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Day Two – President Trump State Visit to India – New Delhi, Full Schedule

Day two of the President Trump and First Lady Melania visit to India holds a very busy schedule including: a welcome ceremony in New Delhi; a tree planting ceremony in New Delhi; a social lunch; a set of bilateral diplomatic … Continue reading

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The Great Lou Dobbs: “No FISA Reauthorization” Without Reform and Sunlight…

Lou Dobbs reminds everyone tonight about a rapidly approaching FISA reauthorization deadline coming quickly on March 15th without any public input, public hearings, information about current DOJ/FBI corrective measures, or sunlight on the issues. Appearing tonight with Mr. Dobbs is … Continue reading

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White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro Discusses Coronavirus as an Actual and Economic Contagion…

White House Manufacturing and Trade Advisor Peter Navarro has been advocating for a return to U.S. production of medical products as a matter of national security.  With the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus and a rapid depletion of medical response … Continue reading

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Odd Reversal – California Sheriff Now Says No Conclusion of Suicide in Mysterious Death of DHS Whistle-blower…

The Armador County Sheriff’s department now appears to be walking back their initial claim of suicide in the death of DHS Whistle-blower Phillip Haney.  In addition to the announcement the sheriff’s office has requested assistance from the FBI: From Gateway … Continue reading

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Why is The New York Times Outing Lower Level FBI Spygate Operatives? Case Agent 1: Stephen M. Somma…

A previously incurious New York Times is now exposing members of the FBI crew who participated in fraud upon the FISA Court.  Are the corrupt former top-tier FBI officials starting to position lower-level FBI participants as scapegoats? Inside an insufferable … Continue reading

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Nevada Caucus Final Results: Bernie 47%, Biden 20%, Buttigieg 14%…

It only took three days and the Nevada Democrat Party has the final results of their caucus.  [New York Times Link]  It’s actually a little surprising to see Biden come in #2.

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Bloomberg Prepares to Blitz Bernie…

There has been a notable shift in the political battlespace in the past 72 hours; and particularly since the Nevada democrat debate.  More and more democrats are openly criticizing Bernie Sanders directly. However, they only have a window of about … Continue reading

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