Democrat Candidate Buttigieg Tells Black Lives Matter Supporters: “I’m not asking for your vote”…

Former vice-president Joe Biden and former Major Pete Buttigieg are both running into campaign problems with African American minority voters.

In the latest incident Buttigieg is being protested by Black Lives Matter advocates, and his response is to read from a prepared script, while telling BLM activists he’s not asking for their vote. Not a good look.


Full CNN Video below:


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198 Responses to Democrat Candidate Buttigieg Tells Black Lives Matter Supporters: “I’m not asking for your vote”…

  1. NICCO says:

    Another liar and deceiver who thinks the people are stupid.He is only fooling himself.

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  2. JG3 says:

    Alfred E. Neuman, playtending like he’s running for President of the USA

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    • Mrs. E says:

      Compare this to President Trump! There is no comparison, and this guy is one that they consider a top contender in the clown car! You do NOT ‘fire your cops’ – and what did he do to let the blacks know that he would not fire the cops? NOTHING! No one wants to live in chaos, and that is what the democrats and their groups like BLM are advocating – chaos for America.


  3. Ray Runge says:

    The poor dears need reparations to honor the Identity Politics Leaders and to further cement their 2nd class status for future generations. BLM certainly incapable of internally motivated striving in the USA.

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  4. I so want Mayor Pete to be the Dem nominee, Trump will win 40% of the black vote. it will be democrat Armageddon.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Not going to happen. DNC isn’t that dumb. Unless they figure that even with their massive voter fraud there is no way that any dem candidate can win in 2020. And even then I’d doubt it.


      • Marc says:

        Same with Bernie. He struggled the entire 2016 cycle to gain a black constituency and it never happened. BLM is a Soros outfit and their entire aim during election season is to torpedo far left, unwinnable candidates like R.F. O’Rourke, Bernie, and Buttigieg to clear the path for Biden.

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  5. Dutchman says:

    BLM harrassed Hillary, and took Sanders microphone away at one of his rallys.
    Its their modus operandi, but fortunately they don’t represent most blacks.

    Lets see em take slojo’s mike away,…that should be a hoot. The one thing the old guard had, to keep the young turks from rioting last time, ain’t gonne work, THIS time.

    I really think the young uns are gonna pull the temple down on their own heads, this time.

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    • vexedmi says:

      Why is Hillary always seen as being helped up steps, or slipping down steps, or being thrown in like a side of beef? Why does Bernie always appear to just have inserted his fingers in an electrical outlet?
      Both were/are weak candidates.
      The Mooch is the one that will attempt to save the day….watch. It’s the plan.

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  6. dufrst says:

    So I see Joe Biden has sent his crew to bully Mayor Pete. The elbows are sharpening in the Dem primary! It’s going to be delicious to watch!

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    • Esther says:

      The fact that Blacks have been deliberately disadvantaged from a quality education and brainwashed is often unfortunately, quite apparent in how the Dems use and abuse them. But this idiot Butt-a-eehw eewh did the worse thing any presidential candidate can do. A white man goes into a Black community grieving and angry over a fatal police shooting of one of their own and tells them I’M NOT ASKING FOR YOUR VOTE????? That’s utterly RACIST, INSULTING, DISMISSIVE and an UNRECOVERABLE BLUNDER. If his opponents do not bury him with this, it is a slim chance Trump won’t BURY HIM WITH IT. The disrespect came so easy to this potato-head elite, that even if his campaign could be resuscitated, and even if he could win as the Dimm’s nominee, he’s lost so significantly within the Black community they would stay home this election sufficient to tank him. FAUXCOHANTIS WILL BE THE DIMMS NOMINEE unless someone unexpected enters the race.

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  7. Adam says:

    Warren doesn’t poll well vs. Trump. The last two Massachusetts pols to run for Prez: Romney and Dukakis. That said, she does scare me a bit because she’s got the whole lefty nationalist/populist thing down, and she’s really not from Massachusetts. She grew up in Oklahoma, and she’s got an understanding of how to appeal to the deplorables, something most of the rest lack.

    Harris is Obama’s sock puppet, but she’s really an unappealing candidate from a state which no one admires.


    • tucker7518 says:

      Harris danced up to the stage at the fish fry with the drum line, and led chants at the South Carolina convention.


    • mac says:

      If there is anyone here who doesn’t look at Powerline’s “The Week in Pictures,” you’re missing out bigly. Go there and look at Kamala’s faux campaign poster, “Kamala Harris: A Blow for Equality.” Reminded me of a scene from “Evita” where an Argentine admiral notes that the press still refers to him as an admiral, “though he left the sea long ago.”


    • ms doodlebug says:

      I want to believe women have worked too hard to overcome the ‘sleeping their way to success’ stereotype to vote for a woman who got her political start with Willie Brown. But then…maybe on their own merits is just wishful thinking.


  8. grahampink says:

    The greatest traveling circus show in American political history.
    Outstanding entertainment value.

