Sunday Talks: Vice-President Mike Pence Discusses Military Mission to Eliminate al-Baghdadi…

Vice-President and military father, Mike Pence, appears on Fox News Sunday to discuss his reaction to the elimination of ISIS terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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93 Responses to Sunday Talks: Vice-President Mike Pence Discusses Military Mission to Eliminate al-Baghdadi…

  1. littleanniefannie says:

    “I’m not sure I understand your question”. I’m not sure I understand Chrissy Wallace, the “fare and unbalanced” one on Fox News!

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    • lumoc1 says:

      According to the Urban Dictionary: “Chrissy
      A name for a girl who can be described in only a positive way. She’s someone who you immediately love once you get to know just a little bit about.”
      Why would you use an ENDEARING name for that despicable POS?


    • moron says:

      You got it half right. Unbalanced is correct.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Wallace basically asked VP Pence if the VP sees a conflict with the President ordering this military action while the House is in the process of trying to impeach the President.

      That question is straight out of the DemonRATs’ Lawfare-scripted strategy: They are trying to claim that EVERY action by POTUS is invalid or in violation of some ethic or unspecified rule, because he (POTUS) is under perpetual investigation for crimes and misdemeanors and is very likely to be impeached.

      The DemonRATs / Media will find some conflict with anything POTUS does re. Ukraine, Russia, Syria, Iran, etc etc etc. so that they can obstruct him and hamstring his Administration. That’s their whole narrative and strategy going into the 2020 election.

      Lying, deceptive, evil Bastards.


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    • nimrodman says:

      “I’m not sure I understand your question”


      I thought Pence did real well overall in this interview but especially with that response.

      That was a loaded question from Wallace, with huge inference and false narrative and innuendo behind it

      Pence didn’t bite

      Essentially, he called “bull$hit” on Wallace’s attempt
      Equivalent to stating “I disagree with your premise in the first place – it’s not valid”

      Pence wasn’t going to let Wallace establish that premise and that narrative

      Best performance I’ve seen from Pence to date
      Well done, Sir!

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      • nimrodman says:

        … oh, and at one point I’m pretty sure I heard Pence refer to “our ally, the Syrian Defense Force”


        Tell me that doesn’t chap the a$$es of all the anti-Assad zealots, both Lefty (“the barrel bombs! gasses his own people!”) and the neocon “moderate rebels” crew (McCain, Lindsay, etc), and every stripe of “Assad’s got to go” ninnies

        Assad was elected President of his nation and has been fighting a civil war and outside-interventionists war of players trying to unseat him.

        But many in our nation clamor for yet another “overthow war” because “Assad Man Bad”

        So I was really happy to hear from Pence “our ally, the Syrian Defense Force”

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      • not2worryluv says:

        Bravo for Vice President Pence.
        He mopped up the floor with Chris Wallace and didn’t bat an eye.


  2. Lovearepublican says:

    He should have said…when the democrats stop leaking and stop impeachment proceedings, we might choose to notify them. MIGHT

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  3. tozerbgood8315 says:

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  4. Heika says:

    Read this last paragraph

    “As for Baghdadi who was “hiding” with the blessing of Turkey, it now appears that he was the bargaining chip in the negotiations between Trump and Erdogan, and the quid for the US president’s agreeing to pull out of Syria was the pro quo that Erdogan would hand Baghdadi to him on a silver platter (if true, expect a tidal wave of terrorism in Turkey in the coming weeks). Which in turn has led to today’s victory lap by the US president who will now – and for the foreseeable future – trumpet the biggest victory of the US administration in the war against terrorism since Obama’s killing of bin Laden in 2011.”

    As for Bagman – good ridden’s to bad rubbish. What took everyone so long? (maybe something to do with whats in this article, a game Trump is not playing). Easy isn’t it – when you just decide to stop the nonsense.

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    • Kay says:

      This makes everything CLEARER now on why we would pull out 50 US military people & “let the Kurds die” (when they shouldn’t have been there in the 1st place as they were squaters in Turkey b/c they had 1/3 or Iraq in the Northern Region with Oil reserves to build their own country) from a swath of area that was meaningless to America in the long run.

      It’s also probably why Lindsey Graham is being taught the Art of Diplomacy: Sun Trump Zhu style which meant Lindsey had to walk his statement “This is going to be the worst moment in Trump’s presidency” back to before the chalk line start point and wish for rain so it erases it totally. Senator from the great state of South Carolina finally sees the BIG PICTURE and is awed by the change of how things look on the horizon for global issues.

