June 2nd – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1230

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,452 Responses to June 2nd – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1230

  1. mark says:

    It’s time for a Coalition of Red State Governors to put down this REBELLION, and fast. Same orders to all Law Enforcement and what ever force is needed to overcome the slightest injury of any Law Enforcement personnel. The AG’s should be consulted and write the fabric of the orders. DO IT DO IT NOW!


  2. Jenevive says:

    Breitbart reporting the 82nd Airborne Division Immediate Response Force of
    750 soliders has arrived at Andrews Airforce base

    “The IRF battalion — which deployed to Iraq earlier this year to quell Iran-backed violence — brought approximately 750 soldiers, ten Black Hawk helicopters, and four Chinooks, according to sources. The helicopters are utility, not attack, and are used to transport troops short distances.”


  3. JustScott says:

    Why are the peaceful protesters chanting “No Peace?”

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    • milktrader says:

      Probably the second part of “No justice, no peace”

      Since they cannot define “Justice” the phrase can be reasonably shortened to “No peace”

      They don’t want peace. It really isn’t complicated


    • Joemama says:

      Like I wrote above, the “peaceful protests” have a very different feel today.

      One thing that I didn’t mention above, in LA, the black-clad factions (most likely antifa +BLM hard cores) are in the front of the protests today. On previous days, they were mostly behind the useful idiot protesters, where they would lob water bottles, rocks, screwdrivers, bricks, firecrackers, etc at the lines of law enforcement, over the heads of the useful idiots.


  4. Ace says:

    We know 58% of Americans want Trump to send in the military, so the more they goon it up, the higher that number goes.
    This will be called off soon.


  5. Carrie says:

    Please let this be true 😂

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  6. Eric says:


  7. dogsmaw says:

    Hypocrite gives instructions on what is proper…

    then proceeds to mimic our Great President 😛

    Tsk Tsk Pe lo si

    The saying—rules for thee, but not for me—is a common one in reference to politicians, especially so in the case of elected officials who decide that they and their supporters deserve protections the rest of us are to be denied.

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  8. lawton says:


    • cheering4america says:

      It is scary to me how brazen these people are, and also scary that 61.5K people liked this rabid comment.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        Wow. You’d think this FIB layer would learn to shut up. Everybody wants to be a star, but few have the talent.

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        • dogsmaw says:

          A bar of soap is so in order for this person, the internet doesnt forgive…and it lasts forever. 😛

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        • WhiteBoard says:

          Ms. Jones,

          They were caught in coup of a sitting president. There only option is an assasination attempt where they mask paramilitary under the protestors to get a shot and cover for escape.

          PDJT thwarted this… and did a victory lap…

          Page must do what she is told – and her barks are sign her handlers are desperate.

          they had no shot. and a fence is up now. and their IDs are all collected.

          Once PDJT has obtained every intended messaging he needs, he will end this with a highlight of a coup member connected.

          I would say the district congresswoman and the AG wlll be a great starter – followed by the sentator who hid the laundering operation due to Comey’s team using it to catch criminals ( however they never caught anyone , they just hid their profiting under the color of law; hence mcabes great relationship with russians).



      • Joemama says:

        In terms of the population of the USA, 61.5K is a small number. It does seem like a reasonable number for hard core antifa/marxists in this country. The antifa/marxists are probably the vast majority of the population of the left that even know who Lisa Page is.

        I have mentioned Strzok/Page and the text messages to many over the last few years and I have only encounter about 3 people that had even heard about it & they were all on the right side of the political spectrum. No normies or useful idiot democrats knew anything about them

        That is a long winded way of saying, take heart, because the hardcore left is actually a tiny fraction of the US public.

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    • jx says:

      “monstrous, despicable”

      But there’s no bias.

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    • Ackman419 says:

      “I wrote a few mean texts”

      Yeah, that’s not gonna work on us, you traitorous beach ball.


    • Fake Nametag says:

      She was not the coup plotter, Obama was. She was just a pathetic little pawn.

