November 21st – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1036

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. A2 says:

    The US MSM is just an arm of the DNC as we have seen from countless evidence, daily and unrelentingly, and what they write is spread far and wide in the international media. Verbatim. Of course it is ideologically political with big dollar signs. But not all, and not unchallenged significantly.

    What is interesting to me is the term ‘mainstream’ .

    In China, ‘mainstream’ (zhuliu (主流) has been invoked constantly since Chairman Xi has seized power. It doesn’t mean ‘consensus’ of public opinion in the usual understanding of the term with evidence of public opinions, debates, as in the West. It means adhering to the Partyline and controlling all media/communications to conform to their norms and diktats by fiat. No contrary positions tolerated. All must ketou (kowtow 叩頭 ) knocking ones head on the floor prostrated and obedient.

    If the US media is on that trajectory, they are on a path of failure. And if they truly understood this, if capable of understanding it, they would disavow it.

    I’m not holding my breath. But they should be warned. It will not end well.

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    • Les Standard says:

      The DNC constantly says and does exactly what the Xi regime is thinking and pushing for. Coincidence? Sorry, I’m all out….

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    • It’s an information war. Nothing more nothing less. Democrats have a mountain of information they don’t want out there. This impeachment fiasco will be their worst nightmare. MSM will not be able to keep up and they will fail their masters.

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        It’s a hearts and minds war for the populace. It’s an interests and pocketbooks war for the politicians, particularly in the Senate. The first obviously ties into the second. Can they persuade enough Senators that they can convict POTUS without any significant political and financial damage absent any underlying crime? That is the question.

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      • Julia Adams says:

        I agree with you. Your assessment is spot on.


    • MaineCoon says:

      Interesting comment, A2, as usual. Significant analogy of US MSM to Chinese words, thoughts and actions. As bad as the fake news is today, it is just the brewing of a major pushback and events that won’t end well. I’m not sure what it will look like, but I am sure it is coming.

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  2. dogsmaw says:

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  3. lawrencepaul1 says:

    How do you price a bid for a job that you are obligated to bid for but really don’t want? You bid several times higher than what the customer is prepared to pay so that they cancel the deal themselves.
    Just Trump being Trump.
    He told us nearly 4 years ago that he wasn’t going to pay to defend rich countries. Wait for him to do this to Japan and Europe.
    American tax payers picking up the tab for defending wealthy countries while we are being invaded from the south. That is no way to run a country..

    US-S.Korea Talks Abruptly Halted Over Trump’s $4.7BN Price Tag For Basing Troops

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    • felipe says:

      Lawrence: I agree with your observation, but belive JPN will play ball with the US. They have already (recently) modified their position on military-related involvement and investment and they are very mindful of Chinese aggression in the South China Sea. Major Japanese companies have been greenlighted (actually encouraged) to build military oriented products that were previously taboo. I think they will be a real partner with the US.

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      • lawrencepaul1 says:

        The only reason that Japan will play ball is out of a very real and justified fear of China. Every nation that we we protect is in it for what they can get out of it.
        It’s the way the world it has always worked from before the Persian empire through to the Roman, British and now American empire.


        • Paprika says:

          The only thing unique about the “American empire” compared to the other empires is that we did not charge the nations for the protection offered, one way or another, like all the other empires rightfully did.

          Not only did/do we not charge them for this expensive protection benefit, but we also gave(and continue to give) them trade advantages over “our empire”. The Marshall Plan should have ended 50-60 years ago. And thankfully President Trump is trying to end this imbalance of foreign policy stupidity. Let all these countries dig into their own back pockets instead of the American taxpayer’s.

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          • wildsailor2018 says:

            It’s hurting the feeeelings over at the State Department, didn’t you hear? “It’s unAmerican.” “It goes against established foreign policy.” “It is not who we are.”


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          • Jim in TN says:

            I must have missed the part of history where we conquered an empire. Did we grow our empire through royal marriages? /s

            I just had the weirdest idea. Growing an empire through plebiscite.

            Now if small regions could choose to leave an empire through voting, that would truly be a holey empire.


            • TarsTarkas says:

              Empires don’t need to have an aristocracy or royalty to be called one. Democratic Athens of ancient Greece had what is now called an empire, the Delian league. When America has hundreds of bases all over the world manned by people with orders to enforce US policy by violence if necessary, yeah, I’d call it an empire, unpleasant sounding as it may sound.


              • Jim in TN says:

                Yes, our defensive alliance became a federation that put down an internal revolt. And our money is currently spent for the benefit of the capital city. That much is similar to the Delian Empire. But they went on to conquer people outside the alliance.

                We conquer enemies who attack us and our friends. But we 3vennturn control of our enemies back to their countries.

                We do not even force our allies to accept our protection. We leave when they tell us to leave.

                We don’t demand remuneration, they demand aid. And we give it to them.

                You have these things a bit confused. But it is understandable. After all look how our politicians are raping Ukraine for their personal benefit. And they aren’t even using our armed forces to force themselves upon our friend, just the money and weapons that only we can provide.

                That does provide a disconnect though. These same crooks seem to want us to submit to our betters in an empire run from the European Union or the United Nations. I just can’t see our local wanna be ceasars surrendering any of their power. But they are still just petty crooks, not world dominating crooks


        • TarsTarkas says:

          Japan is fearful that the Empire will take revenge for the terrible atrocities and destruction they inflicted on China in the 1937-1945 war. Also the 1931 theft of Manchuria, the 1895 war that stole Korea and Formosa.

