August 11th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #934

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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  1. Grandma Covfefe says:

    🦅 “—- **USA * 🇺🇸 —-” Summer of MAGA ** ” —- 🇺🇸 * USA** —-
    —– 3 more days til President Trump Rally in NH —– (Thursday, August 15, 7pm ET)

    🦅 KAG while Making America Greater Again
    Thank You, Lord, for President Trump, his MAGA Team, and all his supporters.
    Lord, keep them all safe in all they do and go daily. In Jesus’ Name we pray…..
    🌟 “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.
    Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him..” 🌟
    -— Psalm 40:3

    ***Praise: President Trump is safely in Bedminster, NJ, but he said he’s still working–Bless his Patriotic Heart–We Love You, President Trump
    ***Praise: Americans are earning more and relying less on government.
    ***Praise: Slow Joe did it again…he jumbled and said, ““We believe in facts, not truth.” I kid you not! Slow Joe is truly an Opposition by the minute!
    ***Amazing Praise: Our Trump Movement is still going on around the world…Hong Kong protesters sang Les Miserables “Do you hear the People Sing?” at their airport
    ***Praise with lots of tears: For Sundance keeping us up to date on what’s happening, esp when things are moving at lightning speed!

    🙏 Pray:
    — for 24/7 protection for President Trump and MAGA Team
    — wisdom and strategy in dealing with corrupted Burr/Warner and SSIC members.
    — newly nominated Admiral Joseph Maguire to have same integrity as Admiral Mike Rogers
    — for protection for White House, all Air Force One Planes, all of Pres. Trump’s properties
    — Presidential Candidate Democlowns to continue to fumble, grumble, jumble, mumble, stumble, crumble..then diminish….pouf….
    — all of the Opposition’s schemes and plotting fail and dry up
    — for USA Election Integrity, Voter ID, Paper Ballots, and catch voting fraudsters
    — Protection for: Military, Border Patrol, LEOs, BP Horses, BP dogs
    — for full protection for ICE agents handling illegal aliens drama
    — most asylum applications be rejected and Illegal aliens be sent back to their home country
    — for Guardian Angels protecting all our borders–air, land and sea
    — for protection for our WALL builders while they build more WALL WALL WALL
    — for all children & young Landen & French boy(bleed on the brain, fractures to spine, arms, legs)
    — for protection for all Treepers and Trump Supporters planning/going on vacations this month–Be Safe and have FUN
    — *🇺🇸* Protect 2nd Amendment *🇺🇸*

    New Word we learned that Opposition use: ROLCON = means role playing as a conservative (Thank you, Sundance!)
    Another New Word: Assisted Suicide….used to possibly described Epstein’s death

    🦅 A Repeatable Goodie….“As we gather this evening in the joy of freedom, we remember that we all share a truly extraordinary heritage. Together, we are part of one of the greatest stories ever told: the story of America.”
    — 🇺🇸 — Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America — 🇺🇸 —
    —-Treepers’ Prayer Warriors Post for Sunday August 11, 2019 —

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    • ParteaGirl says:

      Prayers for Hong Kong 🙏🏻

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      • A2 says:

        WTF. I happen to be in HK now. I read the twitter feed. The PLA is not invading. This Ben Tallmadge is wrong. The twitter feed of his source is just reiterating stuff we all ready know like the food situation and rising prices. And btw she doesn’t say what he contends. The photos are not explained.

        Doesn’t mean that PLA, or their tactical police will not be activated, but as of now no. The PRC spokespersons have been threatening about ‘Law and order’ and that HK is being led down the garden path by the US and foreign agents, and that the PRC is the only representation of what being ‘Chinese ‘ is. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

        what I found of interest, was after that Castro idiot began doxxing people who support the President, the PRC doxxed a state department official who had a public meeting with some of the protesters. Pretty nasty stuff. she met with them in a public venues to listen, and the PRC treated it as some kind of clandestine conspiracy, putting the woman and her family in danger.

        So dems and the CCP are sharing tactics.

        On Chinese social media, at first any mention of the protests was banned, then now with appropriate controls I.e censorship, discussion is allowed as long as it emphasises three points, that the protests are against law and order and the HK police are saving society as the Heros, that foreigners, in particular the US are fermenting a colour revolution, and finally, HK people are ‘victims of colonialism’ and don’t know that only the CCP is the true standard of Chinese identity. that is their Global position.

        This tallmadge has been wrong before. I never read his twitter.

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        • Bigly says:

          A2 – thanks for the update. I find your post most disturbing around censorship.

          Question; so how does the cCp enforce these rules around talking of the protestors? Insane to think this is where we are headed and google and twitter and Facebook and transgenders are leading the way….(American CCP)

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          • A2 says:

            All PRC social media, Weibo, wechat whatever, is patrolled and censored by the government. Not just the government censors, but the wumao and little pinks, paid trolls working for the government. It’s called the ‘Human Flesh Search Engine’, a phenomenon in which Internet users hunt down and punish people, its Doxxing.

            The HK protesters are using stuff like telegram( not secure either as it is a Russian made app but has been used in Iran and elsewhere by protesters).

            I cannot go into all the censorship, but the apex so far has been directed at Xinjiang and Tibet and the AI tech surveillance is being rolled out in other parts of China. Eventually in HK also.

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        • Johnny Dollar says:

          In HK? Are you being monitored?
          Stay safe.


          • A2 says:

            Monitored? You jest. One of my kids was doxed by no less than the supremo propaganda mouthpiece in the Global Times. An Op-Ed . Doesn’t get bigger than this. They were that threatened. The wumao moved into the kid’s social media with threats. I said, wear it as a badge of honour.


    • Serena says:

      Amen! Praying!

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  2. Stillwater says:

    ***Today’s WeBuildTheWall / Fisher Industries posts***

    Angel Mom tweet with image of tweets that got her secondary account temporarily suspended.

    I was suspended again today on my new Acct. Had to remove these 2 posts. Twitter admitting what ILLEGAL ALIENS do to Americans is hateful, threatening or abusive but I can’t tell you that. 🤬🤬🤬
    – Mary Ann Mendoza (August 9, 2019)

    Q: How did you get your account restored. They won’t restore mine.
    A: I removed the two tweets and reposted them.
    – Mary Ann Mendoza (August 10, 2019)

    Previous (August 10th Pres. thread) wall posts:

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  3. joeknuckles says:

    Here’s the latest bizarre gaffe from Creepy Joe, and it’s not simply misspeaking. It’s alternate reality. Allowing him to continue running is elder abuse.

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  4. citizen817 says:

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  5. citizen817 says:

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  6. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Far left media who don’t want Joe Biden are swooping on his serial gaffes.

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  7. citizen817 says:

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    • kayray444 says:

      Never have more truer words been spoken! Thank you POTUS Trump for being the first Republican to GET that the DNC are chumps, it’s the MSM that we ar really battling.

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    • Pale rider says:

      Reading about the China propaganda machine kinda looks like our democrats, hmmmm. China communist, demms communist. President Trump warns us all about China now we see the seeds sown were deeper than anyone realized.

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  8. citizen817 says:

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  9. citizen817 says:

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  10. citizen817 says:

    Donald Trump Retweet

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    • 7delta says:

      I saw a headline on my browser’s opening page this morning that said, “Trump pushes Epstein conspiracy, Clinton connection.”

