U.S. Embassy Seoul, Ambassador Harry Harris, Posts Banner In Support of Black Lives Matter….

The U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea (ROK) is Harry Harris.  The U.S. Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, has posted a banner on the building in support of Black Lives Matter.  [Source]

At first blush it might seem a little disconcerting for the U.S. Department of State to be advocating on issues of political divisiveness around the BLM agenda; however, the BLM banner has simply replaced the rainbow banner (support of the LGBTQ community).  In essence, the U.S. embassy in Korea is always advocating for social justice causes.

Ambassador Harry Harris likes to draw attention to himself and insert himself in the conversation whenever possible.  Well known as an effeminate ambassador, Harry Harris enjoys parading around while politically twerking his social justice bona-fides to the global community as a way to engage in his own brand of U.S. diplomacy.

The diplomatic cocktail corps; unique ASEAN members who enjoy white wine spritzers & luncheons of crust-less triangle sandwiches; like Harry Harris very much.  Moon Jae-In is the South Korean version of President Obama.  President Moon Jae-in loves Harry Harris.

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191 Responses to U.S. Embassy Seoul, Ambassador Harry Harris, Posts Banner In Support of Black Lives Matter….

  1. theoldgoat says:

    President Trump should post a tweet saying “you’re fired”.

    Regardless of support or intent, this is totally inappropriate and should be the end of the position. Given the Marxist stance of BLM, it is anti-thematic to the Trump Administration, therefore Bye Bye liberal idiot.

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  2. regitiger says:

    I want to KNOW if taxpayers monies were used to purchase this flag.

    I want to KNOW if any US persons in official capacity was using their official time to tack up this flag.

    I’ve written my representative to inquire what the eff is going in in the embassy in Korea.

    Our officials overseas have a specific mission. It does NOT include handing curtains for a civilian non governmental cause.

    this is a facility that represents United States of America, not some blackboard to post RACISTS PROPAGANDA.

    If the officials want to represent their own right to free speech…decorate your own personally owned property on non-official business hours. period.

    this has got to end….

    President Trump….rope this idiot in!

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  3. Rileytrips says:

    Diversity for diversities sake is not a positive or productive ideology.

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  4. theoldgoat says:

    I see this crap over George Floyd, a violent criminal, ending up causing racial wars. It is by design, and idiots will pander to his honor and memory, when they wouldn’t have wanted him anywhere near them or their loved ones, and that includes a lot of the black community.

    I do not support his being killed. I see this as a separate issue altogether, and likely some kind of set up trigger. The BLM and Antifa, funded through Soros used this to incite riots. And there is no place for anyone serving under Trump to honor this anarchy and discord sown to create a race war.

    This is Il Duce Pelosi and Sceamer Schumer at it again, pushing race, of which they are the worst racists, to steal the election or damage President Trump. These leftists are vile people. Any who side even in small part with them should be dismissed, immediately.

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    • Nan says:

      I don’t think he was killed; you can choose to believe the family’s autopsy report over the one that said he had heart trouble and he had fentanyl, meth and pot in his system. He had 4x a lethal dose of fentanyl so was likely going to die no matter what happened.

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      • mimbler says:

        And actually, there wasn’t a family autopsy. He just watched the videos and made his cause of death conclusion from that. A total fraud by an actual coroner, who was careful not to state that it was his professional opinion.

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    • Jan says:

      Police shot & killed another black man who was drunk & asleep in his car in a parking lot at a Wendy’s. This was in Atlanta. Look for more riots tonight.

      The guy was resisting arrest with at least 2 cops. They were trying to taser the guy. I don’t know how he got shot.


      • mimbler says:

        he stole one officer’s taser, so he was a violent armed criminal fleeing the scene. I think many departments allow lethal force in that kind of situation if there is no other way to apprehend him for the safety sake of the public.


