Massive Crowd for President Trump MAGA Rally, Green Bay, Wisconsin – 7:00pm CDT Livestream…

Tonight President Donald Trump is holding a massive ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin at the Resch Center. President Trump is expected to highlight the U.S. economic growth, jobs and continued success following a first quarter GDP result that exceeded all expectations.

The President will speak at approximately 7:00pm CDT / 8:00pm EDT with ongoing event festivities and speakers earlier.  UPDATE: Video Added

RSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkGST Livestream Link


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507 Responses to Massive Crowd for President Trump MAGA Rally, Green Bay, Wisconsin – 7:00pm CDT Livestream…

  1. George Hicks says:

    Thank you fellow Treepers, I love sharing a Trump rally with all of you. One of my favorite things.
    Thank you Sundance!

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  2. lizzieintexas says:

    Lol. C-span just cut to the correspondence dinner. I’m out.

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  3. Fools Gold says:

    There you have folks! Our VSGPOTUS unleashed and happy since 2016 election! I’m so happy for him and us!

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  4. John Doe says:

    With all of my heart, I love this man. God bless President Trump. God bless America.
    Good night, all. Sweet dreams of good things to come!

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  5. I’m really impressed by how many people know, love and respect Sarah Sanders. I didn’t think that many people actually paid attention to press conferences, but maybe they know her from being on Fox News, but when POTUS said she was there the cheers and applause were huge and prolonged and he invited her up to speak. And when she was done, they cheers were thundering again…very impressive.

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  6. sunnydaze says:

    Watched on Cspan.

    Side benefit of this Trump Rally tonite: Cspan pre-empted the Correspondence dinner to show the rally. LOL.

    Now they’re switching to the dinner, but it’s gotta be half over.

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  7. sunnydaze says:

    May 8th Panama City, FL. rally?

    per RSBN

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  8. tuskyou says:

    My retired parents (who eat dinner at 4:30) went to bed at 9:15. I could never go to bed during a rally—but at least they saw and enjoyed most of it.

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    • ParteaGirl says:

      God love them.

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    • MelH says:

      When you think of it, our dear Lion never says anything we don’t already know, but EVERY word is precious, EVERY word, is as important as if he were father returning from the World War battlefield. (I remember World War II)
      Because his life is really an unprecedented battlefield that has made me HATE liberals like never before. i spent 83 years thinking of Liberals as just another perspective. Now I think of them as juvenile delinquents I HATE! They are EVIL and have NO use for the rule of law, or justice or civility. They are just plain evil, self-absorbed juvenile delinquents.

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      • I don’t hate them, I feel sorry for them, they are missing the Greatest Show on Earth, they are missing love, friendship, patriotism… I remember Glen Beck praying for a George Washington, well here ya are folks, a humble God seeking man A Patriot, a grandfather who is greatly appreciated by all his sacrifices for us and they are missing it… So I pray for them, I pray not to put hate in my heart (and boy that IS tuff) and I pray that they will come to know love instead of violence and division and yes, I pray they grow the heck up!


        • MelH says:

          They aren’t missing anything. They LOVE their position; Rich old man Trump all boxed in by itty bitty Nancy Pelosi, can’t get a damned thing done because he’s too busy playing golf. Go read their responses to his Tweets. You are a charitable person I hope to mirror before civil war begins.


  9. Skippy says:

    I broke my leg in mid summer 2016. A horrific break, very painful, very lasting. So I was largely bed ridden to allow it to heal for a long time. I listened for months to President Trump’s speeches during this time as well as to Pres Obama shilling for Hillary. I was so appauled at Pres Obama for whom I had voted because I found him NOT believable and an elitist over 8 years. 2 times I voted for him.

    I told my immediate family I was a firm candidate Trump supporter and they all ridiculed me. The night President Trump won, my son called me to say “you were right”. It was 3 a.m. EST and I was wide awake w healing leg! An incredible day for me and our Country! Let’s do it again. I just donated on a secure line. I know that President Trump has the USA best interest at heart! Thank you for posting this tonight, CTH! And a hearty thank you CTH fellow posters for your support!

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    • tuskyou says:

      “You were right”……oh that had to feel good. I live for the day when the “normies” in my life admit I was right about all the tinfoil hat stuff I talk about. We will do it again in 2020!

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Do you think if you had not broken your leg you wouldn’t have had time to listen to everything and not voted Trump?

