Bernie Gets Challenged: “Nobody Knows How Much My Plans Will Cost”…

Amid the debate surrounding Bernie Sanders, and whether the professional, institutional Democrat party apparatus will eventually either accept or eliminate his presidential bid, the candidate is starting to be challenged by some of the mainstream DNC narrative engineers…. Enter Norah O’Donnell:


Hillary Clinton tested the institutional support for Bernie by saying: “nobody likes him”; and suffered a massive grassroots backlash while the limo-liberal donor class remained silent.  That experience resulted in Clinton’s walk-back apology on Twitter.

It is an interesting dynamic to watch unfold and comes with the question of whether Bernie Sanders will cash-in, as he did in 2016, or whether he’s going to be forced -perhaps reluctantly- to ride the socialist dragon he has created.

There’s an argument to be made on both sides of that looming question. However, the Bernie messaging yesterday could be indicating he’s preparing the groundwork for an exit.

THAT is a fringe position…. And while his supporters might call it “bold”, a candidate who intended to be the general election nominee would generally not go so far.

I saw a recent poll where over 50 percent of Sanders supporters said they would not support any candidate other than Bernie in the 2020 general election; by far the greatest level of supporter angst against a professional political class… which is ironic considering that Bernie has never done anything except be a professional politician.

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  1. Perot Conservative says:

    Third party candidate? Tulsi Gabbard?

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  2. Eric says:

    Here’s the #1 tell… Obama has instructed his MoveOn foot soldiers to attack Bernie.

    The corrupt, crony-capitalist Left thought they could control their radical element just like the conservatives/big business in Weimar Germany thought they could control the Nazis.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      The Dems have played whack-a-mole with their left wing for a long time. The socialist Henry Wallace was FDR’s Vice-President. They shuffled him aside for Truman just in time.

      George McGovern’s catastrophic defeat by Nixon was supposed to end the Left. It didn’t.

      Goofy Howard Dean lost to John Kerry at the last moment. Is there an establishment icon like John Kerry lurking to undercut Crazy Bernie?

      It seems more imminent that this year’s establishment icon Joe Biden will come on-stage in an open bathrobe, and demand to know who’s been stealing loose change off his dresser?

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  3. sundance says:

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  4. sarasotosfan says:

    Bernie is the biggest gift that Trump could ever have. When Bernie supporters decide to sit out 2020, the Republicans could set records in many districts and states, along with control of the House and Senate at levels never dreamed of.

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  5. sentinelle says:

    One of the polls I never see is how many registered Democrats, who like me joined the #walkaway movement (before it even originated) who are going to vote in the Democratic primaries. I was for Bernie in 2016 and saw Hillary as a globalist war hawk. Even if we plan to vote Trump 2020, there are a lot of voters who can influence the primaries. I think this is an unspoken fear.

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    • Brian Carey says:

      Oddly enough, I received a phone call a couple of hours ago asking me if I felt better about the direction of the country in the last 3 years. I said that President Trump has been better than Obama. She said, ‘that’s not what I asked,’ so I said ‘yes.’ I was then asked a myriad of options about voting in the upcoming Democrat(ic) primaries, to which I said ‘not applicable,’ as I am a registered Republican. I am under the impression I said ‘bye’ as a courtesy to a caller who was no longer there.

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      • sentinelle says:

        Interesting they had you on their list to call. When they call here I passionately tell them they are going in the wrong direction and no longer represent my values. I believe in karma, cause and effect, and you reap what you sow, and just can’t get behind the idea that “the end justifies the means”.

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  6. Mike in a Truck says:

    Bernie is a Communist Democrat Professional Politician.

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    • American Heritage says:

      So are all the lefties, but most of their totalitarian strategies are carried on subversively, and have been since approximately the 1930s. It’s brought us to this sham of a government we have now. They never give up and they never go away; they just go underground.


  7. sarasotosfan says:

    P C, no way Tulsi wastes her resources as a third party candidate. She appears to be the only sane candidate who still has a future. She has time on her side.

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    • Reserved55 says:

      Her best friend in the world is Bashar Assad, besides Tulsi Carlson.

