Federal Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Kentucky City and Police Attempting to Block Easter Worship…

Well, at least one federal judge has some common sense.  Louisville Kentucky Mayor, Greg Fischer, attempted to ban drive-in Easter church services and use local police to arrest and detain any non-compliant parishioners.

The church quickly sued Mayor Greg Fischer and the city of Louisville on Friday, arguing the mayor’s directive for churches to forgo gatherings to help slow the spread of COVID-19 violated Constitutional rights and their religious liberty.   The judge agreed.

District Court Judge walker issued an emergency restraining order banning the city from “enforcing; attempting to enforce; threatening to enforce; or otherwise requiring compliance with any prohibition on drive-in church services at On Fire.”  [Ruling]

[Full pdf link]

Full ruling below:


…Judge Walker also granted the church’s motion for an oral argument and set the date for  April 14.


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149 Responses to Federal Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Kentucky City and Police Attempting to Block Easter Worship…

  1. Caius Lowell says:

    The socialist devils will feel no shame for attempting this…

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  2. Payday says:

    So everyone likes this ruling? You’ll like this even better. Judge Walker was appointed last week to be the next judge for the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. PDT speaking through his court appointments.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      And the guy controlling the affirmation of Judge Walker’s appointment is Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.
      Our Lord does work in Mysterious Ways.

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      • TonyE says:

        The interesting thing about the RINOs, at least once they acquiesce with Trump, is that they’re in for the money. Their raison d’etre is money, and they tend to work it that way. It’s an understandable type of political corruption, not power per se, just money. So they can be managed.

        Someone like McConnell can easily support constitutional judges because they’re more likely to leave him alone to “make” more money. And he doesn’t really care that much where the supply chains are, domestic or overseas, so long as he is in the gravy train. Indeed, from his point of view, having more domestic manufacturing jobs is better because his party, the GOP, is more likely to get voters from working people that from those on the public trough.

        So, shift the GOP/RINOs and Wall Street from Main Street China to Main Street USA and we’ll be fine.

        For most Americans, the GOPrs and RINOs are the least dangerous. They go to their country clubs and leave the rest of us alone.

        Progressives, OTOH, are in for the power, or for the Clintons, the power AND the money. They are the dangerous ones. They are the ones that want to tells us all what, how and when to do things. They’re in for the power… just read 1984.

        “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake.”

        Scare people. True Fascists.

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  3. jimrockfish says:

    Now this is a righteous ruling. Love the judge’s lengthy memo portion of the ruling.

    I pray there will be more lawsuits to follow. Michigan et al.

    Thank you Sundance and team. The treehouse is my one source of information online. I will not go anywhere else.

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    • AustinHoldout says:

      It was really a beautifully written opinion . Well worth taking the time to read. My favorite passage was (after pointing out liquor stores had open parking lots and drive through, and saying he wasn’t impugning liquor businesses or consumption): “But if beer is “essential” so is Easter”.

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  4. Ospreyzone says:

    Finally, a judge that “gets it.” And by “it,” I mean the constitution. The free exercise of our faith is the FIRST and LAST essential service. I only regret that the Catholic bishops to whom my church reports had the same fortitude as the people of On Fire. … Happy Easter.

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  5. karen says:

    Thank God.
    May you all have a Blessed Easter Sunday
    Jesus Has Risen !!

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  6. Michael Fox says:

    Went to Costco today. Massive selection of hard liquor just inside the front door. Pretty large congregation of people in there.

    Irony or intent? We CAN congregate at COSTCO so we can get drunk on Easter, BUT, we CAN’T congregate at CHURCH so we can drink the “blood” of Jesus Christ on Easter.

    Never thought I’d see this day. Can’t we just use our WiFi and Bluetooth to turn off all the robots for one day?!?

    Happy Resurrection Day to all!

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  7. Rob says:

    Our mayor and his wife attended a black tie fundraiser for the Speed Ball Museum. His wife contracted the corona virus there from a billionaire socialite whiskey heiress. No joke. It no Easter gathering for us peasants! Let that sink in.

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  8. Rami says:


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  9. Brant says:

    We need this judge to do several dozen nationwide injunctions like libs find Hawaiians to do.

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  10. jeans2nd says:

    Our Deplorables in Pennsylvania came up with a rather unique solution to both comply and circumvent the dictats of the Ministry of Coronavirus Compliance – hold church services at the local drive-in.

    Salena Zito wrote of this for the Wash Examiner, and spoke with Larry O’Conner.

    “While some churches go virtual, others go old school: Drive-ins”

    With Larry O’Conner 6:25

    Hey Sen Rand Paul – there must be a working drive-in somewhere in the state of Kentucky.

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  11. Magabear says:

    Well, maybe some action from the DOJ on these 1st amendment violations finally. A week earlier would’ve been nice though.



  12. flatlandgoober says:
  13. Jim Raclawski says:

    we’re front row center at the opening days of the final ultimate battle between those of God and those of Satan. You see the two camps distinguish themselves by ideology -motivation – desire- driven by material things or by the Spirit of God. They unmask in the knowledge that their number is strong and if you & I stand in their path to “glory”… then we will be persecuted&hounded – frustrated& denied our God given rights… when shall we do as this judge has done and stand fast…. and be herded no further?

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  14. Larry Parsons says:

    Article 6 of the United states constitution, I’m very happy to see a real judge still on the bench. Bottom line:your death doesn’t trump my rights!

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  15. jschmitt8657 says:

    Kudos for that judge who put the Mayor back on his heels for the moment. The other thing they’ve started doing in KY, Louisville in particular, is identifying the race of those infected by the virus and those who have died due to complications of the virus. The largest bird cage liner in the state then goes onto the typical dim/lib supportive storyline of how the wealth divide and the health care divide are so unfair. If anyone thinks there are no hidden agendas within these actions, then they have no need for TP since their head is blocking their exit.

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  16. clodfobble says:

    Where is the ACLU in all this? They like to look the other way when the fascists are democrats?


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