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    • IGiveUp says:

      yeah, countries in Asia afraid of China–for good reason–need nukes. I’m guessing 47 billion would buy some. US can be ally and help with hardware but not main protector.

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    • scrap1ron says:

      Us taxpayers are subsidizing their welfare States. And as we are learning from the Ukraine-gate, some of our political leaders and bureaucrats are corrupting the aide process into a money laundering scheme that enriches themselves, their families, their friends.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      This issue was addressed in blog yesterday, excerpted below.

      FTA: ASIA:

      China and South Korea entered into a defense agreement that could dent South Korea’s relationships with the US and Japan. The agreement will work on developing security ties and ensuring stability in the region. This comes about after China accused the US of meddling with affairs in the region.

      Recently US President Donald Trump asked South Korea to contribute 5 billion USD a year, up from their current contribution of 1 billion USD, to maintain the 28,500 US troops that have been stationed in East Asia since the Cold War. Japan has also been asked to up their contributions to 8 billion USD compared to the 2 billion USD it currently pays.

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  4. k4jjj says:

    Here is a quid pro quo the President should demand of the U.S. State Department: “You follow MY foreign policy or I won’t sign any congressional bills funding your department. I am the President of the United States and if you don’t like it, QUIT.”

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    • dilonsfo says:

      Unfortunately, the President doesn’t have line item veto power. If President Trump had that power you can bet he would have done this on several of the fed power glut.

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      • k4jjj says:

        The President can demand a separate bill be passed JUST for U.S. State Department funding. There is no requirement every agency appropriation has to be wrapped into a single massive spending bill. Agency appropriation bills can be stripped out and passed separately. No reform is possible if there is not an all-out fight to regain control of the bureaucracy. I do not concede control of the U.S. State Department is hopeless. Throwing up our hands and waving a white flag is how we got into this gigantic mess.

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        • Somebody says:

          Actually regular order is to pass each agency budget separately. That practice fell by the wayside and the swamp grew.

          One of the best things for reigning in the swamp would be to push, push, push our representatives to return to an agency by agency budget. It is much harder to bury things in smaller budgets. Plus increases or controversial items can be singled out and debated on merit, each member having to go on record…….which is exactly why it won’t happen🙄

          Following such procedure also allows POTUS to veto without shutting down the entire government.

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          • dd_sc says:

            Which is why there needs to be a massive turnover in Congress – the old “throw the bums out” movement.

            As I recall it was the budget reform act that the Democrats passed in the wake of Watergate/Nixon resignation that created the CR and omnibus budgeting process. Wasn’t really used to its full potential (detriment) until 2010/2011 with Obama.

            1974/1975 was also the time frame when the current cloture rules were enacted.

            Have to hand it to Democrats, they know how to strike when the iron is hot.

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            • Paprika says:

              And here we are on the very last day possible for Congress to vote for just a “Continuing Resolution” (with quite a few other funding goodies buried within) so the President has to sign or be blamed for a “government shutdown”. Same old, same old shenanigans!

              I believe the President has the power to call Congress into session as well as also recess Congress, someone check me in case I’m wrong. So could not the President keep Congress in session every single day until they pass a true budget when they go beyond the September 30th deadline? Could he at least enforce this when we are “operating” under a CR?

              Would not the American Public support this common sense stance? The House took 7 full weeks vacation from July through September 30th prior to the deadline and has taken 3 full weeks vacation so far since the deadline. Did any of us get that much paid vacation time when we do not fulfill our basic job function?

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          • georgehumphries9802 says:

            Sort of like the movie “Dave” where the budget was examined line by line, department by department.


  5. foo says:

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  6. DiU says:

    I’m sure that it already has been mentioned here, but the Oliver Stone documentary on Ukraine, is a must watch.

    As the full story is sure to be revealed, let’s look very closely at footage of the massacre of the protestors. Blamed on Russia, but it could be a little more close to home.

    PDJT warned them not to go down this path. But now we are, how many more citizen’s have to die, to reinforce the Left’s narratives? How many more people need to be locked up, muted, shut down, bashed until we are all reminded of how much more virtuous they are than us deplorables – World Wide.

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  7. getfitnow says:


    FTA – Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick was forced to cancel a campaign event Wednesday night after only two people showed up. Patrick, who entered the primary field too late to qualify for the MSNBC debate in Atlanta, was scheduled to speak across town at a campaign event at Morehouse College, a historically black university. He cancelled the event after only two students showed up, according to CNN reporter Annie Grayer.

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  8. According to pundits , the Dems have found their pony in the manure pile of the hearings ( to quote an old Ronald Reagan joke ) via Sondland’s opening testimony and that is all they need to fashion a thread of an impeachment vote . We will see . On one hand they were doing it no matter what evidence they found, so it is no big deal , it may give a little more cover to any wavering Dems. who have to vote ( if there is such a thing ) . All they want is “ impeached”. President to run for re-election in order to try to motivate their base and boost a weak final nominee. If Republican Senate ever short circuited the 2020 election by voting to convict it would be end of Republican Party and an Atomic – twofer for the Dems. The stupid party cannot be THAT stupid ( I hope )

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    • Dances with Wolverines says:

      I wonder why no one has asked any of these “witnesses” if they were coached before giving any of their testimony?

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      • When I compare these “witnesses'” opening statements, to what they actually say when questioned, I see that they have been given a piece of creative writing to read while the CNN cameras are rolling. Then, the CNN cameras are turned off. And the Swamp presumes, as the Swamp always does, that the American public will wander off to watch soap operas for the rest of the day. It still has not occurred to any of them that in 2016 the nation really did turn a corner … against them.

