Bolton Out…

It was always just a matter of time…

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344 Responses to Bolton Out…

  1. dwpender says:

    What did Obama do when his politically pliant pet and hack, Susan Rice, couldn’t get the Secretary of State position because she couldn’t get confirmed? He made her NSA — no confirmation required. Imagine the nefarious activities she was able to undertake with control of the NSA database.

    My choice would be John Ratcliffe. Imagine the GOOD he could do aiding Barr and Durham, and supporting the public release of documents revealing all the nefarious shenanigans the last Administration and its embeds in this one engaged in to undermine a major party candidate, a President-elect, and a President of the United States. His appointment would cause immeasurable anxiety among the conspirators. Go for it.

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  2. Gunner says:

    President Donald J. Trump….AKA the ‘Boss’. You work for him, you’ve got a shelf life.

    Damn, this is refreshing.

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  3. Bolton represents “old school thinking” about the use of American military power, and unfortunately also was a poster child for military industrialism. This does not align with the President’s far more sophisticated deal-making sensibilities.

    Bolton’s characteristic way of thinking was responsible for eighteen years of lucrative stalemate in Afghanistan. With apologies to the Beach Boys (“Barbara Ann”), it goes like this:

    “Bomb bomb bomb … bomb bomb I-ran … BOMB BOMB BOMB … BOMB BOMB I-RAN! … BOMB I-RA-A-A-AAN …”

    … and that was always the end of it. That’s as far as their thinking had to go.

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  4. LULU says:

    Fascinating to this mostly lurker to see the trolls slip in and plant their IEDs and then recede, only to come back. Virtually unnoticed, they are so subtle. Or so they think.

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  5. Zephyrbreeze says:

    Huge relief. Super Swampy guy.

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  6. Nick the Deplorable says:

    So now the story from fox is:
    Last night Bolton and President got into argument and Bolton offered resignation. Bolton comes in this morning and sits through a two hour conference and then decides to resign.

    More like President asked Bolton to resign last night and then found out this morning that Bolton is attending a conference and then fired him.

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  7. linda4298 says:

    Mike Pompeo is as steady as a rock, nothing moves him.

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  8. Bryan Alexander says:

    I may be missing it entirely, but I thought Trumps effort at the Camp David Meeting was to get the Taliban and the Afghan government into some semblance of a cease-fire/stop blowing crap up so that the United States could get OUT of that useless desert. The deal wasn’t necessarily gonna be with us, but with the “others” the Taliban doesn’t want to live with.

    Personally, If I were President, I would just send word to all the contractors to get their personnel out of Afghanistan within 24 hours, then 24 hours after that issue orders to remove every service member in Afghanistan in the next 24 hours. If you can’t load it on a plane, burn it or blow it up.

    The only way to “win” in Afghanistan is to kill everyone who opposes you. They don’t understand anything else. We have too much of a moral conscience to do that, as a country, so just leave and let them kill themselves.

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    • ann says:

      Complete total extraction of troops is possible.
      But, Afghan, as a nation is a partial construct and inherently unstable.
      It’s a magnet for external predators, a territory dominated by uncooperative sectarian interests.

      Vulnerable to everything from archaic Islamist extremists, nuclear Paki militarists to Turkey , Iran, Iraqi & China expansionists.

      As a potential powder keg, we have to keep an oar in the water. I’d prefer to do that through actuall Afghanis, rather than court and bribe duplicitous third parties like Pakistan and Iran.,,

      Total evacuation, including our semi covert operatives would create a power vacuum in a convergence zone of ruthless predatory power seekers.

      Is it realistic to expect outsiders to respect Afghan’s political sovereignty? .

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    • Doug Amos says:

      Subcontract Afghanistan to the Kurds; problem solved and the best friends you could ever have in that region will never let you down!

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    • mikeyboo says:

      I share your sentiment, Bryan. But what would be the implications for the rest of Asia and the Middle East?

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    • Kintbury says:

      Absolutely and in the future we don’t go to war unless the people are on board with us going in and wiping out the enemy and not complain if there are innocent people hurt. America goes above and beyond to avoid this but no more at the expense of our own people.

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  9. Sherri Young says:

    Click to see the meme.

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  10. cdor1 says:

    I like Bolton and have always thought he is a smart man and a loyal American. But he is a Neo-Con and I never thought he would fit in well with Trump’s desire to reduce our military commitments throughout the world. Apparently this weekend the rubber met the road. I really like the dwpender’s suggestion of John Ratcliff for a replacement at NSA. I hope that Bolton takes this like a man and goes away quietly without taking a gig at CNN. But whatever Bolton does, Trump moves on.

