Ukraine Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko Denies President Trump Pressure or Coercion During Phone Call With President Zelensky….

In what appears to be an effort to extract Ukraine from the toxic environment of American media fake political news, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko discusses the phone call between President Donald Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky.
Minister Vadym Prystaiko was a participant in the discussions between the U.S. and Ukraine and has specific knowledge of the phone call.  Minister Prystaiko says the phone call was long, friendly and covered a variety of important issues.  There was no undue pressure or “coercion” from U.S. President Donald Trump.  WATCH:

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177 Responses to Ukraine Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko Denies President Trump Pressure or Coercion During Phone Call With President Zelensky….

  1. Nigella says:

    What say you Schiff? yeah, I know, he’ll keep up with the lie

    • Mojo says:

      Let Schiff keep digging his hole. It will only open the Biden can of worms for all to see. What fools they are. Eight yrs of wussy W, 8 yrs of BHO, with an immature press gaggling along and the Dem’s hubris has taken them to the level farce.
      Stepping on a rake indeed.

      • Bill Durham says:

        Next week the MSM will be accusing the Ukraine president of being a Trump puppet so he is not to be believed. Believe the whistle blower. They will hang their hopes on Trump not releasing a transcript. Without one the disinformation will continue. Also it would appear that the new IC IG is dirty and in on this. He would have had to seen or heard this and other conversations that were exculpatory. To take on the dni is risky unless he thought coats would be there and back him. Then POTUS sniffed out coats. This new coup may have been in the works for a while, but got foiled. Let’s see if the whistle blower starts to back track next week.

        • Rhoda R says:

          As this story seems to have (also) been created out of gossamer fabric, I would question the ‘Whistle Blower’ status of the so-called informant. Sounds more like a political hack trying to gin up some more trouble for Our President.

        • ristvan says:

          The ‘whistle blower’ isn’t under the IC whistle blower act of 1998 (I just double checked a comment to that effect elsewhere at TGP —(1) PDJT is not in the IC, (2) was hearsay) and so the antiTrump leaker does NOT have whistleblower secrecy protection under the whistleblower laws.
          PDJT can force disclosure of the leaker name and then take appropriate action against the Swamp.

          • gda53 says:

            So how then could the IG
            1) accept the leaker/squealer as a ‘whistleblower’?
            2) issue a report/statement that it was “concerning” (or words to that effect)?
            3) Do anything at all?
            IG’s ARE supposed to know their own rules, are they not?
            Am I wrong in thinking this is bizarre behaviour by the IG?
            Does this tend to confirm Sundance’s supposition as to the identity of the ‘whistleblower’? Maybe she have used her (previous) prominent position to ‘persuade’ the IG to take her complaint?
            Or did the IG just expose himself as a member of the Resistance?

            • BitterC says:

              As I posted on a previous thread, the IC IG was the special counsel in the DOJ NSD division from July 2016 (John Carlin & unmaskings) continuing thru Mary McCord and Dana Boente until he became the IG in May 2018.
              I find it convenient for the cabal that he has this position since spygate is all about the IC community. I kinda wonder if he counseled Carlin to cut and run (resign)

          • BigTalkers says:

            These lies, the latest Kavanaugh libel, and the Dems themselves are blowing away on “Gossamer wings.” Their News Fakers and RINO fellow travelers are in full Desperation Mode now!

          • cantcforest says:

            Like! (outta my way, WP)

        • Austin Holdout says:

          The Schiffettes probably already started #believe all whistleblowers

      • Donzo says:

        Still waiting for that rake to hit them in the head. We have a media that’s gone totally off the rail and so has the DOJ. In fact, much of the time they are working together to take down our great VSGPDJT.

        • Raghn Crow says:

          The more they go that route, the more of a parody they become; the more a parody they become, the more and more average, everyday people pick up on it. It’s kinda like the boy crying wolf, only every new time he does it, he “cross-dresses” into a crazier, more insane costume. The same thing is happening with “Climate Change” or whatever they call “Global Warming” now. The more hysterical they become, the more stupid and asinine they look. Eventually, NO ONE short of their demented selves will believe it.

          • Donzo says:

            In theory, anyway. I suppose it depends upon just how gullible the people are. Since is live in San Francisco I’m not too optimistic on that account.

            • livefreeordieguy says:

              You’re not alone, Donzo… I’m in NH and based on what I hear from friends, neighbors and my own relatives, I’m not too optimistic either. It’s shocking how reflexively people believe the mainline media despite their near-constant failure. Old habits die so hard.

      • RobInPA says:

        ‘What-if’ the demorats concocted this controversy with its objective being to expose the dealings of creepy uncle joe so he would have to drop out of the race?!
        I wouldn’t put anything past these wretched commie Progressive repobates.

      • noswamp says:

        They want Biden out mate. That is why they are doing this.

    • stripmallgrackle says:

      The original narrative has been folded, spindled, and mutilated beyond all recognition. Tomorrow’s NYT’s should have a banner editorial that will straighten it all out for us.

