President Trump Cancels G7 in Miami – Now Seeking Alternate Venue…

President Trump has cancelled plans to host the G7 at Trump Doral in Miami Florida.

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317 Responses to President Trump Cancels G7 in Miami – Now Seeking Alternate Venue…

  1. cthulhu says:

    Come to think of it, Thule Air Base might work…..

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  2. Vince says:

    Maybe he just wanted people to stop talking about Syria.

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    • Elle says:

      Not sure why he would want people to stop talking about his ending a war….but whatever, okay Instead, he did get people talking about Trump National Doral in Miami, a place I had never heard of before, but have now. He was going to do this at no profit, but instead everyone now knows one about this great place to have a conference near the Miami Airport. Thanks media for the free advertising. Trump is a master at the no downside outcome

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  3. Troublemaker10 says:

    Maybe we should bill the Dems for the alternate site cost since Trump was going to host it for free.

    Do the Dems ever want to save taxpayer money?

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Of course not.

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    • John-Y128 says:

      Doral was at a 50% discount, not free.


      • MfM says:

        No profit doesn’t mean 50% discount, it means at cost. It could be that, but likely would be less.

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        • Carly says:

          I guess John-Y128 thinks Trump should put up the cost for EVERYthing (staff time, cost of food, travel, insurance, etc.), not just provide the facility for free.
          I just hope Mulvaney shares – early and often – the cost of going elsewhere and provides the comparison figures. We can’t have nice people do nice things with folks like liberals and the media.

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          • beach lover says:

            Problem is, none of the Dims or the MSM give a rats patootie how much anything costs the taxpayers as long as they get their junkets covered. They just can’t stand that our President would be reminding the world that he, in fact, HAS done something besides politics his entire life… and therefore, unlike them, has not been using the American Taxpayer as their own personal banker for their entire careers.

            Now.. let them stay in the cramped quarters of Camp David. He should cut down on the press that gets to come along with him to Mar-A-Lago in the winter also. Its too nice for the scum.

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  4. MfM says:

    The dig about Camp David was deliberate.

    Camp David was terrible. Everyone hated it, especially the media.

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    • Elric says:

      If the media doesn’t like it they can stay home.

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    • Hoosier says:

      It also gives him a reason to rail against the media and Dems during the G7 and the opportunity of blaming everyone’s discomfort on the media and Dems during pressers.

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      That’s what’s so funny. President Trump is toying with the media. You want to complain about Doral? Fine. Then instead of your own suite at Doral you can sleep in the bunkhouse as t Camp David. Suffer, media! Est your own cooking.

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      Well now if the very fake news hysterical drive by media hated it, then I vote that it should definitely be in consideration.


    • Raptors2020 says:

      Camp David? How ’bout Camp Lejeune? Lots of beds, a big mess hall, and friendly drill sergeants to provide a wake-up service.

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      • Vito Romano says:

        Army = Drill Sergeants
        USMC = Drill Instructors

        I went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego.

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        • northerncanuck says:

          The media could be housed at Camp Lejeune….which, coincidentally, will be hosting the first annual USMC/Army Recruit Drill-Off? They can then experience the daily thrills of early morning, late early morning, pre-midnight, and post midnight drills, led by the finest that those two arms of the US military can provide.

          Transportation to/from the conferences provided by the Seabees and their luxurious 6×6 fleet.

          But I do like the Motel 6 with Chick-Fil-A restaurant next door idea floated above too….

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  5. archie says:

    No one complained more than Judge Nappy. Heck, he practically had Trump impeached and convicted.

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  6. DWC says:

    Hopefully POTUS selects a place that will provide a welcoming experience for the G7 participants yet be as inconvenient and uncomfortable for the MSM hacks.

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    • suejeanne1 says:


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    • Hoosier says:

      Out of this list
      United Kingdom
      European Union

      I would make special accommodations for Abe. The rest are worthy of scorn and discomfort. 3 of them conspired against Trump. Other than Japan make em suffer.

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      • wendy forward says:

        Abe of course gets the best. If BoJo is still around and is in the clear he gets good digs. The others can rough it. I camped in some places in VA that make Camp David look like Doral. Happy to provide suggestions.

