Little League Champs “Catch a Ride Home” With President Trump – Video…

Lucky Day, Lucky Day!  The president is traveling with the Eastbank All-Stars team, who recently won the Little League World Series Championship. They were told they are “catching a ride home” to Louisiana.  Cool stuff!  WATCH:

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115 Responses to Little League Champs “Catch a Ride Home” With President Trump – Video…

  1. Henry chance says:

    Ride sharing. making America great, saving energy and a great role model.

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    • this message not approved by AOC. in fact she condemned the institution of baseball at all levels. claiming it has roots in the slave trade in america’s horrible past. she also noted that the entire team was nothing but misogynistic, paternalistic, white men in waiting.
      the young rep. wanted to speak more, however she was late for her private plane flight to new zealand.

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  2. PBR says:

    I cannot imagine the excitement these boys must feel! POTUS- making friends and influencing people!

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  3. Jeff says:

    Look, I got a response from PDJT after I wrote to him, and I framed it, and there it hangs, right next to my desk. I tell my friends and family, “Hey, how many people do you know who get a letter from the President of The United States, addressed to them personally, by name?” It was, and is, a BFD to me.
    I can only imagine the lifelong memories these boys will have of this event. I’m very happy for them.

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  4. teeheeman says:

    WOW. PDJT is as genuine as they come – what a thrill for these boys!

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    • 4220ma says:

      I don’t remember Obama doing anything like this. I could be wrong because any time the news went to him I tuned it out.


      • Rachel Guess says:

        I remember that odimwit decided to close the White House to all tourists and groups and pictures of him putting his filthy feet up on the Resolute desk…/smh


      • shirley49 says:

        Me Too. Could not stand to even look at him nor listen to him.

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      • Nobodysfool says:

        President Mom Jeans left a lasting awful impression when he attempted to put one over the plate. It was a disgrace, as usual. “Bring the heat” for Obama means telling his street thugs to go spit on a Trump supporter.

        These young men represent the best in Little League but also the best in America. Hard work, determination, devotion to an endeavor they love. God bless them all and may they mark yesterday as one of the greatest days they will ever live. Thank you, President Trump for making their day. And ours.

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  5. Deborah Fehr says:

    I dont care who you are. that makes me smile!

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  6. DeWalt says:

    The President is a cool dude.No one else would do this for the common kids.

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  7. Bill Dumanch says:

    He didn’t ask who their parents voted for.
    He didn’t ask which district they were from.
    He didn’t ask which gender they were
    He is our President.

    Very good, Sir.
    Very, very good.

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  8. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    What a memory those kids are going to have. Our POTUS is simply the best.

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  9. dayallaxeded says:

    I sure hope Louisiana will acknowledge VSGPDJT’s largesse and deliver landslide R victories, especially in national elections. We know what NO-LA will do, politically, but the rest of the state can make it right with massive turnout.


  10. Republicanvet91 says:

    Contrast this with the previous administration and their celebrity parties at the White House.

    President Trump easily associates with normal people, while the former office holder was an elitist snob who told working people their jobs were not coming back.

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  11. RatedProduct says:

    Kindred spirits. They thrive on achievement.


  12. wodiej says:

    Now, that is cool!


  13. shirley49 says:

    I bet he is a hoot to hang around with. Bet if someone took a poll of the Secret Service and who they would rather work for he would win hands up. Some of the articles that I read about how the Clinton’s and Obama s treated them were disgusting.


  14. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Winning the Little League World Series by itself provides these youngsters a lifetime of memories.

    But, my goodness, on top of that they get to visit with the Greatest President in the Oval Office.

    On top of that they hitch a ride of AF1 back home with the President.

    On top of that they get invited to the President’s rally.

    And on top of that, they get invited up on the stage to be honored by the President.

    How can you top that for Little League memories?

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  15. Major Rage says:

    Just look at the smiles on those kids faces……..they are living YUGE!

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  16. Moe Grimm says:

    Good guy this President of ours. I grew up in Brooklyn during his time and he was the same then. Did things like this all the time. Always helped kids in the NYC PSAL and much much more. With his money and his time. And though you’ll never hear it from the cultmarx stenography echo chambers he was placing women and minorities in significant managerial positions long before it was “pc” to do so. One, though I can’t remember her name, was responsible for the entire construction division and she did it for years. When Trump Org. completed the 40 Wall St. project he offered Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition free space in the building. He’s done more for blacks than ANY other president let alone the Muzloid who did nothing. Jackson’s quotes about Trump are out there, but you’ll likely not find them on the first pg. of a Goolag “search”.


  17. Eastender says:

    This is the type of thing our President does that continue to hold him in high esteem by his devoted supporters. Making America great again up close and personal. You rock, Mr. President!


  18. ChampagneReady says:

    You have to marvel at this man. No other way to put it.


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