        I think that the Swamp probably thought that they could replace the transcript with a forgery, but Vindmann didn’t actually have the ability to do that. (I think that Schiff was reading from the forgery.)

        But, in any case, their “impeachable offense” distills down to the horrific crime of actually investigating a high criminal. And the thing they fear most is the fact that Ukraine needs no prompting to do this … and that there is no POTUS now to give them six hours to stop. Every one of these key players knows fully well that their names are going to start bubbling to the top if these investigations continue, and that they will.

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      • WRB says:

        They would say they had reviewed their testimony with their lawyers (and the lawyers are tied into the cabal, but that is no secret.) The lawyers act as a go-between the House dems and those who are testifying.


    • jimboct says:

      To quote commander Tupolov’s XO on the Kanavalov in The Hunt For Red October, “You arrogant ass, you killed us all”.

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  9. nimrodman says:

    Forcing Thugs-R-Us section-8 housing into YOUR neighborhood still very much a hot item in the Democrat playbook:

    Steyer: I Will ‘Force’ Towns to Accept New Housing Units

    “… we’re gonna have to change policy and make sure that the localities and municipalities who have worked very hard to ensure that there are no new housing units built in their towns that they change that and we’re gonna have to force it”

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    • lawrencepaul1 says:

      That is exactly what they do in the UK. Force middle class people to live among moochers and criminals.
      I first moved to America to get away from European style big government but America is rapidly heading in the same direction. Thank goodness for the constitution. It will bring us back to sanity eventually.

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    • StanH says:

      This is an imperative for the cabals success dilution of free Americans. It easily explains the invasion of our Southern border.

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      • soozword says:

        One of many reasons for moving out of CA four years ago was the potential forcing of a proposed farm labor housing project across the little dirt road from our home. The neighborhood was zoned single-family agricultural but it did not allow full-blown ag activities, so more like small 5 acre “gentleman farms” (rarely any ag at all).

        The site was about 10 miles from the nearest full ag area so the workers would have to commute to their work. None of the big commercial farms offered land for this project in their region even though I presented federal funding sources that would help offset the costs. The new state law that allowed up to 40 beds in single-family neighborhoods like mine stipulated they could be built on acreage of any size and many in our zone were down to a 1/2 acre.

        So this project potentially could have obliterated our zoning protections and property values as a consequence. Fortunately the two labor contractors behind the project went bankrupt before transforming the property and neighborhood. This is just an example of how SJWs can destroy communities with their forced, well-intentioned legal manipulations when they get in power.

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    • Now, take a peek behind those scenes at the corruption used to drive who gets those lucrative building contracts!

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    • foo says:

      This is not related to “section 8”.

      Believe it or not, what Steyer is talking about is state policy in Texas:

      You’re not allowed to impede housing supply there via NIMBY measures such as restrictions to water or sewage: if you try, anyone can file with the state to establish their own.

      The result:
      Texas housing is in-line with national median pricing in most areas.
      California allows localities to shut down housing, and has 2.2 million dollar garden sheds in higher demand areas because of this.

      Don’t assume that just because they’re opposing Trump they don’t have at least a few good ideas.


    • Judith says:

      HUD and ACORN and eraseRACISM absolutely destroyed New York’s suburbs. ZONING is all that stands between your charming *red* residential neighborhoods and all those *blue* high-density sh!tholes they call sanctuary cities.

      Take it from me. I lived it. Our local RINOS were all in. Who needs redistricting when you can just plop hundreds of socialist families right into your community? Two or three multi-family HUD complexes, with hundreds of new residents in each, and you’re all set.

      Notice how HUD simply MUST build build build to accommodate so-called “disadvantaged” US residents? LOCAL disadvantaged families already live in homes within the community. Can’t they receive vouchers and be done with it? Noooo.. because this is NOT about *local* neighborhood need. Not at all.

      Nomatter how the globalists package and brand their REZONING efforts, make no mistake: This is all about BUILDING brand-new, HUD-subsidized sanctuary cities. Build it with our tax dollars and they will come streaming across the border.

      I actually watched a fifty year old residential neighborhood of mobile homes torn down, to the horror of that tight-knit community. Families who were neighbors for generations got thrown out. BOOM!

      The GREEDY zoning board kicked all those needy citizens to the curb to build their brand-new high-density, HUD firetraps. It’s a SCAM. Do you hear me, Ben Carson? Give needy AMERICAN families vouchers so THEY can afford their EXISTING accommodations, if you must, and call it a day!

      It is *not* a coincidence that UN’s Agenda 21 New World Order signed by Poppy Bush in 1992 INSISTS on both open borders migration AND REZONING to high-density developments. Agenda 21 advances fake “environmental” concerns to insist on both.

      Can’t have their New World Order without BOTH. And by the way folks, national sovereignty and the USA cannot coexist with New World Order totalitarian rule. The NWO permits no free press, no free speech, no free elections or human rights of any kind. It is either us or the New World Order.

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      • Bendix says:

        Very true, Judith.
        They import people to fill up such housing as fast as they can build it.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Thanks, all, for your knowledgeable comments
        Especially the ones from experience

        Re “section 8” – okay, it may not be

        But I’d wager more’n likely the subject housing will be filled with a class of people that will bring your property value down, basically siphoning your hard-earned wealth off into the ether.

        Any takers on that wager?

        And possibly a class that will put you in physical danger as well.


