July 6th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1264

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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629 Responses to July 6th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1264

  1. Lucille says:

    A good article to keep on file to refute our leftie family members and friends since we know the media will go bats when our President pardons Stone…

    Did Roger Stone Threaten To Kill Federal Judge?
    By Jacob Engels – Published July 6, 2020 at 7:00am

    When Hillary Clinton’s former Lawyer Aaron Zelinsky testified via Skype to the House Judiciary Committee last week he recycled one of the most stunning twists in the story of the prosecution of Roger Stone, Zelinsky, among the dirtiest of Mueller’s dirty cops, said Stone deserved a longer sentence than the 40 months issued by Judge Amy Berman Jackson because he said “Stone threatened a federal judge.”


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    • gda53 says:

      I don’t think a pardon is coming at this stage. I look for a commutation instead. Pardon comes after November 3.

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        a more obvious approach would be to ultilize every person attacked by this lawfare group – and have them as immune witness against the illegal lawyer insurrection.

        start calling them Durham

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  2. Troublemaker10 says:

    Kanye has nearly 30 million followers. If you can identify those followers who have supported his announcement you have a massive voter contact list of people who likely don’t want to vote for Biden.

    This seems very advantageous for Trump campaign (voter outreach to black community). Not sure what the Dems would gain from it. If they are not for Biden now, it is not likely they will be even with voter outreach.

    Kanye’s basic message to blacks at the heart of his transformational message is powerful…..

    You can be a free thinker.

    I don’t know what Kanye is up to. Several possibilities. Every road I can think of helps Trump though.

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    • Lucille says:

      Leftists PANIC as Kanye West Presidential Run Would DESTROY the Democrat Party!!!
      July 6, 2020 – Dr. Steve Turley

      The Frankfurt School of “critical theory” teaches that if you’re going to maintain the coalition of “oppressed minorities” which actually have little to do with each other–such as the LGBTQ groups, Islamists, both educated and poorly educated blacks plus other ethnicities–then you have to have a common enemy to do that. And we know who that is!

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      • Kaco says:

        I was very disappointed when I heard Kanye was running, though the was going to be a splitter for all the support POTUS has gained from blacks. You think it’s going to take away votes for Biden. I don’t know why Kanye just doesn’t support our President and don’t think it’s a good move overall. It conveys he thinks POTUS hasn’t completely satisfied him.


      • Linda K. says:

        What if Kanye wins?


    • sync says:

      I do not believe West has 30 million followers….
      Twitter is now a big problem for corporate media like the New York Times.

      Just consider
      who claims 1.3M followers but doesn’t get 1000 likes on her own tweets.

      Look at
      who can’t get 100 likes with 450k!

      The NYT’s “star” reporters.

      Lots of fakery.

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  3. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Bubba Wallace, the NASCAR guy, has responded to POTUS. Not going to post the tweet here because don’t want to give it exposure.

    The usual platitudes, no acceptance of his responsibility in the hoax narrative. Still playing victim.

    POTUS got what he wanted. He made Bubba his new “Rosie” to use as a foil.

    Well played, POTUS. Some may not like this (I understand), but the noose hoax is a loser for the common man, IMO (a loser for the left). Also, Bubba isn’t good at his sport. So it’s unlikely he’s going to go on a winning streak and “show” POTUS his greatness.

    I know some will disagree, but I like this move. Calling out the hoax.

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    • helmhood says:

      I agree. I thought it was great. President Trump is a fighter, and to me, this is consistent with his Mt. Rushmore Address and taking on the cancel culture. It goes right to the heart of the politicalization of sports and entertainment industries.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      Bubba was framed by his race hoax handlers at BEST ( but you and I know he was part of it – cause all it took was a LITTTTLE EFFORT and not being A RACIST to think maybe its a misunderstanding)

      Bubba should STEP UP and call them out and APOLOGIZE for what his handlers did to INSULT his entire LEAGUE based on RACE. He did the ultimate SLAVE MASTER MOVE – he came home saw something he didnt like – and demanded the entire plantation to PAY FOR IT.

