McNaughton's Latest: "The Masterpiece"…

Jon McNaughton’s latest artwork draws inspiration from the scale of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments; and the scale of opposition he has faced.  [Website Here]

From the artist: “What does the future hold for America? President Trump’s last few years in office have been remarkable. He has changed the direction of this county economically, devastated ISIS, negotiated with countries on the world stage, and been a powerful voice for American ideals.
It hasn’t been easy, as he has been blocked by both Republicans and Democrats, trashed by the media, and hunted by the deep state in an attempt to undermine his presidency. But, the “painting” is not finished!”

“I believe that Trump will yet reveal in the future a greater degree of prosperity, justice, and American influence that has never been seen before. His greatest achievements are yet to be revealed. How will history remember the presidency of Donald J. Trump? I believe it will be considered a “Masterpiece.”” (link)

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  1. Bill Dumanch says:


  2. mopar2016 says:

    Our president is tireless and I think he enjoys making the world a better place.
    I also think he’s having fun while showing the whole world how it’s done.

    • stripmallgrackle says:

      I remember video of PDT stepping off for a meet and greet with members of the Air Force during a refueling stop. This was right after Mueller released Weissmann’s report. Basking in that moment of relief, you could watch as the President relished the opportunity to visit briefly with the troops, and see that he was both honored and happy to hobnob.
      I realized then that no President in my lifetime has truly enjoyed, most humbly, being our President as he discharges the duties he volunteered to accept.

      • stripmallgrackle says:

        I realized then that no President in my lifetime has truly enjoyed, most humbly, being our President as much as Trump has, as he discharges the duties he volunteered to accept.

        • margarite1 says:

          I’m guessing he really had no idea how vile, how vicious, the left would be and how so many people would overlook his great achievements. He’s doing a fabulous job – he deserves nothing but praise and extraordinary approval ratings. RESULTS! That’s what he has brought. The left seeks to destroy those by any means possible – including harming all of us in their hunger for power. Let’s have a recession and you can lose your jobs but you can get rid of Trump and meanwhile we’ll put you on food stamps and welfare. Boy what a brilliant plan. They couldn’t be more disgusting.
          I fear what the left has become and how many people buy into it.
          My love to Donald Trump for his incredibly courageous battle!!

      • Issy says:

        I believe you have summed up why he is so appealing to the average person. We sense he is real, We accept him and appreciate him for who he is.

  3. bluebongo says:

    Thank you for posting this Sundance.

  4. Paul says:

    I was in the doctors office today, everyone there was a senior citizen. One lady said, “He has done a lot of all Americans”. Another said, “Yes, in spite of all those resisting him.” Then the waiting room exploded in conversation praising Trump. A lady said ” I wish I was 50 years younger, I would try to become a Secret service agent, and if anyone shot at him, I would gladly take the bullet.”
    They all knew the news media was not trustworthy, they all said the dems have nothing to run on.

  5. StanH says:

    Very nice.

  6. You can be damn sure the painting isn’t of Obama sticking his nose through a poison ivy hedgerow looking for PDJT’s magic wand of prosperity.

  7. Jean says:

    There has not been a day that has gone by since Donald J. Trump was elected that I have not given thanks for his presidency. I am so thankful that I have lived to see the greatest president this country has ever had or will have.

    • Rick554 says:

      I’m with you. Everyday I thank the Good Lord above that HE let Donald J Trump be our President. Keep Praying!!!

    • Rick554 says:

      I’m with you. Everyday I thank the Good Lord above that HE let Donald J Trump be our President. Keep Praying!!!

    • GB Bari says:

      Suggest that every day, everyone go to the top of the comments under the daily Open Thread and read Grandma Covfefe’s daily prayer for the President and our country. She usually has a great post & prayer there.

  8. SKIDROE says:

    Donald Trump truly loves America. He donates his Presidential salary to other groups and I read today where he has lost almost 1/3 of his fortune while being president. He doesn’t care about his money. AMERICA FIRST! MAGA!!

    • ?Gunny66 says:

      Most of it probably spent on lawyers…..
      But we will pay him back…..keep him in there past 2020 and let him finish the job.
      Then we can name “The Universe” after him……..yeah…
      “The Trump Universe”

    • Impossible says:

      His legacy is his contribution and dedication to world history’s first true “Nation of all its peoples.” He is a true reformer of the reformation that our Nation’s founders fought and died for.
      He walked into a near-cesspool of corruption and laughed at his formerly-confident adversaries.
      Money is a tool for him, not the aim (as it is for the avarice); power is a tool for him, not a drug (as it is for the prideful); control is a tool for him, not a device of oppression (as it is for the lust-enflamed politico-operatives).
      President Trump uses these tools toward one purpose: to elevate every citizen, to support and defend every believer in the American Dream of free-speech, freedom of thought and constitutional action, pursuit of happiness, and self-determinism.
      My father told me, “All good men are loved, but any good man who stands up against evil will be hated in his time upon this earth….”
      What a legacy.

