December 3rd – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1048

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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  1. Grandma Covfefe says:

    — * USA * 🇺🇸 —-” The Spirit of America CHRISTmas ” —- 🇺🇸 * USA *

    🦅 KAG while Making America Greater Again
    Thank You, Lord, for President Trump, his MAGA Team, and all his supporters.
    Lord, keep them all safe in all they do and go daily. In Jesus’ Name we pray…..
    About the Demented Opposition:
    🌟 “They sharpen their tongues like swords
    and aim cruel words like deadly arrows.
    They shoot from ambush at the innocent;
    they shoot suddenly, without fear.” 🌟 — Ps 64:3-4
    ***Praise: Pres. Trump and MAGA Team arrived safely in London/Winfield Home
    ***Praise: GOP impeachment report clears Pres. Trump-proved it was a hit job on the President by Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler and House Dems
    ***Praise:President Trump helped secure $130 billion in new NATO defense spending—the biggest increase in a generation
    ***Praise: Dems getting a beating down on their home turfs
    ***Praise: Senate confirmed Dan Brouillette as Energy Secretary, 70-15
    ***Praise: Steve Moore: “Holiday shopping sales prove it. It’s a blowout Trump economy & folks are feeling great”
    ***Praise: WH thinking of doing tariffs of up to 100 percent on $2.4 billion in French imports
    (Sundance: ” Excellent. Rebuttal tariffs to the EU internet taxes.”)
    🙏 Pray:
    — for protection and safe traveling around London for President Trump, FLOTUS & MAGA Team-Breakfast with SecGen Stoltenberg (4:10am ET/9:10am UK), Meeting w/supporters, Bilat w/Macron, Bilat w/Trudope, Tea w/”Charlie & Cammie”, attend Reception for NATO at Buckingham Palace given by Queen Elizabeth,, attend another reception at PM Boris Johnson’s, then back to Winfield House for the night (4:30pm ET/9:30pmUK) –President Trump is doing more in one day than the House Dems has all year!
    — House notified members the House will be in session Dec 16 with votes running through Friday, December 20….may their schemes boomerang back on them–What deliberate CHRISTmas Party poopers House Dems are!
    — the fake impeachment drama in search of a nonexistent crime, to Flounder to nothingness
    — for empowerment for all Patriots to stand their ground, fight against Opposition
    — for protection for White House, all AF One Planes, WHMU & Pres Trump’s properties
    — Presidential Candidate Democlowns, old & new, to continue to fumble, jumble, mumble, stumble, rumble, grumble, crumble..then diminish….pouf….poof–
    — the entire Cabal comes to the Light & that our country returns to it’s Christian Roots
    — for USA Election Integrity, Voter ID, Paper Ballots, catch voting fraudsters
    — Protection for: USSS, all Military, ICE, Border Patrol, LEOs, BP Horses, BP dogs
    — for Guardian Angels protecting all our borders–air, land, sea
    — for speed in WALLbuilding and safety for WALLbuilders
    — for Mexico to honor their promises to President Trump about invaders/cartels
    — for protection/healing for all American children/youth and our young Landen
    — *🇺🇸* Land Of The Free *🇺🇸*

    🦅 “The future belongs to the brave, the strong, the proud, and the free. We are one people, chasing one dream, and one magnificent destiny.”
    — 🇺🇸 — Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America — 🇺🇸 —
    👌 —-Treepers’ Prayer Warriors Post for Tuesday, December 3, 2019 — 👌
    Countdown: 336 more days…. to “4 MORE YEARS” Win

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  2. citizen817 says:

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      Yeah but Zelensky does not “understand” quid pro quo. Jonathan Turley does and if he says its quid pro quo then quid pro quo it is.

      Notice the not very subtle demeaning of President Zelensky? They ignore him. They disrespect him. They disregard any denial he makes. He is not one of them either so his statements will never be reported or given any consideration.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Hey, back in the day we didn’t know what the meaning of “is” is or was.

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      • “Joe Biden most-certainly did, as did his boss (“call him …”) Obama. “You’ve got six hours to fire the prosecutor who’s on the tail of [me and] my son, or these Billions of dollars are going home in my pocket.”

        The Democrats “simply assume” that no one saw that, that no one cares about it, and that the American people will eagerly vote for it to return.

        There’s a very serious downside to “owning” the newspapers: you start to believe what they’re saying about you and about their readers.