      Tulsi Grabhard is A Far Left IslamoMarxist

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      • Revelation says:

        The Assad accusation is weak – lets face the other side created ISIS to go after him.
        The Islamo bit is nonsense, she’s a Hindu.

        She is however a pro reparations socialist,


    • nimrodman says:

      Yeah, but the Dem Party knives are out for Tulsi, the party won’t accept her, she’s dead meat.

      She went against the Hillary Wing in Oct 2015 and was dis-invited from the first debate

      She basically was fussing about “why is it a done deal for Hillary? already decided?” – and this was way out ahead of actual Primary season.

      The answer in plain words was “Because the WOMEN in the Party want Hillary”

      DNC: Hillary Clinton DNC Supporters ‘Clearing Path’ For Clinton’s Nomination

      A female Democratic National Committee member has accused the committee of “clearing a path” for Hillary Clinton so she can be its presidential nominee for the 2016 elections, according to an interview with the Daily Mail. Two of Clinton’s Democratic presidential rivals, Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, have also made similar accusations in recent weeks, as has Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

      The five elected women in the DNC’s upper power echelons decided “early on” that Clinton will be the Democratic Party’s nomination, according to the committeewoman, who spoke to the Daily Mail on condition of anonymity.

      “The party’s female leaders really want to make a woman the next president. I haven’t heard anyone say we should make Hillary undergo a trial by fire. To the contrary, the women in charge seem eager, more and more, to have her skate into the general [election],” she said.

      “I have nothing against women in politics, but it’s not healthy for the party if we get behind a woman because she’s a woman, and risk having her implode after she’s nominated because she isn’t tested enough now.”

      Sanders, Clinton’s closest Democratic rival, and O’Malley have also both said they believe DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is intentionally limiting the number of officially sanctioned debates in order to rig the primary process for Clinton, as HNGN previously reported.

      Democratic Debate: DNC Vice Chairwoman Disinvited From First Debate Because She Called For More Debates

      Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, said the committee disinvited her from Tuesday night’s first Democratic debate after she appeared on TV calling for more debates.

      Her chief of staff received the message last Tuesday from the chief of staff to the DNC Chairwoman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Gabbard told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Monday.

      “The prevailing message of that was that because I continued to call for more debates, that I should not go to the debate in Las Vegas,” the Hawaii congresswoman told Blitzer.

      The day before, Gabbard had appeared on MSNBC and said the DNC should hold more debates than the current six that are officially sanctioned, a sentiment strongly echoed by two Democratic presidential candidates, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, as well as thousands of Democratic and independent voters.

      O’Malley and Sanders’s campaigns have repeatedly called for more debates, and both candidates have said they believe Wasserman Schultz is rigging the primary process in favor of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. They contend that, by limiting the number of debates, Clinton is less likely to be exposed to tough questions that could derail her campaign.

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  8. sundance says:

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    • trapper says:

      Buddy Gouge? Did someone say Buddy Gouge? Uh oh. There is is again. I hear Abba.


    • Bernie’s most recent surge belies any claim from other Senators that attendance at the Senate Impeachment Trial hampered their campaign efforts in Iowa. Their problem might be that:

      1) Their surrogates aren’t as bewitching as AOC


      2) Their messages just don’t sway Iowa voters


      3) The polling samples are poorly selected

      -or- (my guess)

      4) A little of each of the above. (I just find it hard to believe Iowa voters are Socialists)


  9. SeanNY2 says:

    I suspect that Bernie doesn’t have a good answer to the question but it doesn’t matter, because even if he did, she’s not going to let him say it. This is the way conservative candidates get treated every day by the mainstream media. I’m so curious how Obama would have responded if anyone treated him this way, but I’m sure I’ll never find out.

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  10. bulwarker says:

    “Abortion is Healthcare” – we might think that is fringe, but the more I talk to everyday Democrats I honestly feel they believe such a belief it is a perfectly fine. To them it’s not ‘bold’ but commonsense. Shows how far the divide between us has become.

