February 23rd – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1130

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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373 Responses to February 23rd – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1130

  1. Zippy says:

    BTW, although, of course, the Washington Post would not mention it, I heard elsewhere in a video that the STATE DEPARTMENT also overruled the -CDC’s- recommendations on this!!!!

    Trump ‘Furious’ At Rogue Bureaucrats Who Let Coronavirus Patients Fly Home Without Telling Him


    President Trump was reportedly livid after 14 Diamond Princess passengers infected with coronavirus were flown back to the United States without notifying him and against his wishes, according to the Washington Post.

    Trump and his coronavirus task force were told last Saturday that Americans quarantined for weeks aboard the luxury cruise ship would be brought home on two chartered planes, but that infected patients or those with symptoms would remain in Japan. That decision was overruled without Trump’s knowledge, according to the report.

    “Trump was briefed on the decision and agreed that healthy passengers should not be on the plane with sick ones, three senior administration officials said. But the State Department and a top U.S. health official ultimately decided to bring back the 14 Americans who tested positive for the virus on the planes and place them in isolation — without informing the president first.”

    Trump learned of the decision after the fact and was reportedly angry that he wasn’t consulted first – as the decision “could damage his administration’s handling of the response,” according to the report.

    “Some members of the task force were not told in advance that the infected people would be placed on the plane and learned that only after the plane was on its way back to the United States.”

    State department defends

    “It’s important to remember this was an emerging and unusual circumstance,” said Principal Deputy Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ian Brownlee.

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    • Skippy says:

      Mr. President, please fire Ian Brownlee for his foolish, foolish decision.

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      • Lucille says:

        Absolutely! He likely has TDS. In addition he apparently thinks he should have the right to overrule the President of the United States whose responsibility is the safety of the American people.

        No way to know if it’s correct, but I also read the airline did not give the other passengers any information so they could get alternate flights. And does the airline have a hazmat protocol in place on fumigating the airplane or did it just turn around and take off with another group of unsuspecting passengers?

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Fire them or transfer them to Afghanistan.

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    • Many of them had been together on a cruise ship for weeks. We have to have a pragmatic, level-handed, science-based approach to this new infection … exactly as we have for hundreds of other known, potentially lethal, infectious agents around the world. These people live in America and they are entitled to go home to be treated there. They have rights too.

      Remember: the Corona virus is not new to science. The first ones were discovered in the 1960’s, and, like most viruses, most of the time are not particularly dangerous. For instance, we have the “flu” that comes around every year and for which they want to sell you a “flu shot,” a-n-n-n-d-d-d we have the Spanish Flu, which infected more than 500 million people. Then, disappeared! So it goes.


      • jeans2nd says:

        Zippy’s comment had nothing to do with the passengers, whether they should stay or come home.
        Zippy’s comment had to do with the President not being told.

        Pres Trump is one of the most empathetic President’s we’ve ever had; perhaps you’ve not noticed.
        But POTUS absolutely must be consulted, at the very least notified, before something this consequential occurs.
        Can you imagine Fake New’s reaction when they asked a question for which Pres Trump did not have an answer other than “no one told me?”


  2. sunnyflower5 says:

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  3. sunnyflower5 says:

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  4. sunnyflower5 says:

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  5. Something is going on. All of a sudden there is NO talk in the press about AG Barr or Attorney Durham [although TM10 did make a comment above about them].

    What’s happening? Is AG Barr going to pull the plug or did he – on the QT – tell the President that large amounts of feces will be hitting the spinning blades shortly and to cut him a little slack? Asking for a friend!


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    • Robert Smith says:

      I believe all of this is coordinated without communication between Barr and Trump. That is, they have an understanding from general principles.

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    • kathy says:

      If I’m understanding your question…

      IMO: it is just an unintended pause.

      Most importantly President Trump slammed Barr;
      P/T blasted Barr with about 14 tweets and a press conference several days ago, indirectly telling Barr;
      1. I’m your boss.
      2. I (American people) have knowledge and evidence of criminal acts for over 3-years (beyond a reasonable doubt).
      3. I have power over you and “ALL” of the DOJ/FBI.
      4. DOJ/FBI isn’t an independent agency.
      5. I have a bound duty to the Constitution and the American people to implement Justice.
      6. I will implement Justice WITH or WITHOUT YOU!

