January 17th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1093

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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566 Responses to January 17th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1093

  1. islandpalmtrees says:

    Melissa Pientka is a lawyer for the CIA. Nellie Orh who worked for Fusion GPS is CIA. Get the picture. Fusion GPS must be a CIA front organization.

    We absolutely know that the FBI is keeping dirty cop Pientka hidden. Clearly there is a reason. His wife being connected to Fusion GPS and the Trump Tower meeting could be part of that reason.

    What we found next was a bit shocking. We queried Melissa Pientka’s details on Justia.com and found out that she is working for a firm by the name of Baker and Hostetler LLP in Washington D.C:

    Baker & Hostetler are connected to Fusion GPS. When Fusion GPS’s bank transactions were released in late 2017 the records showed a connection between the two companies:


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  2. islandpalmtrees says:

    CIA list is growing: Melissa Pientka, Peter Strzok, Nellie Orh, Comey, Brennan, Carter Page. Who else?

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    • Johnny Dollar says:

      You’ve done some great investigative work! Thanks and keep it up.

      Think of this possibility.

      Pientka does not work for the FBI. He only gets paid by the FBI.

      Since, at least, the inception of Crossfire Hurricane (CFH) in 2016, Pientka has been a CIA operative. That is, since at least 2016, he has been Brennan’s eyes and ears into what decisions are being made at the FBI and influencing those decisions – regarding such programs as the MYE, later CFH and FISA.

      Pientka has been, and continues to be, shielded from public view using CIA intelligence security as the reason.

      Connect these 2015/2016 dots: Wikileaks – Clinton reaction – Brennan action- Russia collusion – FBI carrying out Brennan decisions through Pientka.

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    • strateshooter says:

      Eric Ciamarella…the WhistleBlower. 🙂


      They know we know.

      They do not care. They cannot afford to lose. , because they know we know that the CIA started this whole take down rolling.

      If they lose they are f*cked.

      I We The People lose … ??.

      Interesting times ahead. God Bless America and all its fallen soldiers who died to prevent the fascism now being exerted their sisters and brothers by the Deep State.

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      • dallasdan says:

        “It is TRUMP + WE THE PEOPLE v the CIA/FBI/UNIPARTY/DC BUREAUCRACY.+ their MEDIA soldiers.”

        Yep. One of those two sides has infinitely more resources, no moral compass, and a heretofore successful win by “any means necessary” dogma. I see divine intervention as the only force that is more powerful than the evil facing the President. Pray.

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        • upper379 says:

          Dallas I see divine intervention from the hour that President Trump announced his candidacy. And we do have a supremely talented fighter and leader in our President.

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        • strateshooter says:

          in the whole of history there only ever been one single force that could overcome dictatorship and tyranny – the cold anger and fierce will of the People.

          I hope Bill Barr and Durham read and know history. I hope they don’t believe they can cover all this malfeasance up in order to protect their friends and their institutions. If they think they can do that I think they are misjudging the American people and its military , will be making an error of historic magnitude and one that will plunge the USA into a very bad time.

          If Donald trump is removed from office by nefarious means I think the reaction from decent hard working Americans will be nuclear.


          • Judith says:

            I agree they had better back off. I must admit their death grip on our Constitutional Republic is shocking to behold. But they rushed it and will now pay a heavy price.

            Had they waited a generation or two, the wolves may have lulled a critical mass of sheeple into complacency. But the Wizard’s curtain was pulled back and we just can’t unsee it. The jig is up. They lost the battle for America.


    • Zydeco says:

      Rat Rosenstein’s wife?


    • Perot Conservative says:

      Carter Page, Mifsud?


    • Robert Smith says:



  3. sunnyflower5 says:

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  4. JX says:

    KYLE JUREK: “There are things that are more important than the rule of law in the United States, when it comes down to the existence of the human race.”

    New Veritas video featuring Bernie Sanders organizer Jurek.


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  5. jx says:

    About those Iranians who would not step on the US flag…


  6. lawrencepaul1 says:

    More from this extremely p…ed off former democrat.

    “So titanically self-unaware is the Democratic Resistance that it failed to grok it was actually signing the party’s death warrant Wednesday, complete with official Nancy Pelosi commemorative black-and-gold signature pens.”