  10. getfitnow says:

    FTA – The Senate confirmed yet another of President Trump’s picks to a federal circuit court seat Wednesday in a vote that tilts the balance of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to a GOP-appointed majority. The 11th Circuit is now the third court to undergo such a transformation during Trump’s presidency. With an 80-15 vote, the Senate confirmed Barbara Lagoa to the seat formerly held by Judge Stanley Marcus, a Clinton appointee who sat on the appeals court that handles cases from Florida, Georgia and Alabama since 1997.

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  11. dogsmaw says:


  12. TwoLaine says:

    Nappy is on F & F lying through his teeth again.

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  13. gsonFIT says:

    Here is a paragraph from a CNN article this morning:

    As the dust settles from Sondland’s testimony, the Democrats, given their House majority, are in the driving seat.
    They now have testimony from inside the heart of the plot that sheds damning new light on the transcript of the July 25 call between Trump and Zelensky.
    The question will be whether they can distill a concise, effective indictment of the President that will move Americans comprehensively against him. While their hopes of getting Senate Republicans to ditch Trump may be hopeless, they are also playing for the 2020 presidential election and are trying to grab back the Senate itself.
    Each Washington scandal unfolds against the backdrop of every previous one. The scale of Trump’s impeachment saga is drawing increasing parallels to Watergate, that doomed Richard Nixon


    There is testimony from inside the heart of the plot that sheds some damning light but there is no crime

    Their challenge is to “distill” an indictment that will move Americans

    Each “Washington” scandal unfolds against a previous one so it parallels Watergate which doomed the evil Nixon

    Other than BS what the above dem narrative is consistent about is No Crime. So I offer an observation with no solution. The people that want PDJT out of the President’s office see impeachment as political, and Trump supporters think impeachment needs a supporting crime to proceed. It seems like one of those sentences in the constitution that becomes whatever the reader needs it to become, but if we dont come up with a consistent definition of impeachment as a country we aren’t going to continue as a country for long

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    • The Swamp dreams of Richard Nixon, who, it is said, left the office in disgust. He was a quitter. But Donald Trump is not cut from that same cloth. He is bringing law enforcement to bear against them, and they are justifiably terrified. They want someone to give Ukraine six hours to get rid of their President and to go back to being a lucrative den of corruption to benefit American politicians, as before. They’re not really concerned at all about “persuading a foreign power to attack a [virtuous as the new-fallen snow …] political candidate,” having engaged about six such governments in their effort to prevent Trump from being elected. No, transparent in all of this is the fact that they are afraid of exactly one thing: exposure.

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      • gsonFIT says:

        Agree to everything you type. But I am talking about future Presidents. Of course MSM is biased but they currently cannot fathom the concept of the Office of the President. Their feelings and emotions prevent them from considering what a Trump impeachment would mean to our 2024 President for instance.

        If Joe Biden happened to get elected and the current political environment carried the day, he would be impeached regardless of wrongdoing and strictly as a popularity contest. ( I know he probably deserves impeachment that is not what I am discussing). There will be Presidents in the future that dont deserve impeachment and they are impeached.

        dems have taken us too far for the natural political system to correct this. SCOTUS or legislature will have to clarify if impeachment is for legal reasons or because someone doesnt like the office holder.


        • CNN_sucks says:

          Kavanaugh is not in a clear yet. Once demon rats, take hold of both house and senate there will be impeachment for SCOTUS. They are working on long term battle. Their ideology is deep and ingrained.


  14. StanH says:

    “For every action there is an equal opposite reaction.” The 2016 election was and is a massive blow to the federal leviathan who for decades have operated as a unassailable crime syndicate. What is happening to our Great President Trump and by extension us, is an easy call. We have allowed this insidious beast to grow and expand unabated, with a couple bumps in the road…Ronald Reagan, Ross Perot, Newt Gingrich (Contract with America), 2010 midterm shellacking, 2016 President Donald J Trump.

    It may not seem like we are winning, but we are winning. We finally have the swamp in the open. We can clearly see the self-serving evil that permeates our nations capital and all involved. It’s nothing but an incestuous den-of-thieves. Everybody and everything is on the take aka for sale.

    This is another easy call, the ones running things now are the Counter Culture. “If it feels good do it — The ends justify the means…” These are radicals and their spawn who will not hesitate to go Gestapo if it behooves them. These apparatchiks think they are impervious to any and all retribution. I disagree. There are worse things than just losing your job.

    This country is angry and not just the constantly offended, but the productive thinking class. If you listen outside, you can almost hear this powerful group of people pounding the table demanding justice. My guess, there are a few adults in the swamp that hear this and understand this could be fatal to this country and by extension them. Who cares about the ne’er-do-wells aka useful idiots. They were bums before 2016 and they will still be bums after 2024, when President Trump finishes his 2nd term. If they stop nothing happens, if the productive go Galt/stops the country stops.

    My guess. There will indictments, there will be some justice. Part of the swamp protect mode will be to try and appease free, productive, thinking, America. To go back into hibernation, get back into our lives and they’ll come back and kill off the USA at later date.

    This is where we come in. We must stay focused. We must follow our Great President Trumps lead. We must be prepared for the long haul. Not one man in 8 years is going to fix this mess. It may take 2 or 3 presidents, it may take flipping congress 2 or 3 times. The point is we have a long way to go and if we stick together we will crush them.

    That’s the reason for the concern trolls. Don’t fall for it, we’re winning and they know it. Be cool, hang tough and be prepared.

    KAG!…by being a proud Deplorable (free American) in an army 70+ Million strong. We stick together, we crush them.

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    • eagle931 says:

      Excellent summation of what’s at stake and how we must stay true to the task of undoing the Bureaucratic State monster.

