July 23rd – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #915

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  1. flame says:

    Congresswoman Ilhan Omar: Terrorist.
    Glenn Beck takes a closer look at Representative Ilhan Omar, accusations made against her

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      OK………..Now THIS^^^^^is the Glen Beck I knew and loved….

      The man who predicted The Arab Spring…….now he seems to be back

      Chalkboards…….documents….proof of his assertions….

      A must listen……He nails Omar to the friggin wall……

      If he is actually back to his old self…..I am happy…

      If he jumps off the ship again……well …..let’s wait and see

      Excellent, solid, documented background on Omar.
      She works for Hamas…….Watch the video…..

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      • magaxena58 says:

        Wow, very sobering video. Brings it all together, thank you!

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      • pocaMAGAjunta says:

        Thanks Gunny. Definitely worth watching.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        This what Beck does well. And he did it early on, many times, against Obama.


      • Peoria Jones says:

        With all due respect, Gunny, I don’t think you ever knew Beck. And I don’t think he’s “back.”

        I was a fan long before he got on Fox. He’s talented. He’s a great entertainer. He knows how to give people what they want and get attention. And he is capable of doing great work which appears to benefit our side.

        But he will flip in a heartbeat, and do great damage. I’ve seen it many times. He’s still critical of PTrump, and I believe Beck is still resentful. He will employ whatever strategy seems to benefit himself at any particular political moment, no matter how incongruous it seems.

        We have no idea who the real Glen Beck is. But Andrew Breitbart did. If you haven’t, please listen to Breitbart’s many interviews where he discussed Beck in scathing detail.

        Beck has been a dangerous fraud, and though he may occasionally put out a tidbit of talented work, I don’t believe it’s worth elevating him. Certainly not trusting him.

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        • 🍺Gunny66 says:


          Did you happen to read where I stated……
          ”Let’s wait and see”? regarding Beck…

          And to claim I never knew Beck……How do you know how I don’t know him?
          You don’t…..I completely understand his failings.

          He did an excellent job of nailing Omar…..That is true…

          “Don’t go shooting the messenger”


          • Peoria Jones says:

            Gunny, my comment was not a personal one directed at you. It was a general statement of my disgust with Beck.

            Well, except that I did say I didn’t think you ever knew Beck. But I obviously mean that I don’t think ANYONE really knows him. I doubt he even knows himself from one day to the next.

            Whether or not you’ve met him isn’t going to change my mind about the guy. I can appreciate his occasional decent work, but am not waiting to see anything with this opportunistic fruitcake.

            Your mileage may vary, but Beck burned one too many bridges with me.


    • albertus magnus says:

      A globalist discussing a terrorist.

      Think I will pass.

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      • Phil aka Felipe says:

        Unfortunately, Beck’s antics will keep a very important message like the one about Ilhan Omar from being seen and heard by the exact people that need it.

        He’s just about destroyed his credibility in a “What you do is speaking to me so loud I can’t listen to what you’re saying” sort of way”.

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    • ilcon says:

      This is Beck.

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      • margarite1 says:

        He said he questioned her for having 20 items in the 10 item checkout line and never told her to go back whee she came from. Maybe he’ll rethink his support of The Squad?


      • annieoakley says:

        Sparkes sounds as though he is speaking about George Soros who HAS Nazi roots. Germany is the root of the National Socialist Workers Party. We know Hitler was taking advice from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.


    • Phil aka Felipe says:

      Thanks for posting this, flame.

      I copied the url to share and use in presentations about the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood and its role in the World Wide Muslim Movement to destroy Western Civilization and make Sharia the Law of The Land instead of the U.S. Constitution.

      BTW, Ladies have you been fitted for your burkas yet?


    • Don McAro says:

      Glen Beck is a fraud…. I assume get my info from Nancy Pelosi


    • cjzak says:

      Beck has always been a great teacher and so good at disseminating the facts behind an issue. This is where he shines. Good stuff and I hope he does more of this. It was why he was so popular with his Fox show.


    • IOENO says:

      July 20, 2019
      CAIR’s Obstruction of Trump’s ICE Raids
      By Anne-Christine Hoff

      The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the self-described “Muslim civil rights organization” with a history of undermining law enforcement, has put the migrant crisis front and center of its newest efforts.

      Last week the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of CAIR reissued a community advisory aimed at undermining law enforcement efforts to conduct raids on illegal migrants who face a court removal order. The Trump administration has said it is focusing its efforts on carrying out removal orders on migrants involved in criminal activity.

      Among the rights CAIR-DFW (and the national chapter) advises these undocumented immigrants to exercise in their “Know Your Rights” pamphlet are:

      The right to not open the door;
      The right to not answer questions;
      The right to refuse to sign papers;
      The legal right to have a lawyer present;

      Of course, none of what CAIR says is untrue. Migrants do have such rights in our country, even though they have broken our laws by entering the country illegally. However, the scale of the problem is unprecedented. As stated by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the Associated Press, in May alone, 137,887 migrants were taken into custody at the Mexican border, the highest number since 2007.

      The rest is here — https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/07/cairs_obstruction_of_trumps_ice_raids.html


  2. JustScott says:

    I missed this live, but damn! I love our NewYorker VSG-POTUS!
    Think this was a thinly veiled shot over the Mullas?

    “KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Afghans were startled to hear President Trump’s remarks that he could end the war in Afghanistan “in a week,” but that it would cause the deaths of millions of people.”


    (Tip: most of the site that get nasty about AdBlockPlus, hit the browser X button at the top during page load, and you can read the whole article.)

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  3. burnett044 says:

    how do poor folk get to American border from Africa???

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    • Krystal says:

      It’s time for President Trump to order holding cells in affluent liberal areas and move these people there and stop the money flow (if he can) to the corrupt non profits helping them. Arrest those who fund this or get rid of our intelligence/law enforcement agencies who do nothing. Stop the benefits too.

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      • Judith says:

        I’ve always recommended we fight fire with fire. They build all their Agenda 21 sanctuary cities, aka “workforce housing” tenements, in middle and lower class neighborhoods.