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  6. Paul says:

    Hillary/Obama created an alleged Partnership to:

    Hillary/Obama allegedly Prearranged/Conspired/Motivated the DOJ/FBI not to apply normal investigative/prosecutorial policies and procedures in the Hillary’s Email Case and the Clinton Foundation. And to allegedly frame the PDJT of criminal acts that Hillary and the DOJ/FBI allegedly actually did.

    Hillary’s alleged meltdowns for prolong, obscenity-filled tirade can/will be used by the prosecution in every criminal case; ‘If that f…. bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!

    Hillary allegedly communicated with the Clinton Foundation (allegedly a pay to play foundation) through her emails, a subsidiary of the Globalist Universe. Clinton Foundation allegedly was one of many methods used to Sale the Assets, one being 20% of Uranium (Security Asset) of the United States for personal gain (power/money), to ensure destruction of the U.S. and its Constitution, to be replaced with a globalist constitution.

    Allegedly, Hillary criminal acts were protected by the Obama administration, the FBI/DOJ to ensure the Globalist plan for the United States to join the Globalist community and to accept a New Globalist Constitution. Hillary allegedly created the largest criminal enterprise in United States History.

    Obama/Hillary (partners) Plan allegedly was to destroy the Rule of Law and the Constitution to ensure a 3rd World Country status for Globalism.

    Hillary Presidency phase 2-was to place the Final Nail in the coffin of the United States. Obama allegedly accomplished the following phase-1 plan.
    1. Destroyed the Rule of Law.
    2. Circumvented the Separation of Powers.
    3. Disparaged the Judiciary’s Constitution Function.
    4. By- passed Judicial Review… made his Executive Branch the Reviewer.
    5. Eliminated Judicial Check on Executive Power, which safeguards citizens’ life and liberty.
    6. Created an intra-Executive check on executive power is no check at all.
    7. Obama made the final targeting decision acting as Judge, Jury and Executioner.
    8. Obama bypassed the Constitution to enhance his own power, sidestep the other branches, and reached the outcome he wanted. (destruction of the Constitution)
    9. Substitute his own judgment for the Rule of Law…this is a nation of laws…not men.
    10. Obama had a duty to uphold and evenhandedly apply our nation of laws.\
    11. Obama created a system were the President is above the Law.
    12. Obama picked which parts of the Constitution to comply to and which to ignore…this was his process.


    1. Did President Obama take an Oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United State, and will to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?
    2. Does it appear that maybe Obama applied his own views of how the Constitution and the United States should be; ignoring his Oath of office?
    3. Does it appear that Obama had a plan to destroy this country and almost did? IMO-the America People has suffered through the Obama Presidency.
    4. Does it appear President Obama intentionally disregarded the will of the America People after taking office?
    5. Was Obama motivated to partner with Hillary and the Clinton Foundation because they both had the same goal of allegedly dismantling the United States and converting the United States into a 3rd world county?
    6. Did the Accumulations of these Acts and others not listed here equate to; non-war, internal government acts of Treason? Why had Congress done nothing in 8 years while this was being implemented? We already know why; money/power.
    7. Did Obama “deepest values” and his “inner core” prevail above the Law and the Constitution; battling/destroying the United States Constitution?
    8. If Obama is found guilty; why not prison time to ensure future Presidents will not do this again? Equal Justice; no one is above the law, including the President of the United States.

    Fact; PDJT will implement Justice for everyone below Obama who was involved in the Coup.

    Focus on PDJT for Justice. The President has the 3-year Strategic Plan and the Power given to him by the Constitution to implement Justice.

    Today, PDJT voters are demanding (mad as hell) Justice. Why!
    PDJT for the past 3-years has intentionally “Prearranged/Planned” (created) the Demand for Justice” by the American People, knowing this day would finally come (Normal Marketing strategy for Great Leaders).

    Enforce the Rule of Law and Constitution at all costs;
    Enforce Rule of Law and the Constitution as written to Win this Legal Civil War; or lose the Rule of Law and the Constitution/Country.

    President Trump is holding an Unbeatable Hand for Easy Prosecution

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    • Kathy says:

      Good Post! Easy to follow and 100% correct.

      Obama/Hillary intentionally divided the country 50/50.

      IMO; when P/T implements justice the country will be divided 75% to 25%.

      The 25% will be lost forever and the left/coup/globalist will not be able to advance their non-constitutional agenda because the rule of law and the Constitution will block them.