      When information is in verified legal documents, witness statements, flight records, other corroborating evidence, etc….it’s not a conspiracy theory. The accused is still innocent until proven guilty, but ignoring or denying the existence of facts, calling it a conspiracy theory, doesn’t make truth untrue.

      Uncle Joe may have some loose screws, but he explained the left quite well when he said, “We believe in truth, not facts.” As the left has told us many times, everyone has their own truth. They get to have their truth and everyone else must agree or they’re a hater, a racist, a phobic du jour, etc. Facts are stubborn, but irrelevant, things in their world. In the real world, stubborn facts always long outlive the denial of their existence to become very relevant and personally consequential.

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  11. citizen817 says:

    Donald Trump Retweet

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    • Dekester says:

      For anyone interested, the Daily Mail U.K. has a tremendous picture of Prince Andrew, on his way to church with other members of the Royal family. To pray for him as he needs it as a result of the Epstein sordid affair.

      The look in Prince Andrews eyes are something else.

      God bless PDJT

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  12. citizen817 says:

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  13. citizen817 says:

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    • Karen says:

      I think Joe said, “We believe in truth, not facts.”
      (whose truth, Joe?)

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      • A2 says:

        A2 says:
        August 9, 2019 at 10:17 pm
        Mr Navarro cheekily quoted Deng Xiaoping’s (and Mao before him) revival of a Han dynasty saying ‘seek truth from facts’ 實事求是 with reference to a question on their currency devaluation. As we know, words are fungible to the CCP you have to watch their actions.

        It seems sleepy creepy Joe was trying to quote the same source but it came out as,’ we chose truth over facts’. By George, I think he got it. Joe #GreatChinaPayroll Biden is on the same page as the CCP. I’m having a


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        • litenmaus says:


          Feb 2013, one month after commissioning for a special military status, Hunter Biden (a legal advisor and Bush appointee to the Railroad Passenger Commission) tests positive for cocaine and is kicked out of the Naval Reserve Program. (the news of his ejection from the Navy was not released until October 2014. (not a smidgeon of a scandal) – Keep in mind, as of February 2013 Hunter has spent himself into bankruptcy on drugs and prostitutes and Hunter Biden has zero qualifications for investments.

          December 2013 – “Vice President Joseph Biden embarked for the capitals of Japan, China, and South Korea today as the three nations stand off over the new flight restrictions Beijing unilaterally imposed in the East China Sea.
          The trip comes eight days after Beijing announced it would require all aircraft traveling through the zone to identify itself to Chinese authorities, report its flight plan, and yield to orders from that country or else face the possibility of “defensive emergency measures.”

          On that flight, Joe Biden was accompanied by his son, Hunter Biden.
          Ten days later, Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz, sign an exclusive $1.5 Billion exclusive hedge fund deal with the state-owned Bank of China.

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    • jim says:

      perhaps this is one of those times POTUS made a “mistake” on purpose.

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  14. citizen817 says:

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  15. Magabear says:

    Great opening segment by Jesse Waters tonight about the left using tragedies to criminalize speech. Hope everyone watched it.

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  16. Troublemaker10 says:

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  17. Sherri Young says:

    What’s up with this??? This judge was a Dubya Bush appointee while Jeb! was governor of Florida. Used to be the chief IG of the Executive Office of the Governor of Florida under Jeb!

    “Judge Sentences Russian to Probation Instead of 20 Years” — for conspiracy to export defense articles to Russia plus 2 counts of money laundering

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  18. Perot Conservative says:

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    • Bubba Cow says:


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    • Rhoda R says:

      I’m sure that GB can put Assange in protective custody along side the reporter Richardson.

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      • Judith says:

        Gee, who knew solitary confinement with 24/7 surveillance could be so deadly? Maybe Richard Gere should go and “represent” his limousine liberal self for Julian Assange to assure his safety and well-being.

        Next we’ll see Meryl and Babs riding shotgun with the cartels and their coyotes trafficking COC slaves to our border.

        These celebrities have quite a talent for self-promotion. Would that they choose a worthy cause, instead of depicting violence and depravity in their movies and dancing for the Panda.

        Julian is in a world of trouble for helping Seth Rich to expose crooked Hellary, whereas that migrant ship and Gilligan can always return to the calm waters from whence it came. But we already know that.

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    • A2 says:

      Julian Assange, not a friend to the US by any means, should have thought about that before. I guess he thought all his BS would save him. Even socialist Ecuador was sick of him.

      Come on Assange, where is that ‘deadman’s switch’ you kept touting?

      Pull the trigger. I dare you

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  19. Perot Conservative says:

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  20. Perot Conservative says:

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    • California Joe says:

      Well, they certainly do stick together!

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    • Amy2 says:

      Pedophiles in prison run a high risk of a LOT of things. High profile ones, even more….

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    • joeknuckles says:

      Ok, let’s play along. Then why wasn’t he on suicide watch?

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    • A2 says:

      Bollocks. More disinformation. RR fired McCabe ( the heart of the counterintelligence investigation against DJT) and Comey, and shifted the investigation with clear parameters to the special prosecutor Mueller, who exonerated DJT and his campaign no collusion and no obstruction despite having rabid dem lawyers itching to find the dirt.

      But lots was exposed and may lay the basis for a big broom going to go boom.

      You do know that RR successfully prosecuted Strzok’ s relative Gen Cartwright for leaking classified information? Obama gave him a pardon. Think about that.

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      • Tseg says:

        Epstein needed to be arrested so the government could search his properties. Once the search occurred I understand the government procured voluminous blackmail material in print, pictures and videos. At that point Epstein became ancillary value and maybe a hinderance. My understanding is only Epstein can fight the government’s use of the blackmail material procured and with Epstein gone the government is free and clear to use it in any way in court without years of litigation on whether it can be used. So whether the jailers looked the other way when Epstein did the deed to himself, or he was Arkacided, the net result is if the real goal is to take down those that got caught up with Epstein rather than just take Epstein off the streets, the government is in good position. I can only assume there are great complications around the real stories with Epstein. With him gone, prosecutors can now spin a story however they want (for good or bad).

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Actually Jeff Sessions fired McCabe, and Rosenstein only recommended Comey’s firing, Pres Trump did the actual firing.
        But those are minuscule details in an otherwise stellar comment. Obama pardoned Strzock’s relative, huh? Hmmm….
        So the Insurance Policy might rightfully be viewed as a quid pro quo?

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  21. Magabear says:

    The Fox news crawler strikes again. One person was shot in Norway (they made sure we all know it was a white male) but no mention at all of how many people in the inner cities here have been killed this weekend. Please Fox, stop letting CNN write your crawler material! 😡

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  22. Perot Conservative says:

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  23. Perot Conservative says:

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    • Ackman420 says:

      No, not incredible, really, Cassandra.
      Everyone kniws that drug lords are taken care of in prison, while pedos creeps get butt raped and murdered.Especially pedo creeps w ties to a Clintons.
      You’re just playing dumb, right?
      I don’t know this Cassandra Fairbanks, she might be a conservative Trump truth warrior, but that is some naive/dumb twittering right there. Unless she’s being “ironic” or sarcastic, which escaped me.
      Of course Epsteins”dead” and Chapo isn’t. Nothing incredible about it. It’s entirely predictable.