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    • cjzak says:

      Liar. A liar before and a liar now. The truth is a false pretense for the people of her ilk. It never changes. I hope she is caught in the net of Justice with her lover Strok. They all deserve jail time


    • Only a criminal who KNOWS the fix is in would dare this kind of trash talking against a man like our President.
      Can yo spell underestimated?


    • evergreen says:

      No, you were the flop for the plotter. Remember, you begged him to promise you that Trump would not get elected, right? Right?


    • avi says:

      the lying ugly cup leader is still lying


  9. CNN_sucks says:

    PDJT has done more to the black community than 40 years of demonrats promise. Where are the black leaders that meets with Trump?

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  10. km says:

    chinas tiktok app is in full swing. 8 out of 10 vids are police brutality clips so this is america slogan. that app needs censored very soon/


  11. Eric says:

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    • milktrader says:

      Where was that?

      We’re back to the Wild West days it appears.

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      • Jim Lennon says:

        Crown Point, Indiana, where I live.

        The night before this video was taken, the next town to the north had a “peaceful protest” that ended with windows smashed, a jewelry store looted, and someone trying to burn down and/or blow up a gas station. After that protest dispersed, there was Twitter chatter through the night and into the next morning about a protest for Crown Point the next day, and whether or not to loot the shops downtown.

        The protesters were mostly younger folk and stayed peaceful, but both the police and the residents were ready just in case someone started trouble.


    • Tornarosa says:

      The Q&A below the video was priceless
      JustJoy💚@justjoysworld 4h Replying to @CarolinaOpinion
      I’m from the Uk so I find seeing people with guns intimidating so in my innocence pls tell me why those people couldn’t stand there without the guns ??? And the people walking by weren’t rioting?????
      John price🇬🇧@JohnPrice369 2h
      I’m also from the UK so I’ll explain, the rioters aren’t rioting there because they’re scared of being shot by home owners protecting themselves, their families & their property from the rioters, people tend to behave very respectfully when confronted with their eminent demise

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    • pacnwbel says:

      I’m guessing this is the same report I heard on Rush’ program today, in a blue state of all places


  12. milktrader says:

    I still would like to see a blue city mayor or blue state governor offer to sit down with rioters and determine what it is they want in exchange for a ceasefire.

    1. I could see this happening
    2. It would draw out their leaders


    • dogsmaw says:

      According to the BET CEO…

      Reparations for slavery

      Reparations for slavery is a political justice concept that argues that reparations should be paid to the descendants of slaves from Sub-Saharan Africa who were trafficked to and enslaved in the Americas as a consequence of the Atlantic slave trade.

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      • milktrader says:

        That’s a start.

        So can we have a ceasefire? As a measure of good faith?

        I’d like to talk to the boss though, leader of ANTIFA and BLM.

        Ask them if they can order a ceasefire.


        • dogsmaw says:

          ru nuts…there is no satisfactory solution…the more you cede…the more they ask…just give away your milk instead of trading it 😛

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          • milktrader says:

            Is there a leader with whom to negotiate?

            Simple question. Nobody’s asking it though and pretending this is all spontaneous.

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            • Tornarosa says:

              Obama? I don’t think that’s high enough, since as SD’s flag picture illustrates, this group goes back to at least 1933, probably to 1917. The reaction to their rioting and mayhem swept Adolph Hitler into power in 1934.


      • cheering4america says:

        They really haven’t thought this out. Less than 3% of the south owned slaves at the time of the Civil War, the rest went to war because they were invaded by the north, hence the “War of Northern Aggression.”

        So, from whom would they get reparations?

        How many of the black people today are actually provably descended from slaves? Does it matter if an ancestor was a slave for 20 years or 2 years?

        And do you think that they are aware that black people ALSO owned slaves, including the very first slaves in America? How would those reparations get paid?

        Would it be fair to have their percentages of “reparations” lessened by the amount of public benefits which they and theirs have already received?

        Do they think we wouldn’t know that most of it would be scammed anyway, a la the Pigford Scandal? See: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2017/01/02/18-major-scandals-obama-presidency/

        Does anyone really believe that this would NOT lead directly to a race war, assuming we are not already in one?

