Fascinating Interview – Presidential Historian Doug Wead Discusses His Book About The Trump Presidency…

Presidential historian Doug Wead was given unprecedented access to the White House and people associated with the Trump presidency for his book “Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency.”  Mr. Wead discusses the experience.  This is a must watch interview:

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178 Responses to Fascinating Interview – Presidential Historian Doug Wead Discusses His Book About The Trump Presidency…

  1. pigletrios says:

    Absolutely fascinating interview. I’ll definitely read the book!

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    • linda4298 says:

      I tried posting this to facebook, once from youtube and once from the treehouse, facebook has blocked both my attempts.

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    • Well worth 55 minutes of my time! Every irredeemable, deplorable basket case who supported and continue to support President Trump should hear this interview and realize how they played a part in electing this courageous president, a man unafraid to bring great changes for America. Love President Trump even more after hearing this interview between two people pleasant to hear! Great interview.

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    • Bob says:

      Great report, wonderful prospective….unfortunately, the bottom line, as usual, is never exposed. Why can’t the fact that the socialist want to take over the USA and what that will mean for all of us…..we as a People need to hear this constantly and daily from the conservative news sources. What the hell is the reason for not doing this?


      • LouisianaTeaRose says:

        I hear your point Bob, but the secret sauce is his touting the good stuff and the historic, dramatic, proof-positive effect of his global financial restructuring of market forces, as well as cutting the chains off our domestic economic engines that have been in lockdown. He DOES highlight the regressive punitive wages of socialism, but puts in in the context Leftists and Progressives being the enemy of success and prosperity. It’s that glass-half-full happy-warrior that is so contageous and draws us in. Fear-mongering is for LOSERS, and nobody gets that more viscerally than VSGPDJT…

        …what face do you see behind the word WINNING???? I assure you, it ain’t any of those screeching hyenas in doomsday mode as they climb over each other and bask in the dim and dingy light provided by their media-minions.

        WINNING vs YES-WE-CAN’T….

        …..not hard to figure which team has the advantage.

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  2. Skidroe says:

    Just went through all my I phone contacts and sent this video with a message “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”. Thought it was a very good way to help. Will also share with my family today.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      I sent the Epoch Times newspaper as a Christmas gift, also because it is a good way to help. This year, I’m making a concerted effort to spend my dollars in ways that will help President Trump, the MAGA economy, or real conservative news alternatives. 🙂

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  3. Skidroe says:

    Just went through all my I phone contacts and sent this video with a message “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”. Thought it was a very good way to help. Will also share with my family today.


  4. Skudroe says:

    Sorry for the double post. I am old and my finger shakes. LOL

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    • Aww, no excuses. You just want to get the message out! We all need to get the message out.
      I watch Doug on Varney and Dobbs. Always makes great points.

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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    • stopimmigrationcrimes says:

      The double post might be because of the long delay before a comment posts on this WordPress site. Avoid clicking the Post Comment button again if you don’t see your comment posted immediately. It will post, just maybe not as fast as other sites. I’m glad those who post comments here are patient! Sundance is amazing and puts so much time and effort into bringing trustworthy and sound insight. Most of the comments are interesting and sound too. Top site for me!

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    • The double post might be because it takes a little longer to post a comment on this site. Avoid clicking the Post Comment button again if you don’t see the comment posted quickly. I’m glad those who comment here are patient! Sundance is amazing and puts so much time and effort into bringing sound and interesting analysis and information. The comments are almost always great too. My favorite site and my first stop every morning!

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  5. GGHD says:

    TheConservativeTreehouse is right on the mark with recommending this interview. Set aside some time this Holiday, to watch the interview; it’s less than 1 hour long. … The interview quickly goes the money numbers, and how the ‘swamp’ is in collusion with the Multi-National Companies.
    +The economic decay didn’t ‘just happen’ in America. & President Trump is just the man to drain the ‘swamp’ and Make America Great Again.
    [Trump knows how to squeeze his opponents, like ordinary people will squeeze a sponge. Trump can grab what is needed out of created chaos.]

    The Historian Doug Wead is a very polite man; just like TheConservativeTreehouse. There’s a lesson for all of us in politeness. Plus, being a Good Listener is the common characteristic to political success (most likely in all of life, too).
    The Historian Doug Wead briefly discusses all the issues delineated on this site. Don’t just wait for a >good history book to be written; keep reading TheConservateTreehouse articles as history happens. =
    We’re NOT out of the ‘swamp’ yet.