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      • Skippy says:

        No. I was very dismayed by President Obama. I also was older and wiser than years before. Thank you for your question. I hope my 20 somethings realize the truth happening here in the USA. I can’t imagine them being immune to immigration problems as we pay out our local taxes due to same. Does that make me a bigot? I think not.


    • George Hicks says:

      When you say, “Let’s do it again”. I hope you’re not including breaking your leg!!

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      • Skippy says:

        I suffered greatly under a “best of USA” medical insurance. No operation on broken leg in a major megopolitis for 3 days, during which I bleed out half of my red blood cells, went into shock and suffered from incredible pain! Finally when the needed operation and metal was implanted in my leg to support it, 2 days later with: ” fall risk”, IV implanted, no “up to bathrooms” and low blood pressure I was told I was “going home” and literally an ambulance came to carrier me to home without my control. What a mess of a time in my life!

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    • MelH says:

      And thank you for donating, Skippy!!!!

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  10. Sunshine says:

    TREEPERS: Thank You for all the great comments. I was following on a double screen, RSBN and here. We all had the same reactions. Laughing, and more laughing.
    What better place to be on a Saturday night than at a Trump rally!

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  11. simicharmed says:

    Encourage your family, your friends and strangers you encounter that Republican voting is the method to KEEP MAKE AMERICA GREAT! Remind those who are still-asleep or have been shielded from reality….the facts of the matter.

    There are many facts but the Humanitarian record of the Democrat Ideology is clear…slavery and black people hatred is prevalent. The Democrat Party supported segregation and hatred against black people using separate restrooms (toilets), less than 50 years ago.

    The irrational HATRED associated with this (DEMOCRAT), ideology remains and is PROVEN with the irrational Hatred they harbor for President Trump. THINK ABOUT IT….it remains…hatred is ingrained in the Democrat Ideology…

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    I hope the God Trump comes to California!!!

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    • MelH says:

      I would so love to see him in person, but California is a MEAN place. Native Californians don’t go out after dark, never wear their MAGA hats, and are silent about politics, unless they are Democrat. I hope our Lion goes to other places more deserving. NOBODY can stop the election fraud that is HUGE in this state.


  13. duchess01 says:

    In case you missed it…Diamond and Silk at the Wisconsin Rally

    #Live #MAGA #Trump
    🔴 Diamond and Silk Speak at President Trump Rally in Green Bay 4/27/19

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  14. Troublemaker10 says:

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  15. I liked that the president pointed out that they are not the Democratic Party but rather they are really the Democrat Party.

    It’s just the media weaponizing the language to subliminally influence our thoughts.
    It’s always the Democrat Party or Democrat politician NEVER Democratic Party or person unless of course they are acting in a democratic way. A democratic Democrat is an oxymoron.

    Almost everyone on the radio or TV makes this mistake either occasionally or most of the time.

    In fact the ONLY person that I’ve know of that NEVER makes this mistake is our VSGPDJT.

    So remember, they are not democratic politicians but rather they are Democrat politicians, or members of the Democrat Party…..never “democratic”

    It’s just a subliminal mind game that progressives use when weaponizing the language.

    Once you become “red-pilled” you will notice it everywhere

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    • trishinsouthernillinois says:

      You can count me as one who NEVER makes that mistake either.
      Drives me up the wall every time i hear it. I’m always yelling at the tv…especially at republicans that say it.

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    • cjzak says:

      One of my pet peeves that started to become quite prominent the last year of Obama’s term both in the media and by Democrats themselves. When Fox hosts started to use it and the Republicans too, I couldn’t believe it. I kept calling people out about it but nobody really seemed to care. Then I heard PT at a rally say exactly what I had been saying on the error and I felt vindicated. He was annoyed by it too and I wasn’t the only one frustrated about the use of the name Democratic Party, lol. The democrat party is definitely not democratic at all. Wish that would change back to what it should be at all times, what that party should be known as, what their history has been—Democrat.

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    • BitterC says:

      He probably got that from Rush when they golfed last wknd. That’s a big pet peeve of the man behind the golden microphone


  16. p'odwats says:

    The president is in campaign form as he always is, and it’s because he can speak about this country from his heart. He doesn’t have to lie to convey his love and appreciation for America. Contrast that to Uncle Joe, Bernie the Commie, Fauxahontas, Spartacus Booker, and the rest of that joke of a presidential field the Democrats are fielding. They have nothing positive to say about this country. All they can sell is hate, hate, and more hate plus socialism to the people. The Democrats are imploding, but they’re too stupid and possessed of hatred for President Trump they can’t see it.