      Without justice the coup wins.

      One obvious easy part of the prosecutions is Hillary Emails and the Clinton Foundation. Why? Because proving that DOJ/FBI did not allegedly follow proper investigation/prosecutorial policies and procedures is easy by comparing the FBI lead sheet work papers to the actual policies and procedures. Another layer of motive for the fisa warrants. I believe the podesta emails implies their plan, along with many of their non-constitutional acts.

      To think about Hillary phase 2 placing the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. is frightening if she would have won the election. Just thinking about there is only PDJT out of 330 million people, the only one brave/brilliant enough to stop their plan.

      Thinking about the 3-years evolution of this legal civil war and were we are at this moment; this perfect set-up for prosecutions did not all happen by accident. That would be like saying the earth just happened by accident. This was all planned by P/T.

      Yes…Indictments and prosecutions are very easy for many obvious reasons.

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      • Kathy the Hildabeast will never be touched.
        Before long the statute of limitations will be up .

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        • Kathy says:

          A good percentage of the status of limitations has already passed with Hillary; there is still allegedly enough criminals acts… IMO for at least 1,000 years in prison.

          Hillary is the alleged conspirator/motivator of all the criminal acts. Opening statement for all criminal coup trails.

          IMO-there are several hundred perjury traps for Hillary creating many years in prison.

          There is also the alleged reclassification of the Clinton Foundation to a partnership. If reclassified, this could wipe the Clintons out financially etc.

          Also, they allegedly comingled their personal assets with the foundation. The Clintons could lose their veil of protection and a judge could pierce the foundation shield of protection. Therefore, it is possible the Clintons personal wealth will be wiped out. Lots of etc….


        • Kathy says:

          Judicial Watch is currently spending a lot of their resources going after Hillary’s Emails and the Clinton Foundation because it is believed the emails were the communicator to the Clinton foundation and the reason Comey allegedly didn’t use proper policies and procedures in their investigations, for political reasons, a criminal act, and that Hillary was the alleged conspirator that created the coup and the framing of P/T… The consent agreement etc…these examples can go on for many pages.

          Gregg Jarrett and Judicial Watch (many others) stated Hillary emails and Clinton Foundations needs be investigated for many obvious reasons.

          IMO there is also an argument that if Hillary Attorneys allegedly conspired with the FBI/DOJ to stop the investigation for political reasons (consent agreement); this could/should reverse the alleged criminal acts that have passed the statute of limitations.

          The same concept as; Immunity deals could/will be reversed because alleged criminals can’t give each other immunity deals.

          This is why Judicial Watch and many others are going after Hillary Emails and the Clinton Foundation; allegedly the subsidiary of the largest criminal enterprise in U.S. history, being Globalism.

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  7. Reserved55 says:

    I learn and learn and learn, thanks Dan.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Pfeiffer is an id10t.
      Aaron Mate is one of the Socialist Progressive journalists who debunked RussiaGate. Nearly every Socialist Progressive knows the truth.
      All Pfeiffer is doing is creating more support for Bernie, exactly the opposite of what Pfeiffer is trying to achieve.


  8. Reserved55 says:


  9. Carrie says:

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  10. Reserved55 says:

    “Rather than requiring optimism, identified in 2016 along with the other four values to explain support, in 2020 women said their hopes had been confirmed. In fact, women said they are being proven right together with President Trump, solidifying a sense of team,” said the survey titled, “Outsiders, Together: 2020 Motivating Values of High-Intensity Female Supporters of President Trump.”

    And it found that in a political climate where Trump supporters can feel discriminated against, even hated, the president and first lady provide a model to respond.”

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  11. Reserved55 says:

    “What does do well mean to you?” Look, I’m going to leave that to Jill to pontificate about.

    SloJoe actually managed a ‘big’ word.


  12. Carrie says:

    a lot of good memes out there right now!

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  13. Reserved55 says:

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    • MaineCoon says:

      FTA: Coronavirus is speeding up the decoupling of global economies
      Beijing’s opacity in handling the epidemic highlights the risks of doing business in China
      Coronavirus Global Decoupling
      © Matt Kenyon

      February 23, 2020 2:00 pm by Rana Foroohar
      Coronavirus has put a spotlight on the economic decoupling of China and some developed countries. With factories shuttered and consumption stalled, multinational companies have been forced to shift production elsewhere. Apple has warned investors that its revenues will take a hit as a result of the outbreak.


