June 2nd – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1230

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,452 Responses to June 2nd – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1230

  1. sunnyflower5 says:

    Faux Cryin’ Chuck—— this is correct information. Apologize for spreading propaganda to nation via lapdog media from the floor of the Senate.


  2. Winston says:

    Terror Designation May Go Beyond ANTIFA


    • fred5678 says:

      Watch at 10:13 if you watch nothing else: a (white?) man dressed all in black, with a black umbrella (!), walks by a store front knocking out all the windows, All the other (black?) people seem to question WTH he is doing, follow him to ask him what he is doing.

      Was the guy a “lead scout” from Antifa or DSA “seeding” a local riot???


  3. Tiffthis says:

    Isn’t Hillary supposed to be testifying today? What a great day for an internet black out 🤦🏼‍♀️


  4. WeThePeople2016 says:


  5. sunnyflower5 says:

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  6. Changing the subject. I am still outraged that 50 plus Secret Service Agents were injured the other night protecting the White House and President from these rioters/looters/anarchists. Where was the DC police? These persons had to traverse DC streets to access the Federal areas and had to traverse the same streets to leave. Did they have stand down orders from DC Mayor Muriel Bowser? From the DC Chief of Police? Who?
    I am in favor of “zero dark thirty raids/swat raids) on all of these players and perp walking them the next morning after being charged for aiding and abetting assaults on federal officers, encouraging and aiding destruction of federal property, intent to inflict harm of federal employees, and any and all charges that pertain (Aiding and abetting terrorism?). Fifty (50 plus) separate charges should be charged against each. Charge them under the “Patriot Act” for domestic terrorism. No bail. Send them to Gitmo and in solitary confinement (don’t want them to catch the Cov-19 flu).


  7. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    My employer is having some kind of “race relations” town hall event for employees. I’m not interested in being aggravated any further than I already have been. 16 years of Chicago living (what I have seen cannot be unseen), and most recently watching my neighborhood get trashed by ferals … I’m straight.

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  8. tozerbgood8315 says:

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  9. Henry says:

    Why can the FBI storm Roger Stone‘s house at three in the morning but they can’t seem to find one antifa terrorist?

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  10. jay says:

    This leaves me speechless. The magazine should be charged with incitement to riot.
    I say ENOUGH.

    Teen Vogue: Antifa ‘Aspires Toward Creating a Better World’

    Leftist outlet Teen Vogue told its readers that the terrorist organization Antifa “aspires to create a better world” in the wake of riots that have broken out across the country, which have involved looting, vandalism, businesses being destroyed, beatings, and death.
    🗣 “Antifa grows out of a larger revolutionary politics that aspires toward creating a better world, but the primary motivation is to stop racists from organizing.” https://t.co/ShS2RPfDN2
    The magazine’s tweet included an 2017 Teen Vogue interview with Dartmouth College historian Mark Bray, in which he defends the violent group that President Donald Trump recently announced would be designated as a terrorist organization.
    “The vast majority of what they do does not entail any physical confrontation,” said Bray of Antifa, a violent group that federal law enforcement officials are now saying is stoking violence at protests over the death of George Floyd.
    Bray added that “the focus” of Antifa is simply “researching white supremacists and neo-Nazis” and getting their events cancelled or organizing boycotts. “What the media gets wrong is focusing on the spectacle without recognizing that that’s only the tip of the iceberg of anti-fascist organizing,” acknowledged Bray. “As I said, the majority of it does not entail any confrontation. And is focused on exposing Nazis and using the popular opposition and unpopularity of Nazis more broadly to make it so that being a Nazi publicly is impossible. But of course part of what they do, if necessary, is to confront far-right groups physically.”



  11. fanbeav says:

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  12. wtd says:

    Possible pseudo operations? Foreign intel? Stay alert. H/t fool Nelson

    BREAKING: @FOXLA has learned that LAPD arrested 31 y/o Gregory Wong in DTLA this AM while dressed as/impersonating National Guard. He was armed to the teeth and was booked on assault weapons charges. LAPD says federal charges may come next. Sources confirm this photo. @FOXLA

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  13. CM-TX says:


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  14. maggie0987 says:

    Now we can now perhaps see why the G7+ meeting was cancelled for Sept.???


  15. burnett044 says:

    they will now try to sell all the marchers in the streets and BLM as this…

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  16. Joemama says:

    Protesters have started marching in Los Angeles again (stationary stare down with the National Guard portion complete).

    Now fires and looting and beatings of innocent people can commence.

    It is really sad to see the early 20-something useful idiots in these insurrections, disguised as protests.

    A whole lot of antifa black uniforms in the crowd today. I expect an escalation in violence and destruction, because of this.

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    • Debra says:

      All these large cities host marathons. Why could they have not handled ‘peaceful protests’ in the same manner as marathons? Cordon off the route, provide watering stations along the way, a police presence, and the time to walk it, and declare everyone a winner at the end.