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      • StanH says:

        Thanks. To many people believe that this is a one and done proposition, when in truth it may take a generation to drain the swamp. Falling into the MSM’s trap of the spectacle on the Hill is falling for a narrative constructed by our enemy. Seems kinda dumb. We have our beachhead President Donald J Trump. Now lets hold the ground and gain.

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    • Dekester says:

      Cheers Stan,

      IMO the U.S also has tens of millions of folks supporting him worldwide.

      Americans may have forgotten, ( watching the circus going on at the present.) but much of the world was infested with I.S.I.S before PDJT.

      PDJT has done more for religious freedom worldwide than anyone person in modern history.

      God bless PDJT

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      • StanH says:

        I have a good friend in Norway. He’s from a small town maybe 30Thousand. He says that they will bus Somali’s (several hundred over time) into the town center where they essentially take over the center of the town. From this position they physically hassle the local populace. Rape has become normal in this centuries old berg. The invasion of the West by third world squatters is calculated and orchestrated by the cabal for our destruction.

        Why? The people of the West have stopped having babies and some actuary has determined that the social welfare system will collapse if they don’t replace workers? This gets back to the moral equivalence arguments we’re all the same given the opportunity which is provable rubbish. Just look at the countries these 3rd worlders are leaving, basket cases the lot of them. They don’t adopt the West’s success but bring their failed thinking with them, see the no go zones.

        The fight that we are in is indeed global, let us pray that it doesn’t trip off WWIII. Of course this would be okay for the cabal, good for business. Then the actuaries would be gleeful to report the books are coming back into balance by winnowing down the population by war.

        “It is the best of times and it is the worst of times…” (Dickens)

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  15. sunnyflower5 says:

    Paul Ryan and Fox News— we see what you’re doing. How sad.

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  16. sunnyflower5 says:

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  17. sunnyflower5 says:

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  18. sunnyflower5 says:

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  19. Jimmy R says:

    Yesterday around noon, Schiff and the press had forgotten that Sondland’s exact same testimony had already been torn apart last week. So they announced the “we got him!!!” And a few hours later the Republicans destroyed Sondland in cross examination. Schiff appeared to be in shock afterwards. Still, my WSJ was in my driveway this morning announcing that Sondland “testifies of a quid pro quo.”

    Are these people stupid? (An aside: Sondland seems genuinely stupid. He doesn’t appear to know how to think critically. This is what happens when we sell ambassadorships, I suppose.)

    I’ve come to believe that certain people have the intellectual ability to learn how to speak and behave in a way (be well groomed, speak with confidence, work your connections, etc.) that will let them pass as intelligent, let them climb the ladder, when in fact they are actually stupid.

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    • spoogels says:

      It turns out he had 4 Dem lawyers representing him. They spun his opening remarks to suggest he agreed there was a quid pro quo. He left out the most important info to exonerate Trump. Apparently him and his hotels were facing unbelievable negative attacks. I think he was pressurized to do this.


      • Jimmy R says:

        So, his lawyers advised him to take a stance which anyone who was not stupid would know would be torn apart in cross examination and even shown to have been dishonest. But it might have appeased his loony attackers, I guess. They don’t care if he got torn apart. If they didn’t watch the hearing they’ll never know it. Their news sources won’t tell them.

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        • Deb says:

          You are confusing being stupid with being good.

          People who only care about themselves, who have no principles or morals, end up doing stupid things to try and “save themselves” from perceived threats. They are easily manipulated. Even smart people can fall into this trap. Their emotions allow them to be played like fiddles.

          People who have morals, principles, and who are willing to sacrifice themselves for a worthy cause, these people don’t base their decisions on fear or self preservation. They simply try to do the right thing. This makes them immune to pressure and manipulation. They use reason to assess the situation and choose the best course of action.

          This used to be called common sense. It’s no longer common. A lot of the smart people in the permanent political class lack common sense.

          And a lot of them really are just well spoken idiots.


    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      Your last paragraph is exactly true


    • L4grasshopper says:

      I’m a WSJ subscriber as well. As you probably ascertained some time ago, WSJ has been NeverTrump for a while. Oh, not everyone there…Kim Strassel has been a fantastic skeptic about everyone Left has done to Trump over the last 3+ years. But for the most part, WSJ editors and reporters hat Trump.

      The author of that article, Rebecca Ballhaus, is about the most virulent Trump hating “reporter” at WSJ. Her stuff is represented as “reporting”, but almost always belongs in the Opinion Section, or even the Fiction Section 😎


  20. sunnyflower5 says:

    Liked by 2 people

    • MaineCoon says:

      This will be fun to throw POTUS clean financials vs. unclean financials of Dems running….yes, cough up the financials Dems. JW needs to consider filing suits to get them…suits need to be filed in their states of residency!


  21. sunnyflower5 says:

    Liked by 3 people

  22. spoogels says:

    Dear Pro-life Friend,

    In a gross miscarriage of justice, a jury in San Francisco federal district court has sided with Planned Parenthood over pro-life citizen journalist David Daleiden…

    …awarding the abortion giant $1.4 million in damages on racketeering charges, $870,000 in punitive damages and presumably millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees on top of that.

    This verdict is the WORST CASE SCENARIO for the young man who spent 30 months leading an undercover investigation that captured video evidence of Planned Parenthood conspiring to illegally harvest and sell aborted baby body parts.

    So I’m turning to pro-life Americans like you for urgent help to clear David Daleiden and hold Planned Parenthood accountable.

    My name is Tom Brejcha and I’m one of David’s attorneys.

    I’m also the president and founder of the Thomas More Society — the non-profit public interest law firm underwriting and spearheading David’s legal defense.

