McNaughton’s Latest: “The Masterpiece”…

Jon McNaughton’s latest artwork draws inspiration from the scale of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments; and the scale of opposition he has faced.  [Website Here]

From the artist: “What does the future hold for America? President Trump’s last few years in office have been remarkable. He has changed the direction of this county economically, devastated ISIS, negotiated with countries on the world stage, and been a powerful voice for American ideals.

It hasn’t been easy, as he has been blocked by both Republicans and Democrats, trashed by the media, and hunted by the deep state in an attempt to undermine his presidency. But, the “painting” is not finished!”

“I believe that Trump will yet reveal in the future a greater degree of prosperity, justice, and American influence that has never been seen before. His greatest achievements are yet to be revealed. How will history remember the presidency of Donald J. Trump? I believe it will be considered a “Masterpiece.”” (link)

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147 Responses to McNaughton’s Latest: “The Masterpiece”…

  1. GuessAgain says:

    Excellent !!!! Thanks Sundance.

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  2. Mark Richardson says:

    The insight and imagination that came up with this intro portrait are so full of insight…

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  3. Bob says:

    And he will finish his master piece for the benefit of all Americans.

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  4. snailmailtrucker says:

    I turned 73 yesterday….and in all of those years the USA has never had such an Outstanding,
    Goal Oriented, America Loving, Good Hearted man for The President of this Fantastic Country !


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  5. stormy223 says:

    That is an inspiring picture by Mr. Naughton. President Trump is building a great future for the country. Just wait; you will see.
    Just my opinion, the American flag should be on the other side. The flag will be displayed on the right hand side of the presenter. (I know, picky, picky, picky).

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  6. Will Hunt says:

    I am thrilled by Mr. Naughton’s artwork. Who will ever be able to replace Mr. Trump?

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    • Sunshine says:

      Nobody. Mr. Donald J. Trump is unique in his brilliance.
      I have a feeling that in 2024, Mike Pompeo will succeed Trump. Pompeo is everywhere either in economic issues as well as foreign affairs and defense. I think he’s on a learning curve.

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  7. William J. Rowe MD FBIS FACN says:

    Let’s wait
    and see. William J. Rowe MD


  8. Chip Saunders says:

    To me the cathedral setting may be the “tell” to the Trump presidency. Many people believe Trump is God’s choice to implement His agenda in this nation and I am one of them. Without God, what human could have survived the vicious attacks that have been hurled at him, constantly, these last 3 years?

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  9. Sandra says:

    The painting and accompanying audio mirror the sentiments of a grateful nation (at least us deplorables). Thank you, sir, for your beautiful, heartfelt tribute to President Trump and our nation.

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  10. Linus in W.PA. says:

    What does anyone think of the significance of the room that the Trumpet is painting in?

    It seems like a chapel, or an old castle.

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  11. 6X47 says:

    You know there’s going to be a followup piece with President Trump revealing the “masterpiece.”

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