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    • Dutchman says:

      I also read AmericanThinker, and noticed at least TWO articles today, specifically referenced CTH and Sundance, always great to see!

      Just watched the interview, and can’t do more than reiterate whats already said;
      FASCINATING interview, MUST WATCH, covers a lot of ground, and as an ‘independant’ view, from a Presidential historian, he confirms EVERYTHING treepers percieve, about PDJT, the nature of the,swamp, etc.

      Watched Saving Private,Ryan, again recently. At one point someone said;
      D-DAY was THE defining moment of the 20th century, when average Americans stood up, and sacrificed to defend the world from fascism” or, something to that effect.

      Made me wonder, will Nov. 2016 be seen as a similar defining moment, for THIS century, or is our defining moment yet to come. If yet to come, its coming soon!

      I can feel it in the air, tonite,…Oh, Lord!
      Can YOU feel it in the air tonite?,…Oh, Lord, Oh Lord!

      Song just keeps playing in my head!

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    • cattastrophe says:

      The interview was riveting. I had no idea how long it was the time went by so quickly.

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  6. dbobway says:

    Being the Thanksgiving cook today,
    Our eating time will be 54 minutes later than before.
    I couldn’t turn it off.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all you treepers.
    Sundance, you did it again.
    I like the smell of ‘hope’ in the morning.
    It smells like ‘turkey’.

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  7. sDee says:

    Will such independent history make its way into government curricula, standardized tests and college entrance exams? Donald Trump took on globalism in the Republic’s last hour – any history framed outside that backdrop will likely be a whitewash.

    Historians are academic propagandists. The globalists own the academics and the institutions who pay them. They write presidential histories to reflect the globalist narrative.

    For a true history to surface, the intellectual dishonesty, corruption and sedition of the ruling class and their academic prostitutes will also have to be exposed. Their version is already being written and will be folded into the government education system.

    Vanity Fair (of course, who else?) telegraphed the selected historians and their narratives back in 2017. Each seems to have a chapter and their outlines are included in the article below.

    “Donald Trump may be a radical break from the past, but history will have its say. Six scholars of the presidency—A. Scott Berg, Robert Dallek, Jon Meacham, Edmund Morris, Stacy Schiff, and Garry Wills—put the current occupant of the Oval Office into perspective.


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  8. Jim in TN says:

    Great interview. Glad he is writing this book. Happy he was granted access. Even happier that his goal is to get the subject’s thoughts and opinions and experiences on record for future historians.

    Even the things that this author can’t penetrate will be clues for future avenues of productive questioning. Imagine in 20 years what the family can talk about when they no longer need to protect their father or father in law or the ex heads of state they dealt with.

    This presidency is going to be harder to get truthfull details about than any other. Instead of infighting between factions that support the President, we seem to have multiple betrayals by traitors attacking the President. Self serving falsehoods are the standard, and that will only get worse.

    Imagine as if the entire truth about this President will be treated like Obama’s past, or Hillary’s criminal empire. To be hidden, lied about and replaced by false narratives. And there will not be the standard core of of those who will try to make their living by telling us how good they were for serving the great one.

    This author is doing the world and this President justice in recording his and his family’s experiences and thinking for posterity.

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  9. warrenjay13 says:

    Wow 🤩 Share with your address book.


  10. warrenjay13 says:

    Wow 🤩 Share with your address book.


  11. B Woodward says:

    Bill Clinton should have been impeached for Chinagate, not Monicagate.

    Larry Klayman: “One our first cases at Judicial Watch, filed through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), uncovered what at the time would potentially become at the time one of the biggest scandals in American history. It was triggered by my forcing document production out of the Commerce Department, proving that Hillary Clinton had orchestrated, through then Secretary Ron Brown, the illegal sale of seats on government financed missions to prominent businessmen who paid as a quid pro quo $100,000 or more to the Clinton-Gore 1996 reelection campaign and the Democratic National Committee. These bribes were intended to have Brown effectively do business for them, at taxpayer expense, with foreign interests.

    This scandal, which became known as Chinagate (and ultimately gave rise to campaign finance reform), and expanded almost daily, then morphed into other discoveries that the Clintons were selling national security secrets to the communist Chinese in exchange for laundered money from the Bank of China to also enrich themselves. Later, we also learned that the Clintons were peddling almost every government service or appointment, including judgeships and even pardons to master criminals such as Marc Rich, again, for their own profit.