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  3. Stillwater says:

    ***Today’s WeBuildTheWall / Fisher Industries posts***
    (Previous posts:

    – – – – – –
    – WeBuildTheWall/Fisher Industries has a big week ahead. Crews started work Monday and it looks like they plan to have the wall completed by Friday for the “massive unveiling”.

    – Brian Kolfage receives his RSVP Confirmation from the White House.
    – HUGE bust right at construction site where wall is being built. 4 Gulf Cartel terrorist members caught at our construction site!
    – 🧱🧱🧱 Fisher Sand & Gravel is awarded “mammoth” border wall contract from Army Corps of Engineers to build 31 miles. “The work has an estimated completion date of Dec. 30, 2020.”

    – – – – – –
    ***Praise: Fisher Industries has been awarded 268M out of a 400M contract to build wall in Yuma Sector. (12/2/19)

    Prayer for the week for the work crews.
    – for 100% safety for the work crews, security personnel, and all involved in Project 2 and other projects
    – that work would go smoothly with quality construction; with continual improvement in method/process/efficiency; with smooth transition when scaling up capacity to build larger projects; without outside interference (cartels, IBWC, protesters, swamp, etc.)
    – that if outside interference takes place that it would only work toward WBTW/Fisher Industries/USA’s benefit (exposing corruption, raising awareness, fundraising, etc.)

    – that the 3.5 mile wall would be completed by Friday (12/6/19), in time for the “massive unveiling” mentioned in Brian’s tweet
    – that Project 2’s wall demonstration will provide evidence necessary to overcome any objections and show that WBTW/Fisher Industries can rapidly complete large sections of wall, with a superior build, at the lowest price
    – that this demonstration of the first border wall that’s ever been built inside the flood plain would provide undeniable proof that the design is sound and they are able to safely and effectively build it on a large scale in the Rio Grande Valley

    – that the Government would purchase all projects that WBTW builds so the funds can be rolled into new &/or larger projects in the future and Fisher Industries will be able to scale up with additional equipment and manpower as needed.
    (This, in addition to ongoing fundraising, will allow WBTW to continue to self fund projects, build their reputation/resume, while they continue to pursue other avenues which could lead to government contracts down the road.)

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  4. citizen817 says:

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  5. citizen817 says:

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  6. citizen817 says:

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  7. citizen817 says:

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  8. citizen817 says:

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  9. citizen817 says:

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  10. citizen817 says:

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  11. citizen817 says:

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  12. citizen817 says:

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  13. citizen817 says:

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    • freespeechfanatic says:

      Okay, so what are we doing about it? So far, completely useless and whitewashing “IG Reports” (and yes, the new one is another COMPLETE WHITEWASHING JOKE) and no declassification. No one indicted or fired at FBI (aside from the fool McCabe), an active and aggressive coup into its fifth stage right now. Meanwhile, Big Tech is neutron bombing us off social media.

      It’s your DOJ, Mr. Trump.

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      • oldumb says:

        So you have read the newest IG report? Interesting.
        It is President Trump unless you work for NPR, it is not HIS DOJ, the DOJ belongs to the swamp -or have you not been paying attention. POTUS has to stay at double arm length, even his AG (hand-picked) does not run the DOJ

        This is going to take a while, it isn’t a TV show where the good guy wins in 55 minutes. This is a world wide conspiracy by some of the most powerful people, groups and media in the world. Maybe you have a hard time appreciating that fact.

        Arresting A FEW DOJ grunts isn’t gonna fix anything, it is higher than that. So maybe stop belly-aching, If you have a suggestion or something…..

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  14. citizen817 says:

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  15. hawkins6 says:

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  16. citizen817 says:

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  17. citizen817 says:

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  18. citizen817 says:

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  19. citizen817 says:

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  20. citizen817 says:

    Trump Retweet

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    • Robert Smith says:

      And the everyday person is opening their wallets and purses and spending their hard earned dollars on the street. If you are looking for consumer sentiment that can’t be ignored the Holiday spending verified this.

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  21. citizen817 says:

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  22. Autonomous Collective says:


    A judge rules Hunter Biden must provide the past 3 years of his tax returns in Arkansas child support case.

    I hope the court has expertise in shady Ukraine and Chinese business dealings!

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    • joeknuckles says:

      What, the judge is not accepting Hunter’s “word as a Biden”?

