Shooter Surrenders – Philly Police Shooting Standoff Ends After Suspect Surrenders…

The armed standoff between Philadelphia police and a suspect who shot six officers ended shortly after midnight when Maurice Hill, 36, a local man with a lengthy history of gun convictions, surrendered to authorities.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer the suspect has a lengthy criminal record including firearm violations, drug sales, assault and resisting law enforcement. [Background Here]

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210 Responses to Shooter Surrenders – Philly Police Shooting Standoff Ends After Suspect Surrenders…

  1. Owl says:

    Red Flag laws are a horrible idea. In the first place, the danger to society is NOT the instrument, the firearm, but the human being. Red Flag laws do not address the human being, only the instrument.

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  2. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Next thing you know… Al Sharpton shows up on the scene

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    • mtnforge says:

      Excellent! alt-agitprop tozerbgood8315

      Like to add my take with yours on highlighting the sly sneaking foul gas lighting of the fake yellow media:

      Actual guess the race NYPost headline:
      “Gunman surrenders in standoff that wounded 6 Philadelphia cops”

      If the gunman was white:
      “Bitter White supremacist terrorist in mass shooting rage shoots 6 Philly cops using typical white male high rate of fire weapon of choice military grade assault weapon with ultra high capacity war grade ammunition containers containing military killer war bullets”

      In a world where truth & reason prevails:
      “6 responding Philly police officers shot by suspect drug dealer during ‘Active Firefight’”

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    • Mary Ann says:

      This is exactly what causes race wars.. People report what they “think” not the facts..

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  3. James W Crawford says:

    I just checked the FBI data on types of firearms used to commit homicides in various states.
    Barely one percent of murderd in Pennsylvania are committed with rifles of any type.

    I am awaiting an email from the FBI with more detailed information from the Supplementary Homicide Reports for Phillidelphia.

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  4. DeWalt says:

    Lengthy Record but still able to menace society. Go figure.

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    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      And that ” lengthy record” was taxpayer funded entirely!
      Whether he was incarcerated or not. Even his ‘livelyhood’.
      My only regret in this? Too bad he didn’t join Jeffrey.

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  5. Bork man says:

    I can’t believe no one woke me up for the shooting , I come here post and go to sleep is that so bad ? I’m tired ,All I ask for is a wake me up call when people go to jail or anything pizza, or shootings and Trump rallies,
    That’s why old people grow hair in our ears to keep bugs out when we sleep . young saplings have no respect. Now I’m confused Do I nap first or eat my pudding

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  6. doubledark1981 says:

    ….so let me see If I have this str8ght, in Philly, where gun laws are very strict and is run by the American Sanctuary Cities “Dancing” (D) Mayor, just had a multi-hour gun battle, injuring 6 of their ?finest? and the ?SUSPECT? has a “lengthy history of gun convictions,” surrenders (?after running out of ammo?). Question to DAN ‘FREAKIN’ CRENSHAW (R, TX-2) and WIDDLE MARCO (R FL) do ya think THE RED FLAG WOULDA WORKED HERE??? How about the ‘enhanced BACKGROUND CHECKS? RINO morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • yadent says:

      So, the government in this case ‘dances’ when illegals are allowed free access to the streets of the city, the Maurice Hill’s are allowed access to the streets of the city in spite of extensive criminal activity/records…and people wonder in amazement when the street face of government (police) are heckled and harassed when doing the ‘government’s’ work. What is a disarmed community supposed to do, rely on a government that has allowed and fostered the crisis? Yea, the community shouldn’t elect the a-holes in the first place but one wonders if they actually have any REAL choice………..

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      • Rhoda R says:

        We’re finding out more and more that maybe we, the voters, are NOT being presented with real choice so your question is a good one. Actually, look at california…


  7. 1970novass396 says:

    Thanks LBJ for your great slacking society. Child breeding for votes and dollars.


  8. steph_gray says:

    I’ve seen Lou saying this stuff. I think he’s just forgetting PDJT’s past track record, and perhaps somebody needs to send him a case of winnamins.

    His comments about the youth of the President’s advisers were great and quite funny. But I think he also forgets how PDJT takes advisers with pounds and pounds of salt. The idea that our canny and wise POTUS would change positions based on the opinions of wet behind the ears Hill-influenced kidz is ridiculous. The stratergy will become apparent in due time. 🍿🍿🍿


  9. k4jjj says:

    Once the perp was isolated, they should have used an M-72 LAW (Light Armor Weapon) rocket to bring the building down on him. No negotiation. No expensive trial. No chance for parole. You shoot cops and you get vaporized. Nothing left to even bury.

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  10. gwg35 says:

    The existing gun laws are not being enforced, adding more will not work. We need to enforce the existing laws and then carefully see if new laws are needed.


    • JCM800 says:

      “carefully see if new laws are needed.”


      It’s time to repeal them.

      One Example:

      “The act bans shipment, transport, possession, ownership, and use of guns or ammunition by individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, or who are under a restraining (protection) order for domestic abuse that falls within the criteria set by 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(8).”

      The married Couple is at home, one Saturday. Husband is in his livingroom chair in front of game with a cold beer. Outside of his knowledge the Wife has been having extra-marital activity and would love to get rid of her husband. SHE goes to the bathroom and bruises and scratches up HER OWN neck, breaking the skin, and calls the police on HIM. They show up, photograph injuries, take statements and haul HIM to jail for Misdemeanor Domestic Violence.
      He just lost his 2nd Amendment Rights under the Constitution without even a Felony Conviction by a jury of his Peers.
      If the Wife or Girlfriend puts on an Academy Award Winning cryfest “I’m so scared” and convinces a Judge to grant a restraining order, The Husband/Boyfriend loses his 2nd Amendment Rights without being convicted of a Felony by a jury of his peers.

      “Shall not be infringed” is Plain English.

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      • JCM800 says:

        In addition….. If the Husband or Boyfriend is actually physically abusive, Defend yourself with whatever Self-Defense Deadly Force is appropriate. Break contact. . Get out of the location, arm yourself. If he attacks, use all the Self-Defense Deadly Force you can.

        We as US Citizens have the Liberty to Defend, and are responsible for, our own Safety and that of our loved ones.
        Not the Government.

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  11. ezgoer says:

    Lock this shooter up and throw away the key. Where he SHOULD have been after his 3rd conviction. Want to make society better and safer? Eliminate career criminals.

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  12. Magabear says:

    This shooter had the audacity to not fit the profile that the left wishes for every act of violence. How dare he ruin their phony narrative!


  13. GB Bari says:

    Been a Treeper since the end of 2017 but I don’t recognize but maybe 5% of the posters in this comments section.



  14. meadowlarkspring says:


  15. justsayin714 says:

    I may be posting this too late for anyone to see it, but I didn’t hear the President say anything about Red Flag Laws at tonight’s rally. I did hear him say we must build more mental health facilities to get these people off the streets. And he also said we will ALWAYS support the 2nd Amendment.

    I’m getting involved by telling everyone I know to send 7 postcards to the White House with the message “No Red Flag Laws!” written in red magic marker and signed by the sender. I’ll be carrying dozens of post cards around with me wherever I go to give away. Just mailing one a day for a week will have an impact, I hope.

    As the wife of a police officer, mother of two police officers, and grandmother of two police officers, I’ve been thoroughly educated on what a bad idea a Red Flag Law is.

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