      As for VP Mike Pence? He’s toeing the line I’ll say that & he’s even propping for #45 but I get the feeling that he’d turn Pierre Delecto in a heart beat if the heat got really bad to the tune he wouldn’t even be a Pres. Ford if it lost the chance for his own re-election to a full term. There’s just something calculated about Pence which I can’t put my finger on but maybe I’ve been spoiled by the trueness of Trump that anyone after him will seemed ‘staged’.

      Last? Chris Wallage asking about Nancy Pelosi being informed would’ve had her calling John Kerry who would’ve called that gasshat Baghdadi and sure enough he would’ve slimed away. I’m surprised the neverTrumper undergradling at the NSC Lisa (don’t recall her last name) didn’t out this to the world though.

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    • A2 says:

      I think now it is clear that the zH article is speculation. Something they do all the time.

      The only foreigner who knew about the raid was the Kurd leader and the attack was launched from Kurd areas in Iraq.

      The Kurds with the US led the raid to get baghdadi’s spokesman following the event. The new designated successor is also in the crosshairs.

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  5. Harry says:

    PJDT should have planned the attack with input from adam and pelosi. that would make sure this is included in the impeachment article.
    On a serious note: Leakers and snakes always try to bring you down. you would be foolish to tell them your plans. Simple answer chris.

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  6. Freepetta says:

    Chrissy tried so hard to belittle our great President!! But he failed miserably!

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  7. Patience says:

    Very awesome to hear so much love, trust and respect from VP Pence for President Trump.

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  8. scrap1ron says:

    Tell Crumbs some people did stuff and leave it at that.

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  9. A2 says:

    Several interesting details.

    6h6 hours ago
    “Gen. @MazloumAbdi , SDF commander, was the only foreigner to know about the target, he told Foreign Policy through a translator. His account was confirmed independently by the senior U.S. official.” -@ForeignPolicy


    The CIA has targeted Islamic State militant group (ISIS) spokesperson Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir in a new operation that comes one day after the organization’s leader was killed in a Joint Special Operations Command raid, Newsweek has learned.

    ISIS already has a new leader, Abdullah Qardash.
    He’s a Turkmen originally from Talafaar west of #Mosul. He is the one who made the ‘fatwa’ to massacre Ezidis.

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    • jrapdx says:

      Obviously there will always be another POS to step into the role of the one killed. But when our forces take them out as they pop up it probably discourages the most talented thugs from taking over leadership of terrorist groups. Sadly the continuing existence of ISIS in various forms means our “special op” units will have plenty to keep them busy in the future.

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      • A2 says:

        Yes he is in the crosshairs. I would not be surprised if he survives much longer. The Kurds probably know where he is if in Syria.

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        • jrapdx says:

          That’s an interesting thought. After all if the Kurds aren’t busy fighting the Turks they’ll have plenty of time to look for and eliminate the remainders of ISIS.

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          • A2 says:

            They are definitely giving good Intel to the US. There was also a big push in Iraq, so getting back to your point it definitely looks like the US and coalition forces are running the remnants of Daesh to ground.

            Follow Follow @RudawEnglish
            #BREAKING: Popular Mobilization Forces have repelled a “big terror attack” by ISIS in Iraq’s Diyala province this evening.

            Three ISIS fighters have been killed per initial figures, the PMF have claimed.

            Source: PMF social media

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            • A2 says:

              Also a statement from the Iraq government
              Government of Iraq – الحكومة العراقية

              Verified account

              Follow Follow @IraqiGovt
              “Following extensive work by a dedicated team for over a year, Iraq’s National Intelligence Service was able to accurately pinpoint the hideout of the terrorist Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in the Syrian province of Idlib.

              Iraq’s Armed Forces and intelligence services will continue to work with Iraq’s partners in the @coalition to relentlessly pursue Daesh terrorists and to defeat their ideology.“

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            • jrapdx says:

              Good to know they’re running the terrorists into the ground, definitely where they belong.


              • I think this is a legitimate yet terrible question to ask. How does the world prevent the ISIS families from carrying on the tradition without killing them all?

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                • jrapdx says:

                  Such a good question. I wonder how likely the children of ISIS fighters would be to become ISIS fighters themselves? Possible that after seeing what becomes of ISIS terrorists the young people would decide on pursuing a different “career”.

                  Might be less of a problem if Germany and France would take their fighters and families back, but as the President says they’ve refused.

                  In any case prevention of ME people becoming terrorists is a problem for the countries of the ME to solve. Not sure how that will be accomplished, I wish them good luck with the project.

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              • I think this is a legitimate yet terrible question to ask. How does the world prevent the ISIS families from carrying on the tradition without killing them all?

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  10. jrapdx says:

    VP Pence didn’t answer Wallace’ question re: why PT didn’t notify Pelosi. I can understand the reasons VP wouldn’t respond, clear to all of us, and no doubt Wallace himself, that Pelosi isn’t trustworthy. However saying so straight out would precipitate a new “crisis” for the MSM to lean on, and add to spurious charges for Schiff’s faux “impeachment inquiry” to chew and spit out.

