Bernie Sanders: Fidel Castro Wasn’t So Bad…

Well, Bernie can write-off Florida; literally, write it off.   This is such a mega-mistake, it’s impossible to overestimate. Bernie Sanders doesn’t even need to bother campaigning in Florida… and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t lose the Democrat primary to Bloomberg… that’s how big an effen’ deal this is.

The Latino, Cuba, Argentina and Venezuelan community in/around Miami-Dade is the central voting block for democrats; proud and loud.  However, there is one issue, one central issue so encompassing they will walk away.  The murderous bloodthirsty Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is hated with the blazing sun of a thousand supernovas…. This is a non-optional outlook.  Get on the wrong side of that position and there is NO recovery.


He’s done. Bernie Sanders looking for the not-so-bad side of Fidel Castro, or the current Castro regime, is a non-starter for Miami-Dade Latinos. Period. There is no national electoral issue equivalent for this position. It is intensely personal, and you can’t throw a rock without finding a family with a first-hand victim account from Castro’s brutality.

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277 Responses to Bernie Sanders: Fidel Castro Wasn’t So Bad…

  1. bmwjac says:

    Bernie Sanders has been an employee of this government he has never had a job . Take aclook at this guys bank account he has homes and his wife stole from us too . People wake up . Communism has worked for Bernie on our Dime.

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  2. Bernie, meet toaster. Toaster, this is Bernie.


  3. FelineFine says:

    Take if from a Cuban, whose family suffered immensely under the Castro regime, South Florida is also full of third generation Cubans who have no idea what communism is and have been indoctrinated in the public school system. I sincerely hope the older generation and those with a few brain cells will indeed turn Bernie into toast.

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      I worked for a Cuban who had been sent to the States by his parents when he and his twin brother were16 years old. He had to learn English and get a job. Eventually he made his way to California where he worked up to a position where he was able to buy his retiring boss’s company. He was a fantastic person and employer. When my car broke down for the umpteenth time on my way home from work, he came to my rescue, wrote a check to pay for a better car and was repaid $20 per week withheld from my paycheck. Totally unexpected and something I wouldn’t have asked him to do. He did similar kindhearted acts of kindness for other employees. His only condition was that we were to do what we could for others as the former owner of the company had done for him.

      But his son was, at 26, an overgrown spoiled brat with no work ethic at all. I think his dad didn’t want him to ever experience the life he had experienced himself in Cuba.

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  4. Hanekhw says:

    In 1959 Cuba was the most prosperous nation in Latin America with an educated middle class and a good healthcare system. Castro destroyed all that and called it a vast improvement. The emigres in Florida taught their children the truth and no matter what some old Marxist says he’ll never convince them otherwise.

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  5. Zephyrbreeze says:

    I heard Hitler made the trains run on time.
    And what’s not to love about those great Hugo BOSS Nazi uniforms?
    I also heard Hitler was quite the art collector.

    Also, why do you need literacy programs if you have, you know, schools?
    Bernie is insane with this crap.

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  6. AnotherView says:

    My Gawd what a dumb move by Bernie. He must be listening to Michael Moore. Don’t mess with Little Havana.


  7. lurkinman says:

    Bernie doesn’t really want to win, he knows he’s just there to funnel voters and donations to Hillary. He’s about to get the muh Russian Agent treatment anyway.

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  8. rcogburn says:

    Comrade Bernie isn’t throwing anything. He’s not in this for another house. He’s a 78 year old committed Communist, surrounded by throngs of adoring, indoctrinated wannabe Marxists. The wet dream of every Marxist who ever lived- from the Leninist revolutionaries to the Gramsci /Frankfurt School cultural subversives – has been the Communist takeover of the United States. In true Marxist fashion, the Comrade Bernie Marxists have methodically infiltrated and subverted their socialist brethren in Democrat Party. If Bernie becomes the Dem nominee for President, they will move to seize control of the party, leading to full Dem civil war. I, for one, can’t wait!

    As for his Castro comments, his followers have been indoctrinated by the leftist teachers/college professors that America is evil and the Castros/Che were selfless heroes. Any Cuban who knows the truth about Castro and communism isn’t voting for him anyway.

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  9. T Town says:

    I have been reading a lot of news stories over the last few days of what I would consider to be blunders that Bernie seems to be making. It is almost as if he is preparing to take a “dive” at, or before, the DNC convention.

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  10. Ken Maritch says:

    Who do you think Bernie will choose as a running mate?


  11. Pokey says:

    Bernie Sanders is a Communist and loves Castro, Xi, and many others of their ilk, but he is not going to say something like this at a time like this unless he has agreed to some kind of back room deal with the Democraps. I think they will relegate Bloomberg to the VP post for any other non-Sanders nominee. Sanders may be lining up for a high cabinet post like Sec. of State or Ambassador to the UN, since he knows the donor class Democraps will steal the nomination from him at the convention no matter what. His salvation is that he got something for his trouble and gives the Democrap candidate an outside chance to hold on to most of the Bernie voters they can’t afford to lose by watching the Communist voters stay home without voting.

    Bernie knows he will never get the nomination, and the Democraps know they will never win the election without the Communist voters. This so called gaffe is only an indicator of a post Super Tuesday upheaval that everyone should know is coming. If the MSM says nothing about it we will know that the Democraps will be about to play out their final option in order to try to defeat PDJT.

    In politics, 8 months is an eternity. But we are definitely at crunch time to get the ducks all in a row for the Presidential battle. I say the Democraps will be willing to sacrifice the Presidency if it means they have a shot at majorities in the House and Senate.