      • mikeyboo says:

        He reportedly got the taser away from the officer and ran. That’s when officers shot him. As I have mentioned before-what if this man had decided to use his shiny brand new taser to discipline his wife or child or aged granny?


      • III% says:

        He not only stole the taser, he turned around and attempted to use it on the officers chasing him.


  5. Eric says:

    Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the President.

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  6. L4grasshopper says:

    How interesting.

    In America, blacks treat Koreans like dirt.

    In Korea, the feeling is mutual.

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  7. kleen says:

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  8. frank field says:


    Thanks much for insightful articles such as this. Thanks also for properly slighting him as deserved.

    It’s nearly a barren wasteland out there without you and your Treepers.

    Trump for Rushmore. 🙏🇺🇸

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    • Attorney at Law says:

      I second that, President Trump for Mount Rushmore!

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    • Raven says:

      Right now I am working on a pen and ink drawing showing President Trump included on Mount Rushmore. My husband and I will be in Keystone, South Dakota on July 3rd — even though we did not win tickets allowing us to be anywhere near the monument while President Trump is there — and we will wear our 5 Presidents t-shirts everywhere we go.

      Have the first 4 Presidents pretty good, but still working on President Trump to make sure he looks perfect. Was going to load a photo I’d taken of the artwork and include it here, but the postimage site said they could legally use my photo any time, for any reason and forever more just for using their site, so I’ll try to find another way to load it for you to see.

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  9. kleen says:

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    • kleen says:

      Paul Sperry
      Jun 4
      BREAKING: Prosecutors listed the race of MPD Off. Chauvin, accused of murdering suspect George Floyd, as “white” in his arrest warrant, but left the same section for race blank in the arrest warrant for Off. James Alexander Kueng,who’s said to be mixed race inclg African-American

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    • Jederman says:

      Roscoe baby, please italicize “claim” and attribute that “claim” to obama who actually went a step further on many occasions and said it was a national problem or baked into our culture etc etc, whatever. Critical Theory is nothing but a convenient dorm room b!tch session cover story.

      obama may have been the first black American prezzy but he is also the first president to get away with an unrelenting series of unsubstantiated accusations (that even his politicized FBI crime stats didn’t back up) about our inherent racism.

      Big shout out to the corrupt poodles in the msm and the corrupt and impotent poodles that refer to themselves as “conservative” talking heads and pols but lack the where-with-all to recognize a false narrative and avoid perpetrating it.

      There is no systemic racism in LE and there is no systemic racism in American culture. Nobody has made the case, nor has the facts to move it beyond the emotional to the empirical.


  10. Harlan says:

    Ambassador harris sounds like a run-o-the-mill, deep state dumbass. His fictional take on the riots gives the rest of the world, inc. S. Korea, a misconception of the issues.

    Fire him.

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    • Ambassador Harris also sounds like so many of those prissy men that the swamp is so full of now days.

      They love the wine spritzers and crust-less triangle sandwiches.

      DC is full of husky, manly women and prissy men, where do they find the seemingly endless supply.


  11. WSB says:

    Here is the Embassy’s email…

    E-mail: seoulinfoACS@state.gov


  12. kleen says:

    Paul Sperry

    Jun 8

    At a Dec 2014 Black Lives Matter rally in NYC, marchers chanted in unison: “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.”

    At a BLM march in Aug 2015, protesters chanted: “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.” (“Pigs” = police officers. “Blanket” = body bags.)

    BLM was founded by Marxists/communists born from the leading communist organization in America today — Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO)

    Socialists/anarchists behind riots lied about Floyd. Wasnt murdered,had a long violent criminal history,resisted cops &had several drugs in system at time arrest inclg speed. They lied about “systemic racism,” as stats across board refute.They don’t want justice,they want control

    The mere fact MPD is now banning knee-on-neck restraints is a clear admission they were an approved method used by Big Floyd’s “murderer” under the rules and procedures of MPD, which, btw, is run by a black police chief

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    • Nan says:

      Black police chief who was promoted after Mohammed Noor’s execution of Justine Damond. The lesbian police chief was out of town at the time, somewhere inaccessible.

