President Trump Remarks During ‘America First” Iowa Dinner….

President Trump delivered remarks today to the Iowa GOP during a dinner fundraising event in West Des Moines.

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20 Responses to President Trump Remarks During ‘America First” Iowa Dinner….

  1. dallasdan says:

    The President commands a room like no one else, and his message is inspiring. He is our national treasure.

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  2. NICCO says:

    One of the things I pray everyday over POTUS and family is zecariah 2 ; 5. The fire of God surround them and that no plot or plan or no demoin in hell will prosper against them.

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  3. GB Bari says:

    The angel mom “Michelle” gave a short speech that was very moving. She was very sincere in her admiration of the President. Tough to imagine her pain.

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  4. hard masada says:

    Watch the video especially starting @ 3:00 and wait until you here who he blames for leaving the gate/wall open.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      hard masada, wouldn’t happen to have a link to his site, would you?
      Seems, he could use some a$$istance…

      Unbelivable, as he says, that “Some Dude” controls Our Country’s Sovereignty!!
      This “Dude” leaves the gate open for ANYONE to waltz on in… “UNTIL” an American citizen shows up… Then he (Some Dude) gets all pizzed off and closes it!?



    • cheering4america says:

      Watching that video makes me even more eager to see the “full-throttle” returns.


    • LafnH20 says:

      The Federal Government has locked “OPEN” a gate built by “We Build The Wall” (WBTW)


      • The Deplorable Tina says:

        Brian sent out an update on the situation, the gate is now closed. Yay!

        The website is, but I don’t see updates on the site. If you donate to the gofundme or through this site: you should get on the email update list. He’s sorta spammy asking for $$ a lot, but it looks like they’ve got guys with video cameras at various sites on the border & they’re doing the job that reporters are refusing to do. I wish more people would do that!

        His latest update via email:

        BREAKING: They Are Closing The Gate Tonight

        Brian Kolfage – WeBuildTheWall, Inc. via
        7:33 PM
        The Gate Is Locked and Closed!

        Dear Patriot

        The IBWC has decided to close and lock the Border Wall gate we built tonight and every night going forward! They will only be opening the gate at intermittent times during the day as necessary going forward.

        Further calls to the IBWC are no longer necessary and WeBuildTheWall looks forward to working with them as we continue to secure other segments of the border that they operate on. You can support more victories and more segments of wall by chipping in using our new payment processor:

        I am so incredibly proud of our team, donors, and supporters. We just continue to work through every obstacle to get the job done and it’s both an inspiration and blessing to be a part of this!

        We do not want to gloat as we are going to be working with IBWC again on other segments of border wall we are planning. Please help us spread the word that further calls to the IBWC are no longer necessary.

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  5. SGH says:

    I love our President’s quick wit!
    Male audience member: “I love you!”
    President: “I love you, too…You’re not my type, but that’s ok!”
    He’s so hilarious naturally.

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    • Stephen Richter says:

      yeah, I like that too. But Trump is not bringing smart people in politics, into his government. In NJ the republican party is silent, not involved, not speaking to the public.

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  6. Will Hunt says:

    Mr. Trump is fast on his feet in a public forum – always entertaining. Also love the “America First” tagline because its an insult and evisceration of the liberal/globalist ideology.


  7. Stephen Richter says:

    but the budget deficit is sky high. It is great that Trump takes on Biden and China. But how soon before the national debt forces the country to file for bankruptcy?


    • Marc says:

      Congress is the issue as they control the purse strings of federal spending. People that blame Pres. Trump are just pointing out red herrings. He can’t even get them to fund the border wall, much less cut spending.


      • Stephen Richter says:

        but the president submits a budget to Congress,no ? Cut the spending. Check the eligibility for food stamps, SSDI, etc. Reduce the number of federal employees. Obviously, if he wanted to, he could reduce spending.


        • Marc says:

          POTUS submitted a budget to CONgress back in 2017 for FY 2018 which would cut almost every dept by 10% and would’ve greatly reduced staff but it was not even taken up for a vote. The President’s budget proposal is merely a suggestion. Even Obama’s budget proposals were ignored by a Dem house and Senate.

          In the end it’s Congress that controls spending. Period.


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