    • Bill Durham says:

      I don’t see this helping the Dems or the MSM. I don’t see the visit of the Ukraine president helping either. I follow CNN headlines and story placement size and location to predict media narratives. A lot of Mamet principle was being invoked yesterday. Today they are moving the story down in impoRtance, bold claims are walking back, and Biden stuff is out

    • Niagara Frontier says:

      He’ll certainly receive cover from his accomplices in the media, as well as from his accomplices in the government.
      None of this will stop until justice prevails, and these seditionists feel cold, steel handcuffs being slapped around their slimy wrists.

    • bertdilbert says:

      The very best part is when Biden says “If you don’t believe me you can call the president.” That would mean Obama had full knowledge of the bribe.

      • Rhoda R says:

        He surely doesn’t mean that people who doubt him should call the President – Donald J. Trump! He must mean that they should call the FORMER president obama.

        • bertdilbert says:

          Well he clearly said it. That is why I say Trump should announce Biden’s withdrawal from the Presidential race. He either lied or Obama becomes a party to obstruction of justice.
          Since he has already admitted to obstruction, he is not eligible to be President when he is going to be under investigation. Democrats have to dump him.
          It would be more fun if Trump announced Biden’s retirement and let the media run and back Biden so Trump can cut their heads off a second time.

      • I saw a clip where Biden said, “If that stuff were true, you’d see it in the media.” Biden’s always good for a laugh.

    • Jederman says:

      No kidding, and where’s the “whistle blower,” hanging out with Blasey Ford?
      Not sure why our side continues to endure these fake news, lefty/msm “narratives.” Call them out, take them to court, have the FCC or relevant federal investigate the continued and obviously deliberate “reporting” of falsehoods.
      It’s not like this was a mistake or something slipped through the crack. This is deliberate reporting of lies on national bandwidth.

    • Bill Durham says:

      The story is now being picked up by major news sources. CNN ms13nbc wapo and nyt refusing to cover it. Wow. That Trump bommerang is gonna sting!!! Can’t wait for an ef Buck Adam Schiff tweet storm

    • Y’all Know What Time It is says:

      They are trying to create a situation whereby if the Ukrainians tell anything about DNC ’s campaign hyjinx, then the media can claim it is only because Trump put pressure on them to do so.

  2. That puts an end to it…………or it should.

    • I doubt it. I think it’s going to be President Trump that keeps bringing it up, and he should. The media stumbled all over themselves in their rush to make him look bad and it WAS fake news. And the Bidens SHOULD be investigated, that’s where the blackmail and illegal payments happened.

      • webgirlpdx says:

        Wait until the President has the opportunity in a debate with Creepy Joe to again throw out the “you’d be in jail”…..line 🙂

        • Rhoda R says:

          He won’t. Biden won’t last to the DNC Convention let alone through it. I don’t know whether it will be physical problems or political problems or legal problems that will stand in his way, but he’s not going to be a factor for much longer.

          • The Gipper Lives says:

            “Biden won’t last to the DNC Convention let alone through it.”
            “Gee, that’s a real shame.”–Hillary Radium Clinton

            • swissik says:

              I agree with all the above. Biden is not going to be the candidate. If it isn’t Warren then I think it will be Newsom of California. Last minute savior so to speak. Brazen, relatively young and very slick. In other words, dangerous.

    • Sbark says:

      Potus should double down with push and call to get Ukraine their money back…..not a rich nation. Biden could at least give them Benghazi weapons of value lol

    • Scrapiron says:

      Nah, the dumbocrats never learn. One lie blows up…’s on to the next one. Hopefully the voters see this b.s. for what it is. Presidental harassment.

  3. Paprika says:

    I love this President, he doesn’t cower, cover, or hide like politicians, he engages in battle and fights! And he fights not for himself, but for the American People!

    • Sherri Young says:

      PDJT’s next rally should be EPIC!

    • QCM says:

      PDJT fights because he can! It’s what happens when we are fortunate enough to have a President that the deep state doesn’t have dirt on!!!

      • Rhoda R says:

        Frankly, I’d value a “Publish and be damned!” man who ran for President as well. Depending on the reason for blackmail it might well be that the American people wouldn’t hold it against him.

  4. Bob says:

    We all know this is more Leftist BS….leave it alone….the media likes this crap….and it just keeps it going to sell papers and ratings….don’t they know we are on to them….this is Obama and his crooks, it more about 2020 election.
    The republicans better come up with a plan to counter the Climate Change BS protest this weekend. It needs a fast blitz program to move the needle…..that’s today…..or they are going to eat our lunch in November.

    • Sherri Young says:

      You can start by retweeting this. I posted the link on the presidential thread last night. Since it is humorous, it is likely to gain better reach than eggheaded verbiage.

    • Madeline Huffnagle says:

      This Climate Change stuff is a religion with the left, no doubt about it and too many people are believing it hook, line and sinker. You think in the eons of years of the earth, its climate change that makes this year hotter than last?? I don’t think so.