        Rezone wealthy neighborhoods and move the invaders there instead. Problem solved!

        And if RINOS can hold office, then why not run some DINOS to even it out? Why can’t patriots out-Alinsky the Alinskiites, and turn the tables on them for a change?

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        • Krystal says:

          Good points. I am reading more about the workforce housing destroying middle class areas. They are importing illegals and making citizens’ neighborhood suffer – all on purpose. I agree – rezone the wealthy areas. I hear they are starting to do that in wealthier Maryland areas which are democrat areas and it is not going over well. Sane citizens need to march and speak up – not just the lefties. The federal agencies are out of control. I call it the dark state not the deep state.


    • That’s my question, how did they get here from Africa?

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    • Nobodysfool says:

      Yes, how are Africans getting to our border? Are they being screened for ebola and other diseases before being ‘resettled’ into our communities? What process is in place that is allowing some African migrants being inducted into our military–is signing up for our Army a path to citizenship and chain migration?

      There is a very organized, well funded system in place that gets poor people across ocean waters to another country’s border. We’ve seen it happening in Europe as refugees by the thousands are sent in matching rubber motorized rafts wearing matching life jackets to the shores of Mediterranean countries, dumped off and going back for another load. Somebody buys the rafts, the life jackets, the fuel, hires the people that operate the boats and organizes the masses at the points of departure. Somebody funds groups like Doctors Without Borders that have clinics set up to care for refugees when they unload at a new country.

      If President Trump doesn’t already have a team of people following the money, investigating the sources of money that provides these caravans with transportation, enough shoes for walking hundreds of miles, tents, food, water, and cell phones, now would be a really, really good time to get on it.

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      • soozword says:

        This has been going on for a long time with the Central Americans yet only one organizer has been arrested (about two weeks ago as I recall). The President does not convey a sense of urgency in actively stopping the organizers under his human smuggling EO. Easy to talk about it and publish EOs but following through seems to be a whole different story.


      • annieoakley says:

        Much of the money comes from George Soros. His boats have been stopped from getting into Italy so it looks as though he is sending them here to the United States via Mexico.

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    • cjzak says:

      This is really getting old. Just ignore the leftist paid for judges holding this up and tell these people they cannot enter and must stay in Mexico or go back to their home countries. Enough is enough and American citizens are being endangered by all of these illegal invaders. No more free pass for asylum nor a waiting period within our borders either. If this is true information then this influx needs to be stopped now. Close the borders except for commerce.

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    • bearsgrrr says:

      With their cell phones…

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  4. citizen817 says:

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  5. BruceC says:

    Wow … Oliver Stone 1-on-1 with Vladimir Putin.


    Oliver Stone: Well, you are not disagreeing. You are saying that it was quite possible that there was an attempt to prevent Donald Trump from coming into office with a soft, I will call it a soft coup d’état?

    Vladimir Putin: In the USA?

    Oliver Stone: Yes.

    Vladimir Putin: It is still going on.

    Oliver Stone: A coup d’état is planned by people who have power inside.

    Vladimir Putin: No, I do not mean that. I mean lack of respect for the will of the voters. I think it was unprecedented in the history of the United States.

    Oliver Stone: What was unprecedented?

    Vladimir Putin: It was the first time the losing side does not want to admit defeat and does not respect the will of the voters.

    Full June 19, 2019 transcript-ed interview: http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/61057

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    • A2 says:

      Guess you do not watch Russian State TV.

      state TV mocks Trump for blaming Obama w/ respect to the situation that led Turkey to purchase S-400, says that Trump still fails to realize that “Turkey has had it with Washington” & “spits on its threat of sanctions.” Host concludes that “everyone is sick of America.”

      And there are other more nasty remarks about President Trump on Russian state tv I could post.

      But hey, Roger Stone sits down for a fluffy talk with Vlad the bad. How does Stone reconcile his attack on the US Intelligence services by sitting down with the GRU poster boy Putin.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Hell of a note when PUTIN, of all people, is more fly to the implications of the soft coup than Mitch McConnell or the media.

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      • A2 says:

        Only if you do not understand his intentions. he is happy sticking it to the President.
        Divide and conquer. You just think it’s cool because he feeds your animosity towards someone you hate.

        Got to give credit to Putin and his disinformation campaign. Feeding division, dividing the nation.

        How about you do the same for Putin? Post about the the days long protests in Moscow against his rule. didn’t hear about that? I guess not.


        • gsonFIT says:

          So here is a question? What good does it do America and or Russia if one or the other goes out of business. Both leaders seem to be pragmatic businessmen. I am sure of this about PDJT and this is how it appears to be for Pooty Poot. It benefits each country if the other is economically strong and I do not see empire building aspirations from either. I think both men tell it like it is, but are not out to destroy the other.

          By the same token I think China wants the rest of the world in serfdom. They are a country that needs to see and understand our force but we do still need to dialogue with them. Now if Russia begins to align with China that might be an issue. But to stick it to Russia for no other reason than vindictiveness, well this does not seem to be in either man’s playbook.



      • BruceC says:

        The interview is actually a good read 😉

        Oliver Stone: I remember you were telling me about the Obama phone call, Obama and you had an agreement that there would be no firing on the last day. And he gave you a promise that he would…

        Vladimir Putin: You know, while Obama is no longer President, there are certain things we do not discuss in public. At any rate, I can say that the US did not follow through on the agreements that we reached during this phone call. I will stop there without going into detail.

        Oliver Stone: Yes. So recently, you know Russia has been obviously accused and accused over and over again of interference in the 2016 election. As far as I know there is no proof, it has not turned up. But now in the US there has been an investigation going on about Ukraine’s interference in the election. It seems that it was a very confusing situation, and Poroshenko seems to have been very strongly pro-Clinton, anti-Trump.

        Vladimir Putin: Yes, this is no secret.

        Oliver Stone: Do you think there was interference?