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      • I could be mistaken, the idea that ‘pedo-creeps’ get murdered in prison is real, in that it usually applies to sexual predators of babies and little children. Epstein, has been painted as a pedophile because he recruited and pimped young girls under 18 into sex. Most inmates in prison today would all be guilty of some of that. The ‘killed because he was pedo’ theme is wishful thinking by many. My personal, is that , if murdered , it was a paid assassin.

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      • webgirlpdx says:

        Egomaniac, sociopathic guys like Epstein don’t commit suicide. He beat the rap last time, and with all his money he knew he’d beat it again.

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    • did they remove him to safe location after first attempt on his life or on Saturday ?????strange..

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  24. wendy forward says:

    I have another idea…stop watching that garbage, crawler and all.

    Anything worthwhile on Faux will be posted here.

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  25. California Joe says:

    1st big lead in the Epstein suicide reported!!! FBI agents are tracing the origin of the 52′ woman’s pantsuit Epstein used to hang himself with!

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  26. kayray444 says:

    All the news is smoke and mirrors. POTUS Trump is going to get close to 30% of the black vote. Dems know this and that is why they are furiously pushing the “racist” narrative. It won’t work. 2020 is already over and POTUS Trump gets another 4 years.

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  27. gringz says:

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    • Dances with Wolverines says:

      Whenever I hear a politician, Republican or Democrat, throw out the term “Due Process” the only thing that registers with me is the “due process” denied to our President, Matt Kavenaugh and many others from the crooked Department of Justice, the Legislative branch and the Judicial branch of our deep state occupied government. That term should make every American skeptical

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    • ilcon says:

      Everything he said is 100% BS.
      No Govt. rep. has any “right” to negate our God given rights, PERIOD.

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    • YvonneMarie says:

      I don’t trust you Dan.
      You are a Rhino I think.
      You are kind of snippy & snide at times.
      And replace the patch with a real prosthetic please.


    • joshashland says:

      Crenshaw leaning towards red flag a wee bit too much


    • joshashland says:

      Crenshaw leaning towards red flag a wee bit too much


    • joshashland says:

      Crenshaw leaning towards red flag a wee bit too much


    • Troublemaker10 says:

      I’m ok with red flag laws that are watered down enough that they simply serve as a beginning point to investigate the possible danger of an unstable person having a gun, (with due process). and does not serve as a starting point to grab a gun first (with no due process).

      However, I don”t think it is fair to put the legal cost on an accused person. They should not have to pay for legal costs occurred simply to defend their constitutional rights when they are not accused of committing a crime.

      Obviously, there are already laws that apply to imminent threats where someone has stated plans or conspires to commit an actual crime.


  28. Giant Ground Sloth says:

    In addition to putting very low-yield nuclear warheads in some Trident II SLBMs, the U.S. military also wants to retire the B83 gravity bomb.

    The B83 is the last nuclear bomb in the U.S. inventory with a yield over a megaton.

    I personally think we should build a new version of the B83 that has GPS guidance, but the Pentagon seems to think that high-yield nuclear bombs are no longer needed.


    • Ackman420 says:

      That’s the face you make when you send a drone to tomahawk a US citizen.


      • A2 says:


        I’ve been saying it for years here, 2012 was a very interesting year. I found it also interesting that the latest Strzok declass emails with Page, clearly stated that Mills and her sidekick, he acknowledged had the missing 66k missing emails on their laptops. Of course they were magically made The Lunatic’s Lawyers.

        When the FBI vault was published by the gov, and sundance asked us to read through and comment, I speculated at that time that Mills and The other one had retained copies, in a vault. their insurance policy so to speak.

        A2 1 Strzok 0.

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  29. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • SMP Belltown says:

      It almost seems as though there’s a possible message subtext to the Democrat party coming from Oprah (and similar speakers and leaders)…. Something like – “If you don’t provide leadership to help the country re-connect with faith and church, why should masses of assumed voters go to the polls for you on election day?”

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      • Kitty-Kat says:

        Considering her political choices, it’s hard to understand what she’s saying, but I don’t think her idea of church and righteousness would be the same as a conservative’s.

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        • Tseg says:

          I think she is saying historically the the Reverend Wright’s of the world were able to brainwash and rally the Black community into a pro-Dem, white hate coalition, but now that less Blacks use Church as their comprehensive social activity that once-monolithic voting block has become fractured. Blacks are becoming free to think for themselves… a very bad thing for the Dems.

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    • Guyski says:

      ….so what is left? Government (public) schools? Scary thought. 😢

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    • I Hear You Now says:

      I’m sure Oprah Winfrey, Barry Soetero, Moochelle, and many others have enjoyed (or would enjoy) services at this church:


      from link below (emphasis added by me) –
      GLIDE has been serving the people of the Tenderloin and San Francisco since 1963. As a social justice movement, social service provider and spiritual community, GLIDE offers individual and collective transformation through compassionate, sustained, comprehensive care to all in need.

      This San Francisco “minister”, Cecil Williams, may be who Jeremiah Wright modeled himself after (just conjecture on my part). Jeremiah Wright is 12 years younger than Cecil Williams.

      San Francisco “loves” Cecil Williams so much, they named a street after him (while he’s still living).


    • bessie2003 says:

      Makes me wonder, is Oprah the Dem’s anointed one?

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    • WSB says:

      Oprah’s ‘pastor’ was Jeremiah Wright.



  30. doubledark1981 says:

    from upon mountain high cometh great wisdom from the Carpe Donktum.

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    • Kitty-Kat says:

      Why in this video do we hear them all saying the lie over and over, and only twice hear the president correctly saying he was not talking about Neo nazis et al; his correct statement needs to lead the video, as well as end it, and be repeated more and be given more time than what the liars get.

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  31. A2 says:


    OK la, just a repost so that everyone reads and finally gets the big picture that what the President is doing with China is not, never has been just a trade war. Everyone here needs to understand that fact. The rest of the world counts on it. The

    This is by John Garnaut, ‘one of the top journalists covering China before he joined the Australian government, first as a speech writer for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and then as a China policy advisor. John led the Australian government’s analysis of and response to PRC/CCP interference and influence efforts in the country, and his work has since had significant influence in other Western capitals. ‘

    “Engineers of the Soul: what Australia needs to know about ideology in Xi Jinping’s China

    As some of you know I’ve just spent the past eight months as a model public servant on my very best behaviour: biding time, concealing opinions and strictly respecting the bureaucratic order.

    Now I get to go unplugged.

    Before doing so however I want to thank you very much for coming today and particularly Paul and Sam for giving me this opportunity. It’s an honour to be here at the creation of what promises to be an important seminar series.

    This seminar series is itself an audacious act of social engineering. The idea is that by placing economists and security strategists in the same room we could promote dialogue and maybe even peace between the tribes of Canberra – with the long term aim of integrated policy making.

    We’ll see about that.

    But in the meantime I’m here as someone who was born into the economics tribe and has been forced to gradually concede ground to the security camp. This retreat has taken place over the course of a decade, one story at a time, as I’ve had to accept that economic openness does not inevitably lead to political openness. Not when you have a political regime that is both capable and committed to ensuring it doesn’t happen.

    Politics isn’t everything but there’s no country on earth where it is more omnipresent, with the exception of North Korea. And there is no political system that is as tightly bound to ideology.

