Covid Madness Continues – Massachusetts Paints Instructional Arrows on Sidewalks…

Comrades, do not questions the purposes of the COVID Compliance Ministry.  We are evolving to a safer society, where madness replaces common sense.

Considering leadership within the big blue version of the ‘new normal’ promised that all changes to society will be driven by science, the COVID-19 virus variant in Massachusetts must be targeting people based on their direction of travel.  In order to keep people safe the police are painting fluorescent arrows on the sidewalk to inform the public which way to walk in order to avoid being attacked by the virus.  WATCH:


It’s not as much tyranny as nuttery.  If you face the right direction but walk backwards are you designated a rebellious scofflaw subject to municipal fines and police detention?

But seriously, despite my incapacity to keep a straight face, somewhere amid the town governance someone had to sit and scratch their puzzler to come up with this insanely stupid plan as a way to mitigate the virus… and then convinced others to do it.  Obviously these are the same people who wore genitalia on their heads to resist Donald Trump.

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603 Responses to Covid Madness Continues – Massachusetts Paints Instructional Arrows on Sidewalks…

  1. McGuffin says:

    Not wearing a mask in public is akin to wearing a MAGA hat in public.
    Virtue signalers will attack you.

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  2. Magabear says:

    So a new country is formed and two political parties emerge due to a viral outbreak. One parties fortunes rise with hoping few people die, the other parties fortunes rise by hoping for bodies to pile up. Which party do you want to belong to? 🤔

    I propose an amendment that attaches to the every 10 year census. The people of each states counties should be able to vote to join counties of likeminded neighboring states. You could have the sheeple of NYC, NJ and SE PA form their own state called Sheepistan and the rest of PA could take in the sane parts of New York and become New Penn. 🙂

    However, if you’re a sane person living in Sheepistan, you have a small window of opportunity to get out, cuz we’re walling off Sheepistan from our new state. 😁

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    • Kenji says:

      I must admit … it’s time to redraw State boundaries to better reflect the values of the citizens therein.

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      • X XYZ says:

        So since you think that moving is the answer… When large numbers of liberals move to your more conservative state and outnumber you there, making it a leftist state, please tell us – where will you move to then?

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        • Magabear says:

          If you allow for realignment every 10 years, you may be able to stay ahead of the migration. It’s an idea, what’s yours?


          • Don’t need one, beyond personal responsibility, and the Golden Rule. This WILL end in real war.

            I don’t wear a mask; here in middle Tennessee, it is not “required” or “ordered”, only “recommended”, and tellingly, too late to be of any real use, which it never was here: I have been going out nearly every day, throughout this high-treason scam, and I guarantee there is no virus hanging in the air here — I repeat, I guarantee it — because I got sick earlier with it (not enough to show, I beat it handily with echinacea in large doses), and I would feel it again, believe me, if it were still around to any significant extent. I am 72 years old.

            WalMart and other stores have put in arrows too, ordering traffic, which I ignore without being disruptive. More people than not are not wearing masks, and this is important, to make the sheep realize they don’t need one either. The TV is full of happy people contentedly “obeying” the “orders” to wear masks and stay home or social distance. This is the kind of craziness one sees in a society on the ragged edge of facing its real problems, and going to real war over them.


        • Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

          Liberals aren’t happy just exercising their rights, they make it a point to force their views on everyone else. Even if you could clear out an entire continent and move them all into it, their next step would be to complain about and infiltrate the ones next to them. Me, I’m thinking of moving to Caspiar.

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        • bodieisland says:

          XXYZ, this is exactly what has happened. Dimwits ruined CA so many moved to TX. Now parts of TX are liberal and deteriorating. Here in my beloved Virginia, O dumped 40,000 UAM(unaccompanied minors of the MS-13 type) and refugees of the middle east type, coupled with Zorro’s DA’s, Sheriff’s and LEO. So 2020 we had 1,200 bills passed legalizing infanticide, anti-gun, anti-first, 2nd,4th,5th amendments passed. And that is only page one!!! /s (only last line is sarc) They come for my gun, this 69yo Grannie will live free or die.!! I WILL NOT MOVE OR LAY DOWN FOR THEM #MAGA 2020

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        • And that’s exactly what happened to us in Nevada. The Liberals from California and New Jersey sold their inflated price homes and moved to Las Vegas and bought homes twice the size, and at half the cost. Then more hotels were built bringing in more of the Union liberals and illegal aliens to work in those hills. Then the Liberals took over the local government positions. Before we knew it, Las Vegas had over 2 million people and out-numberd the total amount of people living rurally throughout the entire state of Nevada.