    This verdict is a huge setback in our efforts to clear David’s name and get the “gag order” injunction lifted that prevents him from releasing the rest of his video evidence that incriminates Planned Parenthood.

    But our team is already working to file an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on multiple grounds. (The least of which is this trial was presided over by a biased judge with very public ties to Planned Parenthood!)

    Read on and please help


  23. dwpender says:

    Graham said on Hannity last night that the IG Report will be out December 9 and that the date is “locked in stone.” Graham made no effort to characterize the content.

    Anybody remember the October 7 Laura Ingraham show where she gave Joe DiGenova and Rudy Giuliani the first 30 minutes? They exuded supreme confidence about all the great developments that were coming shortly. (I’ll stay away from the word “imminent”.)

    I do recall the finale of their appearance: Joe, with all the swagger, bombast and “in the know” tone he so often exhibits, concluded by chuckling out loud and saying, “It’s going to be a boom, boom couple of weeks.”

    That couple weeks has extended (as usual) to a couple months. I hope the artillery fire Joe presaged is finally about to start.


    • Jimmy R says:

      Something about the timing bothers me. Dec 9 release, Dec 11 Horowitz meets with Congress. Two days later. It somehow strikes me as hum-drum. If the report is very, very long and recommends indictment of Zero and Brennan, plus thirty others, I would have thought you let people digest it before you meet with them. If it’s hum drum, then, sure, meeting two days after release makes sense.

      Could be my imagination.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jim in TN says:

        Well, past reports have buried bad things and used the summaries for whitewash. Only giving 2 days to digest a telephone book sized report is just added whitewash. Only the summary will be discussed.

        After that, when people figure out the bad things that were hidden, it will all be ‘been there, done that, old news’. And, nobody will care because it is Holiday Season.

        Even if Horowitz drops criminal referrals, no one will care because of the holidays. (Legally referrals are to be given when the criminal acts are uncovered. So if there are any referrals, they are being pursued just as vigorously as the IG’s two prior referrals. Yep, McCabe and Comey will be frog marched any day now. Just a matter of time. Any day now. Tick Tock. “Wake me when it happens”, said good old RIP Van Win….zzzzzzz)

        The thing that frosts me is that this is clearly being drug out so as not to interfere with impeachment. They are even giving the plotters yet more time to railroad the President. Funny how September has turned into December, isn’t it. They must be whitewashing some serious stuff.

        Liked by 1 person

      • dwpender says:

        I suspect Graham’s much ballyhooed private meeting with Barr several weeks ago consisted principally of a PLEA to get the IG Report out sufficiently early to allow Senate Judiciary to hold at least one hearing before Y/E. Graham had been promising this since January (when the IG Report was expected in “March”).

        I agree that releasing a 500 hundred page report (with who knows how many pages of exhibits) less than 48 hours before a hearing begins on the 11th A.M. is absolutely absurd. Will even Sundance have had time to read the detail of the report by then (let alone Senators and their Staffs)? The reason for this silly scheduling is the Senate calendar.


    • oldersoul says:

      I remember when DiGenova said the plotters were going to have “a bad September”. And nothing happened.

      I remember John Solomon’s imminent “Bucket Five” release from many months ago. And nothing happened.

      All these people are merely jostling for camera time. Their credibility is shot. And the biggest TV prima donna of all of them is Lindsey Graham. He does absolutely nothing but talks a huge game. He plays his hosts and viewers as dim-witted fools. As Sean Hannity, wearing a CIA pin, keeps congratulating him.

      Meanwhile, Manafort is rotting in Rikers, Stone is about to be sentenced following a railroad job, and Flynn is fighting for his life against an entrapped plea.

      If this is ‘The Plan’, it sucks.

      Liked by 2 people

  24. sunnyflower5 says:

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ukraine doesn’t need “pressure” from any American. They elected a comedian by a huge majority because that comedian was no joker. Because he promised to drain his swamp … and, lo and behold, there are plenty of Americans – names that are all over the news right now – swimming in that swamp. Joe Biden is already caught. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Obama, all of them soon will be. And there is no POTUS to give them six hours.

      Liked by 3 people

  25. MaineCoon says:

    Look what dropped into my inbox as an embedded ad in my daily “History/The Day in History” email. The “two former Presidents” presenting are CLINTON & BUSH43. Nice propaganda for the election year.

    Leadership & Legacy: The Future of America’s Great Experiment
    All-Day Event
    Saturday, February 29, 2020 10 AM Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage

    Timed to celebrate the HISTORY’s 25th Anniversary, this day-long experience, with the first session beginning at 10 am and the second session at 2 pm, will feature leaders, thinkers, historians and performances, culminating with an exclusive conversation between two former Presidents led by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. This inaugural HISTORYTalks event provides a first-hand view of history-in-the-making with reflections on the past as well as informed insights for our future.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MaineCoon says:

      What is quite disturbing is they place the above ad directly below the first entry of what happened on this day in 1980, entitled, as follows. The above Clinton/Bush43 ad could have been embedded any day of any week. History sends a daily email. They chose today under this featured event, which was first on the page. It’s very disturbing to me.

      Millions tune in to find out who shot J.R.