      How ‘authorities’ can check backpacks/purses/bags to go to sporting events, airplanes, courts, but not to mingle with thousands of people at these types of ‘events’ is simply NOT TRYING.


  17. Jason Ross says:

    Retired cop gunned down ‘all over some TVs’



  18. I don’t mind the appellate court taking their time on Flynn’s Writ. To deny the writ the court doesn’t have to write anything. Sidney has a lot of guts filing a Petition for Extraodinary Writ, whatever the outcome. Very well played, indeed..

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  19. FPCHmom says:

    They’re disrupting voting. Just like they will do in November.

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  20. Clara says:

    Meanwhile, on the Covid-19 vaccine front, there is this (from RFK, Jr.’s blog)

    “Moderna chose Haydon for the study because of his robust good health. He was among the 15 volunteers in the high dose group. Within 45 days, three of these—a shocking 20%—experienced “serious” adverse events according to Moderna’s press release meaning they required hospitalization or medical intervention. Less than 12 hours after vaccination, Hayden suffered muscle aches, vomiting, spiked a 103.2 degree fever and lost consciousness. His girlfriend caught him as he fell. His Moderna trial supervisor instructed Haydon to call 911 and described him as being the “sickest in his life”. Moderna let Haydon believe the illness was just a sad coincidence unrelated to the jab. Moderna never told Haydon he was suffering an Adverse Event.

    “Moderna’s press release was the first I learned of the 3 AEs in the high dose group.” Haydon confessed last week on Twitter. “Later a study doc confirmed that what happened to me was an AE.” While hiding this truth, Moderna encouraged Haydon to appear on TV to deceive the public and its shareholders by declaring Moderna’s COVID vaccine trials a smashing success. On May 7, Haydon told Sanjay Gupta about his reactions in a pre-interview. The two men agreed to keep this bad news secret when he went on air. This corrupt deal bespeaks the pathetic state of journalism at CNN.

    Fauci and Gates are proceeding with their plan to funnel half a billion taxpayer dollars into their reckless vanity project to create 30 million doses by November and two billion within a year (personal interview, Moderna insider) manufactured in the US and Switzerland.”

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  21. FPCHmom says:

    Lefty rocker tells the truth. It sounds like he’s almost red-pilled. It also shows he’s smarter than anyone in the MSM –

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  22. vicarioushikermom says:

    There probably is no ‘right place’ to post this, but I just had a little fun tonight…for your reading pleasure.

    Gladys’ Guide to Mask Etiquette.

    Rule No. 1: Don’t wear one. It’s all a scam.

    Rule No. 2: If you have ignored Rule No. 1, then at least take your mask off when you are outside completely socially distanced from any other human being in the universe except your camera man who is 20 feet away filming you through a zoom lens whilst you attempt to deliver an “on the spot” news report. Good grief.

    Rule No. 3: Again, if you have ignored Rule No. 1 and do not have a job requiring you to speak “on camera” or — in fact — any job at all such that you have tons of free time to protest, riot and loot stuff (which sorry but you should have thought ahead before you burned down that pawn shop) whilst collecting your $600/month unemployment check, then for God’s sake do not run through the streets chanting, ‘I can’t breathe!” Do you realize how stupid you look? Of course you can’t breathe. Take your $%^& mask off and then you will be able to do this task necessary to a continuing existence, as questionably worthwhile as that may be in your case.

    Finally, Anyone conforming to Gladys’ Rules of Mask Etiquette is eligible to be nominated for the Kravitz Loyal Order of the Mask Award to be given out at this year’s Oscars, whenever that is. (What? You mean I missed it?) oh well. whatever. Tell your Friends.🥳

    p.s. Worth 10 Bonus Points: If you are an on-camera Interpreter for the Deaf, you should not be there. That is you should be there, just not on camera, because any deaf person watching you on television can turn on the CLOSED CAPTIONS. You are superfluous to requirements, camera-wise. However, if by some fluke of social justice, the speaker for whom you are interpreting insists you be his/her sidekick, then please do wear a Mask. Your hand gestures can be somewhat overlooked with the use of strong willpower and focus, but those facial grimaces are something else. A Mask would solve it. 👍

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    • Leaving says:

      i picked up on something today (I practice people watching):

      I saw a “no-nonsense” kind of woman wearing the mask on her chin. Given her demeanor, confidence, etc I had the thought “she doesn’t strike me as someone who would be fearful and wear a mask”.

      Then it hit me: she was technically following the rules without it getting in her way. She was “wearing” the mask on her chin. The orders don’t say WHERE to wear the mask or how to wear the mask (I wonder if they even specify what kind of mask and though about wearing a Lone Ranger mask to pass the rules).