      • California Joe says:

        Climate change is a marketing tool for the Democrats. If you buy the catastrophe (climate change) you buy it’s manufacturer (Democrats).

        • Bill Durham says:

          Bingo. It made Al gore a millionaire. It’s worth trillions, power, and votes. It’s the next bureaucracy that Dems can control and manipulate. And they will give a few crumbs to the Rino’s.

          • livefreeordieguy says:

            Yessir, Bill… And ‘millionaire’ understates things a bit… Al Gore is worth over $200M and that is after a 50/50 divorce from Tipper in 2010… Gore’s fortune isn’t all ‘Climate’ related (Al Jazeera sale) but being consistently wrong about all of his dire climate predictions has proven to be a very lucrative gig for old Al. Strangely, his inventing the Internet has not earned him any money whatsoever. Doesn’t seem right.

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        If the solution is
        You know the “PROBLEM” is a HOAX.

    • noswamp says:

      No way! No conservative or Trump supporter believes ANYTHING about climate change. Especially when they consistently fail to name China as one of the world’s largest polluters.
      The Climate Change stuff does not register with most Americans who care about their families and jobs and wages and illegals way more than Climate Change.

  5. Sherri Young says:

    Adam Schiff is going to be one of the main instruments that inadvertently punishes the Dimm party.

  6. ALEX says:

    I guess we will wait for the next “whistleblower “ to disagree with the President…..on let’s say North Korea and run to the democrats in Congress. A convenient fact is there is no such thing as a whistleblower on a Presidential phone call.
    It’s been already forgotten, but there was a whistleblower on the security clearances. The very last person to testify was the thirty year veteran who was the final say on these things…he said nothing was done differently and the story went away…..they even held phony congressional hearings…..

    • Bill Durham says:

      Ohhh. That was a good one!!! They had a disgruntled staffer who was a midget and her whole story turned out to be bs. Her Own colleagues did not back her. And her testimony was suspect. The media never reported this and they simply moved on.

    • noswamp says:

      Don’t know why Solomon and Hannity don’t mention this simple fact. Hearing a call illegally by the way, after it was recorded, does not give you standing to be a whistleblower because you were not present during the actual conversation.

  7. But the diplomatic damage remains. In the future, will any head-of-state wish to place or to answer a call with the US President, now fearing that the content of their conversation might be the subject of the next headline? Let’s begin by imposing a $250 million dollar fine on the Washington Post, with the proviso that they may not print another edition of their wretched newspaper until it has been paid in full, and then immediately file Federal charges against the whistleblower after we have fired the hapless IGofI and stripped him of his Federal pension. That would be an appropriate beginning, I think.

    • Amen!!! The news media in this country has GOT to be brought down!!
      Without the fake news participation in all of the Dem/Deep State globalist corruption, this would not continue to happen!!! Whether it’s fines or jail-they have to be brought down!
      Enemy of the people is spot on!

      • Actually, in this case I think that “the Media” is of secondary importance, although I do believe that the civil penalty which I have described is probably conservative. The internal Inspector General should have instantly known what sort of material (s)he was dealing with, and that no bona fide “whistleblower” status applied to it. The diplomatic implications should have been immediately obvious. But, it would now seem that their entire thinking began and ended with: “Orange Man Bad.™” (And, they immediately faced several packs of slobbering dogs in the Congressional committees, who proved themselves to be equally clueless.)
        Folks, we ought not be surprised when the reaction of multiple heads of state has become: “We are a Sovereign Country. We don’t want to become caught up in your partisan internal politics … and we are entitled not to be!” What the hell are we supposed to do if the President dials-up somebody and they do not want to answer?

        • “… and with very(!) damned(!!) good(!!!) reason?!?!?!”

        • Greg1 says:

          In all seriousness, I think the IC and the democrats would be perfectly happy with that. It would isolate President Trump and make it more difficult to be president.
          This continues to prove that all they care about is power.
          They sure don’t care about the country or the people.

  8. Doppler says:

    Methinks the Democrats and MSM have swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker. “Reel ’em in, Rudy,” says the President.
    The bigger question is the larger Deep State, not all of whom care at all for the Dems, but many of whom are all in when it comes to retaining Deep State power.
    Excising HRC, Biden, other politicos and their operatives who worked for them within the Deep State and in China, five eyes, etc., without destroying the international spy and manipulation network completely, is what appears to be going on.
    We’ll know more as the Ukraine story unfolds, why Victoria Nuland et al engineered the 2014 coup, apparently without Obama’s knowing what was going on.
    Such big consequences. So little transparency.

    • Lester Smith says:

      The thing is the dems are a violent crazy and are brown shirting the normality of every day Americans. How far will they go. So far beating, screaming and killing cops. This is a civil war of everyday Americans and brien shirt crazys.
      What I worry about is and when will it turn from harassing conservitve leaders to something much worse. We must stay vigilant and be there for each other. Beware If the crazys can’t stop trump they will stop the voters. Intimidation and voilence are the dems game. Many will stay home rather than taking the risk of voting. These are scary times but we can not hide in fear we must show we don’t run we stand our ground. , There more of us than them. Trump knows God is with him are we.?