    In the work I was doing upstairs in this building I went out of my way to remove ideology from my analysis of how China is impacting on Australia and our region. It was simply too alien and too difficult to digest. In order to make sense to time-poor leaders it was easier to “normalise” events, actions and concepts by framing them in more familiar terms.

    This approach of “normalising” China also served to sidestep painful normative debates about what China is, where it is going and what it wants. It was a way of avoiding a food fight about who is pro-or-anti China. Taking the “Communist Party” out of “China” was a way of de-activating the autoimmune response that can otherwise kill productive conversation.

    This pragmatism has worked pretty well. We’ve taken the China conversation to a new level of sophistication over the past year or so.

    But by stripping out ideology we are giving up on building a framework which has explanatory and predictive value.

    At some point, given the reach that China has into Australia, we will have to make a serious attempt to read the ideological road map that frames the language, perceptions and decisions of Chinese leaders. If we are ever going to map the Communist Party genome then we need to read the ideological DNA.

    So today I’m stepping into the food fight.

    I want to make these broad points about the historical foundations of CCP ideology, beyond the fact that it is important:

    Communism did not enjoy an immaculate conception in China. Rather, it was grafted onto an existing ideological system – the classical Chinese dynastic system.
    China had an unusual veneration for the written word and acceptance of its didactic value.
    Marxism-Leninism was interpreted to Mao and his fellow revolutionaries by a crucial intermediary: Joseph Stalin.
    Communism – as interpreted by Lenin, Stalin and Mao – is a total ideology. At the risk of being politically insensitive, it is totalitarian.
    Xi Jinping has reinvigorated ideology to an extent we have not seen since the Cultural Revolution.
    I’ll hold off on the practical contemporary implications of all this until we get to the subsequent discussion.

    A Dynastic Cosmology

    It was clear from my work as a journalist and writer in New China – to use the party speak – that the formal ideology of communism coexists with an unofficial ideology of old China. The Founding Fathers of the PRC came to power on a promise to repudiate and destroy everything about the dark imperial past, but they never really changed the mental wallpaper.

    Mao and his comrades grew up with tales of imperial China. They never stopped reading them. The Dream of Red Mansions, The Three Kingdoms – the Chinese classics are all about the rise and decay of dynasties. This is the metanarrative of Chinese literature and historiography, even today.

    Mao in particular was obsessed, as Mao’s one-time secretary Li Rui explained to me. He told me: “He only slept on one third of the bed and the other two thirds of his bed was covered by books, all of which were thread-bound Chinese books, Chinese ancient books. His research was the strategies of emperors. That was how to govern this country. That was what he was most interested in.”

    And the Founding Revolutionaries passed these same tales down to their children. The daughter of Mao’s leading propagandist, Hu Qiaomu, told me that her father raised his voice to her only once: when she confessed that she hadn’t finished the Dream of Red Mansions (which by the way runs to a million characters). Hu Qiaomu was furious. He told her Chairman Mao had read the book 25 times.

    So this is my first observation about ideology – ideology in the broadest sense, as a coherent system of ideas and ideals: the founding families of the PRC are steeped in the Dynastic System.

    Admittedly, communism and feudal imperialism are uneasy bedfellows. But they are not irreconcilable. The formula for dynastic communism was perfected by Chen Yun: their children had to inherit power not because of privilege but because they could be counted upon to be loyal to the revolutionary cause. Or, as he put it: “at least our children will not dig up our graves”.

    Xi Jinping has exercised an unwritten aristocratic claim to power which derives from his father’s proximity to the founder of the Red Dynasty: Chairman Mao. He is the compromise representative of all the great founding families. This is the starting point for understanding the worldview of Xi Jinping and his Princeling cohort.

    In the view of China’s princelings – or “Revolutionary Successors”, as they prefer to be known – China is still trapped in the cycle which had created and destroyed every dynasty that had gone before. In this tradition, when you lose political power you don’t just lost your job (while keeping your super) as you might in our rather gentrified arrangement. You lose your wealth, you lose your freedom, you probably lose your life and possibly your entire extended family. You are literally erased from history. Winners take all and losers lose everything.

    With these stakes, the English idiom “life-and-death-struggle” is far too passive. In the Chinese formulation it is “You-Die, I-Live”. I must kill preemptively in order to live. Xi and his comrades in the red dynasty believe they will go the same way as the Manchus and the Mings the moment they forget.

    China’s veneration of the written word

    A second point, related to the first, is that China has an extraordinary veneration of the written word. Stories, histories and teachers have great moral authority. Greater than anywhere I can think of with the exception of Tsarist Russia. This may have made Russia and China culturally receptive to propaganda and the ideology transmitted by propaganda. What is more certain is that China was particularly receptive to Soviet ideology because Chinese intellectuals found meaning in Russian literature and texts earlier and more readily than they did with other Western sources. “Russian literature was our guide (daoshi) and friend,” said Lu Xun.

    In classical Chinese statecraft there are two tools for gaining and maintaining control over “the mountains and the rivers”: The first is wu (weapons, violence – 武) and the second is wen (language, culture – 文).

    Chinese leaders have always believed that power derives from controlling both the physical battlefield and the cultural domain. You can’t sustain physical power without discursive power. Wu and wen go hand-in-hand.

    The key to understanding the allure of the Soviet Commintern in Shanghai and Guangzhou in the 1920s is that their (admittedly brilliant) agents told a compelling story. They came with money, guns and organisational technology but their greatest selling point was a narrative which promised a linear escape from the dynastic cycle.

    (Actually, according to the Soviet rendering of Marxism, the course of history wasn’t exactly linear. Rather, history was said to move along the trajectory of a corkscrew – shaped by “dialectical” rounds of struggle, destruction and renewal).

    Mao’s discursive advantage was Marxist-Leninist ideology. Language was not just a tool of moral judgment. It was an instrument for shaping acceptable behaviour and a weapon for distinguishing enemies and friends. This is the subtext of Mao’s most famous poem, Snow. Communist ideology enabled him to “weaponise” culture in a way his imperial predecessors had never managed.

    And it’s important to remember who was the leader of the Communist world during the entire quarter of a century in which Mao rose to absolute power.

    The “Great Genius” Comrade Stalin.

    Mao knew Marxist Leninist dogma was absolutely crucial to his enterprise but he personally lacked the patience to wade through it. He found a shortcut to ideological proficiency with Joseph Stalin’s Short Course on the History of the Bolsheviks, published at the end of Stalin’s Great Terror, in 1938. According to Li Rui, when interviewed by historian Li Huayu, Mao thought he’d found an “encyclopaedia of Marxism” and “acted as if he’d discovered a treasure”.

    At the time of Stalin’s death, in March 1953, The Short Course on the History of the Bolsheviks had become the third-most printed book in human history. After Stalin’s death – when Stalin was eulogised as “the Great Genius” on the front page of the People’s Daily – the Chinese printers redoubled their efforts. It became the closest thing in China to a religious text.

    The Short Course is hard reading but it offers us the same shortcut to understanding Communist ideology as it did for Mao.

    Stalin’s problem was different to Lenin’s. Lenin had to win a revolution but Stalin had to sustain it.

    Stalin’s great ideological challenge was to explain that they’d won the revolution but the long-promised Utopia of perfect equality had to be postponed. He had to rationalise kicking the utopian destination over the horizon and subordinating that ever-receding objective to the imperative of inner party warfare.