        Vladimir Putin: I do not think that this could be interpreted as interference by Ukraine. But it is perfectly obvious that Ukrainian oligarchs gave money to Trump’s opponents. I do not know whether they did this by themselves or with the knowledge of the authorities.

        Oliver Stone: Where they giving information to the Clinton campaign?

        Vladimir Putin: I do not know. I am being honest. I will not speak about what I do not know. I have enough problems of my own. They assumed Mrs Clinton would win and did everything to show loyalty to the future US administration. That is nothing special. They wanted the future President to have a good opinion of them. This is why they allowed themselves to make unflattering statements about Trump and supported the Democrats in every possible way. This is no secret at all. They acted almost in public.

        Oliver Stone: You do not want to go any further on that because you do not have any information?

        Vladimir Putin: You know, this would be inappropriate on my part. If I said something more specific, I would have to put some documents, some papers on the table.

        Oliver Stone: You understand that it has huge implications because Mr Trump would be very grateful?

        Vladimir Putin: I did not interfere then, I do not want to interfere now, and I am not going to interfere in the future.

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        • A2 says:

          Putin lies. Like all the other authoritarians. Like Iran saying the US didn’t take down their drone. And like Venezuela who says the US is going to invade, or like NK saying the US lied in their summit meetings, and China who says The US is liar about just about everything.

          Take your pick.

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        • JoeMeek says:

          I would certainly believe Putin over the FBI, the Mother of all Liars and Coup Plotters.

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          • Sentient says:

            I’d trust Putin over Bolton, too. Putin cares about Russians – the opposite of globalist “leaders” who actively work against their own people.


      • YvonneMarie says:

        The media is complicit in the coup cause they do not research the truth.
        MSM = Globalist agenda

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      • Petrel says:

        I read the whole interview between Vladimir Putin and Oliver Stone. Here are some notes:

        1. Stone discovered that Putin is godfather to Ukranian politician Medvechuk’s daughter. Stone asked if Putin might be godfather to his daughter. Putin asks if she is a believer and whether she would like to become an Orthodox Christian. Stone deflects and says “young people in America, sometimes, are different.” Putin responds: “Young people are different eveywhere.” Stone then suggests his daughter is spoiled and Putin says: “The older generation always says that about the younger generation.”

        2. Stone then says that he was always a rebel but is now thrown by gender confusion, which he attributes to media indoctrination. Didn’t Putin mention something about this at their last interview? Putin replies that Russia has a law banning such propaganda directed at minors. Once these are 18, Russian adults can choose how they want to live.

        3. Stone asks about Medvechuk’s and Putin’s ideas on resolving tension between Ukraine and the break-away province of Donbass. Putin responds that he and Medvechuk disagree about whether the Ukraine is a different country or a Russian region that crystallized a slightly different identity, but both agree that the two need to talk with each other and find some modus vivendi. “There is not a single example in recent history when a crisis was settled without direct contact between the sides.” Medvechuk would be a good go-between.

        4. Stone then asked about the riots and sniping that took place in Kiev, which launched hostilites between the two countries[ — [ Note: Victoria Neuland said the US bankrolled the affair spending $5 billion] . Putin refuses to describe the US role, but says that President Obama did not keept his word to him. Stone urges Putin to say more: “Mr Trump would be very grateful.” Putin responds, “I did not interfere, I do not want to interfere and will not interfere — I have enough problems.”

        5. Stone asks if Puting believes there was a soft-coup effort. Putin asks if Stone means the US following the 2016 election? Stone says yes, whereupon Putin says that a coup is still ongoing, which dis-respects the American voters and was created by “unscrupulous application of administrative pressure.”

        6. Stone turns to tension between the US and Iran. Putin replies that a crisis in that area would not advantage anyone, would cause massive refugee flows and damage the world economy. Same for North Korea and Venezuela. Stone asks if Putin sees himself as a willing peacemaker? Putin replies “Spot on.”

        * * * * * *

        Call me hopelessly naive, but I found Putin’s answers to be truthful, measured and balanced.

        Clearly Putin was smilling during note 1. as he reasured Stone of his willingness to help the daughter — but only if the daugther asks for his spiritual guidance.

        On point 2. he maintains that young people need to work through sexual ambiguities without pressure, after which they are free to make their own decisions.

        Point 3. is very interesting. Putin maintains that history causes nations to “crystallize” and the results should be respected. He personally believes that the Ukraine is a unique variant of Russian culture, whereas Medvechuk believes that the Ukraine is a separate nation. No matter, peaceful relations are in the Ukraine’s interest and peaceful relations in time will resolve the matter of one or two nations.

        Point 4. Putin is determined not to blame Obama publicly for the Kiev massacre. He says Obama lied to him, but passes on any attempt to trash the former president.

        5. Putin agrees with Stone about the soft-coup on President Trump since the 2016 election, terming this effort “an unscrupulous application of administrative pressure.”

        6. Putin is also correct that conflict in Iran would de-stabilize the world’s economy, be a disaster internationally, would lead to massive social distress in Iran and create huge refugee migrations from the region.

        On a personal note: Returning to point 3. While foreigners think of us as a monolithic nation, Americans are aware that the culture of Texas and the South-west is very different from that of the North-west, or the northern Plains. Then again, the culture of the North-east is very different from that of the Central Atlantic, or again the South. Writing from a Central Atlantic background, character type differences between Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Virginia are very marked. In Putin’s term, these regions and states “crystallized” under different historical influences.


    • Gary says:

      Arguably it happened before, in the 1860s.


    • doit4atlas says:

      Putin is doing nothing more then trolling and using Stone as a useful idiot. He knows that defending Trump against the election losers, will simply add fuel to the fire. Oliver Stone is the perfect person to light the match.


    • Rynn69 says:

      Putin is clearly pointing out the STAIN OF HYPOCRISY that DC Swamp Dwellers and British EU loyalists are guilty of. Something that is a dagger in the heart of democracy. The essence of Freedom. In the case of the United States, the integrity of the Republic.


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    • VVP is smart cookie….this is a reason why so many ppl hate him even mote than VSG/ESG PDJT….he VVP simple outsmart opponents…


  6. Dora says:

    This is an interesting report.