  9. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Should we consider Prystaiko a half truth teller?
    There was no involvement by HRC/DNC as regards Ukraine?
    Surely you jest? A diplomatic answer to a complicated question.

    • The Boss says:

      I knew I wouldn’t be the only one to see that.
      Good thing I read the bottom (at least where it is now).

    • rutwood says:

      Yeah, he’s lying about helping Clinton. Anyone following this closely knows about the fake ledger used to frame Manafort.

    • Former lurker says:

      Art of the deal? Ukraine skates on HRC/Obama era misdeeds in exchange for squashing Biden, the continuation of that era. Clean slate with USA, let’s talk maybe bilateral trade in the future?
      The others involved in the Ukraine mess are up to their eyeballs in FISA abuse. Get them on other more “domestic” misbehavior.
      MSM stuck calling Mr. Foreign minister a liar or Mr. Truth teller…either way PDJT gets an angle favorable to him.
      The whole time the publicity is payed for by your enemies while you warn them not to do it.
      He warned us winning could be tiring.

  10. California Joe says:

    What’s truly amazing is IG Atkinson totally overlooks Vice President Biden shaking down Ukraine by extortion and threatening to withhold $1 billion in aide unless the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden was fired. He was not outraged about that or the highest ranking officials in the DOJ, FBI and CIA using false evidence to obtain FISA warrants, unmasking hundreds of innocent Americans and attempting to frame the President of the United States and his family members for a crime he that not only didn’t commit but a crime that never even happened. Why isn’t IG Atkinson investigating any of that? President Trump should fire the guy immediately after the 2020 election along with two incompetents….Wray and Powell!

    • Julian says:

      Atkinson just another Obama holdover.
      It’s a shame Trump isn’t allowed to appoint his own people to these positions.

  11. ristvan says:

    That interview really slams Schiff hard. Schiff posted up and shot an airball. He will now try to pass the ‘get PDJT’ ball back to hapless Nadler.

    • I read that “hairball”.

    • Allard Otten says:

      Schiff is the one you leave open because you want him with the ball. AKA, the fish.
      All the pressure on CA timed with the Buck arrest is to force the bad guys to cough up Schiff, IMO. Schiff thought Biden could save himself with the “being a candidate” defense. Biden’s quote of, “I could beat Trump like a drum”, tells me that’s what Biden was banking on; also probably the reason for all the ‘polls’ showing Biden leading. It’s just MSM covering fire. This will now be taken apart by Trump’s boys and ruin the ploy for the rest.
      The 2nd pincer attack vector is painting Warren as Kirchner 2.0. Will Warren do more damage to the US stock market than Kirchner did to Argentina? Too close to call
      Schiff is damaged goods and is now liable to take down the CA boys as well as the entire national dem 2020 strategy. He’ll be jettisoned by the dems themselves. Schiff got rolled into going all-in with the whistleblower story because he’s too worried about his own ass.

  12. trapper says:

    And after receiving their special delivery package from the Acme Phone Call Transcript Company, the Democrats use it to set themselves on fire ….. again.

    • Donzo says:

      Trapper, have you seen any screaming maniac Dems on fire yet? The DS in cahoots with the MSM are selling swampland because they know the idiots will buy it. When will the DOJ light that polluted river on fire? So far they are winning and I’m not placing any bets.

      • Fubu says:

        I wouldn’t say winning but would agree they seem to have thrown a lot of punches but none have landed as far as PDJT goes, like he said, all misses. When he starts the counter punching, its gonna be the come back for the ages. Sit back and enjoy the show.

      • 2013gti says:

        You call batting 0 for 22 winning? Hmmm… ok sure

      • 2013gti says:

        You call batting 0 for 22 winning? Hmmm… ok sure

  13. Bogeyfree says:

    At what point does AG Barr after reviewing the Biden video and this second attempt to frame a sitting President with made up allegations, step up and investigate Biden and his son?
    I mean come on man. Why is it so hard for the DOJ to investigate Hillary unsecured server and emails, U1, Ukraine, DNC hack, Weiner Laptop, Framing PapaD? The list just keeps getting longer and longer and nothing but crickets.
    It is absolutely disgusting to me

    • J Gottfred says:

      I could not agree more. What is it going to take to get some real movement on this crap? Maybe a couple of thousand marching on the corner near 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW… they would probably arrest us for doing so.

    • Well, I have been reading Obstruction of Justice and it is clear that the Democrats own the FBI, the DOJ, and the entire DC justice system from judges to prosecutors to defense attorneys. I don’t know how you crack this’s pretty tight.

      • Bogeyfree says:

        I’d like to know if the same guy who recommended Sessions also recommended Barr to PT?

        • I kind of think George Bush had something to say…I’m sure POTUS consulted with him as a reference. Barr sounded really good when he started out, but I do not know if he has the strength of character to buck an entire system of corruption.