    But I realized at the time that FOIA cases to simply uncover incriminating government documents were not enough. Hard hitting lawsuits that sought to bring about real justice were required, as the Clinton Justice Department, run by Attorney General Janet Reno and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, were simply a cover-up operation. They were not representing the interests of the American people, only the Clintons, Democrats and themselves.

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  12. This is a fantastic interview! I want to read the book. These American Thought Leaders interviews are the best. I wish I could send this to my sister and brother-in-law ( he is a retired history professor) but I know they would not be happy, would probably not watch it, and would then send me something about Obama. They are part of the academic elite. But, anyway, excellent watch.

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  13. pap says:

    North Korea or nk.. or negro from Kenya …


  14. Awesome interview. Mr. Wead really grasps the Globalist Grift and how our Elites sold us out for money and power.

    At one point, Wead notes that the Deep State chose to use a phony Russia charge instead of a phony business-related charge, There is a reason for that. When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. John Brennan spearheaded this coup for the Obama/Clinton/Uni-Party, so counterintelligence was the mode. It allowed the conspirators to use the full Nat/Sec Surveillance Apparatus instead of the legal system against Donald Trump, where he would have rights such as discovery, cross-examination, attorney/client privilege and standards of proof.

    And after Seth Rich’s assassination, it became absolutely mandatory that it be Russia.

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  15. bessie2003 says:

    Wonderful interview! Could have listened to him for another hour so will definitely be buying the book, maybe a few extra copies for Christmas gifts.

    Once Facebook recovers from its almost nationwide outage, hopefully before everyone sits down with family and friends for the holiday meal, planning to share this with my liberal friends and family as a Happy Thanksgiving offering for them to “watch and discuss” now that they’ve been prepped by their favorite news sources how to interact with their pro-Trump relatives. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving Conservative Treehouse, Sundance, Ad rem and everyone!

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    • Peppurr says:

      So could I have listened to him longer. So calm with a bit of humor here and there. Like the part about the Trump family travelling to the Palace in a mini van. Definitely going to watch it again!

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  16. Ludo says:

    Jan Jekielek is a true Journalist, and such an excellent interviewer. The words Grace and Truth come to mind. As does ‘Zen’. He reminds me of what news media used to be like – seems like a long time ago now. But he gives me hope for the future. Happy Thanksgiving, sisters and brothers!

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  17. decisiontime16 says:

    Under the last four presidents has been the greatest transfer of wealth in human history to China. “The American people have been robbed”.

    Our President Trump knows this very well and will do all in his power to put a stop to it. So thankful today and every day for the blessing we have received.

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  18. billybob says:

    Absolutely compelling interview .

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  19. Peppurr says:

    Well, that was a fabulous interview!! Thank you Sundance for posting it!!

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  20. romy911 says:

    Fantastic interview! I listened while I was on the elliptical – easiest workout I’ve ever had. The time just flew by. I’ll be forwarding to everyone.

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  21. MustangBlues says:

    Outstanding interview: deeply knowledgeable historian, very informative. Buy the book and spread the interview to your address list, and contribute to Epoch Times and Sundance. Treasured sources shining light for America.

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  22. Cat Lady says:

    Soooo… I have a friend in an affluent Eastern city that I’m trying to “red pill” – I stayed at her house about a month ago and she told me her son is a pretty strong Trump supporter, and she’s trying to understand why!! So we talked politics A LITTLE BIT then but didn’t get very far!!! She watches network news, you see, and understands what’s going on!!! All the crazy stuff I brought up is just conspiracy theory!!!

    I watched the interview this morning and thought it was AMAZING, and very intelligent and scholarly, so I messaged her and asked if she knew of Doug Wead. I intended that to be my lead-in to send her the link to the interview!!

    Here’s her reply:

    “Yes. I know of Doug Wead. I do not consider him a historian. I read one of his books and also watched the Frontline interview, way back. He is part of (maybe THE) reason for the huge voting bloc of evangelical Christians. I have ZERO respect for any evangelical Christian. The current movement for Christian Nationalism is the most frightening political issue of my lifetime, and I spend a great deal of time studying it. I support financially the efforts against it.

    I consider myself religious, and my personal religion requires separation of church and state. As stressed by the founding fathers. I am also not a Biblical literalist and firmly believe those who are, are ignorant and have not studied the Bible in any depth. Biblical literalism in this time is equivalent to thinking the Earth is flat. For God’s sake, take some classes. Religion deserves better than this horse shit.