    Al Franken was pushed out of Senate by Chuck Schumer in secret bedside ultimatum


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    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      Photo evidence like there was against Franken can take down anybody.

      I shed not one tear for a man whose Senate seat, and the far reaching nationwide ramifications of his sitting in it, were a result of voter fraud. If this is all the punishment he gets, he got off very easy.

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    • Guyski says:

      That New Yorker article, which the Daily News refers is too much. It is revisionist history at is best.

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      • Guyski says:

        Have to wonder if this is some kind of revisionist interpretation / historical revisionism of the #metoo movement to apply to upcoming revelations.

        From the New Yorker article: (it is actually quite disgusting)

        The lawyer Debra Katz, who has represented Christine Blasey Ford and other sexual-harassment victims, remains troubled by Franken’s case. She contends, “The allegations levelled against Senator Franken did not warrant his forced expulsion from the Senate, particularly given the context in which most of the behavior occurred, which was in his capacity as a comedian.” She adds, “All offensive behavior should be addressed, but not all offensive behavior warrants the most severe sanction.” Katz sees Franken as a cautionary tale for the #MeToo movement. “To treat all allegations the same is not only inappropriate,” she warns. “It feeds into a backlash narrative that men are vulnerable to even frivolous allegations by women.”

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      • bessie2003 says:

        Sounds like the Dems are revising this bit of history so they can justify bringing him back so to primary their current Minnesota representative, be a down-grade for him from Senate to Congress, but shows their panic.

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        • Beau Geste says:

          Can the “establishment” minnesota dems find enough new votes for frankenstein in the trunk of a car after the election again, to overcome all illegal somali votes?
          It might be another bigcity dem election district in which there are more votes than registered voters, or even more votes than actual citizens.


  7. MakeAmericaGreat says:
  8. youme says:

    Mueller is slick:

    Mueller wrote to DOJ on July 10

    Mueller is asking for instructions from the DOJ

    The DOJ writes back to Mueller providing guidelines

    A Mueller flunky releases the letter from the DOJ

    Here’s the letter from DOJ that references Mueller’s request:


    Why did Mueller do this?

    Because now he can reference the letter from the DOJ to not answer most of the questions from Republicans

    Note the DOJ letter is signed by Bradley Weinsheimer

    On August 31, 2017 Weinsheimer signed a Declaration in response to a FOIA request that the DOJ has no record of the FBI monitoring the communications at Trump Tower:

    “[T]he Department of Justice — including NSD — has no records responsive to Plaintiff’s request inasmuch as it seeks records of alleged wiretapping of then-Candidate Trump in Trump Tower by President Obama prior to the election, as referenced in the March 4, 2017, tweet.”




    No doubt it was Mueller’s handlers who wrote the DOJ letter that Weinsheimer signed.

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    • Julia Adams says:

      Over the past three years, what are some things have we learned about the Deep State and the swamp? For starters, we’ve learned that lying to low-ranking FBI agents is a federal crime, a felony, punishable with imprisonment, but lying to and attempting to illegally overthrow a duly elected President of the United States is just fine.

      Are we being ruled by the FBI, CIA and Judiciary? The Obama holdovers and their Democrat Media connections seem to think so.

      So, Comey’s self-righteous, intentional acts of misleading, misrepresenting and lying to POTUS about an illegal counter intelligence investigation involving Trump and his campaign are fine – but lying to Comey and of course his pal Mueller puts one in jail for “collusion” and “obstructing” their failed coup d’état attempt that was dressed up as an FBI investigation.

      This is the mindset of progressive Democrats. Only quick and prolonged amounts of sunlight coupled with the full un-redacted declassification of all documents pertaining to this saga will put an end to the madness.

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    • Bubby says:

      Youme exactly! It’s the deep state game plan! They’ve had 90 days to prepare for it. Mueller has the questions, the responses prepared and vetted by Lawfare. There will be no one from the DOJ with the authority to override anything Mueller doesn’t want to answer. With the gross Nadler as Chairman any Republican question Mueller doesn’t want will put an end to that line of questioning. The real question is, was the DOJ in on it or did they get played? I’m leaning towards the former.

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    • freespeechfanatic says:

      The Deep State has elaborate, well-oiled and time-tested machinery for ensuring its prosecution-resistant reign of power.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      youme: Mueller is slick:

      Not hard to be “slick” when you answer to no law and are accountable to nothing.


  9. TwoLaine says:

    Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister of Brexit/UK.

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  10. OhNoYouDont says:

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  11. Dora says:

    Just release it already! I’m tired of waiting!


    IG Horowitz to Release Report with Evidence Comey Conducted “Counterintelligence” of Trump on the Sly – Had Covert Agent in White House


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  12. Alex M says:

    Fear spreads on Mexican border with new US policy – Thousands stranded in Mexico with nowhere to go. They listened to DEMS and are now screwed!


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  13. Troublemaker10 says:

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  14. youme says:

    We have a government and Congress full of low life schmucks

    Just the tip of the iceberg. The grifters and rent seekers are salivating over the Green New Deal:

    “Money for nothing and the chicks are free”

    Four family members belonging to a Utah polygamist group admitted defrauding the U.S. of $512 million in renewable-fuel tax credits, with the leader saying the mastermind was an Armenian immigrant who owns a small oil and gas empire in Southern California.


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  15. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    FTA: Academic institutions are increasingly reliant on Chinese money—$12.55 billion in student tuition fees in 2016—and so it’s easy to buy their silence.

    The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project has provided the perfect cover for the Chinese authorities to introduce their own video surveillance system to most of Pakistan’s major cities. In fact, CCP-controlled Hikvision cameras can now be found scattered throughout Stansted and Glasgow airports and the London Underground. The Party has direct access to the data from any one of these camera systems.