          With the help of our last tax-raising GOP governor, RINO Brain Sandoval, in 2016, for the first time in history, Democrats took control of the Nevada Governorship and the Legislature – then the U.S. Senators. What was once considered a Republican stronghold tax haven, liberty and freedom loving state, is now a bloated government drunk on raising taxes every legislature session, and stripping its citizens of their Constitutional Rights at every opportunity. I have witnessed my great state of Nevada destroyed at the hands of Liberal Democrats and illegal aliens.

          Don’t think it can’t happen in your state? Arizona and Texas? You’re next.

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          • Joshua2415 says:

            If we are going to worry about the spread of disease, liberalism should be it. A good start
            for conservative states to consider would be a 25% sales tax on out-of-state transplant property purchases. If you buy property in a new state anytime within 5 years of selling your out-of-state home, it will cost you 25% of the new homes selling price. That should balance the scales a bit for the locals anyway, and maybe keep some of the disease carriers on their side of the fence.


          • It’s happening in Montana. The Democrats have targeted us hence Gov Bullock running for Senator. The only reason we are open, in my opinion, is because he’s running to take out Steve Daines. Can’t piss off too many people.


        • old white guy says:

          Communism is a disease that is far worse than the whoowho flu. It has been spread through ignorance and because ignorance continues to flourish the disease has been winning. from the soft socialism of many countries and I include America in this, to deadly iron grip of communism in North Korea, communism has been advancing world wide. There is no where to move to. Fight where you or lose because losing is what we are doing.

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    • PatriotKate says:

      It’s become pretty clear that this issue has pushed us into a more open undeclared civil war


    • Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

      Q: If we here in KommieFornia are exporting our Libtards to red states, how is it we still have so many still here?
      A: DemonRats are importing them faster than we breed and spawning new ones in college.

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  3. Val says:

    The name of the town really is Swampscott…
    Swamp 🤭


  4. 1800e says:

    I’m planning to go out without a mask. I’d love to have you reply below giving me your best one-liners to virtue signalers who may confront me.


  5. 1800e says:

    I’m planning to go out without a mask. I’d love to have you reply below giving me your best one-liners to virtue signalers who may confront me.

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    • MfM says:

      My body, my choice.


      • Bob says:

        Try wearing a mask wearing glasses. The glasses fog up and you can’t see. For the first four weeks no one was required to wear a mask except medical personnel proving requiring it late in the game was not about public health but about controlling the sheeple.. Reporters at the WH took off theirs as soon as the cameras when off.


    • The cow farts at midnight.


      • jello333 says:

        I just thought of something that would REALLY get people’s attention. Don’t fight it, go ahead and wear a mask… but ONLY a mask. “Hey, what’s your problem, leave me alone! I got my mask on, so you should be happy now!” (But no, I do NOT volunteer to do this myself! 🙂 )


  6. 1800e says:

    I’m planning to go out without a mask. I’d love to have you reply below giving me your best one-liners to virtue signalers who may confront me.


    • X XYZ says:

      What does “confront” mean? You predict that there will be a war of words. If you anticipate and expect that, it will probably occur.

      Try giving them the hard stare before anything escalates. Keep it deadpan. Poker faced. Don’t break the stare. Let them run their mouths. Barking dogs usually don’t bite. Ignore it and walk away – unless it gets physical. If you do this right, it never will – because they don’t know who you are or what you are capable of doing next. Besides, your not saying anything gives you time to think.

      Empty barrels make a lot of noise. Don’t add to the noise. It takes two to have a confrontation.

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      • yucki says:

        That’s right.
        Why contrive an altercation?
        Does that make life more exciting?


      • montanamel says:

        Remember the tow truck driver in MIB ????
        Just stare them down, flash open your coat slightly….and say PPLEASSSSSSSE….

        The large butt of a Mod 29 SS with maybe 8-3/4″ bbl would complete the picture…

        On the other hand…. We could redraw those state/city boundries…

        From low orbit…. with some “selective nuke’ing…”… Project Plowshare redux…


  7. Kathee says:

    I live in a small town of 24k. Our local Family Fare grocery store has juvenile instructional arrows in and out of the store. You wouldn’t believe how many Chippewa Falls sheep believe this is a life threatening PlanDemic. The instructional arrows are in your face in the senior parking area.

    The only small business franchise we supported was Jimmy John’s. At least he rolled with the flow only to survive another day. We bought $200 worth of gift certificates to be cashed in by recipients which breathed support and a monetary bridge for them to survive another day.

    Another disturbing trend, are people giving other people the stink eye for not wearing a mask.

    Small town America has slowly and stealthfully been infiltrated by emotionally retarded liberal maniacs.

    My dream lately is the tax money dries up and these worthless lazy baby incubators have to actually pay for their unwanted anchor babies which fortunately be adopted by an American family.


    • FanGirl says:

      Mask stink eye goes further than with/without. People are putting in fake reviews on Amazon for masks they have never seen, didn’t buy, and know nothing about BUT they deem to be inadequate.