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  11. SYFer says:

    With Bernie nevertheless surging, Warren going down for the final time, a growing nagging peripheral sense among Dems that Biden (along with both Obamas) might just possibly have a rough time ahead vis-a-vis scandals, Klobuchar’s unlikelihood and Buttigieg being a pandering homunculus … I see the prospects of an “I’m still with her” thing looming larger. And it will be delicious. It’s Pelosi’s and the DNC’s only hope of saving their party, ironically enough. MAGA.

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  12. jeans2nd says:

    Kinda feel sorry for the Bernie supporters. They are getting screwed, again, they know it, there is nothing they can do about it, and they know that, too.

    And yet, they only fool themselves by telling each other lies, and believing them. They even believe we Deplorables agree with Bernie’s agenda (ha !).
    Full-blown Mamet principle.

    The truth is, the Bernie supporters will never be happy until they have Hugo Chavez’s “paradise,” which will never, ever happen.

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  13. luke says:

    Don’t love the fact that we have a President also a candidate who’s words will remain the same regardless of which state of the race he’s in. All these political pundits USED to say during the primaries it was essential the candidate edge toward the right or left. Then after the party nomination is secured that same candidate would need to head back to the middle for the general election. Anyhow I just thought of that and it is truly exciting to see the wizards of smart be rejected again and again. As for Bernie that is one hell of a statement to make. No one but his most ardent supporters will tolerate it.

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  14. mikeyboo says:

    I look forward to Sanders being the nominee and suffering a MASSIVE defeat. Of course I would be happy with a massive defeat for whomever is the Democrat nominee.

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    • snarkybeach says:

      IMHO, Milwaukee 2020 will end up looking like Chicago 1968 with riots and other Democrat hooliganism. the DNC will not let Bernie be the nominee.

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      • mugzey302 says:

        Gee, I hope so. And the antifa thugs hurling frozen water bottles at the voters who turn out for it, along with the baseball bat attacks to send them to the hospital. Let everybody enjoy their attention! Make sure cops get the stand-down order for the occasion.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Been saying and posting that prediction, since 2016, when I actually followed, pretty closely, what happened at the last Dem convention.

        The Dems will screw bernie, warren, etc supporters, and I STILL think push Biden, and Antifa and BLM will try to storm the convention center.

        Will the Milwaukee police stand aside, like Portland P.D.? If not, there will be blood in the streets. If SO, blood inside the convention center.

        Since THIS time, the media will be wanting to downplay it, the extra loonies, who are wanting coverage, will know they have to go even farther than the Chicago 7, so that media HAS to cover it.

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    • Linda K. says:

      If they would let Bernie run and he loses, after giving everyone a clear picture of how radical his ideas for this country are, the dem party will have a chance to recover from socialist fever. Let it run its course. His ideas and actual personality are extreme.

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      • nimrodman says:

        That’s my feeling too

        2020 will be a sacrificial lamb for the Dems

        They should pick whatever wing of the party they most want to get rid of

        Then when the sacrifical lamb loses to Pres Trump, they can say: “See? That didn’t work. No more of that, thank you very much”

        If they want to get rid of the raging socialist movement, put it up as the nominee and let it lose, then they can float a somber “we’re really serious about this” after-action post-mortem evaluation and issue a report saying they don’t need no more of THAT

        If they really want to be rid of Hillary once and for all, put her up as the nominee

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  15. LOL!

    Sanders was an obscure congressional laughingstock for DECADES until Barack Hussein Alinsky and his team of electronic social media agitators came along and astroturfed a bunch of young, economic illiterates into the Occupy Wall St. mob using textbook Marxist class envy tactics giving Breadline Bernie (and Lizzie) an opening.

    This great split in the democrat party is the direct result of the “National Transformation” Mr. Hope & Change tried to foist on our country, but fortunately, America rejected that offer and Barry only got as far as destroying his own party.

    The unelectable Moonbats running tor the democrat nomination and the ‘moderate’ Joe Biden – another laughingstock – are all gifts from the democrat’s erstwhile progressive messiah of color.

    Nice work Barry!

    Frankly, I’m enjoying this immensely.