      • Mom4Trump2020 says:

        Impossible, May I copy this and post it on Facebook? It is powerful!!

        • Impossible says:

          Mom4; yes, absolutely— I’m honored that you would do so. It’s such an emotional time politically; when I delivered newspapers as a kid politics and politicians were such a minor percentage of the ink; and then; watergate; and the world was never the same…

  9. JoeMeek says:

    ” He has changed the direction of this county economically, devastated ISIS, negotiated with countries on the world stage, and been a powerful voice for American ideals.”
    And to the democrats, this is only a partial list of his sins.

  10. duggersd says:

    President Trump makes me tired just watching him! I have never seen anybody with as much energy as he. Thank you, God for bringing him to us.

  11. CharterOakie says:

    I agree with McNaughton. The best of the Trump presidency is yet to come.

    • A Moderate Man says:

      I hope so too CharterOakie. The thought of Senator Warren and mayor Pete as president/vp is a real downer.

  12. i'm just sayin'.. says:



      • need24give says:

        WE will begin his addition to Mount Rushmore the day he leaves office.

        • John Good says:

          Make the Democrats heads explode by starting the Mount Rushmore Monument tomorrow!
          After all, some “Socialists” gave Barack Hussein O’Bama the Nobel Peace Prize “just for being elected”!

        • John Good says:

          Start the Mount Rushmore Monument tomorrow & watch the Democrats heads explode!
          Tell them it’s “karma” for Obama getting nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize BEFORE he did anything!

      • lady4trump says:

        I so wanted Donald Trump to run for President in 2008, then 2012, BUT I was thrilled when he came down his escalator and said he was running in 2016! THANK YOU LORD JESUS! And President Trump has NOT disappointed! Pray for him daily.

  13. Mac says:

    Good picture. He should have had the Churchill bust in it too, though.

  14. sDee says:

    These will be our roaring twenties like only Donald Trump could pull off.

    • GB Bari says:

      The 1920s were a confluence of many positive events, developments, and trends in the US that pumped tremendous energy into the economy. But the DemoncRATs of the 1920s weren’t nearly as leftwing back then as they are today. In fact, while they weren’t “conservative”, they were ideologically far to the right of today’s DemoncRAT unabashed Socialists and Communists.
      Yet the DemoncRATs in the ’20s were split on major issues such that their party divisions afforded the Republicans successive wins for the Presidency through that decade. It was the Crash of ’29 and the Recession the followed that unseated Republicans and put DemoncRATs in power in 1932 for would be far too many years.

      • HillaryisGuilty says:

        The Crash of ’29 was no accident. You can read about it in high school history textbooks; Ralph Epperson went into detail in one of his books (can’t remember the title, sorry). Chilling take on the bank runs, margin calls, rumors, etc.
        JFK wanted to do away with the Federal Reserve Board. President Trump wants to do the same.

        • GB Bari says:

          I would recommend using extreme critical thinking when using high school history textbooks published anytime within the last 20 years for any topic in American history. I’ve skimmed through a few over the past 10 years amd found them to be mostly shoddy and blatantly obvious attempts to re-write history with a leftwing (pro-Progressive) bias.
          A good book on the stock market crash is “The Great Crash 1929” by John Kenneth Galbraith. He doesn’t go into the Federal Reserve history or the money supply as deeply but he does a great job explaining the Stock market crash itself and goes into some explanation as to why THAT crash brought about the severity of the Great Depression that followed, unlike most other stock market crashes/contractions.

          • HillaryisGuilty says:

            I’ll have to look for it. The black and white photos taken during that time are incredible. And if some old timer tells me about their experiences during that time period, he or she has my undivided attention.
            If President Trump managed to get rid of the Federal Reserve, that would be a milestone. It would really be something if we went back to the gold standard.

      • sDee says:

        Soon after, the Socialist and Progressive parties unified under the Democrat Party. Win first – divide the spoils later.
        It looks now to be splintering

  15. PatriotUSA says:

    The future is……..winning!

  16. Pa Hermit says:

    I own 5 paintings/lithos from this artist, and I smell another one coming to my home! I no longer have any room left for them, but that’s another bridge I’ll cross when it gets here!

  17. booger71 says:

    Jon McNaughton and President Trump are both national treasures.

  18. MaineCoon says:

    President Trump praises and glorifies God in every speech and in his actions and directives. God raised him up and is using President Trump for His Name’s sake. When the Masterpiece is finished, Christian’s particularly will see the Artist’s work. I thank God for President Trump (and his family) and I thank President Trump for staying God’s course and seeking His guidance in all things.