    The time has come to take the Chinese Communist Party very seriously indeed. Successive Western governments have dealt softly with their counterparts in Beijing, hoping for the gradual emergence of a Western-style democratic regime. We convinced ourselves that if you leave lions alone then they will become completely different animals. Now we must deal with the consequences of that mistake. The Communist Party will never change, it will only get worse—and already it begins to threaten the liberty of people all over the world. We need a new approach.

    Wang Dan, one of the exiled student leaders from Tiananmen Square, has found cause for hope in the recent US-China trade war. “In the 1990s,” he told the New York Times, “when Washington linked the granting of China’s most favourable trading status with human rights, the Chinese government bowed to the pressure by relaxing its political control and releasing me and several other dissidents. But once trade and human rights were delinked, the situation there deteriorated drastically.” Perhaps we could cage the lion by refusing to compromise on human rights, and by insisting on the association of political reform with trade.


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  16. dufrst says:

    Excellent! MAGA worldwide!

    Good luck DUDE!

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  17. Troublemaker10 says:

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  18. Troublemaker10 says:

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  19. JoeMeek says:

    a href=”https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/07/revealed_mueller_deputy_weissmanns_offer_to_a_ukrainian_oligarch_to_drop_prosecution_in_exchange_for_damaging_testimony_on_trump.html”>

    With Mueller’s testimony scheduled for Wednesday, leakers have revealed to John Solomon of The Hill that Weissmann pushed an effort to obtain incriminating testimony about Trump “collusion” from a Ukrainian oligarch, Dmitry Firtash, to the ethical limits and maybe beyond – offering to drop prosecution on a case pending in the United States in return for something to use against Trump.

    The offer was declined, and the oligarch’s attorneys state that this is because there was nothing to offer. But what makes the situation scandalous is that an Austrian court – where the oligarch fled — has received documents on the offer that have led it to halt extradition to the United States to face trial on the case that Weissmann offered to drop, telling the world that something fishy indeed was going on.

    With Mueller cautioned by the Justice Department (letter here) to “remain within the boundaries” of his publicly-released, redacted report. Mueller will almost certainly refuse to answer questions about the Weissman proffer. And any other embarrassing questions that GOP representatives might ask.

    Sure looks like Barr is providing more cover for Mueller and Weissmann.

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    • Trying to be optimistic here… President Trump seemed truly disappointed when the democrats refused to accept the findings of the Mueller Report and began to spin as soon as it was released.

      The democrat / deep state needs to keep up the Russian Collusion / obstruction narrative as a bulwark against the coming illegal surveillance, spying and outright coup attempt revelations which have yet to be realized by the electorate at large.

      I think the President – and hopefully AG Barr – want there to be a clear, bright-line delineation between the time the collusion narrative is completely extinguished and the time the real investigation comes to fruition and is presented to the public. The reason for this is focus. The president wants the revelations to be viewed in full daylight and not be obscured by the insipid collusion / obstruction claptrap that the democrats are trying to maintain as a defense. Hopefully, the charade will be over for good once Mueller spends most of tomorrow saying absolutely nothing new.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Clivus, you and I both know fully well that it won’t be. The Democrats were ordered by Her Majesty the Queen to “take down Donald Trump,” and they are Good Dogs. They’re too politically stupid to understand anything beyond “Orange Man Bad.”

        Impeachment is the candle flame, and they are the moths: “flap, flap, flap, pfft!” 😀


      • boomerbeth says:

        I thought you were going to write:
        “Trying to be optimistic here… President Trump seemed truly disappointed when William Barr refused to unredact the classified findings of the House intelligence committee.”
        Trump didn’t vet Barr.
        He rolled over taking Bush 43’s recommendation.

        “The cover-up General” by Willam Safire.
        Barr favors no party, he’s a company man.

        He will run out the clock until 2020.
        If Trump wins re-election, he will be “outta here”…


        • What they tried to do to Donald Trump (and by extension every single person who voted for him) and PARTICULARLY they way they tried to do it, transcends even the dirtiest of Clintonian Politics and goes right to the heart of several constitutional protections and effects every American.

          I’ll agree, if this is allowed to stand, it’s over.


    • kaste668 says:

      I actually see it differently. Sound like the AG let Mueller and Congress know that he is only to talk about what is in the report. This limits the guide-rails he has to stay within. The question is….What will the AG office do if Mueller goes outside the bounds of what his is instructed to do?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Truthfilter says:

        No way he’ll go outside the boundaries. He’s like a vulnerable and injured snake who needs protection from bigger predators. So the DOJ built a cage and put him in it. Otherwise the spineless POS would never have agreed to testify. Lawfare is political witchcraft.


    • Chimpy says:

      Jim Jordan and the other Repubs should ask the leading questions anyhow. Even if Mueller refuses to answer any of them. Get the questions on the record while on national tv. Might prompt more people to wonder what’s going on and find the answers themselves.


  20. ilcon says:

    Liked by 2 people

  21. ilcon says:

    Liked by 3 people

  22. boomerbeth says:

    Mule-LIAR now has a taste of his own medicine: ENTRAPMENT
    What congressperson is sharp enough to impeach his credibility him in these salient points?

    1. On July 1, Judge Dabney Friedrich !ordered Mueller to stop pretending he had proof that the Russian government was behind the Internet Research Agency’s supposed attempt to interfere via social media in the 2016 election.

    2. Roger Stone’s lawyers asked the Court for “unredacted reports” from CrowdStrike challenging the government to prove that Russia hacked the DNC server. “The government … does not possess the information the defendant seeks,” the DOJ filing says.
    (The incomplete, redacted, second-hand “forensics” draft that former FBI Director James Comey decided to settle for from the Democratic National Committee-hired CrowdStrike firm does not qualify as credible evidence.


    Liked by 3 people

    • It is wonderful to watch Mueller’s claims winding up in court, to be placed in front of Juries and considered by them in the way that the laws of the land are actually written.

      It is especially terrific that one Russian company which Mueller accused used its American presence to allow it to present itself to an American court and request to be arraigned. This serves to put the linchpin assertion of the entire thing – that they represented and were working for the Russian Government – before a Jury.