        • Sherri Young says:

          I think Sessions recommended himself for AG. He was very active and useful in the Trump campaign and asked to be the AG. Sessions did a good job when he appeared and spoke on behalf of candidate Trump at the Texas GOP convention in 2016. At least 1/2 of the delegates were unhappy that Ted Cruz would not be on the ballot and were a bit grumpy.

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      At what point does AG Barr after reviewing the Biden video and this second attempt to frame a sitting President with made up allegations, step up and investigate Biden and his son?
      How do you know he’s not?
      According to Soloman’s article…….RudyG got involved in NOV 2018.

  14. joeknuckles says:

    Don’t look now, but Fox is till running the fake news version of this and is clearly siding with Biden.

    • L4grasshopper says:

      Oh? What’s your evidence for that statement?

      • mimbler says:

        I had it on in the background while I was working in the shop, and they really did go with the fake version of this and ran Biden’s accusations against PDJT with zero pushback.

      • Kintbury says:

        He is absolutely correct. I just watched Arthel Neville and Eric Shawn and they clearly were giving the impression this is about Trump pushing his weight around and they even had on a reporter from some Philly outfit who said the story had been debunked. They are enough to make you want to throw up. Disgusting.

    • Tl Howard says:

      Yeah Arthelle what’s her name is about 18 hours behind the story.

    • GB Bari says:

      I have posted repeatedly in CTH about Fox News degrading and being hardly better than any other leftwing alphabet news network.
      On the weekends, excluding Maria Bartiromo’s show on Sunday morning, the entire weekend FNC news team has been irrefutably anti-Trump for at least 2 years. It was their rapid and strikingly obvious shift away from hard news reporting and into mushy left-leaning opinion blathering on news topics that pushed me away from Fox, first from their weekend news broadcasts, then altogether as eventually the weekday reporting (with a few notable exceptions) became increasingly anti-Trump and far less objective.
      It’s why now I only watch news reporting on OANN.

  15. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

    This whole episode demonstrates why Donald J Trump is indeed a VERY STABLE GENIUS

    • Donzo says:

      Why then isn’t he playing offense? Was Barr another DS plant? We may be waiting for an airtight case to be made, or not, but what about the long list of other injustices that have taken place with impunity, this latest one about Biden being a prime example?

      • ristvan says:

        Donzo, he is playing offense, in several ways.
        As commented on the previous thread, this Ukraine chess gambit does several things simultaneously: casts Pelosi and Schiff in a bad light, proves there is a deep state out to get him, Obama let crooked Biden and his son cash in, fake news media proven again…
        And in re the bigger Spygate problem, NEVER AGAIN==>AG Barr with declass==>Horowitz on FISA takes down at least Comey and Yates, while Durham on EC predicate takes down at least Brennan and Clapper. Airtight cases take time to build, and the closer to the election the worse for Dems, Swamp, and Deep State.
        He is basically helping the Dems destroy their party using just tweets and TDS. AOC+3, Beto gun seizures, Fauxcahontas, deBlasio troll followed by NY Post ‘obituary’, no to Newsom homeless cleanup funds request, rat infested Cummins Baltimore district,…

        • Ma McGriz says:

          I think your analysis is spot on.
          I think what’s really happening hasn’t sunk in yet.
          It’s gonna spread like a spill.
          Do you see Ukraine ultimately connecting up a case for extradition?

        • Ristvan, the closer we get to the election without consequences, the more I’m considering another scenario … Strength-before-War
          • POTUS is gathering momentum (52% Polls, co-opting Blacks & Hispanics, etc)
          • 2020 is looking more like a potential Wave Election
          • Big majorities in the House and Senate neuter RINOs and Demo☭rats
          • Trump appoints Badass DOJ-FBI Leadership and U.S. Attorneys
          • Trump reorganizes and brings-to-heel the Intelligence Community
          • Trump cleans house from Deep Staters and Obama Embeds
          • Impeachment threats disappear into oblivion
          • Divide-and-Conquer Takedowns Launch (in different venues you cite)
          • Broad-front action by Multiplying Prosecutors prevents gang-up opposition
          • Convictions gather momentum
          • Perps begin to be turned
          • Sedition Trial(s) begin
          … expanding into ever-broadening circles of Perps, Accomplices & Enablers

          • International: Collaborative Winning Multiplies Discovery & Secures Support
            • Builds International Partners and Coalitions-for-Action (Mideast, China, etc)
            • Achieve widespread Deep-State Discovery
            • Makes Destabilization Operations UNTHINKABLE.

          • Raptors2020 says:

            Or..we’re looking at a new form of revolution. Not violent but monolithic; all organs of the State, including a news media which is essential to a functioning democracy, arrayed against a duly-elected leader, they chose not to support.
            Barr, like Sessions does nothing because there’s nothing he can do. His orders are defied or ignored.
            The Congress is refusing to support measures good for the country, purely to damage Trump; we’ll see if Pelosi ever passes USMCA. This defiance remains bipartisan.
            Trump versus Washington, from day 1 of his Presidency, until today. The 2-Party system has morphed into a Uniparty. Is there any realistic way to generate a new Party to turn this around, or is violence the only real option?