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  7. Reserved55 says:

    Good interview


  8. sunnydaze says:

    I like the new definition of PTSD. haha

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  9. Reserved55 says:


  10. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Just left a message for one Senator who’s answering machine was full yesterday. Left the same message with the other Senator yesterday about 4pm. Encouraged him to “throw out this FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT against the president.” That’s a phrase that Americans understand and know well and that is essentially what is going on with this phony impeachment scam. Further asked the senators to “vote to dismiss all charges at the earliest possible opportunity.” Yes, they are both GOP; one a strong Trump supporter and the other a weak kneed establishment type.

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  11. Reserved55 says:

    I’ve only seen one clip of Sarah Sanders (Hannity) addressing Project Veritas’ Breadline Bernie.

    Anybody see Faux News or the Alphabets coverage?


  12. Reserved55 says:

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  13. Reserved55 says:


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  14. Reserved55 says:

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  15. freespeechfanatic says:

    McSally’s remark was much more significant than a lot of people realize. She went personal, or Alinsky, on Leftist journalism. This isn’t supposed to happen. The rules don’t allow it. She broke the master-slave compact that demands journalists be seen as figures of objectivity and interrogative authority. It could be a turning point, if other Republicans back her up and follow in her footsteps. Will they?

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  16. trialbytruth says:

    Has anybody else noticed the Parnass pictures of him m with Trump, Kellianne and pence look a bit photoshopped. It’s possible it’s a trap bad pictures to be replaced with better when there questioned. BUT

    To all the Meme makers.out there it will s time to.put Mr Parnass in a new.crop of poses.

    Neil Armstrong on the moon, with Lyndon Johnson, hanging with Lincoln dancing on the beach with Hillary, feeds my fish to Shamu , dancing with Marilyn. Bury the net in Memes and nothing is real.


  17. MfM says:

    Trump welcoming LSU to the White House. He sounds like he has a bit of a cold and looks tired in some shots, but looks good in others. Not horribly bad, but not 100%, yet he’s still 100% with cracking jokes and off the hand remarks.

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  18. Reserved55 says:

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  19. Reserved55 says:

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    • freespeechfanatic says:

      After the Kavanaugh hearings, the country rewarded the democrats with the House. Maybe this time they’ll get the Senate?


      • sunnydaze says:

        A lot of the 2016 Trump voters were people who had never voted for decades. The kind of people who think the Presidential vote is the *only* important vote.

        After watching the clusterf*ck of the Dems winning the House, I think many of them have become more politically savvy and realize Congress needs to be voted on too. Plus, a lot of the seats will be on the same ballot as Prez this time- ie. they don’t need to make a special trip to the polls.

        Anyway, people who are really concerned about this ( because it *is* a concern!) can do things like help register and educate voters, etc.

        Scott Presler has a lot of info available on this.

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        • lawrencepaul1 says:

          Millions of independents don’t vote in primaries. They will be voting this year though with Trump on the ticket, and many of them will hold their noses and vote republican. Particularly after witnessing the democrat behaviour of late. I suspect that it will go pretty much how 2016 did, and probably even better.
          Presidents nearly always lose the house in their first mid term.
          Obama got a shellacking. in his first mid term. Trump did extremely well in my opinion.

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  20. Reserved55 says:

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    • Roger Duroid says:

      Pam Bondi? Is on his defense team,????

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    • Reserved55 says:

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    • Talkofthetown says:

      Brian Cates, ugh, he’s about 25 30 percent accurate in what he does. More speculative than anything. It’s good he is trying for the cause. Yet I wouldn’t go to him for news anymore than I would CNN.

      Almost like Joe Diegenova, I cant take what he says seriously anymore. He’s like a fish out of water flipping around. I don’t understand tho his reason. One day he says he has great “sources” there will be arrests. 4 months later…. We’ll I’m not sure if there are going to be arrests.

      Both are good for the cause. “I guess” When it comes to accuracies. Very sub par in my mind.

      As always keep up the great work Sundance. Good day treepers.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Reince Preibus was on with Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller this morning, and Preibus talked about Starr, Ray, and Dershowitz joining the Trump team, but not Bondi. Would be very skeptical about Bondi.

      Cipolone may be a prob, from what Preibus said.
      Cipolone is indeed brilliant, but is good friends with Laura Ingraham and lawyers very much as Ingraham lawyers. May be a might concerning, as Ingraham may have some influence with Cipolone – not good. imo

      And don’t forget Lawfare on the Socialist’s side. None of Lawfare are dunces, nor stupid. They are the attorneys feeding the Socialists actions and strategy.

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  21. JImmy says:

    Has trump defense team been officially announced or or is it media speculation?