  14. emeraldcoaster says:

    What’s going on with the NC-11 GOP primary? Mark Meadows conveniently timed his announcement not to run again so as to lockout folks that filed for other positions (e.g., state senate candidates could not pull their filing to compete for Congress). He went on to endorse Lynda Bennett, who miraculously filed and announced her candidacy within hours of Mark’s 5 a.m. announcement with Politico. And Bennett activated a web domain established 2 months earlier—that was setup by Mark’s brother. Debbie Meadows, Mark’s spouse, had “shopped” Bennett at fundraisers for months before Mark’s announcement. Now an audio tape from September 2016 apparently has Bennett yelling she’s a Never Trumper. I hope our POTUS looks into this BEFORE rendering a good-as-gold endorsement. Many Trump supporters in WNC are livid. There’s more developing details, see related Smokey Mountain News article: https://www.smokymountainnews.com/news/item/28540-sham-endorsement-linked-to-consultant-who-took-thousands-from-lynda-bennett-campaign

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Remember Mark Meadows was part of the Senate gang that torpedoed the President in 2017 on tax cuts and Obamacare. The Freedom Caucus was a mixed bag of good guys and schmucks.

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      • Dave Radetsky says:

        Too many people still make the foolish assumption that Republican means good. MOSTof them are not trustworthy. Only about ten percent in Washington are working for the voters.


    • linda4298 says:

      Potus admitted that Mark was not on board in 2016, but said his wife was.


  15. Reserved55 says:

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  16. Zippy says:

    Indiana couple drove boys with Trump flags off road: police
    21 Feb 2020


    According to a probable cause affidavit, the boys told officers that a vehicle with a man driving and woman passenger followed them before the male driver pulled up nearby and asked one of the boys “if they were Trump supporters” – to which the boy replied that they were.

    The driver then swerved at the boys, forcing them onto roadside grass to avoid being struck, according to the affidavit. The driver followed the boys before exiting the car and tearing off the flag from one of the brother’s bikes, the affidavit states.

    The driver dropped the flag, which was affixed to the bike with fishing pole, ran back to his car and drove off, “but not before running the flag over,” it states.


    • An interesting tale, but not one that I am willing to lend credence to, absent objective witnesses that are a good bit older. Would an actual driver – anywhere – actually be such a dangerous asshole in front of a couple of kids? 🤷‍♂️ Didn’t think so.


      • Mike, you obviously don’t understand this virus / mental disorder called Trump Derangement Syndrome. There are literally millions affected with it, and yes, it causes them to do insane stuff like this. There is video evidence on this one. Never be surprised about what somebody with stage 5 TDS is capable of.

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  17. sunnyflower5 says:

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  18. Reserved55 says:

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  19. citizen817 says:

    Ratcliff interview


  20. Reserved55 says:

    Representative from Washington

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    • Yawn … If Bernie Sanders had any intention whatsoever, to do anything whatsoever, then he, as a sitting United States Senator, would be busy doing it right now … when he actually has the authority to do anything.

      He would be holding public hearings, talking to people who are in these industries right now, trying to form consensus, brainstorming …

      Hell, I certainly don’t like praising Hillary Clinton, but I have to acknowledge that she did more to advance these causes when she held the utterly-symbolic position of First Lady. (Unfortunately, when she sat in the Senate, she didn’t do anything, either.)

      Does anyone have the faintest idea what “socialized medicine [reforms …]” would look like, if successfully deployed “American Style!” to a nation of over 320 million people? No. We know that we would have to invent brand-new ideas and strategies, and then stun the world when they actually worked. But, right now we have no idea what those ideas might be, let alone what they would cost. The “impossibly grand numbers” that are being ponied about right now merely illustrate that the people who are throwing them against the wall (to see if any of them will stick …) actually have no idea what they are talking about. And, that they are making zero effort to find out, even though they now possess the position and authority with which to do so.

      “You are neither hot nor cold – so, I spew you out of my mouth.”

      (No, I’m not suggesting that The Lord is saying this … but … isn’t this a good way of saying it?”)


      • iswhatitis says:

        Mike Robinson says: “Does anyone have the faintest idea what “socialized medicine [reforms …]” would look like, if successfully deployed “American Style!” to a nation of over 320 million people?

        I think there is going to be an aspect to it that is rarely discussed: That it will be used it for social engineering purposes.