    Stalin’s Short Course is a manual for perpetual struggle against a roll call of imagined dastardly enemies who are collaborating with imagined Western agents to restore bourgeois capitalism and liberalism. It is written as a chronicle of victories by Lenin and then Stalin’s “correct line” over an endless succession of ideological villains. It is perhaps instructive that many of the most “vile” internal enemies were said to have cloaked their subversive intentions in the guise of “reform”.

    The practical utility of the book is that it prescribes an antidote to the calcification and putrefaction that inevitably corrodes and degrades every dictatorship.

    The most original insight in Stalin’s Short Course on the History of the Bolsheviks is that the path to socialist utopia will always be obstructed by enemies who want to restore bourgeois capitalism from inside the party. These internal enemies grow more desperate and more dangerous as they grow increasingly imperilled – and as they collaborate with the spies and agents of Western liberalism.

    The most important lines in the book:

    “As the revolution deepens, class struggle intensifies.”
    “The Party becomes strong by purging itself.”
    You can imagine how this formulation was revelatory to a ruthless Chinese leader like Mao who had mastered the “You Die, I Live” world into which he had been born – a world in which you choose to either kill or be killed – and who was obsessed with how to prevent the decay which had destroyed every imperial dynasty before.

    What Stalin offered Mao was not only a manual for purging his peers but also an explanation of why it was necessary. Purging his rivals was the only way a vanguard party could “purify” itself, remain true to its revolutionary nature and prevent a capitalist restoration.

    Purging was the mechanism for the Chinese Communist Party to achieve ever greater “unity” with revolutionary “truth” as interpreted by Mao. It is the mechanism for preventing the process of corruption and putrefaction which inevitably sets in after the founding leaders of each dynasty leave the scene.

    Crucially, Mao split with Kruschev because Kruschev split with Stalin and everything he stood for. The Sino-Soviet split was ideological – it was Mao’s claim to ideological leadership over the communist world. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao. It was Mao’s claim to being Stalin’s true successor.

    We hear a lot about how Xi and his peers blame Gorbachev for the collapse of the Soviet state but actually their grievances go much further back. They blame Kruschev. They blame Kruschev for breaking with Stalin. And they vow that they will never do to Mao what Kruschev did to Stalin.

    Now, sixty years on, we’re seeing Xi making his claim to be the true Revolutionary Successor of Mao.

    Xi’s language of “party purity”; “criticism and self-criticism”; “the mass line”; his obsession with “unity”; his attacks on elements of “hostile Western liberalism”, “constitutionalism” and other variants of ideological “subversion” – this is all Marxism-Leninism as interpreted by Stalin as interpreted by Mao.

    This is the language that the Deep Red princelings spoke when they got together and occasionally when I interviewed them and crashed their gatherings in the lead up to the 18th Party Congress.

    And this was how Xi spoke after the 18th Party Congress:

    ‘‘To dismiss the history of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Communist Party, to dismiss Lenin and Stalin, and to dismiss everything else is to engage in historic nihilism, and it confuses our thoughts and undermines the party’s organizations on all levels.’’

    Today, the utopian destination has to be maintained, however absurd it seems, in order to justify the brutal means of getting there. Xi has inserted a couple of interim goals – for those who lack revolutionary patience – but the underlying Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist logic remains the same.

    This is the logic of his ever-deepening purge of peers who keep getting in the way.

    The purge of the princeling challenger Bo Xilai; the security chief Zhou Yongkang; the two vice chairs of the PLA Central Military Commission Xu Caihou and Guo Boxiong; the Youth League fixer Ling Jihua; the potential successor Sun Zhengcai just a fortnight ago.

    None of this is personal. It’s dialectical. And inevitable.

    It’s pushing and accelerating China’s journey along the inexorable corkscrew-shaped course of history.

    “History needs to pushed along its dialectical course,” said Xi, in his speech to mark the party’s 95th birthday in 2015. “History always moves forward and it never waits for all those who hesitate.”

    The same logic applies outside the party as within.

    “The decadent culture of the capitalist class and feudalistic society must be opposed,” said the authoritative Guangming Daily, expanding on another of Xi’s speeches.

    The essence of Maoism and Stalinism is perpetual struggle. This is the antidote to the calcification and putrefaction that has destroyed every previous dynasty, dictatorship and empire. This is why Xi and his Red Successor peers believe that Maoism and Stalinism is still highly relevant today. Not just relevant, but existential.

    Xi has set in motion a purification project – a war against the forces of counter-revolution – that has no end point because the notional utopian destination of perfect communism will always be kicked a little further down the road.

    There is no policy objective in the sense that a Wall Street banker or Canberran public servant might understand it – as a little more energy market efficiency here, or compression of the Gini coefficient there. Rather, this is how you restore dynastic vigour and vitality. Politics is the ends.

    This is what Mao and Stalin understood better than any of their peers. This is what Xi Jinping’s Deep Red Restoration is all about. And why the process of extreme politics will not stop at the 19th Party Congress.

    Which brings us to the title of this seminar.

    Engineers of the human soul

    At my first team bonding session in this building I asked who was the world leader who described artists and authors as “engineers of the human soul”.

    Was this word image the creation of Stalin, Mao or someone else?

    If you’re thinking Joseph Stalin, then you’re right:

    “The production of souls is more important than the production of tanks…. And therefore I raise my glass to you, writers, the engineers of the human soul”.

    To me this is one of the great totalitarian metaphors: a machine designed to forge complete unity between state, society and individual.

    The totalitarian machine works to a predetermined path. It denies the existence of free will and rejects “abstract” values like “truth”, love and empathy. It repudiates God, submits to no law and seeks nothing less than to remould the human soul.

    The quote is from Stalin’s famous speech at the home of the writer Maxim Gorky in preparation for the first Congress of the Union of Soviet Writers in October 1932. This marked the end of Stalin’s Great Famine and Cultural Revolution – the prototype for Mao’s Great Famine and Cultural Revolution – in the lead up to Stalin’s Great Terror.

    For Stalin, Lenin and the proto-Leninists of 19th Century Russia, the value of literature and art was purely instrumental. There was no such thing as “art for art’s sake”. In their ideology, poetry has no intrinsic value beyond its purpose of indoctrinating the masses and advancing the cause of revolution.

    Or, to use the engineering language of the original Man of Steel – Joseph Stalin – literature and art are nothing more nor less than cogs in the revolutionary machine.

    But, if you think the answer is Chairman Mao, then you’re also right. Mao extended Stalin’s metaphor a decade later at his famous Yan’an Forum on Literature and Art delivered in two parts in October 1942, and published (in heavily doctored form) one year later:

    “[Our purpose is] to ensure that literature and art fit well into the whole revolutionary machine as a component part, that they operate as powerful weapons for uniting and educating the people and for attacking and destroying the enemy, and that they help the people fight the enemy with one heart and one mind.”

    This is when Mao made plain that there is no such thing as truth, love or artistic merit except in so far as these abstract concepts can be pressed into the practical service of politics.

    Importantly, with contemporary significance, Mao’s talks on literature and art was his way of introducing the Yan’an Rectification Campaign – the first great systematic purge of the Chinese Communist Party. This was a project of orchestrated peer pressure and torture designed first to purge Mao’s peers and then to instil communist ideology deep within the minds of the hundreds of thousands of idealistic students and intellectuals who had flocked to Yan’an during the anti-Japanese war.