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I’m VERY interested.

      What are the odds that Hunter Biden declares all this quick and easy money?

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    • Deb says:

      The idiot should have just settled outside of court, instead he let this drag on and publicly denied the kid was his.

      Hunter can’t do anything right, and we are supposed to believe that this moron gets jobs based on his own talent?

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      • Linda K. says:

        No, we are supposed to ignore the obvious corruption of Joe Biden, as VP, when he got his son the job. Even Hunter openly admits that’s why he had the gig. The kickbacks and money flowing into Washington D.C. is so blatant, the press does not even mock outrage.


  23. citizen817 says:

    Trump Retweets

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  24. citizen817 says:

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  25. rondo123456 says:

    David Goldman, alias “Spengler” at the Asia Times, presented a talk on our strategic rival China

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  26. Robert Smith says:

    “Today we sit down with Star Parker, the Founder and President of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE). We talk about her new book, “Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why This Is Good News for America.”

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Thx for posting this. Haven’t heard from Star Parker in a while and she’s always been pretty good!

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    • Sentient says:

      She mentions the founders and the foundational principles of our government. It’s important to distinguish between those. It’s a mistake to venerate the founders. It’s fine to say that they were brilliant in how they established our constitution, but if we focus on them as people, their considerable flaws will cause people to have disdain for the constitution they bequeathed us. A solemn respect for the constitution doesn’t require us to think of the founders as civic saints. Conservatives err when they they speak glowingly of the founders in a way that borders on idolatry.


    • Wow!!!!! She’s great, so well informed, thoughtful and articulate. She says what I think, only she does it better.

      If it is possible to share this interview with leftists I would really like to think they could listen to her points. By the end they even address the distinct possibility that our current crossroad may NOT be able to be resolved at the ballot box.

      “All you have to do to live on welfare is follow the welfare rules.”

      “Don’t work, don’t save, don’t get married.” And she knows because she lived it.


      • meaculpa365inau says:

        She was making points that the French man, Alexis de Tocqueville, made as he travelled the new country of America. Charity is best done closest to the situation. His example, IIRC, delt with the poor farmer who had broken his leg. The national govt. wanted to send him money but the local government knew he’d broken his leg from being drunk!
        My children always had their eyes opened by this story. As Star stated, just dropping money to a poor person isn’t a solution.


  27. Magabear says:

    Didn’t take Rudy long to respond to Steve Hilton’s hit job on him last night.

    I’m sure Hilton will have Rudy on his show to debate the issue. 🙄

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  28. Sentient says:

    BBC radio just announced that President Trump is proposing 100% tariffs on certain French goods. They deserve it just because of mimes, if you ask me.

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  29. trapper says:

    Cyber Monday sales will hit $9.2 Billion, up 16.9% over last year. Let’s see what democrats and that idiot Drudge do with THAT! Must be a sign of the impending recession, hahahahaha.

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    • mr.piddles says:


      “Black Friday sales for bricks-and-mortar shops dropped 6.2%, after shopping on Thanksgiving Day rose 2.3%, according to ShopperTrak data released this past weekend.

      Meanwhile, shopping online on Black Friday hit a record of $5.4 billion, up 22.3% from a year ago, Adobe said. Spending on the web on Thanksgiving Day surpassed $4 billion for the first time ever.”

      Hm. Ok. Well that seems pretty obvious to this layman. Why should I go stand in line outside a Best Buy in 30-degree weather at 11:45PM after a day of stuffing my face with Turkey, Gravy, and Pie, when I can just order the same damn thing two days prior for the same damn sale price? And maybe even a better price from somewhere else?

      So Oppenheimer & Co. analyst Brian Nagel chimes in, in a fashion that only a Really Smart Guy With A College Degree can:

      “Black Friday has lost at least some relevance as a barometer of the health of consumer spending,” Oppenheimer & Co. analyst Brian Nagel said. “Our simple analysis of data suggest clearly that overall trends in consumer spending remain healthy and that those chains with the best, most compelling online offerings are best positioned to capitalize upon this solid underlying dynamic.”

      Brian. I know you want to show off your “words”… but please… stop talking.

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  30. Joemama says:

    People –

    Boy I wish Andrew Breitbart had not been murdered, so he could make sense of what is going on in his concise, easy to understand way. I will attempt to explain:

    Many of you all are wallowing in the details of the craziness that cultural marxists want you to be endlessly befuddled in.