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      • DaughterofLiberty says:

        I said from the get-go on this – if this ding-a-ling dope had simply said something along the lines of: “I don’t know if this was intended for me; I’ll let others try to sort it out; I’m just focused on my driving and being the best I can be – and if it turns out there was some kind of ill intent behind this, I intend to just keep my eyes on what’s important – my racing, my family, and being an excellent husband and father. I have no intention on letting something like this distract or slow me down….” If this dope had given a statement anything along those lines, he would have been hailed and lauded. But his smallness came out instead. End result: The guy ends up on the trash heap of loserville.


    • mimbler says:

      Called out the hoax, and pointed out Bubba owes his fellow drivers an apology. Personally, I think he owes all of white America an apology because he implied we were all guilty of racism, when he knew there wasn’t a noose.

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  4. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Disney and ESPN have made a deal to work with Kaepernick’s production company. Unreal. This comes two days after Kap’s tweet dissing July 4 and the USA.

    The first project will be a documentary on Kap.


  5. helmhood says:

    President Trump is not impressed with the media boogeymen coming to get him.


  6. Dora says:

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  7. oldersoul says:

    I have just seen the judge and prosecutor assignments in the Maxwell case. All Swamp.

    Do not be surprised if Maxwell is the next hoax to try and take out PDJT. Remember, they always accuse you of what they are doing.

    The Flu Hoax has run its course, and the Marxist temper tantrum doesn’t have the legs to persist into November. They are desperately searching for anything now, no matter how insane.

    I am hopeful I am wrong.


  8. sync says:

    New York is the safest city in the world
    Mayor De Blasio


    • listingstarboard says:

      Horrifying ! The poor little girl.

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    • Zephyrbreeze says:

      Can they zoom in on that license plate?
      And the guy on the bike runs away from the child…

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      • jane says:

        Actually to me it looks like the guy on the bike turns toward the girl and then heads away to the side, and she seems to then turn and follow his direction. I bet he called to her to follow him away from the what would be even more trauma for her to witness.


    • Robert Smith says:

      The kill to shot ratio indicates that NYC thugs have better aim than Chicago hoodlums.

      Things may get much worse much quicker in NYC than anyone imagines.

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    • midtngal says:

      So very sad to see this city destroyed! Lots of friends and family used to enjoy going during the holidays who now say NEVER AGAIN! The most interesting/telling/funny thing is one family member lives in NJ and works in NYC. MAJOR Libtard! I’m hearing he actually worked on DeBlasio’s campaign! Funny that..he has been a vocal critic of President Trump….until all hell broke loose in NYC! There has not been a peep out of him on FB since all this started! I so want to ask him why he’s being so quiet all of a sudden! 😁


  9. Jenevive says:

    Well now it is FLOTUS turn. Her former friend/confidant for 15 years and who worked
    in the White House with her, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, is writing a tell all book
    about FLOTUS and it is not positive…

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  10. Henry says:

    8 years of obasshole are really paying dividends.

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  11. Mariposa323 says:

    Just heard Miami-Dead is closing all restaurants and gyms , short term rentals ( hotels) and daycare .Masks at pools . This is beyond ridiculous . This really is a war . These people are sick . PDJT needs to reign in this mayor Giménez , HE IS NOT MAGA!!
    BTW Gov De Santis had a great press conference , once again emphasizing the younger population is what’s driving the numbers and the need to protect the high-risk only . They can wear the mask , stay home whatever , the deaths are very low , and the COVID positives who are asymptomatic are in hospital for other illnesses not COVID . Majority are not that sick . Again we have an insurrection going on at every level creating this panic !! 😡😡😡😡😡

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  12. Bigly says:

    You all tracking Atlanta? Kane , hattip

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  13. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • litenmaus says:

      More killed during the past months riots than killed by the police last year…the dead during the riots will be buried, unacknowleged by the media and the world. But George Floyd was given three funerals and buried in a gold coffin ’cause Black Lives Matter doncha know…..