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      • steph_gray says:

        In blueMA I have to wear the Face Diaper in order to get into grocery stores.

        But I have a label maker with big black text and 2 white masks.

        My current one says

        NOW IT’S JUST
        OF COOTIES

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      • MNGal says:

        Hubby and I wore our masks on our chins in Menard’s yesterday since we had to have them to enter the store. LoL! We walked past store employees, but no one said a word to us.


  23. Jan Sanne says:

    The problem with letting this go on for this long is the economic damage. President Trump lets these Govs look weak and complicit but, it does a lot of damage to the cities and to the overall economy. Dems don’t care about the damage because they hate the country and hope it leads to PT losing the election. PT could really use a real FBI and DOJ. Lots of people on video that could easily be tracked down and arrested.

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    • wondering999 says:

      Jan, looks to me as if we are in fact in the middle of a revolution. No one can afford to lose this election — the Dems because their corruption, in the process of being revealed, will lead to their incarceration and permanent loss of power. The Trumplicans cannot afford to lose because the Dems/Antifa will kill us all, if they can.

      The economy will take a hit no matter what. We will all do the best we can but at this point it’s not the economy, it’s life or death

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  24. Troublemaker10 says:

    Ground report PA primary.

    Today is primary election day in PA. I’m in a precinct in rural southeast PA. A friend working at the polls told me Republican turnout was huge in our precinct, but more important was the “enthusiasm” of the voters was palpable.

    Also told me our candidate running to flip a Dem seat has good internal polling.

    Good thing, because Dems are way ahead state wide in mail in ballots.

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  25. burnett044 says:



  26. Dan Dan says:

    ICYMI – FYI — Fake Study Exposed Part 10 — Conflicts of interest and whats missing from the Data and ties to Democrat Party…

    Good Video but slow… the last 10 minutes starting @28:00 for summary and conclusion…


  27. Bubby says:

    Is this good or bad? What does this mean I thought the Appeals Court would just rule?

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    • Leaving says:

      this non-lawyer is reading it as accepting even MORE amicie (sp) briefs.

      Is this not EXACTLY what the SG ruled against a few weeks ago?


  28. Dan Dan says:

    ICYMI – FYI — Fake Study Exposed Part 11 — BREAKING: The NEJM publishes “Expression of Concern” with “substantive concerns” about the Surgisphere database.

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  29. romy911 says:

    I miss the virus?


    • Karla says:

      This occurred at the Best Buy in Fairfield, California where I unfortunately live. Tonight we have all our stores, gas stations, and a shelter in place curfew for 3 nights in place. When my husband and I can, we will leave this state. Our great Governor has refused to allow the National Guard or military to help. This is not America. On top of this, our awesome electric company, PG and E, has shut off our power for the last 4 hours….btw, it’s in the high 90’s right now.


  30. sync says:

    Rioters & looters ignoring curfews countrywide . not a single governor or mayor lifting a finger . just feeds into the lawlessness of the situation . to think these same leaders were arresting people for paddle boarding in ocean a few weeks ago . not a word about their life & death social distancing or wearing a mask now that it involves their beloved rioters & looters . what a complete crock

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  31. Magabear says:

    Voted today in the PA primary, and yippee, we replaced our nice electronic voting machines with paper scan ballots. Now it takes 5 times as long to vote (that’ll go great this November) and will cause a huge under vote down ballot due to the hassle of coloring in each circle. And imagine all the challanged ballots this will create due to people not filling out the circle completely.

    The one poll worker made a good point about how stupid the suggestion that Russians “hacked” electronic voting machines was. All the machine does is plug into an electrical outlet, there’s no internet connection. The only way to cheat on one of those machines was to do so internally or “stuff” the machine like the guy in Philly recently got convicted of doing.

    The road to stupid is paved with leftist delusions.

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  32. corimari2013 says:

    The lefty New Age spritualism devotee Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington denounced President Trump for standing in front of St. John’s Church, saying he abused a sacrd space. She did not denounce the torching of the church by thugs the night before.
    Now, check out this story:
    Episcopalians Confused By Strange Book Trump Brought To Church

    (Good site for comic relief)

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    • Hans says:

      It’s worse then that.. he is standing on the public sidewalk.. not on church property……

      I just gets sick of the MSM and their lies…. I watched how a humane shield protected the projectiles at the White House park protest Sunday night… live stream front line. 10 pm and later …To see them try to move the baracades..instant response..tear gas etc by security…….

      Projectiles thrown from the rear of the group… then a quick refrain… hands up don’t shoot. .. as the police line get plummeted.. peaceful protest on on the MSM… I say BS.

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  33. Dan Dan says:

    ICYMI – FYI — Fake Study Exposed Part 12 — The Lancet finally admits that “serious scientific questions” have been raised about the Mehra et al. paper.