    Importantly, the Communist Party never sought to “persuade” so much as “condition”. By creating a fully enclosed system, controlling all incentives and disincentives, and “breaking” individuals physically, socially and psychologically, they found they could condition the human mind in the same way that Pavlov had learned to condition dogs in a Moscow laboratory a few years earlier.

    This is when Mao’s men first coined the term “brainwashing” – it’s a literal translation of the Maoist term xinao, literally “washing the brain”. Mao himself preferred Stalin’s metallurgical metaphor. He called it “tempering”:

    “If you want to be one with the masses, you must make up your mind to undergo a long and even painful process of tempering.”

    Mao’s Yan’an Talks on Literature and Art vanished and were then resurrected and republished everywhere at the onset of the Cultural Revolution – the most audacious and successful act of social engineering that the world has ever seen.

    And, most relevant to all of us today, if you are thinking President Xi Jinping, then you’re also right.

    President Xi, or Chairman Xi to use a more direct translation, was speaking at the Beijing Forum on Literature and Art, in October 2014. Xi’s Forum on Literature and Art was convened on the 72nd anniversary of the young Chairman Mao’s Yan’an Forum on Literature and Art.

    Xi was arguing for a return to the Stalinist-Maoist principle that art and literature should only exist to serve politics. Not politics as we know it – the straightforward exercise of organisational and decision-making power – but the totalitarian project of creating unity of language, knowledge, thought and behaviour in pursuit of a utopian destination.

    “Art and literature is the engineering that moulds the human soul; art and literary workers are the engineers of the human soul.”

    Like Mao’s version, Xi’s art and literature forum speech was not published until one year later.

    Like Mao’s speech, the published version made no acknowledgment that large chunks had been added, deleted and revised – to reflect the political imperatives of the times.

    Like Stalin and Mao, Xi’s speech marked a Communist Party rectification campaign which included an all-out effort to elevate the respective leaders to cult status. Nothing in Communist Party choreography happens by accident.

    It should be noted here that when Mao was rallying the country in 1942 he did so under the banner of ““patriotism” – because the idea of communism had absolutely no pulling power.

    It’s no different today. Xi:

    “Among the core values of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the deepest, most basic and most enduring is patriotism. Our modern art and literature needs to take patriotism as its muse, guiding the people to establish and adhere to correct views of history, the nation, the country and culture.”

    And the old warnings against subversive western liberalism haven’t changed either.

    For Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Xi, words are not vehicles of reason and persuasion. They are bullets. Words are weapons for defining, isolating and destroying opponents. And the task of destroying enemies can never end. (This deserves a stand alone discussion of United Front strategy – but I’ll leave this for another day).

    For Xi, as with Stalin and Mao, there is no endpoint in the perpetual quest for unity and regime preservation.

    Xi uses the same ideological template to describe the role of “media workers”. And school teachers. And university scholars. They are all engineers of ideological conformity and cogs in the revolutionary machine.

    Among the many things that China’s modern leaders did – including overseeing the greatest burst of market liberalisation and poverty alleviation the world has ever seen – those who won the internal political battles have retained the totalitarian aspiration of engineering the human soul in order to lead them towards the ever-receding and ever-changing utopian destination.

    This is not to say that China could not have turned out differently. Elite politics from Mao’s death to the Tiananmen massacres was a genuine contest of ideas.

    But ideology won that contest.

    Today the PRC is the only ruling communist party that has never split with Stalin, with the partial exception of North Korea. Stalin’s portrait stood alongside Marx, Engels and Lenin in Tiananmen Square – six metres tall – right up to the early 1980s, at which point the portraits were moved indoors.

    For a long time we all took comfort in thinking that this ideological aspiration existed only on paper, an object of lip service, while China’s 1.4 billion citizens got on with the job of building families and communities and seeking knowledge and prosperity.

    But it has been much more than lip service. Since 1989 the party has been rebuilding itself around what the draft National Security Law calls “ideological security” including defending itself against “negative cultural infiltration”.

    Propaganda and security – wen and wu, the book and the sword, the pen and the gun – are once again inseparable. Party leaders must “dare to show their swords’’ to ensure that “politicians run newspapers”, said Xi, at his first National Propaganda Work Conference, on August 9, 2013.

    Xi has now pushed ideology to the forefront because it provides a framework for “purifying” and regaining control over the vanguard party and thereby the country.

    In Xi’s view, shared by many in his Red Princeling cohort, the cost of straying too far from the Maoist and Stalinist path is dynastic decay and eventually collapse.

    Everything Xi Jinping says as leader, and everything I can piece together from his background, tells me that he is deadly serious about this totalising project.

    In retrospect we might have anticipated this from the Maoist and Stalinist references that Xi sprinkled through his opening remarks as president, in November 2012.

    It was made clearer during Xi Jinping’s first Southern Tour as General Secretary, in December 2012, when he laid a wreath at Deng’s shrine in Shenzhen but inverted Deng’s message. He blamed the collapse of the Soviet Union on nobody being “man enough” to stand up to Gorbachev and this, in turn, was because party members had neglected ideology. This is when he gave his warning that we must not forget Mao, Lenin or Stalin.

    In April 2013 the General Office of the Central Committee, run by Xi’s princeling right hand man, Li Zhanshu, sent this now infamous political instruction down to all high level party organisations.

    This Document No. 9, “Communique on the Current State of the Ideological Sphere”, set “disseminating thought on the cultural front as the most important political task.” It required cadres to arouse “mass fervour” and wage “intense struggle” against the following “false trends”:

    Western constitutional democracy – “an attempt to undermine the current leadership”;
    Universal values of human rights – an attempt to weaken the theoretical foundations of party leadership.
    Civil Society – a “political tool” of the “Western anti-China forces” dismantle the ruling party’s social foundation.
    Neoliberalism – US-led efforts to “change China’s basic economic system”.
    The West’s idea of journalism – attacking the Marxist view of news, attempting to “gouge an opening through which to infiltrate our ideology”.
    Historical nihilism – trying to undermine party history, “denying the inevitability” of Chinese socialism.
    Questioning Reform and Opening – No more arguing about whether reform needs to go further.
    There is no ambiguity in this document. The Western conspiracy to infiltrate, subvert and overthrow the People’s Party is not contingent on what any particular Western country thinks or does. It is an equation, a mathematical identity: the CCP exists and therefore it is under attack. No amount of accommodation and reassurance can ever be enough – it can only ever be a tactic, a ruse.

    Without the conspiracy of Western liberalism the CCP loses its reason for existence. There would be no need to maintain a vanguard party. Mr Xi might as well let his party peacefully evolve.

    We know this document is authentic because the Chinese journalist who publicised it on the internet, Gao Yu, was arrested and her child was threatened with unimaginable things. The threats to her son led her to make the first Cultural Revolution-style confession of the television era.

    In November 2013 Xi appointed himself head of a new Central State Security Commission in part to counter “extremist forces and ideological challenges to culture posed by Western nations”.

    Today, however, the Internet is the primary battle domain. It’s all about cyber sovereignty.


    The key point about Communist Party ideology – the unbroken thread that runs from Lenin through Stalin, Mao and Xi – is that the party is and always has defined itself as being in perpetual struggle with the “hostile” forces of Western liberalism.