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        • Tornarosa says:

          Good ‘un Cheering. Irishmen were sold on the docks of Boston, indentured to pay their steerage. For the first 40 or so years most arrivals to Virginia were indentured servants, as were the first 100 women in Virginia Many Revolutionary War veterans, after simultaneously fighitng and farming, were thrown into debtors prison and lost their farms when they couldn’t pay their taxes with the promissory notes they received for their service. Signers of the Constitution spent time in debtors prison. Captain John Smith was a slave bound with a chains and a wooden collar, sold at auction twice. Do they know NOTHING of the lives of sharecroppers, coal miners, cattle drivers, gandy dancers and cod fishermen? A lot of people suffered in making this country. In doing so, they bought a piece of it. The next best thing for a liberal trying to make America forget its past is to never teach it to them in the first place.

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      • Jason Ross says:

        Many if not most African Americans are biracial if you look back far enough. Do they pay themselves for slavery?


      • KBR says:

        What do you think their overweening privileges they ALREADY have were and are?

        What do you think NAACP but no NAAWP is all about?
        What do you think “diversity hiring practices” are?
        Food stamps, EBT?
        Why can they have “historically black colleges” when there are no “historically white colleges?”
        Why do you think they get preferential treatment in getting scholarships?
        Is there a United White College Fund?

        All that and more ARE THE REPARATIONS!

        They already have and do not recognize the reparations.

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        • Debra says:

          Plus. A lot of them are out looting their reparations right now.

          And probably not a one of them know a thing about Liberia . . .


      • Tornarosa says:

        Excellent dogsmaw. I think most came from the Slave Coast, Volta River Basin, and Gold Coast where they were trafficked largely by Hutus slave hunters to the English merchants in the ports, hence one of the origins of conflict between them and the Tutsis.. The Hutus were displaced south from North Africa by the Ottomans after the fall of Alexandria and Carthage, and forced down into the heart of Africa where they conflicted with the Tutsis around the great lakes region. BHO’s grandfather was a Hutu slaver and sold his captive merchandise in Mombasa on the Eastern Kikuyu Coast, (so he cannot be accused of being descended of slave traders to the New World.) His family sold them onward to the Big Slave Market in Madagascar, resold to India and Arabia, where sad to say, none survive to tell their stories and seek reparations. The slavers carried trading goods from England to Africa, slaves to the West Indies, sugar cane to Boston, and Rum to England and were proud and grew wealthy from their cleverness. Most slaves arriving in the English, Spanish, and French colonies in the Caribbean died within a year or two of overwork and tropical fever, rarely allowed to have normal families, rapidly replaced. Slaves survived in America due to better treatment, climate, diet, and laws that regulated their living conditions. It is a myth that they were raised to be sold. Virginia was the first Colony to pass laws forbidding the importation of slaves. Laws that were overturned by the Privy Council in London.


  13. Reserved55 says:


  14. Tornarosa says:

    The Police & Fire scanner in Seattle is very active and understandable covering kinetic protest and general hooliganary.


  15. pyromancer76 says:

    This will probably sound simple and too optimistic. I saw some live footage today of “protests” in Los Angeles (different locations). What I saw were large, very large, groups of young people dancing in the streets at a “proper social distance” hands in the air with a variety different imaginative steps. I thought beautiful They have been locked down too long and need the physical expressiveness of “normal” young people. The cops were responding and “guiding” or “disciplining” the groups. Everyone was on best behavior at this time.

    I have also seen destructive, planned protests. I want every thug arrested and jailed for many years – at the very least.

    But some of this experience President Trump can use to his and America’s advantage.
    1) It was “police brutality”, white on black (the policeman had been a problem before) and we have too much of that in this country. Also police brutality, period, and I am a big supporter of the police. However, we must have an honest and disciplined police force – just liked the fbi (smile).

    2) It looked like a set-up (by Organized Thuggery anti-Trump)) – what policeman is going to knee-down a suspect for 8 minutes while being videoed the entire time? Some Treeper showed us a similar “event” in Paris. I would like to see more of that. Again lots of time for cameras to record and lots of prepared of ideological incendiary nonsense.

    3) The black man was a thug himself and on drugs.

    Cool heads and calm minds might be able to make something of this mess – this 4th? 5th? attempt to take down President Trump. They have always lost. And they will lose this time.