      Liked by 2 people

    • lawrencepaul1 says:

      The Uniparty at it’s finest.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. Mark W says:

    AFP and other Media outlets outright delete story about 100,000+ migrant children being detained in the U.S once they realize the dates are tied to previous Administration


  27. I still maintain that the only way out of this is to go onto the Constitutional offensive. This is not what the Founders intended with regards to impeachment: it is the very thing they sought to prevent. But, these people are never going to stop. Every future President will merely serve at the pleasure of Congress, or be impeached on Inauguration Day and replaced by the party-majority Speaker of the House. Supreme Court Justices will likewise be impeached as the majority political party hand-picks who will run the Government, systematically dismantling our system of checks and balances. You will not get your rights under the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments. The Congress will issue writs of attainder no matter what the Constitution actually says, because, when the chips were down in 2019, no one demanded that the Constitution be enforced.

    The Founders of our nation were legal scholars. They understood centuries of world history where legislatures seized power and lands, and “supreme law of the land” documents became collections of empty, powerless words. They anticipated the very thing that is facing us now.

    No, they won’t stop. Ever. Not until they are forced to. Not until both the SCOTUS and the People speak with one voice. What they are doing is a Bill of Attainder, but as long as they are allowed to get away with it, confronted by nothing more than “tweets,” they will not pause.

    Liked by 4 people

  28. spoogels says:

    How disgusting Ukraine really is–the vile reality

    The United States pours hundreds of millions of dollars and matériel into Ukraine. To listen to the Democrats’ policy-community witnesses, you would think every dime, every last bullet, is going to Kyiv’s desperate effort to stave off Moscow. To listen to them, you would never know that U.S. taxpayer support goes to Ukrainian military services that gleefully incorporate neo-Nazis and other blood-and-soil extremist nationalists into their ranks — thugs who’d like to purge ethnic Russians in Donbas after they’ve extinguished the Jewish and Roma minorities.

    You know what else is appalling? The way these Ukrainian forces make common cause with Chechen Islamists, enabling Putin to maintain the pose of a potential partner in battling the global jihad — i.e., the jihad with which Putin willfully aligns when the Kremlin sees advantage in it.

    Of course, you probably haven’t heard that story. You’ve heard a fairy tale about Ukraine — progressive, oriented toward Europe, committed to human rights, longing for Western pluralism. It’s the story Democrats, progressive Republicans, and LTC Vindman’s vaunted “policy community” have successfully peddled for five years.

    Once you buy the story, you’re predisposed to think it inconceivable that Donald Trump could withhold desperately needed military aid from Kyiv as it nobly struggles against the bully next door that is gobbling up its eastern flank — aid that, by the way, he ended up giving them, aid the military value of which, in the Trump administration, has been significantly stepped up from what it was in the Obama years.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. sunnyflower5 says:

    Liked by 3 people

    • I hope that comment from the President doesn’t mean he’s resigned to the idea that a Senate Trial is a foregone conclusion. There may still be enough democrats in
      Trump Country who need to be re-elected and have enough integrity NOT to beclown themselves in perpetuity by voting in favor of this baseless sham.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Maybe thanks the plan we get to pick the witnesses!


      • Fat fingers that’s the plan


      • Zy says:

        Yes it’s going to the Senate. Yes POTUS gets witnesses. But at this point do facts and evidence matter at all in the Uniparty’s decision to remove POTUS?


        • Jenevive says:

          I would think he would want a trial.. THis is where
          he gets to present his EVIDENCE..LIVE ON NATIONAL TV.
          The Trial will be a circus like a episode of reality TV.


          • Dekester says:

            I may be foolish, but this needs to go to the Senate.

            PDJT would have a made for T.V. moment like few others.

            The WORLDWIDE audience would be in the hundreds of millions…the Dems would look utterly ridiculous and your MSM and never trumpers as small, and emasculated fools.

            It would go on for weeks, maybe months.

            Is there risk ? Of course..but PDJT took great risk, maybe a greater one when he walked down the escalator.

            Is there a better promoter, media savvy genius on the other side ?

            God bless PDJT


      • freespeechfanatic says:

        It is indeed a foregone conclusion. And “our turf” is a nest of treachery. The vote to convict in the senate will be as close as the Kavanaugh vote.


      • Bogeyfree says:

        Not a chance this doesn’t go to the Senate for Trial.

        10-12 witnesses with zero evidence

        Absolutely no there there

        Only hearsay and hurt feelings

        Any other normal and respectable person would end this fraud

        But they keep moving forward why, because they have the votes in the house AND in the Senate.

        Barr is the only hope for the Republic IMO

        But with his very public praise of Wray and RR who seem to be BFF, I don’t hold out a lot of hope.

        I see this going to Supreme Court but with a 4-4 tie it then goes back to lower court and thus allowing for the trial and vote in Senate to proceed as planned.

        IMO Barr does believe in the separation of powers between the branches and how the branches should not be doing what they are doing to the Executive Branch but IMO unfortunately he too is not a big fan of PT.

        IMO once PT has been “lynched” they will fix it for the next President and we will see strong verbiage suggesting policy changes so these battles between branches never happen again.

        Then comes the “nation needs to heal” message from Pence and his VP running mate Haley.


  30. sunnyflower5 says:

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  31. Blue Wildflower says:

    Sundance has told us to be ready to answer questions of friends and family. Those questions are beginning to come. I received a text yesterday, with a copy of a Facebook comment that said that politicians have used our aid to other countries to fill their own bank accounts. The question was, “Do I think this could be true?” My answer, 100% true. You go into politics with thousands, you leave with millions. This is happening with democrats and republicans. That is why they hate President Trump and why they want to get rid of him. That is the all the answer they needed! Make it simple! They trust you or they wouldn’t ask you. They don’t want all the details. Just give them the answer.