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        • Hoosier says:

          Bojo is a globalist. He is a friend like the Kurds are friends. GB hasn’t come clean about their involvement in the Russian plot and you can not trust a man who combs his hair with a balloon. (see Bernie) He deserves 3 hots and a cot… no more. Same goes for the Italians. You should have seen the sideglance Trump threw at their Pres when he threatened to retaliate to WTO authorized tariffs on the EU which are non-retaliable according to the WTO.

          France, Germany and Canada… they don’t even deserve the hots and a cot and the EU deserves to get to Camp David on foot from Brussels.

          Australia will likely be there on the sidelines. They, like Japan deserve turn down service and a mint on their pillow.


  7. Eric C. says:

    Some key words: if “legally permissible” at ZERO cost – he’s showing how he has people looking into things, I.e. could I LEGALLY give the use of the facilities away, so if he’s willing to go through that much trouble giving away something (knowing there might be issues) do you think he just makes other “illegal” (according to Schiff) things?

    Also, we are no longer CONSIDERING…..meaning it was never decided, planned, set in stone, firm, absolute to use Doral………can you say just one big troll?

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  8. jbrickley says:

    Hold it wherever else they want. But don’t provide accommodations for the media. Bus them in from an hour away and serve them Bologna and Velveeta sandwiches on stale french bread and give them a bowl of water to dip the sandwich to make it edible. No access to an open bar either.

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      Taxpayers footing the bill for media accommodations? Screw that! That’s a business expense. Let their employers pay. A quick search lists Motel 6 as a cheap alternative and there’s probably a McDonalds close by for dining.

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      • madeline says:

        Sooo… the American tax payer pays for all of the G7 internationals and media? Everyone should pay for their own costs. Hold it at Camp David…provide no accommodations for anyone but the Trump admin. Everyone else gets transferred in by bus. Food? How ’bout food trucks?

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    • dutzie6054 says:

      Why give them Anything? Lots of taxpayers hate the freaks and don’t want their money spent on them. They can brown bag it or their boss can provide sustenance.

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  9. CharterOakie says:

    More traps set and ready to be sprung by a master troller. That’s my bet.

    The Rats can’t help themselves: they run headlong into the trap time and time again.

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  10. straystrat says:

    Screw the media!!! – – – Book Camp David right away!!! – – Let the media have their way…lol

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  11. theresanne says:

    President Trump is a congenial host wanting to offer his guests the best experience they’ve ever had.
    The Dems/MSM are bratty children caught in a perpetual temper tantrum.

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  12. SoCal Patriot says:

    I love POTUS, but the choice of one of his properties was dumb. Why create a controversy?

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  13. via American Thinker: President Trump forced China to sell most of its control of the Port of Long Beach to an Aussie firm. He used a Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S.(CIFUS)-review to do it.

    CIFUS is the mechanism Clinton used to sell Putin our uranium while pocketing $145 million or more at her Emolument Foundation. She likes to pretend that the State Dept.’s night janitor signed the deal, but all the Top Cats had to sign off, including Obama, her and the 17 Intelligence Agencies.

    btw, have you ever a reporter ask them why this was a good idea?

    President Trump uses CIFUS as it was intended: to protect America’s wealth and security. The Obama/Clinton Gang used CIFUS to damage our security and enrich themselves. And their pal in Moscow.

    And that’s the difference.

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  14. Eric says:

    This feels like one of those “manufactured” controversies by President Trump to distract his enemies from something else.

    I’m not losing any sleep over where they host the G7. Who cares?

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  15. GREENMIRROR says:

    I nominate Glasgow Montana to the G7 list of possibilities. It has a airport right off U.S. Hwy 2 with two 5000ft runways.


  16. Bluto says:

    Many people think of Ben Franklin’s profession as a simple printer. That is pretty much of a grand understatement. He was the first Media Mogul having newspapers in every colony. In order to distribute his papers he hired riders, much like the Pony Express, to ride between his various print shops distributing newspapers and gathering news for future editions. That way news was distributed throughout the colonies with pretty much no lag time.

    Pelosi and other Dems have been fond of quoting Ben Franklin lately (“A Republic if you can keep it.”) but little do they know he had a much different take than the Democrats on accepting emoluments. When he was asked why he said in his autobiography, “I accepted it readily, and found it of great advantage; for, tho’ the salary was small, it facilitated, the correspondence that improved my newspaper…My old competitor’s newspaper declined proportionately, and I was satisfy’d without retaliating his refusal, while postmaster, to permit my papers being carried by the riders.”

