Dying to Visit The Dominican Republic?….

No-one seems to know why Americans are dying of ‘heart attacks’ during vacations in the Dominican Republic, but many people are beginning to suspect intentional poisoning by hotel workers.   Another mysterious death today:

(Dominican Republic) The son of a New York hospital technician who died suddenly in her room at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana says Dominican authorities are resisting doing toxicology tests and pressuring him to have her body cremated or embalmed before its return to the U.S.

Will Cox, 25, told Fox News on Friday that his mother, Leyla, who died Monday evening at the Excellence resort, was on a solo trip to celebrate her 53rd birthday and was in good health.

A Dominican police report, which Cox showed to Fox News, listed the cause of death as a heart attack. (read more)

Suspicious Cat is suspicious


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152 Responses to Dying to Visit The Dominican Republic?….

  1. For Heaven’s sake people the República Dominicana has it’s problems but get a grip!

    The deaths are terrible but it’s all relative. Perhaps they should vacation somewhere safe like Washington D.C. or Detroit or Baltimore or St Louis or… the US Virgin islands…
    FBI Says The Virgin Islands Has The Highest Murder Rate In The Country. The next closest state, territory or commonwealth was the District of Columbia with 24.1 murders per 100,000 people followed immediately by Puerto Rico with 19.3 murders per 100,000 people. On the U.S. mainland, the homicide rate also increased, going up 3.1 percent from 2014 to 2015, the FBI said.

    I would never stay at a DR AI but I would stay in Jarabacoa and go waterfall jumping and white water rafting. Maybe go up the mountain and see SNOW in the Caribbean just so I can say I did.


    The DR is an officially Christian country.
    Their flag has imprinted on it both the Cross and Bible.

    Abortion is COMPLETELY illegal.
    There are maybe 3500 Islamist in the whole country.
    There are a LOT of Americans and Canadians either snowbirds or full time residents.
    If you think you have a sinus infection that requires an antibiotic you go to the drugstore and tell the druggist your symptoms and he hands you a bottle of anti-biotics for a couple of dollars.
    How many people here in the USA OD’s last year?
    Here in Ohio alone 5000!

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    • covfefe999 says:

      It seems like you are blaming the victims. Unless I missed some info, none of the people who died were staying in the ‘hoods of DR, they were staying in nice hotels/resorts.


  2. Pale rider says:

    Is it the suspicion of the deaths, or the deaths? Cancun is killing it on deaths (pun intended) so I’m not sure why so much hype. It’s obvious the intention is to draw a crowd but away from other news or to damage DR.

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  3. Pat Childs says:

    I hypothesize that it is accidental insecticide poisoning. Without DDT, bedbugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of and the proper protocol is long and tedious. So many hotels simply combine or use together, very strong doses of insecticides. With air-conditioning, you have basically created a nerve gas.


    • covfefe999 says:

      I think that’s a reasonable theory.


    • RightAroundTheBlock says:

      Yes Pat, and AFTER opening one of those little liquor bottles from the mini fridge the guest reaches for a “clean” glass sitting on top of the counter or table and pours. When the room was fogged for bed bugs the drinking glasses in some rooms were tainted. Quite possible….


  4. Life Coach says:

    It’s not some random employees replacing real alcohol with bootleg alcohol. If it were, those guys would be in front of cameras right now & the DR would be announcing it’s solved the big mystery. It’s the hotels themselves that do this. It’s the business model. You have to understand that everything is crooked there. Everything.

    Go to the bar in any All-Inclusive hotel in the DR & you’ll see some generic national brand behind the bar. The Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, taste them with no mixer. All the same. The only difference is the coloring added to give the appearance of whiskey or rum.

    In the casinos, they like to add a couple/few drops of this alcohol to every beer ordered at the tables. It’s always a glass of beer, never a bottle or can. Drink 3 beers & you’ll feel like you got hit by a truck in the morning.

    Sadly, a bad batch of alcohol seems to have been delivered to some of the hotels & it’s killing people. The DR will never admit this. The powerful hotels & the tourism industry have way too much to lose. Instead they will lie, lie & lie some more. Nothing personal, it’s just business.


  5. roger redfern says:

    I am writing from Costa Rica, we are having a problem with poisoning from illegal alcohol, but no deaths. The employees at the bars are emptying good bottles of booze and refilling them with illegal moonshine for mixed drinks only. Latin America has out of control crime and minor crimes like selling fake poison booze aren’t even prosecuted. The prosecution success for all crimes is around 10%. This is a regional Latin problem the bad booze problem is occurring every where in the area. Buy a bottle of sealed booze from a local reputable liquor store and drink it in your room.


  6. The Astroknott says:

    The article as written suggests the local authorities are pressuring families to have the body either embalmed or cremated. This isn’t pressure, It is simply the law, Bringing a body back from within or from outside any foreign country or even our own on Public transportation requires one or the other. Now the lack of blood draws for testing could be solved by our state department applying pressure on the local authorities.


  7. Adulterated alcohol related deaths and prosecutions have litters the press throughout Central America and the Caribbean for the last decade. There was a huge story coming out of the Mexican resort city of Cancun: https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/mexico-blackouts/2018/06/27/mexico-resorts-and-tainted-alcohol-assaults-blackouts-tourists-continue/733401002/
    While I was stationed in Honduras in 2110-2012, the Honduran authorities shut down bars in the city of Comayagua, due to adulterated alcohol related deaths.
    The issue is that the adulterated liquor is distributed directly by corrupt distributors, paying of government inspectors. Read this about adulterated liquor being confiscated in Mexico: https://blackdoctor.org/515616/10000-gallons-of-tainted-alcohol-seized-from-mexican-resorts/
    This lucrative black market industry is just now getting exposed in DR. We shall see how it all plays out, but I believe adulterated alcohol is the culprit in these deaths.


  8. cdnintx says:

    This whole story got me to thinking how the USA could make Mexico more helpful with our border issues. Just put Mexico on the most dangerous vacation list too. Once tourism stops, Mexico will start being helpful again.


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