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    • Chillin says:

      I saw this quote by Thomas Sowell on twitter.

      redoubtable Thomas Sowell also is an inspiration. He tweeted this morsel of clarity yesterday: “Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?”

      It explains a lot about our current situation.

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  13. AirSupport says:

    My wife suggested “Acting Ambassador to ROK (South Korea), Introducing Ric Grenell!”……

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  14. Linda K. says:

    Just leave it for now. It does not matter. The people of Korea are probably totally racist and hate all whites, blacks and Japanese people. Everyone except Chinese. The Ambassador is a virtue signaling idiot, but he probably has nothing better to do between dinner parties.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Linda, Harry Harris is 1/2 Japanese.
      Kinda confuses things, huh? Especially when knowing the hatred all Koreans have for the Japanese.


  15. FreyFelipe says:

    As tempting as it must be, and as right as it would be,Ii doubt President Trump will fire his pathetic ass. That’s just what Democrats and him want.

    And remember what Churchill said – A Great Leader doesn’t have to stop and trow a rock at every barking dog (let alone at a poodle)

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  16. fionnagh says:

    The banner displayed is about three times larger than the American flag in the photo. That alone makes the banner unacceptable. NO message should be permitted to eclipse the message of our flag. most especially at an American embassy.

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  17. MagaCaesar says:

    Hello everyone, this is my 4th post. Love the treehouse, Sundance and everyone here. Have a question about this. Can someone please share with me their reasoning or ideas why the greatest POTUS ever, has not yet fired this pudknucker. He serves at the pleasure of the President. He represents POTUS and the USA not his own views. I’ve been waiting for days to wake up and hear that people like Harris, Esper and General Milley have been fired. I must be getting lost in the weeds with all these daily issues yet it seems. Again, I clearly share it seems to, me, and I hope I’m wrong, that there is no action being taken as a part of a strategy. For the life of me, I don’t understand it. What a better time to act and show everyone not just MAGA how President Trump doesn’t give a damn about pc bs and acts, as he always does for what’s best for us all. I’d love to hear your ideas. G_d bless you all. Have a blessed weekend! #TrumpNowMoreThanEver2020

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    • mimbler says:

      With the current mass hysteria about the “murder” of Saint George Floyd, the media would seize upon the firing of this ambassador as signs of PDJT’s “racism” No reason to do it now and lose the votes of low info voters. They count just as much as anyone else’s vote.

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      • MagaCaesar says:

        That’s what I was thinking. And I see your point of view precisely. But this is where I have a little problem with it. I completely agree that is what is transpiring. They are more than likely weighing the politics of it and other situations. But, but I keep getting the same questions from family and friends who voted for President Trump and who will walk over hot coals for him as would I and vote again for him. Yet, they are very frustrated and say the same thing over and over that one of the primary reasons they voted for him is because he acts when no one else will. Regardless of politics or any bs. So, I keep saying he has a strategy. Keep the faith. And they argue back. That they want action now. Even my mom who has MAGA and Trump flags in her car and at the outside of the house flying feels frustrated that this ridiculous crap in Seattle hasn’t been dealt with then Esper, Miley and now this numb nut Harris. My aunt says damn the politics and simply act that that will garner more respect and votes then this current non-engagement strategy. We’re not ever going to lose people like me or my family. It’s just very frustrating for them. Thank you for your kind reply.

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      • Roger Duroid says:

        reassign him as new ambassador to greenland.


  18. Coast says:

    So a U.S. Ambassador can openly support a terrorist organization? Wonderful…not.


  19. paper doll says:

    The blm signs and announcements are a way of saying we’re on board for the coup….imo


  20. Winston says:

    Postmodernist neo-Marxists/Maoists everywhere you look…


  21. Merkin Muffley says:

    Sorry, Ambassador. Don’t hand your enemy a club and then act offended when they beat you over the head with it.