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  11. uptothere says:

    “Bomb em Bolton” had a very narrow problem solution set that didn’t work well with the Trump method.


  12. Ozark says:

    The big question is why Bolton was hired in the first place, another bad pick?


    • Seeking advice is never wrong.

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      • Rynn69 says:

        It is when you are surrounded by a nest of vipers or you get it from millennial liberals like Ivanka or Jared. To be fair, I cannot assume they are behind any of the poor personnel decisions (Kelly, Mattis, Cohen, McMaster, Powell), but the expansion of earned income child credit was not good.

        Getting advice from the RIGHT people is always good – getting advice from the WRONG people just to identify their strategy.

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    • Redzone says:

      Bolton could have been hired to indirectly help with North Korea negotiations. Trump could honestly tell NK he is getting significant pressure to simply blow up their nuclear sites rather than negotiate. NK would know from Bolton’s reputation that Trump is serious about getting the advice to attack.

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      • Tseg says:

        Exactly. I see PT having very tactical use of his leadership team. Tillerson got movement on Saudi Arabia and then his value was spent, for example. Having a bunch of ‘yes’ men in your leadership is always a bad thing.

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  13. ooicu812 says:

    Bolton’s Iranian Thugs Busted Planning Attack on US Naval Forces Published on May 6, 2019 We received proof more than 12 hours before headlines broke about a possible Iranian strike on the US Navy by the Peoples Mojahedin


    • Heika says:

      I would say that something more like false flags (set up by Bolt head) were revealed and this was proven to Trump. No doubt Bolton has ben the one stirring up the trouble with Iran the whole time (the ‘pretend fuzzy pictures’ ) we were subjected to of mines and things in the side of the tanker for example. Very Bolton. No fan of Iran, but they are the perfect ‘baddy’ to amplify and ramp up to get a war started for Bolton to justify himself

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  14. I have no problem with a few hawks in the administration. And it does no good to have a strong military if the enemy feels you will never use it. Best to use generals or enlisted men if you have to include hawks as advisers. Junior officers and civilians are just trouble.

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  15. HickTick says:

    Reading these complaints about who PDJT has hired or fired is pure comedy gold You sound like You never Heard of a divorce , or a relationship gone bad . Before You make a fool of your self remember Jesus hand picked Judas the brother of James .

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  16. faridrushdi says:

    President Trump has made many personnel choices that has made me wonder. But that’s how successful people do it. He tries to catch ‘lightning in a bottle’ with unconventional choices but gets rid of them quickly if they don’t work out. Also, my guess is many choices are a head fake; he chooses someone knowing he’ll quickly get rid of them and then choose the person he really wanted.

    It’s like the young man who goes home to mom and tells her he wants to marry another man. After she flips out, he says, “Well, there is this nice girl I’d like to marry but she’s a stripper.” The mom, relieved says, “I’m sure I’ll love her!” My science teacher told me that story back in 1972. Learned a lot from him 🙂

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  17. AnotherView says:

    Bolton was a warmonger…..good riddance. I’m sure the Communist News Network will snap him up.


    • decisiontime16 says:

      Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Tuesday praised President Donald Trump for firing National Security Advisor John Bolton, saying the move was a “necessary action.”

      “I commend @realDonaldTrump for this necessary action. The President has great instincts on foreign policy and ending our endless wars. He should be served by those who share those views,” Paul wrote on Twitter.

      I commend @realDonaldTrump for this necessary action. The President has great instincts on foreign policy and ending our endless wars. He should be served by those who share those views.

      — Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) September 10, 2019

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  18. JoeMeek says:

    For Bolton’s replacement – Col. Douglas Macgregor, author of ” Breaking the Phalanx”.


  19. always remember you are an adviser not a consultant.

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  20. sunnyflower5 says:

    Had to keep it short because he had to get out his group text to all of Fox and media members….

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  21. lolli says:

    Personally, I am just thrilled Bolton is out!
    Yay. 🇺🇸 #AmericaFirst

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  22. Heika says:

    Good riddens Bomb Brain

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  23. LULU says:

    Fred Fleitz’s name is floating around…


  24. JoeMeek says:

    Bolton believes that if there is any doubt about having a war, let’s have another one.

    Trump believes that if there is any doubt about having a war, let’s not have another one.