  8. sunnydaze says:

    Comment on that vid:

    “Cure for COVID found: Just walk in one direction”


    I’ll be shocked if someone doesn’t go out tonight and paint orange arrows going in the other direction.

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  9. sheepsaybarr says:

    Swampscott is where Gov. Baker lives. Don’t make vacation plans in Mass. this year, we’re not opening anytime soon.


  10. Doug Amos says:

    The chief medical officer in L A does not wear a mask, makes $585k/yr, does not have a medical degree, has never written a prescription and is heavily into group therapy on a dialogue only basis. Last Tuesday she closed Los Angeles down for another 3 weeks. Her only saving grace is that many dead people see her and feel much better about themselves. Amongst liberals and only in CA could something as bizarre as her occur.

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  11. czarowniczy says:

    Watching ex-POtuS Obama talking to his bro high school grads about how badly the COVID issue has been so badly managed by the DC leadership (read as Trump), people – he said – who can’t even pretend to know what they’re doing.

    He should speak, all he knew how to do was steal from the workers and give to the culturally nonproductive, rewarding them for being a virus all of their own. He even promoted the introduction of new foreign viruses designed to sicken and perhaps destroy the body politic. In the process he even weakened those police and medical functions that we needed to fight this virus, he turned that body politic against the agencies designed to protect it.

    He made no mention of the incompetent political hacks he installed that are still working against the country’s best interests as they work against Trump and responsible working Americans. The infectious agents of his dystopian social engineering are, in the absence of his direct assistance, flailing around and causing damage but not at the same level of destruction they’d be doing if Obama’s house-potus had been installed. Let’s hope there’s enough American-American antibodies to fight off the hyphenated viruses we’ve been infected with.


  12. czarowniczy says:

    New Orleans didn’t see the flood of sit-down diners it hoped for, people still prefer carryout as opposed to registering for and leaving a papertrail for dining as they would buying a gun…if they could buy a gun in NOLA.

    The big test is tomorrow when the gov’s ‘churches at 25% of capacity’ bumps up against the fuhrerette’s ‘no more than 100 worshiper, period’ ordnung. She’d like the throngs to believe that she’s absorbed NOLA culture from the air but I don’t think she really has ‘absorbed’ the depth of the city’s religiosity. The city may be divided about a lot of things but getting together with friends and going to church are two things that unite it. It may be a big city but it’s still built with rsather insular neighborhoods that largely center on churches. Coming from LA she doesn’t grasp that and may well be looking for employment come the next election.


  13. The Devilbat says:

    I lived for many years in the middle of a bright blue democrat neighborhood in charlotte NC. What I remember most about it was that the people there were all control freaks. The neighborhood community association was akin to a Nazi operational headquarters. They tried to rule over everything one did. It gave me great pleasure to piss them all off which I constantly did. Note that the democrat governors are all enjoying their new excuse to control the citizenry. Being a democrat and a control freak seem somehow to be linked together.

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  14. 28angelica28 says:

    Say what you will, the hubs and I will be out and wearing our Trump masks if a mask is required. For the life of me, I don’t get this stuff. Outside? In the clean fresh air? Oh wait, this is a “blue” state. Their blood may be special but mine is better—remember red blood is oxygenated, not stale and near death!!!


    • It’s not about Trump, and he shouldn’t be dragged into it. In most places, if not all by now, wearing a mask is just showing fear against a merely imagined enemy; there is no demon virus to warrant it. You’re just accepting the fake Insane Left narrative if you wear ANY mask. If anybody in your area isn’t wearing a mask, you shouldn’t either, because their presence should reassure you the “danger” isn’t real, or they would not be around to do it.


  15. botchedcasuality says:

    Looks like they are sited in and perfectly ‘on target’.


  16. trondtveten says:

    By distancing, wearing masks, constant desinfecting etc you will not get a natural bacteria-flora of ‘good bacterias’ that will protect against the dangerous. Madness..

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  17. Marilyn Shealy says:

    I have allergies, and I have a hard time breathing with a mask on. i wouldn’t wear it for any length of time.


  18. jforbsekerry says:

    Left Ma. 32 years ago. It is even nuttier now. Place needs a good revolt!! Corrupt Pols and crazy Univ, abound

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  19. Hoss says:

    Out here in sort of blue Colorado, Governor Polis, is actually going against the commie waters of some of his fellow blue governors, and re-opening our state. He’s even fighting with some of the “more commie than thou” mayors, who are trying hard to be the best, little blue despots that they can be. Polis, even wants to reopen the ski resorts for late Spring skiing, and he opened the state parks three weeks ago.