  22. jay says:

    When I read “Black Lives Matter” my brain translates the words into “We Support Communism”

    Why don’t they all come out of their political closets and label themselves by their true ideology.

    Once they accept the label of communists, then we can discuss motives, accountability, and intentions. Until then, they are all hiding behind the curtain. They need to come out and fess up that THEY are okay being on the same team that killed over 100 million people.

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  23. namberak says:

    Call him home for “consultations.” Then, just let him rot on the vine…


  24. MLeake says:

    Well-known as effeminate? Harry Harris?

    I don’t agree with him on this issue, but Harris was my squadron CO 25 years ago. Back when “Safety is our top priority” was a Navy mantra, Harris was saying, “Mission accomplishment is our top priority. We achieve that via professionalism. Safety is a positive side effect of professionalism. If safety were our top priority, we’d mothball our planes at Davis-Monthan.”

    He also ran marathons on a regular basis.

    He was conscious of racial issues (part of that may come from his being half-Japanese; part from achieving command during the Clinton era), but he was a great CO. We set a Pacific Fleet record for weapons readiness in our Operational Readiness Assessment under Harry Harris. (I was the weapons training officer; I know what I’m talking about, here.)

    He was also good as Fifth Fleet Operations Officer (the first P-3 guy ever to hold that position), and I briefly worked for him there, on temporary assignment as assistant maritime patroI operations officer. I assume he was good as PACOM.

    So criticize the rainbow flag and BLM banners on the merits, by all means. But please keep the unnecessary aspersions to a minimum.

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    • MagaCaesar says:

      I applaud your honor and zeal for a former commanding officer. I accept what you share at face value. Absolutely, he could have been exactly as you stated when he was in the Navy. Just as bad men can turn good. So, can good men turn bad.

      Alas, his actions, today, especially during this whack a doodle, liberal, insanity month, if he were going to provide any commentary or asides – then as he serves at the pleasure of the greatest POTUS ever, Trump, he should have committed his actions or tweets based on the American First agenda and that of President Trump and all who voted for him.

      For myself, I hear from you that he was a great man. Wonderful. As of his actions today, it’s just another good man lost to power, greed, and the rotten ideology of the Deep State coup plotters. He had no reason to quote a former President. He should have stuck by his Commander and a Chief and quoted any number of POTUS’S historical positive pro-America statements. Period.

      What I witnessed was a traitor to his President assuaging a mob and his own twisted morality. Cheers to the man he was. Fire the man he is today! #MAGA

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  25. Fools Gold says:

    Funny, A few years back inmade 3 business travels to S. Korea staying several weeks each time. I traveled one end of the country to the other each time. Not one time did I see a black man in all of those adventures except on a US military base. Has something changed at the N/S border.

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  26. jeans2nd says:

    What is Pompeo up to here?

    Admiral Harris was picked to be Ambassador to Australia, approved as such by Pres Trump, and gladly accepted by the Aussies. Adm Harris, well-known as being a China hawk, especially as top guy at Fleet Pacific, was expected to greatly help the Aussies push back on China.

    And yet, somehow Adm Harris, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Japan to a Japanese mother, ended up in Seoul, knowing full-well both Koreas and China hate the Japanese with a white-hot passion.

    All that said, this is hardly surprising. Everyone knows the Staff and Flag officers are merely looking for their next well-paid duty station after gubmint service.
    And The Won eliminated over 200 officers and only kept those well-known to be on-board with The Program.
    Have we mentioned Adm Harris was also feted with one of the CIA’s top meritorious awards?


  27. Bluto says:

    What gives this guy the idea that he has the authority to do this?


  28. Cyberfoy says:

    I’m really tired of Trump allowing this crap repeatedly


  29. J says:

    Ambassador Harris said:

    “When Dr. Benjamin Mays delivered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s eulogy in 1968, he said Dr. King’s “unfinished work on earth must truly be our own.” Recent weeks remind us that MLK’s work remains unfinished. Friends, I believe that work falls on each of us today.”