    Cultural marxists were/are academics that realised that Karl Marx’s theory wasn’t working. People weren’t rising up against their capitalist masters like they were supposed to. The theory was that the workers would rise up, kill their masters and install a communist utopia and everyone would live happily ever after in complete economic equality and social bliss.

    Well in the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, the marxist academics realized that Marx’s theory needed some augmentation to bring on the utopia that they desired. They adopted the methods of the anarchists. The basic theory behind cultural marxism is that you destroy the existing, stable social structure, slowly, inexorably so that people don’t notice it is happening (the slowly boil the frog to death method). The basic idea is to destroy the long-standing stable, peaceful social structure with a structure that rips itself apart. Once that happens, the theory goes, “everyone” will see the obvious benefit of adopting a socialist government, which (after the mass murder purges that are not mentioned) evolves into the utopian communist government. The people will practically beg for the socialists/communists to save them from the crazy society that is killing them in theory.

    Specifically, you do the following (list not comprehensive, just what I remember right now, couldn’t find a source):

    1. Belittle Christianity and try to destroy the ability of people to worship freely, especially in public places, government and in schools. Christianity does seem to be singled out. Cultural marxists don’t seem to have a problem with any other religion.

    2. Replace good art with stark, scary, repulsive art. Emphasize homosexuality, murder, pedophilia, bestiality and other abhorrent things in “art”. Boring, non-inspiring art is good as well to demoralize the existing culture. Music that promotes violence, sex and racial division is a plus, especially if it doesn’t have a beat which facilitates dance.

    3. Promote the development of identity groups and stark divisions between these identity groups. The more groups the better. Women must hate men. Blacks must hate whites. Jews must hate Christians. Gays must hate straight people. Rich must hate poor. Republicans must hate Democrats, etc. Ideally the hate should be reciprocal between the groups (i.e. straights hate gays & gays hate straights). Keep defining smaller and smaller identity groups and use the media to foment hate between the divisions.

    4. Encourage/facilitate mass migrations of people from 3rd world countries to 1st world countries. Sell the migrations as being large groups of asylum seekers, but make sure that most of them are actually relocating for financial reasons or to spread islam or for the sale of drugs or human trafficking, preferably using lots violence.

    Ideally chose 3rd world populations that have little likelihood of assimilating into the host culture. Best option is to move poor islamic people into the 1st world countries. Radical jihadists “asylum seekers” are the best, especially if they have a large family/friend network to serve as smoke screen in which to hide. Next best thing is to move economic refugees from socialist countries (South America), which expect the government to give them lots of free stuff.

    Ensure that the new migrants remain in tight knit communities, provide services, etc in their own language, so they have little chance of assimilating into the host country’s culture. Make sure you provide tons of financial incentives, paid for by the taxpayers of the host country, to the new arrivals, so they don’t have to hold multiple jobs and they can get to work reproducing at a very high rate, while developing a hatred for the host country because they aren’t as financially successful as the taxpayers, while living off the dole.

    5. Make any form of speech that highlights the invasion and the cultural marxist plan a crime.

    6. Make hate crime laws and define them to attack anyone that resists the destruction of the long standing stable culture.

    7. Institute political correctness (PC) which continually changes, so that just as soon as your left-wing supporters think they have figured out what is correct, suddenly change it to make your supporters feel like they are not part of the Borg and encourage them to self-flagellate themselves. Change rapidly. Include totally ridiculous concepts in the PC, such as the concept that there are 50 genders and 100 pronouns that everyone must immediately memorize and use, under penalty of losing your job or a jail sentence (England). Compliance to the new PC concept must be immediate and any stragglers in adopting the new PC concept must be ostracised immediately. Only after repeated apologies and repentances, may a leftist be accepted back into the fold, but only conditionally, for they have revealed that they cannot change their belief system instantaneously, as required.

    Those that refuse to conform to PC are to be deemed people so horrible that the only solution is murder of said persons. To not agree with this, is to potentially put yourself out as someone who should be murdered for your own good.

    8. Infiltrate all the existing cultures institutions (education, legal system, military, police, government, etc) and corrupt them with PC. Ensure rules are instituted to threaten people with losing their jobs, etc, if they do not immediately comply.
    9. There is more, but I’m tired of writing.