    Liked by 7 people

  32. sunnyflower5 says:

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  33. Reserved55 says:

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  34. Reserved55 says:

    Liked by 3 people

  35. Reserved55 says:


  36. Reserved55 says:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mike Robinson says:

      And they will never stop. They will never fight fair. Get over it. They are determined to pass a Bill of Attainder, declaring that their Legislature is a court of law, that the President is guilty, and to mete out the punishment of Impeachment without a trial. But this is why our Constitution says this:

      “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed.”

      Trump, Republicans, you’re going to have to take Trump v. US House of Representatives directly to the Supreme Court without further delay. Officers do not serve at the pleasure of Congress. Attainder is hundreds of years old.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Dixie says:

      Just hope Schiff permanently cripples himself (as far as ever serving in any elected position again) in the process…….


  37. Reserved55 says:

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  38. sunnyflower5 says:

    Yes, Fox’s Chris Williams, , it WAS such an extraordinary phone call with the President of the United States of America…..That’s why Sondland left it out of opening statement.
    And, media continues to ignore this fact.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. Reserved55 says:

    The first sensible thing I’ve heard from Zi.

    The Democrats are domestic terrorists.


    • ……………….and when whoever the DNC chooses to run against President Trump next year loses in a monumental landslide, they’ll scratch their heads and wonder why, but idiocy like ^THIS^ will be the reason.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Zy says:

      Carry it another step. The Democommunist Party is a domestic terrorist.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Jim in TN says:

      Don’t forget, even though Antifa are white and use violence to enforce their supremacy, nothing in Yang’s statement applies to actual white supremacists.

      Opposing Democrats is what makes a white supremacist. Even if the opposition isn’t white and doesn’t want supremacy.

      And the new definition of violence is speaking words opposing Democrats.

      So it won’t be long before your speaking words of opposition to Democrats will get you convicted for hateful, white supremacist, domestic terrorist violence.


  40. CountryDoc says:

    Praying for the power of our Creator to bless this straying Nation, open our eyes, and bring us as a people to our senses. We have a good man as our POTUS. He is a blessing.

    Liked by 4 people

  41. DonZ says:

    Maybe we should reinstitute dueling for the ‘political class’? The ‘MSM’? Ever since Burr – Hamilton the elites realized they could face real consequences for their words and actions, so let’s make dueling illegal. Ok, that will never happen. But, I can dream.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. DonZ says:

    Imagine how things would be today if the media were Honest, Objective and Truthful in their reporting?
    So, how about this, anyone who wants to carry the professional title “journalist” should be required to take this oath: I swear/affirm that I will be Honest in my reporting; I swear/affirm that I will be Objective in my reporting; I swear/affirm that I will be Truthful in my reporting. No oath, you can’t claim the title “journalist”. You can still say/write anything you want–free speech remains–you just can’t call yourself a journalist. Violate your oath, your title is revoked. You make an honest mistake, new information comes out, you acknowledge it, no harm no foul. All these people on TV/media currently, under their face the by-line would show “not a journalist” or “journalist title revoked” or “journalist (means oath taken & adhered to).


  43. DonZ says:

    Even the local affiliate stations here in this big city (out west) (includes Fox), toe the MSM corporate line. The verbiage between the stations is almost the same propaganda. These ‘local’ media-ites are tools and so smug/arrogant in their teleprompter reading. Most want to climb into the national screen. How disgusting. Their best claim to fame is how sincere they can appear when reading a teleprompter.


  44. Dora says:


  45. DonZ says:

    wow, he does look like “pajama boy”!

    Liked by 1 person

  46. Ivehadit says:

    It appears the campaign is NOT ENGAGING local people in this election. They have their hierarchy now: “state directors” and “regional directors”, etc, etc. run by the RNC. Not trust worthy, imho. People support what they help to create. People WANT to help but, imho, they are not being given the opportunity. Now, maybe the campaign is just waiting to engage people and don’t want to burn them out too early. That could be the case. But I want to make this clear to the campaign: DO NOT ASSUME PEOPLE WILL ENGAGE THEIR LOCAL COMMUNITY AS WELL AS VOTE NEXT YEAR if they do not *feel* connected directly to our beloved president. There is plenty of time to make this happen to re-elect the greatest president we have ever had.

    Liked by 2 people

  47. MILupper says:

    Ken Langone, Home Depot Founder and big PDJT supporter on FBN, “I don’t know if Adam Schiff is rich, but he would starve if it had to work in the private sector”

    Liked by 3 people

  48. gabytango says:

    Sounds like he wants to make sure we know he is an unbiased player in this charade? Ugh!!


  49. gabytango says:

    Here we go with the Rudy bashing. This guy Holmes is nothing but another little low-level hack, fierce Yovanovitch defender, thinking he has some power and control, and definitely thinking he is somehow above our President (and his BOSS) and his decisions. Wahhhhh!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • bessie2003 says:

      Am beginning to think it was when Rudy Giuliani began making his television appearances with inferences of past Administration improprieties is what kick-started this whole impeachment episode.

      This desperate narrative indicates the real fear is in what he will expose. It was within days of his first appearance in the news that we began to hear of a whistle-traitor. With the current focus seeming to shift from the President to Giuliani it may be he, and what he uncovered is the real target hence the need to smear him before the documents he has have a chance to come out.

      Whatever Giuliani has it would be nice to get out there before the House holds its impeachment vote, might even get some Democrats in precarious seats to not vote on impeachment.


  50. dawg says:




    Liked by 5 people

    • Han Solo says:

      Love this idea…a better way tho is to get rid of bottom 10-20% yearly until their goal is achieved…another option is that after the impeachment mess is over and he wins in 2020, he simply cleans all departments with the mandate immediately.

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