            • cantcforest says:

              I agree with Ristvan and BKR’s comments. Trump has carefully sized up Congress, the Uniparty, the media, and the Deep State and let(led?) them (to) reveal themselves. A few months ago, I thought that PDJT would pull the trigger on declassification and indictments around the party conventions. I’m now to the point of embracing your view: he will wait until after the election then level DC, meaning wholesale reduction and redirection of the alphabet agencies, going after Congress with a vengeance, and, finally, indictments. Perhaps, that will sufficiently clear the stage of the corrupt actors that a new party can emerge.

              • cantcforest says:

                Since I opened my mouth…even if the stage is cleared, there are two structural problems that must be addressed: 1) campaign finance needs to be revised so that Soros, CoC, Koch, Bezos et al can’t dump gargantuan amounts of money into the candidates’ campaigns (ban PACS?) and 2) stifling the uttering/reporting of unsubstantiated “facts”, particularly by the MSM.

        • Donzo says:

          I understand the rope-a-dope strategy some claim Trump is employing. Letting them hang themselves is most righteous. I hear it oft repeated that the democrat media complex and its propaganda machine is about to implode. The tick tock club byline. I guess it will come down to a head count rather than a national wakening as to whether the media is more successful at proselytizing viewers or disgracing themselves in the eyes of its viewers. I cannot call that one because as much as I’d like to believe the latter, there’s too much evidence of the former. IOW, the jury is out and hopefully it hasn’t gone fishin’. The real danger of a protracted period of justice denied is that short sighted voters will lose interest in the throes of a national emergency.

          • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

            there’s too much evidence of the former.
            I wouldn’t be so sure about that “evidence”
            “Evidence” conveniently provided to you by the volume of that propaganda machine.
            IOW: It’s not real.
            Remember the ANTI War protests against GWB that the media covered WEEKLY?
            Went away the DAY after BHO won.
            Even though NOT ONE OF THOSE WARS WERE ENDED…..
            the “anti-war protests” and therefore the media coverage of them did.
            Watch Martin Savage (CNN) piece on Minnesota DEMS voting for Trump to catch a glimpse of reality
            Dave Chapelle’s Sticks and Stones (NETFLIX) to see how folks are going around the “machine”
            (Warning NSFW)

            • Donzo says:

              Just to be clear, by evidence I’m referring to the apparent bottomless pit of gullibility of MSM viewers. I suspect PDT is coming out of this with a net gain in voters, but it is very hard to say with certainty.

      • Julian says:

        This Biden stuff just came up!
        Have a little patience man. When id it happen? 2014? Just need to give Trump and his appointments a little bit of time to build a case.

  16. Halo62 says:

    From CNN, Paragraph 30ish. The whistle blower didn’t have direct knowledge of the call

    • Are you kidding me? This person has hearsay evidence and goes to the Dems as a “whistleblower”..this is beyond irresponsible.

      • ristvan says:

        It was stupid TDS. And means the leaker has NO legal whistleblower protection and is in real legal jeopardy.

        • Bill Durham says:

          And yet the newappointed by Trump has given the claim and wb credibility. And is challenging the Dni on the issue. And is most like a source to the press and to Schiff.

          • Bill Durham says:

            And yet the newly appointed by Trump ic ig has given the claim and person credibility. And the ic ig is taking on the new Dni….

        • BitterC says:

          Ristvan, then what do you make of the way the IC IG has apparently handled? The way I understand things he has given it credibility by handing over to DNI as “urgent”

          • GB Bari says:

            Just possibly….maybe the reason IG Atkinson handed it over to the DNI was because the IG felt a crime actually was committed, but by the whistleblower, and the IG thought it needed to be handled by the DNI.

      • jx says:

        Well they consulted their beach friends before forwarding their hearsay

  17. Bogeyfree says:

    Will somebody send these idiots Aesop’s Fables book # 210 – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
    As Schiff is clearly turning into the boy who cried wolf way too many times IMO.

  18. joeknuckles says:

    It just occurred to me that the Democrats may want the transcript so they will know how much Trump knows so their Lawfare buddies can get their story straight.

    • CopperTop says:

      They can read them in 6 years at 45th’s Presidential library which I REALLY hope is placed somewhere between two sections of wall on the southern border.

  19. US says:

    The Ukraine Government was installed by Clinton and they are the source of much of the DNC Spygate though this woman Alexandra Chalupa. Ukraine should pay for trying to intervene in US internal politics. In the meantime Paul Manafort is in Solitary.

  20. Deplorable Canuck says:

    And that is the end of that…except now Biden has a lot of splainin to do!

    • Donzo says:

      What’s hard to explain is why anyone still thinks in this new era of post constitutional America that bad behavior needs to be atoned for.