  12. Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

    Who cares if Boinie McBoing-boing now loses? Bloomberg is yet worse, isn’t he? And Bloomberg means business. He’s organized, rich, humorless, heartless, and driven to control every aspect of everybody’s life, isn’t he?

    He hates the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and is interested only in Michael Rubens Bloomberg, and the rest of us can just die.

    The demsheviks and their marxstream media bosses will falsely profess to be ‘Shocked! Shocked, I tell you!’ over komrade sanders’ praise of castro, while secretly hoping he’ll say more stupid things. His so doing, they well know, will reduce his chances of winning and propel Bloomberg, the far more lethal candidate, to the lead.

    Bloomberg is the danger here, as is Sanders. The rest of the clown show are equally toxic to our nation, but they don’t have a chance of winning as do sanders or Bloomberg.

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  13. LCPUSA says:

    old enough to remember the deportation of elian gonzales.

    definitely cost Gore the state and the white house.


    • annieoakley says:

      I still cannot believe the people who defended Billy the rapist over this! And they defended him for Waco for that matter. All over Reagan for any tiny thing but Bill and Hill got a pass that continues to this day.


  14. zekness says:

    strip away the socialist commie loving veneer (whether authentic or not is moot for this lesson), and what is bernie really about? I mean the substance of his view of what policies are?

    what you find, if you set aside the commie socialist idealogue and just examine and drill down into the weeds on some of the programs and policies he has designed, one common denominator quicklly becomes apparent:

    none of these programs are sustainable..culturally or economically (is there a difference?)
    none of these programs create wealth or even distribute it fairly.
    it makes the federal government “bernie style” responsible for all things macro and micro….yeah, I think it’s safe to assume that is never going to be managed correctly.
    he makes no mention about how a new set of checks and balances will reel in corruption
    he makes no mention about what powers citizens will have should they find those in charge of these “bernie powers” are no longer effective or loyal to the principle.

    when you strip away the commie state controlled socialism he espouses, there is nothing there than can even be remotely considered plausible. The math is non-existent on proving it.

    and this is where bernie has become the next level threat to this country.

    If the DNC wants to corruptly run him out,,….great fine..I am okay with that. I’ll take the guaranteed three for one package deal without hesitation:

    a. bernie and his “style” of politics is discredited and will be for a long time remembered as a place no american candidate wants to venture.
    b. it exposes the corruption and influence powers of the closed DNC party “against the will” of the everyday socialist…I like the sound of that…it marries the two are eternal quarreling factions, both extremely dangerous to this nations…
    c. any DNC candidate that supercedes bernie with his obvious numbers in the polls, is never going to get the respect, recognition, even if it is accurate and otherwise on the up and up (it’s likely never going to be that, but ya’ know..the optics of well the media can string that along)

    I would have to say, because bernie is the biggest problem for the DNC, we should celebrate his temporary rise in popular power. Welcome it even.

    there is not enough cornfields in Iowa to supply the popcorn I’m gonna be chomping through watching with delight at another galactic level failure of the DNC party.

    and sadly for bernie (yes, I have empathy for any human being even the bern), he just took out the largest bounty for his a$$ in the history of the DNC.

    this is going to get very ugly..

    I am not tired of watching the democrats fail today.

    it sort of feels like winning….sort of…

    more like going in a hunt, only to run over a deer on the way to the blind.

    not very sporting.

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  15. Jay says:

    Folks: this is Bernie. Unhinged. Unmasked. And now unstoppable?

    Communists are creatures of darkness and destruction. They are the opposite of light and creation. This piece of writing is a window into this man’s mind.

    He writes what he believes. He is telling us who he is. We must take him at his word – this is what he wants for our country and children. God help us should he come close to the White House.

    Susan Sarandon- what say you now? Is this still ‘happening’ for you?

    When Is Bernie Sanders’s Weird Gang Rape Fantasy Essay Going To Come Up In The Campaign?

    A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused,” is how Sanders began his 1972 essay, published in the Vermont Freeman. “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”


  16. Pokey says:

    You will see a miracle performed on Bernie’s image if he does get their nomination. Obama will be singing his praises. We will choke on our popcorn.


  17. ATheoK says:

    “However, there is one issue, one central issue so encompassing they will walk away. The murderous bloodthirsty Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is hated with the blazing sun of a thousand supernovas”


    Few things raise the ire of Cuban descendents quicker than any indication of support for Castro’s tyranny.
    Castro terrors are recounted at every family gathering. Escaping Castro to the USA is a blessing recounted at every Thanksgiving.

    Just don’t expect premium service at many Cuban owned facilities if you are not Cuban in Florida. The intolerance Cubans experienced in America when they arrived and following decades is not forgotten.

    However, democrats also overlook that the Cuban descended are none too fond of non-Cuban illegal immigrants.
    Cubans illegally immigrating are “saved” and “rescued”.
    Other Latino illegal immigrants are not escaping Castro’s tyranny and are here to steal jobs, lower salaries and increase insurance costs.

    President Trump’s rallies demonstrated major support for President Trump, including ex-democrats. Bernie and Bloomy will solidify more support for President Trump.


  18. Good! Bernie can honeymoon in Havana next time.


  19. Bernie says this because Bernie craves that totalitarian power that dictators like castro wielded. Bernie knows beat and your going to get bit even if you don’t want it. do you thing Bernie ever heard of the American principle that the officeholder was suppose to do what the citizens want not he citizens do what the officeholder wants?


  20. Politics Unraveled says:

    Trump: Kim Yung Un (a communist) isn’t so bad…


  21. Donald Trump: Kim Jong Un isn’t so bad.


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