    Demonstrating peacefully – protesting peacefully – is an American right – just like freedom of religion. We need to separate out the ideological, planned thuggery from “American rights.” Even if exercized by stupid kids!

    It was beautiful. I never thought I would say this. It was like it was choreographed (creatively, with goodness) and quite amazing. I thought some of the way-too-long imprisonment from Covid-19 (Wuhan virus) was being expelled from young people’s spirits. I also want a curfew after 6 p.m.


    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      I disagree about brutality. When you get arrested for committing a crime, don’t resist because you’re probably going to lose that battle.

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  16. Reserved55 says:

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  17. Summer says:

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  18. CM-TX says:

    Someone needs to ask these “officers” who started the fire, & why did none of them put it out while small?? Super shady! 🤨


    • sunnydaze says:

      And why the firetruck drove by and did nothing.

      This is weird. Hope it gets saved somewhere, cuz it’s def. getting scrubbed.


    • Sparky5253 says:

      The fire is in the motor. The “little fire” underneath is drippings from that fire. Smart for the cops to stay a safe distance away.


  19. Reserved55 says:


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  20. Troublemaker10 says:

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  21. CNN_sucks says:

    Thank God. Some community are fighting back. Take care of your own community. The police are under siege. We are on our own now.

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  22. Reserved55 says:

    Retired St Louis police officer

    David Dorn, 77, was shot in the torso about 2:30 a.m. He died on the sidewalk in front of the shop, Lee’s Pawn & Jewelry, at 4123 Martin Luther King Drive.


  23. cheering4america says:

    I have read that if lawlessness gets over a certain percentage, I think it was 5%, that it can no longer be controlled. It seems clear to me that that is exactly what the Communist Party is hoping to achieve by this all-out violence, all over the country, and all very well prepared, with bricks, incendiary devices and other items staged carefully around cities.

    With all of the rumors, etc., that the big thing is going to happen tonight I can’t see any possible excuse for failing to, at minimum, call out the National Guard in every single state. I really wonder what will be left of us by tomorrow.

    In prayer.


  24. Landslide says:

    Does anyone have an estimate of numbers of protestors nationwide? My wild guess is 50k. Anyone know?


    • CNN_sucks says:

      Probably, most of them are agitators. That’s why they go to poor neighborhood. They need foot soldiers to loot and pillage. Unfortunately, foot soldiers (idiots) destroy same community they live in.


  25. sunnyflower5 says:

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  26. Hans says:

    An article in GP talks about sticks, bats and pipe bombs…. with the new MSM defining peaceful looting riots I wonder if we will now have peaceful pipebombs…. you know the type …. just to keep the narrative going till November 3rd.



  27. Mariposa323 says:

    Check if true

    I will post an email that I received from a retired FBI agent. This craziness isn’t going away. The riots now are just as fabricated.