  19. Mainecoon says:

    I also believe that Jon McNaughton made a cathedral the background of the The Masterpiece being indicative that President Trump receives inspiration and guidance from The Master. Many will not comprehend the depth of his faith until they see the finished Masterpiece, but the jouney will hold more meaning for those who comprehend his faith from the onset.

  20. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Wow! Simply, Wow!!

  21. GB Bari says:


  22. lolli says:

    I think this might be my favorite painting of McNaughton’s so far. ?

    • Ivehadit says:

      Me, too, Lolli! Fabulous.
      Thank you Mr. McNaughton and …
      Congratulations on your new granddaughter, Carolina, too!

  23. Sofa King says:

    Not much content.
    Trump’s expression is weird.
    I appreciate the sentiment, but just because it’s about Trump doesn’t make it a good painting.
    The chair came out very nice.
    ★★ out of ★★★★★

    • Ray Runge says:

      I would offer that the “weird”expression may be some one who has gained some well earned wisdom.

    • I’m cutting your self-rating from 2 stars to a FAKE star.

    • free2313 says:

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding the painting…
      What you think it was trying to tell.
      What you see and read in the painting is simply your personal projection, onto the painting, and especially regarding Trump’s controlled smile…
      It is pretty difficult to give it a pathetic rating, when you have not even seen the real picture in person…

      • Sofa King says:

        I didn’t say pathetic.
        I paint, but I couldn’t paint that…
        But there isn’t much content, which IS the hardest part of painting…
        Thank you for not taking it personally… 8)

    • GrandpaM says:

      Mexican word of the day: Sofa King. You are Sofa King troll.

      • Sofa King says:

        I’m not trolling, I paint, when I can, and was just giving an amateurs opinion. It’s not like Trump painted it! 8)

    • Michael Todaro says:

      Sofa King ? I picture a massive couch potato with time on his hands. Ana Navarro ?

    • Issy says:

      I think he is a very talented artist. The painting tells a story.

      • Sofa King says:

        Yes, he’s very talented.
        On my best day, I couldn’t paint that.
        But, I stand by my opinion. An amateurs opinion. 8)

  24. Gunner says:

    WOW. Did I say WOW? If not, WOW!

  25. ozymandiasssss says:

    Man this guy gets the scoops doesn’t he. Who’s his source?

  26. Beautiful and spot analysis by Mr. McNaughton! Greatest President this country has ever seen. I’d crawl over broken glass to vote for him again!!!
    #Keep America Great!

  27. tonyE says:

    Even in California a lot of folks like him. LOTS.. like 4.5 million of us who voted for him last time.
    Coming back from our vacation, we stopped for gas halfway between Redding and Sacramento. As I was pumping, my wife went inside and came back out with a Trump 2020 camo hat. For me! 😉

  28. CJ of WV says:

    Maybe I’m seeing what I want to see but…
    the image on the coffee mug on the left table reminds me of Le’Miserable’s scene, flag raised standing in defiance against the enemy. Anyone else see that?

  29. Patsy Birch says:


  30. William Schneider says:

    Sundance and his crew do a wonderful job finding and sharing inspiring info, videos, etc that show the miracle that is Trump’s presidency. God is clearly using this wild man to clean up a world gone amuck. Keep on praying for this man.

  31. fangdog says:

    Think of the joy and great feeling we are experiencing for our America and our fellow Americans because of our great President. Now think if you were a Libtard Democrat with nothing but anger, hate and misery during this glorious time for our Country. Though it is a choice, however, thank God Almighty you are not one of these miserable wretches.

  32. HillaryisGuilty says:

    Donald Trump must be re-elected in 2020. He’s not perfect; I don’t agree with everything he does, but he’s the right man for the job. Right now, the Dems look like disorganized losers, but don’t take it for granted that Trump will win. The Dems will cheat and rig the upcoming elections. They will do anything to re-take power.
    Epstein’s “death” is an example of what the dems and Deep State are capable of.

    • Ivehadit says:

      Sorry, he IS perfect! In fact my heart couldn’t take it if he were any more perfect!❤

      • HillaryisGuilty says:

        Great. OK. Then let’s give him 4 more years. Tom Fitton for VP.
        Hillary, Brennan, Obama, Strzok, McCabe, Clapper, and Comey for prison. Take CNN off the air. End the Fed.

  33. Crawler says:

    Great comments above. Reminds me of a song lyric:
    “Someday, everything is going to be smooth like a rhapsody
    When I paint my masterpiece”
    – Dylan
    Excellent thread and excellent insight from Mr. McNaughton.
    TRUMP 2020: Make Them Cry Again

  34. RobInPA says:

    I like how the ‘setting’ appears to be in a Cathedral.
    Based on its architecture, any guesses as to which one it may be?