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  16. alliwantissometruth says:

    “Abortion is health care” is like saying if you kill the patient their health problems will go away

    Only a grotesque, mentally warped and demented person could make that kind of comment

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  17. Bob says:

    Regardless….she is still a Democrat, and although her mantra is rational, with her background, it would be great for her to change political party. We have to consider where she comes from. The Democratic Republic of Hawaii. It will be never,…. that I visit the Islands again. They are all run as small dictatorship. With their strings being pulled by the communists in congress.

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  18. trapper says:

    Sigh. OK. I will post it again. Smart money on the democrat side has known for some time now that 2020 will be a Trump landslide, a slaughter, the biggest blowout in American presidential election history. so they are sitting it out. Oh, they toss in their ante, maybe check on the first bet, but their money and political capital is still on the sidelines and will remain there … until 2024. That’s the big one. With no clear successor to Trump yet emerging it will all be up for grabs. Gabbard, Haley, Michelle, Deval, Pence, Jordan, Cruz, maybe even Pompeo. A real mosh pit.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Hillary minions will continue to press the scale here, pull on it there, to eliminate any real threats and keep it balanced so that the democrats go into the convention with no candidate, a hung first ballot, and Hillary takes it on the second ballot because no one can counter her argument to be the nominee: she is the only candidate who has ever beaten Trump in the popular vote, polls be damned.

    And there you have it. Rematch. Print it out. Put it on your fridge.

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  19. hocuspocus13 says:

    We’re taking bets on how much “loot” Bernie will take in 2020 to get the hell out of Dodge ($600K in 2016)

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    • Dutchman says:

      I know everyone SAYS this, and it MIGHT be true.
      Another possibility is that in 2016, Bernie KNEW the Dem party was NOT going to let him have the nomination..

      So, he built as much support as he could, got his positions out there to move the party left, and then took the buy out.

      In order to come back in 2020 and capitalise on his earlier efforts.

      Anyone who thinks Bernie LOST in 2016, only needs to watch the 2020 Dem debates. ALL the candidates were parroting Bernies 2016 positions.

      He has generated this whole swing to the crazy zone, or ‘coming out’ party, where the Democrat party honestly expresses its Conmunist views, instead of pushing them in stealth mode.

      Bernie had far more influence on the Democrat party in 2016, than Hillary did, even though she owned the DNC, lock, stock and barrel.

      Bernie kept up with her in raising campaign $, without corporate sucking behind closed doors.

      Point is, I am just not sure old Bernie is going to take the payoff, and step aside this time.

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      • American Heritage says:

        The more the Democrats get their crazy Commie ideas out there, the more normal they become to the receptive minds of useful idiots and the addled masses. Their “candidates” are getting free air time to spread their Orwellian messages. Propaganda is the lifeblood of totalitarians.


        • Dutchman says:

          I see it the other way. For many years, the Dems followed the,slow, stealth coarse for advancing their conmunist ideology.

          But, during Obummer years, they miscalculated, like spiking the ball on the 10 yard line, cause they mistakenly THOUGHT they were in the end zone.
          Now, they are charging full on crazy, and the exposure is causing many useful idiots and addled masses to wake up and realise what they are really all about.

          So I say GIVE them a megaphone, and a camera. Let them champion post partum infanticide, and drag queen story hour for 5 y.o.’s, and men in womens bathrooms.

          The more they open their mouth, the more we WIN.


    • mikeyboo says:

      His “colleagues” might just decide its cheaper to……… He is quite an old man. It wouldn’t be suspicious at all.


  20. litlbit2 says:

    Off topic but about healthcare. Cancer just may have a competitor. If true I have no doubt our President will give this legs🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  21. gymcy81 says:

    4 years ago, Mr. Sanders said that he had is folks working on the costs of Mr Sanders plans – and that the would show the information, soon.

    You might know what ‘soon’ means, to Mr. Sanders.

    That being said, every democrat nominee has been, or is, in support of Obamacare (which has failed).

    In essence, regarding health care, none of the other dem candidates are in any better position – or more accurately, just as bad.
    Not good for the U.S. citizens.

    Does it intrigue anyone that many dems obtain campaign funds from the public,
    then offer free government whatever (healthcare, college loan forgiveness, education etc. etc.)
    to the public – at the cost of U.S. taxpayers, the public, not themself –
    – in the interest of (untold buying) getting votes for themself?