  22. Reserved55 says:

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  23. Bogeyfree says:

    Now that PT has added Dershowitz and Starr, I wonder if they are thinking about first appealing the constitutionality of these charges under the articles of impeachment within the Constitution?

    I’m assuming they can do that and pause the trial until the SC rules??

    Where is RIstvan when you need him?

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    • They should have done that a month ago and challenged Pelosi’s “pause” which is not controlled by either house. Now Senate “soley controls” impeachment trial. The Nixon case probably bars S. Ct. intervention.

      I might get a case started as a place holder just in case some issue pops during the trial then amend.

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    • mimbler says:

      I don’t think there is any merit in appealing the constitutionality of the charges.

      IMO, the SC won’t touch it. Impeachment was designed as a political solution, not a judicial one.

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  24. Troublemaker10 says:

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  25. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    We’re at the CrossRoads in this country……….Saddle up

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    • gda53 says:

      We need more people like this 19-yr old. Highly articulate, obviously brilliant – I’d be surprised if PDJT hasn’t hired him by now.

      We need a LOT more people like this. In those 31 House districts and beyond.

      ….Make it so.

      h ttps://twitter.com/PolishPatriotTM/status/1217632764482215936

      (I did not want to have the entire string appear, so just eliminate the space)


    • lawrencepaul1 says:

      We are indeed.


  26. Troublemaker10 says:

    This team is going to run circles around lying Schiff and bumbling Nadler.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Where are the guys (Republican House Members) who know what is really happening first hand and who know which testimony Schiff has withheld in the Crypt?? Hopefully there are Republican House members on the team and not just a bunch of lawyers who have zero 1st hand experience.

      Also, before anybody gets all giddy about these lawyers vs the House Democrats, recall their “staff” did ALL the heavy lifting. It is going to be the president’s legal team vs the lawfare legal team who also conducted the interrogations for the Democrats. The President’s team is at a disadvantage of they do not use the House Republicans as part of their efforts.

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    • Zydeco says:

      Schitty and NoNads will be surrounded by Lawfare.

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  27. Troublemaker10 says:

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  28. sunnydaze says:

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  29. Troublemaker10 says:

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  30. Reserved55 says:

    Fool just gave the defense closing argument

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  31. jeans2nd says:

    G’Afternoon fellow Deplorables.
    Larry Kudlow interviewed with Stuart Varney this morning. The two discussed housing, upturn in world GDP growth and the European PMI, Tax Cuts 2.0, the China Deal, and much more.

    Varney had the time, and just let Kuddly Kudlow talk, and Koala Kudlow talked and talked.
    It is kinda long – 16:11, but so enjoyable, like a conversation between two old friends, which indeed it was.
    Varney and Kudlow had a bit of reminiscing at the end, which will undoubtedly leave one smiling.

    Have a Great Afternoon !

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  32. icanhasbailout says:

    Something dirty is definitely planned to go down this weekend in Richmond.

    Also Antifa is moving in as well.

    They have something big planned to happen in this kill box they’ve set up.

    Really think rescheduling the rally until after the SoE is over is the right move here – there’s every reason to believe that that cage is a trap.

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    • Free Speech says:

      The question this time is who is behind the pro-2A side. Real 2A rights supporters need to stay as far away as possible from CIA ‘white nationalist’ cut outs along the lines of Unite the Right’s Jason Kessler. Be smart, folks. This is setting up to be staged smear of pro-2A activists!


      • icanhasbailout says:

        The 2A side is the VCDL https://vcdl.org/ and they do this rally every year, and I’m all but certain they have and want nothing to do with the shipped-in extremists.

        Right now we’re in the position where we know a hoax incident is planned, we know where it’s going to happen, and we know the day it will happen, and we have a lot of reason to believe it’s intended to be a Charlottesville redux.


    • JX says:

      Single entrance is a “face trap” where entrants will be subjected to facial recognition scan & identification.


    • jx says:

      The right of the people to peaceable assemble shall not be abridged, yet the government is dictating how the people may assemble.


  33. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    Watching PDJT congratulate the LSU Tigers!!! Seeing 2 of my favorite things in this broken world in the same room at the same time is such a wonderful thing. Geaux Tigers!!! KAG PDJT!!!

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    • Issy says:

      It was great. I wonder if Coach Orgeron ever dreamed he would be walking into a room while the band played “Hail To The Chief”? The players seemed impressed with Trump’s play by play of the game and enjoyed his asides. He’s a funny man.