    Are you getting a hint? What we are seeing is not an accident. It is a deliberate plan to destroy 1st world societies, institute a one world government and return most of us to a modern form of feudalism. The cultural marxists think that they will be the party that controls the modern peasants. The reality is that most of them are useful idiots that will be killed, if they ever succeed in their plans.

    The real plan is dictated by the banking families. They intend to continue controlling the entire world through all the private Federal banks in every nation (except Russia and Iceland, they broke free), living a life of luxury, debauchery, pedophilia (UK royalty are just one example), Satanism, crime, etc. and having us peons pay for it all. It has worked for them for probably over 1000 years. It would be silly for them to think that we could finally stop it now.

    Or is it?

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    • ale81inn says:

      You have basically outlined a manifesto of the Frankfurt School (Frankfurt Exiles). All of these things are well documented and it is actually not difficult at all to pin down where this school of thought originated and to trace it’s path through western history. Unfortunately this is not taught; it is in fact obscured from view. I would wager that easily 90% of those holding college degrees know absolutely nothing about this history and if they do you’ll find that the version they do know is anything but accurate. The doom of this nation was sealed with the creation of the federal Dept. of Education. In just a little over 40 years they have succeeded in creating a nation of functional morons. It used to be a “frog on a hotplate” equation. With the advent of the information age this has been accelerated to “kittens in a blender”

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    • bentley1blog says:

      Joemama…wow, just wow. Excellent!!

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    • RetiredEE says:

      Excellent summary! Thank you for making the effort. This has been the process since the ’60s starting with the universities. My question is what do we do? Ensuring that our PDJT is re-elected and we remove as many DeMocRats as possible from congress is a start or at least delays the ultimate goal of their plan. In my view the universities/colleges are the core of this movement and were the target for this for over 50 years. The media and law are fully indoctrinated by the university leftists. Changing the university-media-legal-deepstate complex is necessary if we are to recover from this. It has metastasized to a point where we may not be able to recover.

      I have a few things I am doing:
      – I have told the fund raising groups from my Alma mater to take me off their list and never call me again. They are a leftest bunch now. If a university reform group is ever started I will consider them.
      -Donate to groups that support my view point: JW, WeBuiltTheWall, NRA, specific candidates, etc.
      – share information or verifiable facts with others when possible.
      – participate with organizations promoting the reversal of the communist movement.

      Other than that, I’m looking for ideas on what we can do.

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  31. citizen817 says:

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  32. Magabear says:

    I never thought I’d see a republican governor have as bad of political instincts as my former Gov. Tom Corbett, but Brian Kemp appears to be cut from the same tin ear, blockhead cloth. Why appoint someone to a senate seat that has as much baggage as this Loeffler (sp) woman, who will be primaried and beaten in just a few months?

    Stupid is as stupid does.

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    • Free Speech says:

      Kemp apparently thinks he won by such a small margin because he has offended moderate white suburban female voters. He needs to worry about the conservative rural white male voters like me who put him in. Let’s put Loeffler to the test. First time there’s a recess while she’s in there, let’s see if she holds Mitch’s line blocking the POTUS from making recess appointments. I’ve got a feeling she will, and that may be why the folk$ who control Kemp didn’t want Doug Collins in there. Wonder what Sundance thinks? Is Collins too clean for their kompromat games? Will POTUS ever get a DNI pick, or does he have to let Mitch keep picking people for 2 branches of government so he can wind up with traitors and spies in his midst?


      • Absped7 says:

        Free Speech, I am a fellow rural native Georgian. I could not agree more with your comment. Kemp’s pick for the senate seat is a betrayal of the people that”brung him to the dance”! It appears that we have some “swamp draining” to do in Georgia. Rep. Jan Jones, Speaker Pro Tempere of Georgia’s House of Representatives, would have ticked off all of the boxes Kemp was trying to check off with this Loeffler. The only box Ms Jones would not have checked was big money! I believe Georgians have just experienced the purchasing of a Senate seat!

        Kemp is probably a one term Gov. He is “one and done”!

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    • Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

      Kemp has the power to appoint. He also has the power to make the race partisan so there will be a primary. Chances are he will make it nonpartisan so it will be a Jungle race in November.


  33. trapper says:

    Joe Biden kicked off his new No Malarkey tour by bragging about all the time he has spent with Kim Jong Un, even though there is no record they ever even met.