        What do I mean?

        Risk Factors will be used to control (persuade) the population.

        For example, say they come up with a “study” that claims that firearm-owners are a high health risk.

        So they inform all firearm owners that they have to pay some exorbitant premiums for their required/non-voluntary/can’t-opt-out “Medicare-for-all”, due to their “higher risk”.

        They give a choice: Keep your firearms and pay the exorbitant premiums, or get rid of your firearms and save a lot on your health plan.

        Those that can afford the high premiums, and chose to keep their firearms and pay those higher premiums, they get to help fund all the Lefty-causes with their high premiums (just like the CFPB aka Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was used for).

        I firmly believe they will do that (and other “social engineering” / fundamental transformation planks) if they get to enact their “healthcare for all”. It is one of the reasons all of the Commie-Dems want it.


        • Deb says:

          I have a sister in law who works for the NIH who openly talks about wanting to be able to legally curb people’s sugar intake and weight.

          Big brother will be telling you how much to eat, what to eat, how much to exercise, etc. If you don’t comply, you won’t get your prescription paid for, or you might not get the surgery you need.

          This is what the people in charge are envisioning.


        • I suppose that you are entitled to your interpretations, “is,” but please rest assured that they are not mine – nor do they reflect my stated intent.

          My actual intent had nothing to do with firearms, nor with our present (in my view, “utterly failing”) perspectives concerning “so-called health care.” I will be utterly frank when I say that I think it was always utterly insane when people said that they thought that they could “make a profit(!)” by healing people, through leveraging the financial power of those people who (coincidentally) found themselves to be healthy at the time.

          Hence – “Houston, we have a problem.” Quite-obviously, the present “for-profit (although often, “non-profit(!)”) health insurance companies do not have a solution.

          Therefore, a solution does not yet exist … and(!) we actually do not yet know what such a solution will turn out to be!

          So – are “our politicians who currently are US Senators” actually doing anything meaningful about it? No. “Just elect our candidate and we’ll be very sure to punt it at least sixteen years down the road.” By which time all of us will be comfortably dead, having enjoyed cradle-to-grave health care until our dying breath. So sorry about the rest of you suckers!


          • iswhatitis says:


            I think it is fine that my conjecture isn’t shared by you.

            Regardless of your intent, you did ask, “Does anyone have the faintest idea what “socialized medicine [reforms …]” would look like, if successfully deployed “American Style!” to a nation of over 320 million people?“.

            So, in answer, I chimed in with my opinion on what a part of it will encompass.

            Because you don’t share that view does not mean it is incorrect. It merely means that you have a different opinion.

            Time will tell (if they succeed in enacting it).



  21. Bigly says:

    Let the revolution begin

    “Americans will resist the communist revolution”

    About time! Ammo up people! Fight for your land!!


  22. sunnyflower5 says:

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  23. Perot Conservative says:

    The Hill: Obama DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties

    Philip Haney, Feb 2016


    Patriots may want to save this document before it is scrubbed.

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    • decisiontime16 says:

      Congressman Steve King tweet

      “Phil Haney was a friend & patriot. He was a target because of all he knew of Islamic terrorist coverups. He insured his life by archiving data that incriminated the highest levels of the Obama administration. Phil Haney didn’t kill himself. RIP, Phil.”

      Philip Haney, DHS whistleblower, found dead, police say
      Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower and Fox News contributor Phil Haney was found dead in Amador County, Calif., on Friday, according to a press release from local authorities. 


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  24. OhNoYouDont says:

    Operation chaos, 2020 edition “Feel the Bern”


    Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt surprised viewers Sunday (January 19) by announcing that he was voting this week in the Democratic presidential primary — for Bernie Sanders.

    The radio host and author of books like “Painting the Map Red: The Fight to Create a Permanent Republican Majority” said he planned to take advantage of Virginia’s early voting and open primary systems by casting his ballot for the Vermont socialist.

    “I’m voting this week. And because it’s Virginia, I get to vote in the Democratic primary. I’m voting for Bernie Sanders,” said Mr. Hewitt on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And I think a lot of people will because he’s authentic.”

    Does that mean he would support Mr. Sanders over President Trump in the 2020 general election? “No. I’m going to vote for Donald Trump,” Mr. Hewitt said.

    “But I want a clear choice between the authentic, traditional socialist and all the people who just pretend to be,” he said. Said “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd: “Oh, wow.”

