President Trump Notes Reports of HHS Secretary Azar Being “Fired” are Fake News…

Earlier today President Donald Trump noted the recent circular reporting by news media about the status of HHS Secretary Alex Azar are fake news.


The tweet comes a day after Politico and the Wall Street Journal first made the claim. Then CNN reported on the reporting of the fake news; and the Washington Post reported on the reporting of the reporting of the fake news. Thus the circular reporting of reporters reporting on the reporting of reporters travels exponentially into the ether of nothingness.

Carry on.

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50 Responses to President Trump Notes Reports of HHS Secretary Azar Being “Fired” are Fake News…

  1. Robert Smith says:

    That picture is saying what I’m thinking.

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  2. T2020 says:

    Love that photo of POTUS. That’s what we call a NY “KMA”. Lol!!!

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  3. He should fire most (90%) of the federal government and relocate the rest.

    Also, while the shutdown is in process, he should ensure no politician or government official gets salary.

    MAYBE they will then be less happy about 27 million people being unemployed …

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  4. ltravisjr says:

    I would be REAL surprised if he fired Azar. Azar is the champion of the kidney, especially artificial kidney, PPP research project and funding (which may one day save my son’s life). The thing is Melania has had serious kidney issues herself. Can you imagine POTUS firing him, and on Melania’s birthday no less?

    I wouldn’t put it past the MSM to put out this misinformation just to mess with her on her birthday.

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  5. Kay123 says:

    Yes… is nothing but gossiping!!
    I hate gossips….I want facts!!

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  6. The circle of nothingness strikes again.

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  7. nothing wards off a legitimate rape allegation like a Monday morning joe pivot to ‘chaos in the Whitehouse!!’ song and dance routine.
    they’re so smart, and we are so stupid.

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    • Jase says:

      They spent the entire weekend trying to find a Dem operative willing to inject themselves with bleach, but came up short, so they had to settle for a made up chaos story.

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      • nimrodman says:

        All this hyperventilating about a little bleach from the generation that was huffing paint in 7th grade, inhaling whipped-cream-can freon at 9th grade parties, sucking endlessly on marijuana joints (how are those lungs these days, Hippie?), tripping out on various hallucinogens, yammering at a thousand miles an hour and grinding teeth on Bolivian Marching Powder, and later doing that funny butterfly-poking dance at Burning Man on MDMA

        What? You can’t skin-pop a little bleach to help our brave President combat this Xi’s Disease bat virus from CHI-nah? It’s not like he’s asking you to mainline it, for heaven’s sake

        You buncha whining Marys

        Tell me I’m wrong, I dare ya

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  8. Vince says:

    President Trump may have just found another leaker. Let’s watch who soon leaves the White House staff.

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  9. Blind no Longer says:

    The FBI and DOJ could probably find a way to get a FISA warrant on somebody in the Trump administration from that made up news report…They’ve done it before many times.
    Please let somebody or bodies in the fake news actually be held legally accountable for something in my lifetime Mr. President.

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  10. flyoverfuji says:

    Sundance, you are in rare form today. That post has me cracking up. Thank you for all your dedication.


  11. My head was spinning trying to keep with Sundance’s reporting on the reporting of the reporting of the reporters…report!

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  12. Mary Ann says:

    PDJT has the money to create his own news media..
    He just needs to hire a few MAGA fans to sit and read his tweets, and cover his speeches..
    And maybe a few dozen more to point out the misreporting, half truths, and flat out lies..
    I nominate Sundance to be first pick!


    • Doug Amos says:

      The Encyclopedia Britanica would not be large enough to include all the misreporting, half truths and flat out lies M A. On the right, sunday was another light news day. Hands Biden and Nuttsy Nancy both made delusional appearances on national tv and in N Y City, mayor Silly Billy decreed that all criminals wearing masks could not be arrested.

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  13. On her Sat evening show Jeannine asked Kellyanne about Azar resigning. Kellyanne’s answer was to let PDJT make any announcement on personnel changes.


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