    Postmasters could determine which newspapers went through the mail in those days and his news riders distributing his newspapers were more efficient than the system in place by the Colonial Government.

    Franklin basically created the modern post office which is a good thing. But he used his office to build his own brand at the expense of his competitors. Another quote attributed to him when asked about this situation was that he believed in “doing good by doing well.”

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    • Publius2016 says:

      big difference…45 is losing billions for America First! At the time of Ben Franklin, he made the best win win and forged our new country…45 is returning us to our roots and sacrificing his fortune so our children may continue to live free!

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      • Bluto says:

        You are correct that times were different then but like Trump, Franklin was very rich for his time period (he retired at 40). Franklin never patented any of his inventions (bifocals, lightning rod, pot belly stove, discovery of the gulf stream, etc.) He, like Trump, had the purpose of benefiting people. Sure he made money but his system was the best and is basically still the system of the USPS today. If the President is a businessman why should he have to close down all his businesses just because he got elected. And, if he has a better and cheaper hotel and offers it to the Government at cost, why not? The Emoluments Clause to me seems to mean not accepting royal titles or bribes from other countries. In its time it was more of a proof of loyalty in a new country where the opposition to the government came from people who still had loyalties to England.

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        • rashomon says:

          Nice reminder of our history, Bluto. Was Washington required to give up his plantation to serve as president? Most of those in government had other means of making a living until the government grew and grew and grew into a full time occupation.YUGE mistake.

          Frankly, the UniParty is scratching the dirt to find something — anything — to distract the voter from all the scandals coming down about previous administrations, be they Republican or Democrat. Both have reason to deflect attention from their scurrilous past.

          Let the media and naysayer pols suffer at Camp David. Ut makes a point: the governments of every country should stop living off the high hog and make do with oatmeal three meals a day. In many countries, that would be a feast. Abe gets two scoops.

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  17. donny2837 says:

    Set-up was perfect. Main forces of Counter Offense Campaign now focused on the propaganda arm.. Full scale attacks ongoing. Attacking in waves. Maybe 10% of attack forces so far engaged in direct combat. 90% chomping at the bit. Release 5% more tomorrow.. No let-up, only increased attacks daily.

    Take out enemy’s media, they got nothing. Please keep this a secret, we don’t want media finding out our tactics.


    • MfM says:

      Trump doesn’t give up, he doubles down.

      Now the media and the left are going to be trying to figure out how and why they got played.

      Any problems with this meeting… Not Trump’s problem.

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  18. He timed it for late Saturday night and completely messed up the talking heads’ talking points for the Sunday morning news shows. That is some pretty good trolling.

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    • jonhabart says:

      Every Sunday show would have focused 50% or more of their air time on the Doral G7 issue and he pulled that rug out from under them right when the morning news teams that produce the shows were likely on their way or already in bed.

      Either they will be woken up or won’t be able to sleep as they frantically re-write the majority of their content, not to mention cued B-Roll footage, lower 3rd chyrons, and created info-graphics that will now have to be scrapped and recreated for whatever topic or content they choose to fill the big gaping hole in their storyboards.


      Love our VSG & Grand Master of the Trolling Arts President Donald J. Trump!

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  19. Publius2016 says:

    North or South Carolina? Raleigh or Charleston?


    • TreeClimber says:



      • CountryClassVulgarian says:

        Um… are you saying NO? Just checking. I could not be sure from your response above.


        • TreeClimber says:

          We’re not Atlanta but our traffic is bad enough and I don’t want those slimy aristocrat wannabes from over in Europe here lording it over us and snarling our streets up and causing even more mayhem in my city, thank you very much! If it were just President Trump or Trump/Abe, fine, I could deal with the accompanying inconvenience, but I don’t want that snotty trash here sullying my city, we’ve got enough Democrats without globalists too!

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  20. montanamel says:

    They should hold it in the GREEN BIER down in VERGINA… the “old section” done in cement walls, down below ground!… Should still be a few cases of C-rations or K-rations there too….those never spoil. eh?

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  21. Garavaglia says:

    Reminds me of covfefe..buying Iceland..on and on. Gets these clowns worked up over nothing. I don’t think he was ever serious about this..he truly enjoys watching these vicious clowns getting all worked up.