  21. Bill Durham says:

    Donald j Trump is an egomaniac, vengeful, and abrasive. He is just what we need! Any other person would have quit or been destroyed. This man took on the FBI CIA doj State Dept Dems and the MSM all by himself. all of his negative qualities make him perfect for this fight. HE never gives up. He never quits. He puts in 20 hour days and can’t wait for the next fight. He is a life lesson in fearless. And the man has not aged!!! Ever notice that! It must be his new diet and exercise regimen!!! LoL! Oh and did you notice the usual Dems and Rino’s are silent on their Twitter account. I am guessing the realize what Trump has pulled off and they are staying out of the way. More MSM rags are now emphasizing that this is a “second hand” account. This could end up like BuzzFeed. “We never saw the transcript, we relied on the whistle blowers version”. It seems we discovered some discrepancies and have had other sources come forward that downplay the more serious claims. At this point we do not see any quid pro quo.”. Then they pat themselves on the back for getting it right.

    • gary says:

      trump is a life lesson in fearless,but he had no idea that the deep state would come for him like they did. thats how he got fooled in the beginning. they poked the wrong cage.

      • Raptors2020 says:

        Rush says Trump told him, shortly after his inauguration, that the Democrats would work with him, for the good of the country. Rush told our President it would never happen.

    • JG3 says:

      As PT says, “It’s about the heart!” And, Scripture tells us God knows our heart. So, I’m thinking, while he may act like the adjectives you list, he, FL, and family have beautiful hearts” !
      “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”
      John 15:13 KJV

  22. Bogeyfree says:

    So why isn’t the honorable Senator Graham demanding an investigation into the Biden video statement and bringing “people” before his committee to testify under oath??
    Doesn’t he too want to get to the truth???

    • He only wants SC votes for the Senate. Everything else is immaterial to him.

      • evergreen says:

        If Graham were the GM of a football team, he’d be recruiting punters, and nothing but. Eventually, he’d have no offense or defense, but when it’s his turn to score, he’d be able to backstop his impotence into less better starting positions for the opposition. WIN!!
        Clearly, a losing proposition, but then his role is to not win in a gentlemanly fashion. Offense is a dirty, manly undertaking, and Republican Senators don’t get dirt under their nails.

    • John55 says:

      The GOP Senate is worse than useless. We’ll be lucky if the majority of them don’t use this controversy as another excuse to attack Trump.

  23. JimWVa says:

    After listening to the Ukrainian minister, it appears to me that the Ukrainians will object to the release of the Trump-Zelensky call transcript for their own national security interests. Lest we forget, three of their eastern oblasts are in open, armed rebellion with the central government in Kiev and the Crimea has seceded to the Russian Federation.

  24. gary says:

    funny. the deep state thought they disarmed the ukraine by taking their weapons and promising security,that turned to be a lie. i guess they didn’t totally disarm them .

  25. Bogeyfree says:

    All a ploy to get a HRC and Warren Ticket.
    Nothing they do is accidental IMO.

  26. Aintree says:

    If I’m interpreting Prystaiko’s words correcty, he’s “exonerating” P Trump but denying that anyone in the Ukraine tried to assist the Dems during the 2016 election—“All these speculations that the Ukraine helped the Democrats and wanted a Pres. Clinton instead of a Pres. Trump, this is the result of misinformation and the evil intentions of certain people…”
    So if not, then this would explain why the NY prosecutor and the DOJ have not taken any action about this allegation—or Prystaiko is covering up the election tampering up or wasn’t in gov’t at the time and doesn’t know anything about it. Which is it?
    Prystalko is denying the assumption that “The government of Ukraine under both Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and now President Volodymyr Zelensky, had been trying to deliver information about Obama officials and Democrat party officials (DNC on behalf of Hillary Clinton) requesting the government of Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election.”(sundance)
    So far, I haven’t seen any follow up regarding John Solomon’s reporting yesterday even though Solomon allegedly interviewed many of those that had inside info. Was Solomon duped? Do Prystalko’s words scuttle the election tampering allegations?

    • Aintree says:

      Correction: After rereading my post, I realize sundance’s quote could still be accurate as it only states that “the Dems requested the gov’t of Ukraine to interfere…” and not that they actually did. Prystalko did not deny in the clip that the Dems requested the Ukrainians to interfere.
      I hope proof of the Dems request attempt is revealed.

      • CTH Fan says:

        Rudy has signed affidavits from Ukrainian officials that Dems did. He said so on CNN. Also said he had turned them over to someone. Why is everyone overlooking that?

        • GB Bari says:

          “Why is everyone overlooking that?”
          Hmmm. I am fairly confident that not everyone is overlooking it….
          The MSM spikes that element of the story… because it conflicts with their anti-Trump narratives.

  27. Brant says:

    As noted, MSM will call Ukraine pres a puppet of Trump. So, I think Putin doesn’t like Ukraine. So, putins puppet Trump has a puppet in Ukraine pres?
    If you need a shovel get em quick. Dems are buying out every store.

  28. CountryDoc says:

    NEVER put yourself where you are between Hillary and more power.