  34. Rckymtn says:

    I had the same feeling when he had the St Louis Blues there. Was so cool


  35. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  36. MDNA I says:

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  37. Dora says:

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  38. freespeechfanatic says:

    I wish God’s wrath be visited upon the villains conspiring against President Trump. They have effectively organized a heinous and relentless criminal assault on him, our country and our citizens. This cannot go unpunished.

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    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      Careful what you wish for. Could be a Yellowstone Caldera event that takes out half the country along with the villains you speak of.


      • Robert Smith says:

        The way I have always seen it if the whole ball of wax goes then so be it.

        Of course, the Yellowstone Caldera could cover the whole country in a mile deep of lava and stop before it hits DC…


  39. Reserved55 says:

    This is the same reporter who sided with Manu Raju over McSally yesterday

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  40. MDNA I says:

    As President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial kicks off in earnest, Senate Republicans are still wrestling with how to follow the precedent set by Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial while also giving Trump the swift acquittal he desires.

    Senate GOP leaders are weighing accelerating the pace of the trial, eyeing a schedule that would maintain the same overall number of hours for opening arguments and senatorial questions as employed in Clinton’s case, but spreading it out over fewer days, according to six people familiar with internal deliberations.

    If each side used all its debate time, that could mean fewer calendar days for the trial and a faster verdict. Clinton’s trial ran for five weeks, with opening arguments starting a week after it formally began. Trump’s could be far shorter.


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  41. Reserved55 says:

    Breadline Bernie leaked Campaign Rider.

    “For Sanders, who is referred to as “SBS” in the memo, a “small junior suite” is ideal. “We have no need for a large suite–please avoid this upgrade as much as possible,” the memo states. The candidate also seeks a “Bathtub, if the hotel has that option” and a room thermostat set at 60 degrees. “ALWAYS TEST, SET, AND RUN THE THERMOSTAT BEFORE ARRIVAL,” the memo advises advance team personnel.”

    “While Sanders has been a persistent critic of Donald Trump and his policies, the Democratic candidate appears to share the current president’s concern about the insufficient flushing power of today’s toilets.”



  42. Reserved55 says:

    Another SloJoe brother cashing in on Biden name, plus more corruption from brother (Iraq) James

    “In 2009, the year Joe Biden took office as vice president, a local business executive met the politician’s younger brother, Frank, at a Starbucks in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and later asked him to become the president and front man for a fledgling charter school venture.”

    “In media interviews at the time, Frank Biden was unabashed – calling his last name “a tremendous asset” because of the family’s record of “taking care of people who need help,” and telling people it brought him “automatic acceptance” as he sought government approvals for the for-profit Mavericks in Education”

    “Claims of mismanagement would ultimately bog down many of those schools, which focused on educating at-risk teens with troubled backgrounds. In at least two separate lawsuits, Mavericks schools faced allegations of inflating enrollment as part of a scheme to garner more government funding. The charters were eventually sold and the schools reorganized under new management.”


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  43. Reserved55 says:

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    • Paprika says:

      I was delighted to see Davidson county pass this. My son is in law enforcement an knows Kester and most of the deputies well.

      Unfortunately I am in the urbanized county of Forsyth directly north of Davidson and we are turning Blue. The county elected a democrat sheriff in 2018 who will not co-operate with ICE and he has really added hurdles, expense, and long delays in purchasing guns or concealed weapon carry permits.

      Just as bad is once again a judge has blocked the NC voter ID law that we voted on and passed in 2018. And new court directed redistricting has moved me out of a Republican US Congressional District into an urban blue Democrat district. At least the counties directly to the South, West, and North of us are still constitutional and conservative strongholds.

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  44. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • deplorable says:

      Looks like the “Patriot” Act and its associated surveillance state and secret courts is showing its true purpose again. A couple excerpts from that post by Virginia Senator Amanda Chase:

      “If anyone steps out of line, all it takes is one person, it may even be a government plant … if that plant does anything to disrupt the rally, you could/will be arrested as a domestic terrorist.”

      “They have goine out of their way since the Obama years to i nsure they had us labeled, but it didn’t start with Obama. It started with the Patriot Act under the Bush administration.”

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  45. linda4298 says:

    A very powerful ad from the woman running against Ilhan Omar https://twitter.com/dbongino/status/1218259425162616834?s=20

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  46. Reserved55 says:

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  47. Perot Conservative says:

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  48. Reserved55 says:

    Immigration and the border and how the Trump administration’s current policies are succeeding.

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  49. Perot Conservative says:

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