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  17. RobInPA says:

    Any reports yet on the political pursuasion of the attendees?

    Recall that the 6/18 rally in Minnesota supposedly had 50% to 60% D’s and I’s attending.

    I am curious to know this.

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  18. Man – what a show. This man calculates every move, wave, comment, burp and curse word to get maximum effect and it works. I thought the most applause/crowd reaction in order was for:
    1. Immigration
    2. Sarah Sanders
    3. Late Term Abortion
    4. 2nd Amendment

    Not making Sarah a political talking point, the other three topics should be the center of his re-election campaign – imho. I think he purposely omitted the Mueller report/witch hunt so when feces hits the blades, it does not look like its him pushing revenge. But, I’m sure ending corruption will be a big factor in the campaign.

    In the back of my mind, the only things I can think the Dems can bitch about are the deficit and high gasoline prices.

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  19. boomerbeth says:

    Ron Chernow the guest humorist at “Firing .Line”, the media bias dinner tonight needs a brain transplant. Singing to his choir.

    He gave the audience some SOMA. Alas it wears off before midnight just in time for their evening regimen of antidepressants.
    A ROOM FULL OF ELOYS , who in some future generation, will be the Morlovk’s daily meal, after sunset, of course.


  20. Chip Doctor says:

    To me POTUS looks better than I have ever seen him. He looks rested and relaxed. The witch hunt had to have taken a tremendous toll on him. Yet, he thrived in what would have taken most strong people down. A really amazing leader. I thank God for him.

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  21. Paul says:

    PDJT has been consistent with his message for over 2-years…even during his campaign.

    PDJT stated tonight they will get to the bottom of lots of things….These people should be very worried; Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Ohr, Rice, McCabe, Jarrett Yates, Page etc.

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  22. CorwinAmber says:

    Well, I could be wrong (and perhaps some other worthy Treeper has already made mention and I just missed it), but it appears as if our VSG is wavering on the motto for 2020…methinks he was getting ready to ask the crowd whether he should keep MAGA or move on to KAG, but he got sidetracked before he could do so (I think this is what he meant when he said Sarah just didn’t get what he was trying to do)

    In any event, I like MAGA and would prefer if he kept it…he could always modify it to “Making America Great Again”, but KAG just haven’t the same ring IMHO. Perhaps he should conduct an online survey?

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  23. JoD says:

    Now we know why President Trump and First Lady Melania are so well matched….
    “….we’re about the same age.”
    Great quip!

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  24. starfcker says:

    ” we’re going to get to the bottom of a lot of things that have been happening in this country.”

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      I loved when PDJT said ” I was standing in my bedroom, then corrected and said our bedroom” referring to his first night in the WH and now it is 2 and 1/2 years later. How time flew by. So true. I love your President. God Bless PDJT and his family.


  25. FL_GUY says:

    I really enjoy President Trump Rallies. President Trump has the unique ability to address a crowd of thousands but make you feel like he is talking directly to you.

    It is interesting to me how many people President Trump has brought into the political process. I can say that the amount of crowds that attend a President Trump event is atypical in politics. My personal experience, after attending 6 rallies is that most of the people at the rally are first timers. Sure, there are people like me that have been before, but the vast majority are there for the first time. This means that President Trump is personally reaching people. IMHO, there has been no politician in history that has personally addressed the number of people President Trump has addressed; by now, it is in the millions.

    If President Trump was not popular, 10s of thousands of people would not go through the hardship of attending his events. It’s tough to attend a President Trump Rally. Hours and hours of standing in the weather and usually, hours more of standing inside the venue. It takes its toll and yet, thousands of all ages always attend.

    I learned quick that if you want to get in to a President Trump Rally, you have to get there early. That was in the campaign days. Now, despite the media-rat lies, President Trump is even more popular drawing even larger crowds. I’ve found that getting there 3 hours before the gates open is usually enough to get in. Any later than that, you probably won’t get in.

    I am grateful for the streaming of the rallies but there is no substitute for the real thing. If you get a chance or, as I view it, a special opportunity, to attend a President Trump Rally, you should do whatever you have to do to attend. It is historical and an experience you will treasure.

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  26. Mia C says:

    This rally is so fun. The next 6 years will be a blast. But I don’t want to be left with nothing after it’s over. I hope either Don Jr. makes it or we come up with something equally interesting. But Trump is the greatest speaker of my lifetime. His oratory isn’t traditional but he knows how to put on a show that’s ultimately super entertaining.