    Virginia is slated to hold its Democratic primary on March 3, or Super Tuesday, and any registered voters may cast ballots no matter their party registration.

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  25. Reserved55 says:

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  26. Carrie says:

    Very little press coverage in the US about the Assange case in London…
    Interview with a First Amendment lawyer who believes that the Espionage Act does not apply to the Assange case because he reported the truth and hence this isn’t espionage.
    There is the argument he isn’t a leaker- he’s a quasi-journalist and a publisher. And there are protections for both of those positions.


  27. TwoLaine says:

    Life, Liberty & Levin up next with Benjamin Netanyahu on FNC


  28. MaineCoon says:

    Cases are rapidly increasing in SoKo.

    S. Korea reports 7th death from coronavirus, 161 new virus cases, total now at 763 https://t.co/5YArUxyaUC— Yonhap News Agency (@YonhapNews) February 24, 2020



  29. An says:

    @Sundance I note that every time you go over the history of Spygate, you’re stuck recounting a lengthy history. I would love it if, at some point, you would make a complete timeline of all that we know, perhaps with links to posts that contain entire court documents or such. It would be a lot easier as something to point people to who aren’t at all up to speed on this and it might save you yourself from having to recount where each new piece fits into the broader picture.

    Just a thought, I know you’ve already gone over so much of this and have done so many different times.


  30. Julian says:


    EXCLUSIVE: FEDS Fume About NO Grand Jury in Durham’s FBI Abuse Probe

    Justice department insiders are fuming at internal reports that there has been NO grand jury conveyned as part of Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe of the FBI’s alleged illegal FISA violations and spying on President Trump’s campaign.

    And many Feds are not happy, especially since Barr just gifted Andrew McCabe a get-out-of-jail-free card last week for lying (4 times) to the FBI. Durham was tapped by U.S. Attorney General William Barr in May to investigate FBI-related breaches, yet FBI insiders said Durham has not presented any evidence to a grand jury.

    “This should be in the grand jury phase, especially because the Inspector General did much of the ground work,” one Justice official said. “They might be running out the clock on this like (the) 2016 Hillary investigation. It’s been 10 months and Durham had a hell of a head start from the I.G. There can be no indictment without a grand jury so whatever the rumors are in the press, that’s a non-negotiable fact.”


    Bull Durham at work rooting out the corruption in the DOJ & FBI – Just like he destroyed Mueller over his Boston criminality!!

    Sure – not sure what Bull is actually doing given he isn’t working on indictments.

    But yeah.

    Wotevs eh.


    • Please disregard(!) all such very-obviously Fake News!

      There are, in fact, no “Justice Department insiders” who could be “fuming at” some “internal reports” … likewise no “Feds” who “are not happy” … nor “Justice Officials” who “said.”

      Folks – this is how propaganda works. This is not how the Judicial process works. This is nothing more and nothing less than the work of a single writer of fiction.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        I agree. There would not be so much unease in DC if nothing was happening.

        They want Trump to decapitate the very people who are doing something. And, if there isn’t positive things going on – the battle continues.


    • OhNoYouDont says:

      That unsourced story was from Gateway Pundit podcast that was floating around CTH a couple days ago,


  31. Troublemaker10 says:


    • Robert Smith says:

      They gave up. The last thing the Democrats control is the party machinery and if they lose that, America is in even greater danger than fro Democrats. That is why I don’t really cheer the Democrat party being destroyed because the Socialists will take over the machine.


  32. Troublemaker10 says:


  33. Troublemaker10 says:


  34. sunnydaze says:

    Had to laugh at this one:


  35. sunnyflower5 says:


  36. MVW says:

    Bannon says China Communist Party won’t survive the Corona virus.


    • MVW says:

      Restarting a ‘Just in Time’ supply change has never been done before.

      At the electric power plant it takes electric power to restart. If there is no power grid there is no outside power to restart the electric power plant to re-power the grid, so we had a small gas turbine that was started with batteries. From the gas turbine we would restart a boiler, which required powering the large electric motors in the proper sequence to prevent overloading the gas turbine. Periodically we would train on this sequence. There is a reason for training as anyone in the military can testify to…things never go as planned.

      It is like that only the Harvard graduate idiots that manage this ‘smart’ just in time system haven’t a clue.

      Strap in, expect a bumpy ride.


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