    Is that a (untold) frequent quid pro quo?
    [ the amounts of funds that the politicians skim from those notions is often untold. See the huge Puerto Rico unused assistance that was found stored in a warehouse in mid-Jan. 2020 for a small idea of the amounts. ]
    And yet, many U.S. voters – accepting wooden nickels – still support those involved via their votes.

    I do not know

    “Prove all things,
    hold fast to that which is good.”
    Thessalonians 5:21

    do not take any wooden nickels. No matter the form, shape, or words.

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  22. Steve in Greensboro says:

    “…Nobody knows how much my plans will cost…”

    Maybe we should elect somebody who has a clue. Somebody other than you.

    I’m not opposed to electing somebody who sounds like Yogi Bear. I am opposed to electing somebody who hasn’t thought through his proposals more than Yogi.

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  23. dustahll says:

    Bernie Sanders in the lead, bad for Bernie ,in my view.
    The Bernie bubble has been over for a while, the more exposure the more over.
    Just a guess , but 85% chance none of the present candidates get the nomination, say rigged again

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  24. Gunner says:

    Of course the socialist is being challenged by the corporate leftist elite…he is not, and was never going to be, their chosen one. They’ve let him play long enough. Make room for the hag.

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    • WSB says:

      And bring out the chartered jet. Bernie likes private jet rides.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Actually, Bernie himself is not the problem. Yes, he wants power but he also loves money and perks enough that he can be bought off again. The problem is with his true believer supporters. They are not getting paid off and are far less amiable than Bernie Grifter-er Sanders.


  25. Doppler says:

    Sundance, I worry, with all the sophisticated effort invested by Lawfare and the core Democrats in the impeachment sham, and in building the “official” record of it through the big lie media, that the Dems have more coup options than we think. At this point, it is nearly inconceivable that the Senate would convict. It is nearly inconceivable that any Dem candidate will beat Trump. So, they’re cornered. And I never trust a cornered rat. At least until they’re all in jail.

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    • trapper says:

      Don’t lose too much sleep worrying about “sophisticated” lawfare. Even non-lawyers on this site see through their schemes and immediately identify the legal flaws in their plans. Brilliantly complicated plans that don’t work are, well, arguably not that brilliant.

      There is something to worry about, though. Abortion. Because it is no longer about abortion. It hasn’t been for some time. It is about euthanasia. Abortion is just the delivery vehicle for an involuntary maximum age proposal. Keep your ears open for it. It’s coming.

      The political question that underlies abortion is: when do constitutional rights attach? At conception? At birth? Somewhere between? It’s the discussion no one is having, and no one on the pro-abortion left wants to bring up, because it leads to the question they REALLY want to address:without any discussion at all: at what age can we deem those rights to have ceased? NO right to life before birth, and no right to life after what? 80? 70?

      Totalitarianism. It’ doesn’t just go away.

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  26. Gov Jay says:

    Not to worry… President Donald Trump builds skyscrapers and other great things… pseudo Communists like Bernie Sanders build straw men to attack… simple…

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  27. Zachary Navarre says:

    Abortion is NOT healthcare.
    Abortion is avoidance of consequences for your actions and/or the circumstances you find yourself in.

    Like the entire Democrat candidate platform, the central theme is avoidance of consequences:

    Don’t want to be fiscally responsible and save for your healthcare and emergencies?
    FINE, the government will give you some money.

    Don’t want to develop a marketable skill and work your way towards a career?
    FINE, the government will make sure you get paid a “livable wage”

    Don’t want to pay for the college education that you voluntarily signed up for?
    FINE, the government will wipe your debt clean.

    Don’t want to deal with the consequences of taking a socially unacceptable position?
    FINE, the government will outlaw opposition to your position.

    It sickens me to no end.

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  28. CNN_sucks says:

    Abortion is healthcare? Hope Bernie Sanders is practicing what he preach.

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  29. MD says:

    None of these candidates has any chance. Get ready for Trump vs Hillary 2.0

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  30. TonyE says:

    Bernie is getting old. This is likely his last go around.

    Being POTUS will k!ll him… too much hard work and he won’t be able to enjoy the riches and spoils.