  35. Truth seeker says:

    Correction: “His masterpiece” not “a masterpiece”.

  36. Phyllis Pournaras says:

    Anyone notice the painting he is unveiling? Looks like the Epstein painting of Bill Clinton in the blue dress. How is that possible. I would think the Trump painting was done way before the Clinton painting found in the Epstein mansion?????

  37. Phyllis Pournaras says:

    Ignore the above comment. My bad.

  38. Lion2017 says:

    Very touching with a specialness to it. I pray everyday for this brave man,
    his family & administration.

  39. Bob Parker says:

    Jon McNaughton is a Patriotic artist mixed with some political genius!!
    His rendition of President Trump & his wife, cabinet, & advisors as Washington crossing the Delaware (Titled “Crossing the Swamp”) is brilliant!!
    He also painted “The Forgotten Man (Titled “You are Not Forgotten”) & a wonderful satire of Obama sitting playing a violin while the Capitol burns in the background (Demise of America).
    SD has used Mr McNaughton’s “Expose the Truth” with PT in Mueller’s grill.
    Truly an incredible artist!!

  40. The Far Side says:

    Truly awe inspiring!
    Our President Trump has gone beyond drawing a line in the sand…he has driven Old Glory firmly into the ground!
    Odd that feeling I have. Willing to give it my all.
    Are we at, “Now or Never?”

  41. taxpayer here says:

    A masterpiece in the making.
    Got that right!!!

  42. Michael Todaro says:

    All who did not vote in 2018 must write 100 times: “Shame on me. I did not vote in 2018.” Especially those in my native California. Maybe too many “Sofa Kings” out there.

  43. corkyboyd says:

    What an inspirational piece of art! Interesting that the backdrop is the inside of a Christian cathedral. Hope the artist will make prints available.

  44. corkyboyd says:

    What an inspirational piece of art! Interesting that the backdrop is the inside of a Christian cathedral. Hope the artist will make prints available.

  45. Wayne Robinson says:

    moochi is an idiot / more so than the idiot attorney . It will be a real gas watching this idiot self destruct . He said he could influence eight percent of deplorable what does he think he has a magic wand ? He can not even influence his wife how in hell is he gonna convince patriots to vote against their own interest ? Never gonna happen . What a piece of work

  46. InAz says:

    Wow. Beautiful!

  47. Rynn69 says:

    THANK YOU, SUNDANCE! This was a treat. What an inspiring video and painting from McNaughton. We love our President so much, we love our country so much, and we appreciate you and all the Treepers, Guests . . . and the quiet, lurking Patriots among us that secretly cheer for PDJT and America.

  48. GuessAgain says:

    Excellent !!!! Thanks Sundance.

  49. Mark Richardson says:

    The insight and imagination that came up with this intro portrait are so full of insight…

  50. Bob says:

    And he will finish his master piece for the benefit of all Americans.

  51. snailmailtrucker says:

    I turned 73 yesterday….and in all of those years the USA has never had such an Outstanding,
    Goal Oriented, America Loving, Good Hearted man for The President of this Fantastic Country !

  52. stormy223 says:

    That is an inspiring picture by Mr. Naughton. President Trump is building a great future for the country. Just wait; you will see.
    Just my opinion, the American flag should be on the other side. The flag will be displayed on the right hand side of the presenter. (I know, picky, picky, picky).

  53. Will Hunt says:

    I am thrilled by Mr. Naughton’s artwork. Who will ever be able to replace Mr. Trump?

    • Sunshine says:

      Nobody. Mr. Donald J. Trump is unique in his brilliance.
      I have a feeling that in 2024, Mike Pompeo will succeed Trump. Pompeo is everywhere either in economic issues as well as foreign affairs and defense. I think he’s on a learning curve.

  54. William J. Rowe MD FBIS FACN says:

    Let’s wait
    and see. William J. Rowe MD

  55. William Moore says:

    CANNOT Like. Cannot Comment. WHY??

  56. Chip Saunders says:

    To me the cathedral setting may be the “tell” to the Trump presidency. Many people believe Trump is God’s choice to implement His agenda in this nation and I am one of them. Without God, what human could have survived the vicious attacks that have been hurled at him, constantly, these last 3 years?

  57. Sandra says:

    The painting and accompanying audio mirror the sentiments of a grateful nation (at least us deplorables). Thank you, sir, for your beautiful, heartfelt tribute to President Trump and our nation.

  58. Linus in W.PA. says:

    What does anyone think of the significance of the room that the Trumpet is painting in?
    It seems like a chapel, or an old castle.

  59. 6X47 says:

    You know there’s going to be a followup piece with President Trump revealing the “masterpiece.”

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