy in the morning \ And joy all thru the day \ ‘Cause Jesus Christ our Savior has overcome death, hell and the grave \ There was joy in the eve’nin’ and in the midnight hour \ Joy in His salvation and His healing power \ There was joy in the morning Praise His Name Praise His Name

    Now if you missed the first coming of the precious Son of man \ Stick around now brother He’s coming back again \ And there’ll be joy in the morning \ Praise His Name Praise His Name


  41. Dave says:

    Saw Charlie and his CDB in West Palm Beach with friends many years ago. We began partying hours before we ever arrived at the Coral Sky Amphitheater, and that concert was the icing on the cake! Years before that, my wife and I were going to see him in concert at an indoor venue also in WPB on New Year’s Eve, by golly! Well, we didn’t get the memo that the concert was cancelled, and we pulled into an empty parking lot! Not to worry, we had our own private party back at the house that even Charlie himself would have been proud of! His greatest hits CD is always in my rotation, and I’d recommend his book if you like a good read! Miss you, buddy! Looking forward to meeting you on the other side!


    • maxxheadroom777 says:

      Your comment reminded me of the final scene between Charles Grodin & Robert DeNiro in a great little movie called “Midnight Run.” In that scene they both said, “See ya in the next life.” and meant it. That was before DeNiro lost his precious gift. Oh well. Keep on rockin’..


  42. Badger says:

    We are blessed that we had him walking on the planet with us for awhile.


  43. midtngal says:

    In case you’re in the area or are interested in the information…

    Per the Mt. Juliet Police Dept – On Wednesday, a Patriotic Community Service will be held outside of Sellars Funeral Home, at 2229 N. Mt. Juliet Road, starting at 6:30 p.m. This event will feature honors from the military, an aircraft flyover, along with music from Trace Adkins, Tracey Lawrence, Darryl Worley, and others. The public is invited to attend.


  44. kurt72 says:

    A wonderful man! Southern rockers were such nice guys when I met them in the 70s living in FL. Ronnie Van Zant, Charlie, Gregg Allman, Danny Joe Brown and more. I was friends with the guys in Molly Hatchet so I got to hang out with them at shows. And some great cookouts! Guitars all around. I got to play a bit with Dicky Betts once! Great memories. 🇺🇸


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