    Xi is talking seriously and acting decisively to progress a project of total ideological control wherever it is possible for him to do so. His vision “requires all the Chinese people to be unified with a single will like a strong city wall”, as he told “the broad masses of youth” in his Labor Day speech of May 2015. They need to “temper their characters”, said Xi, using a metaphor favoured by both Stalin and Mao.

    There is no ambiguity in Xi’s project. We see in everything he does and – even in a system designed to be opaque and deceptive – we can see it in his words.

    Mr Xi did not invent this ideological project but he has hugely reinvigorated it. For the first time since Mao we have a leader who talks and acts like he really means it.

    And he is pushing communist ideology at a time when the idea of “communism” is as unattractive as it has been at any time in the past 100 years. All that remains is an ideology of power, dressed up as patriotism, but that doesn’t mean it cannot work.

    Already, Xi has shown that the subversive promise of the internet can be inverted. In the space of five years, with the assistance of Big Data science and Artificial Intelligence, he has been bending the Internet from an instrument of democratisation into a tool of omniscient control. The journey to Utopia is still in progress but first we must pass through a cyber-enabled dystopia in order to defeat the forces of counter-revolution.

    The audacity of this project is breathtaking. And so too are the implications.

    The challenge for us is that Xi’s project of total ideological control does not stop at China’s borders. It is packaged to travel with Chinese students, tourists, migrants and especially money. It flows through the channels of the Chinese language internet, pushes into all the world’s major media and cultural spaces and generally keeps pace with and even anticipates China’s increasingly global interests.

    In my opinion, if you’re in the business of intelligence, defence or international relations; or trade, economic policy or market regulation; or arts, higher education or preserving the integrity of our democratic system – in other words, just about any substantial policy question whatsoever – then you will need a working knowledge of Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought. And maybe, after the 19th Party Congress, you’ll need “Xi Jinping Thought” too. ‘

    Now a follow up and apologies for a very long post. do take the time to read. Everything will fall into place.

    ‘Hastie’s awakening to Xi’s bid for total control of China – and beyond’

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Fascinating, thanks.

      We had a spate of that totalitarianism here, in the Obama years.

      No more. So sad for people around the world who have to live with full-blown versions of the madness that is Communism.

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      • Rhoda R says:

        Oh it’s still around, MAG. Look at Holywood, at our universities, at the thrust of TV and book fiction… they are part of the brainwashing of the American youth.

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        • I Hear You Now says:

          ^^^ 100% Agree, Rhoda R … and we are surrounded by people trained (brains washed) not to look deeply or be curious.

          Both articles (TOGETHER) are SO important for all of us to read; we NEED to know this going forward.

          I realize the first article is REEEEALLY LONG (and Sundance’s guidelines are against that, I think) … However, I would not have read it if it weren’t laid out like that. And, then I was anxious to read the 2nd article.

          Again, BOTH articles are a MUST for all of us curious Treepers 🙂

          Thank you, A2. You are such a GIFT to me and those of us who want to see the FULL TRUTH NOW (rather than having it slap us in the face).

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        • MakeAmericaGreat says:

          Very true

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    • Bigly says:

      “ It is perhaps instructive that many of the most “vile” internal enemies were said to have cloaked their subversive intentions in the guise of “reform”.”

      Please no “red flag” laws! How can anyone miss that Red Flag laws are a recipe for totalitarian state. So easy to paint all trump supporters as crazed lunatics that must be disarmed…and there would not be a damn thing anyone could do about it except shoot!

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    • I’ll look for the book you wrote above on Amazon…

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    • The Boss says:

      A kind suggestion: It may have been better to publish the introduction and the conclusion, then add your analysis A2. You always post great things we don’t see anywhere else.

      I just copied and saved your post into a 12-page word document. Over 5000 words!! I will print the document and read it later today as I lounge by my swimming pool with a nice gin & tonic and even nicer wife!

      Cheers! 🙂

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    • Thank you A2. Worth the long read. Explains as well our Fourth Estate’s behavior. POTUS I believe is aware, hence the policy of disengagement while wearing a “panda” face.

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    • boogywstew says:

      I suggest using the link that “A2” provided to the Sydney Morning Herald article before reading “A2’s” long post. Thank you “A2” !!!

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      Wow! TY for posting, A2. Single best piece on China I’ve ever read. Learned quite a bit, too, especially the dynastic history love & how it was welded to communism.


    • Marshall says:

      When posting long content, posting the original source link allows easier sharing by CTH members. Can you please post a link to the the original material?


  32. Julia Adams says:

    I just cannot let go of the fact that Epstein is dead.

    With Epstein’s reported suicide yesterday, the Federal case against him also died. What we get is yet another, infamous IG investigation into what happened, this time into Federal prison guards who might take the fall or maybe not, which will result in a finding of lacking evidence of a crime that no real prosecutor would charge.

    There is another way to serve Justice. Why not charge Epstein’s honeypot, Ghislaine Maxwell? She was an accomplice to his crimes and should be a cooperating witness for the DOJ. The

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    • A2 says:

      That is already in the works and civil suits by the victims.

      Look it up you are online.

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      • Julia Adams says:

        My, my aren’t you the nasty, sarcastic one. Does replying like that make you feel big? Who died and made you the editor in Chief?


        • A2 says:

          No I was being polite. It is all over the press. thanks for the ad hominem. It’s a good look for you. 😂
          Ask yourself why you were offended that I suggested you seek out further information to the questions you asked. Most people that post here try to do a bit of homework before they post.

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          • doubledark1981 says:

            can’t you take any criticism. Maybe people just don’t like your mannerisms and your snarky passive-aggressiveness. If is not a good look for someone of your vast wisdom, me Lord. Oh, but we are just mere mortals, huh?


          • Justin Green says:

            That wasn’t polite. It was snarky. If you have information and want to be helpful, post a link for her. We’re here to help each other learn and stay informed, have good conversation, etc. “Polite” would have been kindly providing a link or two pointing her in the direction of your information.

            Or is treating a lady especially nice something only us old farts do these days?


      • Kathy says:

        Curious if you are suggesting there should be no criminal investigations are charges for her, since civil charges are in the works?


    • ric says:

      Don’t count the Clintons out for his death somewhere along the line.

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  33. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Still so happy with this amazing POTUS re-tweet:

    This is an example of what Larry Schweikart calls “cheese in the maze.” You put the cheese in the parts of the maze you want the rats to run to. You guide them in the maze by placing the cheese at certain spots.

    Similarly, POTUS will frequently bait and push the media into places he wants them to go, for his own reasons.

    And it’s working. Not only is the media rushing to condemn POTUS for this “conspiracy” tweet (which he does, once again, utilizing a proxy so that it’s not his concept but someone else’s; smart), but Sundance already made a post about how the paid trolls on the left are now forced to shift gears and protect the Clintons, too:

    The last week had been a challenging one for POTUS, with the fallout over El Paso. POTUS had to stand back, play defense, and wait for his moment to counterattack.

    Today was that day. He got the victory with the film “The Hunt” being shut down (he called it out 24 hours earlier, setting up his own win), and then he really got moving forward off the (sad) Epstein death.

