White House Press Pool Doesn’t Like Chopper Pressers – ‘He’s Melting Us, Halp’…

We are approaching the never-before-reached strata of “too much winning”.

Today President Trump held the third press conference over thirty minutes in the past four days.  Sunday a chopper presser on the tarmac in New Jersey (36 minutes).  Tuesday a presser in the Oval Office (32 minutes).  Today a South Lawn chopper presser (35 minutes).  No questions filtered; direct responses from President Trump; all questions answered…. and the media can’t take it.

(Jenn Jacobs Tweet Link)

I’m absolutely not snarking at Jenn Jacobs, she’s actually one of the few that keeps her reporting generally between the lines… But the overall tone of press pool response to this level of POTUS availability is hilarious.  ‘Halp, he’s melting us‘.

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303 Responses to White House Press Pool Doesn’t Like Chopper Pressers – ‘He’s Melting Us, Halp’…

  1. Bonitabaycane says:

    How fitting…..the Fake News Media is melting.

    Just like the Wicked Witch of the West! 🙂

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  2. mugzey302 says:

    You can’t behave like adults indoors, so swelter or get rain soaked or freeze at chopper pressers. Thank Acosta ‘s rudeness and juvenile tantrums for your discomfort. Or the other globalist peons for their obnoxious comments and yelling. You get what you deserve.

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    • Nah! The Trumpinator (OverTrumper?) just knows we like it.

      As for the Melting Corps (ooh, think how Obama/Soetoro would mangle that), or MC (yes, I am on the ball here): Back in the 60s, there was a science fiction book called “The Clone” — NOT meaning what the word later came to mean in popular parlance, but just “asexually reproducing”, basically by just growing and growing (yes, like the Blob, but you digress). The Clone basically just absorbed living things — mostly people, because they kept trying to touch it (oy) — but anyway, after a while the hero discovers that an iodine solution would kill it, or rather kill the part touched by the iodine. But once sprayed with iodine, the living clone was still living, inside that killed surface of it, and of course it could flow like water, or like intelligent maple syrup — even upward a little way.

      Well, this Sundance post reminded me of that, and I thought of the MC as that clone…you can hurt it, make it yell about melting, but it is really just preparing itself to break out wherever it can. So, yes, I am basically saying, this is not winning, this is just annoying the Insane Left — they WILL NOT LEARN ANYTHING from it. What’s a little iodine on their protean surface?

      Well, no, I don’t have anything to do right now…but that’s not my point, and I don’t see why you bring it up. Hmph. Hmph-hmph. At least bring out the MAGA kitten…

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  3. calisandy says:

    Ha ha!

    He’s melting those media witches and pulling back the curtain on the Globalist/Communist Puppetmasters one press conference at a time!



  4. Loren says:

    I hope the outdoors pressers continue when its 50/55 degrees and raining!

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  5. Gotterdammerung says:

    35 years olds sitting there in shorts and a t-shirt asking questions and complaining about the 75ish year old in a full suit answering them. Awfully pathetic.

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    • Plus our POTUS has on a bullet proof vest and those things are HOT and heavy.

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      • Rnt says:

        Maybe the vest is electrically cooled? Or has ice pack pockets. Either way, torturing the press with the heat is awesome.

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      • Xena Laminak says:

        It’s hilarious, right? Oh, he’s got dementia! He’s slurring his words! He’s TOOOO old to be President! MOOMMMMMY he’s making me squat and listen to him for 40 minutes and it’s hot out and he’s not even breaking a sweat! I LOVE Trump! He might have an ice back in that jacket but however he does it, it’s awesome!

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  6. deplorable says:

    So a single reporters (cheap) cell phone shut down because it was hot. I don’t get it – why does that matter? Does that keep you from asking questions or listening to answers? You still have your expensive microphones and cameras and if all else fails, a little notebook and pen work well.


  7. Kriilin Namek says:

    So an overweight septuagenarian is standing there firing off answers with aplomb while the juice boxers are dying, toughen up!

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  8. Brant says:

    We haven’t seen or heard from Acosta or April in months. That right there should get Trump several 1,000 votes.

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  9. Brant says:

    And 6 months from now they will be in the cold, snow, winds……I can’t wait.

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  10. bkrg2 says:

    They all miss the Obozo days:
    No access to most useless President in history.
    Talking points distributed by WH press secretaries to copy & paste into MSM bloodstream.

    Easy job ever…


  11. sundance says:

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    • GB Bari says:

      That article by Politico is quite revealing of the press’s biased attitude and intentions to grill PDJT – neither of which is respectful of the POTUS. Yet in the same paragraphs they whine about his treatment of them. Amazing one-way thinking.

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  12. convert says:

    Unprecedented availability. Unprecedented transparency. Unprecedented openness. Unprecedented honesty. And the “journalists” [sic] hate it.

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  13. Cocoon says:

    Remember where’s Waldo?
    Where’s Acosta?

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  14. Ono says:

    White house grounds maintainence should arrange for the sprinklers to come on once President Trump is onboard the helicopter.

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  15. I like the fact that the sun is in their eyes, and to President Trump’s back.

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  16. Gunner says:

    They all are a punchline to a bad joke. Thank you, Mr. President, for exposing them. (Damn, I’d love to be aboard Marine One after one of these. Better than winning a lottery).

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  17. Curious says:

    At the same time they will pretend he is *inaccessible* by pointing out how long it’s been since the press secretary held a briefing.

    Bunch of lying crybaby morons.

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  18. Merkin Muffley says:

    And if he didn’t take their questions, they’d say he’s avoiding the press.


  19. 13wasylyna says:

    So Trump stands there the same 45 minutes, 32 minutes and patiently answers their questions and they complain like the snowflakes they are…..


  20. mariner says:

    “Halp, he’s melting us.”

    It’s a shame he’s not vaporizing them.

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  21. Ironclaw says:

    If the press don’t like it then I’m all for it, screw those communists.


  22. Gary Lacey says:

    I’m waiting for the melting to stop and the frost bite to set in this winter, haha

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