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  22. Judith says:

    The media should not have such influence. That bothers me more than anything else. The Constitution gives them the right to exist but it does *not* obligate anybody to listen to them.

    Making any concessions as a result of harassment only emboldens them to harass him more than they do now, if that’s possible.


  23. Lottacats says:

    It would have been a great place to G7. The attendees would have loved it.
    Democrats gonna get a spanking big time, their media too! Hoping next week the real spanking begins and goes on until our President is well into his 2nd term! Hope the G7 gets wind of how they shoulda/coulda stayed at Trump Doral in Florida.

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  24. Bluto says:

    Have it at Camp David and make the press stay in tents to free up space for the delegates.

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  25. Kerry Gimbel says:

    It is a good idea to hold it at Motel 6. But promise to leave the lights on!

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  26. NewOrleans says:

    Where ever it ends up being, I hope the press gets stuck behind the dumpsters for hours!

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  27. Terra says:

    😂 i honestly don’t think he was going to do it there. He just wanted to watch this play out exactly the way it did! No one trolls them like he does!

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  28. redline says:

    The lefty media have again sawn off their own noses.

    All I can think is these “journalists” hated the idea of letting the bad orange man treat his guests to the most elegant, relaxing, and enjoyable world-class summit any of those guests had ever attended, because then they would have had to report on the attendee’s delighted reactions.

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  29. Bill_M says:

    They should keep track of every cent spent now and keep reporting monthly until the event is over. Just so the people know how much money was spent because Democrats and the media (BIRM) couldn’t let the President try to save the American Taxpayers any of their hard earned dollars.

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  30. Athena the Warrior says:

    Master trolling and/or security concerns from unhinged Dems and their allies?


  31. TreeClimber says:

    Donald Trump never backs down… and he assigned this “victory” to them very ostentatiously… he’s up to something.

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  32. Linda K. says:

    The press really blew it this time. Cover the G7 at a luxury resort or sit slapping mosquitoes at Camp David. Life is short guys.

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  33. DesertRain says:

    China owns many, many big hotels/resorts in US.
    Doral is American owned.
    At the Doral, Cost savings would have been passed on to all G7 delegations. Everyone benefits.

    Potential headlines if choice is China owned
    “ Democrat/Media Stupidity Continues to Feed Chinese Profits at Expense of Everyone Else “


  34. Raptors2020 says:

    If they need a spot by the ocean..Obama just spent $15 million on a beach house in Cap Cod, so it must be real nice. And if you say the name Obama, Democrats will approve (although Trump’s room will probably be wire-tapped).

    And since Obama is sure global warming will wash his house away in about 10 years, he must be desperate to get his money’s worth out of it!


  35. GREENMIRROR says:


  36. Harry says:

    To be a dedicated trump supporter, it is not necessary to find a “plan” behind everything. This is purely a back tracking of a decision which always looked bad. Since trump does not care about optics and wanted the best place, then he should have stocked with it. However, he even realized it was not a good move at this point of time. It would be nice if they really thought through this more before coming out public about it. I have a hunch that there is really some legal issues, otherwise he would not do it just because few cry babies did their job.


    • Orbanista says:

      “This is purely a back tracking of a decision which always looked bad.”

      Or it’s another illustration of a fondness for making constructive dilemmas:

      Either A or B (e.g., either they sign the trade bill, or they don’t).
      If A, then C.
      If B, then D.
      Therefore, either C (I win) or D (I also win).


  37. Perot Conservative says:

    Maybe this was all planned.

    Isn’t Camp David limited for such a large group?

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    • retiredseabee says:

      Small group. It is a retreat for the President, staff and cabinet to discuss policies away from the prying eyes of the media. It is operated and maintained by the U.S. Navy Seabees.


  38. Doppler says:

    I confess I was concerned about the emoluments clause exposure, unlike every other false charge thrown at him, it would be a clean, slam dunk winner (technically) for everyone who wants Trump out of office. But now I see he was just trolling, and he was enjoying himself weeks ago saying maybe I’ll do Doral. Then said he would. I hope Durham and Barr have FISA warrants surveilling all those Congress critters in daily conversation with their Chinese and other foreign paymasters, “we’ve got him now, how much is my vote worth?