    “The Floyd event was staged.
    Staged Event?
    These officers were involved with something, I’m not sure exactly what, but something is just not adding up.
    I think there is at the very least the “possibility”, that this was a filmed public execution of a black man by a white cop, with the purpose of creating racial tensions and driving a wedge in the growing group of anti deep state sentiment from comon people, that have already been psychologically traumatized by Covid 19 fears.
    Historically, in election years and in politically contested areas or in groups, racial or gun violence incidents are becoming common place. Considering the rising approval rating of President Trump in the black community, an event like this was unfortunately “Predictable”
    Consider these points and contrast them to every other police brutality incident you’ve ever seen.The filmed portion of the incident was about 10 minutes long. In that amount of time, three officers are holding one handcuffed man down. You only know that because of the pictures taken from across the street. You can’t see the other two officers in the video because they are behind the vehicle. During 8 minutes of the entire video, the officer has his knee on George Floyd’s neck, which is not taught or approved by any law enforcement agency.
    Additionally, other than the Asian officer speaking occasionally to the crowd of bystanders, there is no communication from any of the officers to Mr. Floyd. No talking, no shouting. When have you ever seen a police brutality video without police shouting?
    Additionally, the police had no goal. They weren’t trying to subdue him for arrest, he was already handcuffed and all they needed to do, was place him in the back of the car. There is no plausible explanation for taking him to the ground and having three men on top of a handcuffed man, a knee placed on his neck. Mr. Floyd presented no threat and was not resisting. The only goal that there appeared to be was exactly what happened: “To be filmed brutally killing a black man”.
    Think about this, these officers did not care about being filmed, in fact the officer stared into the camera with soulless eyes and an emotionless face, reminiscent of an assassin, as he knowingly killed an American Citizen.
    None of the officers spoke among themselves or did they speak to Mr. Floyd. They did not respond to his pleas for life. They just sat and kneeled on him until he was passed out and then waited an additional 4 minutes after Mr. Floyd lost consciousThe bystanders are verbally communicating to the officers, that he isn’t breathing. Unlike any other similar incident, you never see the officers getting on police radios. You never see or hear them calling dispatch for backup. No other police units arrive on the scene and strangely enough, the crowd does not seem to grow either.
    The scene does not end until an ambulance arrives and they unceremoniously flop him on a gurney. At no point does anyone in a uniform ever check his vitals. “As if they aren’t remotely curious about the situation they are in” BTW. who called the ambulance and for what reason? Because if the reason was that Mr. Floyd was having a medical issue, they wouldn’t have still been crushing his neck.
    Shortly after the video went viral, a fake Facebook page supposedly belonging to the officer, at the center of the murder appears and pictures are uploaded that say “Stand your Ground” and “Trump 2020”. A picture of the cop with a red ballcap that says “Make America White Again”. A friends list populated with obvious sock accounts and people clearly not his friends. This is the same kind of fake Facebook stunt that happened with a group made to look like support for the men involved with the Ahmed Aubrey case.Is it mere coincidence that this happens the week after “race” becomes a major political issue after the Biden “You ain’t Black” gaffe, started to threaten the black vote the Democrats so desperately count on?
    Additionally, there is substantial video evidence to arrest at least one officer now. Why would the local authorities not charge him immediately, unless there was a political advantage not to!
    Is it mere coincidence that this happens right about the exact moment the COVID-19 fear campaign falls apart, and after it has psychologically traumatized the entire country and got everyone at each other’s throats and suicide attempts are spiking? Is it mere coincidence that this happens after the Auhmed Aubrey case… Which somehow eluded the mainstream media completely until two whole months after he was killed? When has that ever happened? Timing issue? Is it mere coincidence that Supreme Race Baiter Obama was making videos a couple weeks ago connecting COVID with “Systemic Racism”?
    FINALLY….‼️‼️ this entire scene plays out with the cop car and license plate that says “POLICE”. The plate was perfectly framed for maximum subliminal impact. This also means he was literally just 1 foot away from the back seat of the police car and these cops thought it was smarter to kill a black man on camera, than to pick him up and move him one foot into the back of the police car.
    You can draw your own conclusions, but this appears to have all the earmarks of George Soros. Please open your eyes!!!!
    Thanks to Chris Tanner for the research”

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    • Linda says:

      Mariposa…after Mr Floyd was removed from his vehicle and sat down, handcuffed, by that building, the officer stood him up and they crossed to the opposite corner. Why?


  28. Eric says:

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  29. Eric says:

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  30. Carrie says:

    Sweet sweet karma for these young I’ll educated riot sympathizers 😂😂


  31. WhiteBoard says:

    Would cutting personal taxes technically raise wages? including the minimum?

    i am all for making this country where everyone that works has a life that isnt humiliating. if this cutting taxes would work then lets do it!

    we should have a country where people working productive helpful jobs or this country make above 60K at a minimum..

    how much of a tax cut would you really need to get there? someone takes home 40k a year – cut their taxes by 50% that might get there?

    this would create a competitive society – where those that dont want to compete are not potential recruits for foreign countries to do terror (riots)


  32. Ivehadit says:

    Mr. President,
    We are with you! We stand with you! We love you!
    We will prevail while all the blue states stay stuck with their rioters and looters and pre-planned insurrections and trashed economies. Jobs for everyone will be coming and our beloved America will be great as usual.
    You have exposed all those who are the problem for the whole country to see.


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