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  27. letty bromenschenkel says:

    wow and wow

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  28. agentcommonsense says:

    OMG ” I’m not leaving him my damn farm ” Laughing so hard … Best President ever past or future

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  29. jojotom01 says:

    I was at the Trump rally in Green Bay. Unfortunately I was behind the President and in the “Bob Uecker” seats, so I don’t have good photos. It was announced that attendance had broken the previous record.

    I volunteer at the Republican Party in Green Bay, and I have told many about CTH. I was able to recommend CTH to several at the rally, also. Thank you Sundance and fellow Treepers for maintaining a premier website.

    We were in the presence of greatness tonight. President Trump’s impact on America is so great that the country without him is unthinkable. It’s like English Literature without Shakespeare. God has blessed us with this President.

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  30. calbear84 says:

    Another great MAGA rally in the books! I love PDJT, the hardest working American in the country!

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      I would be so happy and to the moon and back if I could attend PDJT rally. Being a Canadian it would be selfish of me not giving my ticket (if I had one) to my cousin in America. I watched the rally from my couch and enjoyed every minute. Then came our local news and Justine popped up so-called helping fill bags with sand for the flood in Ottawa. Yuk, but the best part was a volunteer in his senior years came close to Justine and gave him a piece of his mind, telling him the traffic is backed up because of his photo op and he was mad, told Trudope he was rude and self centered lol. I loved it, JT the pussy that he is said he did not realize that.The man turned around and walked away while JT was saying gee you are not very neighbor like and friendly. Hahaha Good one Sir who ever you are. Then I thought, just watched a real man, a patriot on TV, a man that loves his country and its people, what a bummer for us Canadians. We love PDJT may God Bless Him, and keep him safe. America you are so fortunate to have him, and I share your love for him.

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      • TANGO268 says:

        I know there must be a Don Cherry type out there watching JT and thinking, I’ll give it a go. Too bad Grapes is too old, but the spirit of the average Canadian citizen is no different than that of our Deplorables. Jordan Peterson is a treasure. When it comes down to it, we love the same things. Canadians have suffered from being anti-American (out of pure jealousy) and too easily swayed by political correctness. The treachery of our Five Eyes partners in the UK and Australia should be a wake up call to Canada. In the words of the immortal Burton Cummins, stand tall.


      • Cam Heck says:

        Agree completely, Donna. I’m another Canadian that is 100% behind PDJT. It’s fair to say that my husband and I have kind of “adopted ourselves” to him as being our President too. American politics is frightening on the other side, but our is hopeless. Trudeau is despicable liar and an idiot, and Sheer is ( to use a Greg Gutfeld line when he described Biden) like a tonsil- you don’t even know he’s there other than for the odd time he says something that makes you sit up and take notice. But for the most part you wonder what his purpose is.

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      • piper567 says:

        donna, thanks for checking in!
        We love our Canadian Treepers, and hope and pray that your next Election will bring you some relief.

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  31. Charlie says:

    Starting at 27:30, the “feeling” everyone has experienced in their lifetime. Sarah is the advocate for those who have been bullied and came out the other side stronger. If I were a betting person, the bullies in my schools are liberals of today.


  32. Moe Grimm says:

    All of these are really special for our family as they are for our Brothers and Sisters here. For my wife and I, and FINALLY, for the FIRST time in our lives, we live to elect and then bear witness to the power of a Citizen Statesman. Despite that PDT was born to wealth, he’s STILL a neighborhood kid from the Boroughs. The way we used to be growing up in NYC. I don’t know if Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and a few neighborhoods in Manhattan could deliver one today. The way our Founders intended it to be. Still waiting for indictments from Barr’s DoJust-Us – which is by no means guaranteed. Not for revenge, not for vengeance, but for our kids and our grandchildren the first of which we’re eagerly awaiting right now. This must Never Happen Again. Not on our Watch and certainly never on theirs.

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  33. Jane T. Enn says:

    Very happy to see all those Wisconsinites support him!!


  34. pacnwbel says:

    That was one of the best rallies to date. The crowd was reacting enthusiastically to everything, especially the President’s appreciation of Sarah Sanders. I doubt there is amyone else alive who could pull in such huge crowds and sustain their interest for an hour or more without notes. He is plain spoken, funny and obviously loves what he is doing because it is for America and all Americans.


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