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    • LoonsCall says:

      seriously, if Harris said “futchah” one more time.. ugh.. how many ways can these people continue to say nothing at all (well, we know what they mean most of the time & it ain’t good) not to mention in their loud, shrieking tones.. Biden “spoke” yesterday shooting some really fast b.s. talking points .. Buttagig with his “I’m not asking for your vote”.. reminds me of Hill.. rest of them waving their arms while bouncing around, flipping their hair like Warren.. it IS outstanding entertainment value .. cannot imagine the people advising them .. I think Hill is lurking about ready to pounce sometime next year & makes my blood run cold


      • Lester Smith says:

        It would not be a big surprise to see Hillary surface after the dirty work is done. She will wait to see drops out and is left after debates. Smart move no debates no damage control just announce after the field clears. Trump should declassify the crap on Clinton near voting if Hillary is the dems chosen one


  9. Beverly says:

    Mayor Buttplug is having a hard time? The poor little dear. He should have had his “husband” there to protect him.


    I still can’t believe that sexual perverts are not only a protected class, but favored far above all of us Normals, as the great Kurt Schlichter calls us. Our niceness is the noise around our necks.

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  10. Boknows says:

    Because liberalism is dead on arrival, and the media is failing like the Democap Party they are paid to represent.

    However, like the Democrap Party, the media doesn’t know what to do except be pathetic.

    The media does not need 2 parent families of Judeo-Christian faith living in peace and prosperity.

    Peace and prosperity does not drive ratings. Remember one of Steve Martin’s very first recorded comedy routines before he became famous.? In the skit he is playing a banjo and in a 4 word musical jingle described perfect my what the media is selling to drive advertising dollars. Ok…picture the banjo playing and Steve Martin singing the purpose of the media in a 4 word jingle:

    :::banjo…’Oh death and grief and sorrow and murder’…::::banjo pics another quick measure and stops.’

    Promoting people of faith living in peace and prosperity does not sell advertising. At least in the pathetic mind of the media it doesn’t. But there is one problem with them trying to promote angst and strife.

    They are trying to promote angst and strife by selling their soul to the Democrap Party. In today’s day and age, their ideas are so whacked out and the people representing the Democrap Party are vapid of any norality or hint of common sense. So the media in trying to support liberalism is coming off pathetic in supporting such vile ideas.

    The platforms of The Democrap Party can be summed up in one simple phrase. The Democrap Platform:
    1. Promotes ideas that try to remove God and prosperity from our lives.

    The media are no longer journalists.
    They are activists.

    The problem for the Globalists and media wanting to destroy America is twofold. First, their mental illness isn’t playing well. They consistently come up with disturbing ideas and are clearly being bought to promote these ideas. The reason they are not selling is because these ideas have moved so far away from morality and common sense. People are not accepting the murder of baby in its most innocent form, open borders, high taxation, corruption, or doing the bidding for their puppet-masters.

    The second reason is: They hate us. We are people of faith, with families, jobs and common sense. More important is more of us know who they are than ever before.

    President Trump has brought a screeching halt to their plan to destroy America by using the media to promote their vile agenda.

    This is about people of faith, family and the desire of better days versus godless puppets who only desire power.

    We must not rest. Pray harder for our success and victories and for the destruction and imprisonment.

    God, continued to bless President Trump and the riteous people of our nation. Bless us, indeed!!

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  11. Hey Mayor Pete… Hands up don’t shoot, haha 😂

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  12. namberak says:

    I’ve lived in Indiana for decades and when this 37 year old pipsqueak surfaced, I’d never heard of him and neither had anyone else in the rest of the state, I suspect, outside the area of the state we call “the region.” My first thought was, no reasonably rational adult can think you can jump from mayor of Podunk to president, why’s he wasting everyone’s time? It then struck me that perhaps it’s an effort on his part to make himself known to the rest of the state so as to run for higher office some day. Well, Petey, if that was your game, we know who you are now, downstate, and you’ve wasted the opportunity by spewing your hard left nonsense, so, take a hike, junior.


    • covfefe999 says:

      I think the DNC is heavily involved in promoting this twit. If it hadn’t been for non-stop media fawning you still never would have heard of him. We should inspect his donations. Cortez was advertised as a grass roots candidate but she had big support from top Dem donors all over the country, much of the money coming from California. I wonder where Butta’s money is coming from.


  13. Paul says:

    BLM will have a hard time operating in an economy where everyone is prospering and the dems keep their racist policies front and center.


  14. pochas94 says:

    My message to black voters: Don’t make yourselves victims. Be Americans.


  15. dwhitehurst says:

    Disagree as you may, but Buttigieg knows how to talk. Yes, Biden will probably get the Dem nod, but I still think Buttigieg is the biggest challenge to Trump were he the Dem’s nominee.


  16. TwoLaine says:

    PB reminds me of Marc0 Rub10 at the R Primary debate saying the same thing over and over again, in response to different questions.

    He has poll tested catch phrases and sentences, maybe even whole paragraphs, but other than that, he’s as dumb as a rock. Just like The Kenyan and his Creepy Joe sidekick. Unless they have4 a teleprompter they are DOA.

    He’s probably been working with Fred Lumps.


  17. 6x47 says:

    When reached for comment Buttigieg said, “What, me worry?”


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