    • Terra says:

      He has been sending proceeds from every foreign penny earned at his resorts to the treasury. They would have already consulted with WH counsel and ethics advisors. But this gives them one more thing to flail over…likely never was going to be there…and only because of optics.

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    • Harry says:

      He was not trolling. If it was trolling then it would be limited to tweets and discussions about it in helicopter press briefings. Calling a formal press conference (only for this) by Wh chief of staff and declaring a decision is well beyond trolling. No sugar coating it. it was not a good decision and I am glad he reversed it.


  39. vigiles24 says:

    This isn’t like Trump to give in so easy. He’s always got a master plan underneath the hype and it usually involves the judicious use of money. He would have lost at least 3-4 days of revenue on that huge 900-acre campus because everything would have been done at cost.

    Instead, he has given the media and these loser countries thoughts of bed bugs and spoiled sandwiches. Trump hates G-whatever summits almost as much as he hates the UN. I don’t think he ever intended to give them the best of the best. It’s their loss – Trump can sleep on his plane.

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    • nimrodman says:

      yeah, I’m hoping Camp David has some o’ those canvas cots …


    • railer says:

      Good point. Expect Trump to detail how much additional cash Doral will now take-in during those 3-4 days, now that the G-7 burden has been lifted. I’ve played the Doral course, and it’s nice, but I wouldn’t go near the thing if a hoity-toity event was scheduled for that day. You don’t pony up $200+ to have to deal with Antifa idiots and Secret Service up in your face. There are too many great courses in the Miami area.


    • Barnestormer says:

      Watch for it: NYT : Trump’s Doral Cancellation Cost Taxpayers $______; Resort Awash in Cancellation Windfall”


  40. Guyski says:

    Ever noticed how these meetings are located in a safe secure area. Put it in a place were these leaders, with their policies, can meet their people up close. Let these leaders try to drive thru a crowd of their people with their caravan of vehicles. President Trump can use the helicoptor.


  41. Bigly says:

    My favorite Mulvaney response was this stupid question by denials reporter:

    “June 10-12 is going to be very hot in Miami. Will you be discussing global warming?”

    “It’s summer. In Miami. No, we will not be discussing global warming. Next.”

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  42. convert says:

    Everyone who is not just a raving spitting psychopath knows that saving taxpayers millions was a great, practical idea and it called attention in news articles and tweets that Trump takes no salary and his net worth has declined dramatically already. It adds to the public’s growing conviction that he really is the only honest man in DC, the only politician not on the take, the only one who actually realizes where all the money comes from. It adds to the overarching narrative: this president is besieged like no one ever before, to a very unfair degree. Americans innately hate unfair. They root for underdogs, and we have never in American history had such an underdog president. 2020 will be landslide beyond belief.

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  43. DJ Snyder says:

    Ever consider that Trump simply didn’t to give the raving lunatic leftists an excuse to tear his lovely hotel apart? They’re so deranged these days, anything’s possible…

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  44. davidberetta says:

    I say lets go ahead with the G7 at Trump National Doral and simultaneously hold the Congressional “Ceremonies” at GITMO!


    • KAR says:

      Hold it at Doral! But make the press stay at GITMO.


      • davidberetta says:

        Dreams – The Cranberries. – impossible adjective! LET”S refine! Hang The Traitors of this Nation! Simple. There are many who should be hanged for treasonous behaviors.

        We can meme each of these miscreants yet we should let each of these TRAITORS linger in their own making!


  45. MD says:

    Hold it at motel 6, The one by me has a MacDonald’s across the street!


  46. Jason Ross says:

    These G7 meetings attract the usual crop of idiots trying to burn everything to the ground. Glad to see it’s being moved. May I suggest Baltimore???


  47. L4grasshopper says:

    Smart move.


  48. 1riot1ranger says:

    How about Fort Bragg


  49. JAS says:

    How about Guantanamo?

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  50. CaptDMO says:

    Well I guess The Greenbriar “investment” has all gone to seed by now, so THOSE first class accommodations are out.
    Bretton Woods has been restored recently. Without the opportunity for the Navy to bug each and every room on site (Camp David) , but I’m not sure how well all the inevitable “Global Warming”
    whines would go with such a snow covered backdrop.
    And no nearby airport suitable for private jets of uninvited protest publicity tourists of the entertainment ilk to “pop in”


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