    And yet these social justice warriors, by their actions, undermine everything that Dr. King and the 1960s civil rights movement believed and worked to achieve. Everyday they make a mockery of Dr. Kings desire that his children “will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

    Most overtly since the Obamination, everything is about the color of your skin and only the color of your skin. A mans character means squat.


  30. angech says:

    Deep State regrouping evident. Lots of in your face aggression from military, ambassadors and Governors trying to get a response out of Trump so that they can attack him on abuse of power.
    Delicate balancing act needed. One at a time, on a Friday for next few weeks.
    Outrage not enough to get Rinos and Dems into a second impeachable charge.
    They are trying mighty hard at the moment which is good and bad. Bad in that it implies they believe it will work.
    Good in that the more exposed, the more to go rather than whiteanting.


  31. Leveut says:

    Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change of pace if the United States had a State Department and ambassadors that represented it to the world instead of representing the world to it?

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  32. C-Low says:

    Pink slip should be rolling off the fax NOW.

    Trump needs to quit playing games. Fire these people on sight. insubordination in the military or the corporate world is not allowed and Trump should stop letting to roll under his watch. If he doesn’t have that power he needs to start telling the nation and telling everyone how they need to adjust their votes to make that happen.

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  33. sunnyflower5 says:

    Looking forward to Harry’s Thin Blue Line, Fund Police signage hanging off the SK embassy next…..If Harry is honest.and respectful to causes.


  34. kleen says:


  35. redline says:

    Promote him to US Ambassador to CHAZ. They’re obviously meant for each other.


  36. ezgoer says:

    Reassign Amb. Harris to some place with much less visibility where it won’t matter what he does because nobody will be paying any attention. Maybe Gambia.

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  37. GTOGUY says:

    Most if not all of these “Ambassadors” are political appointees, usually friends of friends or relatives or large donors. I think it’s time to say “you’re fired”.


  38. arsumbris says:

    Why is there always a rainbow flag in the background, no matter which party wins the election?

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    • majorkalhoun says:

      Because we are winning elections but losing the war. I got banned from two sites so far for telling the truth, RedStatism and TheGatewayToNeverland. The GOP we know today is not the GOP of old. They are NOT conservative, they do not represent the will of the people. They are Statists, loving the power that government provides them.

      Not much different than Demo☭rats? No, not much. The GOP are selling us out to the highest bidder, and right now, that would be the Communists (both rich American Communists like Bezos and Zuckerberg as well as the CCP). The GOP has been betraying Trump since before the 2016 election, and they still do today. The two political parties are two heads of the same snake.

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  39. majorkalhoun says:

    BLM is a Marxist organization. So now the government is okay with promoting a religion?



  40. fillemup01 says:

    Yank him, NOW!


  41. Caius Lowell says:

    I can already tell Harry Harris is not my friend…


  42. Maquis says:

    Wei Tu Ful


  43. regitiger says:

    update: the good word finally made its way to President Trump.


    notice ALSO the removal of the effing rainbow Lbgtxyzlnmop flag as well.

    still no word on if us tax money was used to finance these damned flags AND if US personnel were using official business hours and time spent doing this circus rather than actually doing the business of the executive!

    shameful..and deliberate it would appear.

    I say, recall Harris for a fireside chat and get his team refocused on THE MISSION.

    doesn’t understand..fine…,,,replace him…plenty of qualified foreign service professionals who understand and respect the mission.

    we should not be airing and displaying signs that represent ANY non-governmental affairs.

    That the BLM flag and that of the perversion club was displayed is very telling about the agenda of harris and camp.

    He should be called on the carpet about it and be held to answer how this happened and who authorized it.

    stupid stunts,..get stupid rewards.


  44. another swamp Rino👎🤥


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