    What he wants is to ca$$h out again. He figures this is his last chance, his BIGGEST chance. The bigger the “chance” the more wealth and stuff they’ll give him. If he runs against Trump, he’ll get nothing.

    He wants TWO lake side homes, one private island in the Caribbean, two big AWD SUVs, a few kilos of gold in a Swiss vault and secret service maids for the rest of his life.

    For a socialist, Bernie is one he!! of a great capitalist. For himself and family, that is.

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    • booger71 says:

      “For a socialist, Bernie is one he!! of a great capitalist. For himself and family, that is.”

      I would have to politely disagree. Bernie is a successful mooch, not a great Capitalist. He has mooched off people his entire life, mainly women and tax payers

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  31. MLK says:

    One of the many problems the Democrats have is that Bernie supporters believe he would have beatenTrump in 2016 and thus will in 2020.

    I’m not convinced that he’s pulling a Ross Perot here. In other words, that he is hurting himself in the primaries.

    At the same time, as I’ve mentioned previously, the business of presidential politics is too profitable for establishment Democrats to replay some version of McGovern ’72. Instead, the template will be Mondale ’84. Maybe a Klobuchar/Bloomberg or Bloomberg/Klobuchar ticket via a brokered convention.

    As an added eerie twist, she sorta looks like Mike Dukakis in drag.

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  32. JohnCasper says:

    Elizabeth Warren may be 1/ 1,024th American Indian, but Adam Schiif is 1/4 Joseph Goebbels, 1/4 Baghdad Bod, 1/4 Tokyo Rose and 1/4 Joe Izzusu.

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  33. booger71 says:

    Whom ever the Democrats eventually picks, I personally don’t think it will happen without a heavily brokered convention with Bloomberg and his checkbook being a main attraction. I also believe there will be fights inside and outside the convention venue.

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    • paper doll says:

      Bloomberg should just buy off the Dem super delegates. I bet that would work. I’m only partly joking


      • ezgoer says:

        Yep that is Bloomberg’s plan. Hope for a brokered convention where no candidate has enough delegates for a first ballot win. Then buy up the delegates on the 2nd ballot. The problem is he doesn’t connect or inspire the Democrat base or black voters. Even all his money won’t buy a heavy turnout in battleground states and he’ll lose to Trump despite rolling up huge vote margins in deep blue states like NY and CA.

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        • paper doll says:

          Indeed. He would lose to PT just on the human warmth facto alone! Bloomsburg is Sorso cold . My greatest worry about the Dem ticket is Stacy Adams as VP…whoever the top is.


    • can wait for that it will be even more fun than current circus in Senate…..booger


  34. Guyski says:

    It’s not just Bernie, its also his kind. The dimms got to get rid or silence them all. Mentioned this awhile back. For the dimms to save themselves (or more importantly their access to trillions of dollars), they give Bernie the nomination, help him lose (by epic numbers). Blame them for lost. Cull herd. Revamp and try again 2024. 🤨


    • TarsTarkas says:

      Problem with that scenario is that Obama’s years in power hollowed out the Democratic party and the old guard (those that don’t die) will be four years older. Whereas generation AOC will have four more calendar of rabid children joining them in the voting booth.

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  35. JohnCasper says:

    We already have a Mt. Rushmore, but to balance things out, maybe we need a Mt. Liemore monument which, when sculptured, would have all 4 fugues as Adam Scfiff.

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  36. TreeClimber says:

    I’m sorry Sundance, “Abortion is healthcare” really isn’t fringe anymore. :/ The improvement is that they’re finally admitting they’re killing human beings.


  37. MVW says:

    Grown people ardently support Bernie Sanders. Their brains melt down, they foam at their mouth corners and hate anyone that suggests Bernie and suggested policies are unreal, that Socialism has never worked. That Socialism only exists when fully subsidized and fails once the subsidies dry up. I have been disowned by friends I have had for decades.

    These friends know Bernie believes in abortion, but when asked about it their eyes glaze over, brains disconnect.

    Something is wrong. Mass psychosis? Serious.