    Doug Wead’s blatant manipulation of politics to create and unite Evangelicals is despicable, and I have researched it thoroughly. A long time. My reactions are based on his own written and quoted and recorded words. If not stopped, these people will destroy America. Donald Trump is as religious as my Russian tortoise, but he has learned the game from the Wead crew. And he will win again with their vote. I am shocked that you are with this movement.

    Sorry, but you asked.”

    Any thoughts, treepers?

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    • billybob says:

      The fact that she would identify as “ religious “ while at the same time disparaging “evangelical Christians “ reeks of hypocrisy. Jesus Christ was the most anti religious person who ever walked the planet . Jesus Christ deserves better than any religious horseshit including hers . I would recommend that you point her to Matthew 7.5-

      You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

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      • Cat Lady says:

        Thanks billybob, great feedback!!


      • Cat Lady says:

        Here’s my question: what would it take to “red pill” someone with so dug-in a position? We’re starting to see cracks in the armor – Dems deserting the sinking ship – but she doesn’t see any of it!! Is there any hope for someone like this to see the light? If so, how do you get there?? I suspect my friend is but one of many (that are all guilty of groupthink, talking to each other).


        • RM says:

          I would find it hard to react calmly to such a condescending attitude.
          People like this always seem to think they know everything, which is ultimately false ego.
          The art, or habit, of debate seems to have been totally lost in these times. In a debate someone has to take the side of something that ‘seems’ negative and make a decent argument out of it. This encourages one to see a problem or issue from both sides.

          Seeing as you mentioned Douglas Wead I would go ahead and send her the link. It is a great interview and at some level she wants to engage with you, though naturally she wishes to dominate and subjugate you with her emotive tone ‘I am shocked…’ ‘I have ZERO respect…’ etc etc.
          You could simply say: ‘That is interesting, I didn’t know all that about him, what do you think of this..’
          Keep feeding her little bits of information, and perhaps take on the role of the ‘pretend’ student. ‘Oh, I came across this, what do you think…? I need your learned input…’

          Good luck!
          Hmmm… I should listen to my own advice and try and red-pill my brother, by pretending to ask for his naturally superior wisdom and knowledge… 😉


          • Cat Lady says:

            Honestly, speaking as a “deplorable,” I’m used to being talked down to and I just ignore it!! Plus, it helps that I keep up with things here at CTH and elsewhere and I’m optimistic that she and others will get a rude surprise in the foreseeable future!! 😄

            FYI I sent her the CTH link a few weeks ago and got a similar response 🙄


            • RM says:

              Well done you for persisting! I’m glad you are optimistic. Truth must out at some point.

              Maybe watching an interview is more compelling than reading. I’m sure her son would be thankful that someone is trying to get through to her.


        • romy911 says:

          I don’t think she’s really trying to understand why her son (or you) is a Trump supporter. What a rude, insulting, condescending message to you. “For God’s sake, take some classes.” “I am shocked you are with this movement.”
          “I have ZERO respect for any evangelical Christian.” What religion supports this attitude?
          I give you credit for trying.


    • Pew-Anon says:

      Your *friend* seems given to exaggeration, hyperbole, and hypocrisy. First I would point out that “reading one of his books” and listening to a Frontline interview from “way back” hardly qualifies as having “researched it thoroughly”… and for “A long time”. Next, whatever her “horse shit” appraisals of evangelical, fundamentalist Christianity, it also “deserves” far more than such a shallow, vulgar dismissal. I’m sorry, but she doesn’t get to “take some classes” and be right about that. The psychology of the Western metaphysical worldview is far too complex to be so impertinently repudiated, and to suggest anything less is to be guilty of the same shallow fundamentalism she attempts to deride. Next, I would ask who, apart from her, has ever heard of Doug Wead? I mean, seriously? Nobody in evangelical, fundamentalist Christianity, that’s for sure. To then suggest that he is somehow a “blatant manipulator of politics to create and unite Evangelicals” as “maybe THE reason” for their existence as a voting bloc is just absurd. Laughable, even. But even if we pretend all that is true, why would uniting evangelical, fundamentalist Christians be “despicable”? That sounds like, “deplorable”, and we all know how well that worked out. And how has uniting these dispicables “destroyed the country” so far? The only thing Trump has destroyed is the alternate America of the elite establishment that has nothing to do with it’s founding or the country in which the rest of us live, including her. The real America that she and all us despicables live in is doing better than it has in a long time, perhaps her lifetime.