  29. Wait for it:
    [reposted from earlier thread]
    TRUMP TWEET On BidenGate
    … wondering why Obama suddenly WITHHELD SUPPORT for his OWN VP Biden
    … just before the “Deep Throat” release of ALL the Biden Family CORRUPTION
    … linked to so many Obama Administration ACCOMPLICES
    … as Obama smilingly watches the Bidens TAKE the FALL!
    • What did he KNOW?
    • Who was his DEEP THROAT?

  30. Raffaella says:

    MSNBC Chris Hayes:

  31. islandpalmtrees says:

    Corrupt Obama Ambassador Refused Visas to Ukrainian Officials to Enter US — Had Evidence of Obama Admin Misconduct to Give to Trump Officials
    by Jim Hoft September 21, 2019
    Who has the head of the DNC working for them Fox News.
    The Ukrainian officials were denied their visas to enter the US in 2018.
    Corrupt Ambassador Yovanovich was fired by the Trump administration in May 2019 when all of the Ukrainian collusion with the DNC came to light.
    It is telling that far left Democrat lawmakers Steny Hoyer and Eliot Engels were most upset with Ambassador Yovanovitch’s removal.
    And Yanukovich were as corrupt as they come. Yanukovich was for Putin and Poroshenko was for the EU and anti Trump. Poroshenko at the end, started to turn to Trump because the EU were very reluctant to arm Ukraine. Thank God Zelensky is there now. He truly does want to turn over the “goods” to the Trump Administration.

  32. Troublemaker10 says:

    Adam Schiff is way overdue for the Trump curse.

    • LULU says:

      n any event, this leaker (not a whistleblower, in my view) was operating on limited facts. The call was preceded by visits between Rudy Giuliani and Ukrainian official Andrei Zermak, at the very request of the State Department, part of a diplomatic effort to repair relations with Ukraine and newly elected president Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky has been trying since last summer to hand over evidence of corruption by Americans in Ukraine during the Obama administration. Those efforts faltered when the U.S. Embassy in Kiev failed to issue visas in a timely manner so they could hand over this evidence, and when thereafter Ukraine hired a former U.S. attorney to hand over the evidence to the U.S. Attorney in New York, they got no response. The evidence involved efforts by the Democratic National Committee to pressure the Ukrainian government to meddle in our election, and the payoff to Joe Biden’s (and apparently John Kerry’s) son as well. At each step of the way, Giuliani informed U.S. officials of the discussions.
      Indeed, it turns out the leaker was merely reporting hearsay and had no independent knowledge of the conversation.

  33. Can someone please explain to me why Biden would care about an Ukrainian prosecutor investigating an Ukrainian company in the Ukraine unless it had either USA or personal interests. I have yet to see any evidence of an USA interest, so it must have been personal.

  34. John-Y128 says:

    What I don’t hear are denials from Ukraine that weren’t pressured by VP Joe Biden, over their prosecutor, and in favor of his son Hunter Biden!

  35. Bill O'Rights says:

    We know when the msm gets a story they think will hurt PDJT, they spontaneously have a collective big O. Team POTUS knows this too. They wrapped this biden turd like a beautiful present and stuck it under the tree. The msm ran straight to it and tore it open like little Ralphie thinking it was a Daisy Red Ryder ™. Instead of a shiny new present, they were forced to deal with obama administration and biden family corruption. Brilliant move on many levels: Exposes yet another example of msm malpractice (lack of fact checking etc.) Shows the public a “whistleblower” is not always a “whistleblower.” (important in upcoming events). Pushes the biden corruption story out of the shadows (more msm malfeasance). This is fun to watch.

  36. Collateral Justice says:

    Funny, I for one voted for a President who is a bully and a great negotiator for both foreign and domestic issues.
    Not a suck up who bows down to the Globalist control freaks like Obama has done for 8 submissive years.
    All I can say is thank God Hillary lost her rigged election. When even massive voter fraud can’t help the deep state rig the vote. Just ask any Bernie bro how good that feels to be raped.
    His name is Seth Rich, the greatest Russian Hacker to ever be reborn for the title.
    Thanks Seth, we know you hated Trump as much as Hillary but Socialist are disposable. (((Shrug)))

  37. hippy89 says:

    I love PRESIDENT TRUMP ????????????????

  38. LULU says:

    From John Solomon at The Hill last March:
    US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election
    While the 2016 presidential race was raging in America, Ukrainian prosecutors ran into some unexpectedly strong headwinds as they pursued an investigation into the activities of a nonprofit in their homeland known as the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC).
    The focus on AntAC — whose youthful street activists famously wore “Ukraine F*&k Corruption” T-shirts — was part of a larger probe by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office into whether $4.4 million in U.S. funds to fight corruption inside the former Soviet republic had been improperly diverted.
    The prosecutors soon would learn the resistance they faced was blowing directly from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, where the Obama administration took the rare step of trying to press the Ukrainian government to back off its investigation of both the U.S. aid and the group.

    More here:

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