    In reality there have been so many leaks from Congress over the years they should be the last to be informed. Besides how does it matter if Pelosi is apprised of the military action ahead of time? What would Pelosi be able to contribute to accomplishing the mission? The only people who have an authentic timely need to know are those involved in planning and executing the mission.

    Even if Pelosi wouldn’t inappropriately spill the beans, other participants in the “communication chain” might deliberately or accidentally leak the info. It’s simply too big a risk to share the existence of a highly sensitive and dangerous operation like the one in question. Obviously the President handled the situation very well, plenty of time to talk about it later with Pelosi and a ton of others.

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  11. visage13 says:

    But, but why wasn’t Nancy Pelosi informed? Such, insightful and thoughtful questions from Chrissy today, no? Lol what an idiot, just making a fool out of himself. And what a great answer by VP Pence about the faux impeachment, no Pres Trump record for the last 3 years speaks for itself. As Sundance pointed out, she and Schumer stormed out of the briefing 2 weeks ago, So there’s that.

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    • jrapdx says:

      Well Wallace is good at making a fool of himself. I can’t imagine he really expected VP to say he didn’t trust Pelosi. OK, maybe he did, but that’s just foolish. Pence answered that the President was focused on successfully completing the mission, but tantamount to saying Pelosi and a million others had no real need to know.

      Maybe Wallace got a clue because after Pence said it twice he asked a different stupid question. Wallace isn’t the brightest bulb in the corridor which is good for our side, he’s usually pretty easy to defeat.

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      • Thinker says:

        Wallace almost apologized before asking the question– “You know I have to ask this”–as if he didn’t prepare the question himself. He got a non-answer. So he felt he had to ask again. Made him look foolish. Pence wasn’t going to say they didn’t trust Pelosi, but Chris wanted to see if he could get that answer out of Pence. Pence did a great job and was very complimentary of Trump.

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      • G. Alistar says:

        On 9/17/2017 the KC Chiefs beat the NE Patriots 42-17 at Arrowhead stadium. During the post game news conference one of the reporters asked Coach Bill Belichick if because of the loss is he thinking about benching Tom Brady. His responds was simply to roll his eyes, pause, shake his head and point to the next reporter and say, “do you have a question.” Chris Wallace with VP Pence today, reminds me of that reporter…..dork!

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    • donny2837 says:

      Something interesting. President Trump stated clearly that he had a reason why he didn’t talk to Pelosi, the Gang of 8 and what have you. He said: He didn’t want any leaks. Even said, Washington D.C. is the most leaking place on earth. Chris Wallace knew that.

      But when Chrissy asked the question, why didn’t President Trump inform Pelosi. Wallace: He (President Trump) was asked the question and he answered by saying he didn’t want any American Soldiers hurt. That would imply President Trump does not trust Nancy Pelosi.

      Loved the facial expression on V.P. Pence before he answered deep-state Chris’s question.

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  12. Koot Katmando says:

    VP did a good job countering Wallace. On not telling congress I am not sure why they simple do not say they had NO Need to Know?

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    • jrapdx says:

      If Pence said Pelosi had no need to know, can you imagine Wallace reaction? Virtual head explosion, after all, not informing Pelosi is an IMPEACHABLE offense. Simply not allowed to deprive Democrats of any chance to undermine the President. That’s Pelosi rules in a nutshell, and Wallace is there to enforce ’em.

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  13. Tickled Pink says:

    ISIS is now WASWAS.

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  14. Maquis says:

    Wallace was visibly pained, appeared to be grieving.

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  15. theresanne says:

    When asked if he thought Pelosi leaks, President Trump answered “Depends”.

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  16. Iwasthere says:

    Wallace is such a shill – he let smalls get away with all his talking points. Was a jerk to pence.

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  17. mylabs5 says:

    Chris Wallace is a disgusting propagandist toadie for the globalists Dems/left (just like Caputo).
    What was most disgusting was that he had Eric Swallowell, the universally known liar and perverse dumber than a brick fabricator, on right after Pence as if Swallowhatever had the same gravitas as the Veep. I think a pre-requisite for sitting on the HPSCI for the Dems is being sociopaths and pathological liars. All anyone has to do is watch their eyes as they talk….classic psychopathy.
    Both of them make my skin crawl…but in different ways. Wallace as the dour moribund voice of those losing the battle for supremacy and Swalloweverything as the kid in school we nicknamed Goober who had his finger up his nose mining for gold constantly.

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  18. CoffeeBreak says:

    This has been such a lovely weekend. I’m so happy! Thanks SunDance and all behind the scenes at CTH for your great work.

