President Trump Davos, World Economic Forum – Recap Video

The White House shares a recap video from Davos 2020.

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13 Responses to President Trump Davos, World Economic Forum – Recap Video

  1. Blue Wildflower says:

    Made me so happy to watch the video. Greatest President ever!

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  2. YY4U says:

    Best president in my lifetime (and I’ve been alive for a lot of years).

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    • Yes he is YY4U.

      I was also thinking about Pres Trump family, how his children stand up next to the children of so many other “leaders” in DC.

      Joe Bidens loser son and so many of the other middle aged “kids” out there taking up space in the world and doing very little else.

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  3. Zabadak says:

    There is no one living that can compare or compete with him. As I remarked yesterday…he is the GOAT. We are admonished in the Holy Scriptures to give thanks in all things. I thank thee Lord God Almighty for this President.

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  4. frank field says:

    Is it possible to curse with godly joy at how our wonderful flawed President handles his presidential duties?

    I say, “F—-K Yeah”. I’m one happy and thankful AMERICAN who loathes our government.

    Trump for Rushmore 🕶


  5. Bendix says:

    He speaks, and the world listens.
    Exactly as it should be.

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  6. NC Nana says:

    Fabulous summary!

    Please God bless President Trump and God bless America. Amen, in His precious name.


  7. cdor1 says:

    That was a really nice little 60 second video. It will make for a wonderful campaign commercial in the coming few months. I wonder if they are still ridiculing Trump behind his back over in Europe. Ha! Who cares?

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  8. Sentient says:

    Way better than that weird “how dare you?” girl.


  9. donnyvee says:

    That Marine One helicopter looks great in the snow!

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  10. That Marine One landing makes me think of godzilla coming to Tokyo. The One World Weenies must *gulp* when Trumpzilla shows up!


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