      Anything which a “real” Special Counsel presents in a “real” Report should easily stand up to all tests, because the purpose of the investigation is to conclude whether indictments could be issued. It should use the actual legal standards and interpretations that would be used by any Court. But the entirety of the Mueller Report – both volumes 1 and 2 – is really nothing more or less than a political bag of garbage intended only to make the case for impeachment … which it completely failed to do. It isn’t a valid Special Counsel work product, and it never was. Which, since the whole thing was made public, we can see for ourselves.

      I’m glad that several Juries, and Federal Judges, will make the same conclusions. “I want our money back,” and I think that Mueller himself should face prosecution.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. OhNoYouDont says:


    In the political turmoil at the turn of the spring and summer of 1989, under the strong support of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries represented by Comrade Deng Xiaoping, Comrade Li Peng had a clear-cut banner and, together with most of the comrades of the Central Political Bureau, took decisive measures to stop the unrest and quell the counter-revolutionary violence.

    The chaos has stabilized the domestic situation and played an important role in this major struggle that has a bearing on the future of the party and the country.

    After the Fourth Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Central Committee in June 1989, as an important member of the central leadership collective with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core, Comrade Li Peng held high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the “Three Represents” and thoroughly implemented the 11th Party Congress.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. k4jjj says:

    There is no middle ground between capitalism and socialism. This is because the American Left demands complete surrender. Americans will continue to be fighting in the streets to settle this. Patriots cannot even use language that might offend the Left.

    Government will do everything it can to control every aspect of our lives, take everything earned by individual effort and will never allow a moment’s rest for those simply seeking personal liberty and the right to be left alone. Leftists in America have chosen violence as a legitimate solution and have rejected national sovereignty, constitutional rights and law and order.

    We have entered a time of irrational hatred with non-stop slander. The culture has surrendered every inch of liberty to a bunch of screaming, name-calling lunatics.

    Where is any peace on America’s horizon?


    • The most-maddening thing, to me, is that “there isa vast amount of ground between ‘Left’ and ‘Right,'” and that this is precisely where our nation ought to be. Various pundits should be pulling the debates to the left while others pull it to the right, all with the understood common purpose of:

      “meeting somewhere in the middle, at a place of our own choosing that we think works best for America (and here’s why).”

      “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.” So, why do we let ourselves be so easily divided? Nothing will ever be accomplished that way. There are very good points in “socialism” and we have successfully implemented some of them in association with Roosevelt’s New Deal. But others, such as (IMHO) most of the so-called “Green New Deal,” are ridiculous. So, are the proponents of these things working together in a spirit of debate, cooperation and compromise with those who do not fully agree with them? No!

      But, why not? Isn’t that your job? Your job is to make laws that work. They won’t be hard-left, they won’t be hard-right, and they will be compromises. Stop grabbing press headlines and talking-points, and get busy. It’s hard work.


      • ilcon says:

        There is no compromising with communists.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Irisheyes says:

        Mike, I disagree. “Compromising” with the left is what has gotten us where we are today (reference the Overton Window). The time for compromise is over!

        Liked by 2 people

        • “All right, we agree to disagree.” I think that “the Left” must compromise with “the Right,” and that “the Right” must compromise with “the Left.” Cherry-pick the best ideas from socialism and flush the parts that we know won’t work – instead of throwing all of the into a pot, labeling it “The Green New Deal,” and hammering on it while refusing to open it and begin negotiations. We know what will happen as long as an impasse is allowed to continue: “absolutely nothing.”

          “Yes, I see your position. Yes, I also see yours. But what I do not see is: proposals of actual new legislation that can be implemented.” Neither “far left” nor “far right,” taken by themselves, (IMHO) represents anything that will actually work in our big and complex country. But both contain good ideas.


          • FH says:

            “There are very good points in ‘socialism’…” If you honestly believe this you are an irredeemable idiot.


            • Maybe so – but we’ve had Social Security and Medicare for several generations, and they more-or-less seem to work. I think that we could socialize medicine and actually make it work when no one else yet has succeeded in doing that. (I do not believe that “market competition” has succeeded there. That’s my opinion, and I fully respect your dissent.)

              But, if we take “the entirety of ‘Far Left Socialism'” and throw it into a big rubbish-bin and argue with one another that the one-and-only thing we can do is to take the entire contents of that bin and enact it into law … that’s nonsense.

              There are aspects of ideas on both sides which, if hybridized(!) together, could result in “innovative legislation.” That legislation would be neither “Left,” nor “Right,” but “Both at once.” And even when initially passed it might require more “tweaking” to finally get it right. These are big, hard, complex problems that defy solution.


              • rashomon says:

                We haven”t had competition in medical care since the government started handling services. Medicare and Medicaid plus the VA/Tricare alone would totally break the back of delivering medical care, especially with the BIG PHarna lobby’s special treatment. The complexity of all the “contracts’ with multiple insurers has complicated payment systems beyond belief. Even The Blues can agree on a data entry system to handle this c##p!

                Moreover, I bet not one — not one — hospital system truly knows what it costs to deliver a product. The recent influx of surgery centers is the best hope that SOMEONE out there is doing basic cost-accounting to deliver their product with sufficient profit to stay alive and expand. Also some concierge systems are breaking the government model. Why should every sniffle, every well-baby exam be paid under an insurance policy? Cold hard cash for the small stuff with a comprehensive catastrophic policy for the big deals.

                Liked by 1 person

              • FH says:

                Wow… where to begin?

                “[W]e’ve had Social Security and Medicare for several generations, and they more-or-less seem to work.” Insofar as a “least common denominator” type of system that is, in fact, projected to go bankrupt can said to “work”, ummm… okay. Do tell, are you, by chance, living on Social Security and using Medicare for your health coverage? Beyond that, have you any experience with the disability aspect of Social Security? How about the long-term care aspects of Medicare?

                Typically, people who believe either of those trust funds “work” are people who know next to nothing about them.

                “I think that we could socialize medicine and actually make it work when no one else yet has succeeded in doing that.” You said it yourself; NO ONE has succeeded in doing that; what, exactly, leads you to believe this could actually be achieved WITHOUT serious violations of individual liberties up to and including death panels?