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  14. sunnydaze says:

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  15. sunnyflower5 says:

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  16. Roger Duroid says:

    PDJT rrtweeting Steven Hatfield on hydtooxy. Two edged sword. Hatfield wom millions for slsnder from MUELLERS fbi for wrongful accusstion of bring the anthrax mailer in 2001. But hatfirld apparently fudged his academic record.

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    • WRB says:

      argumentum ad hominem is a fallacious argument.

      Focus on the original data, published July 1, 2020 in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.


      According to a protocol-based treatment algorithm, among hospitalized patients, use of hydroxychloroquine alone and in combination with azithromycin was associated with a significant reduction in-hospital mortality compared to not receiving hydroxychloroquine.

      Of 2,541 patients, with a median total hospitalization time of 6 days….Hydroxychloroquine provided a 66% hazard ratio reduction, and hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin 71% compared to neither treatment (p < 0.001).


      • Tornarosa says:

        Thanks for posting that WRB, it’s what a scientific study is supposed to look like.

        The NIH stopped its study on HCQ. All I heard on the news was it didn’t show any benefit. But how can we know that without publishing the study. That’s the Point of doing the study!

        Someting smells rotten in Denmark.


  17. Free Speech says:

    Tucker Carlson – Jason Whitlock (former ESPN) just nailed it. These wealthy owners have made their riches on America, and yet they are too cowardly to defend her. Is Donald Trump the only billionaire in this country that gives her her due for his success??

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    • jx says:

      He sure did.

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    • iswhatitis says:

      To me it’s a big mistake to attribute their motives and behaviors to cowardice.

      They have other agendas. I’d bet, that for the vast majority of them, cowardice doesn’t play any role at all.

      (And, actually, I also see arguing for cowardice, incompetence, etc., as giving them plausible deniability – as in, “See, were not wannabe fascists supporting the current totalitarian movement – we’re just scared, incompetent nincompoops!“, and arguing for those terms only serves to distract us from what they really are [wannabe fascists supporting the current totalitarian movement], possibly giving them a “pass” on it all because we see it as that they aren’t “in on it”, when they ARE. So.. I’ll pass on “allowing” them to be scared incompetents – they are supporters and drivers. If that was Tucker’s position – it’s just another one of his with which I disagree).


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      • Free Speech says:

        I definitely think some of them are as you say (Soros types most obviously). But I do think there are a number of them who are so bubbled into their Ivy League, elite circles, that they are looking to impress a certain audience- the Davos crowd, the folks in the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, whatever. They aren’t scared of us. They’re scared of being ostracized from their elite social circle. They are in a bubble. A bubble the cultural Marxists struck out long ago to infiltrate and influence (elite academia especially). Think of how the sloppy degenerate Rasputin was able to infiltrate and pervert the Czarist royal family. President Trump broke out of that bubble and has a different perspective. He’s always conversed with and appreciated the common working man.


  18. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      Simple solution here folks. Boycott ESPN and the NFL. Boycott provide who pimp ESPN as part of the basic package. Hit them where it hurts. We’re half the country. We can cause them to change. It just takes a little bit of self-control.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I ditched ESPN a long time ago. I just watch videos online. Random online people do better analysis by far.


    • CNN_sucks says:

      That mullato has not even won a superbowl. What a croak.


  19. islandpalmtrees says:

    Let me translate this for AG Barr. 160 years ago we had the American Civil War. The message seems clear, for you.

    US Senator Chuck Grassley Says Out Loud What We All Are Thinking: “Durham [Should] Be Producing Some Fruit of His Labor”

    Senator Grassley and the rest of the DC elites in the Republican Party evidently don’t understand what is going on at all. If there are no indictments and President Trump loses the election in part due to this lack of justice, and any efforts to bring the Obama gang to justice are terminated, it won’t be sad – America as we knew it will be over.

    There are no second chances. The time is now. Either bring the Obama crooks to justice or expect a backlash not seen in 160 years.


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    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      Hey, it would have helped immensely if Jeff Sessions wouldn’t have wasted 2 frigging years in that AG spot, AND caused the Mueller witch hunt. If Sessions had acted like Barr the investigation of the traitors would be done already and some people would probably be in prison.