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    • Joemama says:

      The Lancet now has ZERO credibility as a scientific medical journal. If they survive, it will take dozens of years for them to regain trust.

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  34. sunnyflower5 says:

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  35. sunnyflower5 says:

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    • Magabear says:

      Now if we could just have domestic religious freedom. Well, we did prior to John Roberts replacing church leadership with state Governors. 😒


  36. Hans says:

    IMHO….. if AntiFa is a domestic terrorist organization…..is not funding them a federal crime… is providing bail money for terrorist a federal crime… the money is not going to a individual… a family member. etc…

    What are the thoughts of placing some high profile Hollywood stars under arrest with no bail…. to send a clear message… thoughts….


  37. burnett044 says:

    Not one curfew being enforced…..

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  38. sync says:

    Throw a molotov cocktail into an occupied police van and the FBI steps in and takes custody and charges 18USC844(i) destruction of property involved in interstate commerce 0 to 5 years. Not attempted murder, not terrorism, not bomb making, not conspiracy

    Something very bad going on here. FBI sting went bad or all or one working for the FBI

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  39. CM-TX says:

    And the BS rolls on…


  40. Reserved55 says:

    Chicago man

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  41. burnett044 says:

    these protest remind me of this…



  42. Reserved55 says:

    Two Individuals Charged With Throwing Molotov Cocktails Into Dakota County Government Building

    “United States Attorney Erica H. MacDonald today announced a federal criminal complaint against GARRETT PATRICK ZIEGLER, 24, and FORNANDOUS CORTEZ HENDERSON, 32, charging them with arson and possession of Molotov cocktails. ZIEGLER and HENDERSON, made their initial appearance earlier today before Magistrate Judge Becky R. Thorson in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ZIEGLER and HENDERSON were ordered to remain in custody pending a formal detention hearing, which is scheduled for Thursday, June 4, 2020.”


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  43. trishinsouthernillinois says:


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  44. Reserved55 says:


    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      The libtards have the WORST choice of victims! Always thugs, addicts, and other losers. The one guy who was an actual victim, Ahmaud Arbery, they barely made a fuss over. I guess because police weren’t involved.


  45. Reserved55 says:

    Yes the article actually says this.

    Protesting Racism Versus Risking COVID-19: ‘I Wouldn’t Weigh These Crises Separately’

    “But the risks of congregating during a global pandemic shouldn’t keep people from protesting racism, according to dozens of public health and disease experts who signed an open letter in support of the protests.

    “White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19,” the letter said.”



    • Magabear says:

      Frauds masquerading as “health experts” is the true lethal public health issue.

      These leftists just keep outing themselves.

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    • jx says:

      The BIG LIE.

      Now is an opportunity to put an end to the BIG LIE. Step up Republicans. This is for all the marbles, no time to be tepid. No time for pale pastels. Bold colors of Freedom. FIGHT FOR IT. NOW.


    • CNN_sucks says:

      NPR are talking about ANTIFA. The ultimate white supremacists. Period.


  46. Joemama says:

    I’m watching the LA insurrection “protests”. I’m getting a very bad feel about this. Things seem to be much more organised and there is a large number of people dressed like traditional antifa and hard core BLM. There appears to be a smattering of useful idiot protesters, many of whom have brought children along. The useful idiots are dressed in tiedye, clown-like clothing and some are carrying flowers & other props. The black clad factions seem very serious and ready for action.

    The useful idiot factions are happily giving interviews to reporters and some take their face masks down or do not have them at all.

    The black-clad factions ALL have masks and never take their masks down when they think a camera is around. When they see a camera, they quickly put the face mask on.

    The feel is quite different than the daytime protests of the previous days.

    I fear that the plan might be to sacrifice some of these useful idiot families tonight. Killing innocent children always inflames emotions.

    There was heavily armed National Guard imposter caught, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more imposters, waiting for nightfall to create a false flag.



    • Hans says:

      For the old folks… Kent State.. national guard fired on student protestors… a turning point… sounds like same play book…

      Sounds like you see the real plan.. kids, tied down t shirts… mom and pop for a stroll.


  47. lida rose says:

    Wow, so the Discovery channel just preempted their evening program (Deadliest Catch) with 8 minutes of black screen with an intermittent message about Mr. Floyd, how much they care, blah, blah, blah.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.


    • Magabear says:

      Wait til the left vandalizes the Discovery studios. And they will if given the chance.


    • Free Speech says:

      Don’t worry. Watching Discovery ID real crime shows has done more to red pill many people than any woke ‘public service message’ can undo.


    • Reserved55 says:

      My TV actually turned itself off.

      Tried a couple times to retune and it turned itself off both times

      Third try I change the channel and it worked, after several minutes I changed back and it showed a black background witha white letter message saying something like were all in this together or some such BS.


  48. sunnyflower5 says:

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