                “I do not believe that “market competition” has succeeded there.” This presumes we actually have market competition in health care; we don’t, but that’s only one aspect of the problems we face in that area.

                “But, if we take “the entirety of ‘Far Left Socialism’” and throw it into a big rubbish-bin and argue with one another that the one-and-only thing we can do is to take the entire contents of that bin and enact it into law … that’s nonsense.” Who is arguing that any aspect of socialism should be made law? Surely never I. There is not a single aspect of a socialized economic system that should be admired or copied EVER.

                “There are aspects of ideas on both sides which, if hybridized(!) together, could result in ‘innovative legislation.'” For instance?

                “These are big, hard, complex problems that defy solution.” Not really. I don’t need to see socialist constructs fail – spectacularly – over and over again, taking millions upon millions of lives with them be it in the former USSR, Red China, various places in Africa, southeast Asia and generating misery everywhere else to know they don’t work.

                Liked by 2 people

      • Leaving says:

        I disagree. The point is to have a “marketplace” of ideas where the best idea is chosen.

        The point isn’t to meet somewhere in the middle. A compromised solution can be the WORST solution. Cutting a baby in half is worse than giving the baby to the wrong parents.

        Compromise is sometimes necessary to accomplish goals but I don’t believe the point of our system is to “meet in the middle”. The point is to allow freedom of expression to give voice to the best ideas, freedom to debate those ideas and find the BEST solution.

        Liked by 3 people

    • AdamSelene says:

      The middle ground between capitalism and socialism is “neoliberalism.” Tax capitalists to fund a welfare system. I’m advocating that system but you’re just factually wrong.


  25. sunnyflower5 says:

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  26. sunnyflower5 says:


  27. sunnyflower5 says:

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  28. sunnyflower5 says:

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  29. DJT2020 says:

    REMINDER President Trump speech at Turning Point USA today at 11 am eastern

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  30. DJT2020 says:

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  31. Carrie says:

    Comey and a “covert operation”? That’s another way to put it!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Robert Smith says:

      Does this mean the IG report could be making the round for comments.

      There are many opinions on when it’s going to break water, but when it does there are the ripples and waves beforehand.


    • beachbum31 says:

      see you at 11 when she has everybody who has been on shemp smiths show in the last week on


  32. Carrie says:

    Speaking of Comey, I’m kind of missing his pontificating tweets full of vomit. They were so much fun to see in memes…

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Dan Patterson says:

    So this happened:

    Will we ever see the end of obstruction and conflict from the prior administration?
    Will ANYTHING ever be done about it?
    Cannot some or all of those holdovers be effing FIRED?

    Liked by 8 people

  34. ilcon says:

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  35. spoogels says:

    Comey’s Cyber Spy in White House Stole Classified White House Material — Is Now Working for CNN


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  36. sunnyflower5 says:

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  37. spoogels says:

    AUDIO: Veteran Reporter Seymour Hersh tells Ed Butowsky on Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’: “It Was a Brennan Operation – American Disinformation” (AUDIO)


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  38. StanH says:

    The NWO has been hard at the destruction of the West for decades. They are finally seeing real push back, and now joining the true resistance, UK PM Boris Johnson. Merkel and Macron are in real political trouble and this just before the rapture, (WW III) perhaps the West can yet save itself and subsequently save the world from a new Dark Age, but this time nuclear tipped.

    The left intends to utterly defeat any semblance of the concept of freedom or the free citizen instead to be replaced with an omnipotent world government who will attend to our every need. Color me more than dubious with this barking lunacy.

    This is where the incessant prattling about “moral equivalence” “we’re all just people yearning to be free” it’ll make you throw up. For an example one need only look at Rhodesia’s transformation into Zimbabwe. Rhodesia was known as the bread basket of Africa it had the potential of supplying Africa with it’s wheat needs. This is most helpful to fight starvation. in 1979 Rhodesia fell to the tribesmen and was renamed Zimbabwe and with a blink of an eye it transformed from the bread basket to the basket case of Africa. It’s an important point, there are some people in this world who cannot be westernized.

    The point is we must push back and get control of our borders or like Rome and the Visigoths we’ve allowed the enemy inside the gate.

    “The Visigoths appeared outside the city in force and the senate prepared to resist, but in the middle of the night rebellious slaves opened the Salarian Gate to the attackers, who poured in and set fire to the nearby houses. ‘Eleven hundred and sixty-three years after the foundation of Rome,’ Gibbon pronounced, ‘the Imperial city, which had subdued and civilised so considerable a part of mankind, was delivered to the licentious fury of the tribes of Germany and Scythia.”

    Rome was done and the world was thrust into 800 to 1000 years of darkness ending with the Renaissance and the enlightenment. Whether we like it or not, this is history and if these globalist cannot be stopped we are doomed to repeat it. Godspeed PM Boris Johnson the enemy is inside the gate.

    KAG! ….and we help MBGA!

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  39. spoogels says:

    BREAKING: ILHAN OMAR SUPPORTERS Caught Threatening, Attempting “to Dox a Somali WhistleBlower” Who Revealed Ilhan’s Crimes


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  40. youme says:

    Waste of time….


    FBI Director Wray Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee
    FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies before the Senate Judiciary regarding the committee’s oversight of the agency.



    • Rynn69 says:

      These people have obliterated justice so bad, that “testifying” means nothing. Every Democrat that has testified on this situation has lied. The oath means nothing to a Godless people. That is why the law must mean something and those who commit perjury must be brought to justice.

      ABTW, I am looking at you Christine Blasey-Ford.

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  41. spoogels says:

    ‏ @realDSteinberg
    18h18 hours ago

    MUST READ Ilhan Omar update:

    The Ilhan Omar story is not primarily about fraud and anti-Semitism. The big story: Media and Dem leaders have made 3 years of startlingly immoral decisions.

