Massive President Trump Keep America Great Rally – Phoenix, Arizona 9:00pm ET Livestream…

Tonight President Trump travels to Phoenix, AZ to attend a Keep America Great rally at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. President Trump is expected to speak at 9:00pm ET.  Livestream links below.  VIDEO ADDED:

RSBN Livestream LinkPOTUS Trump Campaign LivestreamFox News Livestream




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267 Responses to Massive President Trump Keep America Great Rally – Phoenix, Arizona 9:00pm ET Livestream…

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

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  2. MostlyRight says:

    Just back from the Trump event in Phoenix.

    Ever wonder what it’s like to be the first person in line that didn’t make it into the actual stadium? Well, that guy was me today. Me and my 75 year old mother. We were literally being frisked by secret service and next to go in when they got the call to shut it down. Fire Marshall says at capacity.

    And you know what? It was awesome anyway! Got to chat for a long time with Secret Service members about the work they do and thank them. Got some cool stories from a few about how crazy Daytona was last week. They kept us in line all the way until just before Trump started talking, and then shut it down for good and thousands and thousands of us just watched on the big screen, laughing and chanting USA and “four more years” along with the crowd inside.

    Very few small groups of protesters. One stupid looking group of Antifa or Antifa wannabe’s with their faces covered by bandanas. Everyone just laughed at them.

    A great time overall. Maybe next time I don’t need to work so late and make it inside!

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    • Cupcake says:

      Oh man that must have been brutal! But seems like it worked out just to be there! I live locally (in the East Valley) and my husband and I wanted to be there so bad but we would have had to take the day off of work to get there early enough and I couldn’t due to meetings. We considered getting tickets and just “tailgate” and just be outside but I chickened out! A few of my friends got in so I got to see some great pics… and weather was perfect today!

      Glad you had a great time! Next time I am going to go!😊

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      • MostlyRight says:

        It was brutal…I actually let an old man with a young boy cut in front of us as my mom was taking a while to get her purse searched, and they ended up being the last ones in! No good deed goes unpunished, but my wife says I earned a nicer mansion in heaven 🙂

        Still a great night and glad we went!

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      • Kristin DeBacco says:

        Cupcake: Next time will probably be in hotter weather. Make sure to bring some of your own water in disposable shopping bag and probably an umbrella you can leave outside ( not allowed in). Seating would be good, the crowds are big and the wait is long. But seating needs to be left outside. We saw many people retrieve their seating after event.

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    • lcsteel says:

      We brought chairs food and some beer and watched it outside on the big screen…great time and great energy!

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    • Ploni says:

      Much continued success, Mostly.

      With such a life attitude, you surely will prosper!

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    • Kristin DeBacco says:

      We left at 1pm and i knew we should have left earlier but we got in. These events are very physical as one has to stay in line in whatever weather. Our weather was perfect, a little breeze, sunny and great company. I would have stayed outside during the speech as people are so darn nice!
      We did have a garbage receptacle problem which the fairgrounds should have anticipated for this venue and also a lot of the bathrooms inside were locked!!! I will be mean and blame that on the directives of the Liberal mayor of Phoenix.
      I also think they closed the doors too early as there was still seating up high.

      Another remark: the Media gets way too much space in the venue. Way too much! What are they actually doing there since we do not see any results….. Just laying in wait to catch a hiccup?

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  3. Troublemaker10 says:

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  4. Duke says:

    I was there, it was great.

    Don Jr was on FIRE.

    Pres Trump mentioned he’s already spoken at some other events and he was still high energy.

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  5. Troublemaker10 says:

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  6. lcsteel says:

    I just got back from the Phoenix Trump rally….huge overflow crowd but about 18 sniveling protesters being laughed at on the corner.


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  7. Kristin DeBacco says:

    As soon as we arrived one Fairgrounds’ assistant told us we were not getting in…..👀
    We looked cat each other and I said “ Fid you hear President Trump ever say it can’t be done???”
    So we stayed in line for 2:40snd we did get in right on time for the Pledge of allegiance. It was packed already.
    Sound not too great.
    Arizona was ready for the Rally. Gov. Ducey got a little bit booed. Lesko got thundering applause. And we are of course all rooting for McSally. She is a little bolder than before.
    All went well. Got a pretty Trump cowboy hat made in America and was later asked by three different people if we had fun.
    How our president does it, we do not know.
    MAGA – KAG
    Goodnight everyone.