      Not that you will be this confrontational with her. This is just to point out the flaws in her arguments, so you can continue the conversation in more “friendly” tones. I would start with the last point about her inversion of the destruction of America. Trump is manifestly doing the opposite. Then point out the rest if needed.


    • Lucille says:

      That is one angry, hateful woman, Cat Lady. I sincerely doubt anything you could send her or say to her in person would change her mind from such toxicity one bit. In order to change, a person has to be actively seeking truth and reading opposing viewpoints with an open mind. Other than divine miraculous intervention (which she does not believe in), hers will be a closed mind until her last day.

      Perhaps, however, you might consider including in your return note something like: “Thanks for giving me some insight into your thinking. Say ‘hello” to your son. He’s a wise young man. You should be very proud of having reared a fine individualist.”


      • Cat Lady says:

        Thanks to everyone for all that awesome suggestions and advice – I genuinely appreciate your thoughts on the matter!! I also really like Lucille’s suggested response concerning her son!!

        I’m tempted to merely reply “and that’s how you got Trump!!” 😂🤣😄

        Have a great evening and I’m thankful for our amazing VSGPDJT!!!


    • trump20162024 says:

      Dump her and get a new God-fearing friend.


  23. TradeBait says:

    Thanks, sundance. That book will be going on my coffee table. Wow.

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  24. ChampagneReady says:

    CNN and MSNBC should be forced to run this interview in prime time and then see what happens to their viewing numbers.


  25. MaineCoon says:

    Fantastic interview. The book will be phenomenal because it gives history of the truthful version. As Mr. Wead said, history isn’t going to care about the hearsay version. It will look for and rely on first hand accounts, which is what he has done.

    I am thankful and very grateful that this book is written at this point in time — during President Trump’s first term, while all events, memories of those events have not been diminished or faded in any interviewees’ minds.

    Also, I was very glad to hear his high opinion and praise for Jared. I have always liked him and the work he does. I believe and hope PDJT will handpick his successor. After Mr. Wead’s appraisal of Jared, I would not at all be surprised if he chose Jared, and, in essence, Ivanka to be First Lady as she can’t run for the Office of the Presidency. I would not be surprised.

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  26. LouisianaTeaRose says:

    Simply amazing interview.

    Will be buying this book.

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  27. Reloader says:

    Yes absolutely must-see interview. I just bought the Audible version of the book.


  28. Pew-Anon says:

    Encouraging to see a member of the intelligencia who gets it and is not afraid to express it it real terms. Also, Jan is our NPR.

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  29. Joel J Johnson says:

    83% done with the book, great history!


  30. Marc says:

    You can never be too hard on Neil Cavuto, Mr. President. He’s a loyal puppet and mouthpiece of the swamp.

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  31. bluenova1971 says:

    Finally watched the interview.
    Highly recommend.
    Uncanny how sundance seems to have absolutely NAILED so many facets of the Trump agenda.
    Fascinating…now I have to get the book!


  32. lfhbrave says:

    The best interview on POTUS. Definitely buying his book. POTUS called the Zero “stupid”. Epic!

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  33. Padric says:

    Very good interview and well worth the time. What I found fascinating was just how intense Mr. Wead became when discussing the way multinationals have transferred middle class wealth to China over the past 30 years and how as historian he had one view of things but after meeting the president he had a different view.

    I suspect that he, like many, had his eyes opened by looking at things, remembering the history of them and then taking that knowledge and being given a different explanation that caused the light bulb to go on. I like to explain it as “Imagine you’ve gone your whole life and you think your eyesight is just fine because everyone has told you its fine and then you go to the eye doctor for the first time and get your first pair of glasses. Suddenly, your shocked at how much clearer you can see and you’re more than slightly upset at all the people who told you your eyesight was fine when it wasn’t and that made you miss out on all the wonderful sights and colors of the world as they are truly meant to be seen”.


    • Rick says:

      It’s not that anyone or thing “made you miss out on all the wonderful sights and colors of the world as they are truly meant to be seen”,…..it’s that they made you see the above as quoted by you, with less focus and clarity, like looking through a kaleidoscope of fake news that was force fed to be absorbed as real fact.


  34. Sprawlie says:

    Great Interview. Just got the Audiobook version of Mr. Wead’s book from Amazon Audible using their free trial (will cancel before I have to give Bezos a dime). It should make for great listening this weekend. Glad to hear Mr. Wead touch on the roles played by Jared and Ivanka within the Administration. I have long suspected they are critical to the success of the President based on how badly they are maligned.


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