    Keep reading below — they haven’t stopped. So you should stop paying them.(1/x)

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  42. youme says:

    Lynne Patton was an event planner for Trump. Now she is Region II head for HUD and does like Trump proposal for illegal aliens getting government housing:

    “Do I think that this proposal is a priority when we have so many other issues going on, particularly here in Region II?” said Lynne Patton, Region II administrator for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, who oversees HUD activities in New York and New Jersey. “No.”


    Where did the federal money go for repairs?

    Lead Poisoning, Mold, Asbestos Mesothelioma, Mildew, Rats, Roaches, NOW TICKS


    • youme says:

      “does NOT like Trump proposal”

      Liked by 1 person

    • soozword says:

      Found what you said in first paragraph confusing so here is the first paragraph of that article: “The top federal housing official in New York distanced herself from the Trump administration’s proposal to exclude undocumented immigrants from federally-subsidized housing.”


  43. Rynn69 says:

    The Still Report – Comey Spied on Trump and Lied About It:


    • Dan Patterson says:

      Does NOT matter.
      NOTHING will come of it.
      They can testify all they want; one or two committee members can scowl a little; talk show hosts will intone with furrowed brow sincerity of the serious concerns they have; some wag can write scathing editorials no one will be moved by much less read; a bevy of concerned citizens might stand on the steps of one government building or other and in their polite way protest the stark defiance of law and order; one of the alternate media outlets could do a brief interview while walking with a very important leader down a hallway; their shoe noises about as permanent as their ineffective actions.
      And then the ballot box.
      Another dashed hope and other voice lost in the background noise while the elite do exactly whatever the hell they want and you and me be damned for all they care.
      What good do any of the many guilded departments of self-importance in DC actually do? I mean beside suck up tax money? Well that, and give the members a place to go to drink coffee and browse the internet in the morning?
      Constitution? Why yes, I have heard of it. I think. Excuse me but I have a very important lunch appointment with a friend from across the aisle.


  44. Bubby says:


    FTA “Andrew Weissmann, who served as one of Robert Mueller’s top deputies on the Russia probe, offered a Ukrainian oligarch a sweetheart deal in 2017 in exchange for information on President Donald Trump, according to a new report…One of the defense memos said that Weissmann claimed he could “resolve the Firtash case” by withdrawing charges against the oligarch, who has since been ordered extradited to the U.S. from Austria…Firtash rejected Weissmann’s offer because he was not certain that Weissmann could deliver what he promised, according to The Hill.”

    Every day brings more corruption about the Mueller investigation. The Mueller investigation needs investigated! My guess is Weissmann wanted Firtash to compose something devastating about President Trump in order to get out the bribery charges! The corruption in the DOJ/FBI just continues to seep out like sewage overflowing from a full septic tank every time a toilet is flushed! Godspeed President Trump!

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  45. ilcon says:


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    • ilcon says:

      The pic was protected by Twitter as sensitive content.


    • Robert Smith says:

      Sanctuary city. Protect illegals and ignoring citizens.


    • FPCHmom says:

      That is on a busy corner in a completely redeveloped area with the posh W Hotel, new high rent apartments, Trader Joe’s, and many expensive restaurants, not some sleazy corner of Hollywood.

      But, of course, practically every part this city is turning into a hellhole.


  46. boomerbeth says:

    LIVE: POTUS On 11:00AM. EST


  47. ilcon says:

    Leftists want you to pay for their manufactured crisis.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Third world policies = Third world conditions.

      “As ye shall sow, so shall ye reap”

      Liked by 4 people

    • All Hype says:

      One of my co-workers was in LA for a meeting last week. She said she could not walk 2 blocks from her hotel as the homeless and their human waste is overwhelming. LA, especially downtown LA, is in serious trouble. This is going to effect the tourism and meeting industries moving forward.


      • 180daysofkindergarten says:

        It’s not just LA, it is cities all up and down the left coast. Summer vacations bring family and friends to Portland and we have and will continue to avoid taking them (spending money) in Portland, Seattle, San Fran or LA due to the incredible homeless problem. No, we do not need FEMA. These liberal morons invited this mess they should have to clean it up, figure it out. Not one dime of our money goes to this mess. Full disclosure, our local food bank is working over time to feed the hungry and will continue, but the liberal politics of the area has invited this problem. Let them fix it.

        Liked by 2 people

        • annieoakley says:

          The ‘liberal morons’ are pushing the exact same policies on Denver. Bowel movements on the streets, camping everywhere, Heroin injection centers. ‘Bike Paths’ built with money from roads and bridges are unusable due to needles, tents and garbage. The Republicans (a few left) are distancing themselves from POTUS and the Koch Bros are helping George Soros further his destruction of Colorado.


      • FPCHmom says:

        And there is nothing law enforcement can really do now to remove the homeless. The democrats passed a law that you can not take away someone’s only “home” – even if it is a tent on someone else property.

        And they decriminalized all the “petty crime” like robbery that many of the homeless participate in, so now these homeless tent cities are filled with criminals in addition to the addicts and mentally ill.

        There is a permanent tent city just across the street from our church in Hollywood.

        I was in Portland a couple of weeks ago, and although the problem there is apparent, it is not nearly as bad as it is in Los Angeles. It sounds like the city of Portland is still making some attempt to keep them moving, whereas here they are entrenched.

        Basically anywhere there is an empty lot or empty property is where they start to settle because there isn’t any activity or people to assert their ownership.

        I was in residential Koreatown yesterday and was shocked at how bad it had gotten all along 7th street, just one block south of the main business corridor along Wilshire.

        The lawmakers have made the problem permanent with their “humane solutions” – so it will only get worse.


        • bearsgrrr says:

          “The democrats passed a law that you can not take away someone’s only “home” – even if it is a tent on someone else property.” But the IRS can take away your home if you don’t pay the property taxes. Unbelievable


    • beachbum31 says:


  48. boomerbeth says:

    LIVE : King Kong Wray testifies.
    Let’s see how capricious Lindsey defers to this “moat protector”:


  49. sunnyflower5 says:

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  50. sunnyflower5 says:

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