    Joe Biden and the No Mind Left Tour.

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  34. citizen817 says:

    Joe DiGenova…
    (audio 14:23)


  35. nwtex says:

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  36. JustScott says:

    Citizen, thank you for your tireless efforts! A lot of us rely on your nightly posts.

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  37. JustScott says:

    When I was a younger man, we had an expression: “cruising for a brushing.”
    So, Iif I read this right, lil rocket boy is threatening that if US doesn’t allow him to have nuke toys, he will nuke US.

    I don’t see 2020 as a good year for lil rocket boy, et al.

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  38. Dances with Wolverines says:

    Back in the day when the term Malarkey was popular, the doctors also diagnosed symptoms Joe Biden is experiencing as “Hardening of the Arteries”

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  39. nwtex says:

    The 2019 White House Advent Calendar

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  40. nwtex says:

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  41. nwtex says:

    The reason why the “homeless” situation has been allowed to proliferate.
    All a part of the master plan.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Democrats want not only to tax you more now to pay for all these non-citizens but also to burden your children’s children forever. All to pay for the likes of Ilhan “I’d be stoned back home” Omar.

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    • freespeechfanatic says:

      I agree. The term “radical left” is an outdated redundancy. In fact, our continued use of the term reflects our failure to understand the Left’s long historical trajectory of subversion. As stated in the deep analysis of the Left’s objectives which was posted by someone here yesterday, the Left’s social Narratives have successfully shamed us into avoiding terms like “anti-American.”

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    • Linda K. says:

      And we hate them back.


  42. nwtex says:

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  43. A2 says:

    The Beijing running dogs were out today. Could only get a dozen dimwits to protest in front of the US consulate in Hong Kong, when hundreds of thousands were marching and celebrating the passage of the HK Act,

    Pretty pathetic.

    Joanne Wong

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @JOceanW
    Several dozen pro-Beijing activists just marched to the US Consulate to protest against d Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act. They stepped on a US flag to show their anger at Washington. One of them called the US legislation “a useless piece of paper” #hongkongprotests

    They handed a petition letter to a consulate representative, burned a Trump caricature before leaving.

    Then they went off to collect their cumshaw.


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  44. Mark says:

    So we know already the IG report is a scam. IG is concluding there was a predicate to open FBI investigation into Trump campaign. AG Barr disagrees with that finding.


  45. nwtex says:

    Hunter Biden blows off court hearing over child support as his lawyer abruptly quits while glam baby mama Lunden Roberts leaves court after judge demanded three years of tax returns from ex-VP’s troubled son
    3 December 2019

    Earlier this week, revealed Biden filed a request to seal all financial records to spare himself public ’embarrassment’ amid claims of ‘significant debts’.

    In addition to preventing the disclosure of Biden’s alleged debts, it is thought information on his business ventures, investments, expenses, taxes and personal property valuations would also be included in the documents.

    It is said the release of such information would cause Hunter ’embarrassment’ as it could reveal the extent of his controversial payments from a Ukrainian natural gas company

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  46. youme says:

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    • Ausonius says:

      Interesting, but I believe it is much too early to worry about such things: these betting markets can be easily manipulated for months before the actual event, thereby indicating nothing but themselves.

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  47. Thought question for Democrats:

    Who and What is “The Swamp?™”

    What prompted the American people to elect a Billionaire in 2016? What prompted the Ukranians to elect a professional comedian?

    Short answer: the very thing that you are now trying so very hard to protect: “official corruption.”

    • You saw that Ukraine was “famously corrupt,” and that you could have a piece of the action.

    • You were responsible for doling out billions of dollars of US Aid, and saw that you were in the position to embezzle it.

    • Barak Obama sent over “rations and flashlights,” so that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler could involve themselves in illegal gun-running.

    • … and so on …

    And, throughout all of this, you continue to presume that people are stupid. That they don’t see. That their decision to “Drain the Swamp™” was a mistake to be corrected. That when the Vice-President of the United States commits extortion to protect his son’s crimes (and his own), implicating the President, while laughing and cracking jokes, that “this is no problem.” Arrogant to the last, you assume that the People want to return to their – your … – comfortable Swamp. And that the Ukranians do, too.

    “There are none so blind …” You cannot recognize Doom when He stands directly before you.

    “Be not deceived … GOD IS NOT MOCKED …”


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