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    • Deception Stinks says:

      “Gov. Ducey got a little bit booed.” Possibly due to . . .

      ★AZ Gov. Uses Never-Trumper David French to Justify Gun Control Push ~ 7/27/19 ~
      ★Gov. Doug Ducey believes ‘red flag’ law could prevent Arizona mass shootings ~ 8/12/19 ~
      ★AZ Republican lawmaker disagrees with Ducey on refugee resettlement – sort of • Arizona Mirror ~ 1/14/20 ~
      ★Ducey declares Arizona ‘pro-vaccination’ state, vows to kill vaccine exemption bills – Arizona Capitol Times ~ 2/28/19
      ★Is the Arizona Human Trafficking Council Preventing Child Trafficking, or Facilitating it? ~ 11/3/19 ~

      When contacting Gov. Ducey’s office as illegals were being bussed in by the thousands, his response was “We’re leaving it up to the Feds.” It’s shameful Arizona is one of the highest human trafficking states in the nation w/its porus borders and lack of importance by the governor. Tight, secure borders was NEVER one of this governor’s priorities. At least Gov. Ducey didn’t snub our President this trip like he has previously. And had I attended today’s rally, I may not have booed him, but I certainly wouldn’t have cheered or clapped during his spiel.

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      • Marc says:

        I’d assume Ducey is owned by the cartels at this point. The wall is required for situations like this where the politicians facilitate the criminal activity at the border.

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      • 1gr8dane says:

        Well said – he is a disgrace to AZ and its citizens! He us a “NO NAME” clone whose only ambition is to benefit himself and turn AZ Blue. He sneaks in “refugees and illegals in buses and buries the state in a burden it does not need. He is a weak kneed RINO who will stab our Prez in the back at the first opportunity. He should have been booed off of the stage – he is despised for his actions and involvement as outlined above.

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      • Kristin DeBacco says:

        Indeed and it was noticeable how he got booed as Debbie Lesko got a reception almost as big as President Trump himself. She is loved here in AZ!

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        • Deception Stinks says:

          Yes, Kristin. And Debbie Lesko was on local talk radio this morning and it’s quite obvious a ‘huge’ difference between she and the governor. Debbie loves Arizona, our Republic and our President. She’s a ‘true’ patriot ~ a HUGE contrast between she and our governor.

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          • Mr. T. says:

            Deception Stinks, I recall that back when McCain made his last appearance in the Senate, to cast a vote for repealing Obamacare, it was Ducey who asked McCain to vote against it. One Rino is gone, and the other is now termed out and will be gone after the 2022 midterm elections.

            Ducey brags about our state have a budget surplus, while some of our freeways are badly in need of repair and repaving. They are going to FINALLY start repairing the 202 San Tan Freeway between Kyrene and the 101 starting this weekend. In the meantime, progress is slow on the widening of the 101 between the 60 and the San Tan 202. It should have been fast tracked like the new South Mountain 202 was.

            Although Ducey was the lesser of two evils, as Scott Smith, former mayor of Mesa, who is more of a bigger bloated windbag than Ducey is, would not have been a good fit as governor. I just hope that the next republican who runs for governor, is a much better fit for our state and who will be strong enough to defeat any democrat who runs for that office. Our state does NOT need another Janet Napolitano, that’s for sure.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      This from Nevada… what a C(hoot)!

      RiverFenix comments about the MAGA birds:
      The boost is self confidence, heavily documented in science journals and peer reviewed news clippings, by countless academic-minded people, clearly demonstrates that while birds aren’t typically accustomed to wearing tiny MAGA hats, the remarkable improvement in their social skills, confidence, general group morale, cleanliness and tidiness… among other factors.. means there’s a consensus that this is a good thing and should not only be promoted, but government funded as well.

      The picture didn’t post.. but it showed some pigeons with little red maga hats on their heads, and one with a blonde/orange bit of hair (bouffant)

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  8. Mr. T. says:

    I am so proud to call Arizona my home, and Donald Trump my President. What a great day it was. U…S…A! U…S…A…! U…S…A…!

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  9. hillbilly4 says:

    I hope it is not lost on the RNC, et al, that Trump revived the Republican brand. I had all but given up on the Republicans after Bush’s last term. When Trump stood up at the 1st Fox debate and refused to raise his hand with the other candidates in response to a stupid question….he was ‘My Man’ from then on. I knew he was rude, crude and socially unacceptable…but I knew he was the Perfect Candidate. Once in a Lifetime…and oh baby, are we living large in the USA now.

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