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

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        • fionnagh says:

          SD’s tweet was posted about an hour ago on Gateway Pundit in the comments section. If someone here didn’t post it, then it’s gaining traction.

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        • Robert Smith says:

          Well, SD asked us if we want to see “the book” and he intimated it wouldn’t be pretty. I think we all said bring it on… so here we go.

          That said, what is on here gets to Trump so this is not just poking people for no reason.

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Oh well you’re just making too much sense now, covfefe, we’re gonna hafta put you in timeout. lolol
        Well said, covfefe.

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  20. WRB says:

    A Niall Ferguson opinion piece,

    From the article
    Future historians will discern that the decline and fall of Chimerica began …[when] a new Chinese leader drew the conclusion that there was no longer any need to hide the light of China’s ambition under the bushel that Deng Xiaoping had famously recommended…

    The Covid-19 pandemic has done more than intensify Cold War II. It has revealed its existence to those who last year doubted it. The Chinese Communist Party caused this disaster — first by covering up how dangerous the new virus SARS-CoV-2 was, then by delaying the measures that might have prevented its worldwide spread.

    …today’s proponents of “rivalry-partnership” are overlooking the possibility that the Chinese aren’t interested in being frenemies. They [China] know full well this is a Cold War, because they started it.

    God help us if “Beijing Biden” gets in.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      The CCP has actually declared war against us. Nov 2019, iirc, the CCP declared a “People’s War” on the United States of America.


  21. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  22. jeans2nd says:

    Fox has apparently made it their mission to take out Wolverine Dr Peter Navarro.
    Fox has invited Dr Navarro on nearly every Fox show, to no avail. So far.

    Tonight Trace Gallagher had The Ultimate Gotcha! or so they thought. Gallagher pulled out the ol’ videotape and played it to Dr Navarro, using Dr Navarro’s own words against him.

    Poor Trace Gallagher. Down in flames, just like the rest of ’em.
    smh They never learn…

    H/t the conservador, who always comes up with the best vids. 5:28


  23. RobD says:

    Saw this earlier:




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  24. Troublemaker10 says:

    Jason Whitlock slams professional sports owners for caving to Black Lives Matter’s agenda


  25. sunnyflower5 says:

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  26. sunnyflower5 says:

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  27. sunnyflower5 says:

    As Hollywood says “The more you know” …


    • gda53 says:

      Gosh, I remember this one from my last year in high school – in 1969! 51 years ago! The only white in a class of 30 boys (and the only white in the cohort of 120 pupils in my “year”).

      Ask me about so-called “white privilege”.

      It was a favorite fairytale of the Black Power wannabes that some of my classmates became. Some of my former best buddies, transformed overnight into ignoramuses.

      Still pushing the same old trope, I see.

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  28. Liberty Forge says:

    I am going to put this here, although it probably should be on the Open Thread.

    The topic is RACISM — and it is an extremely interesting conversation between Dr. Shiva Ayydurai (Dr. Shiva) and a YouTube ‘star’ called Young Pharaoh.

    Dr. Shiva is from India. Young Pharaoh is a brilliant black American, who has a far-reach world-wide. His manner of speaking is unique (to me).

    Forewarned that the video is nearly 2 hours long. Yes, that is a really long time to listen (watch) — but the message between the two of them that they are telling about RACISM is honestly worth giving up that time.

    Between the two of them, they completely destroy — and I do mean ‘destroy’ — the havoc our country is now currently going thru regarding RACE!

    They destroy the current narrative!

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  29. Carrie says:

    The former leader/warlord of CHAZ/CHOP was arrested today and put on a stretcher, cryin’ like a baby…

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    • jaxnix says:

      This is the second story (Arizona Karen) I’ve seen in two days where the definition of a ‘Karen’ seems to have changed. A Karen a month ago was a busy body who would report those not following the rules. The two stories (this is one) have the Karen as an aggressor not following rules; and not a tattletale. Pretty bizarre. I do appreciate the link Robert.


    • blognificentbee says:

      If you click the link and scroll down to see her picture, she doesn’t look like she would know a right-wing conspiracy theory if it hit her in her rainbow-colored hair.