    However, even out here in N.E. Colorado, one of the most conservative places in the state, we have arrows on the floors of the local Walmart. A couple weeks ago, I was even chastised by a very angry, mask wearing, little old lady for going the wrong way. In the cat food aisle, no less.

    I had not been to WallyWorld in weeks, but had to go there yesterday. I did not wear a mask, nor go the right way, and I was pleased to notice that those without masks were the majority of shoppers. Although, the mask wearers were heavy with the stink eye, they were not vocal, and most of them were going the wrong way too

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  20. jschmitt8657 says:

    The real sad part is that in a month or so, they will spend even more of the people’s money cleaning this crap off the sidewalk.

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  21. Pam says:

    I do not wear and will not wear a mask. Not one person has even deigned to even attempt to say one damn word to me. Smart.

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  22. efilnikcufecin101 says:

    I truly do hope that all intelligent folks will purposely walk in the opposite direction of said arrows in groups of say 100-500 or more at a time.
    BTW when do we start rounding up and hanging these leftist despots? I do hope it is soon.


    • RI_Righty says:

      “Police said she arrived in the islands and signed the required paperwork, acknowledging the quarantine rules, but decided not to comply once she left the airport.

      An all-points bulletin was posted as well as an alert on the Maui Police Facebook page. It was seen by thousands.”


  23. Aeronaught says:

    I was biking on the Riverfront Trail through the heart of Pittsburgh yesterday. Decided to see how many people would wear masks while exercising outdoors, which seems an absurd concept to me. Of the first 400 people I encountered on this busy trail (walkers, runners, bikers) a total of 31 were wearing masks. Also about 8 “chin masks” which I didn’t count. That’s about 8% of the population. I was actually surprised it was that low.


  24. Occam’s Razor says:

    This is graffiti. Vandalism.


  25. Allan L says:

    I think there is another virus going around. One that is even more dangerous. Let’s call it the “Stupidity” virus.

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  26. Tparty says:

    This buttery is one of the reasons I left Massachusetts … in addition to the slow atrophy of our gun rights.

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  27. Tparty says:

    This nuttery is one of the reasons I left Massachusetts … in addition to the slow atrophy of our gun rights.

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  28. David Makarewicz says:

    There is a simple solution. Buy a can of orange paint and add to the existing arrows so they point both ways.

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  29. Screaming Eagle says:

    Somebody should get the same orange paint and add arrows pointing in the opposite direction. This would be consistent with blue state Governors policy of what is essential and non-essential. I live in Bakersfield , CA, one of the last bastions of conservative society in the state. We call those neighborhood tattlers “The Masketeers”………..Self loathing Idiots.


  30. idlan says:

    You know major retailers are doing the one way aisle thing. Has anyone thought about the physically handicapped and them being forced to walk 4 or more times the normal distance not just to get into a store from the HC parking but in the stores themselves?

    Every step I take causes me pain. They are compounding my pain. HC spots used to be by entrances, now you have to walk to the end of their people chutes then back thru the people chutes just to get in the stores. 10 to 20 yards seems like nothing for able bodies.


    • Pokey says:

      So just ignore this stupidity. Us old people can get away with a lot more civil disobedience, so just tell them to move along and don’t bother you. Threaten a lawsuit if they try to force you to comply with the stupidity. I am just ignoring all these lemmings. What do we have left to lose anyway?


  31. Patchman2076 says:

    This woman should go back at night and paint a triangle on the other end, that’ll really screw them all up.
    I think we can have a great time with all this nonsense.
    Makes me think back to my teen years of subverting the law.

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  32. Kim Hudson says:

    Went to a Wal-Mart in Indiana last week…a teenage shelf stocker told me to obey the directional arrows on the floor running along the floor of the shopping aisle. I was so taken aback & angry that they had implemented this “rule”. I blurted out “Go F*×k yourself!”


  33. Albus D says:

    Someone should enlighten the Mask Nazis to the fact that stopping a virus with a cloth mask is akin to stopping a cloud of mosquitoes with a split rail fence. M O R O N S.


  34. nuthinmuffin says:

    in Florida, Publix supermarkets have put arrows in the aisles to “help” combat the spread…guess what most people don’t do, and non English speaking immigrants never do? that’s a rhetorical question.


  35. Putting On Its Shoes says:



  36. RalphF says:

    This arrow thing is kind of silly, but if this lady thinks it amounts to communism she really doesn’t understand what communism is.


  37. Mary Ann says:

    I was in a big hurry and committed a horrific crime..
    I walked the wrong way down an isle.. a woman gave me daggers.. staring me down..
    I feared she might even mace me with her can of Lysol..
    I feel like a rat in a maze.. listening to repetitive commands about how to stay safe while shopping..
    Waiting for “non-essential” garden materials to be allowed so I can feed myself..
    This could be a covert experiment to see how long it takes for moderately sane people to snap.


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