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  19. TwoLaine says:

    I will ignore your dumb and silly questions and talking points Chrissy and instead say whatever I want to say. I’m a Vice President.


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  20. Let’s cut to the chase:

    President Trump didn’t tell Pelosi because
    • Demo☭rat Leaders leak like a storm sewer into the sea.
    • Demo☭rat Leaders are withholding a vote on USMCA to hurt the Economy to hurt Trump.
    • Demo☭rat Leaders would leak the operation to hurt our Troops to hurt Trump.
    • Demo☭rat Leaders would use Rogue CIA Operators to pin THEIR leak on Trump.
    • Demo☭rat Leaders would add THEIR Treasonous leak to their SHAMpeachment list.

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  21. dufrst says:

    How can you impeach the President after this? Best economic numbers, best military, building the Wall, renegotiating trade and killed the most wanted terrorist in the world, the head of ISIS!

    The amount of accomplishments is truly stunning considering the amount of opposition he’s had. Yet, he continues on and keeps doing the job and does it superbly. And they want to impeach him? FOR WHAT??? They can’t possibly believe they could’ve done better in less than three years than Trump had done, even without the opposition he’s faced! These people need to have their collective heads examined and stop playing around!

    Those who support Trump and have supported him, please take a bow. Be proud of the choice you made. And don’t take no sh*+ from anyone who doesn’t have the sense to give Trump his due for the amazing job he’s done leading this nation! MAGA!!

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  22. With the ISIS leader dead, again the MAY 15TH PROPHECY 100% ACCURATE as always, I THANK GOD for HIS BLESSING upon ME and those who TRUST HIM

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  23. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Good job Pence for redirecting the conversation to where it needed to be. My lawd, PDJT could move a mountain across the ocean and our adversaries would ask him if he felt conflicted about that. I recall when Bin Ladin was captured… no talk of a dna test to ensure identification!! I thought it was HILARIOUS that Trump stated this morning when asked why Pelosi wasn’t kept abreast, that he was concerned about leaking. You’re doggone right!!! Leaking is a primary strategy of the Dems. Why would our POTUS risk our military??? He made the perfect choice and was honest about it. And Nancy, should do some self reflection… LOL. Not her best suit, amiright? She has shown herself to be dishonest, untrustworthy, power hungry, vindictive, etc., and she just got served a piece of humble pie. But, she’ll just add that to her long list of IMPEACH! Useless.

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  24. COLUMBA KNOX says:

    O, being we have worshipped Thee King Of Kings;
    Thee Messiah — Saviour, #JESUS #CHRIST…………..

    O, do not take anything for granted — thanking Almighty GOD, again,
    for this awesome blog where we get TRUE NEWS…………..

    O, DONALD (that is his name), when he was campaigning,
    had declared this PROVIDENTIAL tweet —-
    #Trump wondered if true Christians comes from Cuba;
    Wondering same thing about Ireland;
    #PENCE ???


    Can somebody prove

    That answer is very important for OUR FUTURES and D.J.T.’S WELL—BEING………….

    PENCE aint trustworthy in the slightest degree…………..

    #JUDAS ISCARIOT “Why has not this ointment been sold for three hundred #PENCE”


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  25. VP Pence emphasized several times that President Trump very quickly and decisively decided to go for it as soon as he was given the information that Baghdadi was in this area and it could be done.

    I just kept thinking while he was talking how different NY City would be now had Clinton been as decisive on any of the several opportunities on which he passed to get bin Laden.

    With a son still active military I am sure Pence is overly appreciative of President Trump’s studied care for the safety of our military.

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    • cdquarles says:

      Indeed. Military brat and dad in a multi-generational (at least 3 that I know of … I failed the physical yet did civilian service that had a military reserve possibility) family. Youngest son is not active now, but still. Military families know the drill, yet can’t help but worry at times.


  26. NC Nana says:

    Excellent Mr. Vice President! Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in removing this maniac.

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  27. mamajen says:

    I love the apparent working relationship between President Trump and VP Pence. Pence seems humble and not trying to get the spotlight all the time. He works quietly in the background and once in a while pops up on very important missions that President Trump assigns to him. I get the impression that Pence, like our POTUS, is genuinely working hard for Trump and our country. I’m proud of this team.

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  28. TwoLaine says:

    Trust is EARNED.

    If anyone needs any more reasona to distrust a leaking Congress, PLEASE watch this.

    BTW, I will post this till the cows come home. So few people even know about it, it’s sickening.


  29. TwoLaine says:

    Did The Kenyan notify Go8 before arming ISIS to overthrow the Syrian government?

    Did The Kenyan notify Go8 before arming ISIS to overthrow the Libyan government?


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