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  25. Lottacats says:

    What will happen with his security clearance? Seems too many manage to keep them.

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  26. Magabear says:

    I can see how this unfolded:

    Bolton: Look, Mr. President, we haven’t bombed anyone in awhile now, don’t you think we should start a war with Iran or someone else?

    PDJT: John, take yourself and your warmongering Colonel Sanders mustache the hell out of my office and never come back!!!!!

    Something like that. 😎

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  27. Nomadic100 says:

    I believe Andrew McCarthy is correct when he says Americans ignore our antagonists’ ideology at our peril. The Taliban will never negotiate in good faith. They are Islamic jihadists to the core. Accordingly, it was madness to invite a bunch of them to Camp David to “negotiate.” I’m glad they bombed Kabul, except for the deaths of the American and the Romanian soldiers, as I hope it brought Trump a little closer to understanding the ideological scourge of Islam. Because right now it is evident by this episode that he doesn’t get it. Islamists won’t make honest “deals.”

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    • Tom! says:

      A lot of truth there.

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    • Free Speech says:

      Well, most of the Islamists would be herding goats if it weren’t for the black op weapons and $$$$ given to them by the real unstoppable psychos – the Deep State, neocon
      globalists who want war, war, war until they get their one world government. They want it so bad they even come on message boards and put up clever little psyop posts.

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  28. WSB says:

    Make General Flynn NSA Again!!!!

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  29. WSB says:

    Make General Flynn NSA Again!!!!


  30. TRProst says:

    My father used to tell me never to burn any bridges when changing jobs because you never know what may happen down the road. Bolton is blowing up his bridges. Good riddance.


  31. Heika says:

    Hmm interesting


  32. Both Bolton and President Trump are patriots and love their country.

    Unlike some here, I don’t think you will see Bolton out trashing this administration…. forcefully voicing his differences? . . . . perhaps, but trashing, no.

    Bolton understands that Islamic supremacist savages comprise an ideological death cult posing as a religion, will NEVER negotiate in good faith with the civilized Judeo-Christian West and understand only one thing…..the threat or use of overwhelming force. That was what Iraq was all about. Before 0bama surrendered and withdrew against military advice the surge had worked, we were holding ground on their turf and killing jihadi scum at will who were flocking there from all across the region on orders from Bin Laden . . . . . . exactly as we planned. It was a long term strategic effort that was working as until 0bama did a 180, apologized & bugged out. We can argue with hindsight whether going into Iraq in the first place was a mistake, but the abject debacle caused by the 0bama / Biden precipitous withdrawal was predicted by military experts BEFOREHAND . . . . . . but I digress.

    President Trump has shown that he isn’t adverse to using military force, yet doesn’t want to get (or stay) bogged down in any protracted ground wars – these are both good things.

    I do think, however, that – like Rand Paul and his old man – the President may be a bit naïve in thinking he can reason with the likes of fanatic third world Mohammedan terrorists, just as he thought he could reason with the democrat left who are allied with Islamic supremacists in a long ideological war against capitalism, individual liberty and the Judeo-Christian values that made Western Civilization in general and America in particular great.

    Having said that, I don’t think Bolton should have been kept around if he is that at odds with the Commander-in-Chief and I hope President Trump really doesn’t think he can cut a deal with islamists….they aren’t interested in capital, they want blood.

    Flame me if you want, but don’t for one second think I’m a leftist troll.

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  33. PinotNoir says:

    Bolton was there to frighten adversaries. When his usefulness was done his job was over. Looks like a pattern with this CEO. Imagine we’ll see it again.

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  34. Summer says:

    The real question to ask is why the hell Bolton was appointed to begin with. I don’t pay much attention to politics but even I know that Bolton is a neocon warmonger and lovin’ it.


  35. CNN_sucks says:

    Bolton is a good guy. He articulated his position pretty well, but PDJT vision is different from his. The fall out must be the taliban invited to camp david. Bad idea. Wray should be next to be fired.

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  36. Bill says:

    Boy, this firing of Bolton has brought an S ton of trolls to the site trying to shape opinion of Bolton (methodically) as a good patriot. More like pawn, trolls. He served his purpose and is no longer on the chess board. Deal with it.


  37. Graham Pink says:

    Can now cross off invasion of Hong Kong as one of my fantasy 3rd World War choises.


  38. And the countdown begins……how long before Bolton has a book out, and goes on all the news talk shows talking smack about Trump and his team?


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