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  38. Kevin Roiz says:

    I may be the in the minority here but the only ticket I fear of the current running candidates is a ticket of Sanders and Yang/Gabbard. It’s been my take that a fairly decent percentage of Bernie Bros are NOT going to vote for an establishment/corporate D like Biden or Mayor Pete. A lot of Bernie Bros detest Fauxcahontas so I think she falls in the same category. I think around 20% of the younger progressives (18-35) will vote 3rd party if Bernie is not the nominee. I can see it on Social Media. I have friends that are anti-Trump and they bicker amongst themselves now. The ones supporting Biden/Warren and Mayor Pete aren’t woke enough and the far LEFT is seen as extreme on some positions by the other side. I think the more moderate Ds (relative to be sure) will have to decide if they are going to vote for Sanders and not the other way around.


  39. LBB says:

    First I saw of this “aborition is healthcare” was used in a collaboration of Miley Cyrus and Planned Parenthood last year. Miley sent out instragram of her licking a cake with this slogan.

    Thought it shocking at the time. Healthcare protects life. Doctor oaths. But the socialists have many shocking thoughts since.


  40. dd_sc says:

    Bernie messaging yesterday could be indicating he’s preparing the groundwork for an exit.

    And if he exits, will he return the favor and endorse Rep. Gabbard?


  41. paper doll says:

    The Berine surge seemed to have come about because of the recent tone deaf ,ham fisted gratuitous bashing from Liz and Hill…it’s all too funny….they are Idiots


  42. AlwaysRight says:

    The brokered convention will end with Moochelle Obama being the nominee and it will unite the factions and seal the fractures. Never underestimate the influence of that last name on the D side of the ledger. Trump will still win but it will take all of us transforming our Cold Anger into energy.


  43. TwoLaine says:

    You have to pass it to find out how much it costs.


  44. Jorizabeth says:

    One of the most important, although relatively quiet, changes coming is defeating atheists in K-12. This will have an affect on all current issues.


  45. clodfobble says:

    All the DNC has to do is triple the payoff from last time and Bernie will go quietly into the night. Or they could just Epstein him.


  46. if bernie gets screwed again,whats to say he doesn’t run as independent just to steal a bunch of dem voters.screw me once shame on you screw me twice screw you.


    • Pew-Anon says:

      What’s to say? Eight or nine figures of DNC/Soros cash probably says so.


    • Lester Smith says:

      Please Bernie should know by now the Dems are ruthless low life’s. If he doesn’t play ball they will take him out of the park. The Dems are as dirty, ruthless and violent as any other criminal interprise. Don’t get their way.


  47. Judiciary says:

    Bernie’s followers are anarcho-Communists like Antifa members self-describe themselves as being. Through Project Veritas we know that some of Bernie’s aides believe Bernie’s political opponents, aka Trump supporters, should be caged, put in gulags, or worse. Bernie is careful never to openly speak of his personal anarcho-Communist views. What we do know is that he is a hypocrite elitist interested in enriching his family and himself and the expense of all others. Peter Schweitzer’s new book provides proof of Bernie’s self-enrichment activities. Bernie needs to get challenged more often and more deeply about his Communist views and plans for enslavement of the taxpayer.


  48. ezgoer says:

    Today the Des Moines Register, the newspaper of Iowa, endorsed Warren. The New York times endorsed Warren a few days ago. It appears the Democrat establishment is lining up behind Warren. Obama recently met with key Wall Street power-brokers to support Warren and assuage their fears about her. Personally I take that as good news as Warren is the easiest candidate for Trump to beat. She has no committed following, is deep down a Marxist, is not at all likable, and has a closet full of skeletons and lies. I don’t think Bernie actually wants to win the nomination. He never goes for the jugular against his Democrat opponents. He just likes to be a leading candidate, get a soap box for his communist ideology, and cash in financially.


  49. VegGOP says:

    Freeze the video in its last second at 0:31 and you can see in his eyes the demons that possess him.


  50. KenGlenn says:

    Heres my take
    Trump runs as Democrat, get a new VEEP. Ticked off republican/Conservative voters stay away in droves. The voting system autovotes for him, and the (popular based) electoral votes go his way. Liberal heads explode. Democrat heads explode. RINOs likewise.
    You heard it here first


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