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Democrats Discover Border Security – Rhode Island Governor Orders National Guard Checkpoints To Protect Against New Yorkers…

Apparently democrat governors are discovering that border security might be important after all…. at least when it comes to quarantining pesky undesirables.  Hypocrisy, thy name is: (source) Yes America, Democrat governors are now placing their national guard troops at the … Continue reading

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President Trump Sends Letter To Governors About Coronavirus Effort…

President Donald Trump sent the following letter [pdf here] to our nations’ governors in response to the national COVID-19 crisis:

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Phase Four – Supply Chain Prioritizes – Proteins Return, Manufactured Processed Grain Products Still Lag…

• Phase One was retail. • Phase two was distribution. • Phase three was the space between manufacturing and distribution. • Phase four is raw material supply to manufacturing. U.S. food processing, and manufacturing is now operating at full capacity. … Continue reading

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Fear and Panic for A Purpose – The Coronavirus Evolves Into “The Blue Plague”…

The “Blue Plague” is an intentional effort by various interests to create fear-porn amid the American population by intentionally hyping a mass hysteria about the coronavirus.  In many ways the Blue Plague is exponentially more dangerous than COVID-19 itself. Earlier … Continue reading

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Thought Violation – Twitter Suspends Treehouse Account…

Comrades, the Twitter Directorate of Narrative Approval has found The Conservative Treehouse in violation of state interests for challenging acceptable thought around the coronavirus pandemic.  Dissent cannot be tolerated: We have been notified our continued participation in the national conversation … Continue reading

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Tom Donohue and U.S. CoC Beg White House: Please Don’t Stop Buying From China, We’ll Lose Our Manufacturing Investments….

You knew it was going to happen… The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (President Tom Donohue) begins having apoplectic fits at the thought of even stronger Trump administration policies that might undercut their Chinese manufacturing investments. The U.S. CoC is the … Continue reading

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White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing – 5:00pm ET Livestream

President Trump, Vice President Pence and the COVID-19 task force hold a press briefing from the White House to provide updates and take questions from the media. The anticipated start time is 5:00pm ET.  Livestreams Below WH Livestream Link – … Continue reading

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