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    • For what it’s worth, there’s someone over at Parler – calling themselves QAnon no less -churning out memes about pedophilia rings, “Pizzagate”, Epstein, 0bama, the Clinton’s, photos of abused kids etc. and even dining on human flesh and PDJT having all the evidence. That’s probably BS, but AG Barr’s recent comment about those involved having no refuge from what’s apparently coming at some point definitely make me think something big is going to pop on this Epstein thing at some point. … . hopefully SOON!


      • Robert Smith says:

        I’ve read all that stuff on Q boards before and you have to prove that to me.


        • Free Speech says:

          As a person who got into the whole New Age occult thing in the 90s, I can tell you the symbolism is not made up. They are flaunting it now more than ever.

          Why wouldn’t Ghislaine Maxwell be a rapist? Because she’s rich? You do acknowledge there are lesbian rapists because I know a buddy’s ex-wife who did a year in prison who can tell you there are.

          Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Our problem is thinking if that wish ever came true for us we’d never do something stupid to lose it. But people don’t live by the same rules we do when they have that kind of wealth.


      • Joemama says:

        In the security video montage below, which was allegedly captured with a cell phone of one of Epstein’s victims, the scene in the middle left is supposedly of a satanic ritual where the participants are eating the organs of the person lying on the table. There was a network of tunnels and underground rooms under the satanic temple on the island and these video cameras monitored what went on in the rooms.

        Last time I checked, about a year ago, the temple was still easily visible in google earth images. It used to have some sort of satanic owls and other figurines on the roof, which were visible in earlier google earth imagery. Supposedly those were blown off by a storm, but they seem to disappear right around the time of the arrest.

        In the temple, someone flew a drone with a camera and filmed the blood covered bed (with plastic sheets) right after Epstein was arrested (the second time). Workers quickly cleaned up the temple and other workers filled all the underground rooms and tunnels after the arrest, before any investigators arrived, about a month after the arrest.

        I don’t know if any of this is true, but the sites sure looked very abnormal. There is a fair amount of imagery available on the internet if you want to search for it. I just gave up, because it seemed that the FBI had no interest in investigating any of it and the evidence was being destroyed rapidly.


        • Linda K. says:

          I really don’t get all this satanic worship stuff about pols on the left… that is pretty dark.I think some of these stories are made up like the National Enquirer and space aliens landing on the White House lawn. Money and power, that’s all these people really care about, they don’t have time to mess around with other stuff.
          I think Epstein was a pervert with the young girls and he made a living blackmailing powerful people who somehow crossed his path. It is pretty weird Epstein is probably linked to our CIA in some way


  30. Hans says:

    So if this is posted above please forgive..

    Looks like the big ugly is starting.. good old judge shutting down the oil pipe line within 30 days.. yes he same judge in DC involved with FISA.. in one report it said that there would be a 2 billion dollar loss. That’s right we’re going to shut down a pipeline for an invironmental study.

    Obviously there is no oil leaking.. so where is the problem… it’s the economy ….
    Here is the link



  31. noswamp says:

    I hope the WH is sending someone to connect the BLM protests and other large gatherings that went on 1.5 months ago until today when Texas, Florida cases covid were low, to the increased covid numbers today.

    Something tells me that there is a proximate connection between the two.


  32. islandpalmtrees says:

    Looks like AG Barr is going to avoid prosecuting any of the Obama criminals before the 2020 election, if at all. And, here is why.

    In the past, the unwritten guideline about not filing cases or commenting on investigations has been set at 60 days before an election. If this holds, for the 2020 election then this cut off would occur on September 5. John Solomon is expecting the first indictments around September 7. Both dates occur before the end of summer.

    Per Lou Dobbs tonight’s guess John Solomon

    First prosecutions are expected around Labor Day in 2020, which is on Monday, September 7.

    November 2020 election day – less 60 day gives us September 5.

    While the memos don’t discuss limitation of timing specifically, former U.S. attorneys have alluded to an unwritten guideline about not filing cases or commenting on investigations in the 60 days before an election.



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