    With the retweet, POTUS has taken the media completely off the El Paso story (media on offense against POTUS) and instead put them fully on the Epstein death story (media on defense). El Paso is gone, just like that. As Jack Posobiec notes here:

    Brilliant work from POTUS. He waited out the onslaught on El Paso, and then turned on a dime back to offense when the Epstein news hit.

    General Patton would be proud.

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    • freespeechfanatic says:

      All good points. But I don’t agree with shutting down the film “The Hunt.” We can’t pick and choose on free speech. It’s an all or nothing proposition. I wish President Trump had argued for free speech and the right to make horrid social satires.

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      • Kitty-Kat says:

        If the evil hunters are not deplorables and the hunted deplorables win in the end, it almost sounds like it might be pro deplorable. Maybe that’s why they don’t want to release it?

        The concept of one group of humans hunting another group of humans is not a new idea at the movies.


      • Tseg says:

        It is one thing to complain about art by voicing one’s opinion. It is another to have something legally banned. I’m not aware that movie was banned. It is more like the Libs pulled it because it was not helping their anti-gun narrative at a delicate time. I’m sure it will resurface.

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      • I understand and on one level agree regarding the freedom of speech. I don’t think it is good to “normalize” this type of “speech”. Most things in movies become normalized in our society.


        • Judith says:

          I agree there is a difference between censorship and shaming. Voluntarily pulling a movie due to negative feedback is a business decision.

          That is not a ban.

          New World Order Globalists are great at feigning ignorance between these two concepts, while using a fake Enemedia outrage machine to outlaw every God given freedom protected under our Constitutional Republic.

          And that is all by design.

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      • bofh says:

        In the current tinderbox environment, largely created and nurtured by the left, movies of this nature are more akin to shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater than to a valid exercise of free speech.

        Abrogation of free speech would have been the government saying “we will arrest you if you release this movie”. The leverage that PDJT used was essentially public shaming.

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        • freespeechfanatic says:

          Here is Christopher Hitchens on free speech, pointing out that the real and present danger to free speech is not government abridgement, but the “community,” or in other words, public shaming. We need to be very careful about aiding and abetting the silencing of voices in the name of “tinderboxes” or “fire in a crowded theater” or “terms of conditions” or “community standards.”

          I maintain that President Trump — and al of us — would have stood larger if we endorsed the movie makers right and freedom to make horrid trash. For now we need to ask — what happens when a conservative filmmaker wants to make a brutal social satire of leftism?

          But I’m a free speech fanatic.

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          • Judith says:

            We don’t need to equivocate our response to this strategically-timed, incendiary movie. No ‘political correctness’ is required. Shaming is an effective response.

            It goes without saying that our God-given right to free expression is protected by the Constitution. Hollyweird has expressed itself with gratuitous violence AS USUAL, and then we expressed ourselves. No apologies.

            Condemning a depraved Hollyweird movie represents our right to express our views. I know free expression is a foreign concept for Marxist totalitarians who tolerate no opposition, but that’s THEIR problem not ours.

            Nobody forced them to do anything except to take a second look at their disgusting propaganda disguised as “art and entertainment.” And then they pulled it down all by themselves.

            No harm no foul.


    • Publius2016 says:

      “i dont know nothing” hilarious

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  34. Bigly says:

    I have an uncle driving through California. Gas $4.47 a gallon so he ranted about how Trump, like Bush and his oil buddies are fleecing us once again.

    One simple google search and the TDS set in – arguing against facts about the Marxist state govt, he rants “but trump is a white this and white that.”

    Trump is brilliant to expose the real racists. The left is marginalizing themselves and they don’t even realize it. Trump is brilliant – you just know he has thought this through, decades ago…

    California currently imposes the second-highest gas taxes in the country. A state excise tax currently adds $.417 per gallon, a rate that will increase to $.473 come July. On top of that, the state imposes a 2.25 percent gasoline sales tax

    Liked by 3 people

    • Chimpy says:

      Gasoline is not much more than bottled water here in Texas. It’s around $2.30 a gallon for 87 octane.

      Liked by 2 people

      • TrumpPatriot says:

        Bought gas in MD before trip to Virginia. $2.59 gallon. (State tax of 33 cents per gal) Bought gas in southern Va $2.33 gallon, and again $2.39 in sw Va, ( I think state tax is 11 cents per gal) and still $2.39 moving westward into WV where I think the state tax is also 11 cents per gallon.

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    • Tseg says:

      Beyond that, California requires boutique “environmentally friendly” formulations that are only made in California. So they cannot benefit from a lower priced fuel elsewhere. California fuel costs are the creation of California government.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Bigbadmike says:

      No refineries. Here in liberal Illinois. The Land that forgot Lincoln. His statues will be torn down soon, and his grave will be desecrated, oh, has already been desecrated. But I digress. The gas is selling for $2.54 a gallon. And this is after our State Legislature recently doubled the State Gas Tax from 19 cents to 38 cents a gallon. The lunatics have not yet protested our oil refineries. But if they do, our brilliant Governor will have them shut down pronto. Still, we would not match Cali’s 4-5 dollar gas as we do have a major Oil Refinery right across the State Line in Whiting, Indiana. Digressing again, don’t you think we should move Lincoln’s Tomb to Indiana before it’s too late?

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  35. nwtex says:

    EMTs attempt to revive Jeffrey Epstein as he’s wheeled into New York Downtown Hospital.


  36. nwtex says:

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  37. Dora says:

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  38. nwtex says:

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  39. Publius2016 says:

    Epstein “suicide” may have been Faked…as an American Intelligence Asset, faking his death is protected as national security and those involved would be required to protect classified information. Epstein would then undergo significant plastic surgery and then resume his life in one of the friendly 5 eye nations…after the El Paso False Flag, the Special Division of False Flags (SDFF) had a week to produce this event…the pics released may have been taken last month and we await the surveillance footage (like Las Vegas, don’t hold your breath).

    If Epstein was murdered, then a series of unfortunate events will ensue from all associated beginning with prison personnel.

    The odds of “suicide” offer the least possibility…Epstein never rolled on anyone and SPOOKS protect their own…Deep State has tentacles everywhere and like Seth Rich murder, this event was done in front of the whole world.

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  40. thetrain2016 says:

    I’ve tried to add to the “conspiracy theories” on Breitbart by posting:
    “Something I don’t understand. Epstein was found unresponsive. Still hanging or un-tied laying on the floor or in his bed? Was the bed sheet strong enough to kill him, but failed to hold his weight? Weird.”
    They censored it. “Hold… etc.”
    I’m wondering, what’s going on?


    • There was never a full accounting of the 7/23 episode where he reportedly said someone tried to kill him. I read he WASN’T taken to the hospital after that event. Others said his throat looked like he had been choked.

      He reportedly hanged himself this time, but I’ve yet to see any details other than the presumption that he should have had tear-away bed sheets to make suicide difficult.

      This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

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  41. ilcon says:

    Best article you’ll read today.

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  42. ilcon says:

    Mooch be deEP State.

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  43. ilcon says:

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  44. Dances with Wolverines says:

    The same career Department of Justice employees that used every resource available known to man to illegally remove a duly elected President are the very same government employees that failed to bring justice to a child rapist and pedophile ring and continues to provide cover for them to this very day.

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  45. dogsmaw